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, Best for all liver Ills.
Try them.
Declares He Was . Paid by
Union Officials to Com
mit Murder 1
Operating Expenses Higher,
Says Traffic Man
j - ager
Robert Ulrich, President of
Trindad Mine Workers'
Union, Arrested
Thirty-Nine Lines Suffer
Loss of $12,000,000
in a Year
Washington, Nor. 26. W. C. Maxwell,
general traffic manager of tlie Wabash
railroad, in a statement before the in
terstate commerce commission yester
day morning in the advanced rate case,
. declared that 39 railroads operating in
central freight association territory with
31,937niiles of line in 1913, while show
ing 'a gross increase in operating reve
nues of $78,000,000 over 1910, neverthe
less after paying operating expenses and
taxes suffered ft loss of $12,000,000 in
operating income.
"This result," added Sir. Maxwell, "is
due to an increase in the ratio of oper
ating expenses and taxes to gross as be
tween 1910 and 1913 from 72 to 78 per
cent., and thus showing was made de
spite the fact that large sums of new
capital were invested in additions and
"Besides the loss in net revenue of the
year ended June 30, 1913, as compared
with 1910, the figures for thirty-five
roads for the months of July, August
and September, 1913 show a decrease in
net operating earnings of .$0,937,353, or
approximately 20 per cent." 1
In addition to tables covering figures
for all roads in this territory, Mr. Max
well directed special attention to the
condition of a special group of roads
which, as claimed by F. A. Delano in
bis opening statement the previous day,
were more particularly representative
Df the "whole situation-' in central (
freight association territory. This group
embraces twenty-eight roads with 23,
167 miles of track, or 61.5 per cent, of
the entire mileage in the territory, and
including such important lines as the
"liig Four" system, Vandalia, Chicago &
Eastern Illinois, Grand Rapids, Illinois
Central, Chicago & Alton and Wabash
railroads. !
In 1913 roads in this group earned
$(53,000,00 more than in 1908, which is
known as the panic year, and operating
expenses and taxes were $02,000,000
more, Net earnings, after paying ex
penses and taxes, were only $811,000
more than in 1908.
The net corporation income of these
properties was actually $8,000,000 less
than in 1908, although during this five
year period $180,000,000 new capital was
, put into these properties.
In 1913 the roads in this group earned
$30,000,000 more than in 1910; operat
ing expenses and taxes were $45,000,000
more than in 1910, and the net after op
erating expenses and taxes decreased 9,
500,000. The corporate income decreased
almost $17,000,000.
If in 1913 the railroads in this group
bad been able to operate at the same
ratio as in 1910, their net income, after
Jiaving taxes, would have been almost
If 1 8,000,000 more than it was. The in
erease in cost is largely in two items,
transportation and maintenance of
equipment. George M. Shriver, vice
president of the Baltimore 4 Ohio rail
road, took the stand when the hearing
resumed thin morning and finished tes
timony begun by him yesterday. .
Trinidad, Col., Nov. 26. Lewis Zan-
canclli, who is under arrest charged with
the assassination of George W. Belcher,
a detective, who was shot to death in the
street here November 20, has made a
confession according to Adjutant General
John Chase.
lie implicates three organizers of the
United Mine Workers of America, who,
Zaneanelli says, gave him $25 and prom
ised him $1,000 more to kill Belcher.
Robert Ulrich, organizer of district
15, United Mine Workers of America
and president of the Trinidad union was
arrested last flight by the military au
thorities, who refused to divulge the
nature of the charges against him.
Judge Hunt Aroused By Apparent In
difference of Women Who Are
New York, Nov. 28. The next woman
arrested on a charge of smuggling goods
into this country will be given a prison
sentence, according to the warning is
sued by Judge Hunt of the federal dis
trict court yesterday.
Mrs. Helen W. Peloiise, wife of Louis
Pelouz'e, head of an electrical engineer
ing company, pleaded guilty on a smug
gling charge and was fined $1,000 yes
terday. It was while -commenting on
this case that the judge issued his warn
ing as to the treatment other offen
ders might expect.
"When women pay a fine of a few
thousand dollars for smuggling, get in
their costly limousines, and ride away
with a sneer on their face, it is time
the government adopted different tac
tics," said Judge Hunt. "I ara convinced
that the only way to deter women of
wealth from cheating the government
is to give them prison sentences."
Brandeis Makes It Clear He Will Not
Accept Public Office.
Washington, Nov. 2fi. David O. Ives,
transportation manager of the Boston
chamber of commerce, will be appointed
a member of the interstate commerce
It is understood the president lias de
cided on him to fill one of the three va
cancies. Louis D. Brandeis of Boston, repre
senting the people in the advanced rate
case of the eastern railroads, declared
yesterday that he was not a candidate
for a berth on the commission and would
riot accept public office.
D. Umbstaetter Stumbles V.hile Out
Hunting Weapon Discharges
Into Lung.
Fryeburg, Me., Nov. 2C. Hermann
Daniei Umbstaetter of 180 Huntington
venue, Boston, editor of the Black Cat
Magazine, lies in a critical condition at
Kczar lake as a result of a hunting
accident. In company with Howard Pal
mer of Lovejl. Me., Umbstaetter was gun
ning on the 'shore of the lake late Mon
day afternoon. At Low II Center he was
crossing a stone wall when he stumbled
and fell, discharging his gun. The shot
entered his left side and ploughed
through one lung, barely missing his
Umbstaetter waa taken to a nearby
cottage, where a doctor, and later a
surgeon and a nurse, were called from
North Waterford. His chances for re
covery are considered doubtful.
Umbstaetter had just closed hia home
on the hike, and was to have returned
to Boston yesterday. His wife left for
that city shortly before the accident.
IShe and her brother-in-law, Robert Umb
staetter, were immediately notified of
the shooting and returned yesterday. If
Air. Umbstaetter' condition showa signs
of improvement he will be removed to
his home in Boston.
NEW HAVEN PAYS $1,498,238 TAX.
Kellogg's Tasteless Castor Oil
Clears Gas Out Quickly.
Thousand of distressed person will
go back to using castor oil, now that it
is tasteless.
There is nothing like Kellogg's Taste
less Castor Oil to clear out the "inner
man." It is a relief for the pain and
bloating of gas.
Kellogg'a Tasteless Castor Oil is a new
and remarkable discovery. The nause
ous taste and smell are taken out, but
nothing else. It's all of the oil, but none
of the taste, and so well purified that
it acts better without griping, and does
not upset the stomach. Children take
it readily.
Women and workers indoors find Kel
logg's Tasteless Castor Oil a quick relief
from the distress of poor digestion, and
it is a perfect laxative. Kellogg's is not
mixed or flavored, just a true, tasteless
castor oil.
Ask for Kellngg's Tasteless Castor Oil
at any drug store. Not sold in bulk,
but in 2jc or 50c bottles, trade-marked
with a green castor leaf bearing the
signature, Kellogg's. Made only by Spen
cer Kellogg 4 Sons, Inc., Buffalo, N. Y.,
refiners of vegetable oils. Advt.
Amount Smaller This Year as Stock Is
Hartford, Conn., Nov. 26. State
Treasurer Roberta received yesterday
from the New York, New Haven &
Hartford railroad a check for $1,498,
238.90 in payment of taxes. '
The amount is smaller than last year
by $112.(149.( due to the lower market
price of the stock.
Loops the Loop Twice in Aeroplane at
San Diego.
San Diego, Cal., Nor. 26. Lincoln
Beachy, the. aviator, "looped the loop"
twice in the air above North Island yes
terday. Starting at a height of 2,500 feet,
Beachy dropped straight downward into
the first loop and immediately turned
over again into the second, then land
ing safely.
Beachy said he would repeat the per
formance Thursday.
Pugilist Convicted of Keeping a Liquor
' Nuisance.
Boston, Nov. 26. Joe Wolcott, col
ored welterweight pugilist, was sen
tenced yesterday to six months in the
house of correction after the police told
the story of several raids and liquor
seizures at the fighter's borne.
Wolcott claimed he had a gymnasium
in the house where he taught' boxing.
Wilson to View Anny-Nsvy Game.
Washington, Nov. 26. President Wil
son will attend the Army-Navy football
game in New York next Saturday, "lie
will see tne paine iroiu the. army side
during one half and from the naw side
during the other. The president prob
ably will leave New York late Saturday
night, returning to Washington early
Easy Victory for Welsh.
New York, Nov. 26. Freddie Welsh
lightweight champion of. Engbuid, out
fought Phil Bloom of Brooklyn. in a 10
rouud bout here last night.
You'll find them here; the kind of clothes
you'll be glad to wear for Thanksgiving; the
kind of clothes you'll be thankful to wear.
It may be a good business suit for winter;
or a fine, warm, stylish overcoat; you may
want a full dress suit, or a Tuxedo, or a
frock suit.
This store is the place where you'll find
such things; made for your best satisfaction.
For young men, here are the latest new
models in suits; soft front, wide lapels, deep
collar, narrow shoulders, shaped-in waist;
smart six and seven but
ton waistcoats; new
model trousers.
Here are stylish belt-back over
coats and ulsters; Raglan slip-on;
here are a multitude of beautiful
For voun women, here
men's styles in overcoats and reef
ers, Norfolk skating or walking
For older men, who want more
conservatism in their clothes, we
have the correct things.
To wear for Thanksgiving
as you can
clothes are such
thankful for.
You can be thankful for the
sound, trustworthy, all-wool fabric;
for the reliable, perfect tailoring;
for the correct style-designing that
has been put into these clothes; for
the good fitting quality in them; for the security of satisfaction
in them. You might feel like being thankful to us for having
these clothes for you.
Copyright Hart Schaffner A Marx
122 North Main Street
$16.50 to $50.00.
$18.00 to $40.00.
Leading Clothiers
Telephone 66-W
Barre, Vermont
rrjl SDoprrlaht Bart Schaffner & Marx
Park Commissioner Missing from New
York City for Five Weeks Appears
and Disappears.
San Francisco, Nov. 26. Charles B.
Stover, park commissioner of New York
City, who has been missing for more
than five weeks, registered here yester
day at the St. Francis hotel in company
with J. H. Francis of Chicago. He was
recognized by a friend, who verified bis
signature at the desk but did not speak
to him. Francis and Stover both left the
hotel before any inquiries could be ad
dressed to them in person.
Charles B. Stover walked out of his
office in New York on Oct. 16, saying
be was going to lunch. Since then his
whereabouts have been a mystery. He
waa reported to have been drowned in
the Delaware river near Wilmington,
Del., and to have been . a victim of
aphasia. Not long ago a man answer
ing hia description was seen in Philadel
phia. Another. time it was said he was
in Washington. Yesterday it came to
light that he bad within ten days mailed
from Philadelphia checks to persons in
this city for personal debts. He was
an ardent settlement worker and a mail
of moods, and friends have explained;
that when interested in a subject he
pursued it to the exclusion of everything

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