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' 1
$0 JSj
Silk Foulard
Affording an astonishing value,
these are a very handsome Foulard
Dress, in figured, stripes and dots,
made up with lace yoke and cuffs,
trimmed with plain messaline to
match; these are regular 12.50 val
ues and vvc have sold them special
at 10.-00, to close, each at $8.75
We have an exceptional value
a strictly all-wool serge, also
sponged and shrunk, make up in
twostylcs. Lot No. 1, in lace yoke,
braid and button trimmed, high
neck, long sleeves. Lot No. 2,
round neck, soutache ornament
trimmed; colors of brown, wine,
and navy; to make a quick sale,
your choice, each, for only $4.97
Ail Opportunity to Purchase An Odd Lot ot Sweaters
regardless of cost, these are not new but just as warm as if you paid full price for,
same, come in and get one of these values.
One lot of Ladies' Sweaters, regular $5.00 values, to close at - - - $1.98
One lot of Ladies Sweaters, regular 3.98 values, to close at - - - $2.50
One lot of Ladies' Sweaters, regular $1.98 and $2.25 values, to close at $1.50
One lot of Shaker Knit Sweaters (without collars) in gray, green and
cardinal, $5.98 to $6.50 values, to close at $5.00
One lot of Children's Sweaters at reduced prices.
Ask to see our Pony Coats at $38.00. A Good Place to Buy Furs Now
Milton Man Claims Damages of $400 for
Long Dentention from Work.
Turlington, Oft. 23.---Late yesterday
afternoon in county court the case of
.)oeph W. Robinson of Milton vs. the
Masonic protective association was lie
pun. This is an action in which the
plaintiff seeks to recover damages of
$J(KI by reason of an alleged'- breach of
contract by the defendant to indemnify
the plaintiff under a policy issued by
the defendant. ,
The plaintiff claims that abmit July 8.
1011, ho received an accidental injury
which resulted in 20 weeks' total dis
ability. He claims that the policy pro
vided' for indemnity at the rate of $20
per week for total disability.
Covvles & Stearns appear for the
plaintiff and R. E. Rrown for the de
fendant. The plaintiff's lawyers expect
to show by their evidence that the
plaintiff reecived accidental injury to the
ring finger of his left hand which re
sulted in a "frog" felon, and because of
which he was totally incapacitated.
The jury was speedily secured and
two witnesses were heard. They were
l)r. I. K. Coburn of Milton and Mr. Rob
inson, the plaintiff.
J. W. Higgins of Rutland Is Expected
to Recover from Experience.
Rutland, Oct. 23. J. W. Higgins of
this city, a brake mini on the Rutland
railroad "butter" train, a freight, was
caught between two cars while the train,
southbound, was at Brandon yesterday,
and was injured about the chest and
left arm. He was brought to this city
in a caboose drawn bv a locomotive and
taken to the hospital. No bones were
found to lx broken and unless internal
injuries develop he will recover. Mr.
Higgins has a wife and child.
L.QDY Qliu r I U 1 1 luUlC
' o WW
H Adds HesUhfu) Oualifiestoiheftiod Jj jj
WW frnmRnvilftrano
ri wm ma mm m mm mm c mm a i
Because of Breakage at Power Plant
Which Deprived Stonesheds of Power,
Owing to a breakdown which occurred
at the Consolidated Lighting Co.'s steam
r.rv plant in Moiitpeniv lh:s fore
noon, business operations in a larjre
tiunibei of stoneshcdn wer- paralw.el tor
the uiiv. Jn ia:'l. all of the concerns
depending upon the Consolidated com
pany alone for power were obliged to
suspend this morning shortly alter '
o'clock. The power company reported
tlint an accident had happened to
one of the pumps in use at the Montpe
lier station and that it would be noon
before the break could be repaired. La
ter it was learned that the repa'rs
would take longer than was at first ap
prehended. ' Consequently the sheds will
probably remain closed until to-morrow
Plants affected bv the accident are
(located at the south end, in RurnhamV
meadow. Depot square, and at the north
end of the city. In all, it is estimated
that nearly 1,000 men were compelled to
lay down their tools for the day. When
the water is too low for the Consoli
dated company to generate its power en
tirely from that source, the auxiliary
steam plant at Montpelier is used. Just
now. and, in fact, throughout a greater
portion of the year, the Montpelier sta
tion is pressed into aervicc on account
of the shortage of power.
New pianos at Hale's.
Ituy your sewing machines at FittV.
New iron beds and springs at Hale's.
Vaccination shields at Kendrick's drug
store. , '
Verv heavy silk charmense, all colors,
$1.7.-, at Abbott's.
Elmer Douglass of Rrookfleld was
among the business visitors in the city
Adolph Matson has returned to Ilelhel,
where lie is employed, after a few days'
Visit in the city.
Miss Constance Moore, a teacher in tne
public schools, has gone to her home
at Holyoke, Mass.
Albert Hose returned to his home at
Marshfleld this morning, after a two
days visit in the city.
C. R. Herbert of Montreal, P. Q., is
in the city on business connected with
real estate negotiations.
Angus McDonald left last night for
Boston, where he will make a several
days' visit with relatives.
Alfredo Lori of l'lainfleld, a former
resident of Harre, is spending several
days with friends in the city.
(i. It. Harris of Syracuse, N. Y., left
to-day for Burlington, after spending a
lew aays in this city on business.
Mrs. J. F. MacDonald returned to-day
from 1'ittstord, where she was recent
lv called bv the illness of her daugh
Harold I'. 1 tinman of Orange was a
visitor in the city to-day on Ins way
to Burlington for a few days' business
Mrs. Fred Mann of Wellington street
returned yesterday, after spending Rev
era I days at her former home in West
I Corinth.
X. Nardini, who was called to Burro
bv the death of Enrico Rulfo of North
Main street, left last night for his home
in New iork.
Milk route: Putting out from 121
to 150 quarts daily. A good chance
Inquire The 1). A. , Perry Real Estate
Agency, Barre, V t.
Mrs. W. O. Mullen returned this morn
ing to her home in White River Junc
tion, after spending several days with
friends in the city.
Percy K. Seeley of Wellington street
resumed his duties at the Drown phar
macy to-day. after a short absence on
account of illness.
Miss Margaret Doheny of Camp street,
a teacher in the public schools of this
citv, has gone to N'orthfield, where she
will visit for a time.
The best preventative for smallpox is
to eat sparingly, chew tobacco and smoke
Landers' "Our Latest" cigar, 5 cents,
sold everywhere. Advt.
If. E. Weeks of Dorchester, Mass., a
representative, of the Moslcr Safe Co.,
arrived in the city this morning Jor a
few days' business visit.
Deputy Sheriff A. M. Morrison of
Batchelder steppes returned home this
morning from an automobile trip to
Derby and Rock Island, P. Q.
Mrs. W. B. Xourse of Colebrook, X. If.,
arrived in the city last night for a short
stay with friends. She will go to-mor
row to tlielsea lor a more extended
Lu.ern wool underwear at Fitts',
Scotch flannel waistiugs at Abbott's,
Vaccinations should be covered with
a shield to protect them from clothing.
For sale at Kendrick's.
Rev. K. C. Fontaine, a former curate
of St. Monica's church, who has been
assisting in a service of forty hours' de
votion at St. Sylvester's church in
(iranitcville, was the guest of Rev. P. M.
McKcrina at the rectory on Summer
street to-day, while on his way home
to Winooski.
Figures from a Barre Real Estate Of
fice Show Such a Trend.
In opposition to tho general impres
sion that present-day tendencies lean
away from the farm rather than back to
the soil of our ancestors, a local real
estate company produces figure and
facts which go" to controvert this popu
lar belief and show beyond a doubt that
there is. in reality, a trend toward the
farm. The I). A. Perry Real Estate coin
puny, one of the largest firms in Ver
mont, makes a specialty of handling
farm propositions and figures given out
at the company's local office this morn
ing prove conclusively that at least fif
teen persons from several states, in
cluding Vermont, have recently been dis
posed to show their faith in Vermont
farms bv investing money jn agricul
tural hinds and occupying their purchas
es as early as possible after the trans
actions are completed.
The sum of $70,000 a little more than
that, in fact spent on farm in the im
mediate vicinity of Barre since August
1 is pretty convincing evidence that not
everyone is contemplating city resi
dence. Farm sales at the Perry com
pany's agency from January 1 would
total nearly ijU(Ml,00O, but the purchases
made since August 1 indicate clearly
enough that thinking people still have
a good deal of faith in the producing j
possibilities ot erinout soil. Jt may;
be said by way of explanation that a
small portion of the $70,000 spent on j
farms in this section went for personal j
projierty. The largest farm sale in- j
volved $12,000 and the smallest panel j
went for $1,500. Two were over .)).00O, ;
four over ijiii.OOO, three over $5,000 and ;
all but three were over $3,0(K1.
Coats and Suits
'if Qnprml Pnrnc
This week our offer is your choice of any $15.00 or
jj 116.50 Suit or Coat in our store for $13.50. All
fall models.
Eden Cloths for Shirts.
Eden Cloths for Waists.
Eden Cloths for Pajamas.
A nice assortment, all new goods, to select from at
! 15c per yard. Let us show you.
You will find that it pays to trade here.
! HENRY W. KNGHT: Barre, Vt.
Successor to Veale & Knigrtt.
Woolen Underwear
Eight Cases at Lancaster, Mass., Acad-
emy Reported.
Lancaster, Mass., Oct. 23. Dr. Porter
Morse of Boston, an expert sent by the
state board of health to diagnose the
cases of eight students ill at South Lan
caster academy, gave it as his official
opinion yesterday afternoon that all
iglit have smallpox, lie says all the
cases are of a mild form and that with
proper care there is reason to anticipate
recovery. He approved the quarantine
regulations placed in force by the Lan
caster board of health on Monday, as
soon as Dr. C. C. lleckley ami Dr. W. P.
Ilowars had given it as their opinion
that the students had smallpox.
Our long experience in buying Under
wear for the cold, rigid Vermont weather
has enabled us to get an assortment that
will give you a chance of many different
lines of all wool single and double-breasted
garments, any of which are suitable for
our climate and your needs.
Depot Square, 'Phone 1 2 3-W, Barre, Vt.
ow to
Gain Vigor
Welcomed at Enosburg Falls With Great
Joy Last Night.
Enoburg Falls, Oct. 23. All the red
fire and railroad torpedoes in this place
were burned up last night in the effort
on the psrt of enthusiastic admirers to
express their delight at the return from
Boston of "Larry" (iardner, third base
man of the world's champion baseball
The gritty little Red Sox player ar
rived here on a specially decorated train
which bore colored lights and ran over
exploding torpedoes every few feet.
Amid the red glare anil tooting of horns
(iardner was escorted to a waiting au
tomobile owned by (J. F. (ireenwood.
Fifteen other automobiles lined up in
the prccefison and headed bv a drum
corps, a trip was made through the prin
cipal streets, (tardner's father occupied
a seat lieside his sort in the automobile
and the other machines were filled with
business men and fans.
The procession drew up at the Hurley
block where short speeches were made.
P. A. Irish welcomed (iardner home on
behalf of the village trustees and Olin
Merrill, who was introduced as a fan
who traveled 300 miles to witness the
games, made a neat sjieech. (iardincr
also made a few remarks expressing his
games, made n neat speech. (Iardner
mother and sister accompanied him
home. Plans are on foot for a recep
tion and supper for (iardner to be given
by the Philomon club of which the lied
Sox player is a memler.
We want to interest you in our fall line of Boys' Clothing $
Widow Jones and Smart Set I
Suits and Overcoats
N. Hollister Jackson of Wellington
street left this afternoon for Burlington
.for a short visit before poing to New
York, where he will remain several days
on business.
William R. Dewey, who has been
spending several days with relatives in
Augusta, Me., and vicinity, has resumed
his duties with the Montpelier & Wells
River railroad.
O. Bedoni of Blackwell street left
last night for New York, where he will
take passage the latter part of this week
for Italy to spend a few months at hts
former home rn Bareno.
Mrs. Mary Marvin, who has been vis
iting friends in Barre for the past few
days, went this morning to South Roy
alton,, where she will make a short stay
be I ore returning to Her home in Liu in
merston. Rev. J. B. rouliotte, who has been
participating in a service of forty hours'
devotion at St. Sylvester's church in
Oranitcville, was a visitor in the city
to-day on his way to his home in Essex
Mr. and Mrs. John Ogg of Maple ave
nue left yesterday for Montreal, P. O..
where they will make a few days' visit
with friends before Mrs. Ogg sails for
her former home in Scotland to remain
until spring. Mr. Ogg will return to
Barre Saturday.
From 12 to 15 acres of land about one
and one-half miles from the city near
the Douglas Robcn farm; one acre of
tillage, balance woodland; estimated 300
to 50(1 run wood; land lays well. A
good piece of land to buy and make a
dollar on. Price low for immediate sale.
The D. A. Perry Real Estate Agency,
Barre, Vt.
The service of forty hours' devotion,
which has been in progress at St. Syl
vester's church in (iraniteville this
week, came to a close this forenoon and
most of the visiting priests left for
their homes this afternoon. Rev. P. M.
McKenna and Rev. James Renders of
St. Monica's church were among the
The Comal, Bound from Mobile to New
York City.
Mobile, Ala., Oct. 23. The Mallory
line steamer Comal, which left here yes
terday with passengers and cargo for
New York, is reported aground on Sand
island, at the entrance of Mobile bay.
Tugs have lieen sent to her assistance.
Accepts Concord, N. H. Call.
Concord, N. H., Oct. 23. Mr. Charles
r. Wing of Montpelier. Vt., who preach
ed last Sunday at the Unitarian church,
making an excellent impression, has ac
cepted the call extended to him by the
Unitarian society to be the successor to
Rev. Sydney B. Snow.
Remember Wednesday, October 30th.
is the last day to pav vour fire district
tax, and save discount and cost of collection.
LOST Prom Hill Str.et, a small grn kitten.
Will tlurtr plea. a notify J. R. Alurri.on, N. 67
Hlil Sirtet, Harre, Vt. l;t.
WANTEH M.mhtnUt nlr saber, ir.cloi.
trlmn mas nee.i apply. Klrat-cUas lob for lb
rlrht man. Apply M the r rbrry-Coykod!l
Ci'inpav. Its7if
J.OST Son day n! ternocn, a pappy dog (bea
gle) abnni mi moutus lti, Mara with yellow
spots. Collar witD taltiala "H 8 II." Reward
i brioglaf It er aoufy, at Ho. 410 Norlti Main
Mreol. lsTtj
t on HA1.B l'air of extra KnoU work horn,
weight 2SMJ; alan harnrxt aad a new III in tier
wag-on. Urm aold ir-y firm and bare ,.o as
fur them; Ikey must be elil. C. 1 Kick, Wii.
liamitown. lb7:B"
Suits in Russian and Sailor Blouse styles, $3.00 to 6.00.
J Suits in Norfolk and Double Breasted, $3.00 to 10.00.
X Juvenile Overcoats, - - - $3.00 to $6.00 i
I Convertible Collar Overcoats. - - $3.50 to 12.00
We are headquarters for Boys Underwear Fleeced
J at 25c and 50c a garment; Munsing Union Suits at $
50c and $1.00 a garment. t
Boys Blouses at 50c, 75c and $1.00. Boys' Shirts :
at 50c, 75c and $1.00.
A nice line cf Boys' Hats and Caps.
Mrs. P. E. Whitcomb of BurlinEton "rfn,"n wn '"" l l"e st,""'e-
Breathed Much of it. AVilliam Clears of Smith Main street
Burlington. Oct. 2.1.-The ace nt.il n',turn''1 H!"1 , evr,"" 'n"",lw""'
overturning ,,f a small pis range in the 7 c spemim,: roe Vasl
spartments of .Mrs. V. K. Whitcomb in ,ft'' 1'1-vs .n """'; ,r-,M'j,r
the Walker block on St. l'aul street routd.t to this city a colt, the brother
nearly cost her her life yesterday aft- of IWt.e IVan the Maniiehi horse.
' U ln.'h tnaila anok m a HiVi.lu fill Aimu'itnr
ernoon. V . . . " "V, ' , .f:
Mrs. Whitcomb, who is over 80 years " io pa-i m-.is.m.. i ne cok i,i
of age, had evidently started to cook K"i'1 lms r" a"n"B lnp
something on the stove and sat down I have a car of hand-piikeil I.ake "B
to wait for it. While waiting she must tario Baldwins, shipped in bulk, due in
have fallen asleep and in some manner ' Itarre Oct. 21. These apples will he sold j
tlie stove was overturned. .Mrs. l.obert ly your home dealers, who will have
Noble, who occupies apartments on the samples of them for your inpertion at
same floor, sni' lled gas in the hall and. their stores. Cive them your order an l
upon opening the door, found Mrs. Whit- j have them delivered direct from car. The
comb helpless. lr. fi. M. Ssbin was j fancy No. 1 in barrels, out of this same
called and restored her to consciousness,
Mousing union suits for ladies' and
misses at Abbott".
i 77 . i i nj 'an . o i iix
I r rami ivic nurier vo. :
i n
Correct Woy
2- ton Main St-
Barre, Yt.
orchard, will arrive about Oct. 3'. Sid
ney K. SpalTord. dealer in fruit and
produce. Wholesale only. IVsitively Tio
gixsls retailed.
With the hunting sessm in full ing.
City Clerk .lames Markay r ports that
be has thus far issued hunting li
censes. At the clerk's ollice the m'-
! son nllieially Ix gins duly I. and reg's
jtration in the total numlwr mentioned
'above ineltid a few licences grsnte-l
I to wiwxli hm k hunter and farmers out
gunning lor rrows. Now that the trees
are nearly Mriped of their filisge, nim
red are making for the woods in great
minilirr. and it i within the htt two
week th.it tii-- largest demand fir per
mits has httn made. At the eid of
the fifTl vor. the number of b.-c ne is-
t uet n-'ialh totals . ar,d it i be
j bevrd that the eall f'T prrmita whieh
flu or- eatn fr deer create will
Krmg t':. a yrar'a 1st well up to t!at of
f'nMT eaaobt.
6 bars of World Soap and 1
can of World Cleanser,
for 25c
6 bars of Sunny Monday
Soap, for 25c
S bars of Oak Leaf Soap,
for 25c
of Corn 25c
Large and small Lamp
Chimneys, each 5c
2 pounds of Peanut Butter,
for 25c
IS pounds of sugar,. .$!. 00
F. A. Nichols &Son
517 North MaiaSL TeL 109-W
You cannot have great vitality and vigor unless your
body is well nourished. The food you eat in many in
stances does not contain the nourishment that it should,
hence it is necessary to give nature a lift now and then
by taking a good tonic, which furnishes in assimilable
form nerve, bone and tissue making ingredients.
Drown' s Compound Syrup
of Hypophosphites
makes tissue, tones up the nerves and fortifies the frame
work of the body. It contains in concentrated form
elements that your system requires of food stuffs, there
fore it is a nature tonic and one that co operates in every
way with nature. It rebuilds run down systems, stops
coughs and wasting diseases.. 88c per bottle.
Drown's Drug Store
48 North Main Street
The Popular Question
Where shall I buy my Winter Under Clothing?
Let us suggest that you visit OUR STORE at once
and look over the many different lines that have
been selected with the greatest care for this winter's
chilly blasts.
Men' heavy, Double Breasted, Fleece Lined Shirts at liOcj
Drawers to match at 50c. Men's Ribbed Fleece at 5()c.
Men's strictly all-wool, camels' hair Shirts and Drawers at
SI OO. 81.25 and $1 50.
Union Suits, all kinds, 50c. gl.OO. gl.50, 2 OO. 2 50.
Have you not seen some nice Sweaters on other
folk;and have vou not heard them say that thev got
them of us? SWEATERS from 50c up to $8.50.
All colors. With any style of collar.
Talephona 344-W t I t t i Barraw Vermont.
New stock Pocket Electric
Flash Lights and Batteries.
go-gl 5rt Main Street. Idejtont 439-W. Bam, Teitt

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