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Goes to SarofF to Assist In Canon
izing a Holy Hermit.
Or ant Filsriuinsre to Ancient Monas-
tr jr la Honor o( St. Serapblin
Will Include Six Thousand
Bilioi and lesser Clergy,
St FetersbiiFg, July SI. The czar,
czarina and their suits have left hero
to Join the great pilgrimage to Saroff,
province of Tainboff, where the Ovtho-;
6ox church Is to celebrate the canonlza
tlon of the hermit Prakhor Moslmin
, under the name of St. Seraphim. About
6,000 bishops and clergy of European
Russia will participate In the cere
monies, at the monastery at Saroff.
which promise to be very interesting.
The relics f St. Seraphim will be ex
posed for adoration after five days of
religious exercises. These relics have
been Installed in a solid silver casket
beneath a silver baldachin. The ex
pense of the Installation was borne by
the emperor from his private purse,
and his majesty testified his interest
by writing the following marginal note
on the act of canonization:
"Bead with feelings of genuine pleas
ure and deep emotion."
The monastery, which !a the scene
of the ceremonial, is a women's asy
lum several miles from the village of
Saroff, and this village in turn is forty
miles from the nearest railway sta
tion. Temporary barracks have been
erected to shelter the more favored
guests, but the great majority of the
pilgrims will be forced to sleep In sta
bles or in the open air.
The holy synod has issued a state
ment that it regards the "appearance
of a new miraculous intercessor as a
renewal of heaven's blessing upon the
government of our most exalted mon
arch, who labors unceasingly for the
welfare of the Orthodox Russian peo
ple and embraces In his royal love and
care all of his true subjects of every
class and condition."
Most elaborate 'preparations have
been made for the celebration. All of
the pomp and magnificence of the east
ern church, with its most impressive
and elaborate ceremonies, its imposing
processions and its solemn liturgies,
will be employed.
Kew Saint a oteil Hermit.
The hermit, Frakhor Moshnin, died
In 1X33 nt an advanced age. Belief in
bis sanctity and miraculous interces
sion with heaven seems to have been
widespread during his life and to have
grown steadily since his demise. An
Inquiry was begun in JS02 into the al
leged miracles attributed to his relics
and satisfied the holy synod of their
verity. :
As a result an act of canonization
under the name of St. Seraphim was
Issued on Jan. 20, which date was add
ed to the Orthodox calendar.
An authorized biography says that
St. Seraphim's father was a pious
merchant who built stone and brick
churches in south Itussln. His widow
continued the work, and It is related
that her little sou accompanied her on
a tour of inspection and fell from a
groat height to the ground without be
ing hurt.
The boy entered the monastery of
Sai-off when only seventeen years old.
There he distinguished himself in ail
religious exercises, even .carrying a
great granite rock into hiscell In order
that his knees might not rWst easily
during bis long prayers, Latwr In life
ho spent fifteen years In silent medita
tion, during which time ho did not
leave his hermit's cell except when ab
solutely necessary. When he resumed
Intercourse with the world all classes
of people flocked to him for ndvlc. it
Is said ,that he answered questions be
fore they were put and letters that he
never unsealed, that lie revealed tiie
inmost secrets of the heart and fore
told future events. Since his dotwh
many millions' of pilgrims have visited
his grave.
Boylestown luwtltntlon la Hands of
Comptroller t Currency.
Poylesiown, J'a., July 3.1. The fol
lowing notice has been posted on the
door of the Doyh-stown National bank:
"This bank closed and in the hands of
the comptroller of the currency," The
not lee was signed by T. P. Kane, deputy-comptroller
of the currency, and J.
W. Schoileld. national banlt examiner.
The posting of the notice caused con
siderable excitement in the town, ni
the deposits of the institution are large.
The bank examiners have been work
ing on the books for two days, but nt
official statement has been Issued either
by them or the ofiloers of tlxe bank.
The capital of the bank was $103,000,
and the last report to the comptroller
Khowi.,1: Surplus and profits, fl31,S0:
deposits of more than $1,000,000. and I
loans and discounts and stock and se
curities, $i,(i.-il,::i;ti. -jhe bank is one
of the oldest in the state.
The president of the bank is Harry
Leer, a prominent lawyer and candi
date f.,r jndgo on the Itepubl'can tick
et. Cenrge P. Brock is cashier.
I Bread, Cake and Pastry
:' can be made with one-fifth less of
' Pillsbury's Best Flour than with
ordinary Winter wheat flour. '
Cnminnnmrallli Smiifm liliiitlonal
Evidence From Former Witnesses.
Cynthia-mi, K., .in!" .Hl.'D-e- enm
monweath In the second trial of Curtis
Jett and Thomas White for the murder
of Colonel Maivum, Judge J. J. Os
borne presiding, not only produced
new witnesses, but also secured addi
tional evidence from those who had
testified at the first trial In Jackson.
S. S. Tnulbec, clerk of Breathitt
county, testified to standing at Hargis
Bros. store, across the street from the
Jackson courthouse, and seeing Mar
cum fall and Ewen running away. He
did not see Jett In the street, where
the prisoner claims to hate been at the
time of the shooting.
William Combs testified to holding
County offices at Jackson for thirty-
: i -?y
n: r,
seven years, lie was in Judge lilack'a
office when he beard the shooting.
Looking out, he saw Marcura fall and
Jett afterward emerging from the
courthouse. '
Ilezekiah Combs, a new witness, tes
tified to seeing John Noble, Curtis Jett
and Thomas White together just be
fore the shooting. White beckoned
Jett to the side door of the courthouse,
Where both entered. He talked with
Noble then, and soon he heard shoot
ing and saw Ewen running away.
Postmnstcr General ilns an Inter
view With the President.
Oyster Bay, N. Y., July 81.-IresI-dent
Roosevelt's guests at luncheon
were Postmaster General and Mrs.
Payne and Immigration Commissioner
William Williams and Mr. Van Ingen
of New York. Mr. and -Mrs. : Payne
arrived on the revenue cutter Onon
daga at noon.
Mr. Payne has been absent from
Washington for several weeks and
therefore Is not in close touch with the
details of the post office investigation.
In a general way he discussed the sit
uation with the president As Mr.
Payne is to return to Washington in a
few days the president, it is tinder
stood, Impressed upon him the desira
bility of concluding the investigation
at as early a date ns practicable, al
though thoroughness Was not to be sac
rifteed for haste, -
It Is perfectly understood between
the president and the postmaster gen
eral that every person in the depart
meiit whom the facts show to be guilty
of irregularities or crimes shall pay
the penalty required by law. ,
Officers of Miners' Oi'irunltut Ion Ki
pel led I'rom ltlnlio Si1ukh.
Ida'.o Springs, Colo., July 31. After a
meeting of business men 000 citizens
Of Idaho Springs went to the city jail
and tool; fourteen of the men arrested
In connection with the blowing up of
the Sun and Moon mine .buildings,
marched them to the city limits oud
told them to leave the place and never
return. - ' "
The men driven out Include the pros!
dent of the local union, the vice presi
dent, secretary and treasurer, and two
or three members 'of the executive
committee.--- All the others are promi
nent members of the union. Some of
the imui complained that they had no
money and a purse was made up.
IMillinitiues ( iitom Receipt.
-.Washington, July 31. A statement
prepared by the bureau of insular af
fairs of the war department shows the
customs revenues in the Philippines
for the first four months of 1!.m3 to
have been $2,031,782. against $2,001,011
In the same period In 1002 and $1,215,-
fiTu in 1HO0. A comparison of the cus
toms revenues under Spanish adminis
tration during the ten years from IKS
to 3 S05 with the period from Aug. 20.
1S0S, to April SO, litre, under Ameri
can occupation, shows the volume ot
business to have Increased about four
Mttiiuer-I.vou Hepurl Heerlvccl.
asliingtou, July 31. Secretary
Root, has received the report of Colonel
Garlingtoii, the Inspector general who
was detailed to Investigate the facts
in connection with the contract for
gloves made with E. It. Lyon and the
relations of Representative Lucius N.
Littnuer of New York to the contractor.
The secretary has not examined the
report and will not make it public al
Armed Barnl Inciting Santiago
Province to Rise.
Insurgents Demand raiment of Vet
era n Popular Sentiment I'pbolda
Government, to Which Volun
teers Oiler Their Services.
Havana, July 31. In spite of the as
tertion made by Senor Yero, secretary
of the interior, that th3 killing of three
men and the capture of a fourth man,
their leader, who had attempted to
cause an uprising in the .vicinity of
Bayamo, province of Santiago, ef
fectually ended the only semblance of
an uprising in Cuba, the rumors of up
risings In eastern Cuba have been fully
confirmed in the government's reports
received from the governor and other
officials of Santiago province.
These are to the effect that since the
night of Sunday last sixty armed and
mounted men have appeared outside
villages In the Canto river district
proclaiming a revolution and demand
ing the payment of the former mem
bers of the revolutionary army. No
acts of violence have been reported,
but the inhabitants of the Cauto re
gion ore excited. The leader of the
revolutionary party is name I'upo. He
Is a brother of one of the bandits killed
by the rural guard on Tuesday.
Rodriguez Orders Out Guards.
General Rodriguez, commander in
chief of the rural guard, has ordered
the mobilization of all the rural guards
In eastern Cuba, and the governor of
Santiago province has been instructed
to enlist as many volunteers as may be
deemed necessary to eo-operate with
the mounted troops.
Secretary of the Interior Yero says
there is no doubt that the authorities
will be able to cope successfully with
the situation, as all reports, he adds,
agree that popular sentiment is with
the government of President Palma
and that those who have risen in re
bellion mostly belong to the wanton,
lazy class of Puerto Principe.
It is reported that many volunteers
are offering their services to the gov
ernment. PIE!! AT OLD 0ECHAED.
Two Women Mliotliiir After Hotel
Was Destroyed.
Old Orchard, Me., July 31. The Sea
view House on the camp ground at Old
Orchard was burned to the ground to
day and two women guests are miss
ing. It is feared that they did not es
cape from the hotel. The value of the
property consumed was about $-1,000.
There were twenty persons in the
house, including the manager, John F,
Woodbury of Waterville, his wife and
six children. .
The missing women are Mrs. Helen
Martin and Mrs. 13. A. Stevens, both
of East Grafton, N. II.
The Seavlew House was a three
story structure having accommoda
tions for about fifty guests. The miss
ing women occupied a room on the
third floor. . '
Mrs. Ed Hooper of Paris, Me., came
down from the top story and sank un
conscious on a sofa on the second
floor, where she was found by the tire
men and taken out through a window.
B. E. Packard of Brockton, Mass., fell
or stumbled on the second floor, badly
tutting his leg. He was also taken
out through a window.
One thousand dollars in bills belong
ing to J. H. Terrell of Manchester, N.
H., was burned. The guests had just
time enough to flee in light clothing.
The Are started around the kitchen
range. .
Will Sit With Aloliara Coal Strike
Wilmington, Pol. July 31.-Judge
George Gray has decided to accept bis
appointment as the fifth member of
the Alabama coal strike commission
and so telegraphed to the other mem
bers of the commission at Atlantic
He made his acceptance conditional,
however, upon the commission's work
being done during August, as he will
have to preside over a session of the
United States circuit court of appeals
beginning the second week In Septem
ber. In order to attend to the com
mission work he will have to forego his
usual August vacation.
Judge Gray wjll leave Wilmington
on Saturday. Aug. 8, for Birmingham,
Ala., where the commission will sit,
and expects the session to begin on the
following Monday morning.
American Sailors Haviiifr A flood
Time In Portnunl.
Lisbon, Portugal, July 31. Rear Ad
miral Cotton, commanding the Cnited
States European squadron now in these
waters, was presented to the crown
prince, Louis Philippe, and to the In
fante Manuel, second son of King
Charles, who will accompany his maj
esty when he visits the American war
The Portuguese newspapers are re
ferring approvingly to the speech made
by King Charles when lie received
Admiral Cotton and the other Ameri
can officers and entertained them with
exquisite taste at the royal castle at
Ctnrra. ins majesty expressed himselt
in such sympathetic terms in rcsanl
to President Roosevtit and the people
of the United, States that Minister
Bryan, Admiral Cotton and the othei
Americans present were really affected
by the king's remarks.
can fcc
I prepared in I
V over 250 J rf
rem ';-
- 1 -
ivfS2tff5 on
poached eggs.
Bis C'onehmnn, Who Was AsKanltetl.
Sam He Did.
New York, July .'!. Following his
statement that he had convincing evi
dence to show that David Lamar, the
Wall street millionaire, had hired'
"Monk" Eastman and Joseph Brown
to assault his former coachman, James
McMahon, Police Inspector McClusky
has detailed Detective Sergeants Kins
ler and Dnggaii to tind the man "who
acted as alleged ''go between' for the
broker and the thugs. This alleged
"go between" is known to the police,
lie is described as a prize fighter and
The sudden appearance In the case
f the law firm of Stern & Sporborg of
G9 Wall street is a matter that Is at
tracting attention' from Inspector Mc
Clusky. When E. II. Stern of the fcrm
appeared at police headquarters and
aunounced that he had been retained
as counsel for Eastman and Brown the
prisoners declared that they had not
engaged the lawyer, and said they had
never heard of the firm.
Mr. Stern declared Lamar had not
engaged him, and that he did not even
know Lamar.
The alleged assault grew out of the
coachman having refused to get down
from the Lamar carriage to chase Mrs.
Lamar's dog. When Mrs. Lamar told
her husband of the incident the latter
Interviewed the coachman with disas
trous results to himself. A few days
later the coachman was "done up" by
two men whom be alleges were In La
mar's pay.
Militia Has Lout Scent of California
I'nie it Iven.
Sacramento, Oil., July 31. A special
to the Bee from the Folsom state prison
says that the latest reports received
show that the militia has had abso
lutely no trace or the escaped convicts
tinee Monday night.
The fugitives are thought to be dou
bling back from the vicinity of Lotus
to the neighborhood of Rattlesnake Bar
and the . Zentgrnff mine. The country
In which the fugitives are supposed to
be hfis a number of deserted cabins and
several orchards, which will afford
them shelter and food.
Guard Cochrane, who was stabbed in
the prison fight, is slightly worse, and
his recovery is still doubtful.
. The Weather.
Fair and cooler; fresh southwest
winds, becoming northwest.
A Sure Sign of Kidney
Trouble. Dr. Kennedy's
Favorite Remedy will
; cure you.
Pain in the back is a never failing sign
of kidney disease ; another sure sign is
the condition of the urine ; if you have a
pain in the back then look to the condition
of your urine. , Take a glass tumbler and
fill it with urine ; after it has stood 24
hours, if it has a sediment, if it is milky or
cloudy, pale or discolored, stringy or ropy,
your kidneys and bladder are in a danger
ous condition and need immediate atten
tion, or the consequences may prove fatal.
F. C. Wilcos of 553 New Britain ave.,
Hartford, Conn., says:
"I had a frightful pain in my back,
the result of ' kidney trouble. My
physician seemed powerless to relieve
me. I determined to try Dr. David
Kennedy's Favorite Remedy ; it
helped me wonderfully, and in a short
. time cured me completely."
Dr.Da.vid Kennedy's Favorite Remedy
Is the one medicine that really cures all
diseases of the kidneys, liver, bladder and
blood, rheumatism, dyspepsia and chrotiic
constipation. It is wonderful how it
makes that pain in the back disappear,
how it relieves the desire to urinate often,
especially at night, and drives away that
scalding pain in passing water and makes
you well and strong. ,
It is for sale by all druggists In the
Now BO Gent Slza and the regular
1 1.00 size bottles less than a cent a dose.
Samflt bottle enough for trial, free hy mail.
Dr. David Kennedy Corporation, Rondout, N.Y.
lr. I)tl(i KcnnHr's Roe Jellr radical cure
Catarrh, Uuj trier as j lull In liisl. SOu.
1 1 "Wl ii -N
A iSug's'estion for To-day
Shredded Whole Wheat Biscuit
is a Dcrfect food because it per-'
prt v
. .
butter on top. ' Put in buttered pan in hot oven about three minutes. Re
move with pancake turner to warm plate. Use as toast for scrambled or
Sold by all grocers.
The Natural Food Co., Niagara
lowfll'tt Casnultr l,ixt Not t'xpeete!
to lOseeed This Estimate.
Lowell, Mass., July 31 It is certain
that at least nineteen persons are dead
as the result of the explosion at the
United States Cartridge company's
plant. The police are inclined to
think that the number . may be
increased by two or three.. It was
reported that Zephraim Perusse, hus
band of one of the dead and father
of another ih the list of fatalities, had
himself died, but the report was in
correct. Mr. Perusse, who was one of
the many French Canadians residing
in the vicinity of the magazine, is in a
serious condition, suffering from inter
nal injuries and cuts, but It is believed
his chances for recovering are favor
able. . ,
Alfred Lybrand (or Labrun), one of
the United States Cartridge company's
employees, who was also reported
dead, is alive at St. John's hospital,
but in a serious condition. He has
severe abrasions, and powder and dirt
are Imbedded over the left side of the
body from head to foot
Of the list of dead the bodies of
George Flynn, Louis B. Richard and
James Grady, all employees of the
United States Cartridge company, have
not been recovered. The expectation
of the police and militia is that they
never will be found, as they were un
doubtedly blown to atoms.
Outside of these three missing bod
ies it is eousidered possible two or
three others may have lost their lives
whose names have not been reported.
An unknown man is reported to have
been burned to death in, the wreckage
of a dwelling in spite of the desperate
efforts of a dozen men to get to him.
Allowing for possible deaths of tht-e
now on the dangerous lists at the hos
pital, it is not anticipated that the
death li-st will exceed twenty-five, and
it may be nearer twenty.
The Samoan Islands.
On the Ramoan islands the" coolest'
month of the year la July. The climate
of the islands is thoroughly favorable
t0AmcrIeana- '
A Record
We have frozen 1400
from July 1st to July 1 4th. All flavors,
by the pint quart or gallon, at
Ttie Barre Candy Kitchen.
- - y-'- Barre. -
thBest. Fine t
For Barre and Vicinity.
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' i
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litly with cold UAveV,j
er. Place VVl
water. Place
small bits of
for "Vital
Cock Book ;
Falls, N.Y. V Free
Wants Real K-.tule Her Ifnubanu
Transferred Before Deatlt.
Buffalo. N. Y., July 31. Attorney
Frederick It. Hartzeil. representing
Mrs. Alice Hull Rnrdick,' applied to
Justice White in special term of su
preme court this morning for an order
appointing Mrs. BurdieU as guardian
ftd litem for her three children. Marion,
Alice and Carrol Rnrdick, infants in
law, for the purpose of bringing
actions to content, the transfer made
by the late Ed win L. Burdick of hH
real estate to Riselay Tucker and
Charles 8. Parke. Mr. Burdick trans
ferred his real estate, valued at -f 11,
XV, to Messrs. Parke and Tucker
shortly prior to his death in order that
his wife might not get possession of
the properly In the event of his death.
Mr. Hartzeil stated to the court that
the daughter Marion Burdick joined her
mother in the petition to the court for
the appointment of Mrs. Burdick as
such guardian.
"I cannot see on v.hat grounds you
propose attaeU'ng the transfers," said
Justice V!iit;.
"However." he continued, "you may
take your order."
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bowels fr)r lar, you rp in or wo) h'iynnr L' "
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4 if
Iff! nt. ZA l!7
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