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1L JO. JDi
VOL. XVI-NO. 249.
Democrats Begin
Downward Revision
Castro Ready to Abide By Orders of
Federal Court.
cw York. Jim. tl. Gen. Cipriano Cas-
ormer president of Venezuela, who
lias boon detained at Kllis island Hince
his arrival here last Tuesday, is willing
to give bond that ho will obey the or-
,!..ri tt a fmli.i'.il rtiirt uhil.i viuii-ttin'
tfy . I m, vii.xmi ..'.. ......... ...........
' Ixieir the United States, according to un alllda-
vit which he niir'nti yesterday. This
alllduvit will be presented to the fed
eral court to-day at the hearing of hi
writ of habeas corpus demanding that
the immigration authorities show cause
why he should not be permitted to enter
the country as a tourist. It has wt
been determined, bo far as could be
learned, whether General ('astro would
be permitted to appear in person at
the hearing.
In his sworn statement, (ieiienil las
tro sa,s that no reason was given by the
immigration officials for his detention
ttt - tT t.,M(J He told of his examination by the immi.
JlUUbC , Vdp Uiu jucaiio ratioD Mmcial and declared that he
did not believe that he was obliged to
answer questions put to him regarding
public affairs of V ejiezuela.
' 1
Said W. S. Carter of Rail-
road Firemen Before
Committee Plans to Take
. Up All Schedules
Washington, D. C, Jan. 6. The Demo- York, Me., Officers Say that Two Men
eratic revision tariff actually got under s ' Have Confessed,
way to-day, when the House ways and -York, Me., Jan. 0. In the arrest yes
means committee began a hearing which terday of Charles Bowdy and Arthur
will be the basis of a new tariff bill Payne on charges of breaking and eu
... . . . .1 tering, York county officials declare they
of the next Congress to repeal the havaken fist t to brt.ak
Payne-Aid rich law. To-days hearing the gang wllit.h has Men looting sum
wag on the chemical schedule. mer cottages here and in surrounding
The committee plans to go down towns. Howdy and Payne have con
through the list, taking a new schedule fessed, the police wy, to compliticy in
very other day until all have been most of the eight breaks which have oc
eovered. Most of the Democratic ma- '"Ted within the past several months,
jority of the present ways and means Property valued at 2,iHK has been stolen
committee will go into the next Con- these breaks.
rau n,. iho tariff liearinff are Howdy and Payne were arrested on
ended, the Democratic-members of the the .specific charge of breaking and en
committee will devote themselves in the summer residence of Sirs. S.
their daily executive sessions to the s- Allm of "ton, and among a lot of
formulation of tentative tariff legisla- property which the police found edi
tion, which they hope to have ready by W m a sofa and mattresses At
March 15 Bowdrys home was much of the prop
While the Democratic tariff is to be a,n. f!'0m , Mr?' A11," '"!me
based on the revenue needed to run the Mr. Aliens loss has been estimated at
government, it fully is understood that 'J?1, ,, , ,lr , ,
,hl,l H imn imnnrtmif Ormer Gov. J-Milk . RolllllS of New
American inlustries will be taken into Hampshire is among others who have
consideration in reducing any of the repoiieo. u.cir summer nones to nave
nra.nni nrnnf Va r liH Vflfay A lOV I r I vncil auw CSI1U. luu'tw.
General Adjustment Com
mittee of the Union Met
Railroad Committee
. mately one-third of the government a in
come, about $3H0,0OO,0OO, is received
from tlie tariff, but in many of the
schedules,, the Democratic plans for re
dnction in rates would result in an in
crease of revenue, because of the increase
of imports that would follow
Xew York, Jan. 0. The general ad
justment committee of 32, representing
firemen on the eastern railroads, gath
ered to-day for a conference with a
committee appointed by the railroads to
consider the firemen's demands.
W. S. Carter, grand chief of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and
Knginemen, who heads the delegation,
to-day reiterated his hopes of a peace
ful settlement and said he believed the
chances were strongly in favor of one.
The last conference was held two weeks
ago, when the firemen submitted de.
mands which were modified for the sec
ond time.
Foxboro, Mass., Baptist Church Heard
Him December 8.
Foxboro. Mass., Jan. 6. The Baptist
church voted to-day to extend a call
to Rev. J. W. Chesbo of Randolph, Vt.,
to become pastor. Rev. Mr. Chesbro was
heard in the local pulpit on the morning
and evening of IJec. . as a candidate,
He was well liked.
I r . i. . i 1 l I . i
whs. "Fill-Inch ft nirfltii MonA f jltlrsaaiAna I '
m..w j vt f t) f three rears nn,l h.
at Peace Conference in London ' fore beginning his present duties had
Tn dir I pastorate in South Paris, Me., for five
. years. He is a native of Western Massa
London. .Tan. ft.-Thtt Balkan and ciiusetts.
Turkish nleninotontiaries "met aiain in Kev. J. n. Wyman, who is now . In
,i.e,. eonferencB at. four o'clock this aft- Pnmarisootta, Me., resigned the pas
lernoon, Mojan Xovakovitch, t'w chief torate of the Foxborq JJaptist church
: Servian envoy, presiding. The 'confer-.! " J-xm-muer ana sne resignaiivn iook
fence lasted exactly an hour, during effect Dec. 1
i which the Turkish envoys ottered to
imake further concessions, which were NOTED ASTRONOMER DEAD,
i considered by the Balkan plenipoten
a: i. i . a 1. I TN t : r..ji ttt tt r a
inat tes as sijiuciciii. pievviiL inc i ifr, jcwib owiii was oesi &nown in
Garment Workers' Strike in New York;
Crush at a Mass Meeting.
New York, Jan. .6. In the rush of
more than a thousand men and women
in an attempt to enter the Hippodrome
theatre vesterdav to attend a mass
meeting of the International Ladies1
(iarment workers, several women were
thrown from their feet and slightly in
hired. About six thousend persons
were in the hall when the doors were
ordered closed after the crowd had dam
aged the entrances by breaking glasa
in the doors. When a report reached
the outside that there were a thousand
vacant seats in the hall the rush at
the entrances followed and for a time
the police were powerless.
Speakers at the Hippodrome meeting
and an overflow meeting a lew blocks
away- declared in favor of the women
joining the tailors' strike which has been
in progress a week, and which has in
volved, according to the strike leaders,
more thair 00,tXKi workers. '. A strike
vote will be taken early this week.
Woman Accused of Child Murder Visit
ed By Several Relatives and She
Retains Calmness.
St. Albans, Jan. fl.- Mrs. Julius Wells,
accused of the murder of her two young
est children, has received many visitors
at the county jail, among them her hus
band, an eldest son and daughter, her
father, Knos 1-adtie, of Milton, her sis
ter, Mrs. (ienrge Bombard, and an uncle
and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Billings of Fair-
Mr. Wells advances a theory to the
effect that the children might have pro
cured the poison accidentally in the food
and says that at the tune of their death
in December he had asked a physician
if rats could carry poison to vegetables
in the cellar.
Mrs. Bombard, Mrs. Wells' sister,
said to a rejiortcr yesterday that a lit
tle while before Christinas Mr. and Mrs.
Wells were at her home and that when
Mrs. Wells was out of the room Mr. '
Wells had told her stories were current
in Swanton that his wife had poisoned
the children, adding that he was afraid
she had and that, if no, it was the re
sult of sickness and an unbalanced men
tal condition.
Mrs. Wells' father, Enos Ladue, said
that a few years ago wheu the Wells
family lived in Milton, Mr. Wells eamo
to his house, leaving Mrs. Wells nt home.
Mrs. Ladue went to the Wells house
about ten minutes after and could not
find Mrs. Wells. It was sometime be
fore she could be located, but was final
ly found in the field, apparently .-dazed
and very much frightened. It took a
physician some time to arouse her. She
had frequently acted queerly and some
times would run into a corner and throw
her apron over her head. Mr. Ladue said
that he was a poor man, but that he
was going to do what he could for his
daughter. j
Mrs, Hells remains calm and denied
the truth of the charge. Her mother
has been too nyieh overcome by her
daughter's trouble to come here, but is
expected to-day.
Mrs. Martha Galvin Burned
to Death at West
After Strenuous Efforts to Clear Wil
liamatown Line of Wreckage,
The engine and tender of train No. "2,
which sagged into a ditch on the Wil
liiimstown branch of the Central Ver
mont railroad near South Burre early
Saturday morning, was returned to tin;
irons at 4:."!0 o'clock yesterday aft. Than Half RuSlneS
noon along with two freight cars w' V , , C XldU -UUbintSS
were derailed when a fortv-foot 0' i
Failing in That He Took His
Small Son from the
$10,000 COW SUIT.
Mrs. Fannie D. Erbardt of Boston and
Berlin the Defendant.
threatened rupture.
I John A. Shepard of Bangor, Me.,
tended to Make Sure.
Binghamton, A. Y., Jan. 6. Dr. Lewis
Swift, Americas greatest astronomer,
jn. I died at fl o'clock Sunday morning at his
home in .Marathon, never recovering con
sciousness following a stroke of naraly
ti . i a r..i. a 1 1 ..;.. : 1 -jn... v .... .t .. .. ri-1, .
I JJHIIlIOIf UUIl. . U( IHIll J. f5JIC.l- HIS BUOl.lllCU ... C X Tfll O UHV. X UC I If
ard, aged 21, drank an ounce of poiton neral will bo held to-morrow and the
'at his home in Hampden last night and body will Be laid to rest in the village
'died almost immediately. He had been cemetery.
!ill and out of work, and killed himself Dr. Swift was a fellow of the Royal
I in a fit of despondency. Last summer Astronomical society of Kngland ana also
Shepard drank acid with suicidal intent, of Canada, received three gold medals
'but on that occasion his life was saved, from the Austrian Academy of Sciences
lAfter swallowing the noison last nie'it at Vienna, for discoveries, the greatest
He informed his wile, saving: : numoer ever given w any one man, ana
"I have taken enough to do the trick a'" received the Lalande silver medal
'this time." and 540 francs from France for the most
Sheoard came from St. John. . H.. I rapid discovery of comets ever made.
about a year ago and had worked in the r- Swift was born in Clarkston. Monroe
sawmills and in the woods. county, X. Y., February 20, 1820. Dr.
Swift was the acknowledged discoverer
of over 300 nebulie, or "little worlds,"
and of lo comets.
$1 suit cases at Lamorey Clothing Co.,
$2..fN. See our window.
Olga Ingemanson is dangerously ill at
;1he home of OBcar Borgh on North Main
Clarence Barrows returned Saturday
to his home in Burlington, after passing
a few days with friends in the city.
F, H. Bartlett of Spaulding street
returned to-day from South Ryegate,
.where he has been visiting with friends
for the past few days
Miss Murdena Smith of FZast street
returned Saturday night from Montreal,
where she has been visiting with rela
tives for the past few weeks.
Miss Lillian Park, who has been pass
ing a week with her grandmother, Mrs.
lohn Park, of Warren street, returned
Saturday to her home in Waterbury.
Members of the ladies auxiliary. A,
O. H., are requested to send their due
books to the financial secretary on or
before Jan. n, tor the semi-annual audit.
F.rnest Thompson, who has been em
ployed as a trap drummer at the Pa
vilion theatre, has joined the Murdock
Bros, theatrical company, leaving last
night for Bethel.
The young people of east hill will
give a dance in East Barre opera house
nail ,lan. IB. hverybody invited, l-adies
bring lunch boxes. Iroceeds to be given
east hill grange. Full bill, 75c per cou
ple, (iautliier's orchestra.
"The Employers' Liability" A much
agitated question wherever the flag of
labor flies, and a subject that has been
givwi considerable space and has been
bashed oer in the columns of news
papers and periodicals through the coun
try. An I. M. P. photoplay at the Bijou.
Kev. Ir. W. A. Davidson, of Buning
'n. field secrrtary of the state Baptist
convention, spoke before a large con
gregation in the Italian Baptist m;sion
on Brook street Sun lay afternoon. He
nss asitl in the services by Rev. (J.
H. Holt, pastor of the First Baptist
STetary Charles II. Wishart of the
Barre (iranite Manufa-turer -ori-lion
exiHH-t to leave Wednesday night
n a trip of Several weks through th
Therefore John Rubeor of Vergennes
Committed Suicide.
Vergennes. Jan. 6. The lifelesa body
of John Rubeor, a resident of this place
and 54 years old, was found Saturday
at his rooms at the Xorton house by
Charles Norton, Rolieor had a bul
let wound in his head and in his
right hand wa a 32 calibre revolver
with one chamber emptv. The authori
ties pronounced the case a suicide.
Kubeor, who had parted from his wife.
attempted unsuccessfully Friday to ef
fect a reconciliation, and it is believed
that he decided then to kill himself. He
was reported to have been drinkinz
heavily of late.
A son. (Jeorge. of Pittfield, Mass., and
a daughter in Waterbury survive.
Mellen and Chamberlain Get More Time
in Which to Change Their Minds
in Anti-Trust Suits.
Xew York, Jan. 6. The time limit
in which President Mellen of the Xew
Haven system and President Chamber
lain of the Grand Trunk system could
change their pleas of not guilty, follow
ing their indictment tor alleged violation
of the Sherman anti-trust law in connec
tion with an alleged monopoly of the
traffic, agreement in Xew Kngland, was
to-day extended one week. Counsel for
the railway presidents said in court this
morning that he had not had enough
time to study the case and determine
whether he wished to make any pre
liminary motion.
Rutland, Jan. 0. John Logan, large
in spirit but small in body, tried iinsue
eessfully early Sunday morning to sate
his mother-in-law, .Mrs. .Martha (ialvii
bedridden wijh a fractured leg and
physically robust, from burning to death.
Following the explosion of a lamp at
2:30 o'clock, Mrs. Ualvin, vearly !)0
years, was enveloped in flames. 1 he
son-in-law, sleeping downstairs, heard a
piercing cry of fright. He hurried to
the room of Mrs. Calvin.
The broken lamp had saturated the
bed clothing with oil and the woman
was visible only through many cnrlin,
tongues of fire, Logan, risking his own
lite, attempted to lift the woman trom
the bed. In fright she clasped the sides
of the bed and Logan was unable t move
Nearly smothered and with hands and
face burned, Logan assisted the only
other occupant of the house, his small
son, from the burning building. A few
minutes later the frame structure fell
in a shower of sparks, and the body of
thp agi woman was buried in it ruins.
The house was located on the Claren
don road, south of West Rutland. Mrs.
(ialvin was a native of Ireland and had
Rutland. Jan. 0. -A suit was filed !
Saturday with County Clerk H. A. liar-j lived in West Rutland for many years,
man of this city in which 1. X. Chase of
Brandon and Arthur A. Beeman of Nor
wich. Conn., are attempting to recover
$10,000 from .Mrs. Fannie D. Erbardt of
Boston in an action in as&umpait. The
case involves a cow,
Mrs. Erhardt has a large stock farm
at Berlin and the plaintiffs have a farm
in Brandon. In l'.'ll Cbasf & Beeman
bought of the defendant a thoroughbred
Ayrshire cow known as "Daltlbble Tibbie
3rd." They paid $723 for the animal-and
claimed that they received assurance
that she was sound. The allegation is
that the cow turned out to be tubercular
and infected their herd o that-II other
valuable animals had to he killed.
The case -has been jn Rutland county
court before, an a' tion seing la-ought
for false warranty, - It was decided at
that time to transfer the ease to the
United States district court where Fed
eral Judge, James L. Martin of Brattle-
boro decided that the plaintiffs did not
make out a case under their declaration
and ordered a verdict for the defendant.
For this reason the Brandon stock men
bring the. case under a new form of
She is survived by a son, Henry Fee of
M.H-hanicsvilIe, X. Y.
Mr. Igan ami John Wetmorc, who
lived in the house, lost all their house
hold good and personal effects. The
building was insured.
oi the track, undermined by lue . .
rains of the day before, gave way if:, ,.i j
the weight of the train. All day Satur
day, through a part of the night and
dining the day Sunday, a wrecking crew
from St. Albans worked busily in clear
ing the way for tht resumption of traf
fic over the line.
One of the freight cars was found to
lie so badly damaged that it was taken
to the repair shops in St. Albans. The
locomotive and tender were placed on
Hat cars and hauled to the shops where
they will he thoroughly renovated dur
ing the next month. Railroad men who
viewed the wreckage were unwilling to
make any estimate on the damage done
to the rolling stock, although it is clear
that a large sum of money will be neces
sary to put the engine into commission
Traffic over the branch was resumed
lust night and to-day the regular trains
made the trip as usual. A yard engine
has been pressed into service, and until
other arrangements are made, it will do
double duly in handling traffic on Wil-
Iianistown branch and the regular runs
to Montpelier Junction and back.
At the City hospital this forenoon it
was stated that the condition of Tony
Tapandie, the young fireman, who was
scalded by escaping steam -in the wreck,
was steadily improving. He expects to
leave the hospital within a few days.
Tapandie's burns were thought to be
serious at first and he was rushed to
this city on a special train at 7 o'clock
Saturday morning. Afterwards it de
veloped that the burns about the face,
neck and arms were only superficial and
physicians told the victim that his con
finement would be short. Tapandie is
twenty-three and came to Barre from
of the Session
Vermont Legislators to Re
sume Session
Alonso Pinkham Used It to Club Fight
ing Dogs and Was Killed.
Bangor, Me., Jan. . Alonzo Pink
ham, aged IS, of Fast Newport, was shot
in the abdomen by the accidental dis
charge of his own shotgun while hunting
rabbits yesterday lorenoon. and died at
9 o'clock last night in the Eastern
Maine (ieneral hospital here. Pinkham's
dogs got into a fight and while he was
clubbing them with the gun, the weapon
was discharged.
For Farm Fire in Hinesburg Last Friday
- Hinesburg. Jan. 0. The homo of
Henry Terrill, owned bv Frank Jackson,
together with the barn, was burned to
the ground lriday night. The family
had retired and the fire in the barn wa
well under way when discovered, and 1
cattle and two hogs were burned before
the alarm was given. A new gasoline
engine owned jointly bv Mr. i'errill an
Elmer Irish was also burned, though
fortunatylv it had. la-en insured within
week. The cause of the fire is not
known, but it is thought that the barn
was struck by lightning, as there ha
been several sharp flashes during the
evening. J he loss is partly covered nv
insurance. The household goods were
mostly saved and with the aid of tire
fire engine, the barn across the street
was saved. The family went to the
home of Arthur ilyette until further
arrangements can be made.
Michael Colleran, Aged it. Wasn't Care
ful Enough and Fell to Death.
Boston. Jan. . While doing stunts on
the roof of three-story tenement house
on Columbus avenue. Roxbiiry, Michael
Colleran. aged 12. fell sixty feet to his
death yesterday. Michael as trying to
jump from one roof to another over an
alley six fret wide and failni. Two
other boys ucvefully made the leap
before Colleran. WImh he ftni. k the'
ground he barely grazed his 12-year-old
t:i !dlle wr-t in the interests of hi-or-!
ramation. visiting during that time J friend. W ill am Ilcr.
the tate convent urns of tfce ri-tt 1 1 gran
ite dealers in Indiana. II!mot. Xchrai
ka and Prnn-ylvaiiia. an ell a attend
ing to matters of lui-incs for the Bjrre
m-ih iat iva mcniN rs.
Her Husband Reported As Among Ti
tanic's Missing.
Denver, Jan. 6. Not knowing that
her husband, whom she had not seen for
five years, wss one of the victims of the
Titanic disaster, Mrs. Mary R-ppey, of
IVnver. was granted a divorce i-riday
Yesterday she learned his fate through
a ew lork attorney. v . II. Simpson.
a friend of her husband's ho wrote
that Kippey had gone to London, and
later sailed for New York under the
name of Charles Tail and had not been
reported among the rescued when the
Titanic went down.
Fourth Broke Away and Escaped ia Chi
cago Yesterday.
Chicago. Jan. t. Detectives searching
for the automobile bandits, who have of
lat bern very iitup, vesterday cap
tured three men from Detroit. Mich..
whom thev acru-e of being members of
the gang. A fourth man. alo from De
troit, overpowered the detective who had
him in custody, and rwaped.
Alfre-i roller and J. .!. Burn, win
have ln ising tea days w,th friends
tii rtty. left lst night ft I'nc.r
bom in Redstone. X. II.
At Secret Inquiry Relating to Jewelry
Theft It Is Thought.
Rutland, Pan. fl. There was an in
quiry before Judge Edwin Horton of
Chittenden at the county courthouse in
this city Saturday afternoon relative
o the case of Arthur 1 oirer and ueorgo
Hooper, the alleged detectives and bur
glars, who are now in Chittenden county
jail. J hese are tne two men wno es
tablished an otlice in this city and,
while parading under tlie guise of detee
fives, are said to have broken into the j
Proctor and Fair Haven railway stations
and committed other similar olfenses in
this vicinity.
The Rutland county authorities have
heretofore had little to do With the
prosecutions of these men other than to
identify them for ' the Burlington offi
cers. The inquiry was conducted by
State's Attorney B. L. Stafford. There
was only one witness, a young woman,
said to be a sister of one of the respond
ents. It is supposed that the purpose
of the hearing was to recover stolen jew
ed ly.
John Grady Died To-day at His Home
on Central Street.
The death of John Orady occurred at
his home on 9 Central street this" fore
noon at 11 o'clock, following a year's
illness of .tuberculosis.. -Mr uradv wa
a pioneer among the stonecutters' oi
Barre and hi death removes one of the
oldest members of the granite cutter
union'."" We was actively engaged at his
trade until some twelve months ago
when be was stricken with the disease
that ended fatally. ,. Mr. Gradv endured
his suffering wth a remarkable degree
of patience to the last.
Besides his ife, he leaves his mother
Mrs. Mary ir.ly, of Xorthlield, and
three - children, Francis tfrady, Irene
(rady and .Madeline Grady, all of whom
live at home, i wo sisters, Mrs. William
Laylor of Cbiremont. X. II., and Mis.
Joseph Lambert of Hardwick, and two
brothers, lliomas liradv of Northfield
and Michael tirady of Worcester, Mass.,
al survive.
Mr. (irady was born in Xorwich, July
2ti, 1H58 and had lived in Barre thirty-
two years. He was married in this city
July 10. 18(H), -to Miss Rose Marrion
In his fraternal life he was a member
of Barre Council, Xo. 401, Knights of
Columbus, JJivision. .No. 1. Ancient Order
.if Hibernians, and St. John court, Xo.
51;, Catholic Order of Foresters, lie
also lielonged to St. Monica's churvh.
Funeral services will be held at St.
Monica's church Wednesday morning it
f) o'clock, the acting pastor, Rev. A. C.
GritTin. officiating. The burial will take
place in the Catholic cemetery on Beck
ley street. Friends are requested not to
send flower.
Mrs. Charles Smith, Aged 76, Born in
Against Henry Coloumbe, Who Is Placed
Under $500 Ball
On a warrant issued by State's Attor
ney J. ard 1 arver. Officer George K.
Carle went to the Hcbert & Ladrie Co.'s
shed on Second street this forenoon and
arrested young Henry Coloumbe on a
statutory charge. When arraigned be
fore acting Judge A. A. Sargent in city
court this afternoon at 1:20 o'clock, the
Formed in St. Monica's Church Yester.
day Its Purpose Outlined.
Yesterday afternoon a Holy Xame So
ciety was instituted at the St. Monica's
Sunday school and the membership o
the society was extended to the members
of the classes. These societies, which
re instituted for the purpose of abol
ishing the disrespectful use of the name
the Holy father, are scattered
throughout the land wherever Catholi
ism is found. Rev. A. I . Wrimn, in urc
ing the establishment of the society,, as
serted that the c)ty of Barre was pecul-
lrarly addicted to tlie habit and, in
words of Koliert Stephenson, termed
such people verbal paupers, who were
compelled to abide by such speech 111
order to express themselves empliatical
ly. He saiil that it was the duty of ad
herents of the oeiety not only to make
efforts to thwart and counteract this at
titude of disrespect for the Holy Xame
but to spread the spirit of respect to
their companions.
At the parish mass yesterday the act
inf pastor. Rev. A. C. drifting, announced
that tbe 0 o clock mass would he dis
continued until further notice. The at
tendance during the past few months at
this mass had bfen slight and in the
opinion of the bishop of the diocese did
not warrant its continuance.
The announcement was made at the
parish mass also that a dramatic club
had been organized among the pans-h-
ioners of the church under the name of
St. Monica's Dramatic club and at in
tervals productions would be presented
bv the, club to assist in defraying the
debt of the parish. The first presenta
tion of the club will be during the week
of January 19 at the Barre opera house.
Jan. O.-Mrs. Charts ro' . -in-a.eu exa. nmaiion inrougr.
ins aiujriiey, mciiara noar, ami was
river road Saturday, after a week's ! bo,,"l 7-" J "1le"i ' thiMH,r,h, t"rm
serious .illness. She was born in Dux-I'" V "T l-n, , . 1 T ' I . ' .7
bury. 70 years ago. the daughter of Mr.!?"1 n'1 """"'f presently
, ., . , ... , . 1 dcs if 11 iu im- oii!y ncmu mis mr neturuy.
and Mrs. John Davis. She is survived by l,, . ..,. , ,-. 1 ,.,... " . .."
h,.r l,..l.n,I .ml two danrhter Mr. It.
The Barre Steam Acquires the Granite
City To-day.
An important business transaction
was affected this morning when Mrs.
1. A. Houghton, owner of the Barre
team Lanudrv, purchased from John R.
Tierney the Granite City Laundry
which has Conducted business in i
the Worthen building for somej
time sast. The purchase incldued the
entire plant of Granite City Laundry,
which, when established three years
I ago, was installed with the most modern
laundry appliances. Mrs. Houghton
will soon remove portions of the ma
chinery from the laundry on Keith av
enue to replace some of the machines
in the Barre Steam Laundry. Mrs.
Houghton reports she is undecided as
to whether she will operate the new pur
chase with the machinery remaining.
The Barre Steam laundry at present
employs about fifteen bands. Mr. Tier-
State House, Jan, fl.
Stale officials and memliers of the leg
islature returned to-day for the conven
ing of the legislature after the holiday's
recess and the first session will be held
this evening. Tlicy found that about
half the bills intmluccd had been dis
posed of, but that many of the most
important measures still remained for
consideration. There are 'J.ii bills now
before the legislature, and this number
is likely to be increased to 400.
Among some of the more important
measures to be taken up are the follow
ing: Taxation, primary elections, pub
licity of campaign expenses, employers'
liability, amendments to state and fed
eral constitutions, regulatb-n of hours
of labor anil other labor legislation, inn
keepers' license, appropriations to vari
ous state institutions, election details,
supervision of investment companies, in
terchangeable mileage books, regulation
of sale, and distribution of electric en
ergy, construction of storage reservoirs
for water power.
The proposed enlargement of the State
House, which the special committee lias
been investigating during the holiday
recess, is likely to come liefore the leg
islature within a short time as the com
mittee is ready to report," having vis
ited the addition to the state capital in
New Hampshire and having had the ar
chitect of that in Montpelier consider
ing the Vermont problem.
It is thought that the special commit
tee will recommend additions to the
present structure instead of a new struc
ture. What is known as the "Randall
plan" proposes to build an addition on
each side of the main structure, the front,
of each wing in harmony with the front
of the present building but without por
tico, x he present building is of Barre
granite and it is expected that the ma
terial can be duplicated for the additions.
Making these additions would add SO
feet at each end of tlie .building, which
iri itself Would be a considerable increase
of the accommodations. Such further
room a might lie .required could bt se
cured by building the second story back
on to the hill in the rear, as the pres
ent office of the speaker and clerks was
constructed. The opportunity for bui'd-
ing in that direction is fully commen
surate with any needs of the state gov
eminent for 50 years.
ihe state library can be given all the
room it will require and enabled to pro
vide a better reading and reference room
than it now has. The historical society
an lie given space in which to display
its valuable treasures. Quarters can ha
provided for the lieutenant-governor,
who now has no place except his rostrum
in the Senate chamber, the rooms for
the chief executive can be improved and
plenty of committee rooms can be se
cured, the committee has gone over
this matter very carefully, with the ar
chitect, members of the state govern
ment and others, and has also prated
by the experience of most of its mem- '
hers, who have previously seen and felt
the need of better and more ample ac
But Chittenden County Legislators Want
to Retain Offset Feature.
Burlington, Jan. (1. At a meeting of
Chittenden county members of the Ver
mont legislature, held Saturday at tlirt
county court house in this city to dis
cuss taxatioii measures, it was voted to
be the sense of tlie meeting that the
Senate should pass the Hons? flat rate
bill, as it is, retaining the offsets. It
was pointed out that this action was in
no way binding on the members but
simply was an expression of opinion.
The vote was taken on the suggestion
of C. J. Russell, who argued firmly tint
ney, who is retiring from the laundry (a lull retaining the onsets wa the only
business, lias not jet laid plans for thej bill tlwt, in his opinion, could be passed
T. Crossett and Mrs. Richard Davis, one
brother, John Davis of Waterbury Cen
ter; also three grandchildren.
The funeral will lie held Tuesday aft
ernoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. B. J. Parker of
Was Bora ia Orange.
Mamhrster, N. IL. Jan. 6. Maria A.
Vittnn, wife of Dh,k1 A. Vittun. an etu
oViye of the Man liester pootortioe. d-e-J
vet-rlay. agnl .V, years. Mm. it tun
was a rative at tTange. t- and came i-arrntM
to Mamhcter U reside 14 yews ago. know a.
Mrs. Fannie K. Bradlee Died Yesterday
in Burlington.
Burlington. Jan. fl. Mrs. Fannie King
Bradlee died vesterday afternoon at two
o'clock at her bme at 11.1 College utreet
after a long illness. She was lsrn in
Montpelier. the daughter of Harvev King
and Jane Lvman. She is survived bv a
laughter, Aliss Fannie K. Bradlee, f.f
this city, a son. Harvey Bra lice, of
Spokane, V.h., and a sMer, Mrs. Jen
nie K. Hoyt. of this city.
The funeral will tie held Tuesil.1v
morning at :4. o'clock at the chapel
of St. Paul's church, of which Mrs.
Bradlee was a niemlier. and the inter
ment will be made in Montpelier.
Barn of Edward trans, Wecdstock.
Burns with Loss of Sl,00.
Woodto-k, Jan. . Calve, pig. hns.
farming tor -Is an) 40 ton of hay were
e-trovrd bv fire late rn.lsv night.
when the Lara of F-dward F.vsn. on the
Pom fret road, was burned with a loo of
ahout coverrd by insurance to
the extent of only "). Tbe blae ap-
:arli-j in the !, raue uu-
sented the state.
The offense for which young Coloumbe
was arrestet! is said to be of a grave
nature. The state alleges that it was
committed in a stoncshed near Railroad
street on New Year's night. The statute
fixes the maximum penalty at 20 years
in the state prison at Windsor, or a fine
of $.2i"S), or both the fine and sentence.
Coloumbe told the court that he was
born in Champlain, N. Y.. 21 years ago.
He is employed as a lumper at the lie
bert A Ladrie plant and makes Ins home
on Granite strevt
By Granite Savings Bank at Annual
Meeting To-day.
The annual meeting of the Granite
Saving Bank & Truot company was
held at the banking parlors in the
Campbell building this forenoon at 10
o'clock. In addition to the routine
business tram-acted, the old board of di
rectors and officers was elected to serve.
the latter being as follows: IVesident,
.lohn Trow; vice-preident, H. (). Worth-
Jen; treasurer, 11. .. nonirnn. I be
direr-tors are J.rhn Trow. II. o. Worthen,
Charles L. Currier. Will A. Whitcomb
and Frank F. Cave.
Legislative Committee Meeting.
A meeting of the joint legislative
committee will be held in tlie granite
nitr-r' room. Scampini block, at "
o'rlor-k. Buiiw inortant. Jam.-
Cniiik(ank, chairman. Ale. IronskV,
St. Jean Baptiste Society Gave Philip
Lemay a Gold Watch.
at this time. The motion that it should
lie the scne of the meeting that the bill
lie passed retaining the offsets was ma la
bv Perry Miles.
The K. of C hall was the scene of I- dj h MUsion Had an important
a Jollv party Saturday evening when I ........
The opening service of the Swedish
mission was held in the Italian Baptist
j church on Brook street at 3 o'clock yes
terday afternoon. A very large mini
Iter were in attendance, extra seats being
nccrary for aivommnclation. Dr W.
A. Davi-on of Burlington delivered a
the St. Jean the Baptixte society ten
dered a reception to their president,
Philip Lemay. who has filled the office
very acceptably for four years. Mr.
Lemay was. presented a handsome gold
watch as a token of appreciation.
Dancing, for which Gilticrtson's or
chestra furnished music, was the thief
attraction of the evening, and about VMt t stirring addre. which was enjoved by
couples took part. Later, refreshments j all. Rev. (J. H. Holt of the Baptit
were served by the committee 111 chaige, j church spoke on the good relation of the
loseiih Ladrie. Clifford Gamache, Philip
Beau lieu and Henry Hebert.
Verdict for f 134.52 Awarded to Byron
mission with the Baptist church. The
Baptist choir gave three pleasing selec
tion during tlie meeting.
Was Held Yesterday Afternoon with In
terment at Hope Cemetery.
The funeral of Alfredo Sirn'ni. whoa
death occurred at hi home, fl Rolst-T
WoorNtix k. Jan. fl. In Windsor coun
ty court Saturday the jury returned a
verdict of I3.A damages tn Byron
II . , ' . . . L. . , t 1 I
. , , , , 11 .1 i place, carlv Saturdav morning, wa held
for damacpi caused bv dig. lUtliorn1' ., , ". . ..,,' 1... . ft...., .
claimed 34 sheep and lambs killed i ; Jhp Vw
five mjured. but t te.tit.ed , A,,i)tfi ,fauM om r,r;
to le than which thev aw. The 1 ,. , . , .-. .- ii. 1
V9IMHlln M IF- I l.lll II" .-...III,.,.. -.
nunil-r of floral tribute hanked the
ca-kct. Interment was made in II pe
seler-tmen allowed for 14 and failed to
return certicates for them.
The regular buine meeting of the
ad " aid will be held at the home of
Weather Forecast.
Snow or rain, probably mw. to-r.igt
Mr. Kdwin Kvans Wedno-Mlay, .Unitary and Tur-dv ; colder Tuesday in ei-
K at 2 p. ra.
nont; variable winds.

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