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Clean your sinks
Two Men Were Arrested in Indiana on
Charges of Obtaining Money
Under False Pretences.
Fort Wayne, In.!.. April 1. .lame
Russell Smith and Robert Parker, claim
itig to be from Boston, are timler arrest
here, charged with obtaining money wi
der false pretences. Tliey imposed on
Ciov. Cox of Ohio and Gov. Ralston,
newspaper men and others. They repre
sented thev were on a transcontinental
,ik-e- on a wager of $3,000, and that one
of the conditions was that each inui-t
marry cn route. Smith married a Terre
Haute girl, whose parents later took her
from him. A scrapbook in Smith's pos
session indicates he has a wife in Mas
sachusetts who is suing for divorce.
Report That Reason the Ex-Patrolman
Took His Sentence Quietly.
New York, April 1. Patrolman John
Vit World's
Coughs, Colds, Weak Lungs
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as well curauvo.
Prevent colds becoming deep-seated.
Allcock's is the original and genuine porous plaster,
X . ... I--J -mmAiT erA Kir nirrfriefa in eVPftf VlATt
IZ IS Sianuaru itintujr , "bo I
of the civilized world. Apply wherever there is fain,
I 3
AllCOClitS LrOtion-HuoJ right in. Something
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plater. Wonderful in case, of croup, whooping cough and .U local
piuas. Guaranteed to be an A-l Liniment. Price 50c a bottle.
Srni 5 fw cent tlampi for tampll trottti.
AIXCOCK MANUFACTURING CO. 174 Canal Street, NrwTork.
When you need a Pill
take a Brandretfts Pill
MDIOISTION, Ho. furcJy Vegetable.
sThose Who Rely on
the creat home remedy which has ppvfed its power to
relieve safely and speedily the minor ailments arising
from defective or irregular action of the organs i ot
digestion, find themselves spared hours, of suffering
and able to ward off the attacks of serious sicknesss.
never disappoint those ho take them. They help the
SfStiorTsSmulatetheUver. clear the kidneys and regu
late the bowels. By purifying the blood they nereue
cheerfulness and create confidence. As anions depend
on health and strength, those who know Beecham s I ills
Are Perfect Bakers
We know that wc are selling the very best baking
range on the market and we want You to know it bVj
making the test in your kitchen this season.
First Come and let us
explain why the new
Quaker models give such
perfect results in all cook
ing and baking.
Second Let us give you
the naines of friends and
neighbors who are using
Quaker Ranges and who
are loud in their praises of
these excellent bakers.
J. Hartigan, refusing to betray the graft
system, accepted a sentence of two and
a" half years in Sing Sing from Justice
iSe.ib-.irv last week, as punisnmeni 101
the crime of perjury, seems now to have
I done so because he' had received $30,000.
I This money at five per cent, interest
would pav his family S2..0 mow a year
thnn Hartigan could have earned as a
patrolman. It is said that documentary
evidence of the $30,000 transaction is
. : !,. lmiiila of Justice Sea bury.
nu hi v' t. ........ . - -
I Hartigan'? trial judge. The information
i first came to the district attorney, it
was leinieo. tlirougn hii iiuiuhuu i ..
ter. The district attorney believes that
the silence money is safely invested in
Would Like to Become Part of the
. . United States.
El Paso. Tex., April 1. Annexation to
the I'liited States is being sooglit by the
revolutionary faction in Sonora, the
northwestern Mexican border state.
Sonora state congressman Honillas is
on the way to Washington to propose
the plan.
Dh.,mflt!nm In Shoulder
Relieved by using AlUock's Plasters
Athletes use them for
Stiffness or Soreness of muscles.
(Est I7SJ-)
la bM, Me- TW. . . . .
Established 1847. yr J.
Barre, Vermont
Pawtucket, R. I, Pastor, Who la Go
ing Abroad, Delivers "Will"
From the Pulpit.
Pawtucket, R. I., April 1. Rev. Wil
lnrd O. Nazmn of the Firt Methodist
church of Pawtucket preached his last
sermon Sunday before going abroad for
special study.
The sermon took the form of a will
and testament and was read by the pas
tor, who bequeathed to his (lock and to
the city of Pawtucket his five-year in
terest in the church and place.
To children he left the flowers and
fields and the right to play freely, and
the Milky Way to wonder at. He
warned these against the thorns and
thiotlcs they would find among the flow
ers. To boys he bequeathed the useful
grounds for games, the rivers for fish
ing and the snow-clad hills for coast
ing. Lovers were left the right to enjoy
and wonder at the beauty of their lov,
which they were to have ami to hold
throughout their lives, and to. the old
he left memories and the poems of Rob
ert Hums and Shakespeare, and the Hi-bit-
and the right to be good fathers and
To the city of Pawtucket he left the
girls' home, which he established, and
the knowledge that no girl could go
wiong for lack of a friend.
Ex-Governor Making Active Campaign
for 1916 Nomination.
Washington, April 1 E-Gov. Had
lev of Missouri is believcjfto be an ac
tive candidate for the Republican nom
ination in lniH. and apparently has a
well organized propaganda at work for
He has been making excursions into
other states recently, delivering ad
dresses containing advice as to the re
habilitation of the Republican party.
Senator La Follette undoubtedly will
be a candidate. Senator Borah of Idaho
also is in high favor, but neither has
yet permitted his friends to start a cam
, paign.
Portland, Me., Woman Jumps Into tne
I Harbor.
South vPortland. Me., April 1. Mrs.
Charles M. Littlcfield, aped j0, wife of
a conductor on the Hoston & Maine
railroad, committed suicide by drown
ing in the upper harbor yesterday. Ill
health was the cause.
A Mexican Battle.
Larendo. Tex., April 1. Eighty-nine
were killed and many wounded ii a des
perate Hi-hour battle Friday and Satur
day at Lampszos. 80 miles Muth of here,
between a handful of federals and 8(H)
followers of Venustiano Carranza, reb
el governor of Coahuila.
Admiral Moore D;ad.
Ridgewnod. X. J.. April 1. Rear Ad
miral John W. Moore, a retired veteran
of the Civil war and one of the for-
! most constructive geniuses of th navy.
.died at In summer home her? .ale n
!day night. He retired in 1S!4 and was
81 years old.
Colors That Attract Insecta.,
It may be said. that, in the majority
of inManoes. color is of advantage to
plants. The brightest colored blossoms
are tno.t suecesful in attracting pol
linating; insects, and there is consider
able evidence to how that flowers ca-
Iter to the esthetic tastes of the latter
'by producing th hw" they like the
het. IW are reputed to be fond of
blues and violets while wasps, fancy rrtl
and chocolate colored flowers. Insects
uneducated in th matter of color are
sunnniwd. l.ke the uneducated human
animal. t like "any color of f)oer o
Wg a it i yellow." From Suborban
Lite for April."
William 0. Cole Is Held at
Wentworth, N. H., Aft
er Funeral
Mrs. Cole Was a Nurse
and Died by
Wentworth, N. H., April 1.-As the re
sult of -the investigations into the death
of Lottie Hole, a nurse, by poisoning Sat
urday at Lyiidonville, her husband, Wil
liam O. Cole, was arrested here yester
day after the funeral.
The authorities see no cause for the
iiaim of suicide.
Workers Accept the Terms Offered By
the Manufacturers of a 48
Hour Week. ,
Boston. Anril 1. The strike of sev
eral hundred ladies' tailors and dress
makers ended yesterday, the strikers
accepting the manufacturers' offer of a
48-hour week, increased wages and ret
ogition of the union.
Thousands of Dollars' Worth of Prop
erty Destroyed and Lives Lost.
n,o.i -nter iii the Connecticut
river at Iirattleboro rose to an unpre
o,i.. heiirlit. last week, it did dam
age which cannot vet be e'timated, but
not so mud! as m vo lormer m.n,
..I,,., hn ('niineeticnt overflowed and
destroved property and lives. The great-
est flood ever Known hi i)riui-u.iiu
il 20. 18(12. when, after a
severe winter and a depth of from two
to four leet ot snow on uie grouiiu,
temperature jumped to 74 decrees in too
shade on April 18, the rivers rising so
fast that communication between Ver
mont and New Hampshire was entirely
cut off at that point. On Sunday, April
2(1, tlie waters reached to the top of
the first-story windows at the Fort
Dummer farm" and the occupants had to
escapo bv boats. That farmer is re
ported to" have left his pigs and hens in
the attic for safe keeping. Two dwell
1, ami u.veral out-buildilil!
were lifted from their foundations and
carried downstream. Jlnilges weie
washed out all over the town and a
bridge that swept downstream from
Westmoreldnd, X. H., stopped at the
end of the island and deflected the wa
ters so that a channel trom to li
feet wide and from 10 to 12 feet deep
was cut clear across the island. This
flood is estimated to have cost damage
to hiphwavs in Rrattleboro alone
amounting to 10,000.
The next fresnet caused more oesmu.
f .,rrtn,.r i nnA Rome lives were
lost, but it is not recorded that the
water rose as high as in IH(2. I nis lai
let freshet occurred Oct. 4, 18(10. Adolf
emnlove at the Estey
organ factory, attempted to escape from
affer the flood reached it.
and while getting a foothold on a pil
of lumber, in order ro ennui a iron., io--,.;i
UIa tuLont nuav in the waters and
the man was carried over the falls to
death. Miss Kittic Bennett, a 16-year-old
girl, had taken refuge in the upper
part of the old Centerville, tannery, but
the building collapsed and she was car
ried downstream and drowned. Between
$1(1,000 and fl.VOIH) damage was done
to the roads of the town and property
estimated at fully $MV)00 was de
stroyed. Since then, in 1805 and 1008, othci
For Sixteen Years. Restored
s To Health by LydiaE. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Moretown. Vermont "I was trou
bled with pains and irregularities for
sixteen years, and
was thin, weak and
nervous. When I
would lie down it
would seem as if I
was going right
down out of sight
into some dark hole,
and the window cur
tains had faces that
would peek out at
me, and when I was
out of doors it would
seem as if something was going to hap
pen. My blood was poor, my circula
tion was so bad I would be like a dead
person at times. I had female weak
ness badly, my abdomen was sore and I
had awful pains.
"I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound and used the Sanative
Wash and they certainly did wonders
for me. My troubles disappeared and I
am able to work hard every day." Mrs.
W. F. Sawyer, River View Farm, More
town, Vermont.
Another Case.
Gi fTord. Iowa. "I was troubled with
female weakness, also with displace
ment. I had very severe and steady
headache, also pain in back and was
very thin and tired all the time, I com
menced taking Lydia E. Finkharn's
Vegetable Compound arid I am cured of
these troubles. I cannot praise your
medicine tno highly." Mrs. ISA MOX
ELacle, G&ord, Iowa.
No place in the home
gathers grease as quickly as
the kitchen sink. Gold Dust
washing powder, however, has
the peculiar quality of dissolv
ing and cutting grease and if,
after each dishwashing, a suds
is made in the dishpan with
warm water and Gold Dust,
and the sink thoroughly rinsed
with these suds, the last par
ticle of dirt and grease will be
The sink pipe will never
become clogged with grease if
Gold Dust and plenty of hot
water are used for washing
the sink morning and evening.
Gold Dust is
sold in 6C size
and large pack
ages. The large
package means
greater economyi
-'Ulth, GOLD DUST TWINS do your work'
spring freshets have made trouble for
Brattleboro, but with less destruction to
property and without loss of life.
New York Had the Greatest Output in
1912 Idaho Next.
The final figures of the production of
lead in the United States in 191J have
just been published by the United States
geological survey. These figures have
been compiled by C. E. Siebentlnil, of vhe
survey, from reports of the output of
each "lead smelter and refimry.in opera
tion in this country in 1912. Two
tables are given. The flr.t one shows the
lead smelted In this country from ore
from each lead producing state and from
each foreign country furnishing ore for
treatment. These "figures include soft
lead, lead content of bullion (that is,
"work lead"), and antimonial lead and
their total necessarily does not agree
with the total refined 'lead output of the
country shown in the second table.. Tho
refined lead, however, can not be traced
to its sources so exactly as the smelted
lead, hence the figures for smelter pro
duction are used in the table showing
production by state.
The total production of refined lead in
1012 was 480,804 short tons, which is
71 tons less than the stimate given out
by the survey on January 2, 1913. This
quantity.,! exclusive of 13.532 tons of
antimonial lead. The total of refined
lead is made up of 88.377 short tons of
desilverized lead of foreign origin, 221,
480 tons of desilverized lead from do
mestic ores, 141.248 tons of desilverized
domestic' soft lead. The value of the
whole quantity of refined lead was worth
$33,820,330, . calculated at 44.5 -cents a
pound, tho average New oik price for
the year. The total refined lead output
was less than that for 1011 by 0.085
short tons, a decrease of 1.2 per cent.
Among the states. Missouri had the
greatest output 102,610 tons, a decrease
of almont 20,010 tons from that of the
previous vear. Idaho had the next larg
est production 127,707 tons, a gain of
10.372 tons over the output of 1911.
In the absence of complete figures of
domestic stocks, it is not possible to cal
culate consumption except for the lead
of foreign origin.. However, by taking
into account domestic production and
foreign imports, exports, and stocks in
bonded warehouse, it is possible to es
timate the quantity of lead available
for consumption from year to year. On
this basis the lead ' available for con
sumption in 1012. was 410,913 tons, an
increase of 11.76(5 tons, or 2.9 per cent.
Whether this increase represents an in
crease in consumption or an increase in
domestic atocks is not determinable from
the information at hand.
The report includes a graphic chart
showing the fluctuation of the price of
lead in Xew York and London for the
period of 1900-1012, a -list of lead amelt
ersnd refineries in the United .States, a
table of the lead production of the world
by countries and by classes, as shown
by the records of the bureau of foreign
and domestic commerce. The general im
ports of lead show a continual decline
from from 1900, when 223,000.312 pounds
in lead was received from Mexico in the
form of ore or base bullion, 3.207,963
pounds of lead in ore from South Ameri
ca, and 3.300.3366 pounds from other
countries, mostly in ore from German
East Africa. " .
A copy of the report may be obtained
bv addresing request to the director,
I'nited States geological survey, Wash
ington, D. C.
Mr. Cleveland's Portrait.
During his first administration, says
Hilarv A. Herbert in the March "Cen-tury.'-'
Mr. Cleveland, disliking a cer
tain portrait of himself painted at that
time, had it relegated to the garret.
Iresident Harrison caused it to be
brought down. In his second term Mr.
Cleveland spoke jocularly of the portrait,
and asked Tom Reed if he did not think
that one who had twice been elected
president was entitled to have two por
traits. "Well, y-e-s," said Reed, in his
well known drawl, "if he has grown
any handsomer."
A 8Wn of Beauty la a Joy roravwr.
, T. Fell Ooursud'
Cream or Mattel
I Beautlfler.
M..tk 1,'cnn,
So totrctto. It
( 6t vr. '
to am' w
liri H . kwilt
to prrrT
Im ml
VMM. IT. L. A-
T rt ll km
V ' I
-A, T-Mi l4
wVi 'mm
MfiiSI , t 4
nUT.IHPtll I HI, Pni. 17 IrL Jwsi ILII1
t?4 TVVi A
She Wants Her Frontiers
Rectified; if Not,
Then War
Refuse to Desist at the Be
hest of the
Ilucharist, April 1 Ex-Premier I P.
Carp, who is now the leader of the Con
servative party in the Roumanian par
i: I UJ'or,I tn have said vester-
day that in view of the capture of Adn-
anople by tne unitarians mc ''""y
Houmania for the rectification of her
frontier would now certainly include a
line drawn from Turtukai, on the
Danube, twenty-eight miles to the west
of Silistria, t"o Uultehik. twenty-three
miles to the north of the port of Varna,
on the lilack sea, thus taking in a con
siderable slice of ISulgarian territory. If
neceisary, said the statesman, Rouinania
would resort to arms to enforce her de
Montenegro .Defies .the Large Powers
Austria "Losing Patience."
London,, April 1. Since Saturday the
Montenegrin artillery on the main front
before Scutari has been developing great
activity. The Turkish positions in the
plain before the town have been heavily
ami the Turks have been
driven from their entrenchments near the
river Kir bv the persistent artillery lire.
Montenegro will reply in the negative
to the represntations of the powers made
collectively Sunday that an envoy of the
powers would convey a cipher message
to Kssad Pasha, the Turkish commander
in Scutari, containing the Porte's order
to permit the civilian population to de
part. This information, which comes
from an authoritative source ,givea as
a reason for this decision that King
Nicholas has on three different occasions
offered to allow the consuls and all the
foreigners to leave the city, but each
time the commander of the town rejected
the suggestion. It i stated in official
circles that extraordinary pressure is
being exercised upon Montenegro, which
encroaches upon her independence, and it
is pointed out that Montenegro is still
at war with Turkey and that it would
be an offence against tho common sense
of justice to restrict her freedom of ac
tion. The stubbornness of Montenegro in con
tinuing the bombardment of Scutari,
contrary to the wishes of the powers, and
the dilatoriness of Servia in withdraw
ing her troops beyond the line decided
upon as a frontier of the future Albania,
will, if not overcome by more peaceful
measures, lead to a demonstration and
blockade of the Montenegrin coast and
the ports of Albania occupied by Servia.
Austria-Hungaria is losing patience with
her little neighbors and is urging the
powers to take action to enforce the de
mands contained in their notes to Servia
and Montenegro. When the naval meas
ures are taken it is expected that this
duty will be allotted to Oreat llritain,
Itaiy and Austria. Russia, although
she "joined in the collective diplomatic
action, will not participate in the co
ercive steps.
Servia has expressed an intention of
tomplying with the demand to evacuate
Albania but has made no movement in
that ilireotion and the Austrian govern
ment complain that instead she is send
ing more war material to that territory,
piobably under the idea that she will not
l.u f,,r,.i in leave until peace has been
toneluded. Austria, however, insists
liin the immediate removal of the Ser
vians from the country which, under the
nowers' decision, cannot be Servia' no
matter- what the result of the fighting.
4 Vienna diiiiiatch to the Daily Mail
says: "Austria has three army corps on
- . . i ..
the Herzegovina ironiier reuuy v mi,
Montenegro should the pressure from the
powers, which it is intended to repeat
and intensify, be ineffectual.
The April Century.
Tt, tfirll Penturv contains a care
ful analysis of the llalkan situation by
Andre Tardieu, editor of the Revue dfs
nn,i Mnnib-s. ami of the "Bulletin of
Foreign News' in the Paris Temps. This
diplomatic expert here explains the in
ternational chess game that is going on,
and tells just what moves the powers
are making. The shrewdness of hi con
jectures is established by the fact that
the latest reports from the Halkans
tally with his predictions. Othr ar
ticles of special intereM are .mnie j
on Call's "The Spoiling of Servants,"
,.!;, .hi. offers some heloful sug
gestions toward solving the housekeep
er's most trying problem; "Realism and
Reality in Fiction," by William Lyon
Phelps, showing that the sum total of
true details inav oe a laise picture m
in .n.t Vr Athens." a briehtly
colored travel article by Robert Hich
ens; and two significant chapters of
southern history, "ine Airermaiu m
"" bv Clark Howell, edi
tor of the Atlanta Constitution, and
How We Redeemed Alabama, by m
lary A. Herbert, secretary of the navy
in "Cleveland's second administration.
The fiction of the number consists
of "A Monte Flat Pastoral," by Bret
ur m,thpr of The Ontury's re
prints of classics of a generation aeo);
stories bv Amanda Slatnews. joiin ire
vena and Edith Barnard IVlano. and
further chapters of Mrs. Frances Hodg
son Burnett's novel. T. Tembarom."
The list of poems includes a sonnet
series by Alfred N'oyes, called, "The
Temple of Aphrodite!
From the point of view of art the
number is particularly interesting, as
it contains a discussion of "The Pot
Impressionist Illusion." by Royal Corti
sol, profusely illustrated with examples
of the work" of ubit. futuri'ts. etc..
recently shown in New Y-trk: a wood
engraving by Timothy Cole of Vermeer's
"Young Woman With a Guitar": pic
tures in color hr Julea Ouerin. to ac
eompanv the Hiehen article: and repro
ductions of the work f Paul Manhip,
the young sculptor, who won the whol
rshin of the Anvrican academy in Rome
four rears ago. ,
This much in certain about scia
tica. You will keep right on hav
ing one attack attor another until
you build up your blood and prop
erly nourish your nerves. Every
sciatic sufferer lias impure blood or
ho wouldn't have, sciatica. The
thing to do is to take Dr. Williams'
Pink f ills for the blood. That is
all there is to the treatment for
sciatica. These pills build up and
cleanse the blood as no other medi
cine does. This pure heulthy blood
carries nourishment to the in
flamed, over-sensitive, starved ner
ves and it isn't long befoie you
feel relief from the agonizing pains,
because the nerves are being prop
erly nourished. Best of all the
pains don't return for the pills rid
tho blood of all its inipuriUes.
The use of Dr. Williafns' Pink
Pills is not confined to sciatica and
neuralgia. They are equally effec
tive in the treatment of nervous
prortration, nervous indigestion,
nervous headaches, insomnia, St.
Vitus' dance and nervousness.
Impure blood is the common cause
of all thece nervous troubles.
Make the i :art to cure yourself
today by getting Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills from your druggist.
They are sold at 50 cents per box
or $2.50 for six boxes. They can
also be bad direct from the Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Schenec
tndy, K. Y.t postpaid on receipt of
price. If you are a nervous suf
ferer write for the free booklet
"Diseases of the Nervous System."
The Fortunate Eastern Farmer.
Six billions of dollars worth of farm
produce was sent to market the pHt
year and the consumers paid in the
neighborhood of thirteen billions of dol
lars. This vast difference was chiefly caused
by the expense of marketing high, slow
freight and long hauls.
The eastern farmer is indeed fortunate,
in being right at the door of his mar
ket. The great majority of the people of
i, Vavt live iii the cities. They are
non-producers and their demand is great
er than the neignooring iarms can sup
ply. Clearly the farmer's opportunity
is "in the East.
There are not only bigger, nearer mar
kets, but lower and quicker freight rates,
better educational facilities and tho
rffost beneficial agricultural state laws.
Also improved land sells at a much
lower price than wild land in the ex
treme South and West.
The East offers every inducement to
the up-to-date farmer either in dairy
ing, poultry raising, fruit growing or
market gardening.
All who are interested in the possibil
ities of farming in the East can do no
better than study the latest catalogue
of the E. A. Stro it Farm agency. Tho
book is remarkable, not only for its
size the largest ever issued by this,
the largest farm agency iu the world
but it contains valuable, accurate in
formation relative to agricultural condi
tions throughout the East.
In it are described and illustrated
desirable farm properties for sale in
thirteen eastern states.
i ;.. wanorl in four narts. A me
I copy may be had upon application to
any office oi me company.
Something Every Housewife Should Do.
In the April Woman's Home Com
panion, John Phillips Street, pure food
commissioner of Connecticut, writes
verv interesting article allowing how a
good many housewives fail to realize
that the pure food law does not pre
vent th manufacture and sale of adul
terated goods. What it provides is that
all goods must bo labeled. "Read your
label," is Mr. Street s advice . to all
housewives. Following is an extract:
"Many important foods, such as milk,
molasses, vinegar and lard are bought
in bulk. These come to the dealer
properlv labeled, and the individual cus
tomer has a perfect right to ak the
privilege of examining the label on the
large container. A strict interpretation
of thj law would require the dealer
to state the fact that he is selling adul
terated food in bulk from a container
properlv labeled. This is rarely almost
never-done. Hut if the customer asks
frankly for information concerning the
bulk preparations she is buying, th
d?aler or clerk must 'show the label.
"The housekeeper who at the store or
over the telephone orders merely a quart
of vinegar has no righ! to complain if
the product sent her is of an inferior
iL i,..,., ;1U- adulterated. If she
had asked for 'cider. 'malt.' 'wine, or
even 'distill-d vinegar, and received in
stead an impure article, then she has
grounds for complaint and can demand
an exchange."
Fever, depression of spirits, lassi
tude, heavily coated tongue, are
the moat common wmptoms of this d
(W rurd by b! water. frehlT-ni-,4
,. !(. low (Tttemir condition.
etc. Likely to deTlop into a
are vontrrUTtbcT build p,
nn nn rriurthen. diTxrl ferer-
rd condition by tnakinar liver,
stomach and bowels na-ht, thereby
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Dr. J. H. Scbeack k Son. PhHaitlf h!a

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