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Branches Meet Onlj U Ad
journ Again.
Writes a Letter to the Home of
TVltllr Satirises Malarltr For Its
laartloa IVaroae Asks Senate to
Iaveatlsrate Postal l'raada Mor
aa Wants Canal Probed.
Washington, Dee. 2. When the house
convened, Mr. Cushniaa (Rep., Wash.)
was sworn in as a member.
When Mr. Payne (N. Y.) moved that
when the liouse adjourn that it be un
til Friday, Mr. Williams, the minority
loader, asked that thirty minutes on a
Bide be given for debate, -whereupon
Mr. Payne asked that unanimous con
Pent be given as desired by Mr. Wil
liams. The motion was adopted on a di
Tlsiou by 97 to 92. Mr. Hull (Rep., Ia.),
rising to a parliamentary inquiry, said
lie understood consent was given for
u in i
J ,V . - f
debate on the question of adjournment
and asked what was before the bouse.
The speaker replied that consent was
given to "talk," when Mr. Do Armond
(Deui., Mo.) was recognized.
lie amused the house for ten min
utes by likening the present procedure
of congress to the Alphonse, Gusfon
and Leon scheme of politeness. "On
the question of adjournment of the ex
tra session, the, Alphonse of the senate
is saying to the Gaston of the liouse,
'After yon. my dear Gaston.' and the
Gaston of the house is saying to the
Alphonse of the senate, 'After you, my
dear Alphonse,' and Leon, standing off
at a distances is saying: 'How mag
nificent! How magnanimous! How
strenuous!" Rut. aside, he Is giving
this expression: 'I wish I had four
years of my own In that dear White
House at Washington.' This spectacle
has to be gone through with because
no more Important matters are to be
disposed of."
Turning his attention to the subject
of committee nppolntments, Mr. He Ar
mond said facetiously that lie was un
der the impression that the gentlemen
on the Republican side had not been
treating the speaker just right In not
-making plain to him their desires for
import;i il ehn irma nships.
Mr. Williams (Miss.), taking up t no
question of tariff, turned to the steel
schedule and asked if the ways and
means committee could not agree to a
reduction on steel and iron products.
He said he had been Informed that four
railroads bad agreed to reduce the
freight rates on steel products for ex
port 33 1-3 per cent. Mr. Williams said
that under the guise of u sacred duty
"stand pat" the opposition was fur
nishing a shelter whereby the trust
can extort from the American people
while selling to the foreigner cheaper
than the foreigner can manufacture.
Mr. Gaines (I)em., Tenn.) addressed
himself to 'the "stand pat" policy of
the Itcpublicans. Mr. llemenway (Uep.j
Ind.) defended the house on the charge
of the minority that time was being
Mr. Hepburn (Itep., Ia.), replying to
statements made by Mr. Williams
(Miss.), quoted figures and declared
that the country never was in better i
condition and that this was due to the
. Republican policy of protection. '
The house then adjourned.
The senate was In open hcssiou thirty
minutes. After receiving a number of
bills, resolutions and petitions and aft
er spending some time in executive ses
sion the senate adjourned until Friday
A majority of the bills offered were for
private pensions, and most of the petl
tions for the expulsion of - Mr. Kmoot
CRop., Utah). As usual, Mr. Cullom
(Rep., 111.) called up the Cuban reci
procity bill, but as no one manifested
a desire to address the senate upon It
the bill went over.
Senator Penrose, chairman of the
committee on postoffices and post roads,
introduced a resolution authorizing
that committee to request the postmas
ter general to send to the committee
all the papers connected with th re
cent Investigation of the postofflce de
partment and if necessary the commit
tee is to make further investigation
and to report to the senate. The resolu
tion, without action, was referred to
the committee on contingent expenses
of the senate.
Senator Morgan introduced resolu
tions authorizing the committee on in
teroceanic canals to investigate the part
alleged to have been taken by the
transcontinental railroads in the isth
mian canal matter and also to inquire
into the plans of the Interoceanic canal I
eon mission.
Rickert & Wells Publish It to Show
How the Fame of their Vinol
is Spreading.
"We have contiaually been publishing
fact! about tbe great g'Hid Vinol has keen
doing right here in town," explained Mr.
Weill, of the firm of Rickert & Wells, our
well-Known drug-guts, "and It is with
pride we are permitted to publish hera-
ith a letter from a far-off citv. showinu
that the unquestionable merit of Vinol Is
being recognized la all parts of the coun
try, me lion. J. (. Hesse, Mayor of
w rmiyraa, ria, writes:
" 'It must afterd you great satisfaction to
a now that you have succeeded In placing
before the people a cod liver oil prepara
tion of such high merit and great curative
power ai Vinol. I know of nothing super
ior in cases oi inroat and lung troubles
and to build up the system after wasting
'"Vinol Invigorates the sy stem, heals d la
ease, Induoes appetite and helps assimilate
me loou, in fact, It agists nature to per
form her duties without friction, and this
always means good health.
"'I am satisfied Vinol's marvelous re
building power is derived from the vain
able curative medlolual elements found In
the cod liver, which-by your admirable
r '"X
. w-f-A
't '! I I g' :
C. G. 1IKSSE. .
method you are able to administer without
a drop of eil or any disagreeable feature.
" 'Such a high-class preparation, which 1
know from experience does all and more
than It claims, has my hearty endorse
ment.' "Such testimony as this Is valuable be
eanse it Is genuine. Much a man as the
lion. Mr. Hesse would aot go out of his
way to voluntarily recommend Vinol un
less he knew It was worthy. This seems
to back np what we have been claiming so
long for Vinol, and is published for that
"There is not a shadow of donbt about
Vinol being the greatest preparation of
cod liver oil ever sold to the American
public, and therefore it must be the great
est touiu reconstructor known to medicine.
"In the strongest manner we unhesitat
ingly indorse and guarantee Vinol to In
crease the appetite, cure stomach troubles,
give strength and renewed vitality to the
au'ed, build up the run-dewn, tired and de
bilitated, make the weak strong, cure
chronie cougr s, colds and build up the
convalescent, or will return to the purchas
er every dollar paid for it." Rickert &
Wells, Druggists.
Lna of notorious Fanatical Leader
la the riiilippin.es.
Ta,t Connlderlnar Tariff Chan,-.
Developmenta In the Immigra
tion 1- rand In Which Con-
Bla Are Implicated.
Manila, Dec. 2.-Senor Rios, the fa
natlc Filipino leader and so called pope
of the Tayabas, has been hanged. He
was captured last May and was subse-
iju-uiiy vouvwieu or inuraer and sen
tenced to death. Twenty-seven of his
followers were sentenced at the same
time to various terms of imprisonment
Lavedo Toledo, the lndrone leader
who gave the military authorities con
siderable trouble by his operations in
the province of Albay, has been con
victed and sentenced to death. Toledo
surrendered with thirty of his men and
ten guns in October last.
C. E. Richardson of the firm of Rich
ardson & Co. of Amoy, of which Wr. D.
Ballentine, an inspector of customs at
this port, and John T. Miller, ex-Inspector
of Immigration, charged with
conspiracy to import Chinese coolies
into the Philippine Islands disguised as
merchants, were members, states as a
witness and has produced letters from
Ballentine which say that Carl John
son, vice consul at Amoy, would sign
any certificates the firm issued.
Collector of Customs Shuster secured
at the time he unearthed the conspiracy,
In October last, a number of papers,
among them a contract signed by Mil
ler and Itallentlne. This contract men
tions Carl Johnson, vice and at that
time acting United States consul at
Amoy, his interpreter and secretary
as beneficiaries.
Governor Taft has just appointed a
mixed commission of officials connect
ed with different departments of the
government and business men of this
city to consider and recommend a new
list of tariff changes.
Prlnrmt Alice Seeks Divorce.
Berlin, Dec. 2. The divorce proceed
ings of Princess Alice of Schoenburg
YYaklenburg against her husbam
Prince ! rederick, have begun at Dres
den. The princess returned from Sor
near Genoa, in an aggressive state
mind. She openly -declared the prim
was responsible for the shameful
charges made against her and said ho
nusoaim was seeking revenge oceans
she refused to continue paying hi
debts. The princess also threatens to
begin proceedings for calumny, claim
lug that the newspaper stories of he;
alleged elopement with a coachma
are traceable directly to Prince Fred
RelchstaK Member Voted Twice.
Berlin, Dec. 2.-Dr. Joseph Ilerzl'eh
a fcoeial-Domoeratie member of the
reichstag from Rostock, Mecklenburg
has been condemned to a short term of
Imprisonment In Berlin for voting twice
at the recent elections. He voted at
Rostock and then returned to Berlin
where he has a permanent residence
and voted again. Dr. Herzfeld claimed
his legal domicile was at Rostock am
that on account of business connections
he also had a residence here for severa
months each year. The court dissented
from this view.
Thirty Yearn Kor .Murder.
AHueviiie, ,, iec. 2. Dr. J V
Jay has been found guilty of murder
in the second degree and sentenced to
thirty years at hard labor. A few
weeks ago Dr. Jay, who was a promi
nent pnysician, murdered his three
children. His mind was thought to be
Mjrr. Ilartr Starts For Manila.
St. Louis, Dec. 2. A mid cheers from
several hundred parishioners congre
gated at the Union station Archbishop
Harty departed for San Francisco on
his way to his new work in Manila,
Archbishop Harty was accompanied by
ins secretary, Mgr. Fowler.
The First Pill
the biggest seller in the world t
Why ? Because the best to cure
Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick
Headache and all troubles from
Disordered Stomach is
Sold Everywhere. In boxes 10c. and 2fc
Lett-Ulntarr Meet t DctIm
to End It.
Helena, Mont., Dec. 2. The legisla
tive assembly has met In special ses
sion to consider a bill which will give
the supreme court authority to review
facts in cases of equity and change of
judgeship. This bill is the outcome of
the recent copper mining troubles In
Montana which resulted in the closing
of oil Amalgamated Copper company's
mines, whereby 20,000 men were
thrown out of employment and re
sumed work only on the promise that
Governor Toole would' call a special
session of the legislature to pass a law
known as the "fair trial" bill. The
company claimed It could not obtain
justice in the Silver Bow county courts
because of the alleged partisanship of
Judge Clancey for F. Augustus Heinze,
who is fighting the Amalgamated Cop-
! per company.
I T vi jit. i . ... i
u oiiuiuaure wiifi oovernor looies
call the legislature met with practical
ly a full attendance. This is the third
meeting of the leginlature this year,
the first being the regular session and
the second being a special meeting to
appropriate money for Montana's rep
resentation at the St. Louis exposition.
A if air ffes
We Knob That Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets
Will Cure You.
Thus We Zre Safe in Offering to Return
Your Honey if Dissatisfied.
You take no risks.
We take no risks.
We know that Rexall Dvsncnsia Tablets will cure you.
Our free sample packages alone brought health to hun
dreds of sufferers.
Dyspepsia is caused by the absence of the digestive element
in the gastric juices.
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets supply this element, and stimulate
the digestive apparatus to natu-al, healthy action.
Nine out of ten people have dyspepsia. Many do not know
that it is dyspepsia that causes their constant suffering and weak
ness. Are you dizzy ? If you stoop and then suddenly straighten
up, does everything turn dark before your eyes ? Does a hot,
bitter fluid risa in jour "throat after eating? Are you short of
breath? Do you feel a weight in the pit of your stomach ? Is
your back weak ? 13 your tongue coated ?
These arc: symptoms of dyspepsia.
Dyspeps'n never cures itself; never wears itself out.
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets cure it quickly and permanently.
Remember if you want your money back, it's yours.
One Woman's Experience
" Before I confmenccd taking your Rexall Tablets, I was troubled with terrible
rains in mv stomach, and I would use boiling hot water for relief. It would some
times give relief, but it was not permanent. There were certain things I could not
eat. After taking three boxes of Rexall I began to pick np, and now I feel all
right. I haven't been so well for years as I era now. I would advise all who are
troubled with dyspepsia to try Rexall Tablets. Mas. W, F. Waujek, i I
Grofton Street, Worcester, Mass." .-
Price 25 cents. Sold only at our (tore or by maiL
7 -:
4y '
RICKERT & WELLS, pharmacy! c
HnxMla After
Glasgow, Dec
i Libertnd l.nill nn
It, A. . . ! ' .......
aueuiown, ra., uec. a. The town of . and which it
um iirir, wh VISlieu oy a
gnng of five outlaws, who terrorized
Arrangement Between Mayor
Clergyman In Joliet, 111.
Joliet, 111., Dec. 2.-The Rev. William
Bohler Walker of Christ Episcopal
church has been made a sort of assist
ant chief of police by Mayor Croilus
to enable him to conduct his antisaloon
campaign here.
The mayor asked Mr. Walker to act
as his personal representative In inves
tigating the violations of law and of
fered the pastor the use of the police
department In arresting any saloon
keepers who might be found keeping
open after hours or on Sundays. Mr.
Walker accepted the proposition.
The saloon keepers have decided to
organize nw secure a general
ment to close as long as the
hostile situation exists.
Town of Kmnua Terrorized by liaujc '
of Ontlawa.
Chilean Warship.
American Helirrw nniiut Kntrr
Itnmla Without II U Order.
Berlin, Dec. 2. American Jews are
no lenger permitted to cross the Rus
sian frontier without a special permit
in each case from M. von Plehve, the
Russian interior minister. Most Amer
icans travel to Russia by way of Ger
many. The practice until the last two
weeks was for the Russian consul gen
eral here to vise the Jews' passport
upon receiving a statement of their
purpose to visit Russia and that their
stay there was to be temporary.
A reputable Jew of San Frauclsco,
bearing a letter from the state depart
ment at Washington, lXn assured n;
the Russian consulate general hrc
that he could not be admitted to lt;is
sia now without a special order fro.a
Minister von Plehve. The Russian em
His- Shipment of American Apple.
Berlin, Dec. 2. The largest shipment
of apples which ever left New York
has arrived at Bremen on the North
German Lloyd steamer Main, which
sailed from New York Nov. 19. It con
sists of 22.023 barrels and 1,540 boxes.
the residents, committed numerous dep
redations and finally escaped to the
Lehigh mountains. The men are be
lieved to be the same who last week
robbed the postotJlce and cracked three
safes at Emaus and who on Sunday
night entered and robbed the Pennsyl
vania railroad station at Phenixville.
The highwaymen entered Emaus
shouting and discharging revolvers.
They first went to Kremser's barber
shop' and nfter being shaved left with
out paying. They visited several sa
loons and ordered drinks, for which
they refused to pay. Samuel Renin
and a woman and a little girl were
held up. Rehin was robbed of his mon
ey, and the woman's purse was taken.
A posse of citizens was finally or
ganized, but the outlaws evaded capture.
bassy made the
- - ine tiattleship order was obtained ultimately from M
the Clyde for Chile von Plehve through the America, em
bassy at St. Petersburg.
This new restriction is an extension
of the policy initiated by the recut
withdrawal of the vise powers fioni
the Russian consulates In America.
is claimed Russia is trr-
ing ro purchase, with the battleship
Constitution, built for the same coun
try, has left the Clyde on an eighteen
hours' continuous steaming trial and
also to test her guns. Admiral Simp
son of the Chilean navy was on board'.
He declined to discuss the negotiations
with Russia, but it is understood that
the latter will decide the question of
the purchase of the Libertad after the
present trials of that vessel.
A New Freight Steamer.
iew lork, uec. 2. A new freight
steamer, the Kelvin Bank, has arrived
in port rrom her builders yard at Sun
derland. The Kelvin Bank is 2,289 tons
net register. length 274 feet, beam 40.8
feet, depth 24..T5 feet and average
speed 12.5 knots per hour. She is fitted
throughout with electric lights and
modern appliances -for handling cargo.
She will load for the river Plate.
Graft Eiiioaer Threatened.
Chicago, Dec. 2. Attorney Dav
counsel for the nldermanle graft in
vesngating committee, has received
nearly 100 letters threatening his life
since he began the campaign against
gamblers and violators ef the saloon
ordinances. The fact, which has been
carefully concealed by Mr. Davis him
self, became known when he was ad
vised by his old friends to guard
against attack. The committee and its
coworkers have had many disappoint
ments, but it is admitted that the pros
pect for far reaching disclosures Is bet
ter than at any previous time.
Qneen Alexandra Birthday.
London, Dec. 2. -Alternating sunshine
and snowfalls marked Queen Alexan
dra's birthday celebrations at Sand
rlngham. The queen was busy all the
morning receiving telegraphic and oth
er greetings and replying thereto. In
the afternoon all the children on the
royal estate were entertained at tea.
the queen personally supervising the
wants of her guests. Royal salutes
were fired at all the naval and military
stations at home and abroad, the war
ships were dressed, and there was a
liberal display of bunting on the public
buildings. , i
Maachnett Iluil-1 jnl Elections.
Boston, Dec. 2.--S ven Massachusetts
cities are holding municipality elections.
They are Fltcliburg, Marlboro. New
Bedford. Northampton, Pittsfie!d, Quin
cy and Waltliam. Next Tuesday twen
ty more will vole, and the following
week the remaining six cities in the
state, including Boston, will choose
their officers.
Cloning; Quotations of the New Ynrk
Stock ICiolinnire.
' New York, Dec. I.
Money on call nominally at Ca" per
cent. Prime mercantile papor, 6s4 prr
rent. Kxchantft-s. fc46.7U.465; balances
Closing prices:
Atrial. Cupper... 3D
Atchison c.7
B. & 0 77-14
Brooklyn It. T.. 3!R4
C. .C..C. & St. L. 7.1
Ches. & Ohio.... 31H
Chi. & North w.JiSfn
D. & H ir,7
Erie. , 27'$
Gen. Electric lf,(v
Illinois Cen. .... 130
Louis. & Nu8h..l07
Manhattan 130 '4
Metropolitan 117"t
Missouri Pac
Music Furnished for
Any Occasion.
Any number of pieces that are rcqired.
For prices, etc., address
Telephone 158-3. 12 Laurel Street.
N. Y. Central... 1174
Norf. & West... 57
Penn. R. R d;,
Reading: 41;
Rock Island .... 2514
St. Paul H04
Southern Pac... 48
Southern liy..,. o-s
South. Ry. pf... 7jnj
Miss Ticrney,
Assisted by Wilder's Orchestra,
Will furnish Music for any oc
casion, with ai many pieces as
desired. Also
For prices, tic, call
on or address
No. 50 Sooth Kain St., - - Earre, Vermont.
Texas Pacific
Union Pacific
U. S. Steel....
IT. S. Steel pf.
Went. Union .,
2 4 '.5
4 1
Ito'n Tarty Protcatn.
Tokyo, Japan, Dec. 2. A mass meet
ing of the metropolitan section of the
Seiyukai party passed a resolution de
nouncing the delay in the negotiations
with Russia and urging their speedy
prosecution. The gelyukal party, form
ed by Marquis Ito In 1900, hag a clear
majority In the diet over all other par
Private Car Kill Workmen.
Mahanoy City, ra., Dec. 2.-A private
car containing oillcials of the Philadel
phia and Reading railway crashed lute
a gang of workmen at Gilberton, near
here, instantly killing John Zubricki
and fatally Injuring John Deyda and
Michael Barna.
Generally fair;
able winds.
continued light, varl-
New York, Deo. 1
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"" mantels; Mas-. 841
851-lfie.; July, flaSlc. 8
RYE Steady; mate and Jersey 56a58c
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able weather west, local covering, notablv
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choice, ff,a92Hc. b 10 1
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School of Music
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