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Hosier for Scnool Children
The school children are just about to come together for
another season's study. This means a good lot of play, a good
deal of which is the kind that's rough on Hose. It's for every
parent's interest to buy of us, for oars are the kind that wear.
We have Fine and Hravy Ribbed Hosiery for the Boys and
Gir's at 10c, 15c and 25c per pair.
Silk Bonnets at Reduced Prices.
A few, slightly soiled, at cost.
Remember you can buy Shirt Waists, Muslin Dresses
and Wash Skirts here at very small prices while they last.
Balance of Fancy Mat Veils at Cost.
B.IKKE, VT., AH. I ST 31. 1903
I Bus
Weather I'reIU:tlu.
iston, AniZUHt 81. Rain
jilit and Tuesday. Fresh
brisk easterly winds.
r .-t t' A A Y A A f A fs A f AOAO
W w J V W V w v V w V w Vw V V w v w V wV nt W
. A
Local Hipulug Tersely Told For Ban J
Ballard & Co., reliable Insurance.
Consult the eye sight specialist for
glasses at J. AV. Iloltou's.
You will Lave bread that is llyht, white,
sweet and wholesome if you use Wise
King Hour.
The New England Telephone Co. Is
pushing the farmer line proposition in the
vicinity of Montpelier and Barre and some
new circuits have already been arranged.
By this arrangement the company will
build and equip lines extending six miles
from the central office if enough subscrib
ers can be secured to warrant the success
of the undertaking. J. W. Sault of the
company's contract department has been
looking over the territory during the past
week and as a result a circuit leading
from Montpelier through' Berlin to the
Woodbury farm, and one from Barre to
Barre East Hill are assured. The Mont
pelier central's circuit to Calai will also
be completed. The road leading to Mid
dlesex Center has been looked over and a
line will doubtless be put in to that point.
(. V. Colby of Williamstown, was In
town Sunday.
Some farmers report a full crop of hay,
but say they cut it a month later than us
ual. J. A. Eocklin and wife of Gouldsville,
are spending a few days with Health Of
ficer lluse. Mrs. Hu.se is a sister of Mr.
Two young sons of Editor L.B. Johnson
of the liandolph Herald and News, are
visiting their aunt, Mrs. i. B. Bosworth.
Charlie Dewey is staying for a week
with his grandmother, Mrs. Mary j. Co
vell. Mrs. Raymo, v.ho has kept house for W.
B. Dav.nport through the summer, has re
turned to Barre.
A section of permanent road is to be
built on the old turnpike road near the
Montpelier reservoir. Stone will be laid
20 inches deep and covered with gravel.
This piece of road Is one of the worst left
in town on account of mud, which from
three to five weeks Is all but impassable
each spring.
The kinds that are a delight to o
parents, because they wear well. V
We have the NEVER RIP
kind, for Youths and Boys, O
at $1.00, $1.25 and $1.500
per pair. $
Misses' Kid and Box Calf, Button and Lace, - - $J.OO and $1;25 0
Children's Kid and Eos Calf, Button and Lace. .85 and t.OO
: 0
People's Slioe Stof e, '
157North Main Street. C. S. ANDREWS, Proprietor.
Tuesday, Sept. 8th, 1903.
Business Course of Two Years. Students complet
ing this course will belong to regular classes and receive
diplomas. High School graduates can complete the course
in one year.
Send for Catalogue to
0. K. HOLLISTER, ------ Principal.
25c 3 no
35c Coffee?
With every pound of this Coffee sold we give you one
gutss on a bottle of beans, and the one guessing the nearest will
be given five pounds of Coffee.
323 North Main Street. Meats and Provisions.
Special For Today!
Caps, Underwear, Hosiery.
All our Men's, Boys' and Children's 50 cent Caps, in the
latest styles and shapes, goirg at - - - - 39c
Also three lines of Fall Underwear, colors pink, blue and
cream, worth 75c. Today's price, only - 45c
Ten dozen Men's Fancy Hose, regular 25 cent value.
Today's price, J 9c per pair or two pairs for - - 35c
ii. K. Church was In Bradford Thursday
and Friday.
Misses Chrissie Tubbs and Clara Rice
were in Bradford several days of last
Calvin Jackson and daughter, Mrs. l'ea
body, of East Brookfleld, visited at II. W.
Jackson's last week.
Clinton Smith and family and O. F.
Bagley returned to their home in Bridge
port, Conn., Saturday.
Fred Bagley and C. H. Ilight were to
Bradford Saturday.
The drama,"Ten Nights in aBarEooin-'
was well patronized Tuesday evening and
a good sum was realized.
The calf case between Clayton Emery,
plaintiff, and Asa Magoon, defendant,
Wednesday, was decided In favor of Mr.
Majjoon. Matt Gordon of Barre, repres
ented Magoon and K. M. Harvey of Mont
pelier for the plaintiff.
CniMnln IVfNliliiK Think Tills Indi
cate Americanization.
Captain John J. Pershing, V. S. A., is
at the Gniml hotel, taking the firt
vacation he bus had in four years, says
the New York World. Ciiptain Persu
ing won ilisthx-Uon By bravery in the
Philippines, and the war department
considers hiui one of the best posted
men in the army regarding the require
ments for maintaining peace and In
troducing an ndeiiuatc civilization in
those islsuute For this reason he was
recalled in order to take n position on
the newly organized general staff and
will bo stationed at Washington.
The Americanization of the Philip
pines is going on nipidly in some pnrts,
says Captain Pershing. In all the b!g
towns there are baseball nines, com
posed entirely of Filipinos. In the
schools the popular gaiiio is Iaseb:!ll.
It is played by the young Filipinos
precisely as in America, and tho boys
of those Islands si huh to take to it as
readily as do those in the United
The young Filipino children take
readily to American textbooks, and
they learn English with surprising ra
pidity. They are imitating the Amer
icans In dress as far as they can ard
in their amusements.
Miss Sadie McKee returned Saturday
night from her visit with her parents in
The I. O. G. T., will hold an ice cream
sociable and promenade In I. O. O. F. hall
this evening.
Mrs. Florence Nye returned from South
Iloyalton Saturday. She was accompan
ied by Miss .sadie Fifield, who has beeu
visiting her sister in Bethel the past week.
Although the weather was not very fa
vorable there was a good attendance at the
grove of A. E. Whiteorub in Washington
where the Washington and Williamstown
granges met for a picnic dinner. The
program consisted of songs, recitations by
members of both granges. The ball game
was won by Uliamstown. the rain in
the afternoon prevented carrying out
of the program in full, but was a
very enjoyable occasion and enjoyed by
about two hundred people.
Mrs. Watson Is gaining now all the time
and able with help to get into the dining
room and take her meals with the family.
The Williamstown Band will give a con
cert tomorrow evening at 8 0 clock.
The Malr.
To keep the hair from becoming thin
and splitting at the ends clip It every
two weeks. Shampoo it once a mouth
with castile soap, avoiding the use of
borax and ammonia.
Boiled Flab Alive.
It is seldom that one sees a boiled
fish alive, yet there are such in the
boiling lake of Amatitlau, Guatemala.
A species of fish was lately seen there
by a French traveler. These fish, he
asserts, often pass days in the boiling
vrater, which comes from numberless
hot springs.
Letter to H. M Houston.
Barre, Vt.
Dear Sir: If you paint two houses alike
with two different paints, and one takes
twice as much paint as the the other, you
Know wnicn paint to Dny alter that so
far as go far goes don't vou?
One of these paints is iJevoe; the other
is any average paint. The worst are worse
than that; the better are not much better
no other paint than IJevoe is anywhere
near lievoe in get-far. Devoe is further
the rest are go-short go-middling and go-
Yours truly,
F. W. Devoe & Co.
F. S. Reynolds & Son sell our paint.
Large Corporations such as Railroads
and Steamship Lines use the Colonial
Paint. Why should you not use it on
your buildings?
You take no chances, because it is made
of one hundred per cent, pure goods. Go
analyse the Colonial Paint and if any
adulteration whatsoever is fonnd we will
pay for the analysis. Sold by C. A. Heath
in Barre.
Boys are you prepared for the opening
of school with a new suit, trousers, cap,
shirts, hosiery, etc.? If not, go to Mo-Whorter's.
Large line of stationery and school sup
plies. The Boston Bargain Store.
American Fidelity Co.,
Ocean Depth.
The average depth of the ocean be
tween (10 degrees north and CO degrees
Booth is nearly three utiles.
Barre, Vt.,
x c-as'; irooKneia,
Union Clothing Co,
M. S. LEViri Proprietor
Old Skating Rink, Opp. Depot Square, -
Barre, Vermont.
11 in?
1 J
It pays, for it saves doctors'
bills and medicine bills. This is
the time of year when THINGS
SMELL. The closet, the drain
pipe, the refrigerator pipe per
haps is clogged. We have Soaps,
Sponges, Brashes and all kinds of
Disinfectants with which you may
You Can Save ,
15 Pet Cent Discount
If you buy Muslin Underwear this month. We
sell the Home Made Make and it always gives
satisfaction. You can depend on it every time.
Think what you can save by trading at
Worthen Block,
127 North Main St.
Wiife You SVlay!
Small Fruits were scarce the past season. The crop
of Plums will also be very limited. We have a few crates of
nice Peach Plums and Damsons which we will sell at 75c
per peck while they last. Come early.
Desirable Goods at Desirable Prices.
Sweet Potatoes,' 4c per lb. or seven lbs.. 25c
Squash, per pound 4c
Rhubarb, per pound. 3c
Plenty of Apples, per peck, from 25c to 35c
Fleur De Lb Japan Tea, per pound 45c
Pure Maple Syrup, per quart bottle. . . . 25c
Pure Evaporated Cider, per quart bottle. . 25c
Nice Concord Grapes, per basket ....... 20c
Make your apple dumplings with Old Grist Mill Self
Raising Biscuit Flour. Everybody praises it. Price per
four-pound package, only 20 cents. ,
Sowclen & Lyon,
Telephone, 217-3.
North Main Street, Barre, Vt.
A Table or a Chair or anything in our line we would like
you to visit our store.
Just received, a i:ew lot of those handsome Willow
Rockers and Arm Chairs, We guarantee satisfaction both
in quality and price.
A. W. Badger & Co.,
See Us for Values in Furniture.
Horse Block, Barre, Vt.
Undertakers! 23racic:nue. Funeral Directors I
House, 159-21. TELEPHONE Store, 13T-11.
Ambulance Ready for Any Calls at a Moment's Notice.
Coollies !
Fine assortment of more than a dozen varieties. All
prices, from 10c to 15c a pound. See them in window.
Egg Biscuit, 18c a pound. Nice and fresh.
Telephone 45-2. . 200 North Mala Street.
Coffee !
This Coffee is one of the most pleasing blends ever
offered to the public. Price per i -pound can - 50c
Sweet Potatoes, six pounds for - - - 25c
Telephone Connection. . South Main Street, Barre, Vt.
D. F. DAVIS, "The Druggist,"
262 North Main St, - - . Barre, Vermont.
jZ7 COOKIE5 jz?
New stock of fresh made Cookies in large variety. Fresh arrival
of Bananas, Peaches, Pears and Grapes. Cabbage, Beets, Turnips,
Squash, Apples, Potatoes and Green Corn.
Meats of all kinds. Staple and Fancy Groceries. Goods
delivered to all parts of the city.
(Telephone 215-4)
115 South Main Street, - - - - Barre, Vermont.
Green Sage Cheese, old.;
Finest Full Cream New Cheese in town. Come
in and sample them.
Telephone 31-3.
Two Packages "Ready Bits" and one of "Power," 3
Be sure and notice trades in this space each week.
L. M. AVERILL, Opposite City Path
Coffee and Tea.
Have you tried ours? Best in town. We
ought to'know good teas or coffees.
Barre, Vermont.

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