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-Just about a year ago we had a Fancy Hansel special
aaJ it was one of the best "CROWD PULLERS" we have
hai This time Lie Flannels are better, the patterns
prettier and the price less.
For pretty Waists, Kimonas and Children's Dresses you
get the best doth at the smallest price ever sold here.
On Saturday, only 8k per yard.
NOTE Some of the patterns are on exhibition in
our window.
I Our Experience is Your Gam!
BAIiliE, VT.. SKI'TEMBKK 11. 103
Weathsr Prediction.
Uoston, .ej't. It. Fair toniaht
and Satui'iay. Cooler tonight.
LAgm to fresh winds, generally
I.ornl Happeuings Tersely Told For tia)
Krmlf r.
Iliilhtid & Co., reliable insurance,
Wise Kius; Flour is crowing in popular
ity. Bet oyster stew in the city at Harring
ton's lunch room.
Consult the eye niyht specialist for
glares at J. V. llolton'g.
The Universalis! Sunday school will
hold their annual pienie at Berlin pond
Saturday, Sept. 12. Teams will be at the
church at 0 o'clock sharp.
New dress trhimunin, the latest fall
styles, at Veale & Knights.
Q The many years of experience we have had has Q
taught us that good Shoes solid, honestly-made Shoes
O from toe to topare cheaper in the end for the cus-
tomers and a better advertisement for us than poorly- g
O made Shoes at " way-down " prices. We give you O
0 our experience. Good Shoes for Men, Women and
O Children at lowest possible prices. o
d 0
o People's Shoe Store. &!
f jd ftortn Mam street. . L. i. AWDKtwa, froprietor. V
o o
Fof Friday and Saturday;
Parties living in the vicinity of street
lamps are requested to take notice of the
nights that the lights do not burn and
thereby assist the lighting committee in
procuring the best possible service.
Parties doing this will confer a favor by
leaving a slip with the chief of police, the
city clnrk or any member of the board.
Postal cards for this purpose may be pro
cured from the city clerk.
John J. Mackenzie,
Chairman Lighting Committee.
Barre, Sept. 2d, 1',j;J.
Three pairs of mustin curtains for 1,00
at Perry A Camp's, Saturday, Sept. 12.
Bananas, per dozen 25c
Watermelons, each 35c
Cranberries, per quart 1 5c
Pears; pet ioien . , 30c
Sweet Potatoes, nine pounds for 25c
Dates, per pound, 1 0; three pounds for 25c
Oranges, per dozen... 30 and 35c
Telephone 45-2.
200 North Main Street.
Nice Fresh Native Chickens, per pound 20c Fresh Tripe, per pound 8c
Nice Fresh Native Fowls, per pound 1 7c Boston Market Celery, per bunch 20c
Ecef Roasts, per pSund 1 24 to 1 6c Cape Cod Cranberries, per quart, 1 5c; two for 25c
Pig Pork Roasts, per pound ........ 1 2 to 1 3c Fresh Tomatoes, per pound 8c
Native Fig Pork Chops, per pound 1 3c Gre.n Peppers, per pound '. . . 8c
Beef and Pork Sausage, per pound, 1 2c: Nice Hubbard Squash, per pound. .. '. 5c
three founds for 30c
Fruits Apples, Oranges. Bananas, Grapes and Watermelons.
Special prices on all cut meats Saturday nigh,t.
323 North Main Street. Meats and Provisions.
1 sfl
Hats and Caps!
A Full Line for Hen and Boys Just Received
At the Union Clothing Company's Store I
We have all the shapes and colors that an be desired. Tarn-tip
brims, wide and narrow and straight brims, in black and all shades of
grey, stone and brown. A great variety of all the FALL, 1903, STIFF
HATS. Among other lines we keep the justly celebrated JUBILEE
STIFF HAT, the best $3.00 Hat in the market, and sold by tis this
week for only $2.50.
SOFT AND STIFF HATS at all prices 50c $1.00, $1.25, $1.50,
$2.00 and $2.50 which represent the best values, in town for the
money. The latest and most fashionable styles in HEN'S AND BOYS'
FALL CAPS an also be found here to satisfy the most particular cus
tomer. We will sell any of our 50-cent Caps this week at 45c. You
can save money by giving us a all. We guarantee to please vou.
Notice to all members of Gill Lodge, No.
57, to be present at our next meeting.Sept.
1", as business of. importance is to be
transacted. Harry King, N. G., and B.
F. Davis, secretary.
New die-s goods, the latest, at Veale it
Russell Sajro, et'l! the largest lender
la Willi street, Is said to have more
ready money than any other individual
hi t ho street.
William Jennings Bryan's latest ac
quisition is a team of horses
which were prize winners at a recent
Milwaukee horse show.
Captain C. W. McKae, who succeed
id Iii'iir Admiral Melville as chief ot
the bureau of steam engineering, la
the first Annapi'iis graduate to till the
Professor Carl E. Myers, the aero
nautical engineer, who has established
n "balloon farm" In Herkimer county,
X. Y., declares that the safest voyag
ing in in balloons.
Among August birthdays was that of
Mr. Otto Cioldschmidt. who married
Jenny Li ml. The relict of "the Swed
ish Nightingale" Is now seventy-four
years of age, and his romance Is more
than half a century old.
William Durant of Boston, who re
cently celebrated his eighty-seventh
birthday anniversary, will in February
next complete seventy years of active
service In the ollice of the Boston
Transcript. He is now the treasurer
of that publication.
It is believed that there are but two
survivors of the volunteer army that
served in the Black Hawk war. These
two veterans are John T. Knox of Los
Angeles, Cab, and A. T. Sallenger of
McLeansboro, Hi. The former has
passed his ninety-third birthday, and
the latter is Hearing the ninety mark.
Chief O'Neill of the Chicago police
department has for many years been
collecting Gaelic folk songs and other
Irish music, and his collection is now
published in book form. It includes
C25 songs and SS0 reels among other
compositions. The chief was assisted
in his work by Patrolman James
Judge WilUam Penn Lyon, the
"grand old man" of Wisconsin, for
mer chief Justice, civil war colonel,
statesman and Institutional manager, Is
going to California, where he will live
the remaining years of his life. He is
eighty -one years old and has figured
prominently in the history of the state
of Wisconsin.
Auction bale of furniture. I will sell
my household furniture and kitchen uten
sils at public auction, Monday afternoon
at . o'clock, at niv house. K. D. l amp
bell. 1
Who Will Claim 1 timi?
The following letters appear oa the ad
vertised li.t for .ept. 11. P.io;l:
Men Fred Busby, Gtovani Hattinelli 2.
Frank K. Davis, Thomas Deeast, G. K.
Hinsdale, W. T. Hazen, Erwin Jacobs,
Michael Kelley, t'has. Keudriek, Arture
Minendiate, Alfred Moore, C. Molrueri -
John HeCabe, N. L. Murrav, Victor I'ro
vanche, C. L. l'eake, Geo. Waitte, Frank
P. Williamson. v
Womeit-Mrs. Jane Backus, Ruth Hall,
Mrs. Marion Uichardson, Mrs, P. J. Shelt
er, Mrs. L. G. paulding, Mary .Sinrprist,
Shirley White.
Letter To irgil Avet.
Barre. Vt.
Dear Sir: Three gallons saved is $12 to
$15 earned.
Mr. Hanford Piatt of Bridgeport, Conn.,
ordered V gallons Devoe to paint his
house, and returned 8 gallons. Ilis paint
er said it would iake 15; a lead-aud-oil
Ilubbell & Wade Co. sold it. They say
everybody has the same experience there.
The reason is, of course; they are used
to poor paint.
What is poor paint'.' Anything not De
voe; some worse than others.
Besides, paints wear about as they cov
er. Double the $12 to 15.
Yours truly,
F. W. Devoe & Co.
P. S. Reynolds & !?on sell our paint.
Special sale of muslin curtains, Satur
day at only ;i5e' or 8 pairs Jd.Oii. Perry
it Camp.
I'in cushions for Christmas. Get them
now while you have time to trim them. We
have all sizes and colors. Veale & Knight.
Be sure and tret some of those muslin
curtains for S5o or 3 pairs $1.00. Sat
urday at Perry & Camp's.
Wise King Flour is most economical.
Saturday Sale
40-Cent Chocolates
For 25c pet pound.
We have also the best Choco
lates for 20c per pound sold
in this city.
Schrafft's j&
"Daintiest of Sweets'
40 cents per pound.
We have them also in pretty packages.
"The Druggist,
262 North Main St., Barre, Vt.
Union Clothing Co.,
M. S. LEVIN, Proprietor
Old Skating Rink, 0pp. Depot Square, -
Barre, Vermont.
Dr. Maurice Bloom field, professor of
Sanskrit and comparative philology at J
tion iii reading the proof of a glossary
of words found in the ancient Vedas
of the Babylonians.
Leon C. Marshall, who has recently
been called to the chair of economics
In the Ohio Wesleyan university, i3
probably the youngest man to occupy
such n position anywhere. lie is now
twenty-four years of age.
Miss Ellen Douglass of Cape May, N.
J., has been appointed professor of Iio
mnnee languages la the University of
Missouri, to take the place of Pro
fessor Bnssctt, who recently resigned
to accept a similar position iu Kansas
E,T, I
Barre, Vt.,
East Brook field,
Remnants and Waists
Two dozen Shirt Waists at just one half the regular
price to close.
I. oo Waists for - - - - $ -50 each
1 oo Waists for - - ' I 00 each
.50 Waists for - - - - . .25 each
S Remnants Cheap Dress Goods, Muslins, materials of all
..1 1 I11IL.
kinds that are short lengths we win sen cneap.
Domet Flannels for only 6c per yard while they last.
See the quality.
Worthen Block,
127 North Main St
A. W. Badger & Co.,
See Us for Values in Furniture.
Morse Block, Barre, Vt.
JL ' 1
At Drown' s Drug Store,
Prescription Druggist,
48 No. Main St.. Opp. Nat'l BanK.
Quality and Price
You cannot do satisfactory buying unless the two
harmonize. There is satisfaction in the Mowing.
Fruit Syrups, for warm days, two bottles for '. 45c
Fhenix, " A food digester," per bottle. 30c
Five cents given upon return of bottle.
Premier Catsup, for purity and flavor, per. bottle 25c
Nabob Pancake Flour (you will say it is the best you ever tried) per package . . . 10c
Wood's Coffee, neat canister, always 30c, per pound 25c
Choice Wafer, a nice biscuit, per package 5c
Ten-inch Bar Soap, six for , 25c
Watermelons, whole, per pound 2c
Cranberries, per quart, 1 3c; two quarts for 25c
Celery, per bunch , 1 0c
Oysters Each WecK.
Sowclen & Lyon,
Telephone, 2 J 7-3. North Main Street, Barre, Vt.
$4.50-Our Regal Mattress-$4.50
This Mattress is made especially far us, 'with white cotton top and bottom
and rattan fibre centfe, and has always been sold for $6.oo. But, haviug an
entire carload sent us, will sell them this week for $ij..50 Cash.
Every Mattress as represented or your money returucd.
Undertakers! ' nJ FoneraJ Directors t
House, 159-21. TELEPHONE Store, 137-11.
Ambulance Ready for Any Calls at a Moment's Notice.
light" Coffee!
This Coffee is one of the most pleasing blends ever
offered to the public. Price per xyi -pound can - 50c
Sweet Potatoes, six pounds for - . 25c '
Telephone Connection. South Main Street, Barre, Vt.
For a First -Class Meal
Try Our 50c Dinner.
JOE D. OSSOLA, Proprietor.
111 lf9f " 1 Copperas, Alum, Borax, Saltpetre, Epsom Salts, Globular Salts, Sulphur, Brimstone and Sal Soda. Also Powdered Alum, Powdered Saltpetre, Powdered Borax,
PliSP llliTlfli Flaxseed, Ground Flaxseed, Resin, White Vitriol, Powdered Sage, Leaf Sage, Powdered Summer Savory, Sunflower Seed, Canary Seed, Rape Seed, Lump White
Li 111 li y 1 II 1111 J Chalk, Box Crayons, Red Chalk (fingers) and many heavy drugs, in large and small quantities, at specially low prices. Let us quote you prices on these goods.
Telephone 31-3.
L. M. AVERILL, Opposite City Park,
Barre, Vermont.

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