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sui at, a, tl. A a1iiuIiiA ' OaI A
IM blHH iVHIIIMJiiu o tVdK
Outing Flannel, Crash Bed Spreads, Towels, Sheets, Pillow Cases
We have on our counters a big stock oT new fall goods.
1 o demonstrate the fact that we can save you money we
shall offer some especially attractive values on Saturday. The
jprices named below mean a big saving to you.
:U yards Outing rlannel, in a good, heavy quality, an
especially good assortment of stripes, plaids and checks, in
light or dark colors. This Outing will compare favorably
.with the 10c quality Outing. You are going to need a lot
jjpf Outing Fknnel. This is a good opportunity to stock up
&t 7 l-2c yard on Saturday.
t A lot of Frinp-ed or Hemmed Bed Spreads, cood size and
weight, pretty floral patterns, in fact, a $1.25 value; we shall
ask you only 98c each for these Spreads on Saturday.
l 250 yards all pure , Linen Crash in bleach or unbleached.
.17 inches wide, with olain. red or blue border, a goed value
in an All Linen Crash, on Saturday 9c yard.
An All Linen Rough Weave Towel, known as the Old
Oatmeal Weave, made for and will give good service, better
than a Turkish towel. We have sold a lot of these Towels.
We recommend that you try some of these Towels at 15c
jjv 50c each, 72 x 90 Sheets, an especially good value,
jf 79c each, 81 x 90 Sheets, an extra fine cotton.
I 12 l-2c, 42 x 36 Pillow Cases, linen finish.
1 17c each, 42 x 36 Pillow Cases, hemstitched.
Telephone 258-W. 75 Main Street. Barre, Vermont
: i fJLk v llO$l
14 NCE books either overcrowded limited shelf space or rnpty shelves
Outing flannel, T.',i$ per yard. A Vg
sale lit Perry on Saturday,
Rend the Paris Shirtwaist House adv
on page 8 of to-duy's Times.
Make no date for October 4 and 6,
Attend the Odd Ladies' fair, Howhtnd
Ernest .1, Hatchelder of 14 South Main
street is routined to tho house by ill
ness. A crash Mile, an all-pure linen crash,
bleached or unbleached, 0c at Perry's on
One hundred and fifty new rugs and
nrt squares just received at Hales, 118
North Main street.
Knlnh Willis returned vesterdav to his
home in Vergennes, after a week's visit
with friends in the city.
Mrs. Alfred Moriran of IWklev street
left this morninif for Williamstown,
where she will visit relatives.
Victor Wliite of Newport is visiting In
this city for a week or ten days. Mr.
W hite was a former resident of Barre,
Mrs. Beatrice Bacon of Lebanon, N. If,
arrived in the city last night for a two
weeks' visit with relatives and friends
ir. Burre.
Mrs. A. M, Lang, who has been visit
ing relatives in Burre and Williamstown,
left this forenoon for her home in Brock
ton, Mass.
Mrs. Marion Maiden of Merchant
street will reopen her apartments or
boarders Sunday niorninir. AH former
boarders are solicited.
Fannie, rnd Allen M. Fletcher, jr.. of
Cavendish ttopped in the city yesterday
on tneir way to Jionrpelier,
At the Paris Shirtwaist House the
latest thing arrived this morning, new
shirts with the new collar. Just what
you have been looking for.
A good second-hand square piano for
only 3H. Come now and secure this
bargain." Bailey's Music Rooms. 14 Elm
street, Barre, Vt. 'Phone 22-W.
The L. N. class met with Mrs. Herbert
Ifutchins, Circle street, lost evening at
7 o'clock. At the close of the social
hour delicious refreshments were served.
The condition of Peter Bombard of
North Main street, who was taken to
the City hospital yesterday for treat
ment for lead poison, remains about the
Isaac B. Rice of Marion, Mass.. is pass
ing several days in the city, having been
called here by th illness and death of
his brother, Eli T. Rice of Washington
Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Mathers of Bur
lington arrived in the city this afternoon
for a few days' visit at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Wl A. Bradford of South
Main street.
Saturday, This Week, at 9 O'clock
In this Saturday's Sale arc 150 pieces of beautiful Fancy Ribbon in from 5 to 6lA inches in
width. These were bought at a big, discount. All are fresh and clean and just the kinds uscd.J
for fancy work, sashes, hair ribbons, and for trimming hats. This is an opportunity for milliners
to buy tor iall work at away below wnoiesaic prices. io piece ; in tne ioc wortn less tnan 43c,
and piece after piece of regular 45c, 50c and 65c Ribbons. Your choice on Saturday at only 24c
per yard (cut as you want them).
T hese Ribbons are displayed today in our window. This advertising in today's paper only.
Remember these Ribbons are not on sale until 9 o'clock Saturday morning, this week.
The -.-Daylight Store
ONCE books either overcrowded limited shelf s pact or empty shelves
yawned and waited for books. When on bookcase overflowed, a new
one was purchased, and its gaping shelves were gradually filled. .That was
before the Globe Wernicks period In bookcases. Now, books and their
shelves come together. The bookcase grows apace with the library. This is
4hcmolcrn wapf building a library. - This is the Globe-Wernicke id ea
. Vermont's Largest House Furnishers.
An Advertisement in the Times
Will Bring Sure Results.
diaries O'Brien, who lias been spend
init the past few months on a farm near
.Stntead, V. Q., ha returned to tlie
city and will soon leave for Denver,
Col., where he has secured employment.
f. C. Faulkner and J. M. I'ieree, two
prominent - quarrvowners of Quincy,
Mass,, who have heen passing several
days in Williamstown as the iriicsts
of Jameft K. Pirie, will leave to-niglit
for their homes.
Ralph Smith is confined to his home
ion .Merchant street with a t-praineu
ankle, the result of an awident while
taking part in a foot hall match tha ear
lier prt of the week. Xt will be about
two weeks before young Smith will have
the full use of the foot.
G. Valli. who rerentlv leased the store
space in the Merlo Mock on Isorth Mam
street formerly occupied by the Merlo
cigar and confectionery store, opened a
grocery and provision store this morn
ing. Mr. Valli will carry a full line
of Italian imported goods.
Through the 1). A. l'errv Real Estate
Co. of this city, the farm near Northfleld
rails owned lv . A. Turner of Ktlmon-
ton, Alberta, has been sold to Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Duchaine of Stowe. The pur
chasers paid $1 100 for the property, which
thev intend to occupy at once.
The Vermont Poultry association held
its regular meeting in the city court
rooms luKt evening and transacted rou
tine business. Detailed arrangements
for the issuing of the association's an
nual catalogue were discussed, and it is
hoped that- the little booklet will be is
siwd from the press shortly.
(irxhlanl seminary nns a inntrMill crmnr
booked with Spaulding high school for
October 10. The Goddard squad has been
working hard updcr the supervision
Coach Kurtz and the eleven is rapidly
rounding into midseason form. If these
two teams meet, it will be the first time
in many years that the two schools have
clashed on the. gridiron.
Black silk messaline waist sale at the
Paris Shirtwaist House.
Saturday special of silk petticoats.
Paris ShirtwaiBt House,
New management at tbe Eureka res
taurant. Why don't you call!
son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam MeKensie of Wcbsterville Sept. 19.
Remember the usual Saturday evening
dance in Miles hall; opera house orehes
C. If. Berncroft of Schenectady, K. Y.,
was among the business visitors in trie
city to-day.
F. R. Severance of Northampton,
Mass., was among the business visitors
in the city to-day.
At 15o each, an all-linen towel, rougA
weave, better than a lurxisn towel, ai
Perry's on Saturday.
James R. Coutts of Academy street
went to Northfleld this forenoon on a
short business trip.
Mrs. (Jreig of 54 North Main street
has returned home, after spending ten
days with relatives In New York and
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Robinson, who
have been visiting friends in the city
for a few davs. returned this forenoon
t their home in Windsor.
Mrs. Napoleon Richard and Mrs. Nel
son Ouyette returned yesterday to their
home in St. Albans, atter passing i
eral days with friends in tbe city.
There will be a smoke talk at. the
O. A. R. poet rooms Saturday afternoon
at 2 o'clock, and all persons with honor
able United States discharge are cor
dially invited to attend.
Just arrived this morning, a shipment
of pique and fine mercerir.ed shirts in
white, with the latest collar designs.
You'll want one when you see them. At
the Paris Shirtwaist House,
Members of St. John's court, No. S22.
C. O. F ire requested to meet in K.
of C. hall Saturday afternoon at i
o'clock for the purpose of attending the
funeral of our lata brother, Dominico
Peduzzi. Per order C. R.
The Enworth league society of the
Hedding Methodist church has received
an Invitation from the Epworth league
soeicty of Trinity church, Montpelier, to
be guests of the capita i city organize
tion at a social to b held October 11.
Grange Fair Opened Thursday Evening
Very Successfully.
Tho Washington grange fair opened
Thursday evening in grange hall and ws
well attended, the outlook for success ap
pearing more auspicious than any grange
entertainment for years. Those in
charge of the affair are sparing no pams
to have their work rewarded fruitfully.
Last night the order of the evening
events included a musical program, fol
lowing which wa an order of dances.
The same routine will be carried out
during the week. The hall was very
tastefully trimmed in red, white and
blue, autumn leaves and ferns. Booths
for the exnibit and sale of fancy arti
cles, aprons, candy, ice cream, etc., are
installed around the hall. A goose pond
is in one corner, which attracts no little
attention and add much to the financia
receipts. It is in charge of Mrs. D. E.
Magon and Mrs. A. Prescott. The
other booths are superintendented as
follows) Ice cream, Mrs. Oorge ISo
honon and Mrs. Charles Stanley; fancy
table, Mrs. Ora Hutchinson and Mrs.
Mart Dickey; apron table, Mrs. Jennie
Ordway mid Mr. Turner; candy, Mrs.
Albert Bresette. Refreshments are
served each evening. The grange orches
tra furnishes music for dancing Xlfe
floor is in charge of M. W. Ilvlana, Jo
seph Lewler and William McDonald.
The following program has been a
ranged for this evening, to commence at
8 o'clock sharp: Play, entitled "Tho
Old-Fashionral Husking-Bce," given by
the East Barre grangers; instrumental
and vocal music. Dancing will continue
until 12 o'clock.
Our fruit will surely please you
And the prices will be right,
On cigars and fruit and candy,
And shines for shoes or anything
At I'nited Fruit Store.
Given Away "CHATHAN" Given Away
Fireless Cooker
To the Person Guessing the Nearest to the
Number of Hours
that the large candle now displayed in our window will
burn. Thii is one of the best made fireless cookers on
the market and retails at $ 12.00. We offer this cooker
as a special inducement and at the same time introduce
a new polish for furniture, pianos, wood work, etc.
Matchless Liquid Gloss
far excels any polish that has ever been manufactured
and is not merely a polish but a cleanser.
It" is recommended and used by the best piano manu
facturers which is the best indorsement any polish can
have. A polish that can be used on a piano without in
jury'to the finish is a safe and practical polish for any
Kind of use.
See our window for particulars gueit on the candle,
you may be the lucky one to get this $12.00 "Chathan"
Fireless Cooker.
To-night: Royal Ar
ranum meeting; 7:30
sharp; luncheon at 8:30;
social evening following.
Every member pleas
come. Aew badges for
There will be a special
communication of Granite
lodge, No. 3.". F. and A. M
Sunday at 1:30 p. m., for
the purpose of attending the
funeral of our late brother.
Eli T. Rice. Per order W. M,
lltere will he a special communica
tion of tlranite lodge. No. 3., F. and
A. M., Fridav evening at 7 o'clock
Work. F. C, degree. Tcr order W. M
WASTED A Ctrl tot (B'rsl koMork;
, w rmn o hon night preferred. Apply
lo Mrs. Cbarles Ttavsrs, City Aactioa Xloini.
TO RENT 'ott ktiM at SI Kim Street.
knon th HherDarne bout. Apply t H H.
tKragbtoa. SI Elm fit. Tcltpboa Kill
WANTF.D At Has carrier at tba saw
taraca, Montpailar. t'alaa job at anloa arlcaa.
Inquire at butMlac. Caart Street lb Bearer
leniuactloa Co. JT1U
WASIKD Letter-eatter; al,a aaa 1
tarface ratter. kUrrla Cearr, Barre.
WAXTF.D Middle-area womu tads reneral
knavea-nra: la familfof aaa. Aadreee -W. M .."
Tiarn eflire. lJvtS
ruK asLB Kreryet Elaatta Roof Palae.
W. A. Lane, it liberty ftiraet, Barra. Tr -bene
1M-12. Kotr
Look what the Bijou is offering to
dar A two-reel I. M. P. production.
"Winning ths Latonia Derby, with
King Baggott in the stellar roles 'in
Swift Waters." featuring Miss Florence
Lawrence and Owen Moore, three of the
leading actors in the moving picture
business. Adv.
Tbe show at the Pavilion last night
proved very enjovable. Both acts are
good, one being an unusually clever ring
and trapeze aerial act, in which some
very difficult feats are performed with
ease and unusual skill. Hein and Col
lins offer aru excellent character har
mony singing act. Both are endowed
with exceedingly good voices. Both acts
scored heavily last night. The new pic
ture, which came to-day, includes a now
erful biograph drama, two good comedies
and a comedy drama, making a very In
teresting' picture program that is thor
mighly up to the tisual standard of ex-
cellence maintained at the Pavilion.
The Philathea class of the First Bap
tist church held its annual business
meeting Tuesday evening at the home
of Mrs. L. V. Jones on Webster street.
After election of officers a pleasant
evening was enjoyed and the hostess
served light refreshments of cocoa and
cake. The officers elected for the fol
lowing year are: President. Mrs. L. .
Jones; rice president. Mrs. If. D.
Stephens; secretary, Mrs. 8. Sinclair;
treasurer, Mrs. Ueorge treake; learner,
Mrs. F. O. Rogers; associate teacher,
Mrs. W. N. Oresrson; volunteer, Mrs. W
W. Sutton: reporter, Henrietta Inglis;
social committee, Mrs. K. J. Batchetder;
visiting committee, Mra. L. V. Jones;1
missionary committee, Mrs. vumminys.
First Man Drsssmaksr.
One day In 1730 a beautiful carriage
appeared on the boulevard of Paris
with an escutcheon In the shape of a
pair of corsets and an open pair ot
scissors painted on the panel of each
door. This r-fls tbe coat of arms of
Rbomberg, the first man who made a
nntne as a woman's dressmaker.
Rhoroberg, who was the son of a Ba
varian peasant from the neighborhood
of Mnnicb. owed bis rapid success to
his genius for concealing and remedy
ing defects of figure. lie left an an
nual Income of 50,000 francs to his
Birds Big Esters.
Baby robins have been observed to
eat half their own weight of beef
scraps, digest all this within three
hours and then be ready for anothet
A pair of red eyed tireos were noted
by a naturalist to teed tbelr offspring
over a bundred times in ten hours.
Grosbeaks, sworn enemies of the Color
ado potato beetle, have been seen tc
assimilate almost a hundred caterpil
lars or larvae an hour. Over 3.00C
aphids have perished by the bills of tbe
insect loving yellow throats in the
same period of time. Suburban Lift
Magazine. .
Our Overcoats
Our Overcoats
are made far better
than the most ex
clusive tailor could
make them!
The same con
scientious hand
work, the same
exclusiveness of de
sign, and the same
note of individual
ity. Not stuffed
and padded into
shape, but tailored
honestly and labo
riously by hand.
Collegian Raglans
Convertible Collar
and Ulsters
Plain or Fancy
Mixed Fabrics
$15 to $40
Now is the time and here is the best place of all to
select your new Winter Overcoat!
I -VJtiia)a iwok .
Lamorey Clothing Co.
Yours for better things to wear
Saturday Prices!
j At tbe Department Food Store!
I Oood Tolatoes, per peck 15c i
Sweet Potatoes, 13 lbs. for 25c I
1 5c !
r.. a
J5c j
I Sweet Corn, 3 doron for 25c
Hubbard rviuaali, per It)
Concord firapos, 2 baskets for 25c
uulk tstarcn, miiwjai rr.-
J CIAL. pounds for 25c
S Large Fancy Onions, per peck.. 25c J
Small Onions, per peck 15c
Fancy Onions, per bushel 05! I
Good keepers. a
Oysters, per pint 25c I
S Oyster Crackers, 3 pounds for.. 25c i
Sensational European aerial gymnasts,
in a daring, sensational, aerial trape
and ring act. introducing all that is new
to the world of aerial workers.
Comedy act, presenting comedy, songs,
dancing and novelties. A pleasing, re
fined act that is hound to please all.
Come early. It's a dandy show.
A powerful Uiograph drama, showinj
the influence of moral suasion on s
burglar, -intensely thrilling in parts and
produced with all the great strength ol
the Biograph Co.
A comedy drama, depicting the expert
ences of three busted but determined
Americans, who through ' perseverance
won out; thrilling and amusing
MRS. BEN. J. TASSIE, Pianist.
1 a
a. 1 hi...
Are vou tising it t !
Took the Hint.
"This teems like a sweet dream," he
rapturously remarked at be lingered
with ber at the door step.
"It doesn't seem like a dream to tat,"
she replied, "for a dream toon van
ishes, you know."
Be ranlshed.
Loaf (Scotch
Bapts), a
lOo I
is .
Her Luck.
'Too bad Mrs. Smsrtlelgh always bat
sticb abominable weather for her aft
ernoon teas."
Tes: the Derer poors but It rains."
Mlssus-I tee yon broke my chins
plate lo two. Tbe Cook This it my
lucky day. I generally bar to gathet
tbe pieces la a dustpan. Chicago
The Explanation.
Cow was it the thieve rot awsy
with thst roll of earpetr
"I s appose they beat If Baltimore
BREAO that evervone savs
the Ix-st they ever ate, large
loaf, each lOe
Berwick Cake. freh Saturday
morning. Glace. Oriental, I
Sponge, Raiin, Citron. Mar- a
ble. Heavy Fruit and I-sdy J
take. I
Rosebud Sponge, each lOc J!
Get Our Prkei on Flour Now. j
Visit our Fi-H IVpsrtment Satur- j
day evening. There you'll find Ht
Boiled Lobsters, (lams in any tyle.
K.l. .-4 I ...1.' W- !'
ING from 6 to I o'clock K I
cans Norwegian Smoked Ssr- ;
dines, per can 1 IV
Not over S cans to a customer. J !
- a l
a !
Tolpe Cfcll. 400
Two baskets of full weight Concord Grapes for 25c
Delaware Grapes, per basket - - - - 18c
Niagara Grapes, per basket - - - - - 15c
These Grapes are shipped to us direct from the vine
yard; this means a saving in price to you and a better
Onions. No. 1 stock, per peck - 25c
Sweet Potatoes will soon advance; now 13 pounds, 25c
Six cakes World's Soap and 10c can Cleaner for 25c
Ten cakes Soap, some wrappers soiled, for - 25c
Remember we can sell you Coffee from 20c to 40c
per pound," Tea from 15c to 11.00 per pound, and save
you money on every purchase.
for Saturday Cream Rolls, pure whipped cream,
10c; Cream Cakes, pure whipped cream, 15c; Cream
Puffs, pure whipped cream, 30c; Cream Eclairs, pure
whipped cream, 30c s
It's Ladd's Cream Bread that has the Real Value

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