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Butecrii-tlong; One year, IS; one month,
25 ctn; single copy, 1 cnit,
Hmbsr of tb Publishers' Pre ,. Tbe lt-
91 t-i .; u- tifs from !l viti of the
world re eifbil by th t'iKy TUue cp to
lb tiourot going to (treM.
Frank K. l.anglty, Fnblliher.
FublUhed Every Weekday Afternoon.
cia.3 ttifctter.
SATIKIY, Affit'ST Si, 1903
The average dally circulation
Barre Daily Times for the ww-,k
Saturday was
79 J.
U , a
1 A
r ; v-
I fj 1 I
ptil.ng I f w i -J z.y v 1 1 I
eopieg, the kmrest paid circulation of any
daiiy pilfer in this section.
in the daily circulation of the
Times since Jan. 1st is something .
no other Washington county daily
cau show.
.. The circulation statements of
the Times can always be verified
by anyone who so withes. Press
room, circiilation hooka, paper
bills and all thut pertains to the
circulation of the Times are open
to the inspection of all. Is there
any other Washington county
daily that will .show tip In like
manner ?
The Yankees say that the cup Is safe,
but there is mdi a thing as being too
League base ball is very interesting to
watch but it is also quite expensive. For
illustration refer to the Burlington team In
the Northern League which closed its ca
reer yesterday.
The Insurance agents of the well known
MontpehiT company bare been bnsy for
thre days manufacturing persuasive am
munition for their business. How many
will go down before them!
For good practical benefits the Akeley
memorial building in Stowe meets the re
quirements exactly, and the donor had the
right idea when he planned a building to
ba used for the every day affairs of the
village. As constructed the building can
be utilized for nearly all the purposes
which the civic life of the community de
mand), including oflii-.es for the town offic
ials, court room, voting place, etc. The
gift is exceptionally valuable for the rea
son that it is so designed for the use of the
town, not merely to be an ornament, al
though it does serve the latter purpose.
I And now they are mentioning Lieuteu
h ant General Nelson A. Miles, retired, for
governor of Massachusetts on a Demo
cratic ticket. Let the jokers have their
little fun. They have about run the
gamut of possible oilices for the soldier,
Hid it is very probable that the one men
tioned has had nothing to do with the va
rious breaks by his friends. Whether the
latter know It or not they are holding their
hero up to ridicule before the woildand
are really doing him a lasting injury. Kuch
shortsightedness on their part Is ridicu
lous, and their zeal Is fairly running away
with their prudence. General Miles him
self would imt a stop to it no doubt if he
were capable of so doing.
The advice of Hooker T. Washington to
his Xecro brethren at Nashville, Tenn., to
"learn to be bigger than those who would
Insult us," is sure to he misinterpreted by
those hostile to the Negro and his advance
ment. It is unnecessary to tell most peo
pie that Mr. Washington did not mean that
his people should cot to that point where
they have an exalted opinion of them
selves. Rather he meant that they should
show themselves to be so broad minded as
to overlook the insults that might be hurl
ed at them. 1 urther along m the course
of his talk the speaker uttered these
- words which show the nobility of the man,
"We must learn to hold up our heads and
march bravelv forward, in spite of obsta
cles and discouragements."
Chlnrne A niliasnotlor loiiflrmi He
port C'oncernliiMr . Treaty.
Washington. Aug. 'J'J. - S?ir Liang
Chen Tung, the Chinese minister, was
fit the state department and Informed
Acting Meeretary Adee that he hud re
coivod a dispatch from his government
fon firm Inst the information previously
received that Prince Cuing had in
, fortneU Minister Conger that in the
treaty to bo signed on Oct. 8 provision
would be made for opening two ports
In Manchuria.
The Chinese minister after his last
conversation with Secretary Hay In
formed his government that the United
States would insist upon open ports in
Manchuria, and he advised it to yield
gtaeefully to the American demands.
HlK l ire In TeHn Oil Vivid.
Sour Lake. Tex., Aug. 22. - Fire,
which started through the carelessness
of a fireman in the Wirt Davis tract,
swept a large portion of the Shoestring
district In the oil Geld, Inflicting a loss
of. 550,000. For a space of fifty yards
ebout the point of origin all derricks
snd pumping rigs were destroyed.
The Lev. Junius E. Mead, pastor of the
Methodist church in Burlington, returned
home Wednesday n!ht from a trip of two
months abroad. Mrs. Mead, who has
Wo visiting about the state during Mr.
Mea.pg abseoe, has also returned.
If you can't go to tic sail of
Shamrock III and the Reliance,
you can at least come to our sale.
Perhaps not so much excitement,
but more profit for you.
The popular taste has surged
towards blue scrgc,;the old favorite.
Here it is the genuine and our
August mark-down places it at
$7.93. All wool, properly shrunk,
firm, fine quality, fast color.
What more do you want.
Ten pairs of Bicycle Trousers to
close at 49c per pair. There were
$2.00, $2.50 and $3.00.
Rogers & Grady Co,
Quinlen Building, Barre, Vermont.
Item of
i Atw -frtf PTITT" ' IT"
Aliuui inr. mail.
lileanrri From Our . VJ J
The Limit.
A man may Im ilnsmatle, yet
Some mm are ho fanaUc
In Btishliornmrss tli;y rt-ally get
To be quite bull il-tgrttiuic.
PhiUOk-tphia Pros
I'inrlnK It Out,
"Is she pretty?" asked Langulde.
"Quite," replied StatJstleus; "fully 50
per cent as pretty as she thinks she is,
I should say." Cincinnati Commercial
f 4
Mrs. Isaac Marette of Brandon hail the j
misfortune to have three ribs broken Tues- j kfj
dav at her home near the depot, .Mrs. juj
Marsette fell down the back stairs, some j tyj
four or live feet to the ground. j
Monday night, while milking, Charles 1 1'( j
IXtuS of Fairfax had an artery burst. He ! fvl
nalhtd to his wife aud she went to a neigh-! Ht
bor's for help. Mr. Hugs bound his limb
to check the How of blood but by the time
the doctor arrived he was very weak.hav
ing lost about a pail of blood. Wednesday
morning he was quite comfortable.
Miss Hattie Bennett, a servant at Prof.
Wilkin's home, in Burlington, met with a
serious accident yesterday morning, bhe
had a kettle of boiling water on a gas
stove which she attempted to move and in K j T
doing so overturned it. the contents going i tfi 1 Vf
into one shoe and scalding the foot in a 1 1.1!
serious manner. Miss Bennett returned j SJ
to her home in Vergennes and it will be
some time before she Is able to use her
foot again, bi.' . ,
At Smith Canaan recently. Ernest Gilman
called in bis friends from Canaan, Leru
ington and Colebrook, N. II., across the
river to assist him In getting up the frame
of what is now the largest barn in the
north country. Early in the morning
wagon loads of people began to arrive, for
it was to be made a gala day, and the men
brought the wives and children to enjoy
Mrs. Gilmau s hospitality and to help pre
pare food for the hungry, while the tall
timber was being raised. Everything was
in readiness and the men worked busily,
until finally, when the dinner horn blew,
the frame was more than half up and at 4
in the afternoon, 80 men who had helped
build it had their pictures taken on what
had been but a few hours before a mam
moth pile of lumber. The dinner was the
feature of the day, and about 150 people
enjoyed the baked beans and brown bread,
doughnuts and cheese, pies and cookies
steaming mugs of cotfee or glasses of rich
milk. Men and women who had not met
for mouths enjoyed this social intercourse
over the festive board ;farmers forgot their
cares in the discussion of the marketing
of potatoes or caring of stock, while the
tired faces of their wives brightened as
they, in turn, talked about butter making
and bringing up babies. It was late when
the last family had departed, leaving a
cloud of dust from their horses heels; and
it was an event that will not soon be for
gotten, this old-fashioned country barn
raising in a "truly rural" community.
A Few of the Many Goods M Very Low Prices:
White Goods and Colored Lawns and Muslins;
Ladies' Wrappers and Shirt Waist Suits;
Pique, Linen, Wool and Cotton Cheviot Skirts ;
Ladies' and Misses' Tailored Suits and Jackets.
jtn TJT r r7 T7 A CmT Corner of Main and East fa
iM 2l$ZJrXOJi State Streets. pj
- v
A Sofeodid Bargain!
Old gold and silver wanted at refiners'
prices in exchange for goods at F. E. Burr's
All shirt waists at a reduction at Yeale
A Knight's.
down on
So to Speak.
Clara Is Miss Uefawm
high heels?
Flora No, indeed! She's up on them.
Baltimore American.
In Tralniitir.
The Brother Yep; I'm goln' to match
him against Willie Jinks' kid brother
In a long distance eryln' match. New
Y'ork American.
Boy Coleman Is busy helping Herb Sar
gent get in his hay.
Herb Whitcomb has taken a few days'
vac ition from his work at Mert Cutler's
barn and is visiting his parents at Hyde
Louise Johndrow has gone to visit
friends at Hyde Park, Hardwick and oth
er places In that vicinity.
Frank Dickey is having his home on
Washington street repainted and thereby
greatly improving the looks of the build
ing. Lillian Ilersey passed through town yes
terday en route to her home In Chelsea.
Mrs. Ed. Bacon who has been reported
on the sick list for several days of this
week is better now.
Elsie Woodruff is still on on her vaca
tion. Her work at the post office is being
done by Mrs. Bertha Garratt.
During the absence of Louise Johndrow
Lily Gallison Is working at the home of
Mrs. MoArthur.
l.'ev. W, F. iSturteva.n t, pastor of the
Baptist church at Essex Junction, will ex
change pulpits with Bev. A. N. Woodruff
and will preach at Websterville morning
and evening of next .Sunday, Aug. T-l.
Congregational churoh, Sunday, Aug.
2.'J, BtO.l. 10. ;() a. m., preaching service;
11.43 a. in., Sunday school; 0.13 p, m.,
Christian Endeavor meeting; 7 p. m,
preaching service. Bev. D. Lf. Strong ot
Willlamstown will preach both morning
and evening in exchange wi'.h the pastor.
A cordial invitation to all these services.
Judge Nichols of Bandolph was in town
yesterday on business.
Miss Julia Bass returned to Boston to
day after a two weeks' vacation with
friends here.
Miss Sadie McKee and her sister, Mrs.
L. D. Gale.Ieft here this morning for their
home in Canada. They will spend the
week with their parents, returalug the last
of next week.
Miss Blanche Gale of Barre will teach
in the red meeting house district aud Miss
Bertha Minor of Hyde Park in the prima
ry department at the quarry.
Geo. Wilber and Thos. Poland have
been painting at the quarry school house.
Kemeinber that MoWhorter's is the
place for honest goods at right prices. "We
shall continue for the balance of August to
give a reasonable discount on all summer
weight goods.
Do not forget the special sale of wrap
pers at til'o each aud umbrellas at Hue at
Perry & Camp's this afternoon and even
Yon can get the best value for your
money in the fruit and vegetable line at
the Citv Fish Market.
Wrappers at 15
Veale & Knight's.
per cent discount at
Acsco Films,
Camera Supplies.
All goods at the lowest prices.
Not tied to a trust.
To Lovers of flnod Music,
The Ctlflnatcd
are now on pale in Montpelier
At J. P, DONOVAN'S, C9 Mala Street.
The New Merrill Piano, specially geto-ctPd for
my studio for sutmuiTR' use, is for mile at a
bargain. If not cold, the instrument is to lc
resliiperd on my return to l!o.-ton.
Wear Shoes?
If so get some
of our
Scrap Belting
You can save money on
every pair of Taps.
136 North Main St.,
Barre, - - - Vermont.
- 1 i I 1 ; I j
Walking SkiftsI
It Cannot Fail to Interest You, For It Means a Saving of
From $1.00 to $2.00 to You.
We ha,ve just received two dozen Walking Skirts, value
$2.98. Fcr a few days our price will be on!y $J.93.
See our Black Manchester Serge Skirt, value 4 oo. For a
few days our price will be only $2.9S. We have other good
bargains in Skirts. '
Ladies' Muslin Underwear.
We have just added 300 new and fresh pieces of Muslin
Underwear to our department on the second floor.
Don't buy until you see our stock.
All goods marked in plain figures.
44 North Main Street,' - - - Barre, Vermont.
30C Xorth Main Street,
- - - Barre, Yt.
Will find at the Barre Book Store something of
interest. The latest Novels, the Magazines of . the
day, the popular Fiction in cheap editions and
the right Books at the right prices are here.
CHAS. A. SMITH. Proprietor.
Gordon Block. 140 North Main St.
Administrator's Sale at Auction!
Saturday, Aug. 29, at 4 P. M.
- I will sell at public auction, at the residence of the late Charles W.
Laing, on the road leading from South Barre to Graniteville, on SATURDAY,
AUGUST 29, AT 4 P. M. SHARP, the Home Place, consisting of
House, Barn and 15 Acres of Land.
The house and barn are nearly new and in first-class condition. The land
is under high state of cultivation. This property is very desirable for anyone
working in Barre city or at the quarries. Also, at same time and place, one
Top Buggy Wagon, one Express Wagon, one Road Cart, one Buckboard, one
Pung Sleigh, one Express Harness and other articles too numerous to mention.
Terms made known at time of sale.
' JAMES K. PIRIE, Administrator.
C. N. BARBER, Auctioneer.
Barre, Vt., August 13, 1903.
Ji o-day
ii 1 IL fJF
Tuesday, Sept. 8th, 1903.
completing this
O . I
ouuients completing tnis course
belong to regular classes and receive
dipl omas. High school graduates can
complete the course in one year.
Send for Catalogue to
O. K. HOtLISTER, - - - Principal.
Furniture at Low Prices!
This is called the dull season in trade, but we find it
quite busy at our store, where all kinds of Furiture is being
sold at special low Summer prices.
These prices are on Chamber Suits, Parlor Suits, Ta
bles, Lhairs, Couches, Carpers, Rugs, Shades in fact every-
Lall and see goods and learn prices.
thing in the store
New Tomasi Block, Cor. Main and Merchant Sts.
T. H. BARRY, - - 5 AveriU St. I L. M. WILLIAMS, - 23 Jefferson St.
. Telephone 209-12. Telephone 212-12.
we are fjoin to sell
a regular
35c Tooth Brush for Only 25c
See Our Window.
The kind the dentists use and recommend. Remember
that after to-day these brushes will cost you 35 cents.
Prescription Druggist,
48 No. Main St., Opp. Nat'l BanK.
Hi i im i i in i.iiiiHUMimii.iiiiri iw, in.,.
MltTIII W WM Hi. i n.Mn..,. , Hr-TlWlllmn UMl rlMltlt. OTMI IIII.MMr
'Smoke Sale!
Augost 22 d and 24th.
Trimmed and Untrimmed Hats, Flowers,
Laces and Ribbons at greatly reduced prices.
5-llState Street, Montpelier, Vt.

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