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First. Showing of
Right up to Date Plain and Novelty Goods.
See them and get first choice.
Special! Special! Special!
15 Ladies' Linen and' Cotton Suits (old) former prices were from
$3.98 to $8. 50 each, to dispose of them at once have made one price on
the lot. Take your choice at - dM f)f) pnpVi
At this price we are practically giving them away. 4P V
Also 10 Ladies Wash Skirts, former prices up to $1. 75, now
59c each
The Homer Fitts Company
New Blankets just arrived.
Men's and Boys' Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes
still continues at full speed. Take
advantage of it.
Rochester and Toronto are still ,go
ing a!on at a neck and neck clip in the
International league race. The former
has a slight lead.
The batting honors in the Connecti
cut league are falling to Cunningham of
the Springfield team. During his brief
career in the Xutmeg league he has
claimed an average of .301. Cunning
ham is a pitcher.
Charles D. Redpath, the Syracuse
runner and holder of the world s record
for the 400-meter race, will start triin
ing this week for the national A. A. U.
championships, which are to be held next
month. Since his return there has been
See What You Can
Men's Suits
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;$10.00 Suits $8.00. . SAVE $2.00
'$7.50 Suit $6.00 SAVE $1.50
Boys' Suits
$10.00 Suits $8.00..
$7.50 Suits $8.00.".,
$0.00 Suits $4.80...
$5.00 Suits $4.00...
$4.00 Suits $3.20...
$3.50 Suits $2.80...
$3.00 Suits $2.40...
$2.50 Suits $2.00...
SAVE $2.00
.....SAVE $1.50
SAVE $1.20
SAVE $1.00
.. SAVE 80c
......SAVE 70c
SAVE 00c
SAVE 50c
Men's Pants
$6.00 Tants $4.80 SAVE $1.20
a question of the eligibility of his points
being placed with the X.Y-. A. C, but
investigation shows that he has lieen a
member of that organization over two
Comiskey of the White Sox arises with
a calamity howl that the Ked Sox are
cracking. Xever ha a team been play
ing better ball and never has a team
been rolling more harmoniously than the
Boston team is to-day. For the last
two months they have lost but about
a game a week. The majority of their
combats have been close ones and they
have had to put up a clever fight in
order to come from behind before the
ninth innings were closed.
Celtic park, New York, on Labor day
will probably be filled to the gates in
order to witness Martin Sheridan and
James Thorpe fight it out for the cham
pionship all-round title. Sheridan be
longs to the Irish-American club and
holds the world's all-round athletic rec
ord. Thorpe won the decathlon and
pentathlon events at the Olympic games
at Stockholm. Experts are divided as
to which will gain the supremacy.
Glenn Warner, the Carlisle coach, says
hie charge will annex the title.
Two Cincinnati capitalists came to
New York this week with proposals
to purchase the controlling interest in
the Brooklyn National club. They re
turned Without the purchase. Pres. F.b
betts issued a statement to the effect
that the club was not for sale.
Roland Barrows, the Jersey City out
fielder, has been recalled by the Chicago
White Sox. He will report the latter
part of the month. He has been hit
ting for .345 and may replace Calla
han in left field.
Murray has been playing better ball
than any other member of the Gimt
cast on their western trip. His field
ing has been spectacular and he has
outhit his teammates.
The Peerless Leader has promised
Richie $100 every time he beats the
Giants. It is a good thing that other
tired non-energetic pitchers in the big
leagues have not this offer stanJin-
every time thoy enter a game.
Rube Marquard, someone said, has ex
cited suspicion that he again is back
in form. In his last start he had evcrvv
thing necessary to- win and used excel
lent judgment on pitching to batters,
and he held his best in reserve for tight
pinches. .
Last rail on summer waists, all sell
ing below cost to make room for fall
goods. Paris Shirtwaist House.
$5.00 Pants
$4.50 Pants
$4.00.... SAVE $1.00
$3.60... SAVE
$3.20 SAVE
$2.80 .SAVE
$2.40 SAVE
$2.00 SAVE
$1.60....... SAVE
Frank McWhorter
Midsummer Clearance Sale
Colonial Jack
World's greatest long-distance walker
and his famous wheelbarrow.
Katzenjammer Kids
They plan a trip to Gerr,tny a big,
long laugh.
Have roil lonked over the famnlwll
property on Spaulding and Perry streets !
Golda H. Douglass left yesterday for
Burlington, where he is attending the
Pythian conclave.
Arnold Bancroft of Manchester, N. II.,
was a visitor in this city yesterday On
his way to Websterville, where he wiil
visit for a few weeks with relatives.
Miss Delflan Paini, who has been vis
iting in this city for the past few days
as the guest of Miss Margaret Brusa
of Howard street, returned yesterday
to her home at Bethel,
II. E. .Reynolds of Washington street
left this noon by automobile for Bur
lington, where he' will attend the tate
encampment of the Knight of Pythias.
He will return to this city to-morrow
At Graniteville last night the Ital'an
A. C. added another scalp "to Its. long
lists of victories with a win over the
Graniteville A. C. Zarka, the new
Millstone hill acquisition, was no puzzle
for the Italians. Rovetta, the ?urve
ball pitcher, was doing duty, for the
Barre team and held his opponents to
one run.
Bycraft, the former Graniteville . C.
pitcher, In his new role for the Wil
liamstown A. C, held the Montpelier
I. A. C. to a lone run last night at Wi!
liamstown. while his teammates were
manufacturing 12 tallies. Counter and
Scampini were both used on the mound
in an attempt to check the progress of
the Billtown team.
This afternoon at the I. A. C. ball
grounds off Berlin street, the Randolph
baseball aggregation, that held the Ital
ians to a tie score in an eight-inning
game at Randolph several weeks ago, .
will appear primed for battle. Gay,
their southpaw, who attended the uni
versity of Vermont last yeaj, will be
pitted against the local team.
Another baseball attraction is sched
uled for Saturday, when the Italian A.
C. and the Graniteville A. C. meet for
the second game of their series at the
I. A. C. ball park off Berlin street. The
Graniteville team will pitch Zarka. the
Proctor man. Zarka was with the Brat
tleboro club in the Twin Stat league
for several weeks this season. Dan
Beaton will do the twirling for the lo
cal team. It is nnderstsood that the
Graniteville team is to be greatly
strengthened with several star players.
Miss Marie G. Wells of Men-hunt
street left this noon over the Montpelier
& Wells River railroad for Danville,
where &he will be engaged for. a year
as a teacher in the public schools of
that town. Miss Wells graduated from
Goddard seminary last June with hon
ors in the teacher training course. She
has had considerable experience in ped
agogy, having instructed in the public
schools of this . city. Miss Wells also
holds a diploma from the musical de
partment of Goddard, leing a graduate
in the course in 1910.
Promenade and dance in Plainfield ho
tel hall Friday evening.
J. J. Dashner and an automobile party
from Washington were in the city to
day. . ,
Miss Corinne. S. Daskam of Wells Riv
er was among the visitors in the city
, Allen' Carter of Topsham was a busj
ness visitor in the city to-day, making
tne trip by automobile '
Feature program at the Bijou "An
Animated Weekly," "The Housekeeper,"
drama, also a western picture.
Miss Agnes Olsen of Washington
street, who has been visiting' at Granite
ville, has returned to this city.
Do not neglect the auction Bale of
tne Campbell property Wednesday alter
noon at 3 o'clock, Spaulding street.
Join the Progressive party by buying
the Campbell property on Spaulding
street Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
C. A. Heath is moving his wallpaper
goods from Elm street to the paint
buildings at the rear of the old city
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Bugbee of West
Patterson street have returned home
from an automobile trip to West Burke
and vicinity. ,
David Bngner and Clinton Haight of
lopsham and John Sanborn of hast
Orange were among the visitors in the
city to-day.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Merrill of Marsh-
field are visiting in this city asthe
guests of Mr. and Mrs. David Jameson
of Maple avenue.
Arthur Campbell of North Main stieet
left to-day for Burlington, wlierj he
will attend the encampment of the
Knights of Pythias.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Browncll le-
turned this forenoon to their home in
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., .fter spending fev
er 1 davs in Barre and vicinitv.
Don't fail to hear the Mexican marim
ba duo at the Pavilion to-night. It's
your last opportunity and an entire show
will be run after the hand concert.
Miss Madeleine Lane has returned to
her home in Great Harrington. Mass ,
after a visit of a few days at K. H.
Clark's and other relatives in this city.
Noble Love of Tremont street and
N. B. Ballard of Orange street lef; ves-
terday afternoon for Groton, where they
will spend ten days at the Baloiieldor
Mrs. Elizabeth Bowden of Lowell,
Mass., is in the city, having been called
here by the illness and death of Iter sis
ter, Miss Lena D. Rowen, of Summer
Judge H. W. Scott returned lior.m this
morning from Windsor, whers as gyr.nd j
warden of the state N. E. O. P. lodge
he paid an Official visit to the W'r.dsor
The Mexican marimba duo at the Pa
vilion, is one of the most novel and
unique acts ever seen in the city. You
can see the entire show after the Sand
concert. '
John DelMonti returned to-day
Northfield, after a few days' visit
this city.
Miss Helen M. Bcscher left today
for her home in Quogue, L. I., after
passing several weeks in Barre and vi
E." C. Brock and son of Washington
street left this morning for Newbury
where 'they will visit at the former's
old home. .
The 1 redding chorus members are re
quested to meet at the Heading Aletli
odist church this evening at 7 oYlook
for rehearsal, ; " :
Mrs. Walter L. Randall of Spaulding
stree.t has returned to Barre, after pass
ing several weeks at her former hunie
in St. Albans.
Local Odd Fellows and members of
the craft in Montpelier are planning to
hold a celebration at Caledonia .park
next Labor, day.
Mrs, Howard Rockwood of Watcrbury
is passing a few davs in this city at
the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs
N. M. Nejson of Merchant street.
Silvio Cardi of Summer street, who
has been attending the encampment o
the Knights of Pythias at Burlington
returned to this city this afternoon
Mrs. Michael Hart and daughter, Hat
tie, w'ho have been visiting at the home
of the former s son, John rapin of Bol
ster avenue, returned to-day to Platts
burg, X. Y.
Miss Hazel Wheeler of Elm street
has resumed her duties in the office, of
the Vermont Mutual Insurance Co., at
Montpelier. after pausing a two weeks'
vacation in Greensboro.
Mrs. B. A'. Manchester of Randolpl
and Miss Constance Manchester of Boston
arrived in this city this noon for a visit
at the home of Mr. and Sirs. Douglass
Barclay of trnnklin street.
Whle turning from North Main street
into the entrance leading to the rum
ders earaee, a Buick automobile, driven
by Fred C. Eaton, to-day skidded and
slewed into the curbing, bonding rear
wheel. Several of the spokes were brok
en, but t.'iev were braced in suen a man
ner that the machine was able to be
run to a place of shelter.
A fang of men commenced work this
noon to reconstruct the abutments of the
two bridges at Dodge's crossing in the
town of Berlin on the Montpelier road.
These abutments were undermined by
the high water of last spring. At pres
ent only temporary abutments will be
erected. The workmen also started n
the work of rutting the brush on the
sides of a piece of road below the cross
ing. which has been m Biich a condition
that travel has been made, difficult
This piece of road is to be underdritinrd
and will be widened, and a filling of
gravel will Blightly raise the elevation of
the road.
At Dreamland, To-day Only.
Colonial Jack, world's greatest long
distance walker, and his famous wheel
bnrrow. Jack walked and pushed a
wheelbarrow around the border of the
United States, a distance of fl.OOO miles.
in 3.7 days. He appears at Dreamland
to-day only to tell you his experiences.
There will also be the usual number of
feature pictures, among, them The Kat
zcnjanimer Kids on a trip to (Jermnny.
which affnrds a big long ' stream of
laughs. Admission fcr this date onlv
will be 10c.
Austin O. McNeil, who has been em
ployed at Drown's drug store for sey
ral years, left to-day for St. Johnsbury,
where he will bo employed in Frank Lan
dry's pharmacy.
Notice Regular meeting Barre polish
ers' branch, G. C. I. A., will be held in
their hall, Nichols block, on Thursday
evening, Aug. 22, at 7 o'clock. W. d.
Pirie, secretary, .
Miss Julia Hall, who has been visit
ing in this city for the past month at
the home of her sister, Mrs. Roderick
Cameron of Washington street, returned
to-day to Chelsea.
Senator John W. Gordon was one of
the speakers at a Republican rally in
Tunbridge yesterday afternoon and
spoke at a similar gathering in Strat
ford last evening.
"Colonial Jack," who says he has
pushed a wheelbarrow through nearly
every border town in the United States
in 400 days, was a visitor in the city
to-dav. tie is also "pushing postcards.
Miss Harriet MeClure and Herbert
McClure, who have been spending th?
past two weeks as the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Pirie of South Main street, re
turned to-day to their home at Toronto,
Miss Alberta Hall and niece, Miss Lil
lian Upton, who have been visitlnj in
the city the past two weeks as guests
of Mr. and Mrs. G. E. McFa-land, re
turned to their home in Maiden. Mass.,
Mrs. Elizabeth Lagor of the Morse
block, is taking a two weeks' vacation
from her duties intha office of the D. A.
Perry Real Estate Co., and leaves with
in a few days for Quebec, where ho
will visit relatives.
Mrs. Martha Calef White, electric
needle specialist for the removal of hair
and moles, will be at Miss Mary Cun
ning's toilet parlor, Miles' black, No.
106 Main street, August 22-23. 1912.
Boston office 2 Park square. ,
Tuesday's arrivals at the hotel Otis
were as follows: Delia Green, Granite
ville; Charles E. Grossarth, Burlington;
H. A. Lambert, New York; A. J. Payne,
Burlington; W. E. Wilfore, Williams
town; O. II. Titkin, Boston.
J. C. Griggs wishes to say to all Fhoe
nix Mutual Life policy holders tha; his
office will be in Barre the same as
ever. Mr. Griggs will live in Montpelir,
but will be in Barre every day on bus
iness as usual. Rooms 5 and (i, Cur
rier block. .
Metal Production in Colorado.
The value of the gold, silver, copper,
lead and line output in 1'ehtrado in 1011,
according to the United Stat geologi
eal survey, was $32,418,218, as compared
with ?33.li73.S7!) in HMO. a decrease in
value for the rear of $1.2 ..!. The
output of g-ld decreased by S1-V15.0F3; our late brother. John Allen,
silver By iii.i4; copper by $.8,WO; lof Operative lodge. No. 150.
. Golf ' Scores.
Result of mixed foursome scores
week ending August 17:
G. II. N
Mrs. Morrison and Craig .... 50 8 42
Mrs. Morrison and Craig .... 54
Miss Gall and Leith .53
Mrs. Mathieson and Woodruff.. 51
Mrs. Gerhardt and Walsh .... 54
Mrs. Gerhardt and Walsh .... 55
Miss Gall and Leith
Miss Carleton and Milne ...... 57
Mrs. Woodruff and Leslie ... 54 sc. 54
Mrs. Gerhardt and Walsh 59 4 55
Miss Gall and Leith 02 7 R5
Mrs. Ieslie and Reid 58 3 55
Mrs. Mathieson and Woodruff. 59 2 57
8 40
7 46
2 49
4 50
4 51
7 52
4 53
Says Bryan Is Worth About $200,000.
In the September American Magir.ine
there is an article containing a great
deal of "inside information about the
Chicago and Baltimore conventions. One
of the interesting points brought out is
the relation that existed between Bryan
and the rich and powerful New York
delegates. To his face they were friend
ly, but behind his back they reviled him.
Especial attention was paid to the al
leged great fortune that Bryan lurs
made. The article goes on:
"It was a scandal and must be de
nounced. Iduas of the extent of the
scandal varied with the various notions
of what constitutes fortune. South
ern bankers and lawyers put it at about
a million. Their more prosperous breth
ren from the Nprth could not call a
million scandalous and they estimated
the Bryan pile at five millions.
"'And every cent of it made out of
the Democratic party. He has capital
ized the notoriety we have given him.'
If rumors of these conferences reached
Mr, Bryan they must have made him
pensive, for he is said to entertain a
respect for the dignity of a dollar th.it
would meet the approval of Mr. Rocke
feller, It never occurred to these con
spirators that to save even a miser
able million dollars from the proceeds of
lecturing and writing would be impos
sible. We know little about Mr. Bryan's
stock lecture except that it is said to
appeal to the kind of intelligence that
adored the late Ian MacLaren. No
doubt be is well paid for his platform
appearances. 2o doubt lie is over-puil
for his writings. We admire Mr. Bryan
as a public character and as a first
class fighting man but we feel bound
to say that if we were advising any
young man who wislied to cultivate an
English stylo, we should most certainly
advise him to give no part of his days
or his nights to the volumes of Bryan.
The truth is that Mr. Bryan by very
hard work with pen and open face, 1-y
saving and luckily Investing has gath
ered together about $200,000. The writ
er personally regards this as a scan
dalous fortune, but he cannot under
stand why it should be so regarded by
Mr. T. F, Ryan."
and Early Fall Wear
VVc are showing new Ginghams and Percales in a
nice assortment of plain colors and pretty stripes, also
Dainty Wash Trimmings to match. - jf
Frtom our dress goods sale arc two pieces of Fancy ;
Mohair Suitings, regular $l.0), now to close, at 69c.
Colors, navy, blue and grey. . h
Henry W. Knight : s Barre, Vt. I
jgj Program To-day jgl .
The Lopez Mexican Marimba Duo
A musical act that has never been" equalled in this city. Something en
tirely new to American theatregoers. Two Mexican serenaders playing the Mex
ican national instrument, beautitui in tone ana played by experts. An act tuat
will never be forgotten.. , '
Margaret Newton
Songs, a few remarks on live political topics, and comedy.- .ijiX'jJOLS
A delightful and unusual comedy of
, . i ,i . , i. i.'in.
a somewnat ncKie youin, sweet, nine
miss in a flower store and a haughty
stenographer. There is a pretty, touch
of sentiment and a touch of pathos. It's
one of those delightful Edison pictures.
MISS I0NE GHIO, .Pianist.
A dandy western drama, a fine lore'
story. A lot of fast exciting action. !
Beautiful scenic backgrounds. This is ;
a picture that ' is bound to pleasa i
Clean Teeth are Necessary; i
The best dentrifice must be used to prevent dental j
decay and destroy bacteria. We nave the Hhb I in ev- ,
crything to keep your teeth clean and white Tooth Pow
ders, Pastes, Washes and Tooth Soap we have them all. We
specially recommend "Antiseptic Dentrifice with
Chlorate Of Potassium. This is a paste, in ahandy paclc
age. It perfumes the breath, cleans the teeth and prevents
decay. 25 cents a package.
D. F. DAVIS, "The Druggist"
262 North Mala Street
Barre, Vermont
There will be A special
communication of Granite
lodge, N'o. 35, . and A. M
Thursday at 1:15 o'clock
p. in. for the purpose of
attending the . funeral of
a mem tier
The. Artist'i Need. .
"Murder in Any Degree" is the title
of a story by Owen Johnson, author of
"Stover at Yale" in the August Cen
tury, in which the leading character of
tha story, a genius who fails to pro
duce, nays:
"Do you know what is the great es
sential to the artist to whoever
creates? The sense of privacy, the pow
er to isolate his own genius from every
thing in the world, to be absolutely con
centrated. To create we must be alone,
have strange, unuttered thoughts, just
as in the realms of tne aoul every hu
mnn being must have moments of com
plete isolation thoughts, rfvcneH,
moods, that cannot be shared with even
those we lovo best. You don't under
stand that."
"Yes, I do."
"At the bottom we human being
come and depart absolutely alone.
Friendship, love, all that we instinctive
ly seek to rid ourselves of, this awful
solitude of the soul, avail nothing. Well,
what others shrink from, the artist roust
Middlebury, Vt, August 27, 28, 29, 30. 1912
The "Bull Moose" candidate for president will speak at the fair
grounds in front of grand stand Thursday afternoon, August 20.
AEROPLANE FLIGHTS Thursday and Friday, Aug. 29-30
By Mr. George Schmidt' in Thor-Schmidt Machine
Great Racing Every Day $4800 in Purses "
Hutton's Great Hippodrome
Hampton's Comedy Dogs. Colton't Donkeys and Other Attractions.
BIG EXHIBITS Every Department Full of Interest
SPACIOUS AUTOMOBILE PARK Come in Your Auto and Make Your
self at Home Railroad . Excursions, Special Trains.
For Premium Book, Reserved fJrand Stand Seats or further partie
ulnrs, address FRANK C. DYER, Secretary, Middlebury, Vt.
T, R. DAY, Aug. 29
An Advertisement in the Times
Will Bring Sure Results.
There will be a dance in Miles' hall
Siiturday. Aug. 24, under the auspices
of the G. A. C. r Admission, flOc per
couple. ' i
WASTED roar flrt-rs Sinn rutMrs.
Applr to Osspsrallo Urotberi, West Second
Street 13H3
WajJTKn At once: s letter cutter,
to K. l. BMTent, Su.Uu gtrrot.
WANTKD Woraxa to do wanhinr: twentv
"nil per hour, lor one day esca k. C 'II t
U J. lxidxe s (lore. 134; S'
and lead by $211,."68. The output of Scotland. Members of Operative please
v increases cy fj.-jl(oi. uim nonce, j"er order VV. M.
FOR f Al KMr home on the remer of Booth
slsln na.l Oela streets, wltU Urteextre lot.
Mrs, Sarah ,M. Qeako, 13lt
Sale on Summer
We arc offering practically all of our summer goods
at greatly reduced prices. We need the room and give
you the advantages.
Lawn Mowers, Grass Catchers, Hammocki and Re
frigerators at special reduced prices. -
Ice Cream Freezers at 10 per cent discount; Sprink
ling Pots at 20 per cent discount.
There are other articles on which we can save you
money. Come in and ask questions. This sale begins
August 15 and will continue until September 1st.
80-81 North Main Street . Telephone 439-W. Barre, Vermont

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