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Destroys Dandruff Stops Falling Hair Cleans and Invigorates four Scalp De
. . ligntful Dressing for Your Hair.
To be possessed of a' head of heavy,
beautiful hair; soft, lustrous, fluffy,
wavy and free from dandruff is merely
a matter of using a little Danderine.
It is easy and inexpensive to have
; nice, soft hair and lots of it. Just get
; a 25 eent bottle of Knowlton's Damlerin
now all drug stores recommend it
apply a little as directed and within ten
minutes there will be an appe.irance of
abundance; freshness, flufliness and an
incomparable gloss and lustre and try
as' you will you cannot find a trace of
dandruff or falling hair; but your real
surprise will be after about two weeks' I
use, when you will see new hair fine
and downy at first yes but really new
hair sprouting out all over your scalp
DanJerine is, we believe, the only sure
hair grower; destroyer of dandruff and
cure for itchy scalp and it never fails
to stop falling hair at once. .-
If you want to prove how pretty and
soft your hair really is. moisten a cloth
with a little Daudrrine and carefully
draw it through your hair taking one
small strand at a time. Your hair will
Harvests Will Be 20.3 Per Cent. Great
er Than the Crops of Last
Washington, Sept. 12. The cereal
crops of the country, from present in
dications, will reach the unprecedented
total production of 133,010,000 tons. Vic
tor H. Olmsted, chief of the depart
ment of agriculture's bureau of statis
tics, makes this announcement. With
record breaking crops of corn, spring
wheat, oats, bailey, rve and buckwheat,
the year's harvests will be 20.3 per cent.
lew moments a dcliglittul surprise
awaits everyone who tries this.
I Do Your Own-Llf4 1
I? I a liv f
I m Hi i
irroiif r In wniirlit i till 11 111 Fit, VPAf'fl lil0-
be soft, glossy and beautiful in jt auction, u.l per cent, greater than tliu
big year of 11)10 and 1(1.2 per cent, great
er than that of .llMKt.
Prospects for the record-breaking po
tato crop indicate it will be 36 per cent,
greater than last year, when the crop
was very short, 14 per cent, greater man
in 1910, and 2 per cent, greater than in
1000, when the previous record produc
tion was harvested. The hay yield is
estimated at about 31 per cent, more
than laxt year and 4 per cent, inor
than in 1010 and 1900.
August, like July, was decidedly fa
vorable for crop development through
out the country, department of agriculture-
officials declare. They figure the
C-'inposite condition of all crops on Sept.
1 as being about 10.5 per cent, better
than at. that time a year ago, and 4.1
per cent, better than the average condi
tion on Sept. 1 in recent years.
Waits in Office While Warrant
is Delayed
A complete Portable Machine Shop in one tool for farmers, auto
ownera, garages, machine shops, in fact, every person having repairs to -make
will save cost of machine in short time. Local agents wanted in
every town in Orange, Washington, Caledonia, Essex, and Orleans coun
ties. Write for terms and prices at once. .Don't get left.
J. L. ARKLEY, Barre, Vt.
Sales Manager for Above Counties
Many Barre people who have chronic
appendicitis, which is not very painful,
have doctored for years for gas on the
stomach, sour stomach or constipation.
C. H. Kendrick & Co., Druggists state
if these people will try simple buck
thorn bark, glycerine, etc., as compound
ed in Adler-i-ka, the German appendicitis
remedy, they will be surprised at the
QUICK benefit. A SINGLE 1X1SE re
lieves these troubles INSTANTLY,
He Maintains His Calm in Face of De
velopments Accumulation of Evi
dence in the Strange Case In
volving New York Man.
The Times wants every family in Barre to have a set of these modern
reference books. Think what it means for the children at school, as
well as for the "grown-ups" and for all who want to advance and you
get the complete set at once no installments. You can't afford to miss
such an opportunity.
$12 Set of Everybody's Cyclopedia
which has been selected as the one paper in this city for the advance complimentary
distribution of this great work. After this introductory distribution we cannot tell
yet what quantity the publishers will allow us for this purpose the books will then
be sold only en installments at 12 by a canvass of national scope conducted by its pub
lishers from house to house. It is now
Free for 6 Coupons
and only the necessary promotion and expense items of distribution un
til this complimentary edition is exhausted, amounting to a total of 1.98
(as explained under the educational coupon printed daily on another page)
MS I&m MmJmW
New York, Kept. 12. The imminent
proHpect of arrest failed to deter Bur
ton W. Gibson, the lawyer, who was
with Mrs. Kosa Menschik Szabo when
she met death in Greenwood lake, July
lti, from the usual routine of his af
fairs yesterday.
Surrounded by a self-appointed body
guard of reporters and detectives, he
reached his office down town at the cus
tomary time, went in and locked the
"I am here and I expert to be ar
rested," he told the reporters upon his
arrival in New York.
'"In fact, the detectives have told me
I will be. I am waiting now and I am
ready. I do not know anything about
this story of Mrs. Szabo's death be
ing due to strangulation except what I
read in the newspapers."
When told that the autopsy on Mrs.
Szabo's bodv which had been exhumed
from a Jersey City cemetery at the
behest of the Austrian consulate-generaJ,
d'sclosed that her wind pipe had been
wrenched out of place, Gibson declined
to add to his statement.
Detectives employed by the Austrian
authorities formed a cordon around the
lawyer's home jn Rutherford, N. J., Tues
day night and guarded every exit from
his office yesterday. They had instruc
tions, they said, not to permit him to
get out of sight.
The autopsy performed on the ex
humed body of the Szabo woman showed
that the windpipe was wrenched out
of place and the superficial appearance
of the internal organs was such as to
cause the surgeons to retain them for
both microscopic examination and chem
ieal analysis.
The physicians who performed the au
topsy, it was said, were agreed that
Mrs. Szabo's larynx was found to be
to crushed and forced up into her throat
that it would have kept any water from
entering ber lungs, so that she must
have died from strangulation and not
A Modern Shylock Beaten
at His Own Game.
Therefore on Saturday He Will Jour
ney to Milbury to Invade the Pan
try of Aunt Delia.
Beverly, Sept. 12. The appetizing ap
ple pies and the rich brown doughnuts
that Miss Delia Torry used to make for
nephew "Will" Taft are fragrant in the
memory of the president, so on Satur
day he will make a pilgrimage to Mill
bury, Mass., where Miss Torrey lives
and where all such good things abound.
The president is "Aunt Delia's" favorite
nephew and he fan always find a pan
try stocked with the best, with many
a tempting pie nispiayea. .Mrs. latt
and probably the Taft bova will accom
pany the president on this visit. They
will' motor to Millbury by way of Wor
cester, leaving Beverly early Saturday
afternoon. The return trip will he made
Sunday. Many of President Taft's rel
atives are expected to shake his hand
in Millbury Sunday, and Miss Torrey 's
houwe wilt be the headquarters of a
small Taft reunion.
Everybody's Cyclopedia Makes Advance
ment Possible For All Am
bitious Persons.
There is always much talk of the
''man higher up." In political parlance,
this is usuiilly meant to indicate the
bead of a clique or ring, but there Is
always a "man higher up" in business
and also sometimes this "man higher
up may oe v womvii, as m the case .!
a young woman not a thousand miles
from this city who is the business man
ager of a large manufacturing concern.
Improved Lmaure Time.
In reply to a question this young
woman said:
"I always wanted to be a businest
woman and lost no tinv? in fitting my
self for such a position. I improved
my leisure time by reading and my am
bitions were realized because of the
knowledge thus acquired.'
If you arj ambitious to become Hie
"man higher up" vou should be the
owner of Everybody's Cvc'opedia, whim
is now being presented by the lime.
You can then improve your leisure hours
in the perusal of any subject which i
to your liking, whether it be science
or art, manufacturing or agriculture,
philosophy or literature, or the learning
of a trade.
Crowded With Information.
Thousands of subjects are contained
in these big little sets relating to all
arts, professions and trades. Think of
the topic you are most interested in
and then follow it up throughout every
volume of this wonderful se,t and you
will hnd that your leisure time is well
Look for the coupon on another page
ct this issue and learn how you may
take advartage of this opportunity.
Ik Skin of Beauty ia n Joy Forever,
This is a Reduced Illustration of the Complete Set
This $12 Set of Five Volumes contains all the needful subjects of a 20-volume
edition at less than the cost of one volume.
DR. T. Foil Oouraud's Oriental
Cream or Magloal Baautlflor.
RamxTM Tn, Pimple
Freckle., Moth Patchi-a.
Bun, ud bkla Dlaratra,
maa rrvry DitmiPB
OD tafttltf, ud ita
0 detection. II
haa toed lb tmt
ct W tnra, and
M nanolMa i
tftitelt tobciuratt
U properly aiad.
Accept no counter
feit of almilar
rune. rr. L. A.
Bevre aald to
lad of tin betrt
ton ( patient) t
"As 7iu India
will OM thDJ.
I ,),. tn mtid
akin pr.prilotn " For emit by all dnuulnu and Kaney
Uooda Dealer to tbt United StaleA, Canada and Ettropa.
fm0.T.H0PKlS,rt5twJ7 tndimn Strut JnTitL clu
"Father, tell us a story about your
law cases."
"Law cases are very uninteresting
affairs, fjowever. tbcre Is one case
which I think, may be interesting to
you youngsters because It has a direct
Influence on 70ur existence.
"One day after I bad got fairly well
started In my practice tuy office door
opened and a Jew entered.
" 'I hold.' said be, 'a note for $200,
secured by chattel mortgage on somo
furniture.. The note is due. and I can
not collect the money. I wish you to
foreclose the mortgage.'
"I told him that I did not take such
case, but would And him a lawyer.
Tour Uncle Tom was then scraping
along for a practice, and I Intended to
give the case to him. Tbe Jew as
sented and agreed to call the next day.
"He had not been Ion gone when a
lady was announced. She was shab
bily dressed in mourning, but she In
terested me from tbe moment I looked
at her. She was evidently In great
'Would yoa mind telling me." she
said, 'If Moses Weil has been to you
to get you to foreclose a chattel mort
gage on my furniture?'
"'A Jew has asked me to foreclose
such a mortgage, I replied.
" 'Then I am going to ask you not to
take the cose. I am a widow In very
straitened circumstances. I bave been
obliged to borrow money from tbe
Jew. I ean't pay the Indebtedness,
and If be takes my furniture I shall
have to go to tbe poorbouse. I can't
pay board, and the only way I can
live is in a little cot Thus far I have
persuaded every lawyer tbe Jew bas
asked to take bis case not to do so. I
hope yon. too, will refuse.'
"I was surprised and distressed to
see so refined a person thus reduced.
I was about to promise ber that 1
would not rake the case against ber
when I thought that by doing so 1
might be of service to ber. But I had
no final plan and did not care to com
mit myself. I therefore told ber that
I would consider her request She left
me much disappointed.
"The next day when Well appeared
I told him that I had reconsidered the
matter and would oblige him. He was
very much pleased Indeed, so much
so that be said uotbtng about the ex
pense attending the matter except tbe
court fees, for which bt made a de
posit He probably feared to antago
nize me by mentioning my charge. .
"I called npon the widow and told
her frankly that her plan of persuad
ing all the lawyers not to act in th
matter was hopeless.
" 'Yon are the first lawyer, she said,
that bas refused me. Tell me what
your fee Is to be from tbe Jew. and I
will endeavor to raise the money and
pay It to you to refuse tbe case.'
"That would not be In accordant
with the code among lawyers, certain
ly not my code. ,
" 'Is It their code to assist creditors
to bring debtors to beggary? Indeed.
I know that It is not for several ol
your profession have refused to do so.'
"This man Well.' 1 said, attempt
Ing to give her reasons that should
satisfy her. Is determined to sejl you
out -He will in tbe end find a lawyei
to do bis work. That yon may nol
think me more sordid than I am. I j
will turn .over my fee to you.' j
"Mr offer hnd no other effect than
to Irritate ber, and I left her.
"When the papers In the case wer
ready I sent for my client and tin
widow to meet me at my office at tbt
same day and hour. It was not
pleasant gathering. Tbe lady cast I
reproaobful glance at me. then looked
fixedly out of the window. Tbe Jew
looked meek. .
" 'Mr. Weil. I said at Inst, 'these pa
pers give you possession of this lady'i
household goods that la, tbey will glvi
you possession when I tnrn them ovei
to you on payment of my fee. This
fee' I turned to the widow 'I Tolun
tarily agreed to turn oyer to you
Therefore. Mr. Well, yoa may as wet
pay tbe money direct to the lady.'
" 'Certainly.' said the Jew. pulllni
out bis wallet 'How much Is tin
" 'Two hundred dollars.'
"He looked at me aghast"
" 'I pay you everything?
"It happens that my fee Is the er
act amount of the indebtedness.'
" 'Snp)ose I don't psy it?
"'You will tot get tbe papers, and 1
will collect my fee by law. You ar,
perfectly good for tbe amount.'
"Meanwhile a light began to breai
in upon tbe widow's brain. The Jew
argued, threatened, pleaded. I was im
movable. Finally I proposed to remit
my fee on one condition that h should
renew the lady's note for two years at
a moderate rate of Interest. Then hi
left me atone with her.
"'Pardon me.' she said; wltl? great
feeling, "for misjudging you. Why did
yoa not tell me what yoa were golni
to do?'
" 'Because I did not know myself till
the last moment' "
I paused. I hnd finished my story.
"And who was the widow?" asked
a chorus of voices.
"The widow was a lady to whom
yoa are indebted for many kindnesses,"
"Do tell us."
"Well, since yoa are so eager to know
I don't mind telling yoa that she It
your mother."
From Forty-Five to Fifty Are Much Benefited
..." -
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
The " change of life "isa most
jritical period in a woman's ex
istence, and the anxiety felt by
women as it draws near is not
without reason.
"When her system is in a de
ranged condition, she may be
predisposed to apoplexy, or con
gestion of some organ. At this
time, also, cancers and tumors
are more liable to form aid begin
their destructive work.
Such warning symptoms as
sense of suffocation, hot flashes,
headaches, backaches, dread of
impending evil, timidity, sounds
in the ears, palpitation of the
heart, spark3 before the eyes,
irregularities, constipation, vari
able appetite, weakness and
inquietude, and dizziness, are
promptly heeded by intelligent
women who are approaching the
period in life when woman's
great change may be expected.
These symptoms are calls from
nature for help. The nerves are
crying out for assistance and the
cry should be heeded in time.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound is prepared to meet
the needs of women's system at
this trying period of her life. It
invigorates and strengthens the
female organism and builds up
the weakened nervous system.
It has carried many women safely
through this crisis.
T- Iff
P TuK-EstellaGillispie
St. Anne, 111." I was passing
through the change of life and I
was a perfect wreck from female
troubles. I had a displacement
and bearing down pains, weak
fainting spells, dizziness, then
numb and cold feelings. Some
times my feet and limbs were
swollen. I was irregular and had
so much backache and headache,
was nervous, irritable and was
despondent. Sometimes my ap
petite was good but more often it
wa3 not. My kidneys troubled
me at times and I could walk
only a short distance.
" I saw your advertisement in a
paper and took Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, and
I was helped from the' first At
the end of two months the swel
ling had gone down, I was re
lieved of pain, and could walk
with ease. I continued with the
medicine and now I do almost all
my housework. I know your
medicine has saved me from the
grave and I am Milling for you to
publish anything I write to you,
lor the good of others." Mrs.
Estella Gillispie, RF.D. No. 4,
Box 34, St. Anne, Illinois. .
Combination Butter Dish and
Ornamental Mold.
Strange Youth. ,
"Doctor What makes yoa think the
boy Isn't normal? Mother Every
thing. He was sixteen years old last
month and yet he doesn't think he
knows more than his father. Philadel
phia Record.
; An Ingenious butter dish, whuh
serves as a mold for the butter as well
ns In the capacity of a retainer, is be
ing manufactured In France. Tbe dish
Is made in two parts, the upper one
telescoping into the lower. Butter Is
placed In the lower dish, and the upper,
which is perforated, is placed over It.
and when It Is forced downward into
the lower dish the butter is forced up
ward ' through the perforations In
other wefT portion over the Iron" ana.
continue drawing the velvet over unUl
all the pile is freshly raised.- Do noe
touch the surface of the velvet until
quite dry, when it should look like
To Cook Cabbage.
nave plenty of salted boiling water
In which a teaspoonful of soda haa
been dissolved. Plunge the cabbage
In, top downward, leave It uncovered
and let it bolt unUl tender. That will
be from twenty minutes to half an
hour. Take it out into a colander,
drain well, put Into a hot dish, add iota
of butter, some salt and pepper and
serve at once. It will be as delicate ai
cauliflower and tbe color be retained. ,
. Pintappl Peel Juice.
Cut the peel of the pineapple Into
small pieces. Weigh und take sama
quantity of sugar. Make a sirup ol
one cupful of water to each pound of
sugar, then add pineapple to sirup.
Boll fifteen minutes, slow, steady boll-1
ing. Let stand overnight, then strain,
and squeeze In cheesecloth. Bottle nnf
put on ice or in a cool place. This
makes a fine pudding sauce and is de-'
llcious on boiled rice. ' ,
German Apple Cup.
Select fine grained apples, one for
each service; core and pare, leaving on
a section of the skin In the shape of a
ring near one end of tbe apples. Cut
heart stalks of celery very fine, but do
not chop. Mix tbe celery with may
onnaise dressing, to which half the
bulk of whipped cream has been add
ed. Add also more salt and pepper.
Use this mixture to fill the hollow cen
ters of the apples, rounding it up
above the apple a little. In the center
of the mixture In each apple set a
tluy heart leaf of lettuce. Place tbe
apples on lettuce leaves and serve at
once. The ring of apple skin gives a
little color to the dish. The end of the
apple on which It is left should be up
ward. If the apples must stand after
paring rub over the exposed surfaces
very lightly with the cut side of a
lemon. This will prevent discoloration.
Cream Fish Chowder.
Put a fish weighing about three or
four pounds Into a wire basket. Set
In the kettle with about three quarts
of boiling water. Salt to taste. Cook
about fifteen minutes, or until done
without breaking. Have ready as
many potatoes as you wish, with two
onions, the onions cut very fine. Take
out the basket, turn the fish out on a
platter to cool and put potatoes and
onions in the fish water. Cook until
done. When done thicken. Pour into
a tureen, with a tablespoonful of but
ter, one cupful of milk nnd a few
crackers. Itemove skin and bones
from the .fish, being careful not to
break In small pieces. Put the pieces
of fish In the tureen. The heat from
the chowder will warm the fish
Sour Milk Biscuits.
Rub a spoonful of butter into one
quart of flour, wet up with one quart
of sour milk Into which you hove
previously stirred one teaspoonful of
saleratus which has been dissolved la
a little hot water. Use as much mora
flour as you find necessary to make
tbe dough stiff enough to roll out to
one inch thick. Cut out as usual and
bake in quick oven.
Duchess Potatoes. '
To two cnpfuls of potatoes add one
teaspoonfui of melted butter. , Beat
until light and smooth, then add six
tablespoonfuls of milk or cream and
the yolks of two eggs well beaten.
'iVIitu well mixed and seasoned with
fait and pepper add the benteu whites.
Fill hot gem pans and brown.
For Fishbone In Throat.
To remove a fishbone from the throat
cut a lemon in halves and suck the
Juice slowly. This will dissolve th
fishbone and give Instant relief.
Fried Shrimps.
Rinse a can of shrimps In cold water
drain and let stand on Ice one or mors
hours. Roll tn powdered cracket
crumbs, dtp la beaten egg, roll again in
cracker crumbs and fry In deep, hot
fat Drain on brown paper, dust light
ly with salt and pepper. The sbiimp
may be dipped in beaten egg and fried
lu a spider if desired.
Fried Beets.
Wash tbe bepts carefully, drop them
In boiling water and cook until tender.
Drain, cover with cold water, rub ol
the skins, rut In one-hair Inch slice,
dredge with seasoned flour nnd fry on
both sides In bot bacon or sausage fat.
For one word a man Is often deemed
to be wise, and for one word he Is
often deemed to be foolish. Confa-
To Restore Velvet.
Velvet when creased may be restor
ed by steaming and pressing. To
steam place a damp muslin cloth over
the. underside of a hot iron which has
been turned with the flat side up.
Hold tbe velvet with both hands and
draw It gently over the wet cloth, al
lowing the steam to pass through the
.velvety Aa .the. muslin drlcsput an-
Corn In Tomato Shells.
Sweet corn cut from the cob. sea
soned with a chopped pepper, a little
Anion Juice, a little salt and cream to
moisten, mixed with the pulp taken
from tomato shells, filled into the shells
nd baked, makes a delicious entree.
Green Pepper Salad.
For a tasty salad on a bot day mince
a ronple of green peppers, mix rhetn
with three tablespoonfuls of chopped
chives and serve on white lettuce
leave with French dressing.

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