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Diabetes Brought On fcy the Alcohol Contained in Liquid
Kidney Remedies.
Cures Bad Inflammation
Alcohol is the primary cause of fcO per
cent, of all kidney diseases.
The fact that aieohol enters at all Into
liquid kidney remedies, proves that they
are not the prescription of any reputable
physician or chemist. Dr. Pettingiirs
Kidney-Wort Tablets contain no alcohol.
The recommendation of physicians has
brought about aa enormous demand for
the Tablets. No other kidney remedy
ever had the confidence of the public that
Kidney-Wort Tablets have today.
Any sufferer from kidney trouble who
will read the following letter will be con
fident of getting rid of any kidney weak
ness he or she may have.
Ea.it farsonfkld. Me.,
Feb. 22, 1903.
In October my back and side pained ire night
and day steadily. I was obliged to pet up six
and seven times a night, and severe cutting pain
would follow. My doctor said I had a bad In
flammation of kidney . and bladder. I could
neither eat nor .sleep. I took his medicine but It
did me little good. My strength was gone and
I bad a terrible thirst. I could not sit up all day.
Iortna-neie Court Hoyally Fntertafna
Our Silor.
Lisbon, Portugal. July 30. King
Charles la expected to visit the United
States European aiiuadrou on Satur
day. The reception nceorded to Hear Ad
miral Cotton and the other American
olllcers by the king and Queen Amelia
at the royal castle at Cintnt, fourteen
miles from Lisbon, was most cordial.
Admiral Cotton while at Cintra vis
ited Queen Maria Pia, mother of the
king, mid the Duke of Oporto, brother
Of lils majesty.
There wove 250 guests at the ban
quet given by the minister of marine
in honor of the Americans ami at
which all the cabinet ministers were
present. Admiral Cotton, who was
greeted with cheers, made a speech
during which be eulogized Portugal
"and' thanked; tt officials for the
hearty reception accorded to the Amer
ican war ships, lie also referred to
the exaggerated accounts of a petty
squabble which occurred between the
police und some sailors ashore and de
clared that the relations between the
two forces were most friendly. The
minister for foreign affairs, the minis
ter of marine and United States Min
ister Bryan also made speeches.
Admiral Cotton und Ida olllcers will
entertain a large number of Portuguese
ladles at a reception on the Brooklyn
Aug. 4, and Minister Bryan will give
a garden party Aug. 5.
The American olfieors are enjoying
excursions into the neighboring coun
try. ;
Hade a Faille Attempt to Start an
I prUllilt.
Havana, July 30. The efforts of a
quartet of wild characters to cause
an uprising in the vicinity of Bnyamo,
province of Santiago, have ended 1n
the capture of their leader and the
killing of the other three men. For
weeks the four men bad been attract
ing considerable attention in that vi
cinity, endeavoring to excite the people
to treason and violence on the ground
that the revolutionary forces bud not
been and were not likely to be paid.
The party was overtaken by a de
tachment of the rural guard, and the
leader and the horses of the ngitatiou
ists were captured after some shoot
ing on both sides. The other three
men wore pursued until taken, when
they were all killed. Several shots
were tired at the guards, but not one
of them was hit. The facts in the case
were telegraphed to Senor Yero, sec
retary of ttie Interior, by the governor
. of Santiago. Secretary Yero informed
the press that this effectually ends the
only semblance of an uprising in Cuba.
Two of the culprits were former con
victs. Only one of the party bad be
longed to the revolutionary army.
With III Son and Xepliew He
Sleep In the Woods.
Oyster Bay, X. Y., July 30. -Lying on
the bare ground, wrapped in blankets,
President Roosevelt and his sons and
nephews passed the night on the sandy
(shores of Huntington bay. The presi
dent makes an annual custom of camp
ing out with bis boys.
After breakfast the party returned to
Sagamore Hill. They arrived safely;
and enthusiastic over the outing.
Vntfrant ConfCMne to Jlnnler.
Richmond, Va., July 30. Harmon
Truman Coates, who was committed to
Jail here for ten days for drunkenness
and who has been wandering In the
south for over a year, has confessed to
the police authorities that he is a
murderer. The crime, according to his
confession, was committed at Spring
Valley, N. Y., May 11), 1102. and the
victim was Louis Hull of that town.
A telegram from Spring Valley con
firms the story. Coates says lie was
born In Paterson, X. J. lie posed as
an umbrella mender while here.
Brltlah Cruiser Sink a Steamer.
Plymouth. England. July 30. The
British third class cruiser Mclampus
collided with and sank the British
ftcamer Ruperra off the Lizard. The
t rrew of the Ruperra was saved. The
damage sustained by the Mclampus
will necessitate docking her for repair.
of Kidneys and Bladder.
I got a bottle of Dr. PettingiU's Kidney-Wort
Tablets and the first one helped me so much 1
sent for another. Now I can sit up all day and
work all the lime. I do not get up at night and
that pain is gone. I have good appetite, sleep
well, and am thankful there is somethsng to help
anyone, for life was a burden the way I was.
Yours truly, '
Lame back is only one symptom of
kidney trouble. Need of passing water
often during the day and to Ret up many
times at night, inability to hold your
urine, smarting or irritation In passing,
brick dust or sediment in the urine, ca-
tarrh of the bladder, constant headache,
dizziness, sleeplessness, nervousness, irre
gular heart beating, Theumatisru, bloating.
irritability, worn-out feeling, loss of liesh
are all signs of kidney trouble.
If you a;-e in doubt about your kidneys,
let your morning urine stand twenty-four
hours; if you find a reddish, brtekdust
sediment, or if it is cloudy, use the lab
lets at once.
Captain Ewen Called an State' Firm
" M'itiieitM.
Cynthiana, Ivy., July 30. The court
for the second trial of Curtis Jett and
Thomas White for the murder of
James P.. Ma mini at Jackson, Ky.
yened at 8:30 a. rn. Pifty-one wit
nesses for the commonwealth answer
ed to their names. Prosecuting At
torney A. T. Byrd, who conducted the
commonwealth's side of the case at
the trial at Jackson, made the opening
statement for the prosecution.
While the defense has subpumaed
over a hundred witnesses to impeach
those testifying for the commonwealth
and prove alibis for Jett and White
In the Marcum murder ease the prose
cution Is also securing many valuable
witnesses that could not he served dur
ing the first trial. Olllcers have ar
rived from Breathitt county with Sam- i
uel little, who is considered a stronger
witness than either 15. J. Ewen or John
L. Patrick.
It is said that Samuel Little not only
saw Jett and White just before Mar
cum fell and again after the shooting,
but also that he witnessed the 'shoot
ing in the courthouse, Little was ar
rested last night by the soldiers while
In biding and brought here today by
a deputy. Little is related to Curtis
Jett John Freeman, another impor
tant witness for the commonwealth,
who is said to have lied to the mount
ains during the trial at Jackson last
month, has also been brought in by a
deputy. Both will lie held until they
are called by Commonwealth Attorney
For Hnaln'a Sea Defense.
Madrid, July 30 The new cabinet
has decided to adhere to the budget of
the previous ministry, with modifica
tions which will be submitted to a
committee of the chamber. A credit
of $800,000 will be asked for the navy,
half 1o le devoted to strengthening
the navy and half to the dockyards at
Cadiz, Cartngetm and Ferrol.
Failure on London Exehaiuv.
London, July 30. Two failures were
announced on the Stock Exchange A.
S. G. Graves & Co., an old established
firm of brokers, and Anselmo H. X.
Kilby, a jobber in Kaffirs. Neither
failure was important. The general
tone of stocks improved. Americas
tended upward.
Closing; Quotation of the New York
Stock Eichvngc,
New York. July 29
Money on call esisy at 2 per cent. Prime
mercantile paper. flaa per cent. Ex-
changes, fZYi.&Zt.'itl; balances, $7.1X2,130,
Closing prices:
Atrial. Copper... 41 N. Y. Central... 121
Atchison C2 Norf. & West.., S
B. & 0 8H Penn. R. R 123
Brooklyn K. T. . iSi HdinK 4:S
C..C..C. & St. L. 72'k Rock Island.... 34
Ches. & Ohio... 33i St, Paul 142
Chi, & Northw. f4 Southern Pac... 44 '
1. & H lMt Southern Ry.... 21
Erie 28'4 South. Ry. pf... ffi'i
lien. Electric... lev, Sugar US
Illinois Cett JSK'i Texas Pacific .. 2'. i
Lackawanna 2-M Union Paclllc .. 1
Louis. & Nash.. lOf-Vi tT. 8. Steel...... 24'j
Manhattan lr'i V. 8. Steel pt... 72-,
5!etropolitan....ll-i; "West, l.imon ... 84
Mo, Pac 98 . .
(General Market.
New York, July 29.
PLOl'R Uulod quieter, with prices un
changed; Minnesota patents, I4.40a4.ti5
winter straights, $i.t0ol 8.V. winter extras,
t2.90n3.at; winter patents. $,190a4.30,
WHEAT Opened . easier In sympathy
with corn and lower cubits, but rallied on
covering; (September, 82UaSJ Miic, ; Decem
ber. K-liaS-lHe.
RYK Quiet; state, 6Sh59'c c. 1. f., New
York; No. 2 western, EiS'jc., f. o. b., afl'-at
CORN Depressed sharply by the west
ern rains and prospects for lower tern
OATS Dull and easy; track, white,
state, 8Da4Go. ; track, white, western, 3'M
FORK-Steady; mess. J16al(J.50; family
LARD Steady ; prime western steam
BUTTER-Steady; state dairy, 14al7Vsc
extra creamery, 19c.
CHEKSU Steady to firm; state, full
cream, fancy, small, colored, 10'ic; small
white, 10V4c.; large, colored, toe.; large
white, lUc.
EUGS Firm; stats and Pennsylvania
extras, 19a -tie. ; Btata and Pennsylvania
firsts, 17a ISc. : western extras, 19c.
SUGAR Raw steady; fair refining,
SS-pjc. ; centrifugal, SW test, 3 21-32c. ; re
fined steady; crushed, 5.ft)c. ; powdered
TURPENTINE Quiet: 53a53Hc. asked.
KICK Firm; domestic, iUafl'ic. ; Japan,
TALLOTV-Dull; city, ic. nominal!
country. 4,a.4ic.
Simultaneous Masses In Home For
Leo XIII. and Humbert.
Supporters of Rmnpolla and tiottl
Will Join on Second Ilnllot For
Whichever of Them Standi
Bent on Flrt Vote.
Rome. July 30. Pome was again the
scene of one of those dramatic con
trasts so characteristic of the Eternal
City. While at the Vatican, in the Sis-'
tino chapel, a solemn requiem mass
was being Intoned for the repose of the
soul of Leo XIII., the spiritual mon
arch who claimed Pome as bis capital,
another requiem mass was being cele
brated In the Pantheon for the repose
of the soul of King Humbert, temporal
monarch, the capital of whose kingdom
was Pome.
King Victor Emmanuel and the dow
ager Queen Margaret came here to at
tend the annual mass which is cele
brated on the anniversary of the as
sassination of King Humbert, which
occurred three years ago. The king
drove to the Pantheon, the well known
liveries of his coachman and footmen
arousing much interest among the peo
ple in the streets, and arrived there In
time to meet Queen Margaret, who was
dressed in deepest black. After an em
brace mother and son entered the'
Fantheon, heard the mass ami placed
wreaths on the tombs of King Hum
Itert and King Victor Emmanuel. The
entrance and exit of their majesties
were witnessed by a large crowd.
The mourners or trie- municipality oi
Rome, with the exception of those of
their number who a few days ngo went
to the Vatican ns representatives of the
clerical party of the city hall to con
dole with the camerlingo on Pope Leo's
death, visited the Pantheon in a body
and placed wreaths on the tombs of the
two kings.
Second Tteoiilein Mass.
The swond requiem mass in the Sis
tine chapel was termed the foreign
mass. It was celebrated by Cardinal
Ivopp, bishop of Bi'eslau, a German, a
stated by three foreign cardinals Coos
sens, archbishop of Mechlin; Onisclut,
archbishop of Vienna, and Perraud
bishop of Autun and oite Italian car
dinal, Di Potro. The beautiful chapel
overflowed with the faithful.
The A'ntlean as a rule provides a car
rtage and horses for all the cardinals
and all the horses were alike, black
with long tails, but the authorities
were not prepared for so many -ear
dlnals and were obliged to give the last
arrivals bay horses.
From the estimates made, the cost to
the holy see of the various ceremonies.
from the death of Pope Leo to the ele
tion of his successor, if it takes plact
within a few days, will be $PI,(hk'I1
With the arrival here of Cardinal
Prisco, archbishop of Naples, tlte num
ber of cardinals who will particlpat
in the conclave is complete and total
sixty-two. Of 1he two remaining, Cur
dinal Celesia. archbishop of Palermo,
cannot leave Palermo ttecause of his
health, and Cardinal Moran, archblsh
op of Sydney, X. S. W although 1
has left Sydney, cannot, it is believed
arrive here Ik-fore Aug. 20, when, it 1
supposed, the conclave will be over.
Honors to Gibbons.
Prince Chigl, marshal of the con
clave, visited Cardinal Gibbons and
had a long and cordial conversation
with the American prelate.
All the diplomats accredited to the
Vatican have left their cards at Cor
dinal Gibbons' residence, and he. ha
been visited t; the high ecclesiastical
dignitaries and the chiefs of the reli
gious orders.
That there is a conviction at the
Vatican that the conclave will be oi
short duration is proved by the, fact
that all those who tire to enter the cou
clave to minister to the wants of the
Gave to C. A. Churchill, Cook
Ave., Weymouth, Mass., a man
over 70 years of age, the energy
and strength necessary to feel
strong and well again. It will,
give you good health if you are
all dragged out. All druggists
sell Quinona.
f &
f - - VI
:'' f : If
w y '
cardiuajs hae been
three days.
It implies no disrespect to say that
the papal cam-us is developing on
much ilie same lines as the caucuses
held on the eve of an American nomi
nating convention.
Itampolts and Gotti Combine.
It is now an open secret that the
supporters of Cardinals Itampolla and
Gotti will vote for their respective
candidates on the fast ballot, aftei
which the one who leads in the vote
will receive the united support of both
The college as a whole is fat divid
ing for antl against Cardinal Itampolla,
There are, however, three classes Car
dinal Rampolla's direct supporters
those who will vote with him, but not
for him, and those who will vote
against his policy.
His supporters argue that if the pol
icy of the late administration was
Leo's, then Cardinal llampolla is the
best man to continue it. If it was
dictated by Cardinal Uampolla. then
there is greater reason that he should
continue It. His opponents urge that
the outgoing administration sought to
ingratiate the papacy with govern
ments, not with peoples. Hence, when
the French government showed its
teeth the church did not have the
French people back of it. The car
dinals who arg-ue thus, including the
supporters of Cardinal VannuteUi,
agree with Cardinal Gibbons that the
church will lie strongest when it is ab
solutely Independent of all political
Those who oppose Cardinal Itampolla
are divided in supporting Cardinals
VannuteUi, Oreglia and Agliardi.
Should the contest become strenuous it
is probable that some neutral candidate
like Sarto, Satolli, Svampa or Ferrari
will finally, bo selected.
Archbishop Farley Celebrant In St
Patrick's Cuthedral.
New York, July SO.-It being the
ninth and last day of the prescribed
period of mourning for Tope Leo XIII.,
what was by far the most notable and
Impressive observance here took place
this morning at St. Patrick's cathedral
on Fifth avenue. A solemn pontifical
mass of requiem was celebrated by
Archbishop Farley and an oration eulo
gistic of the deceased pope was
delivered by the Rev. Joseph Mooney,
vicar general of the archdiocese. The
Rev. Waldo Maravelli was deacon of
the mass, the Rev. William Lewes sub
deacon and the Rev. I)r. Henry A.
Brann and the Rev. Dean Burtsell dea
cons of honor. Mgr. John Edwards
was assistant priest.
It being twenty-live years since a sim
ilar religious service was held in this
city, the occasion in February. 187S, be
ing the death of Pope Pius IX., the at
tendance nt the ceremonies today em
braced several bishops, nil the clergy
In the jurisdiction and Roman Catholic
prelates from different parts. Mltered
abbots, bearded and hooded monks and
sisters belonging to the various orders
were present at the mass In response
to Archbishop Farley's invitation.
Posses Continue Pursuit of Califor
nia FuKltives.
Flacerville. Cal.. July 30. A report
has been received here that eight of
the convicts who escaped from Folsom
prison were seen making their way
northward along Greenwood creek
toward the town of Greenwood, where
it is thought a raid will be made by the
fugitives, as it is known they are very
short of provisions.
Guard McDonald of Folsom, who is
in this vicinity with eleven other
guards from the penitentiary, is of
the opinion that the escaped prisoners
are trying to get into the country
north of Greenwood, some sections of
which are admirably suited for hiding
nnd defensive purposes, ' -
Posses are now in pursuit and the
residents of Greenwood have been
warned of the direction taken by the
Aired Man Lost In Fire.
Colebrook. X. II.. July 30.-Several
buildings have been burned here and
It is thought that Jesse Forristall. owner
of the wooden block in which the
flames originated, lost his life. At one
time the village was in danger, but was
saved. The total loss is at least $15,001).
Mr. Forristall was seen to enter the
building while the fire was in progress
and afterward, it is believed, he perish
ed. He was eighty-five years of age
and fpiite feeble. It is supposed the
fire was caused by the overturning of
a kerosene lamp in Mr. Forristall's
Government to Sue Contractor.
Washington. July "O.Tbe govern
ment will Insiitute proceedings against
W. M. Weigliel, a postal contractor,
and the Fidelity Trust and Deposit
company of Baltimore for approximate
ly $''u0,00Ot which the post ottiee de
partment has lteen compelled to ex
pend above the amount of a contract
for carrying the mails in wagons in
Xew York city. George (5. Travis,
who has been awarded the contract to
fill the unexpired term of a month less
than two years, will begin the service
Aug. 3.
Killed by Ten in nt rtnllston, N. V.
Ballston, X. Y July 30,-Miss Mar
garet Booth, an elderly maiden lady, a
sister of President Andrew S. Booth of
the Ballston Spa National bank, was
struck and instantly killed by the loco
motive of the Saratoga and Xew York
limited, which does not stop at this
station, while crossing the track in the
rear of her residence.
Knropntkln In St. Petersbnrjr.
St Petersburg, July 00. General Ku
ropatkln, the Russian war minister,
liai returned here from his visit to the
far east.
English Promoter Off For London
to Stand Trial.
Head of Wrecked London ami Globe
Flnanee Corporation lleeliire
There Is a Conspiracy Asrainat
HI in Farewell to Jailers. -
New York. Julv 30. Whitaker Wright,
the English promoter, who is wanted
in London to stand trial for swindling
in connection with the wrecked London
and Glol Finance company "and over
tfhnso extradition there has been sucn
n lrmtf contest before Judge Laeonibo
in the United States court, has sailed
in charge of detectives on board tne
White Star liner Oceanic.
Wright has been confined for weeks
In the Ludlow street jail and has been
very ill. Before leaving prison Wright
said to the warden, John II. Sullivan:
"Goodby. Thank yon for the kind
way you have looked after me. If I
return to America I shall pay you a
visit, only it will be a social one, I
hope." He then entered a closed car
riage with United States Marshal Hen
kel. At the pier were Detective Inspectors
Willis and Phillips of the London city
police. Wright was introduced to the
men who will bo his keepers during the
voyage and shook hands with them.
He had been assigned to Btnteroom Xo.
49 on the port side of the vessel, for
ward on the lower deck, but sent word
to the purser that he wished better ac
commodations. His stateroom was too
small, he said, and, after some delay,
he was given suit 3 to 7 on the prom
enade deck, which consists of three
rooms, one of which is a library.
Wright stayed in his stateroom all the
time the ship was at the pier.
Wright's Port In- Statement.
Before the vessel sailed he gave out
the following statement:
"I. have been very ill since my ar
rival here, and for this reason I did not
care to make the ocean voyage at this
time. I believe my return to England
will result in my complete vindication.
The charges made against me are all
spite work on the part of some coun
selors in England who represent the
small fry. These persons probably
thought that they bad not received
enough attention during the investiga
tion of my affairs. I have no doubt
that this matter will le sifted through
In a manner favorable to me. I did
not run away, but remained in England
during an investigation of my affairs
that lasted nearly two years. I was
greatly surprised at my arrest here.
Indeed. I stayed in Indoti against the
advice of my physicians. My arrest in
terfered with my phuts of travel, which
I had contemplated for my health.
That is all I have to say."
May Get Twenty Years.
Detective Inspector Willis was em
barrassed nt the hearty greeting given
him by Wright, and stammered out his
hope that the voyage would be a pleas
ant one. Wright only smiled and did
not reply. His name appeared on the
passenger list as "W. Wright." ' Willis
and Phillips said that the charge
against Wright in England was felony
and that he might get twenty years.
They said, however, that if convicted
they did not think he would receive so
severe a sentence. The London police
men followed Wright while lie was
traveling in France with his niece.
Florence Brown, who came to this
country with him when he was arrest
ed. Miss Brown is said to lo in Eng
land now. Wright is accused of enter
ing false balance sheets. in the books
of the London and Globe Finance cor
poration, by which many persons were
swindled. '
Another Hi Fire at Ilakn.
Baku. Russian Transcaucasia, July
30. The extensive petroleum works nt
Balakhamy have been burned. The
fire is believed to have been of Incendi
ary origin. Large numbers of boring
towers and reservoirs of naphtha were
destroyed, including those belonging to
the Xobel brothers and to the Caspian
company. Lack of water and fire fight
ing appliances rendered the fli'cmen
" F. UK. In ml Will Take Cuban Loan.
London, July liu. If Cuba fails to
float her proposed loan of $;!5,0(.K),i.M)
in the United Slates she will have no
difficulty in doing so here. Several
British financiers who have been ap
proached on the subject by the Mar
quis do Montoro, Cuban. minister to
Great Britain, have indicated th!r
willingness to subscribe, but the min
ister is unable to commit the Cuban
government because of lack of instruc
tions from President Talma.
.. . -,:! -rt-
.-" ;-Sv
Well Known New England Woman
Ctsred by Hyomd Ctire Was
The thousands of discouraged people
who dread summer's approach because
,i,o n.tnt that hav fever cannot be avoid
ed will rt-ad with interest and gratitude
- ... 11.,!.,
the following statement jioui litieu t .
Williams of Mansfield, Mass.
"For 21 years, from the month of An
cust until heavy frost, 1 have been ailliet-
ed with bay fever, growing worse and
worse each year, and of late years I was
unable to attend to my work during that
Peri?-. . tt ....
"lJUt slimmer i nmumicij jjjo-
,i a triui nnd am hanpv to sav that it en
tirely cured ma and I have had no return
of the allliction since.
This letter is one of many that have
come to the proprietors of Ilyomei, and
the results following this treatment have
been so wonderful that it is proposed at
the animal convention of hay fever suffer
ers to recommend 1! yorue! to all Lo are
susceptible to this disease. Rv. f-
Ilyomtl Is a treatment for hay fever
that combines the latest discoveries of
science and the best of common sense.
Knowing that a change of climate was the
only way in which relief could be ob
tained, the evolution of Ilyomei naturally
resulted. By breathing its germ-killing
and healing balsams, anyone can have, at
any moment of the day, either In their
borne, tie othee or the factory, a climate
like that of the White Mountains or other
health resorts where bay fever is unknown.
The Red Cross Pharmacy agree to re
fund the money to any hay fever sufferer
who uses llyoinel If it dues not. give satis
Mob Chae Two Nenroea Thronti
Street of Lorain,
Lorain, O., July 30. A fierce riot in
which a mob of ,'too whites chased two
colored men, threatening to lynch
them, has taken place here. Twi
Colored men, Charles Hill and Rob
ert Pleasant, became involved hi
on altercation with a white man.
named Daniel Cronan. One f
the colored men drew a razor and
cut Cronan severely on the face
and neck. A mob immediately gath
ered and the negroes were chased over
the entire south end of the city, one of
them taking refuge in a saloon, the
entire front of which was battered in
with stones. The negro, however, es
caped. The entire day and night force of
police was ordered on duty and spe
cials were a!s.i sworn in. Pleasant was
arrested ami taken by side streets to
the local station, where he was locked
np, while the crowd still continued
their watch, a number of shots being
Mayor King bended oil the crowd at
Ninth street and addressed them. His
words had a quieting effect and the
mob dispersed.
Striker Tie Vi street Cnr.
Detroit, Mich, July 30. -All th(
street car lines in the city were tied
up for more than two hours at the time
when travel is usually the tavl-rty'
a strike of thirty-live firemen at the
power house- of the Detroit United rail
way. The men struck to enforce a de
mand for an eight hour day made some
time ago, Outside help was rushed to
the power house.
Anolher Moaely Co
London. July
nniixftloa Comlnr
-The Mosely com
investigate the edu
the United States
Get. 3. It will con
nvognized anthori
seeoiidnry and unl
it is expected that
ill extend Over two
mission which is to
CBtion.il system of
sails for New York
sist of about thirty
ties on elementary,
versity education,
the investigation w
Teitlle Striker Weaken.
Philadelphia. July 30. Eight hundred
plush and velvet weavers employed in
the John & James Pobsou mill at the
Falls of Schuylkill who hare been idle
since the inauguration nine weeks ago
of the textile strike in this city report
ed for work without their demand for
shorter hours or increased pay being;
granted. Tlie firm, however, was com
pelled to Send home 000 of the workers
because the fifty loom fixers employed
at the mill have decided to remain out
until the demands are granted.
Have Waited Long for Such Con
vincing Proof as This.
Is not s remedy which absolutely cured
Barre peoplo inlS97, kept them well dur
ing the period which has elapsed, snd,
when Interviewed in 190a, five yesrs alter
their original experience was published,
tbey were found in good health is not
that remedy worthy of yonr confidence f
lieadthis: fBTr C31
Geo. W. Brown, (carpenter) of 3M Berlin
street fays: "When living at 3'2 Pearl
street, in the winter of 3SU7, 1 procured
Coan'a Kidney Fills at E. A. Brown's
orug store and after Riving them a
thorough trial I made the following state
ment through the Barre newspapers:
Uoan's Kidney Fills were worth their
weight in gold to me,' That is mv honest
opinion. I add my reasons for thinking
i?:k .Jey years 1 strained my back,
it bothered me some at the time but 1
paid little attention to it, thinking it
would kavo of its own accord. It did not.
n developed into quite a serious kidney
trouble. I tried various remedies but
mund nothing brought any permanent
Dcnetit. In gome manner mv attention
was called to Doan's Kldney Pills and I
tried them. They did mo a wonderful
mtouo' ? Rood, and stopped a weak
dms of the kidneys and renal organs
wBicuwas yery annoying at night. Now
tooay )n the month of May, l!K)2,i am
f lit, ? continue my endorsement of
iJ?8D Kidney Piii. f know 0, (rleDda
w.io &ve been benefited by their use.
1 have never relapsed into the condition
tijt existed whon Doan's Kidney Bills
Cr-t came to my notice."
ror aale by all dealers. Price 50 cents
Pr box. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
X., solo agents for the United States.
Hemember the name Doan's and take no

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