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We ciimes' Daily Short Story, i
Copyright. 1903. by C. B. Lewis
One afternoon In the year 1805, as
the Jane Snow of Ncwburyport, bound
for the West Indies, had sighted I'orto
Rico, a pirate brig appeared to wind
ward. She had been so often described
that there was no mistaking her. She
was a Spanish craft familiarly known
as the Black Devil. .
. JoBiah Marsh was skipper of the
Snow, aud his crew numbered twelve
men. As he had no guns aboard and
as the craft was a slow Bailer he order
ed out the longboat, and everybody got
into her, and the Snow was abandoned.
The pirates chased the longboat for a
couple of hours, but as the wind was
light they could not come up with her.
Then they returned to pick up the
Snow. She was loaded with staves
and lumber, and there was little or
nothing aboard of her the fellows could
make use of. They dared not set fire
to her, and the holes bored in her bot-
torn only waterlogged her. A. cat and
a parrot were left aboard, and in re -
Tonge the pirates tortured the cat to
death and hung the parrot to one of the
. , ..
ui'ulus in uie cuuiu.
. An the longboat with Josiah Marsh
and his crew aboard, ran down through '
the Mona passage they met the British
frigate Courier and gave ber the news.
They had left the pirate craft forty
miles behind them, but the Englishman
was prompt to go In search. The Amer
icana atiked that they might be taken
aboard and serve until the Black Devil
was destroyed, and their request was
complied with.
In a spirit of bravado the pirate cap
tain bad entered her capture on the log
and had added that he should cruise
for a week between Torto Ilieo and
Barbados. Accident bad changed his
plana, however. As his craft lay along
side the Suow their rigging 'became en
tangled, and the Black Devil had her
fore topmast spruug. She came to an
chor under the lee of one of the Virgin
islands to repair damages and had Just
got all autanto when the Courier hove
in sight.
The Knglishmau knew that ho must
dlfguise his ship if he wished to get
near the Spaniard. As he took up the
pursuit he began to overhaul his top
hamper, and after a few hours the
smart frigate looked as slovenly as any J
merchantman afloat The pirate let
herself be overhauled to within a mile
before she flew the black flag, and as
the emblem floated to the masthead she ,
fired the first pun. She mounted twelve !
guna and had a crew of 118 men. The
frigate mounted twenty-four guns and
a crew ot 140. - j
It was not many minutes before the
.pirate found that he had been tricked.
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lie would men nave got away, but tiiS
breeze fell, aud be was uutler the gum
of the Courier. The only thing to the
credit of the Black Devil was the fight
nhe made ngainst superior force. Cap
ture meant the halter, and for four
long hours the pirates stood up to their
I work. At the end of that time they
had lost eighty men, half their guns
were dismounted, ond the brig had
i been LulW bo often that there was
five feet of water In her hold. She was
Btill fighting when the frigate ran her
aboard and poured fifty men on her
decks. In ten minutes they bad pos
session. Little of value was found aboard the
brig, ns she bad just it-turned to her
cruising ground, but many of the ar
ticles removed are to be found In the
British museum today. She was regu
larly fitted out with a stock of Imple
ments of torture. Between decks there
was a large caldron set In brickwork
and close by a stock of seven barrels
of oil. She had thumbscrews by the
dozen, spiked boots, the racks and
benches used In the inquisition, and In
deed nothing was lacking In the tor
ture line.
Only twenty-eight men of the pirate's
crew lived to be taken prisoners.
, Among them was ber fourth or fifth
' captain, whose name was Alvarez. He
Jwa8,a nmn ?' irtTy' "VtJTw
fiend never lived. He was the last
man to give in and was so severely
wounded that for some days it was a
question whether he would live or die.
The brig was so badly knocked about
that she foundered, and the frigate
landed the pirates in Jamaica for trial.
They were a swaggering, boasting, de
fiant lot. Not one of them would turn
king's evidence, nor did any fear death.
In cold blood, and knowing they
would be used against them, the cap
tain, mate and several of the crew
made statements which held them up
as veritable devils. The captain had
only engaged in two captures, and both
vessels were English. One had a crew
of fifteen and the other of eighteen
men. lie boasted that every man had
been tortured to death and that some
of them had lived six hours after their
torture commenced. He said that with
his own hand he had cut off the ears,
toes and fingers of a merchant captain
and then spiked him down on his own
deck with no less than fourteen ship
The mate hnd been with the brig
from the outset of her career. It ?ook
him two days to make his "confession."
AH the implements of torture were In
his charge, and he was the one who di
rected their application. He said he
hnd been the death of 100 English,
French and American sailors, and there
was sufficient corroborative evidence
to prove that he was not boasting.
. The trial of the pirates lasted about
two weeks, and they were given two
more in which to prepare for death.
Not one of them weakened in the
slightest, and they sang songs and
Joked with each other as they went to
the callows. M. QUAD.
7 Darre, Vermont.
South Main Street. Barre, Vt.
to select from and we feel sure
Senator Spooner Attacks KewlandV
Annexation Resolution.
It Wu to Relieve a Suffering Pro
pie, Kot to l:nlnr(e Oar Terri
tory I'm nn i a Debated la
the lloaae.
Washington, Dec. 17. The senate
was prompt In taking np the Cuban
reciprocity bill, and Mr. Spooner was
immediately recognized. He began by
remarking that it was strange that the
senate ehould find it necessary to spend
so much time in consideration of a bill
which had been so promptly accepted
by tha house. This attitude, he de
clared, was inconsistent with the atti
tude of senators who not so long ago
were engaged in accusing the white
faced patient man who then occupied
the executive mansion wiJi ulterior mo
tives in standing out against war With
Spain for tho liberation of Cuba.
Mr. Spooner spoke of the varying
positions of the opponents of the bill
and especially of the introduction of
tha Newlands resolution, inviting Cuba
to become a part of the United States,
deprecating it and saying that be hoped
It would be postponed indefinitely, be
cause, he said, sometimes invitations
are' regarded as commands.
Mr. Spooner said the Newlands reso
lution was In direct opposition to the
Teller resolution. Mr. McKinley had
put it all In a sentence when he said
that our intervention must be placed on
high ground and that the island must
net be demanded as an Indemnity. We
could not, he said, do Jess, and no na
tion interfering between a colony own
ing government and one of its colonies
would be permitted by other nations
to do so for the increase of its own
territorial area except in rare cases,
and he believed that but for the Teller
resolution there would have been a con
cert of Mction on the part of the Euro
pean powers against the United States
la its war with Spain.
Cnbana Monti? Illiterate.
For these reasons, he said, he was
opposed to the Newlands measure.
Moreover, he was opposed to the ad
mission to the privileges of statehood
of a people 80 per cent of whom were
unable to read and write. He did not
want the time to come when after
some presidential election people would
say, "Wait till we hear from Cuba."
"Let's confine our population so far as
we can to our own race," he said.
When the house convened, considera
tion of the pensions appropriation bill
was resumed in committee of the
j whole, Mr. Gibson (Itep., Tenn.) being
the hrst speaker. He said the president
had pursued a wise and prudent course
In connection with the Panama situa
tion. He declared that the south was
prospering under Republican tariff laws
and would prosper under a Republican
isthmian canal. He said the tariff was
like a pair of suspenders too tight In
some places and too loose in others, but
very needful Just the same.
Ilark From the Antarctic,
Buenos Ayrcs, Argentina, Dec. 17.
The auxiliary screw steamer Scotia,
which left the Clyde Nor. 3, 1902, for
the antarctic regions, with a number of
members of the Scottish National Ant
arctic association, under the leadership
of William S. Bruce of Edinburgh, on
board, has arrived here from the antarc
tic regions and will remain at Buenos
Aypes a week, after which she will re
turn to the Falkland islands, wbere six
members of the expedition will remain
In charge of the meteorological station.
The expedition reached latitude 70.25
Train Kill Man and Wife-.
Lnkeville. Conn., Dec. 17. While
driving across the tracks of the Harlem
division of the New York Central rail
road at Coleman Station, five miles
west of here, Frank Scutt and wife
were struck by the Fittsfleld express
and instantly killed. The man's skull
was crushed, while the woman was
Wight on the engine pilot and terribly
mangled. Mr. and Mrs. Scutt were
about thirty years old and were em
ployed on a farm at Coleman Station.
The body of the horse was found un
der the depot platform.
Cannier BmihneU'a Slinrtnare,
New Haven, Conn., Dec. 17. An ad
ditional (shortage of f 2,000. making the
total thus far known $17,000, has been
discovered in the accounts of Asa C.
Bushnell, the cashier of the Yale Na
tional bank, who committed suicide,
In announcing this fact General K. S.
Greeley, president of the bank, said he
was surprised to find that the shortage
exceeded $15,000, the figures first given
out, but that later information made it
evident that the total would approxi
mate $17,000.
Steel Truafa Waire Cot.
Elmira, N. Y., Dec. 17. Announce
ment is made at the local plants of the
Empire Bridge company that every
employee, from General Manager Lew
is down, will be affected by the genem!
economy pian of the United Stat
Ktoel f-onioration. which will t:o into
effect Jan. 1. What pe' cent of the
present wages the cut will lie is not yet
known. There are about 1.&00 em
Good Roada Convention.
Albany, N. Y Dec. 17. Delegates
from each Judicial district of the state,
constituting the executive coimlttee
ot the supervisors state convention on
good road1?, are in session at the Ten
Eyck hotel, W. rierrepont White of
Utica presiding.
Remarkable l'lijMcal Metnmorpfccgla
of Soothern Ruia.
St Petersburg, Dec. 17.-The sea of
Azof is disappearing, and remarkable
scenes are in course of enaction. At
Taganrog the waters have reioded to
such an extent during the past five
days that the bed of the Koa is visible
for a distance of several versts (a verst
is 3,5(X) feet). High winds hurled
clouds of sand shoreward, covering the
town. Vessels are lying high and dry,
and the greatest confusion prevails in
the harbor. Work in the factories has
had to be reduced to a minimum, owing
to lack of water. '
The sea of Azof Is an extensive la
goon north of tha Black sea, with
which it communicates to the strait of
Kerch, or Yenikale, in which there was
a navigable channel twenty-two feet
deep and by an entrance across the
Isthmus of Terekop. The sea is about
235 miles long, and its greatest breadth
is 110 miles. The river Don enters It
at the northeast extremity.
The southeast shore is low and the
northwest shore and both shores of
the narrower part of the sea in the
northeast rise to 150 to 175 feet. The
southwest shore is formed by the long
and narrow sandy peninsula of Ara
but, which separates it from the Si
vash or Putrid sea. The sea of Azof
is very shallow, but is of great impor
tance to Russian commerce. It has re
cently appeared to be filling up, and
Its muddy shores have been very un
healthy. It is usually frozen over from
the beginning of December to the end
of March.
Urate In German Army Get Five
Yearn' Imprfiinument.
Berlin, Dec. 17.-Owlng to Ids mis
treatment of soldiers, on 1,520 counts
and abuse of authority on 100 counts,
a noncommissioned officer named
Franzki of the Eighty-fifth infantry
has been sentenced to five years Im
prisonment and dishonorable discharge
from the army by a court martial at
Rendsburg. The court declared Franz
ki had displayed the "brutality of an
ox driver" and pronounced his superior
officers guiltless of negligent oversight.
Franzki borrowed sums of money
from soldiers habitually and never re
paid them and beat his subordinates
with his fists and with clubs.
Bank Prealrient Arreated.
Woodsville, N. H., Dec. 17.-Albert
H. Eastman, president of the Berlin
National bank of Berlin and vice presi
dent of the Oorham National bank of
Gorham, was arrested here by United
States Marshal Nute on a charge of
making a false entry In valuing a note
for ?",000 at the first named institu
tion. Eastman is held in $10,000 bonds.
Austrian minister at Pari Retlrea.
Vienna, Dec. 17. Count von Kheuen-
hueller-Metsch succeeds Count von
Wolkenstein, who has been retired from
the ambassadorship of Austria-IIun-garry
at Paris at his own request.
Chlrao-o's Charity Ball.
Chicago, Dec. 17.-The annnal char
ity ball given by Chicago society p"
ple at the Auditorium has netted
000, which will go toward building an
annex to St. Luke's hospital.
Greek' Cabinet Keaiirna.
Athens, Dec. 17.-The Ralli cabinet
has resigned, the premier being unable
to find sufficient support In the cham
ber of deputies to carry out his policy.
Iowa, Bank Robbed.
Quimby, la., Dee. 17. The Bank of
Quimby has been robbed of $3,000. The
robbers escaped. .
loalna; ((notations of the New York
Stork Kxrtianire.
New York, Dec. 16.
Money on call steady at fr',4 per cent.
Prime mercantile paper, 6 per cent. Ex
changes. $24iJ, iCl.549; balances. tl0.748,372.
I losing prices:
Amal. Copper... 4H
Atchison 6S4
Norf. & West... BS
Penn. R. R 117
Reading 44
H. & 0 79
Brooklyn R. T. MK
Rock Island 25
C.,C.,C.& St. L.. 7S
St. Paul 142
lies. & Ohio... 3J
Southern Pac... 4V4
Chi. & North W..M5
Southern Ry.... 21
D. A It 1SJ
South. Ry. pf... 77
Uie 29V
Sugar 124
Gen. Electric... IM1?
Tenia Pacific... 25 Vi
Union Pacific...
Illinois Cen i29
Manhattan H1'4
Metropolitan. ... 122
Missouri Pac... M
U. S. Steel 10
U. S. Steel pf... ES
West. Union.... 87
N. 1. Central.... 118
General Markets.
. New York, De( 10.
FLOUR Unsettled and a triads lower to
11; Minnesota patents, $4.f5a4.75; winter
straights, Jlat.10: winter extras, J3u3.35;
winter patents, 4a4.35.
WHEAT Opened atesdy on cables find
IocrI covering, but later esseil oft under
additional liquidation; May, StaS4 13-ltio.;
July, SO4a81.
RY B Dull ; state and Jersey, &fiaSSc. ;
No. 2 western, ftVic., f. o. 1)., afloat.
CO UN Firmer on the lt(,"ht country of
ferings and commission house eupport;
Jlsiy,- lnlWf,
OATH Norrunnl; track, white, stale. 41a
4Dc; truck, white, western. 4in4.a
pome Knsy; mess, $12. ,a 13.50; family.
LAUD Steady; prime western Hteam,
6. We,
UUTTER Quiet and steady; extra
creamery, ibc. ; state da try, laac.
CHEESE- Quiet; state, full eream, f;in-
ey, small, colore;!, septemner. ie. ; nue
made, 10c..; umall, while, September, 12o.:
1,-ite made, 10c; large, colored, September,
12o.; late made, 10c.; large, white, Sep
tember, lie.; late mane, loo.
KOGS Ktrone; stats ana Pennsylvania
nearby average best, 35a; state and Penn
sylvania seconds to firsts. ya:;3c. ; western
seconds, 24a'-'Tc. ; western firsts. 33c.
SUGAR Kaw firm; fair refining-. 3M.C.;
centrifugal, 96 test. 3e.; refined steady;
crushed, B.Ofic; powdered, 4.8io.
MOLASSES Firm; New Orleans. Slattc.
RICK Quiet; domestic, 'iHWc. ; Japan,
TALLOW-Steady; city, 4"4c.; country.
Tk4 Laxative liromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund tha numey t it fails
to nu. E. W. Grove's signature is on
each bx. 25o.
' iBf"? istf !iff 61i7 k jOL Law
ri ilii V
Stops the Pain and Itching, Opens the Pores,
Draws out all Iriflarnmation and Heals the
affected parts without Drying; or Scabbing;.
.SS . 25c, all Druggists.
"About two years a?o I had Eczema so bad that I could scarcely steep. I
purchased a 25c bottle ot Paracamph and alter a down applications, I was en
tirely well. I can highly recuoimend Paracamph (or all eruptions U the akin."
Yours truly, D. A. BRIGGS, Glasgow, Ky.
Sold by D. F. DAVIS, " Ihe Druggist 262 North Main St., Barrc, Vt.
Quotations on he Leading Products That
Are In Demand.
Boston, Dec. 10. Uutter has been la
light rei.-ttipt and tlie market lis s stif
ft'iiud up somewhat. I'l'lccs, however,
though firm, have not advanced ma
terially. Northern cre:nierv, round
kits, ;;( 2u Mj c; western, 24 V..(u25e; Ver
mont dairy, 21ai;5e, renovated butter,
Trices aro steadj and unchanged on
cheese, with no special feature lu th
market to note. Liverpool has de
clined. Itound lots, Vermont twins, lUi
(gl2c; isew York twins, 12((il21Ac.
The market for eggs has been fairly
steady ail the week, receipts beinjr
light and the demand moderate. West
ern fresh, 3032c; eastern, S3fiJ33c;
nearby, SS-SlOc; refrigerator, 24$i 20c.
The demand for beans Is quiet, and
prices are easier, with full receipts.
Carload lots, pea, f 2.20(i2.25; medium,
S2.2(j2.25; yellow eyes, $3.03.10; red
kidneys, $3.2rS3.45; California small
white, $2.552.(i0; foreign pea and
medium, ?2.1).
Apples are wiling fairly well for
choice red fruit, but common (Trades a re
still in too larse supply to allow work
ing prices higher. Maine pippins, $1.25
fil.75: llnrvies, i?2fi2.25; snows, $2.50
3; Kings. $2.."WKy.50; Baldwins, $1.73
22.50; sreeninss, fl.T5fc2.50; Hub
bardstons and Hurlburts, fl.50(5J2.25;
pound and Tolraan sweets, $1.504j2.2j:
northern spies, $l.f0t2.r0.
Cranberries are steady at $2?2.25
per bx and f,Vg.'"-50 per bbl. The re
ceipts for the week were 2585 bbis,
against lt."2 bbls for the same week
last year.
Domestic grapes sell at lfKfJ15c for
Niagara and lOtftlSe for Catawbns.
The receipts for the week were 37(it!
bskts and no carriers. Ist year the
receipts were 13,1115 bskts aud no car
riers. Almtria grapes are selling at $2.75
SO per bbl. The receipts for the week
were 317 bbis; same week a year ago,
94 bbis.
Pineapples are quoted at 2()((t40ceat-li
for Jamaica. The receipts forthe week
were 3730; same week a year ago,
Turkish tigs sell at &S17c per lb;
California, in 10-lb bxs, OOc per bx;
pulled tigs, 17fr20c per lb. -
Potatoes are Me.-idy aud unchanged.
Aroostook hMwims (i8c; Green moun
tains, (!W(7ic; Vork state Green moun
tains, OWCi"-; sweets, Norfolk cloth
heads, 7."icS?l-"0; Jersey, double heads,
There is an easier market on hams.
Ak nsz SarsaPar,U?
ArX if U FJ? M v Just ask your doctor all about
I V MJ Of O it. He will tell you "It Is the
best blood medicine you can
J? possibly buy." fcM-fl.:
Rich Milk From
(Telephone 114-13,)
Try our pure Home-rendered Lard, from Native Pigs, in
three, five and ten-pound pails, for only 1 2c per pound.
323 North Main Street. Meats and Groceries.
bacons, ribs and shoulders, but generally
pork provisions are steady. The offer
ings of hogs have Increased, and the
number for the week Is fairly liberal.
The quality continues good, with ir
regularity In weights,. Prices are lit
tle lower than a week ago, prominent
markets averaging ?4.",5 per 100 lbs.
The market for frtsu beef Is very
much demoralized, find low price are
Iwlng quoted. The top is about 7,c for
whole steers, though It is claimed that
occasionally a very choice steer would
bring Sc. The receipts have been very
heavy, especially of beef Intended for
domestic consumption. The result Is a
' strong pressure to sell.
There is a full supply of muttons nd
lambs offering, though choice lambs are
still selllna; at Uc; veals are steady.
Western fall lambs. 7&9c; spring lambs,
8Q0c; yearlings, Cg7c; muttons, C(7c;
veals, OQllc.
Choice northern turkeys are scarce
and firm, but western are quiet an4
easy; chickens and fowls are easier.
Turkeys, northern, 20T23e; western,
dry, 17fi?20c; chickens, northern, 150
17c; western, 1213c; fowls, northern,
l.Wllc; western, ll12Vic; ducks,
lMJlSe; geeset13-ir.c.
The December condition is in neany
every year th highest and the acre
age as well, the hitter annually suffer
ing from winter's killing and ether
disasters. Last year the acreajre loss
was nearly .1,000.000 acres, and two
years ago niwrly 4.000,000. The Indi
cated crop two years ago, when condi
tions and acreage very closely par
alleled the present year, was 458,000,
000 bushels, or within 2,000,000 bushels
of our present estimate of 4t'O,000,000
bushels and the final crop 412.000,000
The final official estimate of the total
acreage productions and value of the
principal crops of 1003 will be Issued
Dec. 28.
A London letter says the grain ware
houses there are so filled with poor Rus
sian wheat that it Is Impossible t get
any room for other grain, and that the
mixture of this wheat with the poor
English wheat Is nifikin such poor
flours that the trride is going from
native flours to American. The poor
quality of Itussiu's crop explains why
It has been so rushed to market.
December Is now about 2e under
May, and it las not been at that dis
count until recently. It. may go to 4c
or rc discount, and then not represent
the full Citrrj i ig expenses, but at this
bigger difft.'ence the Chicago market
wil! be more attractive to the wheat
buyer and less attractive to the western
wheat shipper.
Our Own Herd.
Everything Under Best Sanitary Conditions.

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