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Result of Election Encourages
Much Depends Upon Result in New York
Stimson Much Favored as -'
the Candidate for Gov-ernor.
Blood Humors
Commonly cause pimples, bolls, hives,
jczema or salt rheum, or some other
,'orm of eruption; but sometimes they
exist In the system, Indicated by feel
ings of weakness, languor, loss of ap
petite, or general debility, without
causing any breaking out.
They are expelled and the whole sys
tem Is renovated, strengthened and
toned by
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Get it today In usual liquid form or
chocolated tablets called Sarsatabs.
Democratic nomination for long term
in the United States Senate, Gov. John
F. Shafroth seemed to have a safe lead.
New York, Kept. 12. -President Taft's
campaign managers are much encouraged
bv the Republican victory in Maine and
indication point to'-the injection of j
badly needed "punch" into the Republi
can national campaign. The keynote
of the natioual campaign to be sounded
by Senator Lodge at Columbus on Sept.
21 will be followed by an aggressive
speaking campaign in all states north
ot' Mason and Dixon's line. It is prob
able that several national speakers will
also be sent into Tennessee and Xortli
Carolina, where the Republicans have
rejected all overtures for fusion witli
the Bull Moose and are making a de
termined fight to hold their own fol
lowers. Former Vice-President Charles
, W. Fairbanks, who will be the othev
speaker at the Columbus opening of the
campaign, has placed his services at the
disposal of the Republican managers
from that time until election day; Sec
retary. Xagel of the department of com
merce and labor will be on the stump
from late September until the end of
the campaign and. Secretary of War
Stimson, who is taking his vacation lu
the far West, has stated hit determina
tion to take the stump for President
Taft throughout October. Should he
receive the nomination as governor of
New York his campaigning would be
limited to tnat state. .Attorney-General I
VYiekersliam, will also campaign for his
chief in a number of states and his serv
ices sre also at the disposal of the speak
ers' bureau.
What to do with Secretary Fisher Is
a problem for President Taft's man
agers.' When he was - sent west last
spring the report came back from Ne
braska that he had done more harm
than good; in Nebraska, where Yieto
Rosewster had been leading the right
for Taft and opposing legislation by
the initiative and referendum and de
nouncing the recall. Secretary Fisher
made a speech which was interpreted
by his audience as indicating his hearty
sympathy with the initiative, referen
dum and recall. Nebraska went against
the president for the nomination and
the Republican lead'.-rs in that state
hold the secretary of the interior part-
' ly responsible for that result.
It is said that his position in the cab
inet is becoming exceedingly difficult for
. the secretary.
4 Many politicians believe that the can-
didate who carries New York state will
be elected president next November. It
is possible but not easy to figure it
out differently, but certainly the Empire
state will be the battleground and all
the more so now that the third tenn
ers have named for governor so strong
a candidate as Oscar S. Straus. The
Republican and Democratic state con
ventions are yet to be held.
i 4. icTntuviiii itiib Hnr lu r.i'irBa a
Preference that his secretary of war,
'enry L. Stimson, receive the nomina
tion, Mr. Stimson would probably be
Brief Bit of News and Crisp Comment
on Men and Measures.
That eight of the eighteen presidential
electors nominated by the Republican
state convention in St. Louis April 2.5
have signed an agreement practically
pledging themselves to support Roose
velt, developed at the meeting in Jef
ferson City, Mo, of the Republican state
One of the exhibits at the Democrat
u tariff show in rew York is a group
of three wax figures. One of them rep
resents the capitalist, "this man pays
it," and the third, Colonel Roosevelt,
blowing hot air through a tube. A plac
ard makes him say: "What in blazes
ails that pay envelope I'm blowing as
hard as ever."
Stayed Until the First of
Commission Will Be Sent to Hot Springs
To Take Testimony From the
Person Who Met Mr.
Los Angeles, Calif., Entertains the G. A.
R. Encampment and Affiliat
ed Bodies.
Los Angeles, Cal., Sept. 12. With
luads held high and drooping should
ders square, 12,000 veterans yesterday
marched in the annual parade, the main
eent of the national G. A. R. encamp
ment. It required more than three
hours for yesterday's procession to pas
and 200,000 spectators lined the curb
or were massed on buildings and review
ing stands. Tlie greatest care was taken
it prevent any of the aged veterans be
ing overcome during the lone march.
and while sons and daughters marched
with some of the older men, arrange
ments were made to care for any wha
might be forced to drop from the ranks.
The national convention of the Daugh
ters of Yeterans, the Woman's Relief
corps and the Ladies of the G. A. R,
were called to order yesterday. Every
park and many churches were reqnlst
Honed for the state and national gath
erings. Last night camp fires were
scheduled for the various state comman
ders, while the Relief corps received at
the Alexandria hotel ballroom for Commander-in-Chief
Trimble and his staff.
National officers will be chosen to
morrow. Col. Albert Beers of Connec
up" may be a woman, as in the case of
der in chief, though George Tibbetts of
Washington was being Doomed yester
day. Capt. O. S. Osborne, Les Angeles.
will probably be named senior vice com
mander; Amerious Wheaton. Kentucky,
junior vice commander; Dr. George Love
joy of lioston, chaplain in chief.
Detroit and Denver lead in the race
for next year's encampment. Seattle is
working for the 1!)1, encampment.
New York, Sept. 12. -Supreme Court
Justice Bischoff yesterday afternoon
granted a stay in the Becker trial, de
laying the case until Oct. 7. This was
granted on application of John F. Mcln
tyre, Becker's counsel, for the appoint
ment of a commission to take the testi
mony of persons in Hot Springs, Ark.,
who talked with Sam Schepps, a Wit
ness; in the case, and his captors in Hot
Becker was to have been tried to-day
on the charge of slaying Herman Rosen
thal, the gambler, in front of the hotel
Metropole in July. For several day
past there have been persistent reports
that Mr. Melntyre would make an eleventh-hour
move to delay the trial. That
portion of the order granting a stay in
the proceedings was stricken from the
order prepared for Justice Goff's signa
ture by Melntyre Tuesday, but was re
stored by Justice Bischoff yesterday.
Justice Bischoff also granted Meln
tyre's request for the appointment of a
commission to take the testimony of
persons who talked in Hot Springs, Ark.,
with Sam Schepps. The commission
which probably will consist of one per
son will be named by the court to-morrow
. The delay in the case came as
a distinct surprise to District Attorney
20 Mule Team Borax
Softens the Hardest Water
"It's the Borax with the Soap tbat does
the work," and better work with less
soap 20 Mule Team Borax softens the
hardest water, thus making the soap
more soluble, loosens the dirt, cleanses
and sterilizes wherever it is used, and
without any injurious effects.
Borax Soap Chips taka the place of soap.
Used In combination with 10 Mule Team
Borax, the cleansing valus of full strength
Borax It shown, and at a saving of labor
and money.
Ask your dealer today for 20 Mull
Team Borax. Sold in (achates ony.
Fourny Covers Nearly 300 Miles and
Continues His
Etampes, France, Sept 12. M, Four
ny, the French aviator, to-day broke
ail records for both distance and dura
tion of (light while competing for the
Criterium prize offered by the French
Aero club. Fourny started over the
seven kilometre (4.3 miles) circuit of
the Ktampes aerodrome at 5.53 a, m.
At four o'clock this afternoon the air
man had covered 800 kilometres (4!H,8
miles) and was still going strong. He
hopes to remain in .the air until nine
o'clock to-night.
Meaning of French Action in
England Freed To Guard the North Sea
With Russia in the Baltic Sea
Germany Ii Smothered.
Colorado Primaries.
Denver, Sept. 12. Incomplete returns
fnriicofA flio nnminflf inn at ( "nlm-jwln'a
first primary Tuesday fer Democratic
and Republican tickets that the latter
Is dominated largely by representatives
of the Progressive element. For the
Spencer and Jordan Cases Not Referred
to Council.
Boston, Sept. 12. No action was taken
yesterday by the executive council in
the case of Bertram G. Spencer, who is
sentenced to die during the week be
ginning Sept. 15 for the murder of Miss
Martha Blackstone, a Springfield school
Governor Foss declined to refer the pe
titions for the commutation of the death
sentence of Spencer and Jordan to the
council at its meeting yesterday morn
No odds how bad your liver, stomac
, nun jii.miouic nnu uiivuhiivm ,iirin J i
ness and sluggish intestines you alway
mey end the headache, oniousness,
stomach. They cleanse your liver and b
and constipated matter which is produc
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head clear, stomach sweet, liver and bow
and bully for months.
h or bowels; how much your head aches
e from constipation, indigestion, bilious
s get the desired results with Casearets.
dizziness, nervousness, sick, sour, gassy
'wels of all the sour bile, foul gases
iiig the misery. A Cascaret to-night will
nt box from your druggist will keep your
els regular and make you feel cheerful
10 CeiltS. Never grip or sicken.
.Ttla newspaper his been, selected as Ibe one paper la (his city lor the
advance complimentary uiMritmiioB or ima great work.
.fill FIR if aJ-rti-'l . I' I . I III I it W I U M M t ii
enf rwTtr .Tr .vn i.dv.tup wsw ,dsi
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; Volumes J presented at mis oince wim oniy me necessary promo
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x started at its regular installment price cf $12 per set. See illustra-
V . ! a en j - . : l. jT. : .
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Mall Orders filled under tha aama ntTrr If yon
WU1 pay axpraca charge upon receipt cf act.
Only on complimentary act caa be allowed for any one tamu
Producers Demand 40 Cents Ptr Eight
Quart Can, as Against 31 Now
Received, and They Threatei
Boston, Sept. 12. Although the milk
contractors of Boston now get more than
100 per cent, more than they pay for
milk, there is a strong probability flint
the price of milk will soar in October to
10 cents a quart. The producer are
demanding 40 cents per eight quart can
for milk and say that unless they get
what they demand they will stop pro
ducing. At the present time the pro
ducer gets 31 cents per eight quart can,
and the contractor sells the same for
72 cents. . . v.
The producers say that unless the con
tractors pay the amount demanded when
the winter price go into effect in Octo
ber, they will strike and have taken a
verv determined stand in the matter.
The contractors say on the other hand,
that they cannot afford to pay 40 cents
per can for milk, and that in order to
meet the raise of nine cents per can
they must in turn demand 10 cents per
quaVt from the consumer. II. 1'. Hood
of the H. P. Hood company, claims that
he has shown by sworn statement ac
cepted by the legislature, the finance
commission, the interstate commission,
and a committee of the producers, that
his profit is one-third of a cent per
quart. The increase demanded by the
producers would therefore extinguish this
The producers base their demands on
the judgment of experts who met at
the chamber of commerce last -May.
These men, professors from various ag
ricultural colleges and other experts.
after discussion decided that the proper
price of milk under the present condi
tions that should be asked by the pro
ducers was 40 cents per can.
He Didn't Care Much
Priests and Preachers.
Berlin, Kept. 12. The German clergy
boiled with excitement to-day at the
Paris Temps' quotation of the Kaiser's
admission to President Forrer of Switz
erland, during the recent visit there,
that although be finds in the Bible "a
solution of every difficulty" he does not
care much for clergymen or priests or
preachers because they dilute the gos
pel with too much of their own brew,"
It is said there will be a chorus of
pulpit rejoiners next Sunday of a char
acter which may involve some of the
critics in prosecution for- lese majesty.
At St. Louis New York 5, St.
Louis 4. Batteries Caldwell and
Sweeney; Powell and Stephens.
At Chicago Boston fi, Chicago
0. Batteries Collins and Carri
gant Cieotte and Kuhn.
At Cleveland Cleveland 3,
Washington 2. a Batteries Bland
ing and Cariscb; Johnson and
At Detroit Philadelphia 0, De
troit 7. Batteries Ifouck and
Egan; Lake and Kocher.
Won. Lost Pet.
Boston 04 38 .712
Philadelphia M 53 .002
Washington 79 56 .585
Chicago 64 08 .485
Detroit 62 73 .4."i9
Cleveland 50 75 .440
New York 48 R4 .364
St. Louis 45 87 .34J
The work of Jeff Tesreau, the Ozark
cave-dweller, will bear watching from
now on. Tesreau is a fine twirler, but
what he doesn't know about fielding
bunts would fill an enormous book.
Gregory, the recruit pitcher of the Cin
cinnati club, has been in the O'Day fold
cnly a week and has been twice givew
the decision over the Cubs. At this
rate the- managements of the clubs
around the circuits will be provided
with in excellent drawing card.
The Red Sox are not in the least
fearing the much-tooted base stealers
or tne iiiants. Jn such men as rarrigan
and Cady all Bostonians are thoroughly
satisfied that the reckless wcrk on the
paths bv the McGrawites will be
tne Hod ?ox win nave to win nine
more games to shatter the mark for
games won in a season made bv the Ath
lctics back in 1910.. The Boston cluft
has nearly three weeks more of playing
and it Tollowen with tavorable omens
should topple over this mark.
Ben Demott, the Lafayette collegM
pitcher, has been bought by Owner Cam
eron of the New Haven club in the Con
necticilt league. Demott was purchase!
from the Cleveland Americans and will
not report until next April.
Fred Clarke has said during the past
reason that Hans Y agner lias the nee
essary" to make good as a manager and
his personality would hold the reina
Ilughie Jennings believes that he has
tounu the man thai will fill the miss
ing link in bis outfield. Yeach is his
Miguel Gonzales, a Cuban, has been
signed bv the Boston Nationals. Oon
zales has been catching for the Long
Beach, N. J., club this rear and in
their exhibition names against bie league
clubs he has been successful in deterring
their reckless baserunning.
Candidates for the football team at
Dartmouth college have reported for
practice. The squad will be in charg
of Heart loach tavanaugh with other as
istants well versed in football. The
tfam has lost several of its last year's
stars but will have plenty of material
to make up the loss. Already, Llewlyn
and Hoggset, regulars of last year's
eleven, nave reported lor practice.
Owner-Manager Burchcll of the Syra
cuse club of the New York State league
is in rather bad with his fans. The
Syracuse team has had a losing team
all year and Burchell has been satisfied
not to make any efforts to strengthen
the club with better players.
After what the Boston papers termed
Joe W ood outwitting Callahan and cross
ing the great White Sox manager, many
baseball enthusiasts are included to cen
sure Wood for his performance and.it
greatlv strengthens the assertion that
Wood possesses a vcllow streak. Had
Wood showed his integrity and stayed
over a day to face t.d. alsh, who was
to be senl against him by Callahan, h
would have been placed in higher pub
lie estimation than pulling off this child'
ish stunt. As it was Wood was not in
proper shape after last Tuesday's bat
tie and nearly met his fate. Hall com
ing to his rescue. Wood is working for
3 pitching record and his work in the
last two weeks shows no indications why
he should not have come out ahead of
Walsh had they met.
London, Sept. 12. The Daily Graphic
suggests that the decision of France to
concentrate her fleet in the Mediterran
ean, taken together with Oreat Britain's
virtual desertion of the Mediterranean
in favor of the North sea, is the corol
lary of the reetmt Russo-French naval
agreement and indicates a practical un
derstanding for a naval triple alliance
between Great Britain, France and Rus
sia. I'nder this, ;reat ifritfm wmi
protect the North sea and the English
channel, and France the Mediterranean.
This is the immediate outcome of the
recently negotiated Franco-Russian na.
val convention, combined with the old
Anglo-French convention relating to tlw
Mediterranean seaboards put into prac
tical operation. The French fleet, which
heretofore has had its headquarters at
Brest, will be permanently transferred
to Toulon. This neval move will give
to France complete control in the Medi
terranean over any possible combination
of the triple alliance, and will leave
to England the defense of the North sea.
Experts point out that with the Rus
sian fleet in the Baltic the strength of
the British fleet will be materially in
creased against anv contemplated Ger
man attack, while the English channel
is considered sufficiently defended by
the numerous fleets of destroyers and
submarines stationed on both the Eng
lish and French coasts.
At Philadelphia Pittsburg 10,
Philadelphia 3. Batteries Ferry
and Simon; Chalmers and Doo-in.
Won. Lost. Pet.
New York 02
Chicago 82
St. Louis . . .
Brooklyn . .
. .03
Tired? Nervous? Go To Your Doctor
All run down, easily tired, thin, pale, nervous ? And do not know
what to take? Then go direct to your doctor. Ask his opinion
of Ayer's non-alcoholic Sarsaparilla. No alcohol, no stimulation.
A blood purifier, a nerve tonic, a strong alterative, an aid to
digestion. Let your doctor decide. foS-fir
Wife of Champion Pugilist Shoots Her
self in the Head HI Health Was
the Cause She May Die.
Chicago, Sept. 12. Mrs. Jack John
son, white wile ot the worlds chanv
nion heavyweight pugilist, attempted suj
cide last night by shooting herself in
the head in their apartments. At the
hospital where she was taken it is said
she may die. The bullet passed through
her head.
She lias been in ill health lor a year
and so despondent that two maids for
several months watched her continual
Johnson, hoping a change of climate
would benefit her, planned to leave with
her last night Tor New Mexico. He was
purchasing tickets when she was seized
with a fit of despondency and while
the maids' attention was diverted she
got a revolver. They tried to get the
run away but she fought desperately and
succeeded in shooting herself.
Johnson spent the night by her bed
side at the hospital.
They Say They Are Tired of Political
Wrangling in Republican Party,
and Will f it Alone.
Boise, Iha., Sept. 12. A Republican
ticket made up entirely of women can
didates wil be placed in the field in Ida
ho this fall against the regular Kepub
lican and Progressive tickets. The wom
en members of the Republiean party in
Idaho announced last night that they
had become disgusted with the wrang
ling within the party and had decided
to place a ticket of their own before the
people. The women will hold their con
vention here this week.
Peck Held American Record For Long
Chicago, Sept. 12. Aviator Paul Peck
of Washington, D. C, holder of the
American duration flight record, was fa
tally hurt in a fall with his biplane last
night while flying in gusty winds. He
attempted too' steep a spiral and when
he struck the ground his engine came
through the wreckage, striking him in
the neck. Peek was making a trial
flight preparatory to the international
aviation meet here to-dav. His skull
was fractured and he is internally in
jured and expected to die at any time.
"Wet Doings for a Little Longer."
That means weeks
of discomfort if you
are not equipped with
a good raincoat, such
as you will find here
in great variety.
No tellingwhenyou
will need this protec
tion, even when the
weather is not so
Good raincoats, the
kind you can depend
upon, $10 up.
122 North Main St Barre, Vermont Telephone 66-W
Mike Murphy Will Quit Col
lege Ranks For Other Work.
i ztt. v ' :" A
statesmen and others la needof 'build
ing up.
The Pennsylvania trainer, as reiy
body knows, bas been la ill health tor
many years and baa found the burden
of handling college track and field
teams Increasingly heavy. The care of
the Olympic athletes was the last blgr
undertaking tbat Murphy felt himself
fitted for, and he bas cast about for a
means of employing bis knowledge of
the conditioning of men under circum
stances tbat would allow him a little
Promoter Claims Wolgast Refused ti
Abide by Terms.
New York, Sept. 12. Threatened le
gal action to prevent the proposed fight
1 O i AT I- A 17.1 1 . I
Packer MeFarland on the ground it is
in the nature of a prize fight was made
unnecessary by the calling off of the
bout. Promoter Billy Gibson says Wol
gast refused to abide by the terms re
cently signed.
Th state athletic commission suspend
ed Tony Ross six months for fouling
Jeanette in the ngnt Here last .Monday.
Republicans of Connecticut Adopt Plat
form Praising Taft.
Hartford, Conn.. Sept. 12. The Re
uhlican state convention yesterdav
nominated state ofiicers and named sev-
n presidential electors and adopted a
platform praising President Taft.
John I'. Mudlev or ew Haven was
named for governor and Charles H. Peck
of Danbury for lieutenant-governor.
The Kamerun From Hamburg Is
on Libenan Coast.
London, Sept. 12. The Hamburg liner
Kamerun is totallv wrecked on the Li-
llx-rian coast, according to a despatch re
ceived yesterday at Lloyds.
The Kanvrun's passengers and crew
were landed.
1911, by American Frees Association.
Michael a Murphy, the veteran
trainer, probably has handled bis last
track team. Unless plans that have
been under consideration for some time
fall through he will retire this year and
take up another branch of work.
He is said to bare tbe backing of
George W. Perkins and other financiers
in the establishment of a rest cure on
the general lines of that run by Wil
liam Muldoon, whither may repalrjlred
Dazzle Patch Great Pacer,
Dazzle Patch, the sensational three-year-old
colt by Dan Patch, owned at
the International farm, in Detroit,
worked a mile Aug. 2 in 2K)f with
tbe last half in 1.-02& This was the
first extremely fast mile the colt erer
has been allowed to step. Ned McCarr
drove tbe colt in company with George .
Gano, 2:02, and through the stretch
the youngster was keeping the veteran !
race horse mighty busy. It waa Mc,
Carr's idea to let the colt step a miles
In whatever notch he would go com
fortably. Dazzle paced the mile without urg
ing and well within himself all tbe
way. lie finished very strong and
was pacing a runaway clip as be flash
ed under tbe wire. In considering this
wonderful mile one must remember
tbat Dazzle is only three years old.
He Who Laughs Last Laughs Best.
Everybody laughed at the thought of
Otto Iless and Bub Perdue in the big
leagues this year the former because
be was too old and tbe latter because
be was a dub. Yet these two have
proved to be two of the most useful
workers in the major leagues, though
they have been kept down by the fact
that tbey are working for the Boston
Brooklyn's Hardworking Stars.
Two willing workers on the Brook
lyn team are Zack Wheat and Jake
Daubert Wheat bas had a bad year
this season, and tbe trouble bas been
dne to a bad ankle. He bas bad a lot
of trouble with It and at times has
hardly been able to get around. Tbat
is the real reason why be baa slowed
up this year.
Removes the scum from the tongue; sweetens a sour, gassy,
bilious stomach ; cleanses your liver and 30 feet
of bowels without gripe or nausea.
If hcadachv. bilious, dizzy, tongue
coated, stomach sour and full of ga,
you belch undigested food and feel sick
and miserable, it means that your liver
is choked with sour bile and your thir
ty feet of bowels are clogged with ef
fete waste matter not properly carried
off. Constipation is worse than most
folks believe. It means that this waste
matter in the thirty feet of bowels de
cays into poisons, gases ana acias anu
that these poisons are men sucKed into
the blood throuch the very ducts which
should suck only nourishment to sustain
tbe body.
Most people dread phvsie. Ihev think
of castor oil, salts and cathartic pills.
They shrink from the after effects so
they postpone the dose until thev get
sick; then they do this liver and Vowel
cleaning in a heroic way they have
a bowel washday That is all wrong.
If you will take' a teaspoonful of de
licious Syrup of pigs to-night, you will
never realize you have taken anything
until morning, when all the poisonous
matter, sour bile and clogged-up waste
will be moved on and out of your sys
tem, thoroughly but- gently no grip
ing no nausea no weakness. Taking
Syrup of r igs is a real pleasure. Don j
think you are drugging yourself; it is
composed entirely of luscious figs, senna
and aromntics, and constant use cannot
cause injury.
Ask your druggist for "Svrup of Fig
and Elixir of Senna," and Wk for the
name. California Pig Syrup companv,
on the label. This is the genuine old
reliable. Any other Fig Syrup offered
as good should be refused with con
tempt. Don't be imposed upon.

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