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(Continued from llrt piigc)
Bill Brown, onn of the loading base
'mil enthusiasts at Cincinnati, has been
presented by Umpire Biglor the bull
which Larry Gardner soared high to
right field, permitting Yerkes to score
in the final game of the world's scries.
Kigler sent the ball bound in tinsel and
wrapped with cardboard. Brown suys
that he would not part with the bull for
$1,(0). .
Fred Tenney, the old Hostoii basebnll
player, und who is now in the bushes,
has a son nt Brown university. Hi
son is the Tcnny playing left half back
ou tne tootuall team.
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and other time,
Inst evening. BuHincH wan expedited
and tlio journal kIiuvvs that four bills
were introduced, the same number passed
in concurrence, one reconsidered und re
committed to committee, one ordered
to a third reading and three Keimtu
Dills referred.
Announcement was made that (Jov
ornor Fletcher hit appointed Dr. (i. 0.
Berkley of (St. Albans surgeon-general
on his gtalT.
The lust public hearing to bo given
on the state option liquor bill is set
for Wednesday evening, l)ct. 30, in Hep.
resentatives hull.
l'ractically the only discussion in the
House yesterday afternoon occurred over
Senate bill 13, providing for rilling va
cancies occurring in the Senate. Mr.
A'uton stated that the constitution pro
vide that vacancies muv be tilled nnd
that u method may be had. Mr. Hap-
good oi I'eru wished to know if pro
vision is made for filling vacancies which
might occur in tho House und said if
thcro was no provision. he could sec no
reason for special provision being made
in tne case nt the Senate.
Mr. Billings of Woodstock thought it
would be a great disooiirtcM upon the
part of the House to refuse to pass the
bill in concurrence.
Mr. Orvis of Manchester moved to
amend the bill by makmg it incumbent
upon the governor to fill vucancies in the
Senate from the political party in which
such vacancy should occur.
With such proposal of amendment, the
bill was passed in concurrence.
House bill 32, relating to the solemni
zation of marriages, was passed after
being slightly amended by Mr. Miller of
Mr. Hapgood believes that the use of
gun silencers should be prohibited and
his bill introduced provides for a pen
alty ot not less than lp-. nor more than
f 10(1, or imprisonment for not less than
six months nor more than one yeur
or both.
Bills Introduced in House.
By Mr. Bobbins of Newport (by re
quest) to amend section 5121 of the V. S..
as amended by No. 178 of the acts of
1910, relating to persons disqualified to
hold licenses. Reasons need not be giv
en for revocation of licenses, nor heuring
bo held.
By Mr. Hapgood of Fertl, to prevent
the manufacture, sale or use of gun
silencers. Fixes penalty not less than
$2.) nor more than $100, or imprisonment
for not less than six months nor more
than one year, or both.
nv Mr. Kipley of 1 oultiiev, to amend
sub-division xii of section 4(i of the
V. K., as amended bv No. 23 of tho acts
of 1008 and Xo. 30 of the acts of 1910,
relating to exemption from taxations.
Kxempts all town money from taxa
tion. By Mr. Billings of Woodstock, relat
ing to election of electors of president
and vice-president. Fixes time, place
and manner of election for members and
officers of general assembly.
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Ccnteri Speaking of health conditions,
she said the work of women Is needed.
Dot s not come to discuss a question of
theory but rather one of democracy. It
is not local or a national cause but a
matter of world-wide interest. She has
worked for woman's suffrage since IStli.
Mrs, Jeuks of ('uncord, N. II., presi
dent of the New Hampshire Kquul Suf
frage association, challenged the state
ment of Mrs. llunson relative to the per
centage of women opposed to equal suf
frage. J hmks it contemptible, for wom
en to use sex at tract inns to cajole legis
lators. She claimed that women were
largely responsible for equal guardian
ship law in New Hampshire. A ballot
will iniike a woman know slio is a part
of a real democracy, the vote it might.
for than the sword and the pen put
together. A woman cannot back up her
opinion with a vote as ran a man. If
women are given the franchise, no bur-
fen will he enforced upon them. Mio
thought that conditions hud been bet
tered where the franchise bad been given
Mrs. Wyman thanked tho committees
and asked that both bodies remember
that all three presidential candidates are
n favor of equal sulfrage.
Does away with the condition which per
nuts a wealthy man to aspire to office
and keeps u poor.,iuui out.
Committee on Conservation.
The committee on conservation consid
ered H. 74, repealiug the so-called
Christmas tree law, but took no dclliiite
action thereon; the sentiment of the
committee was towards a favorable re
port on the bill. H. (Ml will be con
sidered at a subsequent meeting, when
the state forester can be present.
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SENATE (Thursday Afternoon).
Read Third Time and Passed.
S. 23, to provide for the care of burial
S. 34, relating to amendment of arti
cles of association.
S. 35, relating to automobile or motor
vehicle number plates and motor cycle
Third Reading Ordered.
S. 43, making Nbs. 132, 137 and 141
of the acts of 1010 a part of chapter
17tl I. S., relating to the registration
of automobiles and motor vehicles.
Third Reading Refused.
S. 14, relating to competency of wit
nesses. Three Bills Taken Up by Elections
The committee on elections yesterday
afternoon considered these bills:
H. 54, an act to regulate the time of
holding elections; provides for opening
noils at 0 ocock in the forenoon in
certain towns and cities. Committee will
propose amendment "if voted at annual
March meeting."
H. 0(i. an act relating to voting lor
electors of president and vice-president.
ill report favorably.
H. 6S, amending ."so. lit ot tnn pnouc
statutes. Requires voter to mark A
cross opposite names of all candidates
voted for. Hearing continued to Wednes
day afternoon following adjournment.
If. (JO, amending section 183 of the
public statutes. Plurality bill; hearing
H. 71, relating to nominations and
elections. Voted to report favorably.
About 350 People Attended and Interest
Was Keen.
The day ended yesterday with a gath
ering of the woman's suffrage class and
the antis, who appeared before the Sen
ate committee on state and industrial
interests, Senator Blanchard chairman,
and House committee on internal af
fairs, Mr. Crosby of Brattleboro, chair
man. 1 he hearing was in Bepresenta
tives' hall and there were probably ,'ir0
persons in the room and the various
speakers were warmly applauded. At
the close of the speaking. Senator Blan
chard asked for an expression in the
form of a rising vote. There were 8.")5
for suffrage, !I8 against and 21 stood up
and were counted as "indifferent." The
suffragettes claimed that the count was
inaccurate and Lietitcnant-Uovernor
Howe upheld their claim and said from
his experience that it was almost im
possible to count a rising vote accurate
ly under such conditions.
Senator Darling read Senate tiill 31,
and said a woman owning property and
paying tuxes should have a right to
vote in town matters. He believed this
bill is a measure of justice. Social jus
tice is all right, and there is a demand
for political justice. He thinks this
measure will commend itself to the com
mittee as a business proposition.
Mrs. Funny R. Wyman said she was
simply the wife of a physician; with
out the ballot she finds herself con
fronted with a problem she is unable
to solve. Wants representative for the
woman and girl. A married woman
should have a right to her wages. Wants
representation on public commissions and
boards. Wants a weapon that will as
sist to bring about representation. Mrs.
Wyman introduced Miss Mabel Foster of
Miss Mabel Fostor did not speak for
the "down -trodden" women. The women
of Vermont are pretty fairly treated
by the men of Vermont. The woman of
past days was a home woman, while
to-day she is engaged in industrial pur
suits. Wanted better conditions in tene
ment life, in the production of food,
health, cleanliness of streets, disposal of
garbage. Interested in the welfare of
hildren. thinks the men have taken
the woman's job away from her. She
has a right to rebel.
Mrs. Annette I'armalee, m opening,
said this was one of the proudest mo
ments of her life. She said she was
once an "anti," but she has grown wiser
and now she has changed to suffrage
Mrs. Anne Rhodes spoke from the
standpoint of one who has been long
in the work for women. She believed
that the work of suffrage and her own
efforts bo hand in hand. She alleged
that not one argument in the world
against suffrage existed and she quoted
l'resident Taft that it was legally and
morally right. The great point has
been taken away from women bv tak
No Recommendation Made by the Com
The committee on elections reported as
follows on the contested (tuildhull elce-
ion case: "The committee have had
hree meetings, at which evidence bus
been given the committee at each meet
ing, in the form of testimony, either by
personal appearance or depositions of I
persons w ho were present at a hearing
that occurred in (itiiltlhall Isept. IB and
17 of the present' year. Tho committee
find from the testimony placed at their
disposal that tho election in itself was
not in accord with the usual custom Mrg. F W. Billings of Woodstock, Mrs.
of holding such legal meetings, that the Krank c W1iHm8 cf NVumirt and Mrs.
testimony shows no fraud in the way Fri,.rit,k i. Jiubbitt of Bellows Falls
the votes were cast in the election nor (0llrtJi an, W(,re assisted by Mrs. Don
in the marking of those votes, that the ,nonl i,,.,..iii uif.. nf K,itm-
committee found the contest was over purtrd. Mrs. Carpenter of Chester, Mrs.
the validity of five votes which were al- Jal n j, ,,. MrSi Harriet Bancroft,
Mrs. Morris F. Atkins, Mrs. W. C. Col-
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leged to have been cast on the first bal
lot. The committee found that follow
ing the first ballot Walter L. Ball
claimed the election, but that a second
ballot was taken upon the direction of
the constable and that during the cast
ing of the second ballot that Mr. Ball
requested that his constituents cense
voting and go home, which some did.
j he testimony shows that the board
of civil authority were evenly divided
upon the question as to the validity of
the five votes marked in a peculiar man
ner and that a second ballot was or
dered. These votes were marked be
tween the words Guildhall and Repub
lican, and not in the margin as is desig
nated by law. The committee found
that on the first ballot there were cast
121 votes, of which Mr. Kellum bad 57.
Mr. Ball 57 uncontested, 2 scattering and
4 blanks, and 5 contested votes, which
were marked as stated above in favor of
Mr. Ball. The committee found tha,t
according to their interpretation of the
law the intention of those voters was for
Mr. Ball.
' Your committee further find that the
member returned did not conduct him
self in any way but in a legal manner
and in a gentlemanly way.
Your committee further find that the
board of civil authority of the town
of fiuildhall did conduct the meeting in
a loose and illegal manner and the sec
ond ballot was loose and illegal and of
no avail. The committee recommend the
officials of that town to inform them
selves in regard to elections.
The committee at this time do not
make any recommendation as to the
seating of any candidate and await thtt
decision of the House in the matter.
Respectfully submitted,
Kdwin V. Adams,
The rest of the members signed the report.
ton, Mrs. Fred A. Rowland, Mrs. W. W.
Brock, Miss Maude ShurtlelT, Mrs. Hen-,
ry Farwell, Mrs. Kate Lowe of Mont- j
pelier, Mrs. Kelley and Miss Woodfall
of Bellows Falls. j
Following the reception supper waa .
served to the assisting ladies and their'
iiusuanus. i
Legislative Notes.
A public hearing on S. IS. which
will be the last bearing on that bill,
will he held before the joint committee
on temperance, in the Senate chamber
on Wednesday evening, Oct. 30, at 7:30
o clock.
Visitors in the executive chamber are j
asking why the portrait of ex-fiovernor
Mead has been removed from the place
where it was bung on the wall about
three weeks ago. It appears that the
portrait was unsatisfactory to Governor
Mead and that at his suggestion the
painter is to make certain changes.
hecn taken away trom women by tak
! ing away their customary efforts of
LI i years ago. She carried her audierre back
i to days of wnrs, stating that woman
lv I carried on the home and business at large
C ! ..-I ....... -.,.. !,.!, si. . VI... ,.,
H 111 II III. II " riK- iiij in I uif . .-Mil- , ,fiii t.m it
Chlldraa'a Vc-Mae. LI ; the housewife of 50 vears at'o to her of
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th machine are made until the hosiery
cornea through with the rich! elasticity.
Ihisextra painstaking care cotsmooey.
to-day, claiming they have changed their
home from the household to the world.
It is a matter of human justice.
Mrs. K. 1). B. Brown of Burlington,
president of an anti-suffrage society,
read a protest against universal suf
frage, believing that more than 0i per
cent, of the women of Vermont are op
posed to suffrage.
Miss Minnie Hunsoit, formerly special
Wives of Governor and Lieutenant-Governor
Entertained Legislators' Wives.
Ladies' week at the capital closed
yesterday afternoon with a reception in
the pallors of the Pavilion, given by
Mrs. A. M. Fletcher, wife of the govern
or, and Mrs. Frank E. Howe, wife of
the lieutenant-governor, to the wives of
the legislators.
The parlors were decorated with yel
low and white chrysanthemums, palms
and ferns, and the Montpelicr string
orchestra furnished music for the occa
sion. Those in. the receiving line beside
Mrs. Fletcher and Mrs. Howe were Mrs.
Charles A. Plumley of Xorthfield, wife
of the speaker of the House; Mrs. Ed
ward II. Ilcavitt of Montpelicr. wife of
the state treasurer; Mrs. Guy If. Bailey
of Essex Junction, wife of the secre
tary of state, and Mrs. John G. Sargent
of Ludlow, wife of the former attorney
general. The tishera were Mrs. C. E.
Ixiwe, Mrs. Raymond Dwinell, Miss Re
becca Wright. Miss Bessie Silverthorne,
Mrs. E. M. Harvey of Montpelicr, Mrs. j
Robert MeCtten of Vergennen.
Mrs. James B. Lstee of Montpelicr,
THROrnn COACH leavea Barre at 7:20 a. m. and Montrlier at
8 a. m. DAILY EXCEPT SCXDAY, arriving in Boston at
4:45 p. m.
LOCAL TRAIN" leaves Barre at 12: it p. m. and Montpelier at
1:10 p. m. DAILY EXCLIT SUNDAY, arriving in Boston
at 8 p. m.
rU-LMAX SLEErrST. CAR leave, Barre at J:30 p. m. and Mont
pelier at 10 p. m. DAILY, arriving :n BoMon at 7:30 a. m.
10 a. m arriving in M.ntrlier at 3:0 n. m. and Barre at
6:32 p. m.
m.I.MAX SLEEPfXG CAR lrve Boafnt, DAILY at :J1 p. m,
arriving in Montpelier at 7:3' a. m. and Barre at a. an.
agent for the federal government, be-
PiTt of alJi'it fS Uevei diversity of opinion. Any act
Th?t"so"n"tMDt'tht makes it ao tnm- I I conferring franchise cannot lie repealed,
frtsble. Thst'a on runs why j Thinks there is a possibility that the
A . .t .k,rrI iiit- W'hHt orate may become over burdened.
y forma to the contour of ankle and csi;. aw , .
f i why it lit. . smoothiy ret with no feel- I Possibility of socialism enveloping the
I J it "I tiehtae." . a I
in nt tth:
all .A1... aiul white.
N k. AliwirhtL awns. av. W , teasioie, toilay is not the lime, tin y
rl and children. 25ei. at yonx dealer s. f V 1 a small percentage of women are ask-
f 1 . - bl'ing for franchise. Political degeneration
y OLIDDEN. HYDE CO. U ! j,V.r nIp lh(. ..Mignt ion of the
a'JX Ck I 'otef ' kept in mind. The power o
country. If woman's suffrage was ever
feasible, to-dsv is not the time. Only
mtdic opinion is greater than the rtal
ot. The power of dictating is in the
hands of the women to a larce extent.
r. ti, timtpd form report ol cmM lati:r ciitn-
" aataai mjttr(. to show that condition in wom
D&nCC "' ""'V states are not better than
in eitinl nurTraee Mate. Xet to child
p rj- labor come the work of women. In
rulllle woman' suffrage Mates thte are no
JjjjjjJ ' limitations a to the number of hours
!a woman ebnll work, t riticir-d law s of
rMipoeit immediately tn th remarkable awedU j Colorado. Horw-a Vermont w ill have an
rln"A J" QTT ,wTln ; vi! guardianship law. Tsvation i, a
rixn4ri treatment t r thw trO'ibls ( ' '
9 flT Dr- KHneej Croat N-rw 1 t"M I""'""- Le than I't per cr-nf.
eUw RemeHfy. liec-tora p wnia it , of the women air ta. nd nianT of
Bottia rrToiVeitS' r r t th
Evaa rTta an- innmeUte. Irwci' hand bv l,il-h..nH wisl -i-j to avoid fat
II CO trwrikm awil It. T wto. It atton. If woman's mffraie Hntil.I r.
vtor-e wir. w w-i,I rrH-erfulii- awa4 I , , i .,.. ,. J.1I
nr.. ii aim c ... , k.-. i"r " wwial ttu cf w-dTian wotiM
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Tfisy Make Good
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owels, active kidneys and
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lOo 25c
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