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ood's Pills
Cure Constipation
Liver Ills
Look, Mother! If Little Tongue Is Coat
4 ed, Give "California Syrup of Figs"
Children Love It.
Grand Jury Brings a Man
slaughter Indictment
Against Ballard
Ballard Alleged to Have
Shot Leahey, a Hal
. lo we'en Celebrator
Rutland, Nov. 7. The grand jury
which Wednesday began the considera
tion of the case of DeWitt Ballard of
Castleton, who on Oct. 31 fatally wound
ed with a revolver Thomas F. Leahey of
West Rutland while the latter, with oth
er boys, was celebrating Hallowe'en near
the respondent's house, reported in Rut
land county court yesterday afternoon
that they had found an indictment for
manslaughter against Ballard. ,
The evidence was presented . to the
grand jury Wednesday afternoon, and as
they did not report until noon yester
day, it is believed-that some difficulty
was experienced in deciding upon the de
gree of the crime on which Ballard is to
be tried. .
The statutes provide that the penalty
for manslaughter shall be from one year
to life imprisonment or a fine of not
more than $1,000. Ballard will bo tried
during the present term of county court.
It is probable that J. C. Jones will de
fend him.
Wife of Yonkers Mayor Wanted to See
Husband Re-elected JTm Willing
to Go Now."
Yonkers, X. Y., Xov. 7. Mrs. Winifred
Butler Lennon, wife of Mayor James T.
U-nnon, died yesterday at her home, 80
High street, at the age ot htty-nve. .
Airs. Lennon had been ill for, weeks
and her condition had been critical for
ten days. As election approached she
prayed that she might live to see her.
husband re-elected. Her prayer was
granted. Physicians said that her in
tense interest in the campaign prolonged
her life. When lier husband, sitting at
her bedside late Tuesday night, reecived
the returns indicating his re-election for
a- third term, she smiled and murmured:
"I am willing to go now."
The reaction already had set in. Mrs.
Lennon lapsed' into unconsciousness
Wednesday night and passed away at 6
o'clock Thursday morning. Beside her
husband she is survived by nine chil
dren. ' - i ,
Instantly Killed.
Boston, Xov. 7 Leaning into an el
evator well in an endeavor to grasp a
cable, Joseph G. Lynch, aged 16, lost his
balance and plunged from the seventh
floor to the bottom of the shaft. He was
instantly killed. The accident happened
in building on Summer street, where
the boy was employed.
Chevillard Passes Over Aerodrome at
Versailles With Machine
' Inverted. " .
Versailles, France, Xov. 7. Maurice
Chevillard, a French aviator, yesterday
imitated the 'example set by Adolphe
l'cgoud and flew over the aerodrome here
in his biplane head downward. He also
performed many other feats of aerial
American League Is Against the Plan
for Change.'
Chicago, Xov. 6. The American base
ball league in a brief meeting here yes
terday voted unanimously against the
proposal to substitute a general inter
lcague series for the world's series now
played, discussed informally the de
mands of the Players' Federation and
pronounced several f them "acceptable."
1 ae league will suggest shortening the
playing season by starting April 14 and
ending October 7.
To-night Balalaika Orchestra at Barre
x Opera House.
The balalaika is a musical instrument
the national instrument of Russia. It
has a past, that loses itself in. the nebu
lous unwritten history of the early tribes
of northern Europe. Its tones delighted
the uncouth nomads of those parts
when Greek and Rome civilization were
at their height.
The balalaika is the connecting link
between primitive savagery and civiliza
tion. Every great museum attests this
fact by giving the instrument represen-
In the Old Days There Were
Several Men to Win 7
Met and Conquered All Cqm
' ecs and Never Was
Report in Cincinnati Says Keystone
State Executive Will Succeed Lynch.
f Cincinnati, O., Xov. 7. According to
a report in this city John K. Tener, gov
ernor of Pennsylvania and at one time
a great ball player, will succeed Thomas
J. Lynch as president of the Xational
league. The Cincinnati Enquirer printed
a story stating that an arrangement had
been made whereby Gov. Tener will be
elected without opposition.
Giants Won Again.
Douglas, Ariz., Xov. 7. The Xew
York Xationals defeated the Chicago
Americans 14 to 5 yesterday, Bath,
Chase, Evans, Magee and Deviin made
home runs.
Testimony Given at Bay State Hospital
, Investigation,
Worcester, Mass., Xov. 7. Testimony
offered before the state board of insan
ity yesterday, afternoon in defense of
the Worcester state hospital was chiefly
concerning food and its quality.
' Records were read concerning waste in
the dining rooms which had steadily in
creased since July and amounted from
$400 to iX) 'since September.
The matron testified to having made
a study of waste but could not say if
(iOO pounds of waste food in one week
was an unusual waste.
Prices and quantities of food served
Were gone into in detail.
Dancer with Big Triple Star Attraction t
the Barre Opera House To-night
tation among its ancient treasures, sing
ly or in classified groups, for it has
varied forms. It was the first step to
ward culture, undertaken qy, what is
now a great people.
Its dulcet notes were the first out
pouring of Russia music. The balalaika's
strains inspired the pioneer Russian
dancers whose successors now hold two
hemispheres enthralled by their marvel
ous ballets. ,
It was M. Andreff whose wonderful
work in organizing balalaika orchestras I
won for him the first place at the im
perial court of Russia. His music is
played by all the balalaika orchestras
in Russia and by the orchestras that
have gone from the czar's country by
imperial permission.
His music will be featured by the Rus
sian balalakai orchestra when it appears
at the opera .house to-night. Adv.
Artistic Poses
combined with
our new mount
ings, for that new
Portrait you have
promised your-'
self and friends
so long, are made
at the TROUP
Christmas is an
appropriate time
to exchange pho
tos. Make an ap
pointment now'
and have your
work finished lat
er. Call and see
our mountings.
Barre, Vt.
Tel. 2S9-W
The Shepherd of the Hills," Saturday.
Harold Bell Wright, the author of
"The Shepherd of the Hills," which
comes to the opera house on Saturday,
matinee and niglit, .Nov. 8. is conceded
to be the most popular American novel
ist. No modern author s books have had
anything like the sale that has been ac
corded to Mr. Wright's works.
Xearly everyone is familiar with the
characters in "The Shepherd of the
Hills." They are people out of the or
dinary run of life, people in whose veins
run good, rich, red blood. They do
things in a natural, human way; thev
love and hate with deep passion.
In making a play of lus novel, Mr.
Wright, with the assistance of Elsbury
V. Reynolds, lias retained all the dra
matic moments of the story and en
larged upon the character of "Preachin'
Bill," making a character of him that
will be long 'remembered by theatre
goers. Naturally, the love between
"Sammy Lane" and "Young Matt" Is
the pivot upon which the play revolves.
Messrs. Gaskill and MacVitty, the pro
ducers, have mounted the play :in a
sumptuous manner and given it a cast
that promises to prove unique in the
matter of types. Adv.
J. W. Gorman's Comedians, in a Reper
toire of Musical Plays.
The fact that these will be presented
by one of J. W. Gorman's companies
carries an assurance of high standards
in all that the term implies.
This of itself will please our theatre
goers who appreciate merit wherever
found. And when informed that these
musical plays are from the pen of Mat
thew Ott, whose genius is international
for creating bright, snappy, scintillat
ing farce, thp kind that not only drives
away that feeling of erulean hue, but
leaves the sides aching from convulsive
laughter, this bit of news will prove all
the more welcome.
"I Should Worry," "Merry Chaperon,"
The Happy Hunters," are the names of
the musical comedies and they are par
ticularly brimming with eccentric nov
elties as well as rollicking music of the
whistleable kind. .
Take in the trood things as they come.
Go to the opera house next Monday and
see the show. Then when you're satis-
lied that J. W. Gorman's comedians will
please your friends, why tell them 80.
Adv. -
"Where are the wrestlers of yester
day ?" It was ex-Senator George W.
Flagg of Braintree, the lone survivor of
a race of wrestling men that once made
history In the sporting world, who re
peated, a question that hundreds have
asked themselves as they scan the sport
ing sheets that sow teem with such
strange men of wrestling fame as Yus-
seff Mahmout, "Shad" Link, Zbysko,
Frank Gotvh. Dr. Roller and Cyclone
Burns. The man who out-wrestled the
flower of Vermont youth in the muster
ing days of '61 smiled a bit sadly ana
talked of the past.
In spite of his 74 summers, Air. Jagg,
the one-time heavyweight champion, con
verses with the ardor of youth and ac
companies his remarks with gestures
that belie his years. He was in a remi
niscent mood when a Times reporter met
him yesterday. "They are gone, most
of them," he said by way of reply to
the leading question.
"In the liey-dey of my career on tue
mat, the second-rate performers in Ver
mont could throw anvbody in the United
States," explained Mr. Flagg by way of
indicating the prestige which once at
tached to a coterie of wrestlers who
claimed the Green Mountain state for
their home. "Up in Fairfield, in north-J
em Vermont, there were men galore who
could fling the best the country afforded
in those days." It was a generous trib
ute to a town that has produced some
famous wrestlers, for men of another
generation who followed the game still
tell of the time when Mr. Hagg met and
won his falls from John MeMahon, the
cleverest wrestler that ever represented
Fan-held on the mat.
In the years before the war, the Brain-
tree man, then a stripling, first gained
a local reputation as one of the most
dexterous wrestlers in his home town.
A few years later he enlisted in the sec
ond Vermont volunteers and it was while
the regiment was encamped at Burling
ton and waiting for orders to the front
that considerable rivalry developed
among the several companies that made
up the Old .Second, as it is fondly-called.
From Bennington there came a private
Who was heralded far and wide as an
invincible man on the mat. John MeMa
hon, a nine-months' man, met the down
state champion and flung him in straight
falls." The regimental honors went from
company to foml ny until Mr. Flagg
was induced to enter. Thereafter the
championship rested with Company F.
Throughout the war, the man from
Braintree continued to shine in' army
circles, and while the regiment was in
winter quarters, he had ample opportu
nity to try his skill with the champion
wrestlers of other regiments.
After the war he devoted most of his
spare time to perfecting himself in the
art. A trio consisting of If. M. Dufur
of uaterbury, now a resident of Los
Angeles, C'al., the doughty MeMahon, snd
Mr. Flagg traveled up and down the
state, and whererer they went the local
champions usually had to take the count.
Rivalry for wrestling honors was keen
in those davs and every town had its
champion. In the matches between
themselves, both MeMahon and Dufur
often managed to take a fall out of the
Braintree champion, but the matches
they always lost. Latterly, the favorite
diversion at the county fairs came to be
wrestling, and many were the times
when one town backed its champion to
the limit against an invader. At the
state fair in Vermont, agricultural fairs
in Xew York, the principal cities of the
Empire state, large centers in Michigan,
Wisconsin and other western states, Mr.
Flagg was ready, with his ma linger to
accept all coiners.
One and all were uniformly unsuccess
ful in downing the rugged" Vermonter.
Presently from one quarter of the sec
tion would come forth a mighty man
to do battle-with the pride of Braintree.,
but it was an old story once they came
together. There are men living "to-day.
and many of them, who well remember
the Fourth of July celebration at Lyn
don fairgrounds 32 years ago. The day
was warm and thousands came by train
and team to see the invincible pair,
Flagg and Dufur, struggle for superior
ity. mi a rAOOO delicit in the treas
ury, the fair directors hoped to cancel
the obligations by engaging two excel
lent drawing cards. By nightfall the
deficit was wiped out and there was $500
in the fate box to boot. Flagg won, and
after that no one questioned his claim
.to supremacy.
Despite his advancing years, Mr. Flagg
Mother! Your child isn't naturally
cross and peevish. See if tongue is coat
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liver and bowels need a cleansing at
When listless, pale, feverish, full of
cold, breath bad, throat sore, doesn't
eat, sleep or act naturally has stomach
ache, diarrhoea, remember, a gentle liver
and bowel cleansing should always be
the first treatment given. ,
Nothing equals "California (Syrup of
Figs" for children's ills ; give a teaspoon
ful, and in a few hours all the foul
waste, sour bile and fermenting food
Which is clogged in the bowels passes
out of the system, and you have a well
and playful child again. All children
love this harmless, delicious "fruit laxa
tive," and it never fails to effect a good
"inside cleansing. Directions- for ra
bies, children of all ages and grown-ups
are plainly, on the bottle.
Keep it handy in your home. A little
given to-day saves a sick child to-morrow,
but get the genuine. Ask your
druggist for a 00-cent bottle of "Cali
fornia Syrup of Figs," then look and see
that it is made by the "California Fig
Syrup Company." Counterfeits are be
ing sold here. Don't be fooled! Advt.
continued to seek glory on the mat. His
quest was invariably successful. No
longer ago than 1901 an offer came from
Manchester, N. H. It was on the occa
sion of the dedication of a large gym
nasium, and sporting men from all parts
of New England gathered there to see
the Green Mountain farmer meet his bet
ter. ' For three days matches were pulled
off, but the end saw the man from Brain
tree still in the lead. It was his last
public appearance on the cushion. De
clining years and a desire to improve his
large timber tracts in Orange county led
him to abandon the game. Mr. Flagg
Was married in this city ThursdaA and
after a few days ut sight-seeing he in
tends to take his bride back to the an
cestral farm in Braintree, there to de
vote his whole time to reforesting im
mense areas of mountain land and to
breeding fancy Cotswold sheep, for which
he has already become justly famed.
Here in America wrestling as a sport
has fallen into bad repute. .Too often
the matches have been "fixed" and a
long-suffering public is averse to 'believ
ing that the game was once elevated to
high levels in the sporting world.
To the fact that every man jack of
them wrestled straightaway and fair,
Mr. Flagg attributes the craze for
matches that once existed. Individually,
the champions in those days were men
who rarely used liquor and' seldom
smoked to excess. It was bad for the
wind, they said. During his long career
as a wrestler of the first class, Mr. Flagg
never aroused the anger of hia opponent.
Neither did he allow his adversary to
anger him. The same was true in a
measure of the other famous wrestlers
of the dav, Dufur, MeMahon, and the
others. Those who recall the scene which
followed the lute defeat of the Terrible
Turk in one of the large eastern cities
will smile at Mr. Flagg 's concluding ob
servation of the-wrestlers then and now.
Do not let this serious disease extend
along the delicate mucous membrane,
gradually going from the nose to the
throat, thence into the bronchial tubes
and downward until - the lungs are
There is no other treatment for ca
tarrh that is like Hyomei or just as
good. None can take its place, nme
give such quick, effective and sure relief
and at so little cost furthermore, the
Red Cross Phtfrmacy will refund your
money if you are not benefited. Hyomei,.
as sold by all druggists, reaches the
most remote- cells of the' air passages.
kills the catarrhal germs, soothes and
heals the irritated mucous membrane.
Begin its use now to-day, and see
how quickly the droppings into the
throat, the discharges from the nose,
sniffling and all other symptoms of ca
tarrh are overcome; and remember no
stomach drugging you breathe it. The
complete outfit containing inhaler and
bottle of liquid costs but $1.00. Extra
bottles of liquid, if later needed, 50
tents. Advt.
Francis F.aton of the Boston Journal
says that JJartmouth has the best team
since it beat Harvard 22 to 0 back in
Hoegsett and Loudon, the Dartmouth
pair of ends, are rated as among the
best of the season. These players showed
championship calibre in "the big Tiger
game under the most adverse conditions.
Yale has not developed anything of
championship type, while Harvard can
lay claim to just O'Brien, the versatile
left wing man. Dr. Carl WiPfams say
that Wagner, the right end of the Uni
versity of Pittsburg, is one of the best
ends of the season.
One of the candidates for the position
of quarterback on the All-American
team, is Miller, the, diminutive Penn
State team general. Miller's open field
work has been one of the big sensations
of the past few football seasons.
Ever since the inauguration of the
Haiighton system of coaching at Har
vard the Crimson team has been success
ful on the gridiron. Harvard rufeds not
to send out hurry calls for grads to re
turn and place the eleven in line for the
big games. The backlone of the Har
vard system is Percy Hausjhton, Leo
Leary, and the two Withingtons. Others
who have figured in pouring out advice
to the Cambridge warriors this season
are Dave Campbell, the best end Har
vard ever had, Tau Cambell, James
Knox, Reggie Brown, Harry Gardner,
Ham Corbett and Parmenter.
Larry Cheney, a star pitcher of the
Chicago Cubs, feels optimistic over the
prospects of the Cubs next season. He
says that the. Cubs will win the pen
nant in the next Xational league race.
Cheney will keep in condition this win
ter hunting in Oklahoma.
Bill Hollenbach, "the old Penn player,
says that Pennsylvania's line compares
favorably with "the Harvard ' line. . He
does not venture to compare t!;e back
field of the two colleges.
At the present date the Xavy once
more rules favorite in the annual battle
with the Army, which will be staged in
Xew York during the latter part of
this mouth. The Army has had an in
auspicious season, being humiliated with
a defeat at the hands of the Xotre Dame
team and having several other close
scored games with minor colleges. In
comparison, the avy has had a most
successful season, downing all opponent
with ease, lhe Xavy had a great ad
vantage in having a veteran team. Their
line is described as one of the strongest
in the country.
A new idea has been realized in Xew
York for staging football contests in in-
teischolastic circles. Doubleheaders in
stead of single contests are afforded the
public. At the initial trial of this nov
elty on Tuesday, over 10,000 person
turned out for the Manuel-Erasmus and
Poly Prep-Boys' high games.
President Comiskv of the White Sox
has acquiesced in the wishes of Doc
White, the veteran White Sox pitcher,
and will declare him a free agent pro
viding White can effect negotiations for
the purchase of Thomas Fairweathers
interests in the Des Moines club. Doc
has for some time been trying to make
the purchase, desiring to "become part
owner and manager of the Des Moines
club w ith Frank Iabcll, the oil timer
Copyright IJsrt Behaffner & Marx
Young Men's Winter Styles
' by : ;. ;:.r,...-'.
Hart Schaffner & Marx
You young men who want the smartest styles ought to see earlj
the new models we have brought together for you this season. The spe
cial designs which have been prepared are very new, clever, original;
many unique features you'll not get in any other clothes.
There's a lot of individuality in the way the shoulders are shaped;
a fit to the back; the trousers have new, distinctive lines; the waistcoats -are
different. ' ;:
You know you're right if you're wearing HART SCHAFFNER &
MARX fine clothes.
Moore & Owens
Barre, Vt.
Chicago player. White has received of
fers to manage the Sioux -iiy ana
Peoria clubs.
On Saturday, the University of Ver
mont football "team will journey to Med
ford, Mass., to meet the Tufts college
warriors. This will be the first meeting
of the two institutions on the gridiron
for several years. -Tufts rules favorite
for the game because of an enviable rec
ord to date.
In holies of bettering the Yale team,
Captain Ketchnm has shifted from the
middle of the line to an end position.
Ketcham played center during the past
few seasons, but has alternated both at
guard and tackle in the course. Yale
has been decidedly crippled with wing
men, several of the best material becom
ing incapacitated. Ketcham's appear
ance on the end of the line is expected
to bolster up their strength.
Bob Zuppke, the former Oak Park high
school coach and Illinois coach, was nev
er a star footliall player during his ca
reer. He learned the game in a hard
way, as a member of the scrub team
at the University of Wisconsin. Nevertheless-.
Zuppke acquired a fundamental
knowledge of the game and now ranks
as one of the leading exponents of coach
ing in the country.
Hnrrv Williams, who has worked won
ders with football at the University of
Minnesota during the past few seasons,
has a contract that calls for two addi
tional Reasons. Williams' proteges have
had rather adverse fortune during the
past season, but undoubtedly that has
been due to lack of material.
A. N. S. Jackson, the English runner
who won the memorable liOO-metre race
at the Swedish Olympics, has been elect
ed president of the Oxford , university
athletic association. Jacksoaf i still in
the running game and performing cred
itably with his past record.
Criticism of progress of football at
Yale this season is not being hurled at
the door of Howard Jones, who is serv
ing his first season in the capacity of
head coach of the eleven. Jones has been
greatly handicapped by the woeful lackjard of 'em .all. If you thought you'd
of materiul at Xew Haven this season. have to lose the school printing, you'd
Great confidence is placed in the ability vote for the devil for president of the
school board.
"Of course, it was perfectly disgrace
ful, but what could we do! Emma was
tempted to place a woman on the school
board, about fifteen years ago, most of
the men objected, and they decided to
hold a town caucus and call the women
in. There were a great many reasons
why a woman shouldn't leave her home
and sit around on a school board, and
they felt sure that if they were to talk
it over frankly in meeting they could
show them these reasons. And anyway,
the chairman would be a man, twhich
wduld, of course, take care of the situa
tion. "So a caucus was called, and the grand
opera house, which holds six hundred
human beings, and about a hundred boys
in the front seats, was jammed until
it bulged. We knew that no woman
could out-argue our seasoned old poli
ticians, and when Calvin. Briggs, who
has planned all the inside work in the
congressional district for twenty years,
got up and showed just just why women
ought not to intrude, there "was an
abashed silence all over the house, until
Emma Madigan, who is a town character
and does just as she pleases, got up. She
stood up about fifty nine seconds after
Briggs had got a good start, and she
argued with him as follows:
"That's all right, Mr. Briggs You
can't make me sit down, Mr. Chairman,
you nor any of you politicians You're a
fine man to talk tbout schools, Mr.
Bribes. Xo. 1 won't stop. - You know a
lot about children, don't you, coming up
here with tobacco ' juice all over your
shirt front; and why don't you pay
some taxes before you get up here and
tell how to run a town? All right,
chairman, I'm. done.'
"But so was Briggs. We eouldn't help
laughing at him. Editor Simpson, who
runs the 'Sentinel.' stepped into the
hreaoh and regretted greatly that so dis
graceful an attack had been made upon
a well-beloved citizen by a woman. Xo
man would dare make such an attack,
he opined. Then Emma got up again.
The chairman called her to order, but
he might as well have rapped down the
rising tide. '
"'I know mighty well no man 'ud
dare say what I did, Lafe Simpson,' she
shouted.. 'X'd you're the biarirest cow-
Aigrette Taken from Mrs. J. J. Glover's
Boston, Xov. 7. When customs in
spectors, under the new law, confiscated
a heron aigrette from the hat of Mrs.
John J. Glover of Kansas iCty, Mo., on
her arrival on the steamer "Franconia,"
from Liverpool yesterday her husband
remarked, "It's a mighty good law and
I'm glad it was passed."
Four other passengers parted with
theeir aigrettes.
of Jones, and with additional seasons in
charge of footliall in the Bull Dog camp
a reversal of results is anticipated.
. Emma's Speech at the Caucus.
In the November American Mazazine
George Fitch writes another "Homcburg"
sketch, this time about the Homeburg
school election. Following is an ex
tract: "When the Homeburg women first at-
a woman. Ae couldn t throw her out.
We couldn't even get her to listen to
parliamentary rules. And the worst of
it was, she was telling the truth. That
was something no one presumes to tell
in local elections. To do it breaks the
first commandment of politics; but what
do the women, bless 'era, care for our
commandments ?" !
Harmony Hair Beautifier, a delightful
liquid hair dressing, is just what it is
named a hair beautifier. No matter
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lusterless and homely, Harmony Hair
Beautifier will prove a real blessing and
pleasure. It seems to polish and bur
nish the hair, making it glossy, silky
soft and more easy to put up in grace
ful, wavy folds that "stay put." It over
comes the oily smell of the hair with
a dainty, true-rose fragrance, very pleas
ing to the user and those around.
A'rrv easy to ' apply simply . sprinkle
a little on your hair each time before
brushing it. It contains no oil, and will
not change the color of the ' hair,' nor
darken gray hair.
To keep hair and scalp dandruff-free
and clean, use Harmony Shampoo, this
pure liquid shampoo gives an instantane
ous rich,, lather that immediately pene
trates to every part of hair and scalp,
insuring a quick, thorough .-cleansing.
Washed off jmt a quickly, the entire
operation takes only a few moments.
Contains nothing that can harm,- the
hair; leaves no harshness or stickiness
just a sweet cleanliness. --
Both preparations come in odd-shaped,
very ornamental bottle, with "sprinkler
tops. Harmony llair Beautifier, $1.00.
Harmony Shampoo, 50c. "Both guaran
teed to satikfy you hi "every way, or
your money back. Sold in this com
munity only at our store The Rexall
Store one of the more than 7KX) lead
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where the many celebrated Harmony
perfumes and toilet preparations are
made. Red Cross Pharmacy, Floyd G.
Russell. Prop.: 160 "North Main street.
Barre. Vt. Advt.

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