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Never mind what the
weather is outside our
store, come inside and
we'll fix you so you'll be
well fixed for all outside
Raincoats, $10 to $25.
Shower coats, $10 and
. Slip-ons, $5, $10, $15.
Fall suits, $10 to $30.
Fall overcoats, $10 to
To-day, umbrellas at
" $1.00.
A special cravenetted
all wool light weight
raincoat for $18.
Wa-Clean, Press and Repair Clothing
F. H. Rogers & Co.
They're w o r t h it
full of smart new
Tn.0 dels in shoes ;
youfll see just the
etylwyou want.
And then when
you're ready to be fit
ted, you know you'll
get h right sort of
service here.
The snap model
Bas8 Hunting and Work
Hub Mark Rubbers
Rogers . g
Publjihcd Kvit Wtekniw Afrnooa
The phrase "beaten to a frazzle" again
comes out of retirement.
The Thaw ' defense seems to be just
one repetition after another.
President Wilsou should make haste
to go slowly in this Mexico matter.'
May the 'battle of the ballots not de
scend into a batttle of bullets in New
York York City to-day!
The new city water aqueduct for Los
Angeles brings the water 200 miles.
Therefore, Barre might be justified in go
ing into the northern region of Canada
after its supply.
The Republican party of Virginia
didn't even put up a candidate for gov
ernor this year, showing they haven't
the courage of their conviction as well
as not having the votes.
All camlidates loudly assert that there
are no strings attached to them and
their candidacies, which is not saying
how many lines may be attached after
some of them get into office.
It is the Burlington Clipper, near
neighbor to l'ort Ethan Allen, which ex
presses the fallowing sentiments "There
will be a sigh of relief in v mooski and
Essex Junction that the colored, soldiers
are to leave Fort Ethan Allen," and It
adds, "What the residents in the towns
near the fort want is the re-establish
ment of the canteen." The people of
Wlnooski and Essex Junction are in the
best position to determine the merits
of both propositions; we leave it to
them for the time-being.
munity; it is concerned rather in the
question of which is the niOBt accessible
point for the largest number of teachers
from all parts of the state. The purpose
of the teachers.' convention is to help as
many teachers as possible, and, mani
festly, the holding of the convention In
the most accessible point will meet that
end, providing, of course, that the most
accessible point is also large enough to
give suitable entertainment to 1,200 or
1,500 men and women.- And, if there
are several cities among which there r?
little choice in the matter of accessibil
ity and in ability to entertain, it will
be only fair to pass the conventions
around, so to speak, so that the benefits
of the association may be snared equally.
Indeed, the good of the cause of educa
tion in Vermont seems to depend in part
upon the transferring of these conven
tions from one section to another, be
cause of the new impetus which the con
vention brings to the work of the teach
ers in the places so favored.
Burlington is seeking to 'secure the
Vermont State Teachers' convention next
year, although admitting that the teach
ers were well entertained at Montpeliel
this year. In fact, many Vermont cities
and towns would like to secure this con
vention because it is about the most de
sirable from several standpoints, not the
least of which is the business which the
teachers bring to local tradesmen. The
teachers are good spenders in the towns
and cities where the conventions are held
and they leave considerable money after
each convention. It is little wonder,
then, that those communities which have
been privileged to entertain the conven
tion are anxious to be the entertainers
However, the main point in the deci
sion as to location of the convention has
nothing to do with the matter of busi
ness which the teachers bring to a corn-
States that have no elections this year
are fortunate. Which reminds one again
that Massachusetts is now the only state
in the Union that has annual elections
for state officers. Springfield (Mass.;
The above is presented as expert testi
mony in case there should arise a move
ment in Vermont to substantiate annual
elections for biennial elections. In all
the other states of the Union except
Massachusetts the terms of office of the
chief executive run from two to four
years, 110 less than 26 states and terri
tories allowing their governors to remain
in office four years, and 22 limiting the
term to two years, while New Jersey
votes every three years. The burden ot
proof thus is all but unanimous against
annual overturn of state administra
tions, Massachusetts alone standing out
in contrast with the remainder of the
nation. . , '
Save Your Hairl Make it Soft, Glossy,
Fluffy, Beautiful Grows Hair
end We Prove It.
Try as you will, after an application
of Danderine. you cannot find a single
trace of dandruff or falling hair and
your scalp will not itch, but what will
please you most will be after a few
weeks' use, when you see new fV.ir, fine
and dowuy at first yes but really
new hair growing all over the scalp.
A little Danderine immediately dou
bles the beauty of your hair. No dif
ference how dull, faded, brittle and
scraggy, just moisten a cloth with Dan-
uerine and carefully draw it through
your hair, taking one small strand at
a time. The effect is immediate and
amazing your hair will be light, fluffy
and wavy, and have an appearance of
abundance; an incomparable luster, soft
ness and luxuriance, the beauty and
shimmer of true hair health.
Get a 25-cent bottle of Knowlton's
Danderine from any drug store or toilet
counter, and prove that your hair is as
pretty and solt as any that it has been
neglected or injured by careless treat
ment that s all. Advt,
Specials for this Week
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Coats. You sure
ly can save here from $1.00 to $2.00 on your La Vogue
Coats, and have as large an assortment to select from.
Come here and let us show you before you buy.
ry Bartlett of tfyra
ed to her home last
Salts, Calomel and Cathartic Pills Are
Violent They Act on Bowels as
Pepper Acts in Nostrils.
f.et a 10-cent box.
Take a Cascaret to-night to cleanse
your liver, stomach and bowels, and you
will surely feel great by morning. You
men and women who have headache,
coated tongue, can't sleep, are bilious,
nervous, upset, bothered with a sick,
gassy, disordered stomach or have back
ache and feel all worn out. Are you
keeping your bowels clean with Casea
rets or merely forcing a passageway
every few days with salts, cathartic pills
or castor oil f
Cascarets immediately cleanse . and
regulate the stomach, remove the sour,
undigested and fermenting food and foul
gases; take the excess bile from the
liver and carry off the constipated waste
matter and poison from the intestines
and bowels.
Remember, a Cascaret to-night will
straighten you out by morning. A 10
cent box from your druggist means
healthy bowel action; a clpar head and
cheerfulness for months. Don't forget
the children. Advt.
Ifubprt 8. Croteau, who has been at
work for George W. Lynde for nearly a
year, has moved with his family" to
Barre and is at work in one of the stone
sheds in that city. - ,
Papers were signed Nov. 1st trans
ferring the title to the Jackson farm on
Baptist street from Mrs. Olivia Jackson
to Louis Warner, who comes here from
PhUtsburg, N. Y.
Mrs. Mary Richardson of Worcester,
Mass., is visiting at Hadem M, Jeffords.
W. D. Griffith, who has been for about
a year past employed on a farm at
White River Junction, has had his gods
shipped hack to town and will for the
present make bis home with Eugene M.
Mrs. C. E, Ingalla, who has been out
of town for a short time on a visit to
her sister, Mrs. Mar
cuse, X. .f returns
The chicken pie sale and supper given
by the ladies of the Methodist church
on the evening of Nov. 30 was largely
attended, supper being furnished to over
200 people. A musical and literary en
tertainment was given, following the
Percy 3. Jeffords, who is teaching in
the grammar room of the new school
building at Chelsea, was in town for
the week end.
Mrs. Olivia Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Ij.
Marshall Jackson and John W. Ktewart
left town the 3rd in Mr. Jackson's car
for Portland, Me. They went via White
River Junction and expect to stay over
night at some point in New Hampshire,
arriving at their destination the 5th.
The contract for the new stoneshed to
be occupied by the W. B. Jones Granite
Co., has been awarded to C. A. Churchill
of Barre. A part of the lumber is now
on the ground and it is expected that the
building will be ready to put in the ma
chinery Jan. 1, 1014.
(Continued from first page.)
ices, $:!8, water and rilury accounts;
Walworth Co., $02.84, supplies, water ac
count; W; V. Shcpard, $800, poor sup
port, poor account; W. F. Sliepard,
$41.0(1, services lis overseer.'
Red Cross Pharmacy, $6.65, supplies,
health account; J. H. Woodruff, $41.00,
services as health officer; E, II. Deavitt,
$3,194.04, direct state tax, state and
county tax account; X. M. Nelson, $0,
teams, state highway account; Reynolds
Si Son, $13.05, sewer, sidewalk and en
gineering accounts; street department
payroll, $404.09, streets, permanent
streets, sewer, surface sewer, sidewalk,
bridges and culverts and state highway
accounts; water department payroll,
$H8.08 fire department payroll, $81.74;
police department payroll, $00.58; city
treasurer, cash paid out on street su
perintendent'a order, $13.20, street ac
count; Arad T. Smith cemetery trust
funds, $150, to be placed at interest;
G. A. Bemis, $14, duties as janitor;
Wood ii Gregoire, $13.31, labor on side
walks; David Dawson, $27.25, services as
alderman. '
Nelson Hamel, formerly manager of
the Plalnfiehl house at riainfleld, lias
assumed the management again. He has
refitted the house throughout, installed
steam heat, and proposes to run a first
class commercial house. Your patronage
is solicited. .
In juvenile court at Montpelier yes
terday, Francis Murtagh was before
Judge Martin to answer to the charge of
damaging the garden of C. O. Oriusbee.
It was also claimed that he was unruly.
Ho was warned against a " repetition of
his acts and sent home. In probate court,
the insanity cases of Barbara Dobie and
Lillian May Carr, both of Barre, were
heard. The petitions were brought by
the Barre city council. Both persons had
been in Waterbury, pending a hearing,
and have now been committed at the ex
pense of the state.
Two firemen were called by still alarm
to the house occupied by Leroy Clark,
yesterday forenoon, where a chimney
fire was burning. There was no damage.
The water department has again com
menced .pumping water at Berlin pond,
as there is not enough running into the
small pond and the brook running into
the reservoir to maintain a surplus. The
water in the large pond is still three feet
below the surface level of the small
It is feared that Wilbur Clark, the
youth who was run into by an auto
mobile, as he was riding a bicycle, may
be internally injured, as he is not show
ing much gain after a two weeks stay
at Heaton hospital. His leg was broken
in the collision.
Only three days to pay your water
rent. Kindly attend to it at once and
save the rush on the last day. H. E.
Reynolds, Supt.
is a very important part of your housefurnishing. We are
better prepared to fill your needs in this line than ever before.
A Solid Oak Suite, complete with spring and mattress,
for $30.00
Other Suites in Oak, Mahogany and Bird's-Eye Maple,
up to 73.00
Princess Dressers, with Chiffoniers to match, in Cir
cassian Walnut, Mahogany and Oak. . . .$15.00 to $40.00
Brass and Steel Beds from ..$4.50 to $45.00
Agents for the Genuine Ideal Springs and "Thermas"
Silk Floss Mattresses.
A 10 per cent, cash discount on all goods.
Furnishing Undertakers and Embalmers
New prices on stylish Coats. . .$6.98, $7.50, $8.00,
$10.50, $11.50, $12.00, $13.50, $15.00, $16
Children's Coats. $2.50, $2.98, $3.50, $4
Ladies' Wool Dresses $3.98, $5.98, $6.
Evening Dresses, Silk and Chiffon. . .$8.50, $10.
Ladies' Separate Skirts $1.98, $2.98, $3.
Ladies' Special Rain Coats at $1.98,
Children's Dresses, special at... $1.00, $1.:
35c Children's Fleeced Underwear, all sizes at.
50c Ladies' Fleeced Underwear for
Ladies' Union Suits, at .50c, 75c, $1.
$1.25 Special Wool Underwear at
75 of the best Flannelette Night Robes for
.Kimonos and Bath Robes. . . . . .98c, $1.25, $1.50,
Ladies' House Dresses at. . ..... .98c, $1.19,
Ladies' Flannel Waists, special at ...........
Lot odd Waists, also large sizes
Special Silk Messaline Waist at ....... . .$1.98,
Special White and Ecru Lace Waist at
39c Ladies' Gloves, doe lining, for ...
50c best Glove we have seen, kid trimmed, at. . .
Ladies' and Children's Hose, no better to be
found in any store, at 12' c, 25c, 39c, 50c
See our Heavy Silk Hose at
0 up
50 up
50 up
00 up
50 up
25 up
30 up
Ii6cn Store I
Full line of colored corduroys at Ab
bott's. -
Contention ends, so far as clothes are
concerned, when the Royal Tailored man
enters no need of further discussion
his clothes speak for themselves. F. A.
Hutchinson, Wood block.
- Go to John H. Johnson, 37 South Main
street, for your roofing, eave troughing,
sheet iron and tin work, repairing, etc.
Tel. 212-W.
Custom grinding at the Kempton Mills,
Barre. Prompt service.
The McYVhorter Co. have a few mors
of those youths' suits, sizes 31 to 3.
to close at a liberal discount.
Heavy Political Mall.
Boston, Mass., Nov. 4. It took five
hundred extra carriers to distribute
throughout the Boston postal district
yesterday, the largest political mail
ever handled from the central office.
Rutland county leads the list of sub
scribers to the Vermont teachers' re
tirement fund, of which $ti.800 has been
raised by the association. Rutland leads
with a contribution of $1,308.
Rippling1 Stream lodge will hold
practice meeting Wednesday, Nov. 5, at
7 p. m. sharp, preparatory for work.
Every member is requested to be pres
ent at this meeting. Take notice. The
warden of the Kebekah assembly is ex
pected to be with us at the regular
meeting, rer order . u.
Drops Dead from Eating Peanuts,
Lewiston, Me., Nov. 4. William Phil
ooke, a farmer and a prominent citizer
of Greene, dropped dead on Lison street
here from acute indigestion brought on
from eating peanuts while attending the
Uowdoin-Untcs football game here.
' ' - ' ' '
Do You Look Upon Your
Income as a trust, fund! Why? Be
cause a part of it belongs to to-day and.
a part of it to to-morrow. The part for
to-morrow can be used advantageously
in the purchase of endowment insurance.
Send for rates. National Life Ins. Co.,
of Vt. (Mutual.) S. S. Ballard, gen
eral agent, Lawrence building, Mont
pelier, Vt.
House Gleaning Tims
In the semi-annual renovation
many discarded articles come to
light, or it is found desirable to
replace the old" with new. Send
all unneeded articles to the City
Auction Market and realize cash
to buy new. We are constantly
receiving goods of all sort3 and
all kinds and people are buying
and selling to good advantage.
New things coming in daily.
0. H. HALE,
ITen Miles From as
You may be there next week if your hands
and feet are dry and warm, you will be ready for
any adventure. '
We are ready for the hunting season
with a choice line of Sportsman's Footwear,
including High Cut Shoes, Leather Top
Overs, Leggings, Sheepskin Shoes and Foot
ings. i
The sportsman, anticipating his fall hunting,
will be greatly interested in our good Hunting
I The Tilden Shoe Company !
t m w J a sa
'The House of Better Shoes
v A
Playing with Pump Gun, Which Is Acci
dentally Discharged.
Syracuse, N. V., Nov, 4. Playing in
the kitchen of his father's farm at Ber
wyn, three miles south of Pompey, Kr
nest Clark, 10 years old, shot and in
stantly killed his seven-year-old sister,
Louise. "
The tragedy occurred when his broth
er's rifle, a pump gun, was accidentally
discharged, the bullet penetrating the
child's left ear and brain.
Universalist Chicken-Pie Supper.
Chicken-pie supper at the Universalist
church vestry Wednesday, Nor. 5. Menu:
Riced potatoes Mashed turnip
Home-made rolls
Cranberry sauce Pickles
Assorted pies
Tea Coffee
Admission, 35c Children under 10
years, 20c. Supper served from 6 to 7
Custom grinding at the Kempton Mills,
Barre. Prompt service.
Auction Sale
Valuable Real Estate.
The undersigned will sell at public
auction to the highest bidder, on the
premises in the city of liarre, on
Thursday, November 20
at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the follow
ing described property:
2-Story 2-Teiiement House of 6:
Rooms Each
with pantry, closet, electric lighfs. etc.
The house is in first-class repair and
very conveniently arranged; barn, hen
house, and store 30x40, and was built
for. grain and feed business by the late
P. S. Prior, who conducted a large and
extensive business and is one of the
most desirable locations in the city for
that purpose.
The lot is a large and valuable one,
with a frontage on Main street of about
100 feet, with a depth of more than 200
AIho a five-room cottaire and barn
that rents for $10 per month.
This is one of the best opportunities
given the public to buy good business
or investment nrupertv at Tour own
price, as it must b sold to settle an
D. A, PERRY, Auctioneer, Barre, Vt
Forced to Raise Money Sale
To Be Continued for 12 Days-Let Nothing Keep You Away This Time
Still $7,000 Short
of the required amount of money necessary for us to
raise to meet outstanding obligations. We have got to
have this amount in the next two weeks at all hazards,
and with this object in view, we have cut the already
low prices to the core.
You must take advantage of this big money-raising
sale. Even if you don't need Winter Wearing Apparel
for immediate use, buy now for future wants: High
Grade Union Made Clothing, Underwear, Sweaters,
Shoes, etc., at less than ever before. We have cut the
prices still deeper, regardless of our loss. We must
raise cash.
I thank the many old and new customers that have
patronized me during this great money-saving event.
To those that haven't had the opportunity, this two
weeks' continuance will enable you to get your share of
the biggest bargains ever before offered to you in Barre
and vicinity. DON'T FAIL THIS TIME, BE ON
THINK what you miss if you don't attend this sale.
LOOK for the Blue Signs and the name before entering
171 North Main Street, Barre, Vt.
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