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Some Attractive Values at Perry's
For Saturday
This is our regular $1.00 quality. For Saturday we
offer this lot for 79c per pair. Black, Tan, Brown and
Gray. Better secure a pair. Not a big lot at this price.
A $1.00 Glove for 79c per pair on Saturday.
The extra large size and attractive patterns make
this Curtain worthy of your attention. Forty pairs Lace
Curtains, 45 inches wide, three yards long, in pure White
or Ecru, in several pretty patterns. One of the best val
ues in Curtains we ever offered. In fact, a regular $1.25
value. We shall sell these Curtains on Saturday for 89c
per pair. Look for these Curtains in our window.
(All Pure Linen)
Several Saturdays ago we sold a lot of this Crash
This is a regular 15c quality ; is 17 inches wide, in an extra
good quality. For Saturday, only 12 Y2c per yard.
75 North Main Street Barre, Vermont
This season's Papers are far in advance of any
. 1 J J . TV 1 A If
previous snowing in artistic enects, uia it ever occur
to you why some rooms look more pleasant to you
than others, and that this is due to the coloring and
design of the Wall Paper?
The wall covering is the background of the room
decoration ; if it be cold in color, the room will appear
H cold; if the design fails in ornamental harmony, it
will offend your eye and you will feel discontented
with the surroundings. Perhaps we can help you in
the selection of your color schemes at least we ask fi
you for your inspection of our various lines.
The only Ambulance in the city used exclusively for sick cases and acci
dent cases. Telephone 87-11.
lav, ::s::::n:n:u:i::nnu::::n::u:fK:n :
FOOTWEAR, to be wholly satisfactory, must be
genuinely stylish. Advanced style is draughted into
evry pair of the
Virginia Temple Shoe
for women. Original lasts and patterns, which appeal
to careful dressers, keep the Virginia Temple Shoe
in the forefront.
Our Easter line is complete.
We repair Shoes and Rubbers.
Aldrich Building, Barre, Vt.
u " 1
A new shipment of Step Ladders just received
enables us to offer some interesting prices and a qual
ity that will stand the test required from users of
same. When purchasing a Ladder of any kind, the
first point to consider is its saf ety. Better pay a little
more than to endanger your life by using poorly con
structed Ladders.
Is Called to Display in Our Window
We ask you to compare quality, prices and con
struction, which is a square business proposition in
every walk of life.
Kaster cou.t At Vuughan'i.
Exhibition suits a mi cottts at 11. W.
Kaster silk waist and dresses at the
Vaiighuu store.
Utilguriuii niching, frills and jabot 4
received this morning at Knight'.
No bag day! No tag day I Hospital
benefit instead. Ilowlund ball, March 24.
A 1.118 scalloped bed spread with cut
corners for $Ut at Perry's ou Satin-
Cioddard seminary will close Friday,
March '&, for the annual Hnriiitr vacation
of ten days.
Fashion decrees lower heels fn foot
wear. Ask the Tilden Shoe Co. to show
thera to you.
Twenty-Jive- samples of ladies' coats
special for Friday and Saturday at the
t aiignan siore.
Uuniel Branon returned todav to Ilnr-
ungion, aner a lew days' visit with
friends in the eitv.
Regular meet in ir of Winnetta council
No. 10. 1). of 1'., I. 0. R. M., to-nltrht
at 7 o'clock. Adoption. IX
-Mrs. isarati itoca of Centra street lift.
this forenoon for Hnston, where she will
visit for an indefinite period.
miss venue JLaxsou lias gone to Dan
ville, Quebec, to visit her sister and
other relatives for a few weeks,
Walter Welch of Uoston, a reprcsenta
nve or tne unui'it j ool company, is
passing a few days in the city on bu
Miss Carrie Black returned this morn
ing to her home in tt. Johnsbury, after
spending a few days with friends in tho
ii win pay you 10 100K over the line
of samples for made-to-measure suits
and top coats, being shown by the Me
Whorter Co.
The condition of Rev. K. F. Newell,
pastor of the llodding Methodist church,
who lias been quite seriously ill at his
home on French street, continues to im
prove slowly.
alter Muuroe, who has been em
ployed as a barber in the Miers Hhop
for several weeks, has returned to his
home in Middlesex.
Mrs. K. 11. Metcalf of South Newfane
is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
F. 1. Church, where her daughter, Miss
tveiyn, nas been spending the past
iniee wecKS.
Arthur Scott of Brook street ilt
yesterday for Corning, N. Y where ho
was called by the death of Ins father.
Mr. Scott intends to return to the city
in about two weeks.
English translation of the opera ''II
Trovatore," giving the plot of the opera,
also the music, can be purchased in book
form for 25 cents each at the Bailey
.uiibic nooniM, it jcim street.
Tickets for the performance of "II
Trovatore" by the Sheehan English Op
era company at the opera house Tues
day, March 2o, go on sale at Kendrick'a
drug store at 8 o'clock Friday morning,
.uarcn zi.
Tickets for tho performance of "II
Trovatore" by the Sheehan English Op
era company at the opera house Tues
day,, March 23, go on sale at Kendrick's
drug store at 8 o'clock Friday morning,
March 21. b
JI. E. Langlois, who has been spend
ing the past winter at Boston and vi
cinity, arrived in the city yesterday for
a brief visit with relatives. Mr. Lam. I
lois left this afternoon for Winooski,
where he will reside.
Tickets for the clerks' dance can bo
secured from the committee in charge,
wiu are as ioiiows: (.eorge Bellows at
Fred Kino-'s store. Kino Marm'ani t
frank JUcWhorter's store, A. J,. Fierce
at the Direct Importing company, Elon
Barrett and John Callaghan. Price per
couple, SOe.
illiam Skerritts, who has been con
fined to his home on Farwell street for
the past few weeks, was able to resume
his duties as, foreman at the People'
Ligiuing, ueating & I'ower company
plant yesterday. Carl Nelson, who ha
been assisting at the plant, has. resumed
his duties with the steamfitterg.
Wednesday's arrivals at The Buxzell
hotel were as follows: W. L. Clarke,
Brooklyn; A. E. Stevens. Lawrence,
M;is.; E. F. Miles, West Burke; Carl
Swanson, North Conway, N. H.j Mich
acl Lessard, Westerly, R. I.; Joseph Wil
lett. Westerly, R. I.; Dan J. Rrano.i,
Burlington; Joseph Johnon, jr., Burling
ton; Ucorge Chase, Plainfield; Carl
Batchelder, Plainfield.
Electricians from the Consolidated
j Lighting Co's. offices were busy today
installing tne new corridor lights at the
city building.- The fixtures are of up-
to-date and approved design and when
the entire system is completed the
change will lend much to the appear
ance of the interior. The new lights
iform a part of the city's contract with
the lighting company.
New Vermont maple syrup made its
appearance in the city in limited quan
tities today, the prices ranging from
11.70 to tl.80 ber gallon. The quality
is (aid to be excellent for the first run.
Yesterday and this forenoon farmers on
the outskirts of the city were engaged
in boiling down tne nrst gathering ot
sap .although it has been several days
since they tapped. Yesterday was con
sidered a fair day for siigarmakers, al
though the sap yield was small in com
parison with an average run In a go's!
sugar season.
Holy Thursday, the feast of the insti
tution of the Blessed Sacrament, w.t
observed this morning by the celebration
of mass at St. Monica's church. Rov.
A. C. Ciriflin, acting pastor of the church,
officiated at the mass. The hearers of
mass taxed the church to its capacity.
uuring tne services mere was a pro
cession of the blessed sacrament fro.n
the sanctuary to the repository at the
shrine of the Holy Mother. There will
be no services at the church this even
ing, but all through the day the church
will have its doors open for adoration.
It I . - 1 . I .
... 1 AJ1UUTT & CO. A. 1 AJiliO 1 T CO. A. V. AH 11 OTT CO. A. 1 All HOT 1 CO.
aster Mdlay
You will want to wear something: new. Your friends
are buying new kinds.
You will want these new kinds later. Why not have
them to wear Easter Sunday?
Easter, coming early, has forced new ideas onto the
market earlier than usual. There are lots of kinds now in
our store that later will be closed out. Another strong
feature of this Easter buying is that you can 'phone or drop
us a letter and have us parcel post you free just what you
Our FREE PARCEL POST, just at this time of the year
when the traveling is poor, helps the customers more than
they at first realize. We stand back of every purchase of
this kind and Parcel Post FREE.
Easter Neckwear
This Easter Neckwear is the last
word in just right up-to-date Easter
Easter Neckwear is so different
from older styles that you won't like
to make the old styles do. We re 11
ize that so sudden a change in style
brings an expense. At the same time
the ladies do like to see styles a tit
tle different. Beautiful Neckwear
always has a charm as it is always
the most noticeable part of a new
Until you have seen new Easter
styles in Neckwear you will be sur
prised to see such a display.
This is to be a season of ruching.
These will also be made over itr.o
Neckwear and different dressings for
the neck. You will find our assort
ment not only new but very large.
Windsor Ties for the boys and
misses, with embroidered ends at
25c; are new and pretty.
Lots of very pretty Neckwear nt
25c For 50c you will wonder hove
so much material and work can be
furnished for 50c.
Easter shopping gets you the lat
est in spring goods. This ii a good
time to buy for later uses.
Easter Novelties
New Hand Bags in the barrel shape.
New Combs in side, back and sets
very pretty. New Hat Pins. Nrtv
Belts and Buckles. New Hosiery in
fine lisle and in silk.
One of the smartest things we
have is a new R. 4. O. Corset at
$2 OO. The form and fit is the best
that these leaders of Corset fashion
.ave ever got out. Ask to see it.
The number is 223.
Easter Ribbons look good. The
for Easter hats and hair ribbons. We
have a very wide special in plain
?olor at 19 and 25c. We are also
showing a beautiful assortment in
heavy grade of Colored Ribbons at 25c
per yard. In this lot are the new
Bulgarian Ribbons.
New Lares snd Handkerchiefs, aUo
new Ruchings for the sleeves and
You will find our assortment in all
departments the largest that we have
?ver shown and we believe that you
will say that they have been well se
lected. Give ua a try.
Ladies' Coats and
Although Easter is very early this
year it is a time when every lady
feels she must have something new
to wear in tho line of spring gar
ments. The Ladies' Tailored Suit will be
more popular this season than eve:.
They are made in a variety of cloths
and colors that will appeal to the
trade as of more than ordinary style
and value.
The new Suits are made in the
largest ranges of popular models that
were ever shown. This is brought
about through the demands of the
trade to have a Suit a little different
than someone else.
We can show you the largest range
of popular Suits, in styles that are
good, that we have ever had. Prices
range from $15-00 to $30 00.
The new Johnny Coat is bound to
be the popular Coat of the season.
This is a line of Coat that have
more real style than any line of
Coats that have been on the market
for a number of seasons.
These Coats come in a range of
cloths that are new and different,
and the range of models are also new
and very attractive.
Lace Curtains
Our full line of Lace Curtains aro
now ready for your inspection. We
can show you one of the largest and
the best Lace Curtain values we hava
ever been able to show. It is im
possible to give you very much of
an idea as to these Curtain values.
You need to see the line to realize,
the values and styles that the lino
contains. We start the line at so
small a price that you will won
der how the thread can be bought at
the price we are asking for the Cur
tains by the pair.
When you can buy Lace Curtains
at 15" each or 30c per pair, and
in a good quality thread, and the
new patterns, you can realize some
thing of the values we are able to
show you in the Curtain line.
At $1.00 we can give you tome
of the best values we were ever able
to show.
In the Ready.-to-nng line of Lace
Curtains are some values in the new
spring patterns that will appeal to
you as of more than ordinary value.
See our line of Ettamines and Scrim
Watch this space Friday this week for Saturday sale of a kind of goods that ladies and misses use lots t
I ,of. These this sale at less than half price. J
I Tlie Baylig'Ht Store j
Dent's Easter gloves at Abbott's.
Some attractive bargains at Perry's
on Saturday.
The McWhorter Co. are showing the
most complete line of slip-on coats in
the city, from 2.00 to tl5.00.
Mark Cutler ot jenerson sixec re
turned home to-day from Boston, where
he has been attending the automobile
A special value in tan curtains 8;'c
pair, a remuar vaiue. si
size and several pretty patterns. At
Perry's on Saturday.
Faster footwear at Tilden's.
Order goods of Abbott by free parcel
Come here for Easter fixings. Gloves,
neckwear, ribbons. II. W. Knight.
Hee the line of men's and boys' spring
canes being shown by the McWhorter
The N. E. O. P. will have a whist
party in Odd Fellows hall Friday night
after the meeting. Refreshment" served.
Admission, 10c.
There will be a regular
communication of (irsnite
bulge. No. 3.", F. and A. M.,
Friday evening at 7 o'clock,
for the dispatch of business.
Per order W. M.
J.ejnnar meetnig of Iliawa-
r.'Jdiiia UMve. 1. u. u. r., itmrs-
'' ,1. v
W ork. initiatory degre. per order noble
j granu.
Walter E. Granger tested bis seed corn
a few days ago by selecting 175 kernels
from some traced up last fall and but
one kernal failed to sprout, he also took
75 kernels from corn in the crib and. of
these but two kernels failed to sprout.
Mrs. Alma R. Cfeorge is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Wilbur H. Thompson, of
South Meridan, Conn.
Mrs. D. K. Ondross, who lives with
her on-in-lw, Charles R. Kenyon on
the Withercll farm, is visiting in Mor
risville at the home of her sister, Mrs.
Leon Small
llarrv Hayward ia at home for a time
from his work for Andrew Sprague of
Chelsea on account of a lame back
Fred Martin and family left the 18th
for Bridgeport, Conn., where he has a
The Methodist society held a social at
the vestry which was well attended and
much enjoyed. Dinner was served at
Mr. and Mr. Clarence V. Baldwin of
Akron, Ohio ar visiting at Thomas
Sheridan's on south hill.
A. A. Reed has moved from Mill Vil
lage to the place vacated by Oliver W.
Martin on the road to the gulf.
Mr. John B. Perham of route No. I
has sent to the library by parcels pott
a very fine huck mat which will be very j
usrful during the muddy weather.
The Ladies' Home Missionary of tne
! Your Dollars Will Catch j
Big Fish Here
New Easter coats at Abbott's.
' A $1.H kid glove for 7c a pair at
Perry's on Saturday.
Opening of spring anil summer milli
nery Saturday, March 22. Mrs. C. R.
Wood, over Kendrick'a drug store.
Easter ribbons at Abbott's.
After April 1, Mrs. C. C. Page and
Mrs. Lona Pitkin will be located at 37
Jefferson street. Anyone wishing board
or rooms please call at "The Page
Home." .
Twelfth Season
! Bull Pout
Correct Millinery
30 North Main St., Barre, Vt .
Over Barre Daily Times Office.
Showing of Tailored Hats '
Saturday, March 22
I Mackerel
I Haddock
! TI.1M A.
Perch !
. Blue Fish I
Cod j
(Dressed or whole) J
I Murphy's Kippered Her- j
rings, eacn ok f
S Murphy's Finnan Haddie, j
per lb 12c J
Z t- i tt : or- ?
Shell Clams j
' a
Conereeational church will hold a thank I ivoes
offering meeting in the thurch parlor on jj jjot Boied Lobsters I
(iood Friday afternoon at tw o'clock. I
A program" prepared br the Vman's I " !
Home Missionary union of Vermont will j OYSTERS AND CLAMS S
be ned and all women will be welcome.,;
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Walker of j
then selecting your Up
Buy me Desi
far aala by
Barre were in town the 19th as vinitors,j Fivsh Sninach
at the home of Mrs. Laura D. Walker. I ,
Thanks are due to Mr. Oorge C. Earle Z
for a gift of 11 volumes to the public.'
library in remembrance of his w ife Mar-1 g
tha Jeffords Karle. j
The house lately bouirht bv .lohni!
Jackson in Mill Village is being thor-ia
ourhlv repaired. including several:.
changes in the interior and it is to br .
rehin?led and painted. f
Mmter irtiius Rlackmer of Stockbridsrr f
is voting bis aunt, Mrs. Alven -M.
The Spanlding glee club will give a
concert at the grange hall, Friday even
ing, March 2.
Tr. Curm 4.1. . k. . f.. 1
errd from her recent illness as to be
able to call on some f her nearby
t t - L 1 1 . ' I . . I I 1
irwiMs. i witne o man, ner i
many friend and neighbors for the pot I
Lettuce !
Radishes j
Fresh Dandelions !
Rhubarb l
Parsnips j
Etc. I!
j 'Phone 400 early Friday j
! morning: or Thursday afler-J;
. noon, as our teams leave one :
I ' i
hour earlier Fridays.
Hot Cross Buns
Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday, fresh every
hour after the store opens. The best you ever tasted.
Order early, as we have ahvavs been unable to supply
the demand. They are made with genuine paste
crosses. Per dozen, 12c.
We sold last week's shipment of 10 boxes in less
than two days. We have doubled the amount this
The biggest, juiciest Grape Fruit you ever tast
ed, twice the regular size, at 3 for 23c
Special Price by the Box
Fresh Lettuce, Spinach, Radishes, Rhubarb,
Tomatoes and Dandelions.
Haddock, Halibut, Salmon, Cod, Blue Fish, Pike,
Pickerel, Lake Trout, and Lobsters.
We certainly can please you on Finnan Haddies.
We shall have more than twice the amount of last
week, when we were unable to supply the demand.
Shell Clams for steaming, per peck 30c
rri shower oa ner birthday anniversary, ;

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