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Special Bargain for Saturday,!
Muslin Curtains, 35c,
, This is a Curtain that is worth 50c per pair, but for a
special bargain we offer them at the price named above. Good
quality muslin, with plain solid stripe running lengthwise, four
inch ruffle, about two and a half yards by 24 inches. A Curtain
that will both look and wear well. Be sure and secure some of
these Curtains on Saturday. .
11 and 75 Main Street,
All ready for commencement
Chairs. Rockers. Desks. Tables,
A pair of Draperies for the
Carpet or Rug for the floor,
I Here We Are S
more attractive and those dreary days of study will be
shortened and made cheerful.
(Telephone Connection)
Park Block, Barre, Vt,
To Close
$1.00 Bags at -
1.50 Bags at - -
3.50 Bags at -
Also the balance of our Golf Clubs. The $1.00 quality at 75c.
Wood Block, - Next Door to
All Kinds of FOOT BALLS,
From 60 cents to $5.00.
Nose. Guards, Basket. Balls, Base Ball Supplies, Strik
ing Bags, Boxing G'oves, Dumb Bells and Indian Clubs.
Orders taken for Suits and , Sweaters. A. G. Spalding &
Bros.' and Wright & Ditson's goods.
Boston Bargain Store,
(Telephone 128-3)
Pearl Street, Barre, Vt. , C. N.'Kenyon & Co.
t2f 1903,
three pairs, $1.00.
Barre, Vermont,
of school, with Students'
door and a pretty Matting, 1
will make your room vastly
Buy these at headquarters.
City Undertakers, m
We Offer
- - -
- - - -
have no equal for
hard wear.
For sale by
National Bank, - Barre, Vt.
Sales of Wise Ki:2 Flour are itKTea.-Uijj.
W. F. .Mtv:s went to Watt-rburv this
I Leon Cutler of East MontpeiiT was in
the citytoday.
L. BardelH of Hardwlck i.s ia the city
visiting friends.
Wiiliaiu Late went to the booth Kyegute
! fair this morning.
William Cliiuch uf Washington was in
the city yesterday.
Tom Mills ent to Boston today fur a
visit with f fiends.
Mrs. Hayes of Graniteville left lat night
on a visit in Montreal.
W. II. Ilaiifom of TufU college is visit
ing at the seminary for a few days.
At the rceetiint of the clerks union last
evening one application was received.
Charles II. Mnne, a former teacher at
the seminary, is visiting there ovr Sun
day. Mm. Joseph Leizassea returned to St.
Alo uis today after a two weeks' visit iu
the cay.
Miss Grace Partly, who has been visit
ing at I). F. Davis' for a few days, weut
to Windsor today.
A. D Morse and family have returned
fiuin Old Orchard where they have been
spending the summer.
Mr. Joseph Calcaynl returned last
night after a month's vacation in Boston,
Dorchester aud Concord.
At the Orleans county fair at Barton
yesterday F. A. Mayton's Willbrlno took
third money in the 2.2:5 class.
A c rn roast at the farm of George
Dodue was enjoyed hy a party of youug
people from this city last evening.
Auction sale this evening at the city
auction rooms, also Saturday at 2 and 7
p. m., Monday evening at 7 o'clock.
Mrs. C. A. F.stee, who hits been visiting
her brother. W. J. Grady for a few days,
left this noon for her home In Boston.
L. M. Averill brought to the Times of
fice the largest Iiartlett pear we have seen
this season. It weighed a pound and two
A. Home Investment. The capital
stock of The People's National Bank of
Barre, 1X) per share. Subscribe now at
l'rinule fc Averill's.
Char le Whelpley went to work on the
electric road as motorman on Wednesday.
William Green has entered the employ It
the road as conductor.
James Goodwin, assistant to Postmaster
K. W. Bisbee, is taking a vacation of two
weeks, a part of which will be spent at
his home iu Montpelier.
Georee Robertson while dinging pota
toes on his farm on East Hid yesterday
found one which he reports to have
weighed o lbs. and 1 1 czs.
Dean Seaver who has been employed as
a conductor on the electric railroad during
the summer, has finished work and will re
sume his studies at Goddard seminary.
There will be a meeting of the Barre
Chess club Friday ni'ht, Sept. 11, at 7.80,
in the Clan Gordon rooms, cuinhin block.
All chess players are invited to be present,
The NT. E. O. P. will hold a picnic and
corn roast at Dewey Park Saturday after
noon and evening'. Ladies will bring
lunch. Let all who can take the 2.15
Perley Buchanan leaves next week to
enter Tufts college. He will not enter
athletics this fall on account of his ankle
which he injured in foot ball at Goddard
last year.
Along the line of potato stories G. W.
Mann has one. He dug five hills of pota
toes, each of which weighed 12 pounds,
making a total of sixty pounds. One of
the potatoes weighed two pounds.
D. K. Williams of 5 Church street, re
ports a good sale of his furniture and he
has made a further reduction on the ar
ticles not yet sold. The sale will continue
a few days and then they will leave the
city. '
The two troops of artillery from Fort
Ethan Allen w hich were engaged in the
reo.mt war manoeuvres at Portland, Me.,
passed through this city this forenoon on
their war home, having been absent about
a month.
Harry Harris who has been a very pop
ular clerk at Davis drug store for the past
year and a half finished work there today
and goes to Windsor to clerk in Koek
wood's drug store. His place here will
be taken by Fred Howe of Coneurd, N. II.
A danea to be given under the au
spices of the Ladies' Aid of St. Monica's
church in Miles' ball, Sept. LSlh, will
commence at 7 30 sharp instead of 8.:-:0
as heretofore, as many members of the or
chestra reside in Montpelier and will have
to leave on the midnight.
The Ladies' union held a business meet
ing yesterday afternoon and voted to hold
a colonial fair the second week in Novem
ber. The booths will represent the states
in colonial times, which will be very at
tractive as it is something different from
anything that has ever been held in this
The friends of Mr. and tyrs. William
Dawson met lat niht at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Andrew Gordon on Plain street,
when John Shaw presented Mrs. Dawson
w ith a fine gold watch as a token of the
esteem and respect in which Mrs. Dawson
is held by her friends in Barre. A pleas
ant evening was spent in song and story,
and the company broke up at midnight to
convey Mrs. Dawson to the depot en route
for Aberdeen, Scotland. The watch was
purchased of J. W. Holton. .
Selling Sci'oml ( fni of Strawberries.
J. H. I'.ovvninu, n funnel' of Caldwell,
N. J., is busy gathering a second crop
of strawberries, for which he has al
ready ro.'iped n goodly sum in New
York, where he obtained ns high us
$l.r0 a quart, soys the New York Trib
une. The plants ure loaded with the
fruit, some of which is as largo aw the
famous Hilton berry.. There are end
less numbers of plants with blossoms,
mid every day people from fur unci
near visit the Bowman farm to gaze
at the sight.
I jsevi materials ior nam rooes or uress-
Ing sawiues at Veale & Knights.
New table linens at Veale & Knights.
Tlie ai't Annual rvtiit Will C.e IKM
.eot 1", 10 ami IT.
The illst annual Doc River Valley Fair
i will be he held at Xorthriehl Tufday,
j Wednesday and Thursday of next week,
! with all the usual attractions that make
! this fair so great a success. This year
I tha Billtiiirs Mock farm will exhibit the
j choicest Jersey cattle to be. found ia the
I nited States aud also the wet Id h best
southdown sheep.
?!'") iu purses are offered for races on
Weduesday and Thursday.
, The C entral Vermont Kailway w ill sell
round trip tickets to the fair ground at
the following low rates: Williamstown
fl.OO, Barre Toe, Montpelier ,e. Middle
sex two, West Berlin 2, Xortlnield loe.
Trains between N'orthlield and the fair
ground; will run u follows; Fairgrounds,
tt.lii, i(,;;u a. in , 1. 2, 4, 5 and 5 U3
p. m. Returning to .North field 0.47 and
10.42 a. m., 1.12, 2.12, :.25, 4.12, 512 and
5.45 p. m.
On the last two d.r.s of the fair, Wed
nesday and Thursday Sept. Id and 17.
special trains will be run as follows:
Leave Bane s 35 a. in., and 12 01 p.m.
Leave fair grounds for Barre 3.12 and
5. 15 p. in.
On r'ront of au Kxprek. Train In The
Mountain id Colorado.
A thrilling scene is one of the number
which will be shown in the Barre opera
house tooight when the Lyman II. Howe
moving picture exhibition will be given.
It shows a sensational ride on the pilot of
an express train through the famous Ute
Pass on the Colorado Midiaud Kailway.
The train dashes along the edge of great
precipices, spans gorges at dizzy heights,
rushes through tunnels and twists and
turns over a route through which the in
genuity of man has .spanned .with rails.
Although one is not, of course, on the
train, one niight as well be, for the sen
satlou is there just the tsiime. One Is tak
en with the train over a distance of about
twenty miles. The scene is niven in the
natural colors of the mountain and this
adds to its fubliine beauty.
When the ride i.s at an end you wonder
at the engineer lug feats that "could build
such a railroad.
A Chemical Co Authorized To Do
New Voik, Sept. 10. The certificate of
(corporation of the Ava Chemical Co.. as
filed in Washington, I. C, Sept. sth, was
made public this morning.
The company is chartered to do busi
ness in every state ia the union, Canada
and the colonies of the United States. Au
thorized capital is iM. 000,000. Charles E.
White of Philadelphia, is president of the
company and Arthur E. Ibhotson of New
York secretary. The balance of the di
rectors are given as Washintjton parties,
but are clerks in the law cilice of one of
the most prominent law ottiees there and
are merely dummies on the board.
The company will commence operations
at Burlington at once.
Mildred Holland.
Mildred Holland as Angela di Savelli in
'The Lily and the Prince," a four act ro
mantic drama by Carina Jordan, pro
duced under the direction of Edward C.
White, will be the attraction at the Blanch-
ard Opera House, Montpelier, on Satur
day evening, Sept. 12. The corning of
Miss Holland is in the nature of a theat
rical event. She is a great favorite with
the theatre goers of Barre and Montpelier
and her reputation has oeen established
by hard, meritorious aud conscientious
work. Miss Holland's business last sea
son was large and gratifying both to Man
acer Blanchard of the Opera House and
Manager Edward C. White, but from all
indications last season's record will be
broken Saturday evening. It may not be
amiss to say that the success sf Mildred
Holland Is pleasing to every one.
Special Anwimticeinenf,
Last yfar Mr. Barclay gave a special
prize to the stone cutter working the larg
est number of hours and told the commit
tee he would make it au annual oiler. This
was overlooked by the committee in charge
this year and Mr. Barclay now wishes to
say that he will pay the sum of $5 to the
stone cutter in Barre who has lost the least
number of hours (actual working time),
from September 1, 1002 to Sept ' 1, l!Xi:i.
Communications endorsed by employer
should be addressed to C. C- Ramsdell,
fec. C. L. C. Competition will be closed
Sept. 24. .
These cold niEhts and mornings require
a little extra neat ana a good central draft
oil heater will make a large room comfort
able in a few minutes. 4 siz"S, at .'J.Ps,
4.75, 5.0O, (! 00, at the Boston Bargain
store. Every one warranted.
TO KENT Down stairs ttraomcnt at sfi Map'
Avenue. Jient reasonatile. Apply to Charier
1.. Cunveive. '-'Wif
Blanchard Opera House,
T"s tit i vi
Ani Her Superb Company in the First
Presentation Here of CARINA JORDAN'S
I If l .and
JLLs the
Presented on an Klalioratn scale with toil)?
iiilleent ftceiierv, liriliiitntlv beautiful cos
tumes, correct furniture and artistic
lighting elVect, nmler the
direction of
Edward C. White.
35c, 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50.
Electric cars for iurre w ill lie held until
the citii-e o) the tiitertahmieiit.
wm a i
Eleventh Anniversary Sale!
Sale Begins Tuesday, Sept. 8, and Ends Saturday, Sept. 1 2.
Separate Bargains for Each Day.
We hive been with you now eleven years, each year giving
you a better stock to select from and better values. Th.it our
values have been appreciated we e! confident, as our business,
with your help, has moved us forward until now we are ready to
show you as select a stock of Dry floods as you will find any
where in the state. Values that we are to put into this sale will
go- to show that it is not always profit with us.
FnJay, Sept JJ.
Lot Xo. 1 Three pieces Black Crepons. These are goods that have sold at f 1 .00
and $ 1.25 per yard. Suitable for separate skirts or whole suits. This day 49o
Lot Xo. 2 Five pieces ad-inch Repellents in navies, brown, oxford and garnet.
Vou all know what this cloth is like. This day, per yard " . 4 2o
Saturday, Sept. 12.
One case of "Marseilles Bed Spreads. Were bought at lm thau wholesale price
today. They are full siz?, heavy and patterns the best. One dollar would be cheap
for this Spread, but to make a busy finish to this anniversary week we make the
price only 73 o. We limit the quantity to a customer.
' While attending these sales ask to i,ee our line of Furs for
Ladies, Misses and Children, for it's a line of goods that you
will have to buy very early to
A. P. A
Cool Weather Wear!
These cool nights and mornings make you think of a Fall
Overcoat, medium weight Underwear, Sweaters, Gloves and a
little heavier Suit.
We have a large line of Fall Overcoats, all styles and
lengths, from $5 00 to $22.00. Medium Weight Underwear,
in union suits and two-piece suits, from 50c to $2.00 Men's
and Boys' Sweaters, from $1.00 to $5.00.
The celebrated Sterling Sweaters are the best in the market,
as you who have used them for the past ten years cao testify.
Our line of Sterling Sweaters is twice as large as ever before.
These cold mornings will call for Gloves. Our stock is
complete. Prices, 25c to $ 1.50 a pair.
Our Fail and Winter Su'rs are being received, and, as usual,
will be up to date and at right prtces.
If you must have a Custom made Suit or Overcoat we can
show you a complete line cf samples, and prices are moderate.
One Price Clothier.
An advertisement in the Times
will bring sure results.
Grapes, large baskets, - - - 18c
.Foundling Apples, hand picked, per peck, - - 30c
A good eating Apple, per peck, - - - 20c
Pie Apples, per peck, - - - - 20 and 25c
Fancy Bartlett Pears, per dozen, - - - - 4()c
Bakery Department,
Hot Baked Beans and Brown Bread Saturday.
. Cream Puff's, Eclairs, Lady Fingers and Paris Buns.
Meat Department.
Large ripe Tomatoes, per pound, - - 5C
Fresh picked native Corn, per dozen, - - - 15c
Nice Fresh Celcy, per bunch, - -, - . 0C
Sweet Potatoes, nine pounds for - . . 25c
Beef Sausage, per pound, - - . . 10c
Pork Sausage, per pound, 12c; three pounds for - 30c
Native Chickens, per pound, - - - 20c
A full line of all kinds of Meats and Vegetables,
F. D.
Leading Cash Grocer.
it hi i
get present values.
Hatter and Men's Outfitter.
tP !
Meats and Provisions.

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