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Tilt E:
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Subscription: Oue year, fc; m.e owUs,
25 cts; single copy, 1 cent.
Mrabf -f tlte Puelfehctr.' Pits. TL Itt
M 'e.-i-lo Uf-w. from .11 !u tit the
word r. received by th Jr.''y l;u,iis to
IS uour of fc'olntf to pre.
Tnrnk E. L.tifcldy, Pnbiinaer.
Fabllitio'l Kerr WeihdT Afternoon,
EDlered t the poHoffic. tt i'rr9 m aoncQd
ciaoa ni.tter.
MONDAY, At'G 1ST :SJ, 1003.
The averace daily circulation of the
Barre Daily Times for the wafe enUliig
Saturday was
Oop!e3, the largest pa.4 circulation of any
daily paper In this section.
in the daily circulation of the
Tiiiies since Jan. 1st is something
no othw Washington county daily
can show.
The circulation statements of
the Times can always be verified
by anyone who so ishes. Press
room, circulation books, paper
bills and all that pertains to the
circulation of the Times are open
to the inspection of all. Is there
any other Washington county
daily that will show tip in like
manner ?
Says the Boston Herald: The Vermont
girl who wishes the "obey" promise cut
out of her marriage ceremony takes it
quite too seriously, inereniay he some
truth in the assertion that a woman
doesn't know how to take a joke.
whenever anything happens to bring
Uarre's Italian population into public no
tice there are certain newspaper corre
spondents who work overtime making copy
lor state and metropolitan papers. The
recent case of the Barre Italian paper is
an example. The Sunday papers have
long stories that last week's Issue failed to
appear and the reasons for its non-ap
pearance, when as a matter or fact it was
printed and mailed on Thursday, Its usual
day for mailing. Another story sent out
without any truth to it, is that stone cut
ters set the type on the paper, taking
turns, one gang setting it one week and
aaother gang the nest. Jut the most ri
diculous story Is that the Pateraim an
archists have moved to Barre and make
this city headquarters for the anarchists of
the country. Barre anarchists are a peace
able lot, and have very little in common
with Paterson Italians, who are principal
ly engaged in the silk industry while the
only means of a livelihood for Italians in
. Barre is stone cutting.
hue the Times has no sympathy with
the prineipli'8 advocated by those engaged
iu the publication of "Ctonaea Sovver-
siva" and believes that if they have trans-
gressea any of the laws of the country,
they should he' punished, it knows them
to be goud citizens In that they are peace
able, honest men, who mind their own af
fairs, pay their bills, and have no desire
to trouble anyone, and whose children are
among the brightest scholars in our public
schools. There are exceptions, of oourse.as
there are among the other nationalities
which inakeupourpopulation. Theracehas
its agitators who visit Barre as well as other
places which have a considerable Italian
population. Some of theta acquire the
American habit for consuming great quan
tities of strong drink at d under its influ
ence they are not peaceable citizens, but
the whole body of Italian citizens in Barre
is not to be condemned because of the ac
tions of a few any more than all native
Americans should be denounced because
there are bad examples among them.
Large numbers of Italians have come from
northern Italy to Barre in the past few
years' and the work of assimilation and of
making them American citizens with a
right understanding of what American lib
erty means is making steady progress and
in years to come they will be couuted
among the best blood of Vermont.
- y Vk
r v I
U-rfi ftuul
Item of
Interest t.lraunl prom
Did your last suit get "reamy"?
Did the front lose it's shape ? ..
Did the shoulders wrinkle and
the pockets bulge ?
Buy of us next time.
We've spent time and money
finding the right kind cf a coat
the kind that will hold its shape.
If our experience is worth any
thing to you, it's free.
Suits, $5.00 to 40.00, ready to
wear or made to measure.
Rogers & Grady Co.,
Quinkn Building, Barre, Vermont.
A Spotless Stan(.
Soph That was the cleanest game of
ball I ever saw.
JuniorWhat game?
Soph Why, the water polo match
Columbia Jester.
Jn isnrre a man who tires a revolver atl
a boy who won't give him a cigarette Is
(iued for Intoxication. Barre notions are
very liberal. In some towns assault with
intent to kill would be considered none
too grave a charge. Brattleboro Ke-
. I he Kefonner is misinform!. The
man referred to is in Montpelier jail await
ing the action of the grand jury and is un
able to secure the r000 bail Imposed by
the Carre court.
Fowl If low.
"My heart h;ta wings, " the poet sang.
Hut ere his vera was fairly started
A frrouchy critic rose and said.
.that proves thnt you are chicken
Chleog-o Tribune.
Literal Obedience.
Gernkllne Pa says that we mustn't
meet any more, and I must obey him
Gerald All right. The next time I'll
manage to overtake 3011. New. York
1 ThoiiRhllenK.
Matiitla Arithmla Jinks
Is gen'raily known as "the sphinx;"
Hhc chatters like sin,
But the likeness Is in .
The fact that the sphinx never thinks.
New York Times.
The Pro fen so r.
1 - .;!,, 1.
1.1 Vi-r
V.' "
-t- )
Vi -
If I
Wife That m.dody was really
Professor I thought so too. I will
tie a knot In my handkerchief so that I
won't forget it.
The Bt Ilni-icnlti on Heeoril.
Probably never in the history of the
world was a bettor bargain made than
the purdmso of the island of Grenada,
in the British West Indies, It was
bought by the Trench from the On ribs
by a solemn treaty In the middle of the
seventeenth century, mid the price
paid was two bottles of rum. Ksnu'a
mess of pottage was. n good sirr-ke of
business by comparison. The Carlbs
soon regretted bavins: sold their birth
right and vainly tried to get the island
back by force. It is now one of Kug
land's most prosperous colonies in the
West Indies, w ith a population of over
50,(X0 and a big trade.
Bev. J. W. Burgin has resigned his po
sition as pastor tl the Baptist church at
I j Ilardwiek. He has several, calls to go
The bee raisers in Windsor county re
port that there will be a short yieid of
honey this year. Some place the'produc
tion at only ha'.f the usual amount.
J. Warren lloberts of Burlington re
turned home Friday from Minneapolis,
Minn., where he attended the annual con
vention of the National Association of Fu
neral Directors and Undertakers as a dele
gate from the Vermont association.
Two of the oldest conductors in the state
in point of length of service are Charles
Frost of Rutland and "Mum-' Murray of
the Central. ' The first has just completed
40 years of continuous service. Both are
very popular men. Mr. Frost began work
for Jay Gould Aug. M, lootl.
The camp ground near " White Biver
Junction owned by the Adventists, has
been j ut in order for the annual camp
meeting of that denomination in this state.
Services began yesterday and continue un
til September 0, Prominent persons of
that faith are expected to be present and
the meeting promises to be of special In
E. X. Clark of Norwich enjoyed the 94th
anniversary of his birth August 13 by call
ing on several of his friends. He has had
unusually good health the past year, al-
tnougu 111s sight is much impaired, Mrs.
l ook passed the 01st anniversary of her
Dirm August it. hhe enjoys good health
for one so aged and does much of the work
for a family of three.
It Is said of John Dunton of Lyndon
viae, whose townsmen are preparing to
heip bim celebrate his 100th birthday.
that he has never used tobacco, and stop
ped drinkina Intoxicants at the age of 50
which was the time of the Vermont prohi
bition law. The first president he voted
for was John Qnincy Adams, and the last
was William McKiuley. At the age of 09
he walked a mile to vote against the over
throw of prohibition.
U L. P. (& H. C. GLEASON,
0 3E2S33SSESs
tf Suggestions From
Advance styles in Ladies' Tailored Saits for Fall.
Handsome Suitings Special showing of desirable Scotch mixtures.
New Vestinss for Aotamn Shirt Waists.
Beads for the popular Bead work
Sheets and Pillow Cases are yet sold at the old prices, as we
had a large stock before the advance.
Coiner of Main and East
State Streets.
Eil win Markham of Brooklyn spend
most of his time in literary work at his
home at Westerleigh.
General Lew Wallace's hair and
beard are now snowy white, but he
walks as erect and his step Is as firm
as ever.
Iiichard Harding Davis is ambitious
to follow the example of Booth Turk
ington and Winston Churchill by be
coming a member of the legislature of
bis state.
Paul Laurence Dunbar made his first
booR, "Oak anil Ivy," out of scribblings
of verse begun in his hi-ih school days.
"Ma, dou't destroy these," be would
say as he brought the writings home,
and when he was twenty the verses all
came ready for use out of an old box la
the kitchen.
Th Keel Th!n.
"This," said the young Benedict, who
was just realizing that be had caught a
Tartar, "is what I call real married
"I'm giml you're satisfied with some
thing," she snapped.
"Oh, I'm not.- I merely uant to in
form you that it is not ideal." Phila
delphia Public Lodger.
A tumbler combination lock for post
office boxes has been invented for those
prone to lose their keys.
P.y the employment of certain rays a
Bohemian inventor has discovered a
means of canceling stamps much more
quickly than by the present method.
John Muir of Scotland, nn expert
manufacturer, claims to have perfect
ed a system of tanning hog bide where
by it makes a perfect substitute for
An engineer of the Louisville and
Nashville Kallroad company has de
signed a portable canvas telegraph
office that tan be carried on a band car
In cases of wrexrks, washouts, etc.
The Outxlde of I oiuodn.
Not many people stop to think about
It, but the outside of a lemon is any
thing but clean. If you will look at it
you will see some tiny spots like scales
all over it. These are the eggs of an ln
eect, and if the lemon is not washed
they are likely to become an ingredient
in whatever dish the lemon is used
- V
10 me ninute on
M liy He Unit.
Hal hat, you've stopped calling on
the girl with the plaid waist!
Tom Yes; it's all over there.
Hal "Why? Father object?
Tom Bless you, no! And I had nerve
enough to dodge all her hints about
popping- the question also, but the last
time I called she had the sign "Do It
Now" stuck on the center table. That
floored rae, and I've quit. Now York
Fell Short. -
"Mamma, mamma, Georgle struck
me on the chin!"
"Why did he do that?"
Cause he couldn't reach my nose."
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Io Very Morh Stack tp.
"What is the matter with ITdo?"
"Oh, isn't it horrid? I gave hlna to
the laundress to wash, and she starched
him." Stray Stories.
The l.lnltm CiicklnSl,
j ue gnosis 01 Mr 1 nomas Upton on
board 'the Hrln during the second rat
for the America's cup presented hjm
W'itu a loving cup, on which was en
Bin rii'ltlisli majesty's ambassador ex
traordinary ef international Rood will
and minister plenipotentiary of utronu
uus pence at me court or the American
Accompanying the gift were the fol
lowing verses:
Comrade h-ld dear In manv lands
Master' of rmftiy jrentle arts:
Behold, we Btreteh to yon our hands.
With nothing in th. in hut our hearts!
This f lip you "lift" and carry hence.
And, it third Shamrock lianly fall.
Will he a little recompense
To cheer you on your homeward sail.
This "heart" cup mingles all we feel
When we your deeds recite or finer:
Respect for you from peak to keel
A "cocktail" worthy of a kins.
The formula? 'TIs easy learned.
A lion's tail, nn en trie's elaw.
The love of friends, the pltmilils earned
And Just a d.ih of usquebaugh.
Heady? Why, bless you. not a bit!
Hearty, we grant Ou deck or shore
Brink deep, take all you will of it.
For whence it came there's plenty mora.
Old cold and silver wanted at refiners'
prices in exchange for goods at F. E. Burr's
We are never behind on Hat
styles If you want a Stiff Hat
or a Soft Hat you will find the
iat here to fit your face as wel
as your head. We have the
Fall styles in both the Guyer
and Hawes . Hats We have
different blocks and different
shades suitable for men of dif
ferent ages and of different build.
1 ; 4
Moore & Owens
Wear Shoes?
If so get some
of our
Scrap Belting
You can save money on
every pair cf Taps.
136 Norlh Main St.,
Barre, - - - Vermont.
Has Just Received Its First Invoice of
Fail and Winter Outing Flannels.
Teasel Downs, Princess Flannels, Cinderella Flannelettes,
Ramona Fleeced Flannel, Ec.
About three thousand yards in all, purchased early last
Spring, before the advance in cotton. As usual, we can save
you something on these goods.
Special Today and This Evening.
One piece of Bleached Table Damask, two yards wide,
value today $1.25. For one and one-half days, only 75c per
yard. We have the advantage of low selling cost, hence we can
sell cheaper. All goods shown with pleasure.
44 North Main Street, - - - Barre, Vermont.
71 n
I 3 woes I
We are prepared to fit the Boys and Girls with
serviceable School Shoes.
131 North Main St., - - - Barre, Vermont.
The City is a Generous Provider
w tne necessary supplies lor stholars in the
various grades of the public schools, but we find
an increasing demand for the better grades of
Pencils, Composition Boob, Kote Books and
Blanks, which we are better prepared to supply
than ever before. We have the largest line of
Stationery in the city. ' Our prices are the lowest.
Mark Down Sale of Wrappers
$1.25 Wrappers marked down to... jj qq
J. 00 Wrappers marked down to -5
.75 Wrappers marked down to .' ' '69
341 North Eun St., , Bolster Block. Barre. Vermont.
CHAS. A. SMITH, Proprietor.
Gordon Block. 140 North Main St.
j& Edison jz?
With the new moulded
records are superb. Call
and hear them.
and Parrot Foods!
Fancy Jlixd Parrot Food, per pound, - . . . or,.,
Fancy Mixed Canary Seed, per pound, . . 5 f" !
Finest quality Sunflower Seed, 10c per lb. or three IBs. for - 25 SSi
We Also Carry Bird Bitters and Tonics.
Prescription Druggist,
48 No. Hain St.. Opp. Nafl BanK.
To Lovers of (innd Music
The Celebrated
are now on sale in Montpelier
At J. P. DONOVAN'S, 59 Main Street.
The New Merrill piano, ntuuiaiw -
my stmlk. for summers' use. is" for safe st a
barpim. If not .,!,!, the. instrinnent is to 1
resluiijied on my return to Boston.
F. - .1.-1. LI, I II
urnitui e at Low Prices!
m North Main Street,
season in trade, but we find it
This is called the dull
j rp nticu f 1 .. ..
sold at special low Summer prices.
ble P;iCeSuarCn Chamber Suits, Parlor Suits, Ta-
thing in the Store. Calldjeegood. and learn prices.
New Tomasi Block r .
ocic Cor. Mam and Merchant Sts.
T. H. BAF "
Telephone 200-18. U St I Ll U' ILUAMS, - 28 Jefferson St
- Barre, Vt.
1 icjeuone ivz-vi.

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