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Now for the Big Clearance Sale
1 Many people have waited to see what this Clearance Sale will bring forth.
Thoroughly good merchandise at January prices mean exceptional values, await
ing ypu withirour store. ' Sale starts at once. Only a few items mentioned each
day. Come todir store for money-saving values.
Regular $18 and ClC nfl Regular $27.50 to $00 t(
$23. 50 Suits.... TlOiUU J30.00 Suits... LMV
Regular $10 Dress
es at....,
Our Coats Going, Regardless of Cost
1 lot of good heavy Kimono goods in me- '
dium and dark colors, our regular 25c
Value, to close, per yard 17c
1 lot of good quality Outing (short
lengths) to close, per yard . 7c
Special prices on plain White and Cream.
Best Prints in light and dark colors, to
. close, per yard 5c
All our Laundry Bags left from, Christ- ,
mas,-the regular 50c values, to close,
each, at ...... 39c
Great Values
To clean up our stock on odd sizes and
styles in Ladies' Shoes, that must go at once,
$3.00 values, Sale ....$2.35
$2.50 values, Sale .1.93
$2.00 values, Sale ... 1.75
Special prices on Crocheted Slippers.
. To clean up our odd paira of Curtains, we
have marked to close, regardless of cost, one
and two-pair lots. Great values. - K
1 lot of Ginghams, short lengths, in 12aC
value, to close, per yard 9c
Apron Check Ginghams, best quality, per
. yard 6c
tSKilied Archer.
. Tn the days when buCnlu ran In rout
herds od the western pliilns there were
Indians who. while riding ot a gallop,
fould send an arrow through a buffalo's
body. Remarkable as this feat was.
jet It did not equal that reached by the
archers of ancient times. It Is of rec
ord that the MncRnes of Calrlock, Scot
. land, were such skillful archers that
they could hit a mat nt a distance of
r00 yards. In J1D4 the Turkish ambas
sador nt London snot an arrow In a
Held near that capital 415 yards
against the wind and 4S2 yards iwlth
the wind. This was the greatest per
formance of modern days, but a pillar
standing on a plain near Constantino
pie recorded shots ranging up to 800
yards Sir Robert Alnslie. British am
bassador to the sublime poire, records'
that In 1708 be was present when the
otlltan shot hu arrow 972 yards. Field
and Farm. i
Breaking It Gently.
On one occasion when a public re
ception was given to Mr. Gladstone a
particularly obsequious old gentleman
was Introduced to hlra and forthwith
commenced flattering him to such an
extent that the late premier grew weary
of blra, no bidding the man good day
be settled down heavily Into the near
est chair. The bore, instead of passing
on. lingered near ana seemea to nave
something still in his mind, though he
'looked blissful. Mr. Gladstone obsenr
this and said, rot sweetly. "May 1
ask you. air. if yon want anything
more of me?"
"Oh oh, no." said the man, smirking,
"only perhaps 1 may be permuted to
remark that 1 am proud to say that my
hat is having the Inestimable honor to
occupy the same chair with W. E. Glad
stone." London Telegraph.
Probably the easiest task Is for a
poor man to tell what a rich man
should do with his money. Atchison
Joseph Miers of Marslifield was a vis
itor in the. city to-day.
Harry Blooh returned to Marre this
morning, after spending a . few day
with relative in Burlington.
Miss Gladys Hale of Wellington street
left this morning for Waitsliold. whew
she will visit friends for a few days.
W. If. dale of Wellington street left
Saturday nijjht for Boston, where he
will remain for a week on business.
The .Swedish mission will begin to
hold their services in the ltroom street
Baptist ehureh next Sunday, January
5. at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Rev.
W. A. Davidson,' I). D., of Burlington
will deliver an address and Rev. (J. II.
Holt will also speak. St inl music will
lie rendered by the choir from the First
Rapist church. All Scandinavians are
invited. Do not miss this irreat meeting.
The academic and commercial classes
of 1012 held a class reunion at the Plain-
field house Saturday night. The trip to
I lainueli! was made in tow s four-horse
barge. Arriving at the hotel, the party
sat down to a delicious supper of roat
chicken. A fter supper all adjourned to
the dance hall, where an orchr-stra fur
nished music for the dancers. The party
returned home at a late hour, all ox
pressing their delight over the affair.
Those in charge of the undertaking
were Misses Blanche Russell and Mario.
Darling and Messrs. William McLeo'l
and William Charles. The party was
chaperoned by Miss Eva Smith.
Jocal clergymen and their congrega
tions will unite in a series of union
meetings for the opening of the new
year. The first of the series, for men
only, will be held at the Vniversalist
church Tuesday evening, January 7, and
"Barre Men and Christianity" will be
the theme for discussion. Wednesday
evening, January 8, the meeting will be
held in the Congregational church and
open for everyone. The theme will be
"Faith for the Task." Thursday even
ing. January 9, "Sin and Its Penalty"
will be discussed at the First Btptist
ehureh. "The Home as the Starting
Point," will be the theme at the fourth
and last meeting of the series to be held
in the Hedding Methodist . church on
the evening of Friday, January 10.
Robert M. Murphy of Summer stre.'t
went this morning to Burlington for a
few days' visit with friends.
P. Delia Santa and Louis Boni re
turned last night after sending a week
with relatives hi Waterbury.
Philip Komi of North Main street re
turned home this morning, after pausing
a week with friends iu (iroton.
Arthur Camp of New York is spend
ing several dars at the home of his
father, Dr. C. F. Camp, of Washington
street. .
fin account of the orchestra being
otherwise engaged, the dance in Miles'
hall, advertised for Tuesday evening
will be cancelled.
Perley Witham of South Barre let
this morning for Haverhill, Mass.,
where lie is to work in the Ford garage
for the winter.
The young people of the Congregation
al church will present "A Day at Happy
Hollow Deestrict Skule" at the Congre
gational vestry Tuesday evening, Dec.
31. at 7:30 o'clock, followed by an old
fashioned candy pull. Everybody com .
Full dress rehearsal of Happy Hollow
deestrict skule scholars at 7 o'clock to
nights also auto party visitors, Dennis
Doharty, Sarah Titbits, Sally Mitrnsh,
Anabel Adams, all of you be present to
night. ,
Deeb Hubeb of Salem, Mass., who has
been spending several days in Boston on
business, arrived in the city this morn
ing for an extended stay. Mr. llabeb is
one of a company of business men inter
ested in a new mercantile establishment
to be opened shortly in Barre, accord
ing to well-conhrmed rumors.
At the Pavilion, Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday-r-Two feature acts, Ed. and
Helen La Sole in a comedy bar and
bounding bed act, that is a scream from
start to finish: Deyo and Kehan, in an
electrical musical act. a distinct novelty;
also a good program of pictures. Adv.
Regular meeting of Winnetta council,
So. 10, D. of P., I. O. R. M.. Thursday,
Jan. 2, at 7 o'clock in Clan Gordon hail,
Bolster block, formerly the Woodnieu
hall. It is requested that all the de
gree team be present, as there is adop
tion and raising of chiefs; Refreshments
will be served after the meeting.
Clearance ale at Fitt'.
Dress goods sale at Fitt'.
A son was born this morning to Mr
and Mrs. Douglaa M. Barclay of Franklin
Miss Jennie Hidden of Cambridg
Muss., is passing the holidays at her
home on l.lni street.
P. C. Cottle returned yesterday to
his home in Derby, after a short visit
with friends in the city.
Russell Hoyt left to-day for Philadel
phia, Pa., where lie is studying at the
Jt'UVmoii School of Medicine.
James Ciimmings left Saturday night
for Sherbrook, P. I)., where he will pus
New Year's with relatives.
Arthur Larochclle left to-day for .Phil
adelphia, Pu to resume his 'studies ut
the Jefferson Collcgj of Medicine.
Mrs. II. L. CampMI of Maple GroNft
returned Saturday night from a week's
visit in Jlimlwnk and Morrisville.
Miss Etta Nelson returned to her home
in Richmond vesterdav, after a short
visit with relatives in South Barre.
Miss Susan NichoU 'of Richiirdcon
street has returned home, after passing
ten days with relatives in Burlington.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coo Icy of Middle
sex were guests yesterday of Mr. and
Mrs. C. H. Kendrick of Academy street.
Henry C. Camp has returned to his
home in East Randolph, after spending
several davs with relatives in the .'it y.
Daniel Cuiiicrou returned Saturday
night to his home in Milford, N. II., aft
er a week's visit with friends in the city.
Augustus (iiistaveson .who has been
spending a several weeks in Concord,
X. H., returned home Saturday night.
Mrs. J. S. Lilly returned to her home
in Sheldon Junction Saturday, after
passing several davs v,ith friends in the
James Cruicksliank arrived in the city
to-dav from Hardwick for a week's visit
at the home of his parents on lteach
Paul Biani'hi of North Main street
left Saturday night for Boston, where
he will make a short visit wjth rela
tives, j
Dr. W. J. O'Connor, who has been
passing several days at his former home
in Worcester, Mass.. returned to I'.urre
this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kellcy of. Liberty
street, who have been visiting at Bur
lington for several -days, returned to
the city to-day.
George Howe resumed his duties at
motorman on the liar re & Moutpeiier
Traction Co.'s lines yesterday, afU-r a
two weeks' absence.
Mr. and Mrs. Ixmis Bruyer and chil
dren of Maple Grove left this forenoon
for Middlebury, where they will visit
relatives for a few days.
- Thomas Louis of X'orth Adams, Mass.,
arrived in the citv last evening for an
extended visit at the home of his un
cle, Louis Corey, of Prospect strwt.
Harold McMahon of Stowe was a vis
itor in the city to-day, returning this
afternoon with his Cadillac automobile,
which has been overhauled at the Drown
Donald Smith and son, Wendell, re
turned from Woodburv hike this morn
ing, after spending Similar with the
boy scouts in camps there. Six of the
bov scouts attended church services last
night at South Woodbury, where Misa
Ewen is pastor.
Leroy Smith, .who lias been spend
ing several days at his former home in
Barre, went .this forenoon to Burling
ton, where he will tvjoin the Klark-L'r-ban
Stock Co.
Miss Inez Waterman, who has been
passing several days with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Waterman, of up
per Washington street, left this noon
for Orleans, where she is engaged in the
public schools.
At the morning service at the Church
of the Giwd Shepherd yesterday several
of the choir boys were presented silver
medals of artistic design in reward for
faithfulness. The presentations were
made by the rector, Rev. W. J, M. Beat-
Local barber shops affiliated with the
barbers' brotherhood will be open to
morrow evening until 10 o'clock, and
the following day," being New Year's,
all shops will remain closed throughout
the day.
With the snowfall of Friday firmly
packed down, the roads about the city
and on the outskirts offered excellent
opportunity for automobiling yesterday,
and a large number of motorists took
advantage of the sunnv weather br giv
ing their cars a winter try-out. Several
persons .went as far as NorthfielJ and
Waterbury in their machines.
(ioddard seminary w ill be - re-opencd
to-morrow, after the annual Christmas
vacation of ten days.
C. II, Hat!. bmii of Marshlleld was a
business visitor in the city to-day.
Mr. and.Mis. Henry llicka of elN
River were among the week-end visit) n
in the city,
K. I Freeman of lloslon is spending a
few diiy in the city as the guest of
yuincy H. Perry.
Mrs. F. I. Houston returned to North-
field Saturday, after a brief visit in the
city with relatives.
C, II. ilolcomb returned to .Mnlille-
bury last night, after spending a few
days in the city on business.
A. ,1. i kilison. whu is emnlovea iu
n garage at Kutlaml, is spending sev
eral days at his former home in Barre.
John Reriiii of North Main street left
Saturday night for New York, where
he will make a short visit with friends.
Miss Lillian Park of Waterbury is
passing everal days with her grand
mother, Mrs. John Park, of Warren
Constable M. B. Nichols of Richardson
street is able to be of doors, after hav
ing been confined to the house for sev
eral davs.
Mrs. A. If. Webb of Xorthflcld is visit
ing in the city for several days, as the
guest of Dr. and Mrs. I D. Martin of
Avenll street.
Mr. it ii 1 1 Mrs. J. .1. Ball returned this
morning to their home in Burlington,
after passing the week-end with friends
in the city.
Mrs. I la Desquin, w ho has been visit
ing relatives in the city for a few weeks,
left this morning for her home in Ber
lin. X. H.
Walter Milne of Liberty street re
turned last night from Bnxiktield, where
he has been visiting with friends for
a few days.
Mrs. Enrico lialzarini of South Rye
gate arrived in the city Saturday for a
week's visit at the home of B. Abiatti
of Bolster place.
I'. II. Holcomb returned to Middlebury
lust night, after spending several days
with her grandmother, Mrs. John Park
of Warren street.
Guy Vitagliano of North Main street
left Saturday night for Xew York on
Odd Lots, Short Ends, Soiled and
Mussed Goods, Arrange! for Your
Easy Inspection on Center Counters
at from 25 to 50 Per Cent. Discount
n Any Suit, Coat, or odd Fur in our store at one
half price. A 10 per cent, discount on all regular
goods excepting Spool Silk and Cotton, during this
Let us show you.. You will find it pays to trade
, Successor U Veale & Knight. -
your winter underwear, all re
at Yaughan's.
"Pure Graft."
a business trip in the interests of the
Diversi Fruit Co.
Miss Faustina Maker, a nurse at Mary
Fletcher hospital at Burlington, is visit
ing for, a few days at the home of her
parents, 2 Elm street.
L. M. Aiken of Plainlield. who w ill be
remembered as:a former driver of the
Orange stage, is spending a few d:iys
with friends in the citv.
O. W. Boyea of .Maple avenue re
turned to-day from a week's visit with
relatives at Rouses Point, N. Y., and
Montreal. , ;
Paul Bianehi of Summer street left
Saturday night for a ten days' visit to
Massachusetts. Mr. Bianehi will visit
at Boston and Quincy, Mass.
Wesley Hotfrimn of North Main strePt
is taking a week's vacation from his
duties in the manufacturing department
of the George Marrion Cigar atore.
Rosens Melver, who has been visiting
at Burlington for a few days, was a' vis
itor in the city Saturday night, return
ing to his home at Graniteville.
The dance held in the Howland hall
Saturday night under the auspices of the
Woodmen was attended by it couples.
Music for the dance was furnished by
Riley's orchestra.
Joseph Bainbridge, who has been vis
iting at the home of his mother, Mrs.
Jane Bainbridge of liuzzcll place, re
turned to-day to Orange.
Harry Carr, who has been visiting in
the citw as the guest of friends on
Averill street, returned yesterday to his
home at St. Johnsbury.
Misses Effie and Laura Nelson, who
have been passing a week at the home of
Mr. afnd Mrs. VV. H. (ioodfellow of
"Mr. Hapgood is right, all the same.
in the position be took regarding pay 01
pages, sweepers and other employes
about the State House. 1 hat they should
be paid $4 per (lav is what not a single
legislator would Jo in bis private busi
ness and surely should not do in state
matters. The places could be filled many
times over at half the price." Hyde
Park ews and citizen,
It must be said that I la 'good's con
tention, had it come from anybody else,
would have commanded the attention it
deserved. The pay of pages and some
other attaches is pure graft, and is inde
fensible. Rutland News.
FOX 4 EATON, Lessees.
JOHN E. 1IOBAX, Resident Mgr.
MSwlgBJWagjpr'' 1 1
January 2-3-4
Mock Bros.
With Band and Orchestra
King of the Wire
The Modern Hercules
Murdock's Troupe of Trained
Dogs and Prince Darling,
the Educated Pony
Mate and Night
Wednesday, January 1
Our Great
Bargain Giving Sale
On men's, young men's, boys' and children's clothing is still in force. Do
I not miss this great Money Saving Opportunity to supply your clothing wants 8
a prices much below the usual values offered on Suits and Overcoats
22 Black and Blue Suits at less than 1-2 former price.
11 Fancy Suits that have sold at $7.50 and 10.00 now priced at $3.89
28 Fancy Suits that have sold at $10.00 and 12.00 now priced at $6.37
46 Fancy Suits that have sold at $12, 13.50 and 15.00 now priced $7.97
32 Fancy Suits that have sold at $15, 16.50 and 18.80 now priced $9.89
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The Frank McWhorter Company's
S'pnulding stref t, returned to their home
at East Ryecate Saturday.
V. B. Marrion of North Main street
and John larrion of Summer street
went this afternoon to liurlington to
sjiend a few days with friends.
Henry Cattaneo and son, Frank, who
have been visiting as the guests of Guy
Ultilini of Hlaclcwell street, returned last
night to their home at .North Haven,
David Allen, who has been visiting
as the guest of George Murray of fSouth
Alain street for the past week, returned
last evenuig to Jus home at Iberville.
F. Q.
Miss Josie Holden, w ho has been spend
ing a vacation at her home on Klin
street, left yesterday for Maiden, Mass.,
where she is engaged as a teacher in the
citv schools.
The feature picture at the Bijou to
day is one of those old reliables, an I.
M. 1., King, the IJetective, an inter
esting detective story that commands
your attention.
Misses Bernice Frindle and Exther
Duchan, who have been visiting at thir
respective homes in this citv, returned
last night to Waltham. Mass., where
thev are attending the Waltham Train
ing School for Nurses.
George I,Clair, who has been visit
ing at the home of his parents on North
Main street, returned this morning to
Orange, where lie is engaged as chef at
the Downing lumber camp.
Saturday and Sunday's arrivals at the
hotel Otis were as follows: John Laver,
Kut land; F. J. O'Connor, St. Johns, N.
H.; James Clifford and wife, St. Al
bans; l'eter Gonvo, St. Johnsbury; Dan
Curley. Hoston; George Martin, Boston;
S. I Slupor, Hoston.
Mr. and Mrs. John Fraser who have
been visiting in Graniteville for the past
week at the home of the former's par
ents, returned to-day to their home at
Hoston. Mr. Eraser will be remembered
as one of the best baseball pitchers God
dard seminary ever had. Later he twirled
at Holy Cross college.
Barre local of the Socialist party is to
entertain Northfield local in the bstc
ment of the Irt-slteiian church Tu-s-day
evening, Iee. 31, at 7:3. A general
diseuion on the bet methods of rescu
ing the people of this state with Sociai-i-it
propaganda. A social time will also
he enjoyed. Comrade in Harre turn nut
and give the Xttrthficld comrades a zo.l
w ZJf JWr
ILjZ , -r3...J
Band Concert Twice Each Day
in Front of Theatre
Admission 10c, 2(e, 30e. Seats on
sale at Kendrick's . Tuesday, Dec, 31.
Matinee Adults 50c,
" dren, 25c.
Night, 35c, 50c, 75c, $1.00.
On sale Monday, Dec. 30th.
Ow hundred rugs to be sold at auction
at Hale's Specialty Store.
A strong western drama with a thrill
in every foot
Admission Five Cents
Pavilion Theater
A Comedy Bar and Bounding Bed Act It's a Scream
An Electrical Musical Act A Big Novelty
A strong drama, featuring Maurice Cos
HKI.r WANTKO At oo, ttirr mrm.
fr driving tri n for tinrra. oas for rhop
t'int. raud wiim lor good hr-p. Is cphoaa
Ml 'iZ. y.tml, Muuil er. C H. Mrtna.
Two Biograph comedies
News from all the world
Open Afternoons 2.30. Evenings 7. Show Starts 7.15
MRS. BEN. J. TASSIE. Pianist
An Advertisement in the Times
Will Bring Sure Results.
20 end 22 North Main St
Barre, Vermont
T KKX r Trttmnt t 11. M.fll Amir. In
DnMliH toiaiU'f, rT rua na lorr flat.
Not iur nd ecric lihu. kit on itilr.
or call ea E. U Smnth. -I Strcu t4Mf
traa wamaq villi a itnj fr rear old wnald
lika a ft .od pl -a ta 4a konwimk mdrnt !
M'. A.nt l.r. B. w. v.. Koala a, Barre. Vt.
lO rT twm larga 'rt mom wira all ;
I "r l. Vuut Jiaaarv Irr. Mr. L. M :
m I if mil, Hilllo itr, o( riri(a Ki.
H ruK SAl.F. lO KfST Taa KenvruMi
It j aoaa a. htera Ami V in aat roc Ka
;tbaa a -r oflat lrra, oa ar j
S tarai. or will rc for a roar or mm to da.u- -
' furry, laoaira of taa IX A. 1'rrry aa
ka;ato Aar, tuu
Have you heard of .
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PI-&3 North Main St.
Tel 43. W

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