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Tin: rAKKE daily times, 'ov. t, luon.
Main Features of New Struc
ture at Washington.
- I'nlon Station to lie liuilt by l'rnn
lvanJa Hnl II. nnd O. HallroMtl
Will toil H,0O0,W' Twentj Thoa
and l'rriom Will He Able to Move
Abnt the Bnildlne Wliliout Crowd.
Ins I! nee TaanirngFr Coneoome
A place in whieh 20,000 persons can
move about without crowding una iti
which an assemblage of 5,000 persons
would hardly bo characterized as a
crowd is a general description which, it
is said, will fit tlie inclosed passenger
concourse of the new Union station to
bo built by the Pennsylvania and the
Baltimore and Ohio railroad companies
. in Washington, says the New York
Commercial Advertiser. This station
with its approaches will cost $14,000,
000, and it will be the largest and most
costly if not the handsomest railroad
station in the world.
A general description of the station
has recently been prepared. Marble,
steel, glass, mahogany and bronze are
the materials to be used In the con
struction of this great building, and
Lurnhnm of Chicago, the architect of
the famous "White City," has evolved
some new ideas for what ho terms
"an appropriate gateway to the na
tion's capital."
This structure will have a frontage
of 700 feet, with a depth of 3."0 feet
and a height of 100 feet. Three great
arches, each thirty feet wide and fifty
feet high, will open into a vestibule
with triple domes, sixty odd feet high
and thirty-five feet in diameter. And
from within this vestibule there will
be a Ttsta through arches nnd domes
of more than 300 feet on either side.
Built on classic lines, this ' structure
will be impressive as well for symme
try as for its masslveuess.
Much of the interior of the station,
embracing an area approximating 100,
000 square feet, will have a clear apace
overhead of 100 feet. Although it may
contain thousands of people, there will
be no lack of fresh air. The main
waiting room will have a barrel vault
' ceiling 100 feet high and a floor space
2."0 feet long and 100 frot'wldo. The
main dining room is to be Cm by 100
feet In dimensions, with a height of 30 ;
feet, and there is to be a ticket lobby
110 feet long, 51 feet wide and about
05 feet high. These are but three fea
tures of a wonderfully capacious and
comprehensive building designed for
the comfort and convenience of trav
elers. Perhaps the , most remarkable
section of the structure will be the
great passenger concourse, which runs
the entire length of the main building
and is entirely im-loscd, being 130 feet
wide and r,0 feet high. This will bo
as attractive as artistic decoration can
make it, and there will be enough room
in it to give 10,000 persons a square
yard of room each to stand in.
Besides its handsome furnishings in
mahogany, this station will have all of
the modern appliances for public com
fort nnd convenience. Baggage will be
handled below the street level, and
there will be numerous underground
tramways to carry it from one part of
the building to another. It Is expected
that it will take about two years to
complete this station.
Even Wall street Is showing some
dilliculty in distinguishing between
trust and distrust Washington Post.
A Scotch challenge for the America's
cup Is now rumored. Are we now to
have Thistle I., Thistle 11. and Thistle
III., In lieu of Shamrocks? New York
Of the great powers there are but
three whose position obliges them to
have a world policy In the true sense.
These three powers are (Jreat Britain,
Russia and, latterly, the United States.
B e r 1 i n K re u zzo I I u n g ,
The University of Michigan has put
on a course In journalism just to show
that a newspaper man can be devel
oped outside of ft newspaper ollice.
They can raise potatoes in a hothouse,
too, but they don't, usually Boston
It is estimated that DOO.OOO fanners
have telephones In their houses. The
old idea of the farmer as a man who
whittled line sticks anil chewed tobac
co is disappearing. The successful
farmer today must be a business man.
Washington Star.
rink IVni U.
rink pearls are scarce and found only
off the Bahama islands.
Tornadoes. m
An authority on weather declares that
tornadoes are most frequent between
noon arid. (5 o'clock, and the rainiest
hour of the day is 4 o'clock in the aft
ernoon. This Is the report of a meteoro
logical expert, not a weather prophet.
Edward H. Clifford of Buffalo, N. Y., Tells of His Cure By
Father John's Medicine.
Mr. Edward M. Clifford of 134 Sandusky
street, Buffalo, N. Y., writes: "For the
benefit of others I most cheerfully recom
mend Father John's Medicine as a body
builder and sure cure to any person troub
led with colds or coughs. I was troubled
with a bud cold and was threatened with
pneumonia. After the first bottle 1 found
Scl lllm. lr Kuli- f l.i.'c niul Si:irt
Uul to Kuril au l.ilut itiiii-.i.
Sixteen year-old llaioM 1! -i .in r Par
ker of Loweil, M;im.., nrrivi-d at Pouch
keepsie recently after wandering fruin
academy to academy s.- kj:ig a cha net-,
to work for his board and an oppor
tunity to study, says the New Vork
World. In his dress suit ease he car
ried a small card, which lie produced
as las guide in life. .On the card was
pasted a set of rules, clipped from a
newspaper and said to have been past
ed by Baron Bothschild in his bank.
They read as follows:
Sliun liquor.
are to go forward.
Never be iliseourLiKud.
J'.e polite to everybody.
Kmploy your time well.
Never tell business lies.
1'ay your debts promptly,
lie prompt In everything.
Hear ail troubles patiently.
lo not reckon upon eha nce.
Make no useiros acquaintances,
lie brave in the uirugnle o life.
Maintain your integrity us a sacreJ
Never appear to be something moru
than you are.
Take time to consider; then decide posi
tively. Carefully examine Into every detail of
your business.
"My mother is a poor widow," the
lad said, "and after I had reached the
second grade in the grammar school
she found she would need my help.
There was nothing for me to do but
go to work in one of the Lowell mills.
I started out to look for a job, and on
my way I thought of the rules I found.
I said to myself: 'If I go to work in a
mill in Lowell, that will be the last of
me. I must get an education before I
can hope to be anybody or any big
service to my mother.' I turned back
and never went near the mill.
"A friend of my mother told her that
I might get a chance at Newton school
at Newton, N. J. I went there and
worked six weeks, but found that I
could not earn money enough to pay
for such clothes as the professor told
mo I must have. I bought a football
rig, and that used up my money, for I
had earned only $35. I packed up and
left Newton and went to Nyack. There
was no .room for me in the prepara
tory school there. The proprietor is
the same man who owned the Newton
school when Mr. Holly, who now pub
lishes the Harvard Catalogue, was
there and worked ids way through
"I went from Nyack to Tafrytown,
and the principal of the preparatory J
school there told me he had no place
for me, but would write to my mother.
At Pookskill the principal told me the
same thing. Then I came to Fough
keepsie, hoping to get a chance in IJiv
erview Military academy. I am obliged
to sleep In the police station now, but
I am not discouraged."
Oacuiatlun In Public Leads to Arrest
m wuc-ouNiu. Wheels, several stuffed roosters, a sa-
Carroll college trustees have an- ( cred cow, a cage with a figure of a sea
uounced that any pupil caught kissing lion chained on top and a huge stuffed
a girl on the school steps will be ex-1 tiger, with several kittens,
polled, says a Milwaukee dispatch. The A smaller procession, known as the
evil at Carroll is said to be even great- baby parade, followed the first. It
er than at Jauesville, where the kissing ' was made up of ten girls dressed iu
matches were so noisy and so prolong- j baby clothes and carrying rattles and
ed that they kept people awake until milk bottles, each accompanied by a
the small hours of the morning. buxom negro nurse. The programme
At Can-oil the "spoouies" are not ' was concluded with the races,
satisfied with kissing each other after j The track was through the main cor
dark, but insist on stolen osculations In ridors. Girls in pairs, with their feet
the dark corners of the halls by day as tied together, hopped down the eorrt
wcll. dor, wildly cheered by the crowd. Au-
"The loving game is too strong," was other feature was a hurdle race, with
the way the college janitor expressed stools for hurdles, in which there were
It, "and has got to stop." 'many bad tumbles, but no one was
The janitor's complaint to the facul- hurt.
ty was supported,' and he was ordered ! "
to report every case where a smack Odd Compact of convict,
was heard. The trouble at JanesviUe J Because Major James K. Vat-daman, I
was due to the complaints of people ' governor elect of Mississippi, wears j
living near the school that they were ' long hair the convicts of that state have
unable to sleep because of it. Hereaft- J
er the police will arrest for disorderly j
uunuuci an Kissing sttmenis.
The city council of Ashland also has
passeu an orumance maiiin
kissing a misdemeanor.
Novel Work I'or Submarines.
The schools of porpoise off the coast
of Brittany are playing havoc with the
fish. Ueceutly certain cruisers of the
French navy were sent out to practice
on the "sea pigs" with their secondary
batteries. The experiment was a fail
ure. Now it is proposed to use the .sub
marine as the only weapon with which
war can bo waged successfully against
the pest. Bombs wiil be shot from the
tubes into the tish and blow them to
The 13 inch naval gun throws a mis
sile weighing 1.100 pounds; the 0 inch
100 pouuds.
English military experts have decid
ed that American army tactics. Involv
ing the principle of skirmishing rather
than that of mass forinatiou, is tho
most effective in the world.
Tho British army under the new
scheme requires D0.000 recruits annual
ly. According to the director general's
report, only 08,000 are examined annu
ally, and of these about 23,500 are re
jected, giving a deficiency of 5,500 per
myself much improved, and after the third
bottle I was entirely rid of the cough and
soon began to gain in strength and flesh.
You are entirely welcome to use my name.
I will be ready at any moment to recom
mend your medicine to any person. (Signed)
I'M ward M. Clifford." Cares cold
hack. No alcohol or weaken ingstimularits. !
Missouri University Girls Bat
Males Frcm Novel Show.
IVomeu rollcemcu Cued Hub on In
truder nnd Thrt-w Tliriu Out of
the Front Door stnrtlioK 1 euture.
loelinlinit Fijthtu, Uiot, Hue en ur.J
Comical I'urudex.
The co-eds of Missouri university gave
an exhibition the other day whic h for
novelty and startling features broke
all records at Columbia, Mo. The show
was called "The Midway."
All males were barred, but a howl
ing mob of students crowded the cam
pus and tried vainly to get in. Two of
them took advantage of the fact that
the girl participants entered the hall
disguised as Indians' and negroes and
got past the guards dressed as negro
women. Their sex was discovered by
the size of their feet. Four girls dress
ed as policemen rushed upon them,
clubbed them until they fell to the
floor and then threw them out of the
front door.
A country fair, with other features,
was represented, including side shows
In little tents pitched In the corridors,
a baby show, a shooting gallery, a tlo
ral hall, a race track, an animal show,
n street parade and other features.
Wives of the professors took a promi
nent part, were entered in the races
and appeared ns freaks in the side
To keep up the delusion girls dressed
as farm hands and "dead gauie sports"
engaged at Intervals In rough and tum
ble tights. The girls garbed as police
men rushed upon them and apparently
beat them into submission with their
clubs. A girl dressed as a football man,
padded suit, nose guard and all, for a
time stood off the entire police force,
but was finally overpowered.
A band of Indians created much dis
turbance by flirting with the wild, wo
men In the side shows, but were finally
driven off by the police. A ringmaster,
with a huge mustache, bossed the show.
She was frequently called upon to
quell riots at the shooting gallery and
at the baby stand, where the girls
threw balls at the dummies with sur
prising accuracy. One girl bowled over
five "tar babies," as they call them, in
A special feature was a grand pa
rade, the line of march being up and
down the corridors on the second floor.
It was headed by a band of twelve
girls, playing on bazzoos, hair combs
.' and tin horns. -
I Features of the parade were: A girl
leading toy ponies on rollers with a
, string, a giraffe operated by two girls
beneath the dummy; a big peacock, on
formed a secret compact among them
selves to let their hair grow and also
10 exenange tlieir baptist creed for
Methodism, says a New Orleans dis-
patch. Ihe same tendency has mani
fested itself among Mississippi's con
Vict farms generally. The convicts ap
pear to think that by following the
fashion set by the governor they will
line up for executive leniency. When
Ooveruor McLaurin was in the execu
tive chair there were no Methodists
in the penitentiary. When Governor
Longino came, with the Baptist pref
erences, they saw their error and turn
ed with singular unanimity to the
tenets of that denomination. Now that
Governor Vardaman Is so noaj being
the arbiter of their fate they will
doubtless all swing back to the Metho
dist church, to which the major be
longs. Joy DeKtroyinw Deans.
Mrs, Arabella Elliott of Kokomo,
Ind., recently testified in court that for
two years of her married life her hus
band, Henry II. Elliott, insisted that
they should live on beans, says the
Chicago Record-IIera Id. They had beans
for breakfast, beans for dinner and
beans for supper. It was beans, beans,
beans until she heard tho rattling of
beans In the flapping of the vines
against the corner of the dear little
cottage. She had beans in her dreams,
and in her waking fancies all the
world became a pod, and all the men
and women in it were merely beans.
Finally ehe got Mr. Elliott to change
off to potatoes, but he pined for beans,
and, fearing that he would insist on re
turning to them, she sued for divorce.
A Coat o( Kid.
A novel garment affected just now
by the belles of Vienna and Paris is a
small tight fitting coat made of suede
kid. It is worn with very smart trav
eling gowns, and its appearance is
thought to indicate the revival of fitted
coats in general. Kid is quite a fa
vorite just now, when one reflects upon
the pretty crush girdles made of It nnd
that it is even used to face the brims of
.Thousands Are Taking
His Famous
Cured People Are Spreading
the News
That Paw Paw Cures Indigestion
and Kervous Ailments,
Read What Your Neighbors Say and
Then Verify the Facts.
The curative qualities of Paw Paw is no
longer a question. Skeptics and doubters
must admit that this new vegetable pepsin
is likely to revolutionize the practice ot
medicine. There is no "guess it will
cure," or "perhaps it will cure." The
sworn testimony ot some of our best known
citizens must stand as unimpeachable evi
dence. Hundreds of people who received
a free sample bottle of Munyon's Paw
Pavv have testified in the most positive
manner that they have been cured of dvs
pepsia, indigestion and nervous troubles.
The testimonies that have been published
are not from people living in other states,
but are from well-known citizens living
right here in our midst. They can be seen
and the testimonials can easily be verified
Professor Munyon wants the public to
know the truths and he asks those who
have any doubt of the genuineness of these
testimonials to see the people themselves.
George E. Hokhklns Cured of Fainting; Spells by
Prof. Munyon :
Dear Sir: I have been troubled with
fainting spells . for years, due to excessive
smoking and poor digestion. The gas in my
stomach would bloat me and mv heart
would beat so fast that I would simply
swim. . I have tried everything I could
hear of without success. I was presented
with three sample bottles of Paw Pavv,
and after taking them I have not had an
attack of my old ailment, I cheerfully
turnish this testimonial.
(Signed) GEO. E. HOTCHK1NS,
742 Elm St., Manchester, N. H
The Mayor of Augusta Says :
City Hall, Augusta, Me.,
August 31 1903.
Proi. J. M. Munyon,
Dear Sir: For the past year or more I
have been troubled with dyspepsia and
indigestion and can truthfully state that
after the use of part of one bottle of Paw
law I find my stomach very much im
proved and expect to become entirely free
from this ailment with the further assist
ance of you vegetable pepsin, Paw Paw.
Mayor of Augusta, Me.
Wm. H.Kittrelte of Rcckland, Ke., Writes Under
Date of Auz. 29, 1905.
Prof. J. M. Munyon, Philadelphia, Pa.
Dear Sir: Your Paw Paw is having a
phenomenal sale in our store; greater than
any other remedy on the market. "It af
fords me great, pleasure to sell this article,
owing to the beneficial results received by
my customers." Yours very truly,
Paw Paw furnishes good, rich blood to
pale people; gives life and snap to the over
worked and run down; makes old folks
young and weak folks feel strong, and does
away with both the necessity and desire
for beer, wine and whiskey.
Alcoholic stimulants lift you up but lets
you down again; Pavv Paw lifts you up
and holds you there.
Cet a bottle today of your druggist.
Pint bottles, $i; Paw Paw Laxative Pills,
2$ cents a bottle.
To Cut Gin,
To cut glass with scissors hold a
sheet of glass horizontally under water
and then cut it. as you would a sheet
of paper, with a strong pair of scissors.
The cutting is easily accomplished, but
It will not be as neatly done by a long
way as with a diamond.
Several times a year the lobsters
shed their shells, and each time the
shell is shed the lobster Increases in
size. During the shedding season they
go Into the coves with soft, muddy
btjin and conceal themselves in the
The Wiialo.
Because of the pressure a whale can
not dive to a greater depth than 300
A bald head,
or Ayer's Hair
Vigor? You can't
have both.
Lowell, Maat
LeulesH Youth (aoc Senator Fair
bunks to iSeiirly Mis Ilia Train.
Legless Joe llarty, a fifteen-year-old
newsboy, whose post is in front of th
Auditorium theater in Chicago, counts
among his best- friends the "cab'y"
horses stationed in front of the Audi
torium Annex hotel on the opposite side
of the street, says the Chicago Inter
Ocean. His friendship is reciprocated
by the dumb animals, and thereby
hangs a tale of how a United Slates
senator missed his train a few nights
Senator Fairbanks, anxious to catch
a train for Indianapolis, rushed out of
the Annex entrance about 5:30 o'clock
the other evening and looked about for
the carriage he had engaged to take
him to the station, lie scanned the
line of carriages, but the one he had
engaged was not to be seen among
them. Then the senator glanctu across
the road and saw as picturesque a sight
of city life as may be imagined.
The carriage was standing in front of
the theater, and almost beneath the
feet of the horse was legless Joe pat
ting the animal and talking to it, and
he was doing something also which the
senator did not see until he crossed the
street. The boy was feeding the Lorse
lump sugar. . '
"Isn't that ad expensive habit?" the
boy was asked.
"Maybe," he replied, -but I like the
horses, and they like me. See?"
And then the crippled youth called
out, "Charlie:" Alio! her horse on the
opposite side of the road pricked up Its
ears, strolled across the road and got
his share of the sweets.
"The horses all know Jim," said the
cabbies. "We can't keep thorn at their
stands when he is around."
Dliiieimlonn ot Panama, and lt Ke
source. Tanatna, the South American state
which has proclaimed its Independence
of Colombia, includes the isthmus of
Panama to the confines of Costa Kica,
and its area is 32.380 square miles,
says the Philadelphia Public Ledger.
About half the territory, principally in
the middle and western parts, Is set
tled. The remainder is peopled only by
a few roving Indians. The grazing in
dustry lias attained some, Importance
in the western districts; agriculture is
everywhere backward, and the manu
factures are Insignilicant.
Gold is mined in small quantities,
and coal and other minerals are re
ported. The forests are rich in cabinet
Woods. The pearl fisheries of the Pa
cific coast have existed since the con
quest and are still important.
Panama was the first region In con
tinental America settled by Europeans.
The isthmus was incorporated with
the vice royalty of New Granada in
1T1S. It was independent from 1S."7
to 1SG0. The population at the last
enumeration (ISS5) was 315,000.
' The capital and largest city Is Pan
ama, founded In 1510 by Pedro Arias
Davila. Its population is 25.000. The
old city, six miles southeast of the pres
ent one, was burned in 1070 by Henry
Morgan, the buccaneer. This Is now
marked only by ruins. The new city
lias suffered greatly from revolutions
and II res.
Among tho Interesting buildings are
the cathedral, one of the largest In
America; convents nnd the palace of
the andicncla. The climate is warm
and damp, but i.i.t- healthful than
that of other parts of the Isthmus.
Ronton hurcl. AUn,t, Syem Uke i
That of Secular School.
Trinity church in Postou instituted
its new method of Sunday school work
the other day, says the New York
Times. In a general sense it Is an
adaptation of secular school methods
to those of the Sunday school.
Discipline will be strictly maintained.
truancy will not be permitted, and
punctuality in attendance Is to be re
quired, as in the public schools. Pu
pils who cannot fulfill the requirements
wm be dropped from tlie school roll.
The object of the new system is to nf
ioru me Children una younsr neoole
who attend the school a religious edu
cation as thorough, or as nearly thor
ough as possible, as that afforded in
the secular curriculum.
The school year will be divided into
three terms-Advent, from Oct. 1 to
Christmas; Lent, from the first Sundav
m January to falm Sunday, and Trin
ity, from the Sunday after Easter to
the last Sunday in May.
The Summit of l uxury l Motor Car.
The very latest thing in the way of
motor cars seems to rob the railway
palace car of its last advantage, says
ni .cv iuis American. This Is the
Aiarquis or Anglesey's new "Pnfimnn'
Mors. The interior Is a marvel of beau
ty and luxury. The whole of the wood
work is of polished mahogany, the win
dows have spring sun blinds there are
xonr revolving armchairs upholstered in
dark red morocco leather, it is lighted
uy eieeirieny and lias a heatins nnnn
ratus for use in winter. The ceiling Is
decorated in Louis XV. style, the car is
lurnisnon with royal blue plush cur
tains and bands and the floor covered
with a dark crimson Wilton pile carpet.
AVarnlnu; to the Cnttn.i.n.
RUVu?n"fle abbU' CaSe d6
Run, Mistnh Rabbit, 'cause 1
appetite. .
e got my
Do ct!?bhot 13 a"smokln' an' de i ft.
W 18 a"mIX'n' ftn' de tat'B I"
ll gut63 Crner l00kln' t
I tells you, Mtetuh Rabbit, dat it's tima
foh you to run! "us time
Washington Star.
Separate waists must be the exact
shade of the skirt and coat to be at ail
in vogue.
Pinked and raveled frills stub as
were worn a quarter of a century ago
are revived.
White velvet ribbon comes with dots
of black upn it to give the effect of
ermine and is used for hat trimming.
Nearly all evening gmvm have elbow
slaves of billowy eliil'i'on, no mutter
what the rest of the gown may be
made of.
Nearly all of the new waists fasten
with four medium size pearl buttons,
and the wrists have narrow bands with
overlapping buttoned points.
Hands nnd medallions of all the light
weight or short haired furs will be in
troduced into all manner of dressy ap
parel, from hat and bonnet to an even
ing gown in tulle or wrap of rich hue.
The most startling development hv
the season's tailor gowns Is the trim
med sleeve. With the severest gown
one sees sleeves loaded with trimming
and finished with a rufl'c of lace or
He's n Hummer.
The style of whistle nowadays in the
lips of the average youngster in busi
ness is aggravatingly insolent. It is a
sort of tiiRlime-jagtime threostep. 1
can get along bi tter with the man who
hums softly to himself, says a corre
spondent of the New Vork Press. You
all know him. Ten to one he is a mild
old gentleman who dm s not knnv how
to spell "f-u-n." He is father of a doz
en children and works as a clerk at ?lfl
a week. Ills amiable wife frowns him
into silence at home, so he hums as he
ambles along the street. I walked be
hind such a man recently from the
post office to Trinity church in New
York, and he repeated a score of times
that dear old oug:
One more day's work for Jesus,
One inure lUy's work for Jeans,
One more day's work for Jestts,
One more day's work for HOME!
I wanted to Join In the chorus, but
out of respect to that timid, simple,
guiltless Soul desisted. '
The Leinoaa We I .
The consumption of lemons In the
United States amounts to S.OtiO.ftOO
cases per annum, of which 1 ,f k).i k;
cases are produced in California, the
remainder being Imported.
Music Furnished for
Any number of pieces that are reqired.
For prices, etc.. address
Telephone 158-3. J2 Utirei Street.
Miss Tierncy,
Assisted by Wikkr's Orchestra,
Will furnish Music for ry oc
casion, with u nrar.y jitcts is
desired. Also
For prices, !c, call
ca cr iddrrsj
Kfc.50 Sooth Main St., - - Bane, V'crtncnt.
Just stop and think,
and 1 will likely place that
By the deal yea have' saved
good money. I have made a
little and we rejoice together.
56 Spaulding Street, - Earre, Vt.
s fandard : : : : this
IN" Xr
vatcllCvhnmo I
'MUt(J I
m . . ... I
only thincr that
makes R;mm, n.
cheaper than solid coM
ones ia tlmt 1 1
filled. Thoy look tho eamo
and wear the Bamo aa tho
best solid chains.
of all sorts arc happily com-
nicmorated by a gift of silver.
c have quantities of beautiful
and useful ?n-t;,.i 1 1 1-
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