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rs, With .German Labor
Leaders, is Guest
I Talks of Organization Herr Legien
Praises the Safe Methods of
German Sailors on
Ocean Liners.
Quiney, Mass., April 18. The third
dav of the convention of the Interna
tioiial Granite Cutters' Association of
, America, in Hibernian hall, Quincy,
i lnoughtfis special guests President Sam
1 id Gotnpers of the American Federation
of Labor; Herr Karl Legion, the frer
I.iaii Sof-ialist ; Albert Bawmeister, presi
dent of the Cooks, Waiters and Restau
Tiint Employes' Association of Germany,
land William O'Brien of New York.
' The gathering was called to order by
Chairman James Duncan, who, in a brief
speech, introduced President ( tempera as
tin first speaker.
In opening. Mr. (tempers said the in
telligence of ti'e granite cutters had en
abled them to the jrreater part of their
business airecting the national organiza
tion by means of the initiative and
referendum, and this had resulted in
oiilv three convention of the organiza
tion being hell during 31 years. This
fact told volumes, he said, of the splen
did organization of the granite cutters
Mr. (tempers spoke of the results ac
complished by labor organizations in
general and said the present shorter
orking day, the better moral condi
tions surrounding labor and the better
social conditions that come to working-
men as a result of shorter hours and
moral and sanitary conditions attending
their work, were the result of work
and agitation on the part of organized
labor no matter how much credit other
agencies might seek to claim.
Herr Legicn said he had come to Amer
ica to investigate the methods' employed
by American labor leaders in develop
ing and solidifying the laboring classes
of this country. Although not refer
ring by name or implication to the Ti
tanic disaster, he said the German steam
ship companies looked tirst after the
lives of their passengers and crew and
that speed making trips were of a sec
ondary consideration. In this connect ion
he sjKike a good word for the efficiency
and preparedness of German officers and
crews. Herr Legien advocated the ad
vancement of tlie labor cause by means
of legislation.
Herr Baumeister said be was convinced
that the standard of unity reached by
labor unions in Germany was not up to
the mark already reached by the trades
unions of the United States.
William O'Brien of New York also
spoke briefly.
Roosevelt Evidently Moving for
- Revolution
McHarg in the South Trying to Organ
iie He Endeavors to Reopen
Some of the State
Ir'AlL i
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Mrs. Margaret Meredith, R. F. D. No. 3, Rockport, Ind.
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Washington, April 18. The men who
are managing the Roosevelt campaign
now make no pretense of denying that
the third-term candidate intends to defy
the regularly established Republican par
ty wherever he has reason to believe
that such defiance will obtain delegate
for him. Ormsbv McHarg, the lawyer
employed by the Roosevelt national com
mittee to frame up contests, has gone
South under instructions from th(! third
term candidate to organize a revolt
against the regular Republican partv in
every southern state. Mcdlarg went
from here to Jacksonville, Fla., where
he has persuaded alleged Republicans
to mept May IS and elect delegates to
the ( hicago convention. I lie regularly
constituted Republican party in Florida
chose delegates six weeks ago and in
structed them to vote for the renomina
tinn of Mr. Taft. Never before in the
history of the Republican party, it is
pointed out, did a candidate for presi
dent refuse, as Roosevelt is refusing, to
abide by the decisions of regularly called
and regularly held conventions. McHarg
is now in Georgia, where he is trying
to persuade malcontents to call a Roose
velt convention.
In Georgia, as in Florida, the regnla
Republican party in the state some
weeks ago elected delegates to thp na
tional convention and instructed them
for Mr. Taft. Republicans are amazed
nt the conduct of the third-term candi
date. They are saying that only on
interpretation can be placed on it; that
he is no longer a Republican, but a free
lance seeking to obtain a. presidential
nomination under the guise of a Repub
lican. The cmviction that he is deliWr
ately planning to wreck the existing
Republican party has become wide
spread. Republicans say that no other inter
pretation can be placed on the course
he is pursuing. That the Republican na
tional committee when it meets to make
up the temporary rolls of the party's
convpntion will make short work of al
leged contests such as McHn-rg is now
engaged in promoting, is accepted as a
fact among all politicians. Republicans
are saying that the third-term candidate
must know that delegates elected by con
vention such as McHarg is now trying
to arrange for in the southern states
will have no standing before the national
Passes Commons by Vote of 360 to
London, April 18. The home rule bill
has paused its first reading in tile House
of Commons hv a vote of 300 to 206.
The announcement of the figures was
received with . deafening ministerial
cheers and the waving of hats and hand
l:erchioi. In the debate Andrew Bonar
Law. summing up for the opposition,
savagely assailed both the bill and the
government. The people of Ulster, he
declared, were ready in what they be
lieved to be' the cause of liberty and
justice to lav down their live.
"You will not," he said, in conclu
sion, "carry this bill without submit
ting it to tlie people. If you try to
do so you will succeed only in break
the parliament ai V machine. The bill
lias been introduced becnus-" the gov
ernment is dependent Umhi the Irish
votes. The prime minister gave a solemn
pledge that he would reform the House
ol Lords, but that debf of honor must
viit until he had paid his debt of
T, P. O'Connor said that in Ireland
tl ey believed that the true democratic
road was through liberty to loyalty,
"i.dd save the king" would be sung
again in Ireland when it whs not de
graded into a song tor. party taction.
Timothy llealv aid that the bill, in-f-tead
of reiealing the Union, as con
tended by the opposition, made it per
petual with the consent of the Irish
Legislation' Imperative, It is
Would Make Another Titanic Hor
ror Impossible It Is Proposed
to Require All the Boats
A Stitch in Time
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aciiing back another day. Don't ignore
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ney Tills. For 7." years, Doau's have
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Washington, April 18.- A storm of
horror and indignation is sweeping ovrr
Congress over the revelation that the
giant liner Titanic, now a wreck at
the bottom of the ocean, freighted with
'liindreds of human bodies, was-so poor-
1. equipped with lite craft that only
Hbout a third of the passengers and
crew could be saved.
Legislation will undoubtedly result if
Congress continues in its present frame
of mind.
Chairman Alexander of the House
committee on merchant marine and fish- J
cries, announced yesterday mat lie would j
tall a meeting of the committee as soon j
as feasible alter the landing of the i
Citrpathia, summon some of the sur-j
visors and take their testimony. He j
piopo-es to find out officially what the
facts were as to the wreck and the fa-
lillties for getting into the lifeboats.
Moreover. Mr. Alexander expects to
fume a bill v hich will require, in sub
stance, that no vessel shall clear from
t,u American port unless adequately
oi.ipped with lifeboats and other life-
s.iv mg .apparatus.
A bill of this sort has already been
put in by Representative Hard wick.
lJepresentative Mott has introduced a
loolution empowering the House com
mittee on merchant marine to investi
gate the Titanic horror, but Chairman
Henry of the rules committee said yes- i
tcrclay the committee had this power j
already. I
Smator Shivcly of Indiana is giving!
attention to the question of how to pre- j
vent a recurrence of such a horrilde
murine disaster as the one at which the ,
v ci ld is now shuddering. Senator Shive- :
ly will look into the question of ado- i
quiite life craft, and also into the mat- I
ter of taking steps to prevent vessels ;
from taking a northern route across
tin Atlantic in the season when there;
i- danger from icebergs. Senator Shive- f
ly is convinced that restrictions should !
be imposed on vessels, through inter-
national arrangements or otherwise, to j
pvvent use of the northern route by!
passenger steamers in the danger sea- !
son. j
The House committee on merchant!
n al ine is consideriii'' reporting a bill
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the Paige Power Plant
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Early Indications Point to Harmonious
Convention in Montgomery.
Montgomery, Ala., April 18. The Dem
ocratic state convention met here yes
terday to name twenty-four delegates
to the national convention. The delega
tion wan instructed for Osear W. Under
wood, Alabama's "favorite son." Karly
indications were that complete-harmony
would prevail. The delegation from Jef
ferson county, Mr. Underwood's home
county, went into the convention with
the avowed purpose of obtaining tlva
p-issage of a resolution imttructing the
Baltimore delegates to stand solid for
Underwood until a nomination is made.
The Underwood Marching club of Ala
bama, organized here vesterdav, is plan
ning to take a thousand uniformed Un
derwood enthusiasts to Baltimore in
let Jam in Kennebec Causes River to
Overflow Banks.
Bingham, Me., April 18. The iee in
the upper Kenmdiec river has broken
up ami yesterday formed a jam from
flic Bingham and Concord Inidjje back
to a point three miles above this town.
The river overflowed the interval lands
of L'ben Hill and Clarence Andrews in
Moscow, three miles above here.
j Austin stream, which flows into the
I river here, overflowed the interval and
j cin.sed the American Sh(K Finding com-
pany, which employs 75 hands, to shut
i down. The water entered the engine
I room and flowed over the first floor of
j the mill. The night crew of HO men
jvere obliged lo use boats to reach dry
I In lid. The jam started during the fore
; noon.
Storthing Votes $35,000 for His North.,
Pole Expedition.
Christiania. April 18. The Storthing
has unanimously granted 13(i.3fi. kroner
(pproxiiiiatelv".3".tl"ti) for Amundsen's j
north pole expedition.
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tin Titanic disaster." said Chairman
Ilnry of Hi" House rules committee.
"I believe this matter will be thorough
ly and adequately investigated by the
An erica n public and newspaper, llow-f-er
if any necessity arise my commit
tee, 1 expect, will deal with the matter
in a jierfectly adequate and intelligent
n.i. nner."
The Senate committee on foreign re
lations yesterday at its regular meeting
talked over in an informal way the
Titanic horror and the question of leg
it la t ion to prevent any catastrophes.
The legislation which is likely to arite
fiom this disa-ter is not mid the juris
diction of the foreign relations commit
te and will go to the commerce com
n.it tee. But the feeling among the con
servative members of foreign relations
ii'mmittee is that it is imperative some
thing should be done. This feeling was
voiced by every member present yesterday.
ly hae some rights in the matter. It
is trry ea-v to picture an American of
the type oi" Major Archibald Butt, one
or God's noblemen, doing all he can
to insure the safety of the women and
children alx'.ird the Titanic, knowing
that within a very short tiim lie will
fnce his Creitor.
"I sincerely hope Congress will at
tend to the 'matter of caring for the
lives of passengers aboard our trans
atlantic liner. Is there any need for
a more striding example V.
A Gap 200 Feet Wide in Arkansas Rivet
Yicksburg. Miss., April 18. The 'Ar
kansas rher Icve.c 15 .miles north of
Arkansas City collapsed last night. A
gup 2i if I feet wide was torn in the diko
and water is rapidly flowing through the
breach. Arkansas City is the only im
portant town in the flood's path. ,
Why Salves Can't Cure Eczema
And the Tire War
Is Still On
We have the tire which makes the
price good. Standard, fully guaranteed.
;tlt x .1 $12,110
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teed not ,to be thirty days old.
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Jefferson Street, Barrt, Vt.
Admiral Dewey Tells of North Atlantic
Trip's Perils.
Washington, April 18.- In a statement
about the Titanic and general danger in
ocean voyages, Admiral Dewey said yes
terday: "I think that every passenger who
crosses the north Atlantic takes his
life in bis hands every time. For my
self, I would rather go around the world
in a well-equipped man-of-war than
make a trip across the north Atlantic
iu a transatlantic vessel. The greed for
i.u-ncy-making is so great that it is
with the sincerrst regret that I observe
that human lives are never taken into
"Let all good Americans exert every
energy to have the present laws amend
ed as regards life-saving appliances on
evtrv passenirer carrying vessel. I do
not believe that a passenger vessel
si culd lie cleared unless she has boats
suflicient to float the great majority of
its precious cargo in event of an acci
dent. It is appalling to think that the
Ohmpie, when she struck the Hawke,
according to reports, Had bonis sum
cient to i'rry only one of every six
"In 1871, when I was commander of
the store- ship Supply, -carrying pro
visions to the starving French, we sailed
from New York on March 2. Not long
after, by the temperature, we felt we
were in the neighlairhood of icelargs,
but all the books on the subject indi
cated that they never had traveled so
far south.
"One night alout 9 o'clock the first
lieutenant. Augustus Kellogg, and I
were in the cabin, when we heard
tin ollicer of the deck give the order
'Hard up the helm.'
"I .hurried to the deck and had the
pleasure of er.ing on a collection of
icebergs about the size of the capitol.
F.verv soul on board was on deck and
every soul was letting go a rope. We
were like a runaway hors in a crowd
ed thoroughfare. Fortunately, our craft
a about the size of a catboat. as
c mpared with a vessel of the dimen
sions of the unfortunate Titanic, and
we spent the rest of the night dodging
ittbenr. The passage of the forts at
New Orleans, the battle of Tort Hudson,
and the battle of Minal Bay were not
i I it as compared with that nitrht dodg
ing icebergs.
"The most unfortunate part of the
fatality is that most of the drow tied
are Americans, and we Americans sure-
Pinee the old-fashioned theory of cur
ing eczema through the blood has been
piven up by scientists, many otrrereni
salves have been tried for skin diseases.
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