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7 l-n :'rv ! :':'T
i k-.'-
Swo tko dishes and gvc mo
hsxnds. Wash all household utensils
with Sunlight, then see them
sparkle and shine with brilliancy.
No sticky dishes and no red or
chopped hands, for Sunlight Soap
is absolutely pure.
Still Dreaming In liogola of Cfr
jrainiii'' the Isthmus.
Siuiio IXiiulneo'a I.ale rrenitlent Will
Meet Heuor (inlvao In "VVanliine
toa Three Hevoltii Now ltnulnji
In lilM Tuumlluou Inlet.
Washington, Dee. 5.--M mister Ilcuu
pre at Bogota has udvist d the slate de
partment that the llny-IIenun canal
treaty was rejected by the Colombian
nonale on its meritsthat is to say, be
cause the treaty itself, in Its text and
its spirit, was regarded as objoetiou
uble. Mr. lleaupri! in eontMetit that
nothing iu the instructions lie had re
ceived from-Washington relative to the
presentation of the treaty in Bogota
in llie slightest d'ive influenced the
adverse action upon that convention of
the Colombian senate.
The minister' advices continue to set
out the fait that the Colombians a til?
are hopeful of beiuif able to iteotlatfc
a new treaty with the I'niied States in
place of the failed llay-Uernin treaty
ami, regretting Hie adverse action of
Ihelr senate, arc willing to extend to
the United State terms much more
favorable than those contained in that
treaty. I 'remises have none so far as
to indicate that the present congress
might be dissolved and a new congress
chosen by order of the president and
1liat the iatt-r would see to it that, the
new congress would be favorable to
any canal treaty that he misjht submit
for its ratification.
Secretary Hay has promised to pre
sent General Ueyes to President Koose
relt. The date will depend upon the
president's pleasure. The secretary is
satisfied as to the plenipotentiary pow
ers possessed by General lieyes and
will afford him every opportunity to
iMschaw his mission, but the fact Is
not concealed that there is no hope of
Won't Annex Sunto KonilnKO.
The appearance in Washington of
Sonne Gal van. minister of liname of
the defunct Wos y Gil administration
of Santo Domingo, has led to a revival
of the report, that the ox-president, is
trying to secure reinstatement with the
assistance of the t'nited States, under
taking in return to allow the T'nited
States to assume a full protectorate
over the island of Santo lomino. It
may now lie stated, however, .that the.
state department entertains absolutely
no thought of establishing a protecto
rate over Santo Poinlngo or of annex
ing it. it is declared positively that
American Interference in the island's
affairs will be limited to the protection
of American interests there, and while
the frequent revolutions in the little
republic are very much deplored by
the administration here, the AVashing-
. - .......... ......1.!!.. ...;,!,
1011 gOVeiHIUeill Will U"l lueuuie nnu
the political conditions of Santo Do
liilngo, but will simply see to it that
existing engagement's as to Arbitration
and concessions to Americans are ob
served and that American trade Is not
Improperly obstructed.
Tf (ci K-.d itn ft'i-iin i I'll u 1 n-(i'1 v ciiiiwmc
About 8,000,000 Gallons Go
Into Patent Medicines
Every Year.
Of tha 18,000,000 gallons of alcohol nsd
in th "arU" In this country, Edward
Atkinson, the eminent authority on statis
tien, says more than half of this quantity is
used in the making of quack medicines he
nifaris the patent kind. Very tew persons
who use these patent medicine realize they
are drinking Intoxicating liquors. Nut
only are they taking great quantities into
their systems, but they are also absorbing
several kinds of dings which are sold un
der their own names as poisons.
- t -r-r i . . x
that Wos y Gil, the deposed president,
is now on his way to the T'nited States
lie will come to Washington and will
see Senor Gat van, who expects to be
in Washington again within the next
ten days.
Three Hevolntiotis Jiow On,
Advices reach Washington that then
are now three revolutions In Santo Do
mingothe revolution led by. Morales
u revolution at Monte Cristo led by
the followers of Jiminex and a third
and stronger revolution in the south
of the island. It appears that Morales-
has secured control by tin appeal to the
Dominicans that the United States in
tends to annex the Island. It is alsc
said that Morales has received ninny
courtesies from Kuropeun representa
tives In the Island who are also opposed
to a step by the United States iu the
direction of asserting the supremacy
of It3 Interests in the island.
Senor Galvan himself declines to dis
cuss, the situation in Santo Domingo
in view of the fact that he Is here
primarily on a judicial commission.
Colon Holds UnlWIcnt inn Meeting-.
Colon, Dee. 5. I'refect Melendcz held
a reception of the citizens of Colon nt
the prefecture, with the object of pre
senting to the junta of l'anama the
patriotic felicitation of the citizens of
tins town on the speedy signing of the
canal treaty, "thereby insuring the
stability and future welfare of the re
public." A large number of natives
and foreigners were present, and the
greatest cut Iiusiasm prevailed. A torch
light procession marched to the resi
dence of United States Consul Malmros,
the superintendent of the railroad and
the French consul, M. Iionhenry. There
was a fireworks display during the
night. The United States gunboat Ban
croft has arrived here.
Tin Sunk In 4'otll.iioit.
New York, Dec. 5. The tug Arnott
collided with and sank the lug ,1. J.
llussell off Liberty island, in New York
harbor. The Bussed was struck amid
ships and cut almost in two. She san
immediately. The ltussell's crew was
saved by the Arnott. George A. Slid
don, ' seventeen .years old, of Jersey
Cityj a deck hand on the Uussell, was
knocked Into the water when the col
lision occurred, but was picked up and
was not injured.
Hflltimore nt llnnipton Honiln.
Norfolk, Va., Dee.- 5. The cruiser
Baltimore has arrived in .Hampton
Honda from Santo Domingo and will
coal here preparatory to acting as con
voy for the torpedo boat destroyer flo
tilla on a trial trip in deep water.
Three destroyers are now coaling at
Newport News for this trip.
Mncrnxln In tjoori Condition.
Capo Henry, Va., Dec. 5. The sub
marine boat Mocassin, ashore near Cur
rituck life saving station, was boarded
by life savers, and the vessel was
found to be tight and in good condi
tion, with no one on board.'
Major Kleet Met li-llan Iletter.
Washington, Dec. 5.-Representative
George B. McCleilan of New York, who
has been contined to his apartments
here for several days with a cold, is
better and expects to be out soon.
Snielde of nn lona Hunker.
Des Moines, la.. Dec, 5. George
Wood, a prominent banker of Colfax,
shot himself through the head, dying
It la because physicians are aware of
these alarming facts that they oppose the
nse of these patent preparations. Thay
kaow that drnnkenaess and the drut hab
it in many cases haTe their beginning In
the use of patent medicines. Physicians
hav no hesitation in recommending
Father John's Medicine because they know
that It does not contain alcohol or poison
ons imps, and that it is not a patent med
icine hut the prescription of a regular
physician an eminent specialist who
prescribed it fifty years ago for tha late
Kev. Father John O'Brien of Lowell,
Mass., by whom it was recommended and
from whom It derived its name.
It Is all pure nourishment and builds up
the body. At the same time It cures colds
and all throat and luna troubles: nrevents
pneumonia and consumption. Guaranteed. '
Market's Excitement Over Govern
ment (rep Ileport Unabated.
Hea-ry Caverlmt Al and gtroug
11 Bapixirt 1-endera' ' jBilif
mtut Vindicated by OM
elal I-'Iuurea.
New York, Dec. 5. After a night's
reflection the government crop report
did not seem to appeal any less bullish
to the cotton trade. At any rate, the
market opened tirm and ruled very
active and excited. First prices were
at an advance of 7 to 3 points, with
till the months Boiling at new high
record prices for the season on cables
that were even better than due, re
llecting a very bullish interpretation
of the government crop estimate by the
English trade.
Following the call here there was
tremendous realizing, but there was
also tremendous covering and bull sup
port, and fluctuations were so extreme
ly rapid and violent that it was almost
impossible to tell whether the market
was up or dowu from one minute to an
other. One of the active months would be
selling down while another was selling
up, and, taken altogether, It was one
of the most erratic mornings of the sea
son. It seemed for a time after the
opening as though offerings were a lit
tle too heavy for the buying power, but
the market had soon rallied again to
about the opening prices.
Sully' .lull hiii cut Vindicated.
The publication'of the government's
estimate of this year's cotton crop,
showing it to be less than 10,000,000
bales, which was lower than many of
the private estimates, was of course
regarded as a complete vindication of
the consistent attitude that has been
maintained by the bull leaders on the
cotton market during the last few
months and particularly of the judg
ment of D. J. Sully. The government's
estimate placed the crop at 0,002,4:")
bales. Mr. Sully's estimate was O.O'.XS,-
000, or just 25,000 bales more than the
government's figures. Other private
estimates varied between 10,250,000
and ll,0n0,000 bales. The closeness of
Mr. Sully's figures to those of the gov
ernment bureau was therefore consid
ered a rather remarkable feat.
Cotton Good Go t p.
St. John, N. B., Dec. 5. An advance
In the price of cotton goods Is being
made by cotton mills throughout Can
ada on account of the increasing value
of raw material. The Gibson mills of
Marysville, the largest in eastern Can
ada, have ordered on advance, and the
mills nt Moneton and Millrown, In this
province, and those of Nova Scotia will
meet the increase. It is further an
nounced that the Canadian Cotton
Mills company, the combine which con
trols a majority of factories in the
country, in a day or two will send out
circulars ordering an advance in the
price of goods running all the . way
from one-qnarter to three-quarters of
a cent per yard.
He Was Onee ( liulriuiin of War) nml
.Mean Committee.
Washington, Dec. 5. Former Repre
sentative William M. Springer of Illi
nois, a Democratic leader conspicuous
In the house of representatives from
the Forty-fourth to the Fifty-third con
gress, - inclusive, and once chairman
of the ways and means committee of
the house, Is dead at his residence in
this eity, aged sixty-four years. His
death was due to pneumonia contract
ed In Chicago Thanksgiving day.
Mr. Springer had been n resident of
this city during the past few years fol
lowing his retirement from congress
and bad followed the practice of law
begun nt Springfield, 111., before his
congressional career began. He had
represented many of the Indian claims
before the interior department and be
fore the federal and local courts here.
The funeral arrangements have been
placed in the bands of a local under
taker. t;rnnd llranld Graft.
Grand Rapids, Mich., Dec, 5,--The
examination of Alderman diaries T.
Johnson, charged with accepting a
bribe from I.ant K. Salsbury to sup
port the Lake Michigan water deal, in
aid of which, Salsbury alleges, he
bribed a score or more of prominent
citizens, including the managers of
three local newspapers, was taken up
in police court. . Salsbury had suffi
ciently recovered to again take the
stand as a witness. He was unable to
remember any more than the substance
of various conversations with Johnson
in the summer of 11)00, but stated that
Johnson agreed to support the water
deal for $1,000 in cash, $350 of which
Salsbury said he paid him.
Slew Depot For !t. I.ooln.
New York, Dec. 5. The presidents of
the roads In the St. Louis Terminal as
sociation have met to consider plans
connected with the improvement of the
Union station at St. Louis. These plans
Involve nn outlay of about ?0,0O0,0O0,
and It is expected that the proposed
improvements will be completed In time
to handle with greater facility the rush
of travel to the exposition.
fourth Claaa PoHtmnistera.
Washington, Dee. 5. The following
fourth class postmasters have been ap
pointed: Pennsylvania- Dauphin. C. W. Shope;
Johnlowen, George T. Hoot; Walling
ford, David Mixsell.
TIMES, DEC. o, 1003.
HarriNou'K Vr on 1IU- men 3e-
Cua In r.iirue.
Cklcagoi Dec. 5. West side lodging
bouses and resorts frequented by wo
men wer the first to feel the effect of
tba drastic crime clearing order of
Mayor Harrison. Detectives and po
licemen vitited the places, queried and
searched the inmates and issued com
mands that will cause an exodus of
suspicious characters from the terri
tory. Few weapons were found.
More than thirty men and women
were arrested, but to many hundreds
thu edict was given: "Get to work.
Keep away from these places and
streets or spend the winter iu the
Dynamite in large quantities has
been fouud by Assistant Chief of Po
lice Schuettler hidden in the northwest
part of the city. The discovery was
followed by the immediate institution
of a search for the persons who secret
ed the explosive and who are said to
be connected with the ear barn bandits
captured in the swamps across the In
diana state line.
One of the bandits, Teter Neider-
lueior, attempted to bribe one of the
guards nt the county jail to allow him
to escape. The guard Is Patrick Don
nelly. Ncidormeier promised him $25
000. Donnelly asked Neidermeier
where he would get the money and re
ceived the answer, "I'll get it all right;
Deaf Mate'a Trustee lender Charsea
Bridgeport, Conn., Dec. 5. Charges
alleging embezzlement, forgery and
perjury have been filed In the superior
court by the grievance committee of
the Fairfield County Bar association
against Attorney George W. Carey of
Stratford, who has been practicing law
In this city for the past twelve years.
Mr. Carey is prominent in social and
church circles here and in Stratford.
The charges against him are based on
alleged acts in connection with his po
sition as executor and trustee under
the will of the late John W. Ford of
Milford, a deaf unite, and as conserv
ator over Mrs. Ford, widow of the tes
tator and also a deaf mute.
Itennited After Thirty-two Yearn
Chicago, Dec. 5. After a separation
of thirty-two years Mrs. Margaret
Holmes lias met her brother, John II.
Keron, in a State street department
store. Keron years ago started out to
seek his fortune. After a time his
parents died, and his sister was adopt
ed by relatives in Minneapolis, Minn.
Several years ago she married Wil
liam Holmes and moved to Chicago.
Though she tried to trace her brother,
her efforts were vain. Keron, who is in
the lumber business at Oconto. Wis.,
was in Chicago, and in a State street
store he met bis sister, whom he rec
ognized at onee.
Brjna'a Connael Files Appeal.
New Haven, Conn., Dec 5. Counsel
for William J. Bryan, executor of' the
will of the late Phiio S. Bennett, has
filed an appeal in the' superior court
from the decision of Judge Livingston
W. Cleavclatid in the probate court by
which the sealed letter giving $50,000
to Mr. Bryan and his family was ex
cluded from probate. The appeal is
taken by Mr. Bryan as the beneficiary
and trustee mentioned in the sealed
letter. It will come up for a hearing
at the January term of the superior
Murdered Man Washed Ashore,
Baltimore, Md., Dec, 5. The body of
a weii dresseu lnan, supposed fro.u let
ters found on his person to be Michael
J. Fitzpatrick of New York, was wash
ed ashore in St. Mary's county. The
throat was cut from ear to car. and
there were two bullet wounds in the
chest. The point Is remote, and par
ticulars are meager. If the man was
murdered the crime must have been
committed on a steamer plying on the
Chesapeake bay. The authorities are
investigating. -
Stutte Stub Too Healistle.
Gervais, Ore., Dec. 5. Robert Mat
teson of Minneapolis, a traveling show
man, was stabbed in the breast at the
opera house and is In a precarious con
dition. During the entertainment a
farce Is played in which the woman
in the case stabs the leading character.
To make it realistic the actor wears a
board under his clothing. In this in
stance the heroine struck too' high, and
the knife pierced the left lung, barely
missing the heart. The wound may re
sult fatally.
I'.iikIInIi Mills Fear Grent Calamity.
Liverpool, Dec. 5. The cotton market
opened amid great excitement. Fu
tures were quoted as-pt') to -10-pio pence
higher, January and February running
immediately to 0.05 'pence, being 4:1
points higher. Tin' rise in cotton
caused intense excitement In Manches
ter and Liverpool. It is said locally
that if the oflicial crop esthurte of the
United States department of agricul
ture is correct It means a terrible ca
lamity for Lancashire.
Contraband Chlnnineu Drowned.
Buffalo, Dec. 5. A wagon load of
Chinamen who were being smuggled
Into this country was overturned and
fell into the Erie canal. Four of the
Chinamen were drowned.
Perfumes and Toilet Articles
During the Holiday Season.
Write for Free Catalogue.
CURTIS Sc MOORE, - - Maaufactutisg Chemists,
208 State Street, Boston.
Cetail Business Quiet, Manufacturing
Interest Irregular.
Eneouraain; lteport. lteKardinK
Iran and steel-Small Receipts
and Salpmants of Wheat.
Xoveuiber FH.
New York, Dec. 5.- R. G. Dun 4 Co.'s
weekly review of trade ssys: Trade h
seasonably quiet except in the lines af
fected by weather and those embracing
holiday goods, which are in good de
mand. Activity is especially conspicu
ous among footwear jobbers and re
tailers. Commodities are generally low
er in price, although a few important
articles, such as cotton, eggs and dairy
products, have risen so sharply that
Dun's index number on Dec. 1 was
$9S.223 against $07,825 a niontli pre
vious. For the year there is a decline
of about 2 per cent. Manufacturing,
conditions are still irregular, the best
symptom of the week being the steadi
ness of iron and steel. Textile mills
still fiud it difficult to secure prices in
proper ratio to the raw material, the
violent advance in cotton adding to the
embarrassment of spinners, who have
only limited supplies on hand. Build
ing permits in November were smaller
at Philadelphia than last year, al
though for eleven months the compar
ison with 1902 is favorable.
Railway earnings in three weeks of
November were 4.8 per cent larger than
a year previous, and, while this gain is
less than that recently recorded, the
tone of securities has further Improved.
Bank exchanges at New York for the
week were only 13.3 per cent smaller
than a year ago, a much better compar
ison than usual this season. At other
leading cities there was a gain of 4 per
Several encouraging reports are re
ceived regarding the iron and steel sit
uation. In most cases the proposed re
duction in wages has met with no
opposition, and such business as comes
forward is handled without interrup
tion. Another good sign is that the
past week has brought no further re
duction in prices.
Small Wheat Shipments.
Both arrivals and shipments of wheat
make poor comparisons with last year's
figures. Receipts were 8,201,293 bush
els against 9,904,059 a year ago, and
exports, including flour, amounted to
only 3.492.153 bushels against ,340,".'S9
in 1902. Interior arrivals of 2,353,1W
bushels of corn compare with 3,831,040,
aud even Atlantic coast shipments
were only 005,258 bushels against 1,040.
007 a year ago.
Liabilities of commercial failures dur
ing November were smaller than in
the preceding month, and there was
also a better showing as to banking
and other fiduciary suspensions, while
the month made a more satisfactory
exhibit than last July. But In no other
comparison does November appear fa
vorably. Losses were more nuiucrou
and much heavier than In any other
month of recent years or the corre
sponding month in any year of the
past decade. Commercial failures were
1,102 In number and 10.422.309 in
amount against 1.000 defaults for
$9,270,710 in the same month hist year,
an increase of ll.fi per cent In .number
and 77 per cent in amount. The
striking rise in liabilities was due to
the twenty-seven' large failures, which
provided .$7,955,077 of the total de
faulted Indebtedness of the month.
MeCnrthj- Gets One Year.
New York, Dec. 5. -Timothy McCar
thy, Sam Parks' associate and a walk
ing delegate of the Housesmitlis and
Bridgenicu's union, who was convicted
of the extortion of $3oo from thp Ioe-bel-AndrewK
company, has been sen
tenced to serve one year in the peni
tentiary on Blaekvvell's island. McCar
thy was found guilty on Wednesday
by a jury of extortion in taking $.'jo.i
from the Loebel-Andrews company to
settle a strike In the Martha Washing
ton hotel on Fast Twenty-ninth street.
Fifteen Clerks Overcome by Gas.
Pittsburg, Dec. 5.-Fifteen clerks in
May's drug store in Market street were
rendered unconscious by escaping sew
er gas. All soon revived. Three are
still in a serious condition, but liie
physicians say they will recover. The
fainting of the clerks caused consider
able excitement, and It was necessary
to close the store for a short time
Krlef Session of Congress.
Washington, Dec. 5.-The senate was
in session only thirty-five minutes. The
business transacted was purely of a
routine character. It had been consid
ered probable that a resolution for the
adjournment of the extra session of
congress would be brought In, but none
was offered. The house was in session
but five minutes. Mr. Hunter (Ky )
and Mr. Nevin (O.) were sworn in as
nsonmia's Cure-
Insomnia is generally caused by
the overworked digestive organs
trying to digest food at night
which they should have done
during the day. A dose of
JJeecham's Pills will
Soothe the Stomach
by assisting the organs to do their
work and enable you to obtaia
Nature's Restorer perfect sleep.
Yourstomach doesnot nourish you
the food you take if it is not work
ing right. . You sometimes need
the gentle assistance of Beecham's
Pills to help nature. If you would
sleep well, work well and be well,
take an occasional dose of
If you don't know their reputation
throughout the world, ask jour friends.
Sold Everywhere
In Doxcs, IOc. and 25c.
Breakdown at I'nmpina; Station la
Scheneetady Proves Dlsastroas.
Schenectady. X. Y., Dec. 5. The
freight home and sheds of the New
York Central Bailroad company In this
city were totally destroyed by tire this
morning, together wtth . nn immense
amount of freight, the value of which
it is almost imiiosslble to estimate. The
only means the lire department had of
fighting the tire was with water ob
tained from the Krle canal with two
fire engines. The city bad been with
out a tlrop of water in its mains fur
twenty-four hours on account of a
breakdown at the pumping station
which disabled both pumps and shut
off entirely the city's supply.
With the two streams of water from
the canal the firemen worked heroical
ly, and the absence of wind a'one pre
vented the destruction of the entire
northern part of the city.
On Aug. 9 last the city had a similar
experience. The city water was turned
off to make repairs at the pumping
station, and seven houses in Ilu'ett
street were destroyed.
I'll per Hill HesumlnK Work.
Saratoga, X. V., Dec. S.Operatbms
are being resumed nt the mills of tlie
International Paper company, which
shut down early last week. The mills
are situated at Corinth. Fort Edward,
dens Falls and elsewhere and employ
10,000 men.
Music Furnished for
Any Occasion.
Any number of pieces tfcat arc icqircd.
For prices, etc., address
Telephone 158-3. 12 latsrd Street.
Miss Ticrney,
Assisted by YVHder's Orchestra,
Will furr.hh Kniic fcr anv oc
cajien, with as many fietes as
desired. Also
For prices, etc., call
on ot address
No. 50 South Main St., - - Earre, Vermont.
Just stop and think, - ,
and I will likely place that
By the deal you have saved
good money. I have made a
little and we rejoice together.
56 Spaulding Street, - Barre, Vt.
School of Music
An e!efant " Parker " instrument FREE
OF COST. Class now started.
Your choice of a line Banjo, Mandolin or
Guitar, with a full course of
5 LESSONS for $5.00
These instruments arc protected ly U. 8. patent.
Private lessons il desired. Bane, Thursdays
Address P. O. I!ox 408.
FOR CHRISTMAS ? Write to J. P. Dono
van, Honlpclicr. The prices and terms he
will give you will be a revelation.

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