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Warm I
aferials for the Frosty Nights
Once more "Jack Frost" is about upon us and we all arc thinking
more every day about our bed clothing and night wear garments. Our
line is at its best and quality that will surely please you. Give us a trial
on the following goods:
Ladies' Colored Outing Robes, each - 50c, 75c, 87c and $1.00
Ladies' White Outing Robes, high and low neck, each, - - . 87c and $1,00
Children's Outing Robes, colored, each, - - ... - - 50c
Children's Sleeping Garments, fleeced, each, - - - - - - - 50c
Dr. Denton's Sleeping garment?, each, - - - - - 50c to $1.00
A few Ladies' Pajamas to close cheap.
Our stock was never so large as at the
present time and all new patterns this
fall. The quality of these goods are
A good heavy Colored Outing, yard, 10c
36 inch White Outing, yard, - 1 5c
27-inch White and Cream, yard,
24-inch White and Cream, yard,
24-inch White and Cream, yard,
24-inch Cream, yard, -
Blankets for all. This department has
been a busy place the past few days and
with the cold nights coming you cannot
wait too long in buying your fall blan
kets. The largest line of Cotton and
Wool Blankets we have ever shown. Do
not purchase until you inspect the values
we are offering from
59c to $12.00 per pair
limit Fitls' ail tn-iliiy.
Nfw pinnoi lit Unle'i. ,
Now iron bod anil springs at ITuli't.
Ank to see our wool (nre at fUXi.
rats. h
Just rcci'ivoil, nnotlir lot of kimono
iiproiw. At KittH.
A new arrival ot scrim curtains ami
roi portifr.'n at Hooker.
Have you Rep tho "Two in One" sew
ing apron for 4Sc oncliT Fittx'.
ltuy your lilHiiketn, romfortahle anil
winter umlerwear at Vaiighiin's.
Onli i's taken for piuno tuning at Mal
ay's Music Konni't Tliomt tfi-W.
O. F. Nichols of HrooklleM was aninnj;
tlie l)UHine!i viitom in tho city to-iluy.
Full ho iron beds, $1,00; woven wire
spring ninl Mift-top niattri'! )pi.70 eueli
Novel Plan of a Bachelor to
Get a Congenial Wife.
The Monarch Vacuum Cleaner for rent, makes housework easy. Phone 50.
See til new bath nnd lounging robes
at Vaiiffhan's.
New millinery every week at tlie mil
linery parlors, corner of South Slain and
Avers street.
Hoys and girls' hose, seconds of a
regular 2oc ftnckir.g,'at 2 for 23c; aiws
6 to 10. Heifty V. Knight.
Q. II. Perry left last night for Brattle
boro, where bo will remain for a few
days' business visit, lie will make I ho
trip home in a Ford automobile, which
he recently purchesed.
The Odd Ladies of Victor lodge have
postponed their fair on account of small
pox. The date tor holding it will be an-'
noimced later.
Huy your outings and blankets at
Victrolas and records at Bailey's Mir
sic Rooms, 14 Kim street, liarre, Vt
II. J. LaHoe, manager. 'Phono 22-W.
Sirs. Alex. Punkett returned this
morning to her home in Montreal, P. (.,
after upending several days with rela
tives in liarre town.
O. W. Averill, who is making an ex
tended stay in Woodsville, N. II., re
turned to that place last night, after
spending several days in the city on business.
Clerk F. S. Piatt of the Fnited States
court writes that probably he will be
in Harre to-morrow (Thursday) after
noon to hold naturalization court from
2 o'clock on.
(An TT?eon!y Baking Powdermade mM
You lust Dress Warmer
These cold mornings indicate that you
must put on warmer clothing.
One of our Sterling or Starr Shaker
Knit Sweaters.
Munsing Union Suit.
Shuman or Adler-Fochester Top Coat
or Overcoat.
A pair of Dutchess or Johnson Trousers.
Lamson and Hubbard Caps.
Gloves and Mittens, lined and unlined.
Shuman and Adlcr-Rochester Suits, all
styles, colorings and prices.
Come here for your cold weaher wants.
Ficks Power from the Air.
A remarkable scene, took place in the
legislature of Arizona this spring when
the lawmakers enthusiastically voted for
the parole of a certain convict in the
state penitentiary, granting him a leave
of absence for thirty days and by means
of private contributions raising a fund
to defray his expenses to Washington,
D. C, and return.
The prisoner. Koy .1. Meyers, is serv
ing a three and a half year sentence, but
in spite of the fact that he bear the
stigma of a convicted law breaker, he
has demonstrated that a convict can be
a useful member of society. During his
imprisonment he perfected an electrical
device of fiuii original character as to
arouse feelings of wonder and skepti
cism until experts had seen it in actual
operation. Jt is a device to draw elec
tricity from tlie atmosphere for light
and power, ami tlie thirty day parole
was granted in order that the inventor
might protect his rights through the
patent office at Washington.
U Itli the acquiescence of the legisla
ture. Governor Hunt granted the parole
and the prisoner was allowed to go free
without any guard or any assirrance but
his word of honor that he would return.
Two days before the period elapsed,
.Meyers again presented himself before
the governor, having accomplished his
mission, and then returned to the peni
tentiary at Florence, where he continues
to serve bis sentence.
" This, in brief, is the picturewpie story
which has called attention of the civil
ized world to a newly discovered electri
cal genius, and to another feature of the
case which is of equal importance and
human interest; namely, the enlight
ened policy pursued by our youngest
state in its treatment of convicts.
Meyers' chance came when (Governor
George W. H. Hunt chose as superin
tendent of the penitentiary at Florence
a man of very different tvpe from tho
political hanger-on who too often fills
melt a position. "liig Hob Sims was a
hus-iness man of advanced views, and
was chosen for the position 'because of
lus knowledge of human nature and his
executive ability.
One of the progressive steps he took
was to abolish tho stripes in the peni
tentiary, and to adopt a much less rigor
ous confinement of the inmates. The
"honor system" with the co-operation of
Governor 1 Hint, was inaugurated.
Pefore entering the prison, Meyers
had already applied for various pa tents,
among them one for an improved trol
ley head wMch prevents the trolley
wheel from jumping the wire. Mevers
had a conference with Superintendent
iims and Parole Clerk Sanders, and it
was to these gentlemen that the in
ventor first explained the principle of
his new device for securing electrical
energy from the air. The officials were
willing to give the man an opportunity
to develop his plan and a little wooden
building outside the walls was turned
o.ver to Meyers and was fitted up as a
workshop and a laboratory. The first
demonstration of the new apparatus
was made shortly thereafter, the elec
tricity drawn from the atmosphere being
used to spark the gas engines of the
pump house, and although the device
was crude yet it did the work and removed-
the doubts of his friends. Fur
ther development of the "absorber" fol
lowed, and hLs second model was con
structed, and developed eight vol J a.
From "Picks Power from, the Air." in
November Technical World Magazine.
at Hookers.
William Column ha returned home.
after spending several day with relatives
in M. Alhans.
Aaron Cohen of Ilurlington arrived in
the citv last evening for u business visit
of several days.
Miss Olive P. Calef of the CoiUard
faculty is spending several days at her
home in Washington.
James Cann returned last right to
Richmond, after passing a few days in
the city with friends.
See our soap bargains and prices at
ntched on Colgate's and Armour's brands.
C. N. Kcnyon it Co.
Real bargains in curtain muslins and
draperies. A large assortment at 10c per
yard, Henry . Knight.
Albert Iiirnies returned lust night to
bis home in Worcester, Mass., after
a few days' visit in the city.
Thomas Lynch of Ilardwick is spend
ing a few days in the city as tlie guest
of friends at Uolnter place.
Mr. and Mis, Edward Prendergast of
Concord, N'.-JI., arrived in the city yes
terday for a visit of several days.
Would like to take in sewing or go
out by the day. Apply to Miss Lizzie
Murray, upper Merchant street.
Peter Plair returned this morning to
his home in St. Albans, after spending
a few days with friends in the city.
Walter Wilcox, the Moritown aent
for the I). A. J erry Real Estate Co. of
this city, was a visitor in Rarre to-day.
Mrs. Cehorin Gonyo of Granite street,
who underwent a serious operation at
the iCty hospital Monday, is slowly im
proving. Miss Efh'e E. Pearson returned vester-
dav to her home in Eessex Junction, aft
er spending several days with friends in
tlie city.
Mrs. Martha Stone of Cabot arrived
in the citv vesterdav for a visit with her
daughter, Mrs. Phineas I), Ladd of South
Main street.
Mrs. Andrew M. Morrison og Petehel
der street lift yesterday for Grot on,
where she will make an "extended visit
with relatives.
You know what our enameled ware
sales mean. Re on hand to-morrow,
when we orf'T an assortment at l!c each.
C. X. Kenyon A Co.
Charles Olliver of Merchant street has
returned from Ricebiirg. where he at
tended the funeral of his sister, Mrs.
John Olliver, who died Saturday.
Mrs, John Me-rin of Waltham. Mass.,
and her son. William Merrin of Chicago,
111., arrived in the city last evening for
a two weeks' visit, at the home of the
former's sister, Sirs. Elizabeth Rule, of
57 Elm strict.
We are offering exceptionally low
prices on toilet soups now displayed, in
cluding Colgate's. Armour's and others.
An inspection will show that we have
the prices that will interest everyone.
C. X. Kenyon it Co.
r.. A. Hitchcock of Lansing, .Mien., a
former resident of Harre, who repre
sented the Prudential Life Ii.Miirance
company, in this city for some time, ar
rived in the city yesterday for a busi
ness visit of several days.
Mr. and Mis. C. I). Curlev, who have
been visiting friends in Harre and Mont-I
pelier for the past ten days, left thUjyu
morning for rleasantville, N. J., where
they will nuke a short stay before go
ing to their home in est irginia.
Felix Gnlamberti, who has been visit
ing at his former home at Yiggiu, Italy,
was a visitor in the city yesterday on
his way to his lfome at Waterbury. Mr.
Gnlamberti arrived nt Xew York from
Italy and remained yesterday visiting
friends here.
"Good gracious, mnriiiua," wild Miss
Louise Hewlett at the breiikfast table,
"Just listen to this:
"Wanted. A woman twenty yearn old.
wltlv. urttallo tastes, capricious, fond of I
coif, lawn n-iinia and dancing, to act a I
secretary." 1 1
"Singular." mild the mother thought-'t
fully, "Hint the ndvertlser, whom I j j
suppose to be a num. nays nothing ;
ubout beauty." i
Since MInh Hewlett won looking for J;
a position she answered the ndvertlse-! j
nient nnd wan invited 10 can, wincu
bIio did In the company of her mother.
She found u muu of thirty-five, serious,
reticent and nppnrently lu tola right
"I need also," snhl the ndvertlser, t
Mr. Dudley Vinton, "a housekeeper. If I
Mm. Hewlett will take up her real- j
deuce hero with you In my apartments, j
filling tlint position, I will pay each a j
handsome salary. Pardon me for being j
no frauk, but It la better that I should I
say In ndvniice that love or mutriinony
has nothing to do with my Intentions."
The offer was accepted, and mother
nnd daughter went to live In Mr. Vlu
ton's apartments. From the first he
treated them an gueats, though Miss i
Hewlett was occasionally called upon
to write a note or a letter or copy
some p&pers relating to property. At
the end of the flrst month Mr. Vinton
paid the salaries and said that he
would be glad to continue the arrange
ment indefinitely. Louise pouted. She
filled tho terms of the advertisement.
Another month passed. Mr. Vinton
was absent occasionally, sometimes by !
day, sometimes in the evening. Once !
or twice be was away several days to- j
gether. What called him where he!
went or what he did be never told, j
Louise was piqued and delicately hint-!
ed that soiu" reference to these nb- j
senees would lie at least civil. She did i
not like to be treated like a child or an
entire stranger. Mr. Vinton failed to !
satisfy her curiosity, whereupon she
tossed her head and declared that it
was high time such a ridiculous ar
rangement was terminated. Mr. Vin
ton made no comments upon her action.
Indeed he seemed to be rather pleased
with It, egging her on to more of tho
same kind. Finally she became angry
and ended the Interview In tears.
One morning a delicate little missive
came for Mr. Vinton which fell Into
Louise's hands. . She took It to him
and watched him while he read it. His
countenance was not to be read. Plac
ing the note In his pocket, he went to
his room, and soon after Louise saw
him go out with a suit case.
"Just what I expected." she said.
"That note contained an Invitation.
He's gone to the country to visit some J
girl he's In love with." j
Vinton remained away a week. When I
he returned. Loutse asked him when he
intended to be married.
"I am not engaged." be replied.
They were sitting In the library at
the time, and Vinton took up a book.
Louise tried In vain to keep tier tongue
in her head. Finally she could endure
the silence no longer nnd asked a
number of Inadmissible questions.
Some of them Vinton answered, others
be parried, while others he received in
silence. But not for a moment did he
manifest any dissatisfaction with her
for attempting to pry Into his affairs.
Finally he tohl her that he had been
to see an lnvnlid who had died during!
bis absence. Louise arose and strode
out. Vinton called her back. I
"If you don't mind," he said, "I am !
curious to know what has offended i
With unbreakable notair buttonholes. L;t
us show you. New numbers just received.
This is the place for fall and winter Un
derwear. Complete assortment for ladies,
misses and children.
You will find that it pays to trade here.
HENRY W. KNHHT. Rnrrp. Vr. 1
" ' " 7 ' "
Successor to Veale & Knient.
Woolen Underwear
Our long experience in buying; Under
wear for the cold, rigid Vermont weather
has enabled us to get an assortment that
will give you a chance of many different
lines of all wool single and double-breasted
garments, any of which are suitable for
our climate and your needs.
Depot Square. 'Phone 123-W, Earre, Vt.
Tool Sharpeners.
Regular nicotine of tool shnrrwncrs.
No. 2, f!. ('. I. A., will he held in Nieholg
bhx-k Wrdni'wlay. (Kt. Ill, at 7 o'clock.
James Mutch, nocrotarv.
21 ks!JV.V21
A. I A. a . uT
Wurhoncn trihe, Xo. 10,
will met't Thursday even
ing, (let,, 17.
The work of moving the Shonard
house on Prospect street from City land
to a point i feet to the west has heen
completed and carpenters are now en
paged in re-etting the underpinning. In
it present location, the west Bide of the
hone now runs flush with the driveway
lending into the M. & W. freight yard.
Friends nnd acquaintances in this city
will regret to learn of the death of
Michael Marchelli of Scranton, Pa. Mr.
Marohelli was oiierated on Iat week for
appendicitis and died at a hospital in
Scranton, Monday. October 14. He was
aged about 28. He resided in this city
for five years prior to leaving for Srran
ton three years ago. He was a granite
cutter by trade.
Announcement is made that the Ver
mont state Sunday school convention,
which was to have been held in Harre
next week, will he held in Ilurlington,
ctoler 24. the sessions occupying Imt
a single day instead of two days n was
planned for the Parre convention. A
business eion will he held during the
day. to lie followed by the address by
W. ('. Pierce, the international worker,
in the evening.
Frank McWhorter Co.
For immediate acceptance, special price
will le made on the tine resident and
stable at No. 12 Kastern avenue. A
thoroughly good, modern, eight -room
houe. comfortable bam. and a large lot
with plenty of shade and fruit. At the
meetings of t'lan I I're-ent price, someone nn have a. gooit
ordon. No. 12, imr home nt tlie price uf a smaller property
any of its commit-im less desirable location. Will it lie
tw. Neither willlvo- - ,:" Kiv" .v"" particulars.
.tntly surprised. The
tate sgency. P.arre.
I'ntil further no-1
tiee there will be no
Ai-tti?tu"- Nether will vou ? Let i give y..u
'tfC-JSSffrf- rt library be open j Yon will he plea.tntly
t4llW to ineml.rs. either A. Perry Ileal Kstat
'S. jf , r.H,.j,, r Trt lin, j Vt.
You bave led me to believe what
was not true."
She stood waiting for him to con
tinue the debate, but ns he only said,
"Thank yon very much." Mie went out
At the end of the yenr Vinton Invit
ed mother and daughter Into tho li
brary and announced to them that he
desired to terminate their present ar
rangement. "And now." he continued, address
ing Louise, "I will satisfy your curiosi
ty. A yenr ago I wished to make a
very advantageous match. The lady's
characteristics I descrllied In my ad
vertisement. I am a theorist and have
a theory about women. It Is that If a
man wishes to know what a woman
will do under certain circumstances ho
must infer that she will net exactly
contrary to what he would expect. I
desired to test this theory and if It
proved a law I would apply It to the
lady I wished to marry and thus en- j
hance my chances of success. During
the pnst year I have applied the test j
to yon seventy-eight times, and yon
have fulfilled the conditions sixty-nine :
times. Tou will readily see the advnn- 1
tnge of having two women of like '
characteristics, the .one to practh-e
upon, th other"
At this point In the theorist's exposl- !
tlon of his methods Louise arose from j
her sent and was sailing majestical'y
out of the room when Vinton caught
her about the waist and held her. i
"Darling." he snld. changing his tone,
"there Is one result of the experiment j
yet to be told. The practice piece ie-
enme the object piece, and the object
piece hns passed from the problem. '
The Invalid who died while I was
away was the. girl I was endeavoring
to win. We never became more than ,
strong friends, and while I was plan
ning for the sdvnntaces that wenld
hnve a -crued in marrying her I wi
falling In lore with you."
Stock Up for the Winter
You will soon need
heavier shoes. Why
not take advantage of
this sale? fe?
4. 00 values,
3.50 values,
3. 00 values,
$3.55 and $3.65
2.95 and 3.15
2,35 and 2.70
Wood Block
Barre, Vermont
Be sure and see our Rotary Ash Sifter;
it will sift the ashes and put them in
' into the hod at the same time. Get
our prices, they will interest you.
Telephone 29 Barre, Vermont
books. t.nt the lin,,,,al ,-r.tary wi'lj Through tho I). A. IVrrv M.al Estate!
f!liTt dor ns uiul. I er orlrr Jmel t .:. ..;v !, tr.. !!,..,. I Ttmrrv civrc i. imroc
chif; R. Elrirk. serre-
WM rl-T hr- ma t W'.rfc rm f r.
l1olmi rrrmm rami Hoi. er
I'a.rr I ra.irl. ka. at h.a H -rrard
B1. arr -.. IttKi
1-T- liS: Hr n.rnlo.', a-rlr it.
! f Itr. K II Bmeroft. (a iurr.
a ii a.f rawatded. Mil' a.;tmu4 "otuUj 1
farm, so called, on the -t hiii." Im l-en !
toll for Mr. Mimr Atrhersmi to I !irb
M. K.hlee ami Edward lugersoll of Wil
loimtrn. ho mil take wfMmn of
the prorH-ry November 1. The sale in
e'iKie the triif r of Moe'n and t.v .
ami the purchaser paid a little i:n.!er
.V1 for t'.ie farm. aiTri:nf to rfprt.
!r. Kf ia "M fcia -.HianiMn n
farm to Eerncrt I f, tm1 i.f I'tt-b i'g.
N. Y lvi a.!l moif t'J th. viiNii.t.
To Apclopxe for Sending Insolent State
tneot to the Porte, According t
ConjtaBtineip'e Dirpitcb.
IWlin. IrtTPiant, IM. hi. A limit r
21 hmir ! a ! n hr TtTley fr
t'ie HiAan tt- an l l.reef-e to af' h
pie for M-Tkiinir an m"lci;t tat nn nt
to l'rte. .-rr.r.!iiir to a jwt ial (.'onttan
t H'tit 2 -pitUu
New stock Pocket Electric
Flash Lights and Batteries.
D-8I Jfertli Street. IrlrftcBt 430-W. Birr. Tenant

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