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For those who make their own comforts The Maish
Laminated Cotton Down Baits are made in one piece. With
these Batts all the tedious piecing of narrow strips is done
away with.
Just spread out the covering, unroll the Batt and the com
fort is complete, uniform in thickness at every part.
The only way a comfort can be made at home that will be
anything like the Maish in loftiness, lightness and warmth
is by the use of these Maish Batts. They arc different from
the ordinary batt.
We have these Batts in extra, medium and summer thick
nesses, one piece 72 x 90. Ask to see these Batts.
Telechone 253-W. 7fl Main Street. Barre, Vermont.
ONCE books either overcrowded limited ahelf spaca or empty shelves
yawned and waited for books. When one bookcase overflowed, a new
one was purchased, and its gaping shelves were gradually filled. .That was
before the Globe Wernicke period in bookcases. Now, books and their
Shelves come together. The bookcase grows apace with the library. This is
XhUQO&rn way ojjiuading a library. This is the Olobe-Wernicke idea,.'
Vermont's Largest House Furnishers.
Serge dress sale Monday at Fitts
Petfr Muberini "f riainllt'lil U pausing
a tew ilava witli Inn mother on 1'um
II. K. KliulU of I'inelnniiti, O., wn
among t lie business visitor in the eit.v
New millinery every week nt the mil
linery parlors, corner of South Main and
Ayer atreets.
Charles K. , Hepburn of IteiiniiiL'toi)
was amonir the business visitors in the
city yesterday.
Mr, Jam'.' Long left thin morning for
Huston, where hIic will remain for a week
with relative.
Henry Xute returned lionie last night
from Hoston, where lie witnessed two of
the world' series games.
John Arioli of Addison street went
this morning to Jlethel, where he will
visit friends for a few davs.
William Kmslie returned home this
morning from lloston, where hn hits
been attending the world's series.
J. V. Cobb returned last night to hi
home in lliirliiigton, after spending w'
eral day in the city on business.
F. Hurt Rovce of Hurlington returned
to his home last tiijrht, after spending
a tew days in the city on business.
Mr. and Mm. M. K. Oiukell of Fast
(street went this morning to Northfield
for a week-end visit with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. (. K. Kember of St.
Johnshury, arrived in the city lust even
ing for week-end visit witli friend.
Mrs. K. X. Fellows returned yesterday
to her homo in Topshum, after spending
several days with friends in the city.
Miss Marion SiUby returned yester
day to her home in (iroton, after 'spend
ing a few days with friends in the city.
William Colburn, who has been visit
ing relatives in tho city for a few days,
left last night for his home in Urightqn,
Mayo P. Blake of Fast street left
thin morning for his former home l.i
Northfield for a few days' visit with relatives.
Frank C. J)ragoon returned last nig!
to his home in i'lattsburg, X. V.. after
spending several 'days in the city on
Mrs. F. L. Cobb, who has been parsing
several days with her husband in this
city, returned yesterday to her home in
Frank TI. Towsley of Washington.
graduate of (oddard seminary, has been
elected vice-president of the junior class
t iutts college.
The Drown-IJuick motor agency un
loaded a car of 11)1.1 Iluit ks in the Mont
pelier &. Wells River yard yesterday.
The consignment consists of a roadster
and a touring oar.
LcRov Ooodrull of Woodhurv, a well
known real estate operator, arrived in
the city yesterday for a few days' visit
at the home of Andrew Morrison, ot
Batchelder street.
Homer C. Ladd, grand chancellor, and
C. XL Willey, keeper of records and
seal, of the state Pythian lodge, left
this morning for Bruttlcboro, where they
win muKe 'in oinciai visit.
Large Assortment
Of Ready-to-Wear Garments
Every department is full of new fall merchandise. In
the garment department we are receiving new numbers
in Coats, Suits, and Dresses by nearly every express.
We can surely show you one of the largest assortments I
of Ready-to-Wear Garments in the state. Have just re- t
ceived an early shipment of Small Furs and Fur Coats.
The ONE BEST Skin Disinfectant!
Don't delay buy a bottle to-day at Droivn's.
"Necessary as Soap"
Brown's Drug Store,
Barra, Vermont
We Can Help You Solve Some,
Not All, of the High Cost of Living
Chemical analysis will show that MILK is one of the cheapest articles
of food in the market. Our pasteurized Sweet Skimmed Xlilk or Butter
milk has two-thirds as much nourishment as whole Sweet Xlilk, so all
you can use of these goods in your cooking or otherwise furnishes good,
wholesome, muscle-making nourishment at less than one-half what it costs
in many other kinds of food you ure buying. Kggs, while a little more
expensive, are a very prominent article of food, and we are in position to
give you good value for your money. While we wouldn't want to be
called a liar if you found one that was not quite as fresh as it ought to
be, we are landling all our Kggs with an electrical device and it is very
seldom that one not usable gets by our light. TRY THESE GOODS.
L B, DODGE, 300 No. Main St., Barre, Vf. Tel. 233-W
The New
Has Arrived
With all the new improvements that goes to lessen
household duties. Aside from the regular vacuum pro
cess a brush attachment has been added, which takes up
threads, pins, lint and, in fact, everything from the
carpets, rugs, mattings, etc.
The "Duntley" Vacuum Sweepers are the first to
place on the market a sweeper that will remove threads,
pins, etc., aside from dirt from carpets. We trust every
housewife, as well as others, will give us an opportu
nity to demonstrate this in your homes.
Telephone us today. Get acquainted with the
"Duntley" and it will be your best friend.
We have decided to rent these Sweepers to parties
desiring at 50c a day. Trvone, if not entirely satisfac
tory we charge you nothing.
Miss Ohven Jones of Allen street h
returned home, after passing a two
weeks' vacation with relative in
Rochester, NT. Y. Miss Jones will re
sume her duties at the F. D. Ladd Co.'s
store Monday.
Montpelier high school and Spauldink(
high school will not play their sched
uled football game In this city this aft
ernoon on account of the outbreak of
smallpox. The game may be played
later in the season.
William Stuart of Spaulding street
and Howard Miles left this morning for
Hanover, X. H., where they will attfhd
the Vermont-Dartmouth football game
this afternoon. Mr. Stuart will remain
in Hanover for a few days visit as the
guest of Earl Williams.
Walter Randall of Spaulding street
left this morning for his former home in
St. Albans, where he will make a short
visit. On ins return to Barre, he will
be accompanied by Mrs. Randall, who
has been visiting in St. Albans for the
past week.
Rovce Tioardman of East Middlebury,
who has been spending a few davs with
friends in the eitv, after attending the
annual convention of ermont uood
Templars, returned to his home laft
night. Mr. Boardman was elected grand
treasurer of the Good Templars for the
vear 11)12-1913.
Ladies- Separate Skirts
If in need of a good Fall or Win
ter Separate Skirt, you should see
our new designs that are just in.
These are Skirts that are made with
the plaits at the bottom of Skirt,
which allows for the extra spring that
the trade is looking for..
The vnluo 5n Tanama and Serges
that we are giving you for $3 08
are of a quality of material and
style of workmunship that you will
wonder how to good a Skirt can be
made for the price.
At from $500 to $5. 75 are a
number of very popular new Skirti
that are made in the entirely new
models and have that degree of style
and finish that is sure to appeal to
you as just right.
At $7 50 are some very good val
ues in colors and black, are made in
Serges and Novelty Cloths.
At from $8.50 to $1000 are
a number of very good model's that
are made up in the fine Serges, Nov
elty Cloths and Amoy Cloths. The
Skirts are in black, blues, brown and
Ladies' Separate Goats
This is surely one of the great
est Coat seasons we have had for
a number of years, ana never w
there so large an assortment of dis
tinctive patterns, both in style of
Coats mid materials used. We are
receiving by nearly every express
new numbers in nobbv Coats, Coats
that are a little different Coats
that are different and have that
touch of style that makes for the
Cout you are looking for.
The Misses' Junior Coat is the
most popular Coat of the season.
This is a Coat that fits little wom
en and the miss who wants a Coat
that has the style of ladies' gar
ments. These we can give , you in
almost any quality you may want.
Our line of Young Ladies' Coats
that come in sizes from 6 to 14
years is complete in every way. We
have the little Coat that carries the
style of the ladies' Coats. Also the
plain tailored, made of a heavy, all
wool coating, at prices that win
appearl to all as extra good values.
IMunsin'g Underwear
When you buy Munsing Underwear
you have the best that you can buy
and buy the best that you can have.
It's the' only plaited seam Underwear
on the market. It fits better, it wears
longer and the cost is no more thau
for poorer kinds. ,
Children's, Boys' and Misses' sizes at
50c and $1.00 Ver Suit-
Ladies' sizes in Munsing Union
Suits at $1.00 and $2 0O in cot
ton and wool.
You will never know what is the
best Union Suit on the market until
you have owned a Munsing. This is
the best time of the year to buy your
first Munsing Union Suit.
Our special 54-inch Sponged and
Shrunk Serge, in tan, brown, navy,
black and maroon. This is the same
cloth that we sold dozens of piecej
of last fall, that we could not keep
in stock. This season we have several
pieces in reserve. As long as these
last, $1.25 per yard. Then on our
new purchase, $1.50 per yard.
There is a great demand for Whip
cord SergPs, These have a wider
wale and are harder more on the
worsted order. We have one 4
inches wide in dark red and navy at
75c per yard.
Our best Whipcord is 54 inches
wide. A very lustrous cloth in all
best colors, such as dark reds, navies,
browns and combinations, or two
tone effects. This cloth is the one
used by best New York tailors and
sells for $1.50 per yard.
Here is very swell cloth for coats
or heavy suits. It comes in gray and
navy and is the best coating on the
market. This is a Whipcord Cheviot
and sells at $2 35 per yard.
All the new things in Coat and
Suit Trimmings also the latest in
Buttons to go with above goods.
All Fall Styles in New Idea Patterns come with all seams allowed the price is no more all patterns 10c each
no style over ten cents. It's the economy pattern of the 20th century.
f lhp Bavli oTHt Store !
Great values in blankets at Fitts'.
Just in ten dron-side iron couches, at
floor mops and brushes at
Iu-j-jiL mm m
who Is desirous ot increasing his
biuinoM efficiency and o! secur-
Ins profitable employment
should write us at once tor par-
tlcular. Youn men iradusteii
from the Albany Busikkss Coi-
LEinr In demand. Were specialist in bttfl
ln education and tench yotinr twople Juit
whnt they need to know to obtain and keep
ynnd positions and adTtnc to business man
agement and ownership. For new catalogue
uldrrSS CARNtll d HOIT, ALBANY. N. Y
The Bonaceord football club social is
postponed until further notice.
The Tourist club will meet with Mrs.
Wilier Monday afternoon at 2:30.
The meetings of the Philomathian club
have been postponed for the present.
Joseph Gav left this morning for St.
Albana, whre he will pass the week-end
with friends.
Miss Marion Wingate of Goddard sem
nary went this morning to Northfield
to pass the holidiy with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Morrison of Mil-
ford, N. H., arrived in the city last even
ing for a few days visit with friends.
Misses Florence and Nina Converse of
West street went this morning to their
home in Middlesex for a few days' visit.
Mrs. Clarence R. .Wood of North Main
street left this morning for Boston,
where she will rmain for a week on
Mr. and Mrr.. I). Bossi of Waterbur
arrived in the city last night for a few
days' visit ut the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Bianc'ai of Summer street.
Mrs. Tcrley Becklev of the east hill
has brought to The times office several
large line of rockers at Hale's.
Scotch dance, Worthen hall, Saturday,
Oct. 12, at 8 p. in. Gents oOc, ladies
Sheet music and all kinds of musical
goods at Bailev's Music Booms, 14 Elm
strete, Barre, Vt. Thone 22 W. IL J.
La Hoe, local manager.
Automobile for hire, by the day or
hourj fine, new Buick car, can carry
five passengers; will go anywhere. Jones
k Nye's livery stable. Depot square.
Frank Sassl anl Alexander McKenzie
left last night on the Green Mountain
express for Boston, where they will wit
ness the fifth game of the world's cham
pionship competition between the Bed.
Sox and Giants.
East Barre Congregational church.
Preaching service Sunday morning at
10:30; topic, "the Christian Kace How
to Run It." Sunday school at Ili45.
Christian Kndeavor service at 7 p. m.
S 25c EACH i
clusters of wild raspberries picked on her
farm vecterdav. Ihey are large and
many of th berries have ripened.
W. F. Bump, recently elected grand
vice-templar of Vermont Good Templars
at the convention held here this week,
returned last night to his home in Salis
bury, after spending a few days with
friends in Barre and Montpelier,
The feature of the chorus with the big
musical comedy success, "The ewly
weds and Their Baby," that will appear
at the opera house this afternoon and
evening, is the pony ballet known as
The Eicht router 1'ieeons," a remark
able octette of dancing and singing girls.
For immediate acceptance, special price
will be made on the fine residence and
stable at No. 12 Kastern avenue. A
thoroughly good modern eight-room
house, comfortable barn and a large lot
with plenty of sh.ide and fruit. At the
present price someone can have a jrnod
home at the price of a smaller property
in less desirable location. Will it be
vou? I-et us givs you full particulars.
You will be pleasantlv surprised. The
I). A. Terry Real Estate Agency, Barre,
Berlin Congregational church. Frank
Blomfield, pastor. Morning service at
10:45; topic, "Charistianity a Life of
Service." Sunday school at noon. Bible,
adult and graded classes. 7:30 p. m.,
young people's meeting.
Annuitiei Contribute
more to the happinss of old people than
any other form of investment yet
known. Whv! Write us and we will tell
of Vermont. (Mutual.) S. S. Ballard,
general agent, Lawrence building, Mont
pelier, vt.
rox A EATON. Lessees.
J. X. HOBAN RMlSeat Mgr.
! Concord Grapes, 2 baskets . .2."5c J
jLaree 8 lb. basket Grap;$...25c J
: Green Tomatoes, peck 20c J
l,xtra nne lot r wncaens, per Clarence Kendri k has on display in
! lb 25c S one of his show indow at the Kendri. k
i r- j !!,, , lu or,,. Ilpharmacv to tame, cultivated Japanese
Good Fowls, per lb 20c j W.lu.ng mice. This sprees of the
Quince, per lb.. 08c " small rodent is rare in this country.
'Cranberries, ner cuaf 1 Oc Although the larger cities are repre,
. C.rnoernes, per quart IUc ,M hy dw,ier. j this speci-
Celery, per bunch 20c J jmen of the moise. The mice in Mr. Ken-
I -vi iu . I'drirk's poeeion were raised in this
... t j :ici,y
I Vermont orana u.comarsanne,
Mr. Kendrick says that these
beasties" can produce a single bank
per lb Ji3c a note to an owner at any time of the
uFv,u,.u.. eeka old. their life extending dver a
Oys'eri are cominf in nice this yi period of about a year. The mice have
I rool neither nine 2.1c I i propensity to circle the handsoue
i I cvlindrical glass encasing, ea-h travel-
TsJepkaao CsUX. 400
J ling in opposite directions and movirf
, at tremendous speed. After traversing
ithe class ewlwire several times t'ie
!r.!ent make for the eentrrl pr-
I tim of the be.I and o-mplete res-oln-J
ti"f! svitH srd that the ham.ia
MJ ee rnnt estimate the number.
Saturday, October 12
Afternoon and Evening.
present tne
j and
&3ts incinuriui
PRICES: $1.50. 1.00. 75c 50c
Special Bargain Matinee, 700
Seats, 50 tents. I
On tale Wednesday October 9th at ,
seven P. M. at Kendriek'a (Barre) and ,
BusweTa (Montpelier.)
Have you seen our Fall
Styles on the
Co-ed Shoes?
You owe it to yourself to see
them. We would be glad to
show you.
Prices from $3 to $4.50
Large shipment of Grapes direct from the Penn-Yan
vineyards. They are the finest lot we have had. Large
full weight baskets of solid Grapes.
Concords, two baskets for ----- 25c
Large eight pound baskets for - - - 25c
Delaware Grapes, per basket - - - - 18c
Niagara Grapes, per basket, - - - - I5c
Preserving Pears, large baskets, - $1.10
Quince, per pound, - 8c
13 pounds of Sweet Potatoes for - 25c
Mutton Pies, native Iamb, .... 5C
Cream goods Friday.
Craig's Home Cured Finnan I laddie.
DON'T FORGET that this store is closed to-day,
Columbus day.

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