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Kara L'arinei to Bo Sent to the
Ko Proapect of War on the Northern
Coast Loomla' Sneeck (arl
Conaldernble Colp It Kl
fect on Heyea Action.
Washington, Doc. 17.-At the In
stance of Secretary Moody, Brigadier
General George F. Elliott, commandant
of the marine corps, has Issued orders
for the formation of a new battalion
of marines, to he known as the Carib
bean sea battalion. This battalion will
be regularly attached to the Caribbean
sea squadron, though its immediate
destination is Colon. It will be assem
bled at 1'hlladeiphia as rapidly as pos
sible, and the Dixie already has left
Colon to return to that place with the
new battalion.
Rear Admiral Coghlan in a cable
gram to the navy department dated
Colon, Dec. 15, says that all is quiet on
the northern coast. It is assumed
from Admiral Coghlan's dispatch that
the Atlanta and the Mayflower have
completed their reeonnoiter and that he
is thereby enabled to give the depart
ment positive information regarding
conditions on the northern coast
EfTeet of Loomla' Speech.
The ppeech of Assistant Secretary of
State Ioomls at the banquet of the
Quill club in New York, in which he
laid bare some pertinent facts regard
ing the attitude of Colombia toward
the Hay-Herran treaty, was the sub
ject of considerable gossip here, and
there was much speculation as to the
effect it would have on the future
course of General Reyes, the special
envoy of Colombia, now in Washing
ton. General Reyes admitted that he
had read Mr, Loomis' address, but d3
cltnod to make a statement. "I am a
diplomat," said he, "and it would III
become me to mnke any comment."
General Reyes is still engaged in the
preparation of the statement he will
submit to the state department and.
while refusing to disclose the nature of
it, said that much of It will be devoted
to an argument, setting out the reasons
why the United States should see to it
that Panama shall assume her share of
the Colombian debt. General Reyes Is
uncertain when he will file the doeu
ment with the department, but he
thought it would be within the next
few ays.
(noil Treaty Iteeelved.
A big expressman brought the Hay-Bunau-Varilla
canal treaty, Inclosed in
a large steel box, to the state depart
ment and deposited it in the oftlce of
Chief Clerk Michael. The expressman
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aliw hnti two tin bond boxes, which
contained keys to the big steel box
snd to the smaller box continual with
in inclosing the treaty. The variou
boxes were prettily sealed with red
and blue niilt ribbon, with a tag bear
ing an address to Minister Uunau-Va-rilla,
care of John Hay, secretary of
Stat. The Panamanian minister is ex
pected to arrive in Washington from
Kew York in a day or two, and the
packages will be held subject to his
Until the boxes are opened the state
department cannot tell whether the in
closed treaty is the original treaty,
drawn here, countersigned in Panama
and returned, or whether it 13 the ordi
nary ratification treaty supposed to
have been exchanged in Panama. It
will make little difference in the re
sult, but the form of exchange may be
affected. Minister Bunau-Varilla will
remain in technical charge of the treaty
until the United States senate has ei
ther approved or rejected it. If the
treaty is approved, he will exchange
this copy with one prepared by the
state department, thus completing the
negotiations and putting the conven
tion at once into force.
The Cabinet Meeting;.
Various topics of iuterest and impor
tance were discussed nt the meeting
of the cabinet, but no decisions of con
sequence were reached. The meeting
was postponed from yesterday. Both
Secretaries Hay and Root were absent I
Secretary Moody mentioned the Pan-!
ama situation only to refer to a letter
which he had received from Rear Ad
miral Walker. He said that its con
tents did not differ essentially from
the Information which had been re
ceived by cable from the isthmus. At
torney General Knox received the con
gratulations of the president and his
fellow cabinet members on his argu
ment in the Northern Securities case
before the United States supreme court
The cruiser Olympia, which has un
dergone repairs at the Norfolk navy
yard, will sail for Colon for service as
the flagship of Rear Admiral Coghlan,
commanding the Caribbean squadron.
It is probable that the Mayflower, now
serving as flagship, will come to Wash
ington on being relieved by the Olym
pia at Colon. ,
Military preparations on hthmu.
Colon, Dec. 17. The United States
auxiliary cruiser Dixie is still along
side the dock here, landing stores,
Christmas cheer, camp material, etc.
The Dixie disembarked her marines,
numbering 330. They all embarked on
a train for Empire Station, near Pana
ma, where they will be quartered in
the canal company's houses, which al
ready have been repaired and made fit
to roceive them. Sixteen machine guns
and six automatic guns accompany the
The remainder of the United State9
auxiliary cruiser Prairie's marines are
till on board that vessel. It is prob
able that they will be lauded In a day
or two.
Dr. Sower Ileporta Thnt It Has Not
Reached It Limit.
New York, Doc. IT. Dr. George A.
Soper, a sanitary expert engaged by
the Engineering News to investigate
the typhoid epidemic at Butler, Pa.,
and its causes, reports in the current
issue of the publication that the epi
demic has by no means attained its
culmination, about 50 per cent of the
cases not having reached the critical
The epidemic, which he regards as
the most severe one of typhoid of re
cent record, he attributes to the sus
pension of the mechanical filtration of
the city water supply. The report says
that the water for the town is obtained
from surface sources and is usually
treated by mechanic! filtration,-but
that during changes in the waterworks
plant uufllterod water from Conoque
nessing creek was supplied from Oct.
20 to Nov. 2. the epidemic, starting on
Nov. 5. In three weeks there were
1,000 cases, and up to Dec. It 1,247
cases and 51 deaths had been reported.
Investigation of the drainage areas
showed, he states, the existence of nu
merous sources of pollution, aud par
ticularly the occurrence of cases of
typhoid on the banks of the Conoque
uesslng, since July.
Money is urgently needed for the re
lief of the sick and destitute, he re
ports. One Death and Five New Cnaea.
Butler, Pa., Dec. 17.-Ono death and
Ave new enses of typhoid fever are re
ported. Six physicians have been
stricken with the disease, and two are
critically ill.
Fire C'auaea Great Suffering at Mill,
Pittsburg, Dec. 17. Between seventy
five and a hundred people were ren
dered homeless and driven out into the
cold with nothing on but their night
clothes by a lire which destroyed the
planing mill and lumber yard of the
Bennett Lumber and Manufacturing
company at Millvale, Pa., and partially
destroyed a dozen houses adjoining the
burned mill property.
The fire started in the engine room of
tho planing mill about 1 o'clock and for
a time threatened the entire town. Aid
was requested from Allegheny, but be
fore engines reached Millvale the fire
was under control.
The loss was $10,000.
Alleged Bor Morderer on Trial.
rmsburg, Pa., Dec. 17. Charles
Cawley, the eighteen-year-old boy who
is charged with the murder of five
members of his family at the Cawley
home, Homestead, on Oct. 10, 1002,
was placed on trial., The youth entered
a plea of not guilty. Expert alienists
report tne uoy insane, ana tus trial will
bo largely a formality, preliminary to
big being sent to an insane asylum. j
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British Advance Into Tibet Meeta
Terrible Dltlicaltiea.
Calcutta, India, Dec. 17. The British
expedition which entered Tibet, after
having crossed the Jelep pass at 14,380
feet above the sea level and reached
Uiuchangong on its way to the Chumbi
valley, met with Immense transport
difficulties. The cold was intense, 30
degrees of frost being registered, but
the Indian troops withstood the cold
well. The Indian bullock transport
suffered, and anthrax broke out among
the Nepalese bullocks.
Besides the native Indian troops,
British artillerymen, a detachment of
the Norfolk regiment, two seven-pounders
and a machine gun form part of the
Prominent Edueator Dead.
Glens Falls, N. Y., Dec. 17. Daniel
C. Farr, Ph. D., for twenty-flve years
principal of the Glens Falls academy,
has died at his home here of endocar
ditis after a lov s illnes. He was fifty
years of age, a graduate of Williams
college and one of the founders of the
Hudson Itiver Schoolmasters club and
of the Associated Academy Principals
of New York. He was also one of the
founders of the New York State His
torical society and was for a number of
years Its vice president. The remains
will be taken to Ashby, Mass., for in
terment. To Join Ureek nnd Anglican ( hnrchea
Moscow, Hussia, Dec. 17. Mgr. Tik
hon. Orthodox bishop of North Amer
ica, is returning to America in connec
tion with tlie negotiations commenced
by Bishop Gmfton of Fond du Lac,
Wis., looking to bringing about more
friendly relations between the Greek
and Anglican churches. The abbot of
the Monastery of the Innocents of Mos
cow, the richest establishment of its
kind here, has been appointed coad
jutor of Bishop Tikhon.
An Ice Coated Village.
Paterson, N. J., Dec. 17. A large part
of the village of Haledon, a suburb of
this city, is covered with a thick coat
ing of ice as the result of the bursting
of the Hopper's pond dam. The low
ground on both sides of Belmont ave
nue was badly flooded, and today many
acres of lund are under thick layers of
ice. The condition of many the roads
is such that traflic has been suspended.
Fourth ('laaa Font inn atera.
Washington, Dec. 17 The following
fourth class postmasters have been ap
pointed: New York-Port Kent. Martin M.
Church; Sugar Loaf, Andrea Ten Eyck.
Odell Off For Waaliinarton.
Albany, N. Y, Dec. 17. Governor
Odell has left Albany for Newburg. lie
will go on to New York later and will
leave there for Washington. . ,
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Franria Joaeph'a Poller-
Tienna, Dec. 17. Emperor Franclt
Joseph received the Austrlan-IIunga
rian delegations. The speech from th
throne was chiefly notable for its stron
ger affirmation of his majesty's deter
mination to maintain the dreibuud
"By a renewal of the triple alliance,'
said the emperor, "this well provec
basis of our policy, which we have de
termined to maintain henceforth, haf
been recousolidated for the future.'
The speech referred to the death oi
Pope Leo, to the gratifying foreign re
latlous of the dual monarchy and t
the Balkans, with the object of "main
taining peace and the status quo is
those regions."
PlttubnrK Keaomea BaUding.
Pittsburg. Pa., Dec. 17. Mastei
plumbers of Pittsburg and vicinity
have decided that the work on the dif
ferent large buildings which has been
suspended for the past eleven" wee"ks on
account of the strike of Journeymen
plumbers shall be taken up at once and
pushed to completion. Thirty-six mas
ter plumbers have volunteered, and the
work will be rushed night and day
until all the buildings have been fin
E. M. afford of Buffalo Was Cared
by Father John's Medicine.
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State Department Will Ask Turkey
tO Make Amends.
AulXdJ WHaim ma J-"" j
. I
Defense of the Armenian
Wa Dntr Which the Ameri
can Kepreaentatlve Could
Not Shirk.
ifnahinivtnn Dec. 17. Acting Secre
tary of State Adee has taken a firm
stand In the matter of the assault upon
United States Consul Y. R. Iavis by
Turkish officials and police at Alexan
dres. He has cabled Minister Irish
man to present the facts to the Turk
ish government and inform it that the
case Is one seeming to invite an expres
sion of regret and reparation. The
state department does not indicate
what measure of reparation is expect
ed, but it is understood that the Turk
ish government certainly will, by re
moval or otherwise, punish the offend
ing Turkish officials at Alexandretta
and compensate Attarlan for the losscl
and Injuries he has sustained.
The Turkish government Is willing
to compensate Attarlan and deport him.
It is understood that the main offense
is the assault upon the United States
consul, a matter of gravity in interna
tional law. The consul has found ref
uge' for the time being at Beirut, await
ing Instructions from the state depart
ment or from Minister Leishman as to
whether or not he shall return to his
The information that has reached the
department is to the effect that Mr.
Davis was acting entirely within his
rights and powers and that while en
gaged in protecting, as was his duty,
a naturalized American citizen he was
set upon by five Turkish policemen and
dragged along the ground. It also ap
pears incidentally that upon recovering
his footing the consul promptly and
soundly thrashed all five of the police
men. Mr. Leishman, our minister at Con
stantinople, under the department's In
structions has made a quick inquiry
into the assault, and, while the detailed
mail report of tho result of his inves
tigation has not yet reached the state
department, Acting Secretary Adee felt
that cable advices warranted him in
taking positive action.
Snya Americana Won't Let Turka
Drive Attarlan Ont.
Constantinople, Dec. 17. The porta
has complained to the United States
legation that the acting officials at the
American consulate In Alexandretta
are preventing the embarkation of At
tarlan, the naturalized American whose
recent arrest caused Consul Davis to
leave Alexandretta, for whom the
porte Instructed the local authorities
to obtain a passage on an Italian steam
er at the cost of the government
It was the opinion of the porte that
the embarkation of Attarlan would re
move the principal cause of complaint
The legation has not yet presented any
demands for reparation.
The United States flagship Brooklyn
left Beirut Dec. 1 . It w;w said she
was going tu Kgyptian waters for gun
Hsibeater Fire Still Barninit.
Kochcster, N". Y., Dec. 17. The Are
in the Wendell-Marshall factory still
continues and is likely to do so for at
least three days, as there are wood
kilns In the building, one on each floor,
and each of the kilns filled with dry
wood. It is absolutely impossible for
the firemen to reach the interior of
these kilns, and the only thing they
can do Is to play streams upon the out
sides of them and wait until the" wood
is consumed or the fire dies out of it
self. Thirty thousand feet of hose
were used in the fire, and it is ill froz
en stiff and out of commission.
Deputy Sheriff Murdered.
Itlverhead, N. T., Dec. 17.-WiJliam
II. Rafford, a deputy sheriff aud ward
en of the county jail here for more than
nrtcen years, was shot dead bv A T.,t
tie Keeves at Aquebogue, a village
three miles from here. Rafford had
nunc 10 Hi-rve an execution upon
iieeves, wno lias for years had the
reputation of being very eccentric. The
murderer dragged the body out of the
house, barricaded the doors and win
dows and, armed with the double bar
reled shotgun with which he she t Itaf
ford, prepared to resist arrest.
Light on Manrlinrlnn Uaeatton.
-Moscow, Russia, Dec. 17.-A copy of
the Dalny Vostok, just received here
throws interesting light on the Russian
attitude In Manchuria.
( - - - I ill
commission which is drawing up regu
lations for Admiral Alexeieff's viceroy
alty, in rendering decisions, says: "The
uuurw question is not yet set
tled. It remains dnnoiiiiin
whether Russia wil rPtain Manchuria
ior ncrseit alone.
Sai,to.)unit niK-
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for St. Louis in a fortnight to arrange
for he installation of his huge dinVi!
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