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DAILY T1MKS, J1AIIK1'., VI'., TIlUliSUAY. MAY 1, 1918.
Best Wanstt alc Yett
Every lady will be anxious to purchase one oi
We have just received a new shipment of 'Ladies' Waists m Voile and I Batiste
beautifully trimmed with Embroidery and Val. Lace. These come in high and
Dutch neck.
We Offer These for Saturday Only gfjjp
Your choice each . . .
Sizes from 34 to 44. Sale starts promptly at 8 a. m.
Homer Fttis Conmpaey
Balance of Trade According to Report
of Commerce Department.
Washington IX C, May 1. Secretary
of Commerce William O. Redfleld. in
eommcnting to-day upon the detailed
figures concerning the imports and ex
port of the United .States for the
month of March and the nine months
tnded in March, said: .
The figures are striking, both in their
magnitude and in their details. I he
aggregate business,, inward and out
ward, of the United States with foreign
countries for the nine months was a
little in excess of $3,300.000.000 an im
pressive total, which if maintained at
the same rate would bring the business
for the entire fical year well in excess
of $4,100,000,000.
Great Britain is our largest customer,
buving from us over $478,000,000 and
selling us over $234,000,000, an aggre
gate for the nine months in excess of
$712,000,000 or a total business of nearly
.80,000,000 a month. Canada is our
second best customer, buying from us
$200,000,000 in nine months., equal to
nearly $1,300,000 every working day. A
pretty fair customer, that. Then Ger
many comes third, buying $208,000,000
from us in nine months and selling us
$146,000,000. She i a pretty fair cus
tomer, toobuys over $1,000,000 a day.
And fourth comes France, to whom we
sold $120,000,000. and from whom we
bought $112,000,000.
Successful Institution of 40 Years Stand
ing for Akron, 0.
Buchtel college, a successful insti
tution of forty years' standing, has been
offered to the city of Akron, Ohio, for
use as a municipal college or university,
according to information received at the
United State bureau of education. The
corporation of the college finds that the
institution has trebled its attendance in
the past ten years without sufficiently
increasing its endowment, and proposes
to transfer the entire plant anil endow
ment, valued at $400,000, to the city,
practically without restrictions of any
kind. mi
If the offer is accepted Akron will
bave an educational institution of college
grade that will meet the community's
needs in a distinctly modern way. It
will be known as the College or Univer
sity of Akron, although in the event of
the establishment of other schools or col
leges the name Buchtel college is to be
retained for the liberal arts department.
Hist as MeMicken college is a part of
the University of Cincinnati.
In making 'this proposal the trustees
point out, among other things, that as a
municipal institution, and with very
flight addition to the money now spent
for educational purposes by Akron, the
college would offer to all qualified stud
ents of the city a college education with
free tuition: that the college can be
made of practical use in the work of
city government: and that the college
will furnish an excellent basis for a
greater municipal university that shall
make ample provision for technical and
professional training for the youth of
the city. ' ,
Now is the time to get your screen
windows and doors repaired at the C. L.
Bugbee mill.
TO RENT A strmisrht ahed. equipped with
Yal & Town derrick, with hot nd cold
water, itnm ht. blekmith .hop nd a (rood
office. Suitable for one KWt oi men.
to Hebert Ladrle.
Wat Second
TO RENT Tenement of 4-room
block. 110.00 per month. Smith Bi
North Main street.
flat in
oa., X67
a 1 -T
Light Weight
We want to call your
And Now For
We are showing more styles in MUNSING
UNION SUITS than ever before, at $1.00, $1.50 and
at $1.00.
The ROXFORD make, for two-piece Underwear,
is in the lead. 50c a garment.
The Frank McWhorter Company :
See Window Display To-day.
It Is Thought Probable That No Permit
To Sell Liquor Will Be Granted
This Year.
Tn all probability the little town of
Orange, which voted yes at the last
March meeting, will continue to be only
a mecca for fisherman who carry their
bait with them, as the result of a meet
ing of the license commissioners yester
day when the only applicant, Bert I..
Rii-hardson. was refused a jicense to sell
intoxicating liquor in the Jackson black
smith shop, so-called, near Orange Cen
tpr. When the commissioners, who are Ray
mond P. Lord, George J. Cook and George
Y. Simpson, came together yesterday
thev found awaiting them ft petition
signed by a majority of land owners on
the street where the shop is located.
The petition objected to allowing tin
applicant a license to dispose of liquor
on land adjoining property owned by the
petitioners. According to the statute,
unless the board of commissioners is of
one mind in refusing to favor the con
tention of a majority of land owners
the petition must be respected and due
regard must he given the wishes of the
petitioners. This happened to be tic
case at Orange yesterday, when a por
tion if not all of'the commissioners were
desirous of complying with the objec
tions filed by the petitioners. Mr. Rich
ardson's application was therefore turned
down. ,
It was stated to-day that there was
little likelihood of granting a licenseto
avone, now that the application of Mr.
Richardson, who was the sole appli
cant, had been refused. The fee for con
ducting second-class licensed places is
conHidered prohibitive when applied to
small towns and for this reason it is
not expected that anyone else will ap
ply. Then, too, the hearing held on ap
plications must be advertised three
weeks in advance and by the time the
board could get around to issue a li
cense, the time when license begins to
be operative under the statute would
have been long passed.
MUs Marv Wyckotr of orui!iei(i.
Mass., arrived in the city to-day for a
ten days' visit with relatives.
Miss Annie Barclay of Park street is
making an extended visit with her sister
and other relatives in Claremont, X. H.
Arthur Kndieott of Schuylersville, X.
V., who has been spending ten days in
Hie city on business, left this forenoon
(n, Tturlmtrtrin. where he will make a
short visit before returning to his home.
Program for Boy Scout Exhibition.
On Friday night, occurs the boy scout
exhibition at the opera house at 8 o'clock,
with the following program:
Part I. Brief lecture on "Inception,
Development and Growth of the Boy
Scouts of America."
Part II. Scout tenting scene, giving
waking-tip scenes, sitting up exereises
and flag salute. This scene will close
with an exhibition of parallel bar and
mat work, including pyramid work on
the parallel bars.
Part ML A series of stereopticon pic
tures, most of which have been taken
bv the bovs and scout masters them
selves. This part will illustrate the
place of the camera in scouting.
Part IV. A number of drills: 1st,
dumb bell drill, by troop 2; 2d, first aid
drill, principally by troop lj 3d, sig
nalling drill bv troop 3. Then there will
be a fire drill" and pyramid building by
all three troops as a climax.
No admission fee will be charged for
the entertainment.
Underwear j
attention to our lines of $
1 1 ... n.stviii.swtril trolllOC2
Joseph Cook left this morning for
Burlington, where he will visit relative
tor a few days.
Miss Annie Harrington of Burlington
is passing a few days in the city as the
guest of friends.
Ralph S. Gould of Post Mills. H. '
Hopkins of Plymouth, X. H., and John
Lawton of Bolton were among the busi
ness visitors in the city to-day.
Mrs. Marv John and Miss Annie Louis
who were called to Barre by the death of
Mrs. Hvder llabeb, left this forenoon for
their home in North Adams, Mass.
Miss Marion Kay, who has been spend
ing the past week in the city, returned
to-day to her hqme at Putnam. Conn.,
where she was called by the illness of a
City Clerk James Mackay, A. P. Ah
bott and Kufus C. Robinson went to-day
by automobile to GreeiislKiro. where they
will spend a few days fishing on Lake
.Mrs. John Riddell of Williamstown,
who has been staying with friends here
for a few days, was called to-day to her
home by the illness of her daughter,
Mrs. George Gordon.
Harris' orchestra will go to-night to
East Barre to furnish music for the an
nual baseball fair, which is being eon
ducted at the Kast Barre opera house
for the purpose of raising funds for
the support of the East Barre A. C.
during the coming season. The fair will
continue until Saturday night.
Yesterday afternoon at the Granite
Citv trotting park the Spaulding high
school baseball team was handed a com
plete surprise in its practice game with
the South End team and only captured
the game during the closing moments by
a score of lti to 10. The game was fought
on even term up until the last few in
nings when by a sudden spurt Spaulding
forged ahead. Connors was in the box
for the Spaulding crew and was touched
up rather freely. Levin was on the re
ceiving end of the battery. Polli and
Maneia composed the battery for the
losing team. Polli twirled au excellent
game but was accorded with poor sup
port. A very pleasant surprise was tendered
Mr. and" Mrs. James Mackie, 13 Richard
son street, last evening, when a number
of their friends took possession of their
home for the purpose of spending a
pleasant evening with them before they
leave Barre. Mr. and Mrs. Mackie were
presented a handsome suit case, also a
box of good "smokes," which "Jim" ap
propriated, as Mrs. Mackie couldn't use
them. The presentation Mas made by
William Hurry, and the recipients fit
tingly ' responded. Refreshments were
served and the rest of the evening was
spent in music and song, the good old
Scotch soiil'S predominating. Mr. and
Mrs. Mackie leave for Montreal Sunday,
where thev intend to reside. Their
friends wish them godspeed and pros
perity in their new home.
The city furnished a free shower bath
to one of'the employes of the New Eng
land Tel. A Tel. Co. this morning when
the big oil sprinkler swung down through
Main street and failed to stay its flow
of liquid dutbane when the tank passed
over a manhole in front of the Union
Clothing store. Down under the street
a wireman was working on the telephone
company's cable line and information of
the sprinkler's presence first came to him
in the form of a generous dousing or
oil. The man on the box had forgotten
to cut olT tiic stream as be passed over
the manhole. Onlookers say there was
a general exchange of words for a few
moments after the anointing perform
ance, but the little incident was closed
when the driver and his tank of crude oil
were presently lost in a cloud of dust
farther down the street.
Dr. 1). C. Watt, one of the largest
fancier of White lyeghorns in this vi-'
cinity, is making extensive additions to
his poultry yards at his farm in Dan
ville near Joe's pond. To-day, the doe
tor received a shipment of 1.01KI day-old
l-eghorn chicks which will go to swell
the hen population at his farm. By
early next fall he expeeis to have added
2IHK) more chickens of the same strain.
The Corning system is used at the Watt
farm and farmers for miles around have
leen interested in the method adopted
there for making hen produce. As an
other well known local poultry man de
clared to-day. the ben .fancier's chief
purpos? should be to keep his birds
happv. and when his present project is
fully" completed. Dr. Watt expects that
every convenience available will 1e
placed at the lisKiaI of his fancy leg
horns at Danville.
A new fireproof fe, one of the largest
of its kind in the city. wa unloaded in
the Central Vermont freight yards this
morning. It is to lw used in the office
of the water superintendent at city hall
ivl during the forenoon a sizeable band
of men was engaged in tranporting the
safe to its new location and transferring
two old safes from the city building t
the freight yards. The new deposit
vault is some 7 feet hiirh and has a
width of 3 feet. It weighs three tons
end ha been placed in the main ofric
of Superintendent H. K. Reynolds' quart
era. It was manufactured by the Mos
ler Ssfe Co. of Roton. and the city gie
in part payment, the old 3 ton safe
formerly n-id hy the pvernment. and a
ma!Vr" ss'e ue4 until re.-ent'y in the
water office. The ptfW safe will be
bipped t TVtl. while the smaller one
has Iimd ptiTvb4 by Angiw A. Smith
far te i Montreal i-e. The
water rb part merit's iww safe i saij t
Hiiv vour unit or i'fnt ut Fitts .
M.u"v hI on silk glove at Ymighan .
It will ny you to rend lViry'n specials
fur Saturday.
Nee those extra silk petticoat value
at Ablmtfa. Only $2X0.
New lot of KelHrr neckwear toilay
hehiR shown hv the McWhorter t o.
' (iiiimp, eli'omiHettes, Dutcli eolj.'rs,
ilreBu net tie and bows, at Knight's.
The MeH bol ter t o. are allowing the
newest in Norfolk suits for the young
l-i:. t, ,,r G... vour screens
windows and doors at the C. L. Uuguue
K. J. Morrill has returned home, alter
.ending several days with friends in
Marshfield. , ,
If you want a good roll top desk or
a drop side couch and mattress, almost
new, inquire of O. H. Hale.
K. A. Eitts returned last night to his
home in Cabot, after spending a few
davs in the city on business.
Mrs. A. P. Abbott returned yesterday
afternoon from a visit with relatives in
Boston and Washington. 1). C.
Ten cents a yard, another lot of never-
lint crash at Perry's on Saturday, me
btt wearing crash you ever bought.
You can buy correct millinery ai rea
sonable prices from Mrs. Nelson-Church,
over Barre Times office. Why pay morei
Mrs. Peter McDonald, who lias oeen
spending several days with Mr. McDon
ald, left yesterday lor her homo in Bos
ton. . .. .
Miss Amelia Brescette returned this
morning to her home in Milton, after
spending a few days in this city with
friends. . '
Do not fail to attend the Orange Lum
ber company's wonderful elosmg-out
sale on Saturday, May 3. See ad. on
page 7. ,
Mr. ami Mrs. Charles Catto, who were
married in this city Monday .morning,
have gone to Quiiicy, Mass., to make
their home.
Mrs. S. D. Allen of Franklin street
has returned from a few days' visit with
her sister, Mrs. W. U Hibbard, in Ran
dolph Center. ...
Mrs. E. K. Bassiuger. who has been
visiting relatives in the city for the
past ten days, went this morning to her
home in Williston.
Henry C. Camp, who has been visiting
relative's on Washington otreet for a few
days, returned this forenoon to his home
in " Randolph Center,
Mrs. I-ouiso Graham returned yester
day afternoon to her home in North
He"ro. after spending several days with
friends in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. I ...!. Fara . who were
called to Barre by the death of Mrs.
Hyder Habeb. left this morning for their
home in New York.
Mr. mid Mrs. B. P. White of 21 Maple
Grove left this morning for Greensboro,
where they will pass the season at their
cottage on Lake Caspian.
Mrs. Marv Sherman, who has. been
the guest of Mrs. A. U. Stephens of Park
street for several days, has returned to
her home in Montpelier.
Great sale on silk muslin, all colors
and designs; regular 25c. Saturday only
at half, the price, 12V cents a yard, at
the New York Bareain House.
C. J. Goodrich, who has been spending
several davs with friends in Hurdwick,
was a visitor in the city today, wnue
on bis way home to Plainfield.
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Corliss , who have
been passing the winter in New York
City Bnd Philadelphia returned to their
home in Barre Tuesday night
The members of 4he Baptist church
are aeked to remember that to-night is
the regular monthly covenant and busi
ness meeting. All are urged to be pres
ent. John Petros. who has been passing a
few davs in the city as the guest of
John Mitchell of North Main street,
returned this morning to his home in
Miss Azilda Casaveaux. who has been
passing several months at the home of
n;a,m in the A. Tomast block, re
turned this morning to her home in
Yictoriaville, P. Q.
T. Piola arrived in the city yester
day morning from New York, where he
recently arrived in this country from
Piamonte, Italy. This is Mr. Piola's
first visit to the United States.
At the regular meeting of Barre lodge.
New England Order of . Protection, last
evening, delegates to the grand lodge
convention gave interesting reports of
the proceedings at the annual meeting.
Burt Cheeseman of Pearl street, who
has been visiting at his former home at
Uridgeport, Conn., since last Saturday,
returned to the citv yesterday, and re
sumed his duties at the Pearl street
barber shops.
Thomas Burke of East Barre. who
has been saHering from the effects of a
fall which he sustained on Prospect
street Monday morning, was able to
leave the City hospital yesterday and
return to his home.
Mrs. K. W. Bruce and daupnter. r lor
ence. who have been passing the winter
in Orange Citv. Ela.. have returned to
Barre for the "summer. Mr. Bruce, who
preceded them here by a fortnight, has
gone t Ottawa. Out., where be will be
engaged with an orchestra through the
Last evening about fifteen of her
voung friends gathered at the home of
Miss Jennie Plouff of South Main street,
tendering her a surprise party on her
birthday anniversary. The home was
attractively decorated for the occasion.
Miss Plouff was the recipient of many
ii a? fts frcm her friends. The even-
I.,, imsseil with music and
rin- Luncheon was s
served to the
party during the evening.
Improvements to the interior of the
Wort hen block in the space formerly oc
cupied bv the Granite City laundry are
nearing 'completion. The Inrge rear
room on the Keith avenue side of the
K,.;i.ii.. will ntilixed bv .1. F. Sadlier
for a show room. A larsio bay window,
designed especially for display purpos.,
protrudes from the side of the block on
Keith avenue as a result of the altera-!
tioiis. and other changes have been made j
bv the carpenters. j
"Robert Smith, the former Goddard ;
pitcher, who s given a tryout with!
the Chicago White Sox this spring, has j
been banded over to the Minneapolis ;
club of the Amerinn association for .
seasoninir. Smith changed his resid-nce
to the Mll.r city ths week. Manager!
Callahan of the Tite S is favorably,
impresed with Smith and My be e-j
pects bis return to big company with a j
little of ewrienee. WVn the White j
Sox were touring California this spring.!
Smith, who bss been residing in tho.e,
part dnr ng the winter, joined the Chi
rico camp d made a very favorable;
impression. Smith grsduatid from God- '
dard semiretrv in I01O. beginning a
course at Tuft college the following ,
er. He pitcbed superb ball both at
(rtxldard and at Tuft.
There will be a speeisl
emmupi ation of t.rarit
!.'g No. X't. Y. ant A. M..
Friday evening at 7 wVWxk
for installation of olfii-ct.
Per order, W. M.
Newest neckwear at Knight's.
Silk striped poplins at Abbott's.
May sale of ladies' neckwear at the
Yuiigliiin Store.
French-American hand-embroidered un
derwear at Fitts'.
Don't fail to see "Leah, the rorsak
en" at Bijou. The lust day Adv.
Regular meeting of division No. 1, A.
O. II.. this evening at 7:.')0 o'clock.
J. W. VnughBii of Maple Grove has
returned from a business visit to Boston.
Trunks, b:igs and emit eases, the most
complete line in the city, from the Mc
Whorter Co.
T. Rossi left last night for Boston,
where he will make an extended visit
with friends.
Mrs. It. A. Eldreilgo left yesterday for
Rockland. Me., where she will make an
extended visit with relatives.
Ned J. Roberts and . J. .Mattiiews
went this morning by automobile to
Greensboro for a few days' cruise, etc.,
on Uike Caspian.
Mrs. Martha Calef-White, electric nee
dle specialist, will be at Miss Canning's
toilet parlor, Barre. Yt., May 3, 0 and t.
Boston office 2 Park square.
The altar guild is requested to meet
at the Church of the Good Shepherd
this evening at 7 o'clock. Every mem
ber is usked to be present.
Great sale on silk muslin, all colors
and designs; regular 2:c, Saturday only
at half the price, 12V cents a yard, at
the New York Bargain House.
Philo Brace of Ha.elton, Pa., arrived
in the city this morning for a few days'
visit at the home of his mother, Mrs.
E. A. Bruce, of Brooklyn street.
E. A. Drown is unloading a car of
Buick automobiles m the Central Ver
mont freight yards. It is the third con
signment he has received this week.
Mrs. Julia Haves, Mrs. C. H. Barton
and James Hayes went yesterday to
Niggerhcad pond in Marshfield, where
they will spend two weeks in camp.
Sixty-nine cent each, three styles of
night "robes of good quality, soft finish
muslin, attractively trimmed with lace.
An extra value at BOe at Perry' on Sat
urday. UHinaid FaniHwoith, who has been
spending the past few days with rela
tives in the city and at Eat Barre, re
turned this afternoon to his home at
Hard wick.
Wednesday' arrival at The Buzzell
hotel were as follows: AV. Campbell,
Springfield. Map.; C J. Reilley, jr. New
York; Clarence Smith, Woodbury;
Josoph Corcoran. Lynn, Mas.; J. L.
limiton. Morrisville.
The Feast of the Ascension was on
served to-day at St. Monica's church
with the masses at- 5:M and 0 o clock
this forenoon. Acting pastor Rev. A. C.
Grillin officiated at both of the maes.
The church duv also was observed at
the Church of the Good Shepherd.
Last, night in the opera house the
bov scouts had a full dres rehearsal
for the exhibition to be given Friday
night, Mav 2. at 8 o'clock in the opera
house. The result was very satisfactory
to the scout masters, who are so vitally
interested in this work. The public is
cordially invited Friday night. No ad
mission charge. -.
Cards have been received in this city
from Rov Smith, a former Barre boy,
who is at present employed as a book
ing agent for the Klark-Urban Co., which
plaved a week stand in Barre last win
ter." Mr. Smith dated the cards at Colon,
Panama, and advised his friends that he
was proceeding to South America, where
the stock company will be booked for
the season.
0. H. Hale is starting an auction com
mission and exchange business on a dif
ferent plan than has heretofore been
tried in this citv. He will call and see
anything one has to sell, from a house
hold article to a firm, list it and arrange
for its disposal. Parties having goods
tlwy wish to turn into money or ex
chh'uge for other goods, may call at 0
Keith avenue, tel. it-12. .
Christian Henderson, an old-timer in
police court circles, was arraigned be
fore Judge H. W. Scott this forenoon
chars. suhBeniloiit of-
h he entered a plea of
;i If was the fifth offense recorded
a;.U't Christian since BMW, and on the
strength of bis record the court sen
him to the state hospital at Wa
,.,i.,,r,. nn.W the urovision of an act
passed' in the last session of the general
.eJ.mHv. Aii officer will accompany
Henderson to the state institution this
afternoon. He was arrested last night
at 11:30 o'clock by Officer Edwin L. Me
Leod. James S. Dunran was very much sur
prised last evening when about twelve
ot his friends gathered at 17 Academy
street to remind him of his birthday.
The evening was pleasantly spent in
plaving proTesive whist, singing and
dancing. The best prize were won by
Mrs. "Bob" Knox and John Gibb. while
Miss Gladys Adams and Mr. Duncan cap
tured the' boobies. During the collation
of ice cream, punch and wafers. Mr.
Duncan was presented gold cuff and
pm set and a pair of traveler's brushes
by Will Nelson, to which he heartily
responded. The party broke up at a
late hour, wishing him happy returns
of the day. '
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STOVES. The New Perfection has proven to be good
and we guarantee each stove.
Come in and look them over.
(Exra wicks carried in stock.)
S1-S3 Io. Slain St.
nh ns Tmnerial and
Tel. 439-W
Barre, Vt.

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