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Efficient Will heat a good sized room
even in the coldest weather.
Economical. Burns nine hours on one
gallon of oil.
Ornamental. Nickel trimmings; plain
steel or enameled tur
quoise-blue drums.
Portable. Easily car
ried from room to
room; weighs only
eleven pounds; han
dle doesn't get hot
Doesn't Smoke
Doesn't Leak
Easily Cleaned
and Re-wicked
Lasts for years
, ......
At Dealer Eueryt
Nmw York
Gentlemen Exchange Com
pliments in the House
of Commons
Lord Charles Beresfordandj
Winston Spencer Church
ill the Principals
Progressives Decide On Bureau of Pub
licity. New York. ' Dec. 21. The " executive
committee of the J'rori'ssive party. ad
journed nftcr ft two days' session with
the announcement that it hail been de
Tided to estnblitth publicity headquar
ters nt JVashington ami the appointment
iif chairmen of these committees: Leg
islative, Dean J-ewis of the university
of Pennsylvania!); finance, Klon Hooker
if New York; publicity, Vi!liaiii Allen
'White of Kansas; organization, Walter
Brown of Ohio.
Rumor of Resignation Revived at
Marine Co. .Meeting.
London,' Dec. 21. A rumor gained
currency after a meeting of the Inter
national Mercantile Marine company
hero yesterday that J. Bruco Ismay, one
of the ex-oflicio directors, had resigned
from Iiis position as president. It was
said that Harold Sanderson, also a di
rector, had stepped into his place.-
Mr. Ismny would make neither affir
niation nor denial of the report.
Jewelry, Watches, Clocks
If it is Jewelry, Watches, Clocks or Silverware you are
thinking of giving, it will pay you to see me before buying.
To induce you to trade early, as I have no clerk to help
wait upon the late buyers, I have several dozen Ladies' Hand
some Brooches, one of -which I shall give to each customer
making a cash purchase of three dollars or over. This offer
is good only as long as the present stock lasts, or until Jan. 1.
I have added a very nice lot of new goods in all the lines
that I carry, for the Christmas trade.
Small expenses and no wages for help enable me to make
very attractive prices. Come in and let me prove it.
313 North Main Street! Successor to Lang Jewelry & Optical Co.
London. Dec. 21. Much hard language
was indulged in and venomous feeling
aroused in the House of Commons yes
terdav afternoon over the retirement
of Vice-Admiral Sir Francis C. Bndgo
man-Bridireman from the position of
first sea lord of the British admiralty.
Admiral Lord Charles Beresford, who
s a member or tne Mouse, ana Winston
Spencer Churchill, first lord of the ad
miralty, reviled eaen otner to tne ut
most limit allowed in the British Par
"Backstair methods," "bribes and
1 threats,' ' "gross insinuations" and
"skulking" wero some of the phrases cx
Briefly, Lord Charles Beresford
charged Mr. Churchill with pursuing
policy of bribes and threats. If, he
said, the sea lords disagree with Mr.
Churchill's autocratic assumption of the
executive as well as the administrative
authority, they were dismissed in inso
lent letters.
The reply given by Winston Church
ill was crip and stinging.
- Lord Charles Beresford, he said, had
made a number of insinuations of a
very gross character. He continued:
"He has skulked In the background,
waiting for an opportunity to make
charges Unsupported by facts. He has
levelled scurrilous attacks of espionage,
favoritism, blackmail and inefficiency
ngainst me, but I have never taken him
too seriously.
"He does not mean to be as offen
sive as he really is. I am sorry he
was not made admiral of the fleet, as
I know how sore he was about it, but
since I have been at the admiralty I
have discovered that it would be very
difficult to get a board of naval men to
approve such an appointment.
And Sides of Neck. Suffered Pain
and Loss of Sleep, Started with
Pimples. Face Disfigured. Cuti
cura Soap and Ointment Cured.
418 East 73d St., Now York, N. Y.
"Cutlcura Boap and Ointment cured me of
blackheads and bolls from which I suffered
pain and lot of sloop for
nor than a year. The
trouble first started with
pimples which I thought
would go away, but later
I bad my face and the side
of my neck full of black
beads and bolls which dis
figured my face. I was
ashamed to go out of the
house. I tried everything recommended,
but without doing me any good until I
started to use Cutloura Boap and Ointment.
They relieved tne of the pain and gar me
a peaceful night. After using Cutlcura Boap
and Ointment for two weeks I was cured.'!
(Signed) J. F. Pomajsl, Mar. 34, 1912.
Baby Had Irritating Breaking Out.
48 W. OTth St.. New York City. "My
baby was taken with an Irritating breaking
out on his face. As he always scratched,
the sores would fester and finally coiod out
pus which made more sores. This mads
him cross and ugly. I purchased the Cutl
cura Boap and Cutlcura Ointment. In three
months his faoa was completely cured."
(Signed) J. H. Johnson. Dec. 31. 1911.
Cutlcura Boap and Cutlcura Olntmsnt are
sold throughout the world. Liberal sample of
each mailed free, with 33-p. Blda Book. Ad
dress poet-card "Cutlcura. Dept.T. Boston."
W-Teuder-faced men should use CuUcura
Soap Bhavlng BUck, 24c. Sample free.
fares the
a prey,
land to hastening ills
When wealth accumulates and men de
Chicago millionaire, provide that a
fountain and a monument be erected
to the memory of 'Ike Cook,' a famous
trotting horse of the early 'AO's, which
he owned."
And again we see where a Mrs. An
thony, according to her own statement,
spent nearly $o0,000 in one year for
clothing only and where a Miss Draper
spent $25,000 in one evening entertain
ing Washington society at a butterfly
ball. Then turn your race to the lower
east side of New York, "rats' row" in
Cincinnati, the alum districts of every
city in the land and the mining regions,
especially In the unorganised fields. Take
lor instance West Virginia, when labor
organizations are conducting a life and
death struggle to improve the conditions
ot the slaves of the mines.
Don't tell me that those who are in
abject poverty want to be so. Plutocra
cy will not permit them to escape it.
Whenever and wherever the robbed and
oppressed attempt to get up from their
knees ara stand erect on their feet, ev
ery power in the political state is
rushed into service to repress the rising
spirit lor a better life.
lhis is not a state of affairs confined
to this country alone. It is the same
all over the civilised world. Like causes
have like effects and the forces that have
driven us together into a union have
driven the workers in other nations into
their union and will drive us together
into a political movement of the working
class that both arms may be used to
says unver uoiasmitn, ana though the r;Rnt the wrong, un(1.r which we have
kwi,.h '"rr suffered during a brutal cast. Wrong
than 200 years ago, it is still a living cannot always endure. Riirht will tri
umph' in the end. In the words of v ic
$5,000 Stock to Pick from
Many at Half Price
,. ....... Buy your Furs now, before Christmas.
money and have your pick of splendid bargains,
many to enumerate.
45 State Street Montpelier, Vermont
Furs Repaired and New Garments Made to Order
rgams at Lyon's
In Christmas Goods
Fancy Florida Oranges, per dozen . 30c
14 and 18 Florida Oranges for 25c
3 large Grapefruit, 64 count 23c
Fancy Layer and Fulled Figs, per lb 23c
3 lbs. Best Dates for 25c
Fancy Table Raisins, per lb 25c
' Mixed Peels, per lb 25c
Dest Cranberries, per quart 10c
Fancy Malaga Grapes, per lb 15c
Pop Corn that pops, 4 pounds for 25c
Snow Ball Pop Corn, per package 10c
Ribbon Candy, 2 lbs. for 25c
Fancy Chocolates, the 25c kind, per lb 20c
Social Whorls, the latest, per lb 25c
A nice line of Nuts, including Walnuts, Mixed Nuts, Pe
cans, Almonds, Filberts and Castanas.
Cheese! Cheese! Cheese! Tlain Sage, Young Amer
ican, Roquefort, Imperial Nippy Pimento, and Devil Cheese.
Take home a pint of THE Sealshipt Oysters for break
fast. A fresh supply of Berwick Cakes.
Here, in this, the richest land in all
the world, humanity is decaying in a
social abyss; here wealth accumulates
while men decay. Almost daily can we
see in the press where vast fortunes are
being squandered by the idle rich, while
those who do the world's work are con
demned to a life of misery, poverty and
despair. Our press is a chronicle of
crime, a standing . indictment against
capitalist society.
Men, as a rule, are born to crime.
Their environments foster the evil traits
that reduce men to dishonesty. Riches
have the same evil influence upon men
that poverty breeds; the only difference
is that they wor kin different direc
tions. Harry Thaw was a victim to his
environments. So is the man who robs
and murders in order to get the stuff
that rules the world. Honest toil does
not receive its proper reward and that
is why men resort to dishonest methods,
And there are employers who would like
to reward honest toil far better than
they do, but the keenness of business
rivalry, the competition that is sup
posed to be the life of trade, will not
permit it. It is no wonder that men will
resort to crime when they are kept on
the ragged edge of, life and read the
"Miss Mary Astor Paul, daughter of
James a. i'aul, jr., or the JJrexel firm
made her debut recently at a ball that
for grandeur, cost and novelty eclipsed
the famous ball of four seasons, with
which Mr. Paul introduced his oldpr
daughter. The flowers alone cost $33,000
for the occasion. The feature was
new rose, a cross between the American
Peauty and the Sofrano, that took nine
years to develop, displayed here for the
nrst tune,
"At 11 o'clock, 500 lartre, brilliant but
tcrfiies, gathered from Brazil, Peru and
India, were set free over the truest.
The butterflies flitted everywhere amid
the cries of delight of the guests. Silken
painted buttertlies were among the deco
rations also. The living insects hovered
over the women, bumped into liehta.
fell on the plates and did other stunts,
but they were effective.
ah tne Drexeis were there, as was
everybody of prominence in Philadelphia
society. Conservative estimates put the
cot oi tne anair at fiuu,uu.
Here is another:
"The will of the lata Henry Graves,
If your bead is stuffed up and you
have a hard cold, you can quickly get
rid of the misery.
First, look after the bowels; any pood
cathartic will do; then breathe Booth's
HYOMKI, which promptly kills germ
life and heals the membrane.
Breathe HYOMKI (pronounce it Hieh-
o-me) in the daytime through the little
hard mlitx-r inhaler and just before go
ing to bed at night do this: Pour a
Kant teaspoonful of II1UM11 into a
! kitchen boa I of boiling w ater, cover head
and bowl with towel and breathe for
'scleral minutes the aoothing. healing
i vapor that arises. Thia treatment
I i also fine for sore throat and catarrh.
ij Complete HYOMKI, outfit including tn
. Ihaler. 1.04'; extra bottle, if needed.'
12S Main Sfrp Rarr. Wrmnnt I .vie. The Ked fro Pharmacr i au-
tl.orixed to refund Jour money
tor Hugo i
"The destruction of the vessel cannot
be a matter of indifference to any pas
senger. There can be no wreck for one
that is not a wreck for all."
The truck drivers of Montpelier have
affiliated with the Vermont state branch
of the American Federation of Labor.
There is an appeal being made to
Christmas shoppers that should not be.
made in vain to trade unionists, and
that Is to do their buying early, in order
that men and women clerks may not be
forced to work unreasonably long hours.
The positions held by these workers aie
trying, even under favorable conditions,
as they have to satisfy the wants, real
and fancied, of hundreds of purchasers
each day, and to add to their burden
by the needless imposition of waiting
until the last minute to make your
purchase is unfair and unjust so shop
Wo note with interest that even the
non-nuion manufacturers are finally
waking up to the facts that they cannot
successfully compete with the output of
prisons, for at the recent convention of
the National Association of Garment
Manufacturers in Milwaukee, a augges
tion was made that a committee be
appointed to select a label to indicate
that produits are made by free labor.
If the non-union manufacturer, with the
power that he has to enforce any kind
of working conditions upon his employes,
who enjoy "ir .ustrial freedom con
tract" cannot compete with the prison
contractor, wnat chance has an employ
er who pay, living wages and whose em
ployes work but eight hours a day, to
meet this unfair and unhealthy compe
tition 7 lie lias a chance, to be sure.
if the worker insist upon having the
union label attached to every article he
purchases, but otherwise he and his em
ployer are at the mercy of the non
union manufacturer, as well as the pris
on contractor, so get busy and k
boosting for union-labled goods.
Christmas Is Here Once More!!
Our specialty this year consists of all the most Fancy Fruit and Confec
tionery. Our patrons of last year, no doubt, were satisfied with their purchases t
i . ii i i --a i i ii. : ti ; i. ii i? i i i T
wnicn iney maae, Dut we are going 10 ao more mis nrisimas man we aia iasi.
Our special prices are as follows
Sweet Calif ornias, 16 for 25c t
Swpp.t Flnridas. 18 for os
, , ,
t Fancy t londas, per dozen 25c, 30c, 35c
I Fancy California Oranges, 25c, 30c, 35c, 40c, 50c
A hne line of Juicy Lemons, per dozen 30c, 35c
Fancy Florida 'Grape Fruit, 3 and 4 for. .... 25c
We also have the famous Jonathan Apples from the state of Oregon, per
dozen 25c, 35c, 40c t
Fancy Pears for .your Christmas dinner, per dozen . ..40c, 50c t
Malaga Grapes, 2 lbs. for 25c
Sweet Tangerines 25c, 30c t
Fresh Figs, per pound 18c, 20c f
New Dates, 3 lbs. for 25c t
1912 Mixed Nuts, 2 lbs. for 35c
New English Walnuts, per pound , 22c I
I Castana Nuts, per pound . 4' . 15c
t Special Table Raisins for your Christmas dinner; also Plain and Stuffed f
t Olives. t
I Pure Ribbon Candy, two pounds for 25c
t ' Come in and look over our Confectionery. We have a large assortment of t
t fancy boxes of delicious Chocolate Creams,' ranging from one-half to five pounds.
x x
Fancy Baskets of Mixed Fruit. The goods are here. Come in and look them X
t over if you wish to make a Christmas gift. They will be a pleasure to any friend, t
I Remember that we have a large variety of imported Italian Canned Goods.
We carry all kinds of Instruments.
In concluding this ad., wre respectfully wish you a Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year.
Telephone 163-W Special Delivery
manding the union label, after having
taken an obligation 10 ao so, win oe
held accountable if we fail to do our
Alex. Ironside,
And $12,000 Taken from Them by Two
Charlestown. B, I.. Dec. 21. Two
masked men held up Thomas Hines and
Charles Northroo. two messengers of
the Alton Lace company, who were driv.
ing to the company's mill at Alton with
the weekly car roll to-day and robbed
them of the money, amounting to about
No trace of the highwaymen has been
Lipton Declares He'll Take It Horn
in 1914.
New York. Dec. 21 .Sir Thomas Lip-
ton is going to take the American cup
back to Enirlnnd in 1914.. he says. The
noted yachtsman at a complimentary
dinner tendered him last night in the
New York Athletic club said that he
expected to challenge for the fourth time
In 1914 and he was confident that this
time he would bring over a boat that
would lift the cup.
Commodore Kinil Heuel presided at
the dinner, which was attended by 200
members of the club and representa
tives of the club and representatives
of various yachting organizations.
Christmas Ice Creams
Ice Cream orders have begun to come in. We
will have Vanilla, Coffee, and Fruit Ice Creams, and
guarantee to supply you with the best that it is pos
sible to make with pure materials and modern equip
ment Telephone or bring your order.
Telephone 233-W
300 North Main Street Barre, Vermont
If you haveit all the
business you want,adver
tise in The Times
xuttxntuxmiixutunitmi ::n:::;
Suppose each of us should resolve to
day to demand the union label on every
article we purchaned. hat energy it
would create! What strength it would
give our organization! uhat coum we
if U-
accomplish as an organization if every
one oi us never failed to demand the
label or card men and women when we
ad the opportunity to do soT There
is no time to lose in building air castles,
no time to dream or grieve. But life
is for work and for patience. Let each
tia ask ourselves to-day. now much
m I going to deduct from the reward
am to receive hereafter by my idlc-
cs, by not living up to the obliga
tions I took to help my fellow workers I
Some people seem to think that we may
ecloct our duty to our fellow worker
nd there will be no hereafter about it.
Hut you mar just as well set that out
of your bad, for everv working girl
hne soul is sent to hell on account of
low wages will fare us at the judgment
bar beeauw we failed to live up t that
obligation we took to help better eotidi-
iona. Kverr man, woman and child.
boa live bava been worked out of
them because we union people did not
rmte a demand for anod working ron-
tions, will faca ua. No, my friends;
not think the capitalist will be the
only one w!k will fac the judgment I
for the ill treatment oi niiananitr, but j
we who are ronwion of the fart that
humanity ia bung ill treatej. and wa
are ia a poitiua to hc!j them by de-
76 North Main St., Barre, Vfc
Tel. 48-M.
Your Christmas
will not be complete without Fruits and
Nuts, and they should be of the very finest
quality, such as you'll find here.
Malaga, Tokays a very necessary delicacy
Fancy Florida Grape Fruit
3 for 25c and 4 for 25c
Fancy Table Raisins
20c pound
New Figs Large Bananas
Fancy Lemons Fancy Apples
Floridas, California. Navels, 18 for 25c
to 50 cents per dozen
Tangerines, per dozen, 25c
Nuts all kinds 20c pound
New Dates, 10c lb., 3 lbs. 25c
Special for Christmas
40c Chocolates 30c pound
Special Prices on Fancy Boxes.
Christmas Candy, 10c pound
These Christmas Fruits have been specially selected
and assortment includes the most delicious fruits
the market affords
Goods Delivered Free in the City
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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