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-r-9 n w
f HE
Jlaclien an'l 1
nd Indict
oarers Anion;,' Thosi
1 iv lintel Jury.
f v'
Have nuie many friends in
the'few months that that they
have teen cn the market, and
II Fl!
i k S L 1 ' t- I
ri ion
is one cf the best. It is a
liquid remedy and unlike fills
which have to dissolve, and
they don't' always do thai,
it enters into the circulation at
once and goes right to the spot.
Two sizes, small A5c. and
large S5c.
Sold only at the
160 No. Main St., Barre, Vt.
It l Muted That the tnvti;itlou
Will I'nil i 'mrfly, I sul ?e inK
rromliir.it Mm (int ml Jury
Jiow lU'-nif t the I
Wil-hlicbm. j-'er.t. lO.-O'ie of the
jifivoim v, ho Imve just been indicted
ty the jsT.-ui-l jury in ceimeeti-m with
the postal investigation is ;wg .V.
Leavers, formerly chief of the division
of salaries nu.l allowance. It is under
stood that 1 ho e'a:i !"::' is conspiracy..
Another of the indictments is a;.-:t'ti-t
August V. Maeheu ell ii new Net of
facts, involving hhn with Beavers. The
eharce Is eoti.oi'-aey.
Wiiib the o:lUhi!s refuse to disclose
the names of the four renminbi;,; per
sons who' were indicted it 1? said that
Cnorinoni Mux of 1 Hon the llrltlnh
Mmeoiii Will Store at Ilendon.
His majesty's oitieo of works is just
beginning at Ilendon, England, to raise
a bouse in which tons of newspaper
files now at the. Uritish museum will
eventually bo deposited, nays the Lon
don Chronicle. There Is a whole news
paper land In the museum, a land .from
which a file of almost any, modern
English paper can be dug out Space
pets more valuable at Hloorusbury, and
this building is necessary at Ilendon
for the storage of "newspapers and
other printed matter" rarely required
for u so -'
Thai Is the definition which a parlia
mentary statute applies to the purposes
of the ilendon annex. It also requires
that the "newspapers and printed mat
ter so removed" shall be made availa
ble on due notice being given at the
museum. In other words, the newspa
pers at Ilendon will be brought to Lon
don for reference when they are need
cd. heedless to say the hies that are
constantly being needed will nut fro
there at all. "Under the copyright act
copies of newspapers and periodicals.
tin of books, must be pent to the British
museum. The newspaper .mountain
which thia has produced can, in the
trite phrase, better he imagined than,
described. In fact, it could not be de
scribed, because much of It is buried
away In the basements of the museum.
The figures as to the sets of newspa
pers and fortnightly and monthly pub
lications received there are, however,
sufficiently eloquent.
In llKK) the number of such sets con
tributed by London was by pro
vincial England. Wales and the Chan
nel islands. l,(i(U; by Scotland. 2Vi,
and by Ireland. '222. These figures show
a total of 3.400 sets, representing '22X
HCt) single numbers of papers and kin
dred publications. The number of neti
In IS'JO was 2,472 and the single num
bers of papers 170.81'S, a striking in
crease in the ten years. However, there
has been a slight drop- For 1901 the
sets numbered 3.170 and the singhi
numbers UUS.,"S2. Last year the num
ber of sets was 3,222, comprising l'.WV
0(17 single numbers. 'When colonial and
foreign newspapers are added it will
be seen what a harvest tlows to the
museum. Every twelve months, it lit
erally gathers into its now well tilled
vnstness Luge hinds of printed paper.
1'et so carefully kept are the (lies that
they can readily be ' consulted, even
when they are purely local papers.
What D Gosscm's Kiknsy and
Bladder Cure Has Dona For
Tr.em it Will Do For Ton -
Wo Have One Hundred and Thirty seven
Letters Frin Citiaens of Holyoie,
Mass., ot Which the follow
ing la a Fair Sample.
Dr. Gossom Medicine to,,
Dear Sirs I suffered with a pain in my
buck for the past jear, and could get
nothing to rulwsve mo until I tried Dr.
Gossooi's Kidney and Bladder Cure. L'ven
the free sampU did mo a world of good.
After favorable results from the use of
the sample I continued to takethis medi
cine according to directions, and I now
tike pleasure in assuring my friends who
are suffering with kidney troublo that
your mtdlcine is ail that you claim for it.
Gratefully yours,
J. M. McCartty,
33 MoBher St., Ho'.yoke.
E. k. Dfcwn, 48 North Main St.
none of them is or has been connected
with the post otiiee department and
that one is a man of some promineijee.
It was stated at the city hall din ing
the day that the climax of the lnves'1
gutinn Is to come shortly when a person
not connected with the department, but
equally as well known as the post
master general himself, undoubtedly
will be Indicted for complicity In the
post office frauds.
The grand jury lias begun hearing
the evidence in this particular rise,
and it is stated that when a report is
made it will In all probability com brie
the Investigation in Washington.
Leopold Slern Snrrenilf r.
Toronto, Out., Sept. 10. - Leopold
Stern surrendered himself to the police
during the afternoon. It is under
stood that be will fight extradition proceedings.
Hulrlile of a lloxloil SHlemiiu n.
Cleveland, O., Sept. 10. A man sup
posed to be C. T. Harden, a traveling
salesman for the Carter-Uice Paper
company of Boston, jumped into Lake
Erie a few miles east of the city and
was drowned. The suicide pursued a
peculiar method to put an end to his
life, lie took a car out to a tfouvcnlent
point on Lake Erie and, placing his
traveling bags in the middle of the
road, ran on to a pier and jumped into"
the water. A notebook and expense
account in, the above name were fount
on the body when recovered.
Xfw rk Brntipr'n Suclilen lleatti.
New York, Sept. 10. Arthur W.
lTfer, forty years old, a stockbroker,
who has lived at . the Waldorf -Astc.via
hotel even since it was built, dropped
dead at Jack's restaurant on Sixth
avenue. ,ir. I tcrnad oeen a lanmuir
figure about the Waldorf for a number
of years. He was the manager for
Mendham Bros., bankers and brokers,
In Astor court, adjoining the hotel.
Jlnncovprfi In Haony.
Halle, Prussia, Sept. 10. A wild
storm of wind and rain at the army
maneuvers tore away the balloons and
made wireless telegraphy impossible.
Wtnperor William, In command of two
Saxon army corps, attacked the oppos
ing Prussian army corps with ferocity,
stormed several of the hitter's bat
teries and compelled the Frisians to
.rnnue liny nt Syrnouxe I 'air.
Syracuse, N. Y., Sept. 10. Grangers'
day nt the state fair, with Major Dor
mar going against the track trotting
record of Cresceus, 2:02'i, was the at
traction. The railroads brought thou
sands from all directions. The attend
ance was estimated at 3T,000.
I'rimNiitu cabinet t'ropnae II Ik Canal.
Berlin, Sept. 10. The Prussian Cabi
net has decided to again propose to the
landtag the construction of n great
cross country canal to -conneet the
Bhine, Weser and Elbe, thus complet
ing the emperor's proposed system of
Internal waterways.,
MhiiUIh BottlliiK Work Humeri.
Tarrytown, X. Y., Sept. 10.-The bot
tling works and the ice plant of the
Manilla Anchor Brewing company at
this place were burned., and the lo:--s U
estimated nt about i?5,000.
government of Q noeiml.Tinl to Kfstiin
Brisbane, Queensland. Sept. 10. The
government of Queensland has decided
to resign owing to the siliu majority
which it received on its taxation proposals.
i:lllor Champion Dead.
Ouoonta. N. Y., Sept. 10.-S. B. Cham
pion, ror over nrty years editor of ti
Hi. j Mirror, ia de.
- . - - ' - . 'v... ' i
Vw'j ,4 ii i I
r I V
. I Vw -
V 1 1 J ,
-5- - t- - , V'., -
ZjNiV-t " ' " -";"',' ;c jlVstt L --U'-
l 1 nnro I r.iiiu'iamt'
the g.ivot
of In.:;: :.
Most Popular Ones Selected by , ! 1::;"';
a , man u.gur
, Walter
Dancing Masters.
h'n C. V.'.-i;,
waltz, by i
pons-; fellow
for eliihir:
of New Y.ir!
s by Geo!"-,
Of 'll.H'tl,.
. V.. Br.-n::.
a eh,!'
i. by A '
. and ii" w i !
Fruiting. .
It In to Il the FniililotinWe Drmpe
This Winter The Manhnttnn. n
Xew Polka, end tlie Trovjta 'Are
Two nt the Krst Subuiito;l SSassy
Utlier (.oiul One Coasiilt-rcd.
The Maxim glide is to be. the fash
ionable dance this winter, says a New
York special to the Philadelphia Pub
lic Led.ver.' It is t!i(. ereathra of Osk.xr
Duenwcg of T.'ire Ilr.ute. hid. The
new dance has to reeomai.'nd it sim
plicity of movement. It was pres nted
to the American Society of ProfeS-ors
of Dancing and was jrlveti the sanction
Curtes of t.'tiea. IH-nry Kr
mer of Los Aug. les and William I1
Livers cf Brooklyn.
Imported t E:t lnieet, They Av
oT Kip.irloil l-'or Honey.
Hawaii has emnmeneed exporting
frogs to the mainland, says the Hono
lulu eorresponilent of the Chic.v.'O Int"
deean. Tiie Industry, which was start
ed at first to rid tlr.' Islands cf. p'Us.
has now become a paying one.
Frogs were introduced into Hawr.li
only a few years ago by the a Lrtoult li
ra 1 department to g t rid ef insect pests
which were injurious to vegetation.
Later a llilo man imported six d.wen
for breeillng purposes. From the latter
stock the trogs now exportci
Tension Ihina:: I ". .. a ;n ' :i r IJe;id.
feattle. Wash.. S t. b. 1'. W,
Green of W:ihliiuto',i. sneehil e .ain'aer
of the p. n-i'.n bureau, oi"d of 'V-eo'exy
in this city while visiting friends on
his way home from the national en
campment of the Grand Army of the
Uepui'be p. Ciik'o.-uhi. Mr. Green was
stricken while In b "I. He died a few
I OUI'S ;tf lel'i.vi I'd.
I'l-.'JC!-- w"
Eraiikfoi't. i-.v.. .'
IdlU'i't. ll;e e'uh' ::
if Captain W. H. i
Ky.. did not wl.-h Ut
I niger. Wh'"!i "-h'1 ,v.
to s,'hei.l -iie wi'ii' is
I Him ..!. ! i 'f "1 !
il i-.-.-autst h- r I
She Is net e';p"e;. d to recover..
in.-- Miss S.
-old d-nrhrer
'1 of I.'ii'f'nn,
t s. liool any
Hr-'-ct.-d to gf
tin nl i'.iuiu g
1. V l.ieb -!e
t mid tired.
I."! -.e.
Philadelphia, re
heard o'.' the .'1
change has l'.x.-d
. It I'.OKIII.
t. V.T1 e advHory
ter Build-rs' Ex
Tan. 1. . as th-
Sheriff Kill
Charleite, X. c.. r
says that "Silver Vv
well known to ofliei
s I! 1 4 Kot'.
ept. 10.-.V SP'.'cIat
-ek" Srn !'e:ironv
rs ef North C:iro-
ihite en which y!ov.:atie war
u'eaix of to koiu?! i.gihi-t syio
l'l I".
.,,-. ! v i ! ma
1. The IUiiMers' E.v
1 radically idl the
o-itractors in the city
as a .hi
s'lot Mill! Kill' U 1
ileontv sheriff. Ciimpb.
He had been looking for I'eiU'soli for
ome pine.
'haracier, wi
F. Campb-d?, :t
of that. body. The Maxim glide is so
easy, indeed, that ttpen seeing It. cxe- j come. Shipments of Hall) frogs a month
.tn.i -..... i,n ordtmirv observer with are now being made to San Francisco
little knowledge of the graceful art can
duplicate it successfully. The dance, as
Illustrated by 'Its author. Professor
Duenweg, begins with a military
schottisch position that is, the man
and the girl ravin? the s:m diraction.
the man's arm just touching the girl's
waist, while her left band res's o: h'.s
shoulder. Her free hand p-.-isps her
train, while the man's d!..''i)gag: d left
rests on his hip. In the hri-t part of
the dance fount four to each bar of
music; in (lie second part, only two.
The man with left foot balances for
ward and bach, starting in fifth posi
tion, while the lady counterparts with
right. They take three walking steps
forward, then repeat the first step, the
man with the right, the lady with the
left f .ot.
In the second part, counting two to
each bar of music, they dunce the tv.'n
step to schottisch time.
'Professor Duenweg. after illustrating
bis dance, said that he based his hepi a
of success for the Maxim glide on its
extreme simplicity.
"People, society people especial'?'
he said, "won't take the trouble to
learn new dances if they are at all dif
ficult. This they can get up and dance
after seeing it gone through once. The
dance Is really just a walk and a two
step. I regret to say that society does
not waltz any more. It won't take the
trouble. When waltz mus.e is played
they twostep. and when a twostep is
on the ' programme they romp. This
makes the Invention and selection of
new dances no easy matters, for we
know that people won't learn dance
ehoseu by the convention if they are
difficult to learn."
The Manhattan, the new p,.ika by
I'rofessor George Triiltlng, Jr., of Hart
ford, begins with the couple in a prom
enade position. Polka one step for
ward with left foot, then one forward
With right foot, make a complete turn
and polka; then dafiee the glide polka,
ending with three half turns and re
peat first movement.
The trovata, the third dance, sub
mitted by T. A. Holland of Springfield.
Mass., is danced to polka-mai'.oiirka
time. Taking a promenade position,
the couple varsovlenne three step-i
and point forward. Gentleman then
varsovlennes back of his partner to
the right and then repeats movement
to left. The couple then varsovlenne
forward together, take a wait, posi
tion and complete the dance with a
plain mazourkn.
Besides these throe, the convention
has considered the .Columbian three
step, by Frederick W. L'Auioureux of
and will be increased, for tne supp.y
docs imt iiow equal the demand.
Many of the frogs are also sent to
Honolulu for hotel use. They sell for
$1 a dozen In Hilo.
Camen S M:,y i.ay F:e.h mix flnttlefleld
London. Sept. 10. It is said that An
drew Car-eel" is negotiating for the
purchase of tie famous battleiicld of
.Bannoekbuni. near Stirling, Seo.hrrh
in order to save it from falling into t' "
hands of builder-'. At Bannoekburn,
June 2-1. b'it-f, the Scots, under Erne ;
defeated the English, led by King Kb
ward II. Th" site of the battle is
marked by a Mock ef granite called
the "Bored shine"
r- . ; -
i f- ':" . -. .
; I r
i i, i
r-Ve, rrn-'O- -1
r f r.
, v UtlJ alcohol.
, id A C '
Physicians Recognize
the remarkable tonic and censtruct
ive qualities cf
It is endorsed and prescribed by the
best doctors. The ideal food-drink,
invigorating, sustaining, NOT in
toxicating. It contains 14.60,1 genuine
I nutritive extract and less than 1 of
Sold M-j druggists. Prepared fcy
Anheuser-Busch BrewingAss'n
St, Louis, TJ. S. A.
Never give up!
Not while you
can buy Ayer's
i U
'"' i
:: a -.J
SEPTEMBER 15, i6 AND J7, 1903.
Three full days with a big programme for each day. The
largest list of attractions ever offered by this association.
M m.
Exciting Horse and Automobile Races each day. 3 Auto Races, Doctors', County and Free-for all.
C. C. Bonnette, the Daring Aeronaut, in His Orginai Doublt? Parachute Drop, Fir d
Fro a Cannon, Leaving the Ground Suspended by His Teeth.
Drill Man'tuvre, and Hurdle.
Great Vaudevi Se Attraction on the Stage in Front of the Grand Stand Each Day.
A Spen.il Programme for the Cni'dren for Tuesday, the First Day.
Large display choice Blooded Stock in Herds, grand Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition.
J.C AyerCo,,
The St. Johnsbury Band Will Furnish the Music.
For Premium Lists and Programmes Address
DR. T. R. STILES, President,
CHARLES I. SMITH, Secretary,
St. Jobnsbury. Mcndoc;

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