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Maicotte Tonrinf Car
25-horsepowcr touring car, complete
with genuine mohair top, wind shield,
speedometer, Prcst-O-Lite tank. Trice,
$1,150. " n..
Maxwell Special
A 36 horse power Touring Car, long stroke motor, fully
equipped, including self-starter, mohair top, top boot, wind
shield, speedometer, Presto-O-Lite Tank, black enamel
lamps, magneto horn, tool kit, jack, pump and tire repair
kit, tool box, tire holder, foot rails, carpet and cocoa mat
and tonneau floor. Price, S1510.
Maxwell "Mascotte" Roadster
A 25-horsepower car, fully equipped,
including top, wind shield, speedometer,
Preut-O-Lite tank. Price, $1,100.
ii i Mi r
I Have Moved My Stock of Maxwell Cars to the Palace Garage
The absolute supremacy of this machine over anything in the market, even at
a much larger price, is recognized the whole country over, and the people of this
part of Vermont recognizes this in a most gratifying way. That is, THEY BUY
ONE and he boasts. The Maxwell business grows we need more room and bet
ter quarters to show these winners and the Palace Garage fills the bill so does
There is just one class of men driving Maxwell Cars. Buy one and join the fast
growing Maxwell Club of SATISFIED AUTO OWNERS.
Call and get a demonstration and that will prove it to you, or telephone and we will
come to you. Telephone call, 402-3.
H A J I A ii L
310 North Main Street, Barre, Vt.
i.t.unw.wtwww.u '
' Merchants' Association of Mew York
j. Will Ask Principals to
j j " Explain.
i New York, June 1. Th committee of
I the Merchants' association to invest!
; gate the advance in the price of domes
. tic hard coal is to begin its work next
i week, and several operators, it is ex
. petted, will be asked to come to the
' hearings and answer questions. Coal
, dealers also will be requested to ap
pear. This is the first time that the coal
trade had undergone an investigation
of i this kind. Henry K. Towne, presi-
But a Symptom, a Danger Sig-
nal Which Every Woman
Should Heed.
dent of the association, said that while
the committee had no power to com
pel the attendance of the operators, it
was hardly likely they would refuse
to testify. Mr. Towne said:
"We are not jroinjr off at half cock
on this matter. It is the public's right
to know everything about the case.
"The price of anthracite has been in
creased since 1902, and no 25 cents
a ton is added, ostensibly because the
wages of the miner have been increased
a little over 5 per cent. New York,
which on account of the ar.ti-smoke ordi
nance, has to burn anthracite coal, is
particularly interested in the matter."
Backache is a symptom of organic
Weakness or derangement. If you have
backache don't neglect it To get per
manent relief you musrt reach the root
cf the trouble. Read ibout Mrs. Wood
all's experience.
Morton's Gap, Kentucky. "I Buffered
two years with female disorders, my
health was very Dad
and I had a continual
backache which was
simply awful. I could
not stand on my feet
long enough to cook
a meal's victuals
without my back
nearly killing me,
and I would have
such dragging sensa
tions I could hardly
bear it I had sore
ness in each side, could not stand tight
clothing, and was irregular. I was com
pletely run down. On advice I took
Lydia E.' Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound and am enjoying good health. It
is now more than two years and I have
not had an ache or pain since. I do all
my own work, washing and everything,
and never have backache any more. I
think your medicine is grand and I praise
it to all my neighbors. If you think my
testimony will help others you may pub
lish it "-Mrs. Ollie Woodall, Mor
ton's Gap, Kentucky.
If you have the slightest doubt
that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound will help you, write
to Lydia E.IMnkham Medicine Co. .
(confidential) Lynn, Massif or ad
vice. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman,
and held in strict confidence.
Court Says Those Who Ask the Men's
Prerogatives Can Have Punish
ment, Too.
Binghamton, N. Y., June 1. Mrs.
Mary Dubai of this city is believed
to be the first suffragist in the United
States to be given a penitentiary sen
tence for husband beating.
She was arrested on a warrant ob
tained by Mr. Dubai, who complained
that in a fit of rnge she gave him a
sound beating. City Judge Albert Hotch
kiss found her guilty and declared if
women desired men's prerogatives they
should also have men's puninhment when
found guilty of violation of law.
He always dealt severely w.ith wife
beaters, he said, and accordingly he sen
tenced her to three months in the peni
Former Little Rock, Ark., Policeman Is
Charged With Murder of Child.
Little Rock, Ark., June 1. The search
in which citizens of Little Rock have
engaged for a- mysterious "Jack the
shooter," is recalled by the arrest at
Searcy, Ark., of Samuel Irassfield, a
former Little Rock policeman. Hrass
field is charged with the murder here
on May 21 of nine-months-old Paul Coul
ter, who was shot while in his mother's
arms. Miss Slarion Smith was at the
Coulter home at the time and she de
clares positively that the prisoner is the
man she saw there, flrasafield is con
fined in the state penitentiary as a
precaution againut possible mob violence.
He denies that he is guilty of the crime.
The killing of the Coulter infant was
the last of a series of attacks on women,
apparently by the same man, who ter
rorized. Little' Rock for weeks and caused
the mayor to issue a proclamation call
ing on citizens to inn themselves and
aid the police. Hundreds of men re
sponded to the call and vigilantes
patrolled the streets at night guarding
the residence sections. Mrs. Coulter was
attacked by a man who entered her
home earlyin the morning. She picked
up her baby and screamed for help. Her
assailant shot at her. the bHllet strik
ing the child and killing it instantly.
Previous to that, one woman had been
criminally assaulted, several attacked
and shot at and two of them wounded
when they, like Mrs. Coulter, made outcry.
Witness Said He Furnished Cash to Buy
Jurors With Franklin Tells of
Buying Juror.
Los Angeles, C'a!., June 1. -Job Harri
man, late Socialist candidate for mayor
of Los Angeles, yesterday heard himself
accused of being the man who provided
Clarence S. Darrow with money for the
alleged jury bribing in the McXamara
Sensations crowded thick into yes
terday's session of the Darrow trial.
Bert If: Franklin, testifying for the
state said ho had entered negotiations
with A. K. Kruger and been "turned
down" by three other jurors.
He said Kruger told him he had been
offered $4,000 for his vote as juror by
another man and wanted to know if they
were both working for the same side.
Blisters Formed, Skin Scaled Off,
and Flesh Burned and Itched
Dreadfully, Healed by Less Than
One Cake of Cuticura Soap and
One Box of Cuticura Ointment.
"About two months afro my hands started
to crack open and bleed, the skin would
rale off. and the good flesh would burn and
Itch dreadfully. When my
hands first started to get
sore, there were small
blisters like water blisters
which formed. They
Itched dreadfully. It Just
see .fled as though I could
tear the skin all oft. I
would scratch them and
the skin would peel off,
and the flesh would be
all red and crack open
and bleed. It worried mo
very much, as I had never had anything the
matter with my skin. I was so afraid I would
have to give up my employment.
"I consulted my doctor, and he said he
didn't think it would amount to anything.
But It kept getting worse. One day I saw
a piece in one of the papers about a lady who
hxt-the same trouble with her hands. Sha
had used Cuticura Soap and Ointment and
was cured. I decided to try them, and my
bands were all healed before I had used one
cake of Cuticura Soap and one box of Cuticura
Ointment. I am truly thankful for the good
results from the Cuticura Soap and Ointment,
for thanks to them I was cured, and did not
have to lose a day from work. I have had
no return of the skin trouble." (Signed) Mrs.
Mary E. Breig, 2S22 Brown Street, Phila
delphia, Fa., Jan. 12, 1911.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment are for sale
everywhere, but those who wish to try them
without charge may do ao by sending to
Potter Drug Chem. Corp., Dept. 6A, Boston,
for a liberal sample of each, post-free, together
tth. 32-p. book on the skin and scalp.
Former Premier Breaks Long
Silence on Roosevelt 4
Roosevelt His Friend, He Tells Ottawa
Audience, in a Speech Deliv
ered There Yes
terday. ;
Ottawa. Juno 1. Sir Wilfrid Laurier's
speech at a great gathering of national
Liberal leaders at a banquet given by
the Reform Club ot .Montreal,
aroused comment throughout Canada
yesterday. The Lilieral leader reiterat
ed his belief in reciprocity and spoke
bitterly of President Taft. It was his
first public, utterance in reply to Taft's
allegation that reciprocity would have
made Canada an adjunct of the Lnited
"Mr. Taft in that letter only repeated
what nan been said oy me vaiinuiitu
judges," he said. "For my part I wish
to say I am surprised that a man of
the eminence of Mr. Taft should borrow
such shallow rhetoric from the Canadian
I ho tunnv part is that turn letter
did not convince my friend, Theodore
Roosevelt. He did not share the idea
that reciprocity would make Canada an
adjunct to the United States. Is not
Roosevelt as good an authority as Taft?
"You have your choice, and I take
the Roosevelt idea, which is more in ac
cord with the idea of commercial reci
procal trade. Yet, in the face of all
this, while the negotiations were pend-
"Just Say"
It Means
Original and Genulna
The Food-drink for All Ages.
More Healthful than Tea or Coffee.
Agree avith the weakest digestion.
Delicious, invigorating and nutritious.
Rich milk, malted gram, powder form.
A quick lunch prepared in a minute.
Tale no substitute. Ask for HORLICK'S.
Others are imitations.
ing, Mr. Taft, president of the great
American republic, nursed in his heart
of hearts a secret which he never com
municated. "1 have this to say to Mr. Taft, that
he little knew the" character of this
people. If he harbors in his mind or
heart the thought that any such ar
rangement could make Canada an ad
junct, I have to tell him that Canada
will never be an adjunct, and I "say to
Mr. Taft that the consent of the Can
adian people to become an adjunct can
not be obtained by all the profits and
wealth of the United States.
"He declared that reciprocity would
transfer all our important business to
Chicago and New York with bank cred
its and everything else. Mr. Taft needs
to explain why it would transfer Can
adian bank accounts to the American
side of the line. One thing Mr. Taft
ought to know is that there is not a
single American bank doing business in
Canada, while 1 know of thirty places
where Canadian banks are doing bus
iness in the I'nited States.
"My reading of history shows that
where two nations engage in profitable
Interchange of trade they become more
friendly and respectful to one another.
That was our sentiment in negotiating
the arrangement and I believe it was,
the sentiment of Mr. Knox.
"Mr. Taft candidly admits the argu
ments of the Canadian Tories and he
evidently thought that if the Canadian
Tories could use such appeals to the
passion and prejudice of the Canadian
people it might also appeal to the pas
sion and prejudice!! of the American peo
ple in favor of reciprocity, which only
goes to show the similar weaknesses
of human nature on both sidea of the
line and the feelings which politicians
not actuated by the highest motives will
appeal to."
Six to One Over Wilson in Rhode Islani
Democratic Primaries.
Providence. R. I., June 1. Returns in
the Democratic presidential prefer-nre
primary yesterday have been received
from a little more than one-third of
the state, showing that Clark is lead
ing "Wilson (! to 1.
The returns from 23 out of TtH elec
tion districts in the state give Clark
984, Wilson 321, Harmon 51). The vote
was light.
Young Priem Was Abused by Father, i!
Is Claimed.
Seranton, Pa., June 1. Herman Pricui,
45 years old, a hardware merchant, wal
shot and killed yesterday by his son,
Robert, 21 years old, after a quarrel,
The father, it is alleged, abused young
l'riem and was about to hit him witll
a pick handle when the latter drew
a revolver and shot his father through
the body. Young Priem was arrested.
Councilman Harry Dougherty Accused of
Taking $500 Bribe in Return for
His Vote Pleads Not
Atlantic City, June 1. Councilman
Harry Dougherty arrested on a charge
of accepting a bribe of $5(10 in return
for his vote in the council for the pas
sage of an ordinance providing for a
concrete sidewalk designed to cost $1.-
000,000 yesterday pleaded not guilty and
was bpld in ?.5,(MX) bonds tor the grand
The hearing was expected to lie sen
sational and a great crowd gathered,
but little new developed.
Detective llham J. Hums told how
he had been summoned here to inves
tigate alleged corruption and dishonesty
in civic matters.
He said he evolved a "fake" board
walk scheme to catch city officials, hav
ing one or his men pass as a New lork
contractor, who offered the conncilmen
$.1,000 each to pas a loardwalk ordi
nance, paying each $500 on account.
Later. Idims stated, all the council-
men except Dougherty confessed and re
turned the bribe money. Dougherty re
fused to confess or return the monev
and was arrested.
The organization which produces
an automobile means more to pur-
chasers than the specifications of the car
Model rtrurmwick. S-Pansentfcr Tour
ing Car, Fully Equipped, Including Top and
Windshield. $1000
By themselves, Paige specifications and construction
are enough to make it distinctly the best automobile in
its price field.
The Paige organization, the entire personnel of the
Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company, is a staunch guaran
tee of the honest construction of every Paige automobile
a guarantee of careful selection of materials a guar
antee of high-grade workmanship a guarantee of sta
bility and permanence. And stability and permanence
as typified in such an organization are of vital impor
tance to the car owner.
is not a car of mushroom growth, it is not designed simply to sell, it
has been developed carefully and honestly by men who know, to meet
every requirement and every possibility of the $975 and $1000 field.
Compare the Paige car part by part with every other car in the
thousand dollar class, and it will sell itself to you even without that
unseen strength of the organization back of it And when you buy your
Paige keep in mind the fact that it is produced by an organization of
the most experienced and reputable executives, behind whom is a
directorate comprised of some of America's biggest business men.
These men. collectively and individually, vouch for the honest con
struction of your car and a high grade service to Paige owners.
In each of its seven models, all built on the one Paige chassis and with ona
distinctive I'aiire power plant, the Paiee i a beautiful, sturdy, reliable auto
mobile. It equipment is unusually complete. If you want to know how
much real automobile value you can buy for975 and $1000 you will inves
tigate the Paige thoroughly.
Come in and study the Paige. If yon arc not an expert in automobile con.
atruction. bring- an expert with yon. The more a man knows about
automobiles, the more he appreciates the Paige.
Telephone 704-W. Essex Junction, Vt.
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