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ne88. 26a.
Best for all liver Ills.
Try them.
Spectators Arriving in Cam
bridge for To-morrow's
Football : '
McGuire Tells the Full Story
of "Sandbagging"
New Haven Team on Stadi
um Grounds To-day
for Practice
Cambridge, Mass., Xov. - 21. Yale's
football battalion moved near the stadi
um lust night, taking a jtosition only
a few miles away, while aliout the same
time the Harvard squad forsook Cam
bridge as a place of preparation for Sat
urday's battle between the crimson and
The Vale team went to an Auburndale
Jiotel and Harvard to the Vesper Coun
try Club house near Lowell.
The vanguard of the spectator army
for the Harvard and Vale championship
game Saturday reached here ytisterday.
The main body will arrive this after
noon and to-morrow morning. Already
the demand for accommodations exceeds
the capacity of the hotels and restau
rants about Boston.
The stadium will be given over to
Vale for practice this afternoon, so that
the visiting players may become accus
tomed to the lights and surroundings.
Seats tor the general puhhc are in
greater demand than ever In-fore, and
the number of applications from under
graduates and alumni is about ten per
cent, more than two years ago.
Harvard is well prepared for the foot
ball host. The college yard is resplen
dent with crimson banners, the chilis
ere gaily decorated, and the Cambridge
f torekeepers have fixed up their windows
with crimson ami blue.
Interest in the gayie is reflected in
T'oston,. where many shop windows show
similar decorations, and on "speculators'
row" on Washington street, where a
core of ticket brokers are endeavoring
to pick up stray tickets.
Trices for tickets are far ahead of
previous years, and the few- pasteboards
that have found their way into brokers'
hnnds are ottered at $" to $10(1 a pair,
the latter price for seats inside the 25
yard lines.
Harvard continued the favorite in the
betting, but the early odds of ten to
seven narrowed yesterday to ten to eight
and ten to nine.
President Giving Serious Thought to the
Colorado Affair.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 21. Presi
dent Wilson is giving serious consid
eration to the many questions involved
in the Colorado coal strike, with a view
to settlement through federal agencies.
representative Keating of Colorado had
a' long talk with the president yester
day and presented several telegrams urg
ing a federal investigation. The presi
dent has already asked both sides for a
statement of the case, and Senators Sha
froth and Thomas have asked the presi
dent if there was not souie wiip by
which the board of mediation and con
ciliation could interpose its good ollices.
Representative Keating urged that the
department of labor endeavor to com
pose the situation. Secretary Wilson on
his return from the Pacific coast, will
stop in Colorado to discuss the strike
with both sides. Mr. Keating said as
he left the White House that he would
press his resolution for a federal inves
tigation bv a congressional committee
of five.
SULZER'S "BILL" WAS $1,367.36.
Receipts Balanced Disbursements in the
Sixth Assembly District Campaign.
Albany, X. Y., Nov. 21. Alexander S.
Bacon, treasurer of the William Sulzer
campaign committee in the sixth As
scmldy district, certified to the secre
tary of state yesterday that he had re
ceived f 1 ,3 7 .."!( and has disbursed the
same amount. Assemblyman-elect. Sul
zer, the statement shows, contributed
The Albany general committee which
prosecuted a successful canvass for th"
election of '.Vorge McAneny for presi
dent of the board of aldermen of New
York City, received $S.2(i4.72 and spent,
$H,240.38. according to a statement filed
with the secretary of state.
Fabrizio, Wanted for Murder at West
field, Mass., Arrested.
West field, Mass., Nov. 21. Michael
Fabrizio, under indictment for the mur
der of Steve Krinicll on March 14, 1912.
was arrcstdd in Italy, where he was
serving in the army, according to ad
vices received here yesterday.
Fabrizio will be tried in Italy. Krin
iell was shot during a quarrel with Fa
brizio in a hotel pool room.
Are You Subject
to Backache?
The muscles of the back are constantly
under heavy strain and have but little,
rest throughout the day. They are there
fore iu need of all tho nourishment and
strength that plenty of pure, red blood
can give them. Unless they have, this
help, you will have backache and con
tinue to have it. .
Backache eeldom or never means kid
ney trouble. It ia nothing more than
the tired, weary, wornoiit muscles of the
back showing their exhaustion because
of lack of good pure blood.
If you are subject to backache you
have reason t suspect the condition of
your blood. TheonegpnerallyreooCTiiwM
blood t-uririer and builder Dr. illiania
l'ink Hlls is worthy a serious trial. Lawrence (i. Turner. 22, who disappeared
Call at you druggist's and get a box of (K tol-r IS, was found yesterday in
these pilhs. You will find them mora ;0rth river. The medical examiner de
eU'ective than any other mediciue. -dared it was a ease of suicide. ,
Fred Clarke, the veteran manager, has
been re-engaged for another vear to
manage the affairs of the Pittsburg
.Nationals, l'resident Dreyfus is satis
lied with Clarke. Clarke has assembled
together a wonderful eoterie of diamont
stars, but for adverse fortune has been
unable to annex the muslin rag in the
old league of late years.
The new national league for negro
baseball players has a list of live base
ball towns in its circuit. Teams will
be organized next season in Chicago, New
York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore,
Cleveland, St. Louis and possibly Kansas
George Brooke, coach of the Penn
team, says that the Michigan line aver
ages 220 pounds to the man, that is
weighing 1,100 pounds from tackle to
The university of Texas strengthened
its hold on the football championship of
the southwest on Tuesday by trimming
Kansas Aggies 40 to 0. the game was
played on a muddy field. ,
It is rumored that Coach Yost's Wol
verines will meet Princeton on the grid
iron next fall.
The Carlisle Indians will play Syracuse
at Syracuse on Saturday. They expect
to flash across a line of play not resorted
to before this season and that is field goal
In Wall street the betting is 10 to 0 on
Harvard, while the odds still favor the
Navy 10 to 0 over the army.
Great jov is Wing manifested among
the Harvard supporters because of the
cturn of iriimbull to center. During
the past ten davs Souey has la-en oc
cupying the position and it was thought
that Trumbull would be unable to take
part in the game against Eli.
The rumor has gained w ide circulation
now that Dartmouth will drop the In
dians from their schedule next fall. The
Green should wait a few years to re
trieve themselves anyway.
Morecai Brown, the former thre-fln-gered
( lib pitcher, may be selected to
manage the Chicago team of the federal
league. Brown pitched for Cincinnati
last year and it is said that he has beeii
promised his unconditional release.
Finest Moore, who played left guard
on the Bates college team this past year,
has been elected captain of the 1914
H. A, Lewis, a junior, has been selected
captain of the 1!)14 football team at
Bowdoin college. Lewis is considered
one of the best punters in the Maine col
leges. Something new was sprung this week
in football line. At Andover the coach
ing staff assembled together their candi
dates and started rounding to form a
team for next fall.
Outfielder Miller, one time member of
the Boston Braves and leading hitter in
the National league, will go to the Mon
treal club. The Phillies secured waivers
on him recently.
Prospects seem especially bright at
Harvard for a promising baseball team
in the spring. Only three of the regu
lars of last season's team have been lost.
They are Felton, pitcher; Tomes, first
baseman; and Young, catcher. For pitch
ing products they are favored with the
Hitchcock, Fyre and Whitney, the latter
who pitched for the 1917 freshman
team. A wealth of ne material was
secured from the freshman eleven.
Harvard leads all colleges in field goal
kicking this season. Charlie Brickley
has kicked six goals and Eddie Mahnn,
rated fully as good, has turned in three.
.Jimmy Craig, the Michigan athlete, is
the best halt'liaek in the middle west, ac
cording to Walter Kckedsall, the former
All-American quarter. He also says that
Willie Heston, another Ann Arbor
product, is one of the leading backfnld
men of that section.
No team in the country has traveled
the mileage of the Notre Dame football
warriors. They, came east and played
West Point. On the following Saturday
they played Penn state. On Saturday
they played St. Louis university for the
Catholic- college championship of the
west. After phying St. Louis they will
go to Austin, Tex., to play the univer
sity of Texas, champions of the southwest.
A Big Step Forward in the
Prison Gra'ft Inquiry
Hagen Knocked Out in Seventh.
New York, Xov. 21. Ed Hagan, an
aspirant for the heavyweight champion
ship, was knocked out in the seventh
round of a ten-round bout by Battling
Leviusky of Philadelphia yesterday.
Officials of Florida Land Company Are
Kajisas Citv, Mo., Nov. 21. Eight offi
cials and agents of the Florida Fruit
Lands company were indicted by the fed
eral grand jury here yesterday after
noon on the charge of conspiracy to use
the mails to defraud in connection with
the sale of the 180.000 acres of land in
the Everglades district of Florida to
12.0OIJ purchasers in various states.
Some of the purchasers sail! their
tracts were entirely under Water and
could be reached only by boat.
The company claimed the state had
contracted to drain the land by canals,
and the purchasers would get the benefit,
but the state failed to drain hind after
the company purchased it.
Check Compelled His Daughter to Work
on Milk Route.
Boston Nov. 21. Philip Check, whose
14-year-old daughter, Mary, has been
working from 2 to 7 mornings on his
milk wagon, was yesterday found guilty
of violating the child labor law. He
was reprimanded severely by Judge
Murray, who declared "it is such cases
as this that account for the downfall of
many young girls.''
After her work on the milk route was
completed, the girl attended the high
Turner Was a Suicide.
Norwcll. Mass., Nor. 21. The body of
Xew York, Nov. 21.---Fifty contractors
and others in Albany interested in state
highway contracts knew, it was testi
fied, that Norman E. Mack, C. Gordon
Reel and Everett P. Fowler arranged to
obtain Democratic campaign contribu
tions from contractors on state work.
George II. McGuire, hesitating and evad
ing for hours Wednesday, was forced
to admit this. Mr, McGuire admitted
in the John Doe proceedings before Chief
Magistrate MeAdoo that he had testified
falsely in many particulars in his first
hearing. Ife sought to explain by de
claring that his physical health last
week was very poor. He said he was
overwrought and without counsel. He
presented a copy of the stenographic
notes of his previous testimony in which
he had made corrections. A score of
them were substitutions of "I did" for
his testimony of "I did not." He ad
mitted at last that he had given John
A. Hennessy in the I'tica hotel a list
of contractors who had been '"sand
bagged" by Everett P. Fowler for cam
paign contributions.
Mr. McGuire admitted under most
tedious cross-examination that he is the
owner of a small amount of stock of
the Barber Asphalt Paving company and
that he had an arrangement with Jts
sales agent, Arthur S. Johnson of Syra
cuse, to receive a commission of one-half
cent a gallon on all his sales of its road
making oils or liquid asphalt, another
agreement with the V'nited States As
phalt Refining company whereunder he
received one cent a gallon commission
for sales of its products. He admitted
collection of such commissions on sales
to contractors for state highways con
struction and for sales to the state.
Hennessy testified that McGuire did
not tell him in I'tica on the night of
Aug. 18 whether or not Governor Dix
attended this meeting of Mack, Reel
and F'owler, and Hennessv's recollection
was that the meeting took place in the i
governor s otlice at the eapitol. Meiiuirc
said Wednesday that he had heard that
Governor Dix was at the meeting and
that it was held in his office at the ex
ecutive mansion. As to the sources of
the information which he gave to Hen
nessy, McGuire suffered a lapse of mem
ory, lie admitted that he had givenj
Hennessy information that was to lie
used in a court proceeding, but he de
nied that he could remeinlier how he
came to have that information.
pi! Copyright liart Schaffner & Marx . IFJU
Tells of Wire-Tapping Graft.
The most important disclosure made
since District Attorney Whitman re
newed his fight on the police graft ring
came through the confession Wednesday
of Al Cohen, a former detective and the
reputed go-between in the deals between
the police of this city and the wire
tappers. In his confession Cohen named
a former police captain and two officials
high in the police department as sharers
in the $2,"iOO a month and 15 per cent
profits paid by the wire tappers for' pro
tection. From the beginning of the in
vestigation Assistant District Attorney
Frederick J. Groehl has been conferring
with Cohen, who has supplied many de
tails in the graft story. It was not un
til Wednesday that the graft collector
became communicative and uncovered
fully the system whereby the police kept
their hands off the swindlers in return
for large payments.
McCombs Not Anti-Tammany Leader.
William F. McCombs said before his';
departure for Washington that on ac
count of his position as chairman of the
Democratic national committee he should
not lie called on to lead a factional fight
within the Democratic party in New
York City and that he would not do so.
This was his answer to a persistent re
port that he would take ehar;.;e of a
movement to reorganize Tammany hall
and put out Charles F. Murphy.
t Styles
$25 Buys
for Young Men
a Good Suit!
You'll notice certain points of interest about these new suit models
that are distinctive; they're advance styles, on the lines that will be
popular next spring.
1 YTT jL
I H lFf
cnamer & Marx
have made them for us and we're anxious to have all of our friends
see them, especially the snappy young fellows who like to be
"ahead" a little. .
The four-button coat is a feature of the hew models; the three and
two-button coat will also continue to be favorites. Broad leaf la
pel, as you see; deep, snug fitting collars; waistcoats high cut, six
and seven buttons, some with notch collars.
We're particularly well pleased wifh the values we are able to offer at
$25.00; we want you to see them, if only as examples of what, can be
done, for a moderate price, in clothes making. Others from
$18.00 and $20.00 up to $40.00 and $50.00.
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To keep hair ami scalp dandruff-free
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Perfumes and Toilet l'repsrations are
made. Red Cross pharmacy, Floyd (i.
Russell. Prop.
i Barre's Leading Clothiers 122 North Main Street Barre, Vermont
SJ m
Sickness of the Commissioner Causes an
Indefinite Postponement of
Philadelphia, Nov. 21. The interstate
commerce commission's investigation
into the rates and practices of the an
thracite coal roads was yesterday ad
journed indefinitely, owing to the ill
ness of Commissioner John H. Marble,
who has been presiding. Mr. Marble
was seized with an attack of acute in
digestion Wednesday night and was un
able to leave his lied yesterday. Silas
H. Smith, attorney for the commission,
announced to witnesses that while Mr.
Marble expected to lie on his feet again
in a few days, the investigation would
probably not be resumed for two or
three weeks. Mr. Marble's presence
would be necessary, he said, at the hear
ing of the five per cent advance freight
rate case, which begins in Washington
on Monday, and which may be pro
tracted. Meantime the coal inquiry will
$15,000,000 Paid for Entrance was Bad
St. Louis. Mo.. Xov. 21. The inves
tigation info the Xew Orleans terminals
ot the 'Frisco, on which that road ex
pended aliout JfiriJHHi.iKsi. and which
have lieen operated jointly by the Fris
co and the Southern railway, was re
sumed yesterday at the hearing of the
Frisco ' receivership la-fore .Chairman
Clark of the interstate commerce com
mission. J. 1). (1'Keefe, receiver for the Louis
iana lines of the New Orleans, Texas &
Mexico railway, was recalled and told
bow tire Frisco obtained it Xew Or
leans entrance at a heavy exH-nse from
which it received slight returns.
What Measure of Progress in Forestry Is
Washington, D. C, Xov. 21. "Progress
in forestry depends more upon what the
public permits than upon what foresters
and lumbermen perform." This is a
conclusion of the forestry committee, as
expressed at the conservation congress
to-day. .
"As a consequence," the committee,
goes on to say, "public education is of
prime importance, and the best methods
of educating the public demand special
study. Since no one else has the inter
est -or the requisite forestry knowledge,
foresters and lumbermen must learn
this trade or profession in addition to
their own.
"It is not forests, but the use of for
ests, which we seek to perpetuate and
therefore to be sound and convincing,
Harre, Vt. Advt.
Rest and Change. ,
"Why not go for your holiday where
we went last vear? It's a glorious place.
10 Xortli Main street, The shops there are simply gorgeous.
-Londou Opinion,
Has Benefited Thousands of Ca
tarrh Sufferers Will Do the
Same for You, or Your
Money Back
The Hyomei treatment that has ef
fectively " benefited many thousands of
sufferers from catarrh, bronchitis, husky
voice, coughs and colds in the head, is
easy and pleasant to use. Just pour a
few drops in the inhaler and breathe it
in no stomach dosing. The healing,
soothing and antiseptic air will reach
every nook and crevice of the mucous
membrane of the nose and throat; will
surely stop the irritation Blmost immedi
ately; will allay the inflammation, drive
out 'the foul odor: kill the germs and
banish tht disease.
If yon uffer from raising of mucus,
frequent sneezing, discharge from the
nose, dropping in the throat, crusts in
i the nose, watery eves, or any other
symptoms of catarrh use Hyomei.
A complete Hvomei outfit, including
inhaler and bottle of liquid, costs only
?l.(Hl, and an extra bottle of liquid, if
afterwards needed, is but 00 cents. Red
Cross Pharmacy will return your money
if not benefited. Advt.
education must include a knowledge of
the lumber business."
In presenting some of the educational
devices, the committee commended par
ticularly the booklets gotten out by va
rious forest fire protective associations.
Another device is a paper drinking cup
to lie folded by children, each fold tell
ing a picture story of the growth of a
forest fire, and of the evils of its ef
fects. Still another is a match box leg
end which points out that while a match
has a head it cannot think for itself,
but is dependent on the thought of the
user to keep it from doing harm in the
Ship Carrying Police to Collinson Point
Caughti n Ice.
Seattle, Xov. 21. A special received
here last night from Ottawa says, for
the first time no Royal Xorthwest
mounted police station will be main
tained at Herschel Island in the Arctic
ocean. this vear, due to the failure of
the supply 'steamer Itelvidcre to reach
the island.
The IW-lvidere sailed from Xome,
Alaska, in July and has been held tip
bv ice floes. The llelvidere is 70 miles
west of Herschel Island, with the mem
bers of the crew of the wrecked whaler
F.lvira. '
The return of tho police will prevent
a possible means of communication with
the Stefansson expedition. Herschel Is
land is the nearest mounted police sta
tion to Collinson Point, where a sec
tion of the Stefansson party arrived
safely on the steamer Alaska.
It 'costs f 100,MM each year to main
tain the post.
of the Western Union company and di
rector in the American company, ap
peared before a meeting, of 30 of the
large independent companies and sug
gested a division of territory between
the American and independent compan
ies, the plan being to stop profit cut
ting competition.
The independents and American agreed
to a truce while an appraisal of 25,000
independent companies was being made,
but the American broke its agreement
by acquiring the Kansas City liong Dis
tance Telephone Co., an independent, and
nothing further was done.
American Telephone & Telegraph Co. ,
After Western Companies. j
Chicaifo. X'ov. 21. An attempt bv the j
American telephone & iclcgrapn i. o, 10
absorb independents with an appraised
value of $4(H),(HK.(HN) was made 1
months ago, according to B. (I. Hubls-ll.
president of the Federal Telephone 4
Telegraph Co. of Buffalo, in his testi
mony yesterday for the government in
its prosecution of the American com
pany on charges of violating the Sher
man anti-trust law.
lie said Theodore X. Vail, president.
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