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The Times' Daily Short Story.
rc Medic's
... Ttory
There were four of us, medical stu
dents, rooming ou the same floor and
nil given to story telling. AVaterhouMi
excelled in fabulous adventure and al
ways maintained that it really hap
pened. The most remarkable of his
stories was this:
. "I am going to tell you something to
night," he said, "that happened to urn
several weeks ago. I've had it on my
mind since then, but a certain feeling of
delicacy has prevented ray saying any
thing about It. One, night, or rather
Eioralng, I was walking in the upper
part of the city, in a street where the,
houses stand back some distance from
the sidewalk, the front space being
given up to gardens. The street waa
Btl!l as a cemetery, and my footsteps
sounded marvelously loud. I had Just
passed a church which stood on the
opposite side of the street when sudden,
ly the bell struck 1. I started a
though some one had hit me. I must
Lave gone, through some singular phys
" ical process, for, when I pulled myself
together at the Iron gateway inelosina
one of the gardens in front of which
I had stopped, girl stood leaning for
ward and beckoning to ine.
"Oh, sir,' she said, 'eotne with me.
There are men in the house who are.
trying to get my aunt to go with them
to a lunatic asylum. She is not. insane.
I assure you she is not.'
"She opened the gate as she spokt
and I followed her up a stone walk
to the front door, which stood ajar
Into a dimly lighted hall and upstairs.
Throwing open a bedroom door, there
eat a lady in a wrapper trimmed with
lace, while before her stood a man
who, as I went In, finished a sentence
he was speaking with these words: 'I
shall have to use force, and that I don't
want to do. The moment I entered he
and the lady both looked at me, the!
man surprised, the woman appealingly.
The young lady stood beside me trem
bling. "'Have you any authority, sir,' I
said, 'for Lelng In this house at this
" Whether I have or not,' he replied,
I am not accountable to you and de
cline to produce it.'
"'Vers' well, sir. Since you refuse to
show a wo rrant for the removal of this
lady I will trouble you to take your de
parture." "The man looked irritated at being
interfered with in carrying: out a pur
pose that might or might not be legiti
mate. If I had any doubt that it was
illegitimate the pleading look of both
the women, and especially that of the
younger, removed it at once.
" 'Come. siv J 1 am' waiting.
Lea t this room
'lie came toward me. I stepped bad
into the hall. The girl went into th
room, and I clos.'d the door:
"'The lady is un insane patient, no
paid, 'and I am trying to-pet her away
without attracting the attention of her
"'I happen to bo a' medical man,' I
replied, 'and know tliat In such cases
the order of a court or board de lu-riatk-o
inquirendo is needed. Produce
it, nnd I will not interfere with, you.'
"lie looked puzzled ass to what course
to follow, then, quick as a Hash, drew
a revolver and leveled it at jue. I was
unarmed and at a great disadvantage,
but I knew the.niau dreaded to attract
attention, and relying on thin I sprang
for hint, knocking up his revolver as
I did so, and, seizing It, twisted it out
of his bund and threw it downstairs.
Singularly enough, it didn't explode.
Then, taking him by the collar, I hus
tled him after his revolver, put him
osit at the front door and closed it
with a bang. Then I called to the
young ladv, who came down, followed
by her aunt, and both gave vent to ex
pressions of gratitude."
The speaker stopped as though hitf
story was finished.
"Waterhouse." I remarked, "where
do you get the starters' for these
"You don't believe me?" .
"I believe you are romancing."
He stepped to his study table, opened
a drawer and took out a revolver,
which he handed me, telling roe to look
at a silver plate on the butt, on which
was inscribed, "John Burncs, St L
Asylum For the Insane.
A Plan to Increase Her Influ
ence In That Country.
I looked up at Waterhouse thunder
struck. "The pistol you threw down
Rot!" said one of the party. "Water-
bouse came into possession of the re
volver In some ordinary way and made
iin his varn about it."'
"No," said another. "When the
clock in the church tower struck the
hour the shock, acting on his heart.
produced a suspension of ita action for
n fraction of a second. During this
bpflreamed it all."
"How could lie dream a revolver?" I
Waterhouse made no effort to con
vince us of the truth of his story, but.
tnfcintr un tbe growler, went for beer.
I had been graduated and had prac
ticed some Tears when I received a
wedllnz cards. Since he
-nu nn nf nur own set I went a hun
dred miles to tbe wedding.
wiiPif. did tou two meet?" I asked
at the wedding breakfast.
The pair cast a meaning glance at
each other.
t the enrden cate." replied the
rrnnm "This Is the clrl whose aun
t .imii fmm bointr taken back to n
asylum. My interference was Justified,
for the cause of the trouble had been
removed and ebe had recovered. Never
theless the man who wisnea to ia.
t will see tou la the ball bo re- her was only doing his fluty."
Sackcloth and Ahf Still Prevail.
An Arabian woman literally sits In
sackcloth arid strews ashes on her head
at the death of a husband or sou or tha
apostasy of any near relative, for when
one becomes a Christian he is mourned
as dead.
3 jl El.
"Mfc WM
ji Ranges and Heaters
' - :; y. .,; .. -i 5fc
r j ' x . mel
5 it r ' - ml
vm ft , , m
t I i-'. , '
S - , --rrr-CT "
t-A . - ; SBS .
B V j ; fii ; . v. ',
I !' " ' ' - f I
I ........ h ..... v : - . ' '"-Wo,, j . mi i
: . 7 .,'.-. i SM
5; . I - . - -J
5 .- ' mQ
Distract of the Muscovite S.ilil to
Hve Acqnlrrtd a I.e netralned
AcrTtjity Inder Present Ameer's
Poller-nrllllaat Mo-re oC Car'
Affenta to Obtain Representation at
the Afghan Capital.
According to a late arrival from In
dia with large trading connections ia
the northern produces, it is interesting
to notice how the Russians in spite of
their preoccupations in north China are
doing the utmost that lies in their pow
er to permeate Afghanistan with their
Influence and subvert that hitherto ex-
sercised try Great Britain In the country,
says tne ran wait trazeue.
Their-opportunity undoubtedly came'
when death removed the Ameer Abdur
rahman, who, jealous as he was ready
to show himself of every fancied Brit
ish encroachment, was nevertheless an
Inveterate opponent of the aggressive
power on his northern borders, whose
offers of amity he so well knewAow to
estimate at their true value. hen ho
died the dread and hatred of the Rus
sian to a great extent lost that vitality
iu Afghan jwlicy with which it had al
ways been Inspired by Abdurrahmans
intimate personal acquaintance with
the methods and aims of his former
Consequently" those points or discus
sion with the Indian government which
were always subordinated to the su
preme distrust entertained for the Mus
covite have under nis successor acuuir
vl a less restrained acerbity. Tropor-
tionatelv. too, the increasing friendly
advances by the Russians, to tne Ar
chan covernment In particular and to
the people generally, have not of lato
encountered anything like tne same un
mnmmisinii attitude as in former
Everywhere in the bazaars of India
those mvsterious receptacles of news,
there is talk at tbe present moment 01
increasingly strained relations between
the Indian Government and the ameer.
And thfe Is now little doubt W omciai
nipples that the recent seizure and ae
tent ion cf Colonel late was due to ai
rect Inspiration from Cabul or that Jhe
incident forms a very unpleasant mai
cation of the disposition of the present
nmeer toward the Indian government.
While this feeling of hostility has I
been developing fortune has proved sig
nally favorable to Russian attempts
at closer intimacy. Tbe recent increase
of famine in the northern districts of
Afghanistan afforded an excellent o;
portUDity, which the Russians have not
allowed to pass, or posing in uie guioo
of generous benefactors of the people
in their hour of need.
They have thrown open their stores of
grain to the starving people and pro
vided them with the necessities of life
free of nil charge. That such highly
politic action will go unrewarded by a
corresponding inclination of Afghan
sentiment is highly improbable. The
prntliiide of hungry men is not largely
swayed by considerations of high policy
n-MMi tbev do not aitOKeuier uuu-
stand. And Russia may congratulate
,,..,iif vi nr, nehipvement wuieu is
la-etv to boar excellent fruit.
But this is not all she has oeen uomg
m thu direction. For some time tiie
has persistently endeavored to obtain
renresentation at the Arguan cupua..
Hitherto she has failed, but that by no
means implies an abandonment 01 un
nttemnt. Russia abandons nouam
Ti, .lestre to establish a Russian em-
in Kabul, apart from the suspi
cion with which it was always regard
ed by the late ameer and in a second
hand fashion by his sou, is a project
which England could never permit.
But that by hook or by crook her agents
should go to Kabul, whether officially
accredited or not, Russia was ruuj ue
termlncd. Accordingly she has set
about it in her own characteristic way.
Carefully selecting her men some
montlis ago, she sent them, to the num
ber of five, in the guise of ordinary
travelers through the country to the
ennifnl. Here for a short time they
.. ,inr n nrt of arrest. It
was not long, however, ocrore tuej .u
tulned their freedom. Their next bril
liant move was to embrace Mohamme
danism and become subjects of the
ameer, after which no further restric
tions were placed on their going and
,,,!nrr nmnns- the Afghan people. They
have approved themselves most sedu
lous and devout followers of the proph
et and, with the judicious backing of
the-Uussian government to hwi
this surreptitious crusade nas vwu
prosecuted under the happiest auspices.
There Is much, tuererore, uuuiS
the present relations of India with Af
ghanistan which In nowise can oe .aiu
t..n,i toward the coutinued mainte
nance of the close connection which has
subsisted since I-ord Roberts marcnea
from Kabul to Kandahar and discov-
ercd thousands of pounds in uusswn
gold, even in those days a conspicuous
element in Afghan politics,
while the ameer ia. through his peo
ple accepting Russian hospitality in the
north and is himself admitting Rus
sians to residence in Kabul, he Is ar
resting and imprisoning British officer
ou the Indian border une. -pleasant
conjunction of circumstances
which cannot but presage a fresh de
parture from the settled order of things
in this direction which in so many
parts of the world has borne witness o
lute to the instability of human affairs.
Dr. T.ott and If. !t. Sartant Prove
'Mountain Still Surmountable.
Pr. V. it. Rctis of New Orleans and
II. M. Sarvsnt of Ta-'oiua. Wash., have.
made a thrilling ascent of Mount Rai
nier, says the New York Times. Dr,
Betts read la iiewspiipt.-rs that the
mountain had not been ascended lor
four years on account of great breaks
In the ice walls about Gibraltar rock.
Old guides had gone to Gibraltar rock
for several seasons past only to turn
back without reaching the top.
Dr. Betts was determined to disprove
the theory that the mountain is In
surmountable. Reaching Tacorna a few
days ago, he started at once for Para
dise valley, on the southern slope. De
scending from I'inacie'peak Of the
Tatoosh range, both men took a peril
ous elide of half a mile down Bteep
snow -fields. After previously carrying
food to Camp Muir tbe climbers start
ed on a Funday evening to make the
ascent. . They camped at Muir until
daybreak, but the weathpr was bitter
ly cold, making sleep lmpossinie. ai
a. m. they discarded an unnecessaij
clothing, taking only alpine stocks ami
cameras, and started.
Reaching the glaciers about (.iihrai-
tar, they -were competed to use' ropes
and to cut 500 steps In tne ice wuu a
hatchet in making a zigzag 'journey tip
Ice slopes and around crevasses. They
found that avalanches naa carrieu
nwHv b treat rocky ledge above Gib-
rait:r.- on which previous cttmwrs ram
depended in ascending one of the
steenest nlaees. The summit was reach
ed et 11 a. m. lhey visueu -uuw
peaks. Investigation showed that there
had been no recent voicamc acuv ,
was supposed, though steam and buI-
phur fumes still rise in the craters.
They reached i'araaise vuuey v o
o'clock the next nignt, iwemjr-me
hours after commencing the ascent.
nimenoloo. of the Record BreaKinsr
Battle Ship.
Tlic Kearsarge, wjiich has broken all
records for speed Tjf battle ships eus
tainedfor long distances and which
won the admiration of .Emperor Wil
liam of Germany and the Prince of
TVnlcs and several admirals In Eng
land, was launched from the yards of
the Newport News Shipbuilding and
hnr Dock company, Newport News,
v . nt 10.02 a. m.. March 24,'ISOS, and
at 11. R2 her sister ship, the Kercky,
iritded Into the James river, snys .the
New York Tribune. The dimensions
of the two vessels are identicalwater
linn lontrth. 3G8 feet; beam, 72 feet 21i
Inehes: draft 23 feet o inches; uee
iwvird. forward. 14 feet S inches; free-
v,.o-,i ft s inehes-. disnlacemeut, 11,-
ri tnna.
Tbe mepil reouirements were 16
knots. On her preliminary uu iu,
Kearsarge made l.yt knots, ana tue
Trtnet-v on her trial the same, some
doubt exists as to which ship U the
ffer The Kearsarge ranks as one
f "tin. most formidable fighting ships
in the world. She is armeu wun iour
13 inch and eight 4 inch breechload
i Hfii and fourteeu 5 inch rapid
firing guns. There are twenty C pound
ers, six 1 pounders, four Colt rapid fire
boat cuus and four lis men torpeu.
p.. (1Mr' fJ-'r- -r
U U'iV ; -1 '-irf f; "" ';' i
r- K' us.
c , . ).r : ; ' :S k, '-.
ml !M I
It Will Be Three Hundred Feet Loan
and Sieventy Feet Hih.
Chief Designer Masqneray is engaged
on plans for the main gateway to the
Louisiana Purchase exposition, to be
held in St. Louis, which will be at the
north end of the grand court. The
structure will be 70 feet high, 300 feet
long and GO feet wide, says the New
York Tribune. It will be in the shape
of a capital IT, with the open sme to
ward the Cascade gardens, at tne oppo
site end of the court. The center oi tne
U will be a double colonnade or uone
columns, coupled and surmounted by a
monumental architrave ana attic. i
itors to the fair will pass between the
columns to enter the court.
The wings of the structure will be
given up to toilet, restaurant and other
conveniences. These wings Trill be two
stories high, and on both floors there
will be concessions. The gate will cost
between ?30.000 and $50,003.
In the c5e,eshoabv above photographs, the suflcrr "Mr. ITenry Kensler o!
Pittsflela, 111., was in a desperate state trom eczema wmcu , 1
years, becoming steadily worse and worse each year in spue of all doctoring possible.
Life seemed hopeless and suicide was Mien uiougrii ui. .
c: in a newsnaner a short time ago of a remarkable casa
eczema cured bv D. D. D., Mr. Kensler tried it. He wrote in to the D. D. D. Com
pany offering to be photographed and to permit publication of Jiisphoto if they would
cuarantee the remedv to cure him as completely as in the case he had read of. 1 rom
the first use of it he states that all itching and distress disappeared And w three
week's time the skin healed over in every spot where affected. In a short time (it was
a matter of onlv a very lew days) the proper, white, natural, smooth state of skin as
restored, and there has never since been any recurring sign of the disease anywhere
Started In -' Few .-.Small Spots.
The persistent spreading and tenacity of this disease are seen in this case. F'
one and then another small spot showed. Nothing could drive them away. Slowly
the limbs became covered and the neck and back. He fought hard to save the face,
but that next was wered and told the story of his misery to the world. Then the
hair became encrusted with it. Small beginnings were showing almost everywhere
else on the bodv. hardly a square inch being free from it In a few years more the
man would undoubtedly been one wretched, writhing scab had I. D. D. not con
quered the disease. With his tortures already experienced and with this future
starine him in tha face, what wonder is it that suicide seemed inviting.
A wonderful particular of this case (as seen in all cases more or less) is that the
worst bis; sores were the first to give way to the treatment, while the disease lurking
tul ,.i,; y,a Innwsi. Twentv-one davs. however, cleared out the wlioie
UliUCl lilt illVlU HViM w - 'ry ' -j i
affection every germ of it.
7c Vouch Fer Above.
The facts in this case of Mr. Henry Kensler of Tittsfield, 111., have been laid
before me in all details with proofs that are unmistakable. Every particular m the
historv of this remarkable cure more than bears out the above statement ot the case
From 'the proofs submitted. We feel that this announcement comes far from doing lull
justice to the remarkable merit of a medicine which accomplishes results so import
ant to humanity. . .. . . . t
Since we have handled the preparation in this city, a great number of people have
used it for various skin affections. Its results have been invariably satisfactory. W e
are therefore willing to guarantee any purchaser full return of his $1.00, if satisfactory
results are not experienced from a trial of a bottle m any case of skin affection.
Red Cross Pharmacy,
160 North Main St., Barre, Vt. RICKERT k WELLS, Props.
Korel War to Get Money For Cfenrch.
a, means of obtaining money for
n ,.i,.-nii n elerc-vman of Jefferson,
r ha announced that be will wed
the' most successful solicitor of funds
Yoltow Glaus Tft For Cub Slht.
The United States army is going to
make experiments with yellow tinted
glass in gun sights and field glasses,
based upon the favorable comment
which has greeted the innovation in
armies iu Europe, says a Fort Riley
fK-fliU dispatch to the Kansas City
;tar The ordnance department has
v.pn tbe first to take the matter tip
and is already fitting range finders
Tilth this colored class. The signal
corps has already announced its inten
tinn nf ' experimenting with field
F.vnerlments ill the Uusslan
nrmtr linvf shown that batteries usln
,.,nAir ftnted irlass have made
nt.nnt ol ift-third more hits in practice
hnn those usina sifihts wltliout tbe
ulasses. It Is said in favor of
th! ilor that it elves a softer light
to the eves, especially In a brilliant
sunlight and even iu cloudy weather
or twilight the object fired lit can be
seen plainly without straining the eyes.
tlotrloItT the Fntnre Medicine,
T-iiwtrti-itv will be the sole medicine
of the future, according to Mr. u arson
vnt nwell known savant or tne i sy-
chologlcnl institute of Paris, says the
Kw York World. At a recent meeting
of the institute he made an exhaustive
address cm "The Action of Electricity
Upon Human Beings." He showed that
.vWtiio treatment is excellent for cer
tain maladies of the skin nnd that
electricity has a powerful effect on
microbes and accelerated circulation
nnd respiration without fatigue to the
Annmtod on. Moreover, what Is
most important, he said it acts strong
When Winner I Over.
As a rule an hour to an hour and a
half is spent in conversation after a
dinner when neither host nor gi.ests
have any other engagement lor tne
evening. When a lady ana gentieimtu
are dining together the lady makes tne
first motion at departure, the gentle
man promptly following her lead. No
matter how. numerous the company, no
cnest should depart without bidding
adieu to the hostess with thanks for
bor hospitality. These need be neither
stiff nor effusive, just some little words
of appreciation of the pleasure you
have enjoyed in her home.. Ooodbys
mav be said to other fnenus present
before you bid adieu to tne uusu-bh ui
to any standing near the door as you
out, but do not stop for any
lengthy conversation after having said
good night to your entertainers.
Suicide tor Smoking.
One of the most extraordinary su!
cldes on record was enacted in Pesth.
Baron Rela OlyL a wealthy citizen, de
liberately poisoned himself by smoking
cigars and tobacco to excess. The bar
on had lost a large fortune In specula
tion. Having a wife and six children,
he insured himself very heavily hi
their behalf In five companies and then
proceeded to put into ope -ration his
unique plan for self destruction.
hired a small room in a im-un portion
of the city and in ten months died of
what the doctors called "galloping con
sumption." H had consusred 3,.Vm) ci
gars and about a hundred pumds of tobacco.
Physicians Recognize
the remarkable tonic and construct
ive qualities of
-Si':-- .J IS.- 5V.
1 Anew l"'-A,CAKI 1.7
,.MtT ,,(J HtJPS v.
It is endorsed and prescribed by tk3
best doctors. The ideal food-drink,
invigorating, sustaining, NOT in
toxicating. It contains 14.60 genuine
nutritive extract and less than 2 of
Sold by druggists. Prepared by
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n
St. Louis, U. S. A.
ly on cellular vitality.
his congregation.

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