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VOL. Vir NO. 202.
Powerful Battles Ship
Rushed to Isthmus.
Panama's Representative Insorms Sec
retary Hay Tint His Country
Wants Canal Treaty.
nasmngtoD, Nov. a.-The battle ship
Maine bag been ordered to Colon. She
has wiled from Martha's Vinoy aril,
where she bus been at target practice,
for Hampton Roads, where ulto will
coal and proceed to her destination.
it 13 stated at the nary department
that the sudden dispatch of tb-o. Maine
to Colon is not because, there is any
particular necessity for the presence
mere or the bis battle Bhip. The navy.
it is stated, is deheiet.t in squadron
movements, and the navigation bureau
. desires to remedy this deficiency wher
ever practicable. The Maine, it is fur
ther said, has been at (he navy yards
during a pood part of the past year,
aud the cruise to the Istbrous will be
beneficial to discipline. If the trouble
at the isthmus is over before the Maine
arrives there she may l diverted to
Culebra,' where Ad.nln.l Picker's north
Atlantic squadron will be engaged ic
practice about Chrtetm.1 time."
Admiral Co.Thlan, who Kiiii fro.)
vi ashington vi i;h Coi
or for Colon, lias di
Mayflower n his fl :
Ion until the arrival
flagship, the O'yi; i,
'1 General (juris-
id.il to retain (In
-! ip v, l.i'.e ;t (.''
of bis tiertiiiuicht
ia. whi.Ii bleed i
folk in about one
follow !iim from
Bearing the name of her ill fated pre
decessor that went down in Havana,
the new Maim? is ene of the not pow
erful fighting machines in the Amrl-
can li'ivy. Wi'h a 1 of iMm-
knots, eleven inch tinner and guns oj
almost every im't from twelve down,
the b'j; l-.utle -.,;,, counted o. l,v IV.
government an i:c -'. tdt'oetivo. Jiot-
OVCr, ll.o 5,ew slrp ui;-; s two si;'
merged torjvdo tu!s. - .-
I'a (iitiitii'n Kirxt !)i ;il.,n,:i! tn piit.
Washington, Nov. After the stav
department bad received uuotheial but
reliable noiiiieutiou of the appointment
of M. Hunan Variiii m l : im.-i t
f.sienf at Vi'asJ.i.-'i'eri J'-,
lie of Panama and ha I
Agnize hnu in that caps
r the new rejmb
d 'cld. d to rn-
:u-y m. var:::.!
called on Secretary of Stale II iy and
presented to the latter bis credentials
and fill! powers :in i;i;:;ter j iciiipoten
tiary and enviy'iwt inordinary of the
rcpiibi:c of IV.naiiia accrelited to tl,
United, States of America.
M. arilla bus . Informixl Mr. Hay
Unit lie is fady and ei.ii'owercd to be
gin (anal negotiations iiiniiediately.
Ho thinks the people of Panama will
vote the' new president full powers to
ratify a treaty at once.
i:illnin ii!rr( lm il It (!i
Isilmvian (mini I'rojfct.
Wn.-hln;:on.- Nov. 5.--M. Vardia'has
issued the folio wins statement:
'Firt Id me correct the bi.prefsioti
that I am au jiL-ent of tlie ranama Ca
nal company. It is true that I have
been chief engineer of the Tunaum ea
iial on the isthmus duriuir my associa
tion with the old Panama Canal eom
jiany from 11 to is-i'J. I n"ver was
an official of the new company in any
capacity whatsoever. Far from repre
senting this company, iny . relations
will! it are anything but friendly; The
history of my connection with the Fan-i
ama question since 1S.N9 is that of a
Hoblier to his flag. I have spared nei
ther time nor my efforts nor my money
to vindicate this pveat and generous
conception of the slanders under which
it has succumbed. 1 bare concentrated
iny .life and endeavors' to the triumph
of an idea for which France has nbed
much 'blood and rightly expended so
'much money. I pity the people whose
hearts attach only mercenary causes to
human actions, and their opinions are
indifferent to me. They do not rise to
the level of iny contempt Nevertheless
I ain bound to the republic I represent
"Xm can say for me," added the min
ister, with great earnestness, "not only
that the Isthmian people want a canal,
but. that they will have one and that
they Will readily grant every facility to
the United States to complete a treaty
and construct the canal."
In response to his eablerrniit accept
ing the appointment and. informing the
junta of the American government's
recognition 0f the new republic the
minister has received this cablegram
from M. Kspella, minister of foreign
"Notice of official recognition of Fan-
niua by American government owl of
its notification t0 B.-,et.i. which is
equivalent to formally forbidding that
government from making war on ns
receive,! here with joy raid enthusiastic
gratitude by the government of Pana
in.i.who recognize the importance and
efficiency of your services. Your nmno
will Ix inscribed high on the new re
public s roil of fame."
President Gompers Addresses Crenisg
Meeting of American Federa
tion cf Labor.
Boston, Kot. 9. The 23rd annual con
vention of the American Federation of
Labor was called to order in Faneuil Hall
this morning by President Gompers, who.
In his annual report, said that never in the.
history of the labor movement in this or in
any oilier country had there been such a
growth as during the past yar. The gain
in ths membership of affiliated internation
al unions and the American Federation of
Labor has been 442,100.
l'er capita there was paid for the last
month of the fiscal year upon a member
ship of of 1,745,270. He said that the re
action in industrial activity, which has get
in, is due to the labor movement and he
saw the remedy for industrial stagnation
aw not lie in the direction of reducing
working; men's wave and that working
people should resist any attempt to reduce
or raise nours of labor.
Before the annual report was read Den
ms lmsooii, president of the Boston dm
tral Labor Union, delivered an address of
welcome, in which he raked President El
iot of Harvard . and the Western Union
leiesiraph Co. over the coals for their at
iituae regarding trade unionism.
Reduction of Kxpvuie and Sltn Mich war
thief flank in Platform.
W lute Kiver Junction, Nov. 7. The aa
nouneement comes from Kntiand that Per-
civai W.Clement will strive for the Kenuh
Hean nomination for srovernor next veur
Reduction of state expenses and the eon.
struction of two truck state highwavs ate
the chief measures be advocates" . lie
wid stana for restraining the local onion
w against repeal t v the next lea s a
Clement fight against prohibition last
year and his picturesque canvass for the
governorship, attended by a coon quartet
made him the leading fienre In Vermont
politics, lie will enter the field regardless
of the traditional mountain rnl nminr
which the nest governor should come from
the east side of the state. The battle for
rngn license with th other issues involved
promises a highly eseiting campaign in
Clement will open his cainp'iign on esia
C" u-e ti imes tnss WMter.sppHsliriji dirwt
ly to the people. A targe part cf the liem
oeratie vote was east for him last war.
I ior tm o b ArHn-f Pmii.trnt nf
orwlv.h I nUer.ltv forSix .Month,
.ortntiein, ,ov. t. At a meeting of the
executive committee of the board of trus
tea ot Norwich university, held Xridav
auernoon, president A. J, Urown reimet
mat un jf iaiiueo a SU molilDS a ave
ot aosence, and such leave was granted
oecaase ot me state of health of the pres
luem, wno nas laoored earnestly and
launsuuy, oeyond his strength and capac
ity, for the interests of the university,and
ow u iw.a mat tie must take
rest tn order, to recuperate. President
l.rowu expects to go South for the winter,
p.annmx to return about the first of May
to resume his duties. In his absence it is
reported tnat the trustees have delegated
me powers and duties of the president to
mo uean ot me faculty, Prof. V. C. Brill.
i reswent brown will start south this
week-, accompanied by Mrs. Brown. Thev
in su uisiuijona Carolina amt from
mat state to other points in the .South.
rtrlck McGulre ot Burlington Hi ,lIMMhhnl
Log Chain.
HurliDgion. Nov. S. I'atiiek Mel
half crazed with drink, tried to split open
the heads of Sheriff Horton and turnkey
liuinn with a piece of a log chain which
no naa Deen saving lor that express pur
pose. This afternoon the officers met their
mau ana wnen tola mat ne was wanted
made no objections, but asked to co in th
iiouse. jie insiantiv teaiweared nod
nourished the big loir chain in the faoB of
the sheriff,
"Come another step," hs said, "and I'll
KnoeK your brains out." McUuire started
for him. Deputy Sheriff .Quinn slipped in
Denina mm and pimnd his arms, sheriff
tiorton tnen got the chain after a struggle
nun miuiiii was swoureu.
This Is the fourth arrest for Intoxica
tion under the new law.
l'ni-l SevK.piiiu-r Hultni HIk Effiirtii
In Itelinlf tt the t'annl.
Paris, Nov. !). Common! ing on Sr.
Philipite Bnnnu Varilla's appointment,
the Temps reviews bis long efforts, in
behalf of the canal and says:
"Ills conference throughout the Unit
ed States largely contributed to the
final choice of the ranama route. lie
afterward went " to Colombia and
soukM: to induce the acceptance ot tin
Hay-IIerran treaty. This so strongh
inclined popular sentiment at Funamf
in bis favor that on the new rcpiiiiii.
being constituted and recognized b
the United States it. gave tlie post ot
honor to .the man who had devoted a!
his energies to seeing the canal real
Other evening papers devoted lend
Ing articles to the action of the Unitec
States in recognizing the de facto gov
ernment of Panama. The tone was
S Walker of Walker
Grocery Co. Drowned
Drowning was Accidental Mr. Walk
er a Well-Known Merchant of
Burlington. '
Lurllngfon, Nov. 0. At S.15 this fore
mnini.ua uutiy 01 Auiumon waiter was
found in Lake Chaniplain opposite the
Walker Grocery Co.'s warehouse, the man
having been missing since Saturday, The
or ueahea was wiueiy ana favorably itnowa.
lie was 63 years of aire and was born in
remsburfh. lis was identified with the
interests of the wholesale grocery house in
uutnuwu, wuero u naa resiaeu nearly
30 yaars. .
lie leaves a brother, J. O. Walker, of
Ferrisburgh, two sisters, Misses Mary and
Mtna Waiker here, a wife, one sen, Wil
liam, and two daughters, Mrs. Aines Till
sn of NewVork asd Miss Harriet G.
Walker of this city. The drowning was
Property on Wluoocki Avanun
Saturday Might,
Hurlington, Nov. 0.Flre broke out.
Saturday night shortly after 11 o'clock in
James J. Kennedy's laundry on Winooski
avenue and before it was extinguished had
destroyed property valued at about $5,000.
i ne names were communicated to John
Ixioney's furniture store, located south
west, and to Dr. D. C. Hawley's stable lo
cated directly east.
I he laundry was entirely gritted and the
ruaemnery was tal!y damaged. Ir. Haw
ley's barn is located within two or three
feet of tae laundry and the flames were
communicated to that building. The
aim vaiuawes in me Darn were
qmekiy taken out and by heroic work the
nremen extinguished the tire in the barn
where the hay was burning and thereafter
conaneu rne names to the laundry. Th"j
Oa'iiajB to l:,n barn n c.n;dei.ihl4.
II. Mnrohitlt llrniiyht. timck to iturlieg
Bui burton, Nov. J.( me of the clever-
ei .inched swiuiiiers ai.u coiiiwem-o men
n. i. ii I., . ....
m this country is now safuly behind the
wails of Chltemlei) county lad, where he
was brought from 'ew 'i ork and turned
ovr t Sheritf Barney F. Keliev of t
Albans on Saturday.
The crime fur which thil man, who iep
resented himself as being Jot-eon 11. Mar
shall of Atlantic, la., was wanted for
swindling the O. L. Hinds company of
Burlington out of about Mod in cash and
Mr. and Mrs. Alliert MativhtsKr Married
fiO Vears Saturday.
Kamiolph, Xov. 0. At the home of Mr.
and Jdrs. Albert Manchester, Saturday
evening, occurred a very pleasant surprise
party aud reception in honor of Wr. and
Mrs. Manchester s fiftieth wedding anni
versary. The bouse had been very pret
tily decorated w ith evergreen and ia the
dining room the figure fifty in evergreen
hung from the ceiling over the table. Mr.
and Mrs. Manchester were presented fifty
dollars in gold from the members of the
grange and other friends. An orchestra
was in atteudanee and the evening very
pleasantly passed by about one hundred
and fifty of their friends who extended
congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Manches
The weight of years rests verv lisrhtlv
on the shoulders of this couple who have
uvea nnpptty together for the .past half
century. Among those from out of town
who attended the reception were Mr. and
Urs. Henry Manchester of Coneord.N. If.
lalnfiuld School Directors A iithorl.-d to
Btcuro riaits fer Smue.
Plainf.eld, ov. 8. This villaea is
wrestling with the project of buildine a
school house to replace the one recently
destroyed by fire. A special village meet
ing was held in the Congregational vestrv
yesterday forenoon. A motion was made
to build a school house, and the motion
was carried, only to be rescinded a little
Then the school directors were author
ized to get plans for a wooden structure
and report at an adjourned meeting.
Arrangements nave been made to hold
chool in the Congregational vestrv until
the new building is erected.
Yet Mrs Alice Moi'Uit In Chars'ttil W tti
Trying To I'oixun film,
Bennincton, Nov, 7. Assistant Jmhe
Norman Mattison held court Friday after
noon upon the application to admit to bail
Mrs. Alice Moflatt of Sanduate. who is in
dicted charged with attempting to poison
her husband, Philander Moffatt, of Sand-
n. She was admitted to bail In the sum
of $2,000, her husband and two others be
coming sureties. Mrs. Moffatt went
home with her husband on the evening
train, .
Schedule of Vermont
Amateur League
Schedule Consists of 60 Games Be
tween Six Teams of Barre, Mont
pdter and'Eurlington.
The Vermont Bowling Leaime consist
ing of the Eurekas and Calumets of Barre,
me Pastimes and Capitals of Montpelier
and the Queen City's and the K. of C
tam of Uurlinglon will begin its schedule
In this city November 38, when the Pas
times ana Eurekas will bowl. Tha sched
ule is as follows:
Nov. IS, Pastimes vs. Eureka at Barre.
IV, calumets vs. Capitals at Montpelier.
20, F:arekas vs. Queen Citys at Burling
ton. "... - , 5
l Kurekas vs. K. of C. at Burlington.
1 t'ueen Citv vs. Capitals at Montpel
ier. 2tl, (u-en t'itys vs. Pastimes at Mont
pelier. 2', K. of vs. ( 'aioinets at Barre.
ii'., K. of C. vs. iiuretas at Barr.
Ieo. 2, Capita! vs. Kurekas at Barre.
8, calumets vs. Pastimes at Montpelier.
4. Pastimes vs. Queen Citys at Burling
ton. 4, Pastimes vs.. K. of C. at Burlington.
9, Pastimes vs. Capitals at Montpelier.
10, -Calumets vs. Kurekas at Barre.
3 1, Capitals vs. Queen Citys at Burling
ton, 11, Capitals vs. K. of C. at Burlington.
10, Eurekas vs. Pastimes at Montpelier.
17, Capitals vs.. Calumets at Barre.
b, Calumets vs. Qaeen Citys at Bur-
18, Calumets vs. K. of C. at Burlington
'12, K. of C. vs. Queen Citys at Burling
22, Eurekas vs. Calumets at Barre
23, Capitals vs. Pastimes at Montpelier
Jan. 1, K. of C. vs. Capitals at Monti
L K. of C. vs. Fat!n.-c- at Montpelier.
Qi eru Citys K ;..ns at Barre.
1, Queen Citys vs. I.uukas at Barre.
i, r.urtkf vs. Capitals at Montpelier.
T, I'at:mei vs. Cal-imtj at Barre.
i, Qo-ui Citys vs. K. of C. at Burling
Li, Pa.-times vs, Furekas at Barre.
it !ammets vs. CapiMlsat Montpelier.
i.au N.ts vs. K. or C at Burlington
io, j-arenas vs. Queen Citys at Burlin
Pastimes vs. CapiUIs at Montpelier,
-1, v aiumets vs. hurekaa at Barr.
'-', Capitals vs. K, of C. at Burlineton.
-'2, Capitals vs. Queen Citjs at Burling
7. Capitals vs. Eurekas at Barre,
-i, Calumets vs. Pastimes at
i usumes vs. iv. oi c. at Hurlington.
j .-uim? vs, iueen I itvs at Bur-
iro. , iiieen .ilys vs Eurekas at
5, K. of C. vs. Calumets at Barre
o, C'ueen c itya vs. ( alutneis at Barre
i"), K. of C. vs. Eurekas at 5nrr.
10, Eurekas vs. Pastimes at Montpeliar.
1 1, v npuais vs. cammets at Uarre.
12, Calumtfs vs. K. of C. at Burlington
12, tlalumets vs.Queen Citys at Burling-
17, Eurekas vs. Capitals at Montpelier.
18, Pastimes vs. Calumets at Barre.
1, K. of C. vs. Queen Citys at Burling
24, Eurekas, vs. Calumets at Barre
Capitals vs. Pastimes at Montpelier.
vueu viiys vs. iv. oi c. at Burling.
Mar. 2, Queen Citys vs.
Pastimes at
2, K. of C. vs. Canitals at Mnnf nniinr
2, Queen Citys vs. Capitals at Montpa-
2. K. of C. vs. Pastimes at Montpelier.
The Barre teams
rekas, I. y. Smithjtobert Bvraes. Harry
Houghton, TiValtar DonrOas. VA
uoneau; gUos.j lien Giiley and Blar Marl
in, ammow. jonn Averill, William
1 renoweth, Earl Batcbelder, V ietor
i.ruwn, u. a. rem : subs., wiiiium iw.
idson and William Cole.
Opru in Church Vestry Tomorrow
K von-
lug. .-
i ue l oiversaiist fair will open Tups
uay auernoon at o o'clock. Supper will
oe served irom S.H0 to 1 o'clock. Menu
"" oeana, urown oread, not honiR made
rolls, pickles, pie, cheese, coffee. Supner
niar. joueais. .rouowing the supper a
nice entertainment will be given commenc
ing a 7 o'clock sharp, to give ample time
iw.tiuinj!w ati- ti.t the lecture.
Admission 10 cents. ' Wednesday evening
the entertainment will be given under the
direttlon of Edith Bri:t..n. Vou will be
entertained by the children.
Barre Dermtaiit IWutun.
Montpelier, Nov.7.--The ejfdmeut case
ot A, Johonnott against W. H. Sulham of
Barre, carao before Justice Heath yester
day aad judgment was given the plaint
to recover 37.fiO, and" costs of $4.20
and possession of the premises in Barre.
Glasses fitted by an eye sight specialist
at J. VV. JlolUm's.
Both Mr. Scampini and Mr. Zanleoni
Pcssrr.cd Liquor Business This
Angelo Scampini and Charles Zmleoni,
holders of the wholesale licenses in Barre,
who were notified last week by State's At
torney Bailey, Dot b sell In ipiantities of
less tkan a gallon, concluded Saturday to
ask for second class licenses in place of
the ones they how hold. The license com-
lissionws refused to accept the applica
tions, as there are eight license in force,
the full number allowed by the law in
This forenoon it was rumored the two
wholesalers had opened up for business
again, and upon impiiry at each piaee it
was statud by them that they had.
It Is presumed from this that the li
censees propose to stand prosecution and
find out what the definition of a whole
sale license really is under the Vermont li
cense law.
On th s lalte - point the Monti Her Jour
nal contained the following in its Satur
day issue: .
"Burton E. Bailey, who Is acting for
his brother, the , State's ettoniev, in th
matter, was seen today and he discussed
the situation fully..
"He said the action Just taken was one
that would have been taken before but for
thfj illness of his brother. He is sorry
for Scampini and Zanleoni, in that they
may be considerably danmued but that th'
law as the State's attorasy understands
It will beeri.foie.ed and notice will be lived
np to. The wholesalers may have been.
and probably were sonest in their belief
that their licenses covered sales In half
pint Bottles am! other small qnaatities, for
it is understood that they acted under ad
vice of counsel aud even with the passive
if not active consent of the Barre license
commissioners. He savs that it cannot
be that the intent of the law was to allow
btieh small sales under the guise of whole
saling and that there is good authority for
fixing the minimum limit at one gallon. It
is unfortunate that the law is not mors
specific but until it can be amended it
mut be taken as it is and interpreted as
nil. legislative acts are interpreted."
A Mrnm Animal Was Seen Lst Ert-n-
While the Rev, Brian C. Huberts wax on
iiis way home last evomns be was accost
vi ivasDiDgr.on street by a very
-Acuc.u yvung man. ins vihidi man
proved to b K. L. Bapp and the cause of
nis excitement was an animal which had
janipta at trno near F.lmwood cemetery.
is rupposeu tne animal is the one which
nas been stirring cp people in the lower
part ot tne city. ,
As the young man tells the story the an
nual was aoout tne size cf a Cog and bob-
UkitM. .. liie tifcapa of its hefid was round.
The man noticed one peculiarity about the
animal in particular, that it covered the
ground ia long leans. It gave a hissing
noise much louder than a cat would give.
In fact while Mr. L'aun and the "lie v.
Mr,. Huberts were discussing the animal.
some distance down the street, the snarls
could be distinctly heard, and the latter
declares that no eat of the domestic vari
ety could possibly giv a like sound.
Neither made a further investigation.
Held From Congregational Church Yester
day Afternoon.
The funeral of William. Garden
held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock from
be Congregational church. Lev. F. A.
Poole officiating assisted bv Rev. T. II.
Mitchell. The service was verv lareelv
attended, nearly 200 of the Clan" Gordon,
u. s. I ., attending in a body and aUo the
Barre Quoiting club, besides many other
friends. Music was furnished bv the
chnrck choir.
There was a very beautiful floral dis
play. The pall bearers were John, Mc
Donald, J. Wildgoose, G. Barclay, G.
Balph, I). Stevens and J. Elrlck. The in
terment was in Hope cemetery
Mr, ui Mm. John Forbon
Recipient of
A very pleasing surprise party was tdv
en Mr. ami Mrs. John Forbes at thuir
Dome fn the Thomas block, Saturday
night. Mrs. Forbes had just gone to spend
uie evening at airs. Emsiie s, when she
was telephoned to come home. To her
surprise she found a beautiful dinner set
awaiting her and a ting for Mr. F'orbes
given by their friends.
Ihe articles were presented by Mr. Sev
erwright. The evening was spent In
singing and dancing and refreshments
were SetVt-d.
Huld From Parents Home in Montpelier
Yesterday at t A. M,
The funeral of Mrs. Laila Harvey New
on, wife o Ur. R. V. Newton of this
ity, was beld yesterday forenoon at 9
'cluck from the home of her parents. Mr.
and Mrs. K. M. Harvey, on College street,
Aioiitpeoer. 1 tev li. t .. Eowe of this city
oiiiciatfd. I here was a large attendance
f relatives and friends both from Barre
and from Montpelier. The body was taken
to -We-ft Topsham for Intermeut. .....
arr .llan Married to Waterbtirv io id
Saturday Al'ternoon,
Lee Elwiri Martin of this city and Miss
Nettie Arminaton of Waterbnrv were uni
ted in marriage Saturday afternoon at the
homo of the groom's mother, Mrs. A, p.
Martin, of 34 Depot Square. Rev. Elbe K.
M. Jones performing the ceremony. Mr.
aud Mrs. Martin will reside at 14 Depot
Running water is generally pure. That
the secret of our dinners. Everything
fresh ; no stagnation. Thirty-five.
eeuts. Lynch's Restaurant.
Soldiers No Match In
Fcot Ball Game.
In First Half Home Team Hayed Fast
Foot Ball, But Slowed Down
On the local eamnus Saturday affemonn
Goddard Seminary won an ea'sy victory
irom tne ,'.;ru artillery foot ball team of
Fort Ethan Allen by a score of 87 to 0. In
th first halt Goddard went through the
soldiers like a whirlwind, making four
touchdowns in the first Un minutes of
play and ailing one more during the re
mainder of the twenty minute half.
The game was the most unfuteresting of
) " uavu oeen pmyea ner this fall
ami the small crowd that withstood the
exceedingly cold wind and the poor exhi
bition of foot ball during the first half bad
nearly ail departed when the hut half be
gan. .
The soldiers showsd poor knowledge of
the game and fumbled nearly evry timn
they had the ball before they could gain
the required five yards. Goddard played
her usual snappy game with goud team
work, and in the first half the soldiers
could hardly keep paco with the ball.
In the last half the soldiers played a
better and stronger game, holding the
home teamdowato two touchdowns, al
though it was evident that Goddard was
far from playing her best.
Goddard was unexousably weak in kick
ing goals, kicking only two out of seven
attempts, almost all of which were at easy
angles. At the start Goddard fcleted
ana aowneu tlie bail on the ia yard line,
held for diwns and Milne went over the
line in a few rushes for the first lounh
dwn. Goddard again kicked to the sold iers
who again fumbled and in a few rushes
Milne made the second score, A third
time Goddard kicked off and after a few
rushes the soldiers fumbled a third time
and Dunham made the third touchdown
after a W yard run.
Jvext time the Fort kicked to God.! ird
who steadily rushed the length of the rioi.i
for the fouith touchdown bv MellomiUi
Goddard kicked off and the soldiers miinod
a few times through the line when the pig
skin slipped through their fingers and af--'
ter a few rushes Goddard made her f;fh
score by Milne after Io yard inn.
l ms entleo i seonne for th first h-4lf
whieh closed w ith the. bill in Goddard's
possession at the the center of the tielii
Score 21 to 0. In the second half the Fort 1
kicked oil" to McDonald and after a few
rmnes coutiartl fumbled and the soldiers
captured the ball. It soon slipped threu-h
their lincers, however, and Goddard hSd
the sixth touehdowa after a ' 80-vafd run
by lieiry to the 10 yard line
neil bundled the line for the touchdown.
the l ort kicked off and McDonald afto
a few rushes carried the ball" ever for the
last touchdown just as time was called. -Score
37 to 0.
Ft. Ethan Allen,
re., Delam-y
rt.. Fallon
rg., Malorone
c, Heisellc
lg , Champaine
It., MoGowan
le., Wilde
qb., O'ffrrne
lhb., Mitcheil
fb,, Brown
Wright, le ,
White, It.,
Hefiiu, lg..
Clark, c , :
Thurber, rg.,'
McDonald, rt..
Turner, re.,
Berry, tib..
Dunham, lhb.,
Milne, rhb.,
Caoneli, fb..
Score, Goddard 37,
Touchdowns, Dun
ham, Canneli; McDonald 2, Milne 3. Goals
irom toucuaowns Milne 2. Umpire, Wish
art. Referee, .Cars well. Time iiOin halves
Sat ord ay " Foot Ball Scores.
At Philadelphia, Harvard 17, Pennsyl
vania 10. J
At New Haven, Yale SO, Syracuse 0.
At Princeton, Princeton 1 1, 'Lafayette 0.
At Amherst, Dartmouth 18. Amherst 0.
At Providence, Brown 24, Vermont 0.
At Worcester, Holy Cross 27, Spring
field training school 5
At Washington, Carlisle 28, Georgetown
0. .
At Williamstown. Williams ft- f',ii,
At Medfntd, Massachusetts' agricultural
college t.i, Tufts 0.- '
At Watcrville, Me.. Colby J I. Bowdoin
At Annapolis, Washington
son Irt, Annapolis 0.
at West Point. West Point k r.,i,,,
tan 0.
At Ithaca, Cornell 0, Lehigh 0.
At Hartford, Wesleyan 67, ' Trinity
Opening f IniftatsrBltr Tourn..i.r
Tuosdy Cluing.
The arrangement of mtehi in s
terf later ti ity cribbaite tournament for tie
first two weeks is as follows:
ov. 10, Clan Gordon, F. of A.
Nov, 11, 1. O. O. V., C. O. F.
Nov. 12, Clan Gordon, Red Men.
Nev. 17, Rett Men, I. O. O. F.
Nov. 19, C. O. F., Clan Gordon.
Nov. 20, Red Men, F. of A.
Barr Co-operative Smdety Meeting.
There will be a goecial meeting nf th
stockholders of the Barre Co-operative so
ciety oa Thursday evenlnar. Niresmher ts
at 7 p. m. in Miles' hall. Please make an
effort to be present. George Livingston
president, John Anderson, clerk. '

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