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The Range of
Strength '
A Mountain
Cure :
Quaker Ranges are built for service not
for show. The castings are heavy and flaw
less, fitting together as though moulded in
one piece.
There are no useless or complicated de-.
vices used only for advertising "talking
points," but the simple and scientific con
struction steadily developed for more than
half a century lias nearly reached perfection
in the new Quaker Models which we are
proud to show you on our floor today.
Barre, Vt.
My wife uud I were not getting on
together. 1, was overworked at my
business, and she wan worn out with
the care of u house and tbe continuul
pestering of the children.
1 made up my uilud to turn the busi
ness over to luy partner, persuade my
wife to turn the children over to her
sister and co tocether on a trip. It
tvus winter, so we sought a warm cli
mate. I had heard a great deal of the
southwest and settled on New Mexico
as a region where we would enjoy
warm weather. Unfortunntely. there la
so much to be attended to before move
ments take place In families that by
the time we started we were addition
ally affected by tbe wear and tear of
getting rendy.
It bents all," I snld. "how much
there Is to do to go anywhere when n
man Is married. When I was a single
man I would throw a few tilings Into
my trunk, call a cab. go to a station
and across the continent, my prepara
tion occupying but half an hour."
Tlty you hadn't remained a young
man." snarled my wife. "Are you sure
the trunks are on the train?"
"No. I didn't Bee them put on."
"Well. I supimse we'll have to live In
our traveling clothes. It seems to me
If I were a man"
MOb. give us a rest."
This is a sample of the dialogue we
were going away to get rid of. They
continued at Intervals during our jour
nev and after we reached our desti
nation. There are mountains In plenty
In New Mexico, und I consider moun
tain air good for the nerves. But
cures are seldom effected In a day, and.
though my wife and 1 were doubtless
gaining, the improvement was imper
ceptible. We moved about from point
to point.
The last place we struck was a
pocket in a mountain spur. We were
high enough to get a pure dry air. but
not high enough forcold. True, one sat
before wood tires in the evening, but
during the day the weather was de
lightful. The walks were pleasant, and
we kept out In the open most of the
On one of three walks we found a
bench on the edce of n precipice, a
perpendicular wall facing us on the
other side of the gap. My wife had
arisen in the 'morning with a head
ache, and I had suffered during tbe
night with a toothache. Consequently
if there had been any Improvement in
our condition the circumstances were
not condusive to bringing It out
"I think I'll go home." said my wife.
"There I'll get some sympathy. The
children will give It to me."
"I thought you'd come away to get
rid of them?"
"I should have let you come alone;
that's what I needed."
"Perhaps I needed the same."
We kept on In this vein for some
time, gradually raising onr voices.
Then suddenly my wife listened.
'There are persons on the ledge be
low. talking." she said
Complete Relief from Indigestion
Is Possible Only by This
Metbod of Treatment.
Dr. Williams' rink Tills have this Im
portant advantage pver other remedies
lor stomach troubles. They strength
en the stomach until it is capable of a
good digestion. This is the most direct
and certain way to get the complete,
relief every auHercr from indigestion,
wants. All the time you are taking
the pills you are getting more and morn
nourishment from your food. This is
important too, for you beglntofeel let
ter in every way because of this added
strength. You will bo happily sur
prised to find that you are getting a
hearty appetite; that you can eat food
that you relish, without distress; that
your headaches are gone; that you are
no longer troubled with gas or acid
stomach. It is safe to say that noth
ing will so quickly cure you of stomach
trouble as Dr. Williams' I'ink Tills for
l'ale Teople.
The experience of Mrs. M. A. Hardy,
fanner's wife, whose address is K. l
I). So, 3, Carincl. Me., should convince
you of the merit of Dr. Williams' I'ink
Tills. She says:
"I suffered terribly with stomach
trouble. The attack came on mo sud
denly while I was in a run-down condi
tion. My stomach was so weak that I
could eat nothing but broth and gruel.
There was a constant sharp pain,
through my stomach which was so
severe at times that I could hardly get
my breath. My stomach was sour and
gas formed on it in such large quanti
ties that it almost choked mo when I
tried to belch it up. I had no desire,
for food of any kind. My heart palpi
tated and thcro was a sort of neuralgic
Conway Couple Held Withou
Bail for Heiress' Death
Calmly Gives Details of the Murder of
Miss Singer to Coroner's Jury
Self-Defense Is His
Chicago, Xov. 5. -Charles Conway and
liis wife, Beatrice Ryall-Conway, were
yesterday held by the coroner's jury on
the charge of murdering hophia linger,
Baltimore heiress. Thev were bound
over to the grand jury without bail.
Cahnlv anil deliberately, (bnway, cir
cug clown and high diver, yesterday told
the coroners jury how he killed the Hal
fimoro heiress. His answers were given
m a steady voice.
The details of the crime as he re
lated them to the jury were substantial
ly the same as told Police Captain Noot-
liar when he made his first confession
Saturday. He said he came to Chicago
at the request of his wife, "Beatrice
Ryall-Conway, who was living at the
a.mn arlit-m. om Afiua Kmira. ITih w i f a
. . ,..,.. WMS m whpn he nl.r,ve(1 no h,,,, and
Miss Singer met him at the door and
ting siKills and sick headaches as often
as three or four times a week. While
my headache lasted I could not work.
''One day I read in the paper that
Dr. Williams' Tink Tills for Tale Teo
ple were good for stomach trouble and
soon began taking them. A few hoses
afforded' me relief and I continued with
them until cured. I have nover had
any trouble with my stomach since."
A free booklet, "What to Eat and
How to Eat," will be sent upon postal
card request.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold by
all druggists, or will be sent by mail,
postpaid, on receipt of price. 60 cents
per box ; six boxes for $2.50, by the Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Schenectady,
N. Y.
kissed him. He told tho jury improper
relations between .Miss fcinger and him
self began on the evening' of his arrival.
When he finished the recital of his
striking Miss Singer on the head when
she attacked him with a rar-or, and
binding her, Conway said:
"I am very sorry" I did it. Self de
fence is -my only idea. I had to stand
up for my wife,"wden she was trying to
induce her to begin a life of shame. If
a man will not do that he is'not fit to
be called a man."
Interesting Drawings in India Ink by
Him Are Preserved.
Thomas Jefferson's architectural draw
ings for the university of Virginia, done
in India ink by himself and shaded by
bis granddaughter, form part of the il
lustrations in Herbert B. Adams' volume
on Jefferson and the history of the uni
versity, and it is a distinct surprise to
find that the United States bureau of
education lists this publication as among
those available for free distribution.
Others of the same historical series have
long since been exhausted, and it was
assumed that none of this edition was
left; but the title' appears on the 1912
list of available publications, together
with some 700 or more titles of books
and pamphlets on various educational
The other publications listed cover a
multitude of educational topics, among
them the following: agricultural educa
tion; Alaska school and reindeer service;
American educational history, including
histories of the school svstems in indi- j
vidua! states; education and crime; edu
cational method"; foreign school ' sys
tems; higher educational, industrial and
technical education; libraries; teaching
of mathematics; rural education; school
architecture and sanitation; training of
teachers, students of education, libra
rians, and people having a general inter
est in education and the improvement of
public and private schools.
The bulletin entitled: "List of Publi
cations of the United States bureau of
Education Available for Free Distribu
tion," which contains a detailed state
ment of all the books and pamphlets ob
tainable, is now ready, and will be sent
to any one requesting it.
Series of Questions to Be Asked in the
Minnesota Schools.
Do you eat breakfast every day? Do
you drink coffee or tea! Do you have
your bedroom window open or shut at
night? Do you own a toothbrush?
These and other pertinent questions
are to be answered by the children in
the public schools of Minnesota. They
form part of a "Health Grading Outline'
prepared by Dr. Ernest B. Hoag, special
director of school hygiene for the state,
whereby teachers and school nurses may
learn in the most direct manner possible
the physical condition of the children in
trusted to their care. "Rational conser
vation of the mental and phvsical health
of our school children" is the ultimate
Weal of this and other current health
projects reported to the United States i
"Fighting, you mean. I've heard
Not enrfbg to be overheard, we modu
lated our voices for awhile: so did the
couple below, and we forgot all about
them. But we soon got at it anew, and
In the midst of our scrap we beard
them quarreling again.
"Singular," remarked my wife, "that
those horrid persons must get to quar
reling just when we"
"It's the man's fault." said I.
"No more than the woman's."
"He's a brute."
"Did you hiiir that? He called her a
"And she has told him he's another,
I said as we heard the word brute re
"He says she's another."
"What disgusting persons! If they
are going to quarrel that way they
should have stayed at home and de
stroyed each other like the Kilkenny
"He has Just called her a cat"
"And she's thrown it back at him."
Sickened at this exhibition of tem
per. we arose nnd walked back to the
hotel. When we were alone 1 drew my
wife down on my lap. and her head
rested on my shoulder.
"Your headache was responsible for
your part of our quarrel today, nnd my
toothucbe last night was responsible
for mine."
"Oh. dear. I wish I could be sure of
bureau of education
The appointment of a special state di- I never saying an ugly thing again
rector for school hygiene, and the in-! How horrid it sounded In those persons
stitntion of a searching but nontechnical
health survey by teachers and school
nurses, are important contributions to
the school hygiene movement that is
now stendilj' making its way throughout
the country.
If One PLysidan Could Relieve Etrery'Case of
Sciatica and Neuritis
SfcniM h tifMst lmewn tint a piJcijn Inririe here eenM RE
LIEVE EVERY CASE of f hmmM:.m, tctitica and r.euntm, the
ufierert of thin and surrounding- eitte would crowd bis office.
One Phystcu?! in New York a r-rialtt in h: prolrwri. r
CASE PRESENTED TO HIM. with a prrcripioti whici,
known as "NtTKITO.' It t an erhical prescription and con
tain tierfcer opi.tr nor rtarcoorn; and it sa proven itself in mora
than 4S.0O0 casta t be positire antidoe for the tin acid in tae
sr't which canw-s rheumatism. sctatK-a and neuritis.
Ko dieting ie nceessary on tbe camrary. you are recommended
to eat your usual allotment af fo-vL No natter bow kadty T are
uffrtinf. row will be. a to feel tie melictne work at once-
W are prepared to show you proof., ha--ked by amdait. T
prfj-K-?i who rs-i rr'tve ee-r ne t m in lfc tvj tr pei-sosu
Nurito." mkica u n powder form. ei! for II and t2 a boa.
Ta try it means to he convinced io rer!are mi puns and achea
wtb entfc2iam fo- this a-tancerent in sne-imne. Magistral Cfceau
cal C, Ftauroa Ii.i-, New Yark. For kale by
and AH Otber Leading Drnjpat.
below u:
"It made me nsh.nmed of myself."
"Let's try and stop it"
"Its partly habit. At any rate, tbe
more we give way to It the more it
holds us."
"Say we never do It again."
"We'll make a big effort anyway."
Tbe next day we both felt In- fine
feather and walked out to the seat
where we had beard the couple quar
reling. Suddenly my wife put her fin
ger to her-Hps. Then she whispered:
"They're there again, but they've made
it up. Did you hear the word 'dear?""
"There it Is again, sweetheart"
"Good gracious, he's called her
"sweet heart!'"
I burst out laughing
"Waat are yon laughing at?"
"We've been I!tening to ouraelvea.
Our words have been sent back to ns
from that cliff."
Eterlment soon told ns we were
right. Tbe echo by showing os our
elves caned n. Nor hn there ever
been a relapse worthy of the name.
"If Designed for Health, Moses a Has
cal," Says Rabbi.
Chicago, Nov. 5. "If tbe dietary laws
were meant for health laws, then .Moses
was a rascal," declared Habbi Kmil G.
llirsch in his sermon before the People's
Synagogue association in the Ziegfeld
"Jt does not stand to reason that the
dietary laws were other than the con
tinuation of a custom, he said. "If they
were really meant to protect the health
of the Hebrews, why did Moses declare
that while the Jews should not eat thi
or that- he could nevertheless dispone of
it to the Jew ?
I urge that, instead of pondering
I about the observance of the dietary
laws, abstaining from certain foods, you
lead a life of righteousness and belp to
spread our religion among our people.
There are many of our customs to-day
which we observe unthinkingly and
which are simply the outgrowth of
superstition. We wear a watch charm.
Originally it was worn to protect one
from disease and evil spirits. The pearl
necklace is but the remnant of super
stition. . "It is preached to-day that Judaism
has outlived Us usefulness; that it is
but a mere memory. That is not true.
Judiasm lives to-day as it has always
lived, and It still ministers to the needs
of its people.
"There are many of the younger gen
eration of .lews, of orthodox percentage,
who have become imbued with modern
civilization and are not of the belief of
their elders. They have gone out and
have no place to worship. It is these
we wish to bring to us, for we have that
which thev seek.
Butte and Lake Superior Districts Sup
ply 64 Per Cent, of Total Output.
The Butte district in Montana and
the lake Superior district in Michigan
continue to be prime factors in the cop
per production of the United States, as
shown in the report on copper for 1911
by H. S. Butk-r of the United States
geological survey, just issued. These
two districts produced in 1011 over 04
per cent, of the total copper output of
the United States.
A striking feature of Mr. Butler re
port is the marked decrease shown in the
amount of copper recovered per ton of
ore during the last few Years. In 10(H)
j copper ores yielded an average of 2.5
j per cent.; in li)ll the aw rage had de-
I . I A 1 Lfrt A Tl. . .1. I...
viettseti 10 i.c- iter ci'iu. i uiwe hiiu nave
not followed the industry very closely
may be surprised to learn that over one
half of the copper ore produced in the
I mteu States yields an average of but 1
per rent, in copper. In such ore copper
is of course onlv a bv-product.
The following table is of interest as
showing the output of the larger cop
per districts in lflll. The production for
this year was the largest in the history
of the industry.
Total production oi blister copper in
principal districts to the close of 1911
in pounds:
District and State. Pounds.
Butte Montana 5.5N.2i0,000
Lake Superior Michigan. . . 4,n74.fK),(HHI
Bishee Arizona 1,415,200,000
Moreiu'i-Metcalf Arizona . . 0,'i4.2O0.(KXI
Jerome Arizona o03.200,(HHI
Bingham Utah 3!H),f)00,fHKI
Globe Arizona . ... 379,300,000
Shasta County California . . 3(l5.WK).OiKI
Duckfjiwn Tennessee 2.'!0.fiOO,000
Kly Xevada 18!.!00,OO
Foothill belt California 105,.00,(KK)
Santa Rita New Mexico. . . 104.400.fJOO
All others 873.017,000
Means a Great Deal With Tea
The fragrance of the fresh
picked tea leaves is yours, when
you open a package of
It is sealed in the lead pack-;
age on the Plantation that is not
opened until you do it yourself.
Margolla is truly the tea you
have been looking for.
Order Today
Trial Package 10 els.
n a colander and pour over one-half cup- rhinoceros is a dangerous animal at all
fill of colli water. lMek over and chop times; to be treated with respect and
oysters, put in a saucepan, and cold due caution. This is proved by the num
water drained from oysters and enough ber of white men, out of a sparse popu-
more water to make one quart of liquid i lation. that are annually tossed and
Tells How Sick She Was And
What Saved Her From
An Operation.
Total lfl.37G,600)noo
On January 2 of this year, the geologi
cal survey issued a remarkably accurate
estimate." by Mr. Butler, of the total pro
duction of copper in 1911, which proved
to be within one-half of 1 per cent, of
the final returns from smelters and refin
ers. These latter figures were published
in April.
A copy of the report on copper for
1911 may be obtained free on applica
tion to the director of the geological
survey, Washington, 1). C.
in all. Brown three tablespoonfuls of
butter, add three and one-half table
spoonfuls of Hour, and continue the
browning; then pour on gradually, while
tirring constantly, the oyster liquor.
Bring to the boiling-point, and let sim
mer one-half hour. Strain, and add one
cupful of cream, one-half teapsoonful of
salt, and one-eighth teaspoonful of paprika.
Brown or Giblet Gravy Pour oft" all
liquid in the pan in .which the turkey
has been roasted. From the liquid, skim
off six tablespoon fuls of fat, ,and return
to the roast ing-pan. Place on ton of
range, add six tablespoonfula of flour
killed by the brutes; and by the prompt
ness which which the natives take to
trees thorn trees at that when the cry
of "faru'." is raised. As he comes rush
ing down in your direction, head down
and long weapon pointed, tail rigidly
erect, ears up, the earth trembling with
his tread and the air with his snorts,
you suddenly feel very small and inef
fective. "If you keep cool, however, it is prob
able that the encounter will result only
in a lot of mental perturbation for the
rhino and a bit of excitement for your
self. If there is any cover, vou should
luck down behind it and move rapidly
and stir until well blended; then cook, ' but quietly to one side or another of the
stirring constantly until well browned, line of advance. If there is no cover, you ;
Pour on gradually while stirring con-' should crouch low and hold still. The
stantly, three cupfuls of stock, bring chances are he will pass to one side or
to the boiling-point, and let boil five the other of you. and po snorting away ti
minutes. Season with salt, and strain, the distance. Keep your eye on him
To obtain the stock, cover giblets, neck very closely. If he swerves definitely
and tips of wings with five cupfuls of in your direction, and drops his head a
cold water, bring slowly to the boiling- little lower, it would be just as well to
point, and let simmer until reduced to open fire. IVovided the beast Was far
three cupfuls. If a giblet gravy is de- enough away to give me 'sea-room,' I
sired, the giblets are finely chopped and used to put a small bullet in the flesh of
added to the brown gravy. If a very
rich gravy is desired, one or two table
spoonfuls of butter mar be added bit
by bit.
Thanksgiving Pudding Finely chop
beef suet; there should be one cupful.
Aild one cupful of molasses and ,oue
cupful of sour milk. Mix and sift two
and one-fourth cupfuls of flour, one and
one-half teaspoonfuls of soda, one tea-
spoonful of cinnamon, one-half teaspoon-
fill of clove, and one-halt teaspoontul
of salt. Combine mixtures, and when
the outer part of the shoulder. The
wound thus inflicted was not at all seri
ous, but the shock of the bullet usually
turned the beast to one side, and, aa
usual, he went right on through. If,
however, he seemed to mean business,
or was too close for comfort, the point
to aim for was the neck just above the
lowered horn.
"In .my own experience. I came to es
tablish a 'dea l line' aliout twenty yards
from myself. That seemed to be as near
as I cared to let the brutes come. Cp to
well blended add one and one-fourth cup- j that point I let them alone on the chance
fills of raisins, seeded and chopped, and
three-fourths cupful of currants, dredg
ing the fruit with one-hall cupful of
flour. Turn into a buttered mold, cover,
and steam four hours.
Charged Forty Times by a Rhinoceros.
Stewart Edward White has recently
returned from a year's hunt in Africa,
and in the November American Maga
zine he writes a most interesting account
of the rhinoceros. His article is entitled
"The Rambunctious Rhino," and an ex
tract follows:
"Owing to his size, his powerful arma
ment, and his incredible quickness, the
that they might swerve or change their
minds: as they often did. But inside
of twenty yards, whether the rhinoceros
meant to charge me. or was merely run
ning blindly by, did not particularly
matter. Even in the hitter case, he might
happen to catch sight of mc and change
his mind. Thus, looking over my note
book records. 1 find that I was "charged'
forty-odd times; that is to. say, the rhi
noceros rushed in mv general direction.
Of this lot I can be sure of but three,
and possibly four, that certainly meant
mischief. Six more came so direct Iv at
ns. and continued so to come, that in
npite of ourselves we were compelled to
kiH them. The rest were successfully
E. 5. Fosa, JnJ.
Bton, No. 5. While Hernor Kw
was cel.bratinr hi &.th birthday and
preparing for the lt spwch- of the
election campaign, new. readied him of
the trth f a grand-, Eugene XUe
Upper Sandusky.Ohio. "Three years
ago 1 was married and went to house
keeping:. I was not
feeling: well and
j could hardly drag
myself along. I had
such tired feelings,
my back ached, my
sides ached, I had
bladder trouble aw
fully bad, and I could
not eat or sleep. I had
headaches, too, and
became almost a ner
vous wreck. My doc
tor told me to go to a hospital I did
not like that idea very well, so, when I
saw your advertisement in a paper, I
wrote to you for advice, and have done as
you told me. I have taken Lydia El
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
Liver Fills, and now I have my health.
" If sick and ailing women would only
know enough to take your medicine, they
would ret relief.'-Mrs. Benj. H.Stans
BFRT, Koute C, Box 18, Upper Sandusky,
If you have mysterious pains, irregu
larity, backache, extreme nervousness,
inflammation, ulceration or displace
ment, don't wait too long, but try Lydia
El Pinkham's Vegetable Compound now.
For thirty years Lydia El Finkham's
Vegetable Compound, made from roots
and herbs, has been the standard remedy
for female ills, and such unquestionable
Alaska Increases Copper Output. j
.The copper production from Alaska in j
mil ..... -MQ1IOUD nA a- nn,m.i,Pii.l I
- in, jin'iiou 'n,m,t. ;' loin Tl, i Since the old-fashioned theory of cur
with 4 .311,0.20 pounds in Win. I he ng KtPnia tlirouKh the blood han been
large increase in the output for 1011, ac- given up by scientists, many different
cording to the United States geological salves have been tried for skin disease
anrvev is due to the entrance of the M,,t 11 has been found that these salves
sure, is uue n me imrnnie oi me ., o,. , n,i .gnnnt rwnviratii
Copper river district into the producing to the inner skin below the epidermis
lit. The mine production of copper for where the eczema fterms are lodged.
nil 7 - IT H7K onnriiL lint u con- This the quality of penetrating
. u, -'!"' ;l0"m1.' ,ut f ,J" probably explains the tremendous aue-
SKlerable portion of this had not been c,s of the weli known liquid ecaema
smelted at the close of the vear. remerlv. oil of winterrreen. thymol, cly-
Imoortant nroduction of Conner from cerine. etc.. as compounded In V.U.D.
n..ir. i him ' i.:..i. I'rescrlptlon,
.HMtTlll IM-UMIl Hllfllll li'l'iJ, . W K. Vl
time it has been a steady contributor of
that metal. To the close of 1011 the
Why Salves Can't Cure Eczema
troubles but none that we can recom
mend as hiehly as this for we know that
1.I.D. stops the itcli at once. We can
frive you a trial size bottle for 25 cents
that will be enough to prove It.
of course all other Jrupulsts have
D.I'.D. I'rescription go to them It you
can't come to ns but don't accept soma
bifr protlt substitute.
Put If you come to our store, we are
so certain of what I1.P I. will do for ynu
that we orrer you a run size bottle on
thlw rmnintpf 1 If vnn rlrt not rlnrt that
it takes sway the "itch AT ONCE. It
total production of blister copper has
been 59.l2tJJl:U pourds.
Eos, wcoti.l. The near rril is the
Mn f IW-njan in Eo. ho mamrd testimony as the above proves the value
lK.thv baptnan f San Ern mco. of this famous remedy sad abound givs
1Uj rt-aUe in Jam. l'la.a. every one cc&Sdeoca.
Porto Rico's New Wonder.
From far away Porto Fho come re
ports of a wonderful new discovery that
is believed will vastly benefit the people
Ramon T. Maychan of Harreloneta
writes: "Dr. King' New Discovery is
doing splendid work here. It cured me
about five tunes of terrible coughs an.1
colds, ajao mv brother of a severe cold
in his chest, and more than 20 others,
who used it on mv advice. We hope this
great medicine will yet be sold in every
drug store in Porto" Rico." For throat
and lung trouble it hs no equal. A
trial will convince von of it merit.
50c and M.nn. Trial bottle free. Guar
anteed bv the Red Cros 1'harmarv.--Advt.
We have sold other remedies for skin costs you not a cent.
Red Cross Pharmacy, 160 No. Main St.,llarre, V t.
Good Thingi for the Thanksgiving
Fannie Alerritt Farmer, cookery editor!
of the Woman's Home Companion. ri ite I
on "finnd Thing for Thankrgivinc" in j
the Novemlier number of that period ic L '
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Tills Hub-Mark is your Value-Mark on Rubbers
Wear Hub-Mark Rubbers this winter. They cost no
more than any first-class rubber. If your dealer can't
supply you write us.
Boston Rubber Shoe Co., Maiden, Mast.

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