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,j. FRANK E. LANGLKY. Pubtlshsr
On r ..$3.00
On month 25 enU
Sinslo copy 1 cent
Pabllsasd Ewr WMk-dar At 'moon
Wouldn't better name be the tangle
dance f
Congratulations to Captain Inch of the
ill-fated Volturnoj he earned another
. The first, straw hat of the season was
seen in Mobile, Ala, yesterday, but we
are' still immobile.
Too bad to spoil outlaw Beardsley's
flourishing industry in the shape of post
card and picture sale; he was getting a
splendid royalty. ,
Mayor-elect Curley, who committed
the egregious sin of , writing the phrase
"between you and I" (to Boston's way of
thinking), may still have another eye for
running the municipality notwithstand
ing. Who knows t . '
-The total circulation of books from
the Aldrich public library during the
past year indicates that the institution
is increasing in its influence in Barre
and vicinity, and the efforts made to ac
commodate the public show that the li
brary continues to merit the support of
the community. The library is a busy
place at all hours when opened to the
War has been declared right down in
Claremont, N. II. war against the pro
posed organization of labor. In these
days of comparative freedom to organize
along such lines, it is odd enough to note
the fiery antagonism which has developed
in Claremont against one particular or
ganizer who was virtually ordered out
of town and never to return. Doubtless
the merchants of Claremont would feel
within their rights if they should form
an organization for mutual betterment.
The name of Ginn has been so long
associated With textbooks that to speak
of it conjures up in the minds of the
youth of the country some great obstacle
to perfect happiness. Edwin Ginn has
been known far and wide as one of the
great publishers of textbooks, perhaps
the greatest for a considerable part of
the time in which Ginn & Co. has been
engaged in the business, and he founded
a concern which is so wen established
that it is likely to continue an impor
tant career along its line, still using the
name of the man who started it and who
has just passed away at Winchester,
J .
The success which met the efforts of
the state of New. York to sell $M,000,00n
bonds yesterday indicates that the mar
ket for that particular kind of security
is coming back rather strongly. The
bids from the great banking and brok
erage concerns o the eastern section of
the country ranged much above par and
the highest bid will give the state some
thing like $3,000,000 premium on the en
tire award. However, there is not so
much encouragement to prospective float
' ers of municipal . bonds, as the market
for them is not nearly as strong; and
municipalities would do well to delay
such issues for a little longer period if
such delay is at all possible. State
bonds, especially of such a state ss New
York, are a different proposition even
in the face of a slack market in general.
Mackinaws and sweat-
ers for girls as well as
for men and boys. Some
new ones just received.
The smartest things of
; the season for young
women, $10 and $12.50
for mackinaws; $4 up to
$9 for sweaters.
Real balmacaans, too,
for the real sports.
Cheny Silk Ties, 3 for
$1. See our window.
We Clean, Press and Repair Clothing
F. H. Rogers & Co.
The suggestion was made recently by
State Commissioner of Weights and
Measures Hugh Henry of Chester that
correct housekeeping demands that test
ed scales and measures be as much a
part of the household as any other uten
sil of accepted use. Such a suggestion
seems to be very reasonable, too, be-
cause in the first instance it will enable
the. housekeeper to determine whether
she is receiving accurate weights and
measures from the storekeepers and, in
the second place, it will enable her to
fix accurately just the amounts required
in cooking, for instance, thus perhaps
saving some of the ingredients which
are now being wasted by the guesswork
method of cooking. Of the two, the for
mer is of far greater consequence, as it
is known that storekeepers' scales are
apt to vary, in some cases by design,
in others by accident. On taking pack
ages home the housekeeper can readily
determine by tested scales whether or
not she has received full measure for
money expended, and if discrepancy
against her is found she can readily'find
redress by calling the matter to the at
tention of the storekeeper, who, no
doubt, will le willing to make up the
difference. By the same token, if she
should learn that the merchant was
cheating himself she might find it in her
heart to go to him and tell him of the
unfortunate condition. But however that
be, it would certainly be a protection
to the housekeeper to have a set of test
ed scales, as well as tested measures, in
her house.
employment in Canada and that there
are as many as 100,000 people who are
forced to be idle at a time when employ
ment is perhaps the most needed. Of
course, Sir Wilfrid's pessimism must be
ascribed in part to political manoeuver-
ing against the party in power; but it
is nevertheless true that Canada is un'
dergoing a period of depression the like
of which has not been teen in a long
time. However, there is no need for
serious alarm in the' neighboring coun
try, for Canada is young and is blessed
with considerable vitality and . at the
same time has abundant natural re
sources, combined with advantageous lo
cation. Moreover, it is so closely al
lied (though rarely is it admitted) with
the United States and the progress of
this country that it is bound to reflect
conditions to be found south of the
boundary line. And the prospects of
the United State are not looked upon
with anything but confidence. Canada,
therefore, is likely soon to feel the re
bound from its present poor'condition.
Government to Test Them Under
Properly Labeled Goods.
Washington, D. G, Jan. 22. On recom
mendations of the department of agri
culture, a number , of seizures of food
products as indicated below were made.
None of the following cases has as yet
been tried but all will shortly be brought
before the courts, when it will be de
termined whether the government's
charges are justified.
One cask of lemon flavor, alleged to
have been shipped by N. Loewenstein
A company, Chicago, III., was seized at
Indianapolis, Ind., December, 9th, on the
ground that it was adulterated and mis
branded in that a dilute terpeneles lem
on flavor had been added to the product.
I wo cans of oil ot wmtcrgreen leaf,
nlleged to have been shipped by F. P.
Howe, sprint? Glen, ?. x were seized
at Boston, Mass., December 15th, on the
ground that the product was misbranded
in beinK labeled oil wintergreen leaf,
examination showed it to be a mixture
of wintergreen and methyl salicylate.
Iwo hundred eiL'btv-eipht cases of
tomato conserve, alleged to nave been
shipped by C. D. Stone & Co., New York
were seized at Chicago, 111., on Decern
ber loth, on the ground that it was
adulterated in that the product consisted
in whole, or in part of a filthy, decom
posed, or putrid animal or vegetable
substance. - .
Four bags of dried apples, alleged to
have been shipped bv A. J. turner, J'hil-
pott, Va., were .seized at Baltimore, Md.,
December 16th, on the ground that they
were adulterated in that the product
consisted in whole or in part of a filthy,
decomposed, or putrid anitpal or veg
etable substance.
The People's National Bank of Barre, at
Barre, in the Stale of Vermont, at the
Close of Business January IS, 1914.
Loans and discount $375,654.79
. Overdrafts, secured and unsecured. 1,833.40
U. S. bonds to sees re circulation. 100,000.00
U. S. bonds to secure U. S. deposits 7,000.00
Other bonds to secure U. S. deposits,
14,850; to secure' postal suvinw,
7,000 11.850.00
Premiums on U. S. bonds 236.25
Bonds, securities, etc 96,268.61
Due from national banks (not re
serve agent 848.79
Due from approved reserve axenta. .37.140.6
Checks and other cash items ...... 2,675,19
Notes of other national banks 865.00
Fractional paper currency, nickels,
and cents 316.53
Lawful money reserve in bank, vie
- Specie (13.942.10
Will-tender notes ..... 1,910.00 15,852.10
Redemption fund with U. S. treas
urer (6 per cent, of circulation).. 6,000.00
Total ....... $655,030.21
Liabilities. '
Capital stock paid in $100,000.00
Surplus fund 8,760.00
Undivided profits, less expense and.
taxes Paid 17.144.22
National bank notes outstanding;. , 96,800.00
Due to trust companies and savings
banks 1,566.0!
Dividends unpaid 84.00
Individual deposits subject to check. 864,640.76
' Demand certificates of deposit ..... 4.6H0.29
Time certificates of deposit 81,668.46
Cashier's rWks outstanding 6,126.61
United States deposits 9,880.52
Foetal savings deposits 3,916.24
Bills payable, including obligations
for money borrowed , 10,000.00
Reserved for taxes . ... 468.10
Total $656,080.21
State of Vermont, County of Washington, s.
I, W. C. Johnson, Jr., Cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true to the best of my knowl
edge and belief.
W. C. JOHNSON, JR., Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
lth day of January, 1M4.
MARY E. SEXTON, Notary Public.
Correct Attest :
1317 1 1
Albert Taft of Westfield aiJived in the
city to-day to make a few days' visit
as the guest of friends. -
Alexander Mochetti of yuincy, .Mass
Big sale garments now at Vaughan's.
. Remnant sale starts Saturday at
More of those ailk petticoats on sale
arrived in the city to-day 'to make a . at Vaughan's
visit with relatives. Big sale wash goods Saturday at The
Miss Gladys Gravelin of North Main Vaughan Store.
street, who has been visiting at her for- Three hundred yards 12',4c percale for
mer home in v aterbury lor a few days, Vc yard at Perry a on batuniay.
returned home yesterday. A meeting of the Glenugie club will
Georjre H. Hovt Of 11 summer Btreet be held on .Saturday, Jan. 24, at 7:30.
is passing several days in New York in Friday and Saturday, silk dress sale,
the interest of the manufacturing firm ( special $6.05, worth double the price,
of Hoyt & Lebourveau. (Paris Shirtwaist House.
Joseph Calcagnl of the Novelli (and ' James Sawyer left last night for Con
Calcairni Granite company, left to-day way, N, II., where he will visit for a
on a business trip through the western few days with relatives.
states. He will be absent from the city j Krne&t Curtis of Orange is passing a
fof a few weeks. few days in the city as the guest of
Mrs. Andrew Lavoilette, who has been ' Frank Adams of Kim street.
passing a few days as the guest of J Ihe ladies ot the 1'lainneld club will
friends in' Webstcrville, was a visitor in meet with Mrs. Walter Perkins, Elm
the city to-day on her way to her home ; street, Friday evening at 7 o'clock.
at Plattsburg, N. Y. I All blankets reduced at Perry's. A
I he auto lire truck was called by tel- j good time to buy. Especially attractive
phone to the house at 300 North Main i bargains at Perry's on Saturday.
street owned by Mrs. Mary J. Durkoe, ' Phillip Tarbis of Portsmouth, . II.,
at 1:15 this afternoon. An explanation arrived in the city last ni;ht to make
of the call was found in a warm chim-' a few days' visit with friends and rela-
nev which remained warm even when oc- tives
cupants of the house ascended to the up-! Building and repairing attended to
per stones and tried to subdue the lire promptly ny oay or contract. it. r.
within. No damage was done, although Johnson, 30 Richardson street. Tele'
the regulars remained at the bouse until phone 77-2.
if saniraav u
Only a Few Days More of Our
January Clearance Sale
Final Reductions in Prices on All Our Ladies' Ready to Wear Coats, Dresses,
Skirts, Furs, Misses' and Children's Coats
5 Days Extra 20 Per Cent Discount
Now, as a further inducement for quick clearing away of the above garments
beginning Saturday, January 24. For instance, you can buy a $12.00 Coat for
$10.00 and receive a check for $2.00 to trade out anywhere in the store free. This
applies to any of the above garments, regardless of price.
Big Sale Corsets
The best $1.00 Kabo Corset for . . . .79c
Another Big Sale of Wash
12Vc Ginghams, 12Vnc best Percale,
19c Flannels. This is the best bar
gain, all at, per yard ....... 10c
Silk Petticoats
Another lot at ...... . .$1.98 and $2.75
Silk Waists
$2.98 Messaline Waists at ... . . . $1.98
3.50 Messaline Waists at 2.25
3.98 Messaline Waists at ...... 2.75
5.00 Waists at 3.50
Winter Underwear
. Ladies' Fleeced Underwear,
j Ladies' Wool Underwear.
"Children's Fleeced Underwear.
Children's Wool Underwear. !
Every Garment Reduced
Another lot of those $1.25 House
Dresses in dark colors at ...... .98c
See the new Waists at 79c, 98c each.
Buy your Bankets, Comfortables, Bed Spreads, Sheets, Linens all reduced
in Clearance Sale.
the blaze had died down.
Herbert S. King at Manchester Depot,
Carl A. Mattison at Manchestet Center.
Washington, D. C Jan. 22. The Sen
ate has confirmed the appointment of
Herbert S. King to be postmaster at
Manchester Depot, Vt., and of Carl A.
Mattison to be postmaster at Manches
ter Center. Vt.
, Our Canadian neighbors are passing
through the reaction from rush times of
some months ago, and the reaction is so
serious as to be very depressing to those
who are students of the situation there.
There is a great deal of enforced idle
ness in various parts of the Dominion,
while the cost of living has risen in
something like the same degree as in
the United States. In the course of a
speech in Parliament at Ottawa the oth
er day, Sir Wilfrid Laurier declared that
for the first time in about a quarter of
a century there is such a thing as non-
May Be Alive.
Santa Barbara, Cal., Jan. 22. Clinging
to the hope that F. Lewis Clark, the
Spokane millionaire, who disappeared
here Friday night, was not drowned as
at first believed, $5,000 reward was of
fered Tuesday for finding Clark alive.
Federals Will Fight.
Chicago, Jan. 22. The Federal league
yesterday notified the powers of organ
ized baseball that their sipmng of play
ers already under contract with the Fed
erals will be fought in and out of the
civil courts.
The financial boards of the Methodist
Episcopal and Congregational churches
met and made plans for the "Everybody
at Church" Sunday Feb. 1. Next Sun
day evening a union service will be held
at the Congregational church in charge
of C. C. Graves. It is expected that
Sheriff Tracy of Montpelier will speak.
The Needlecraft club met for a quilt
ing bee with Mrs. W. B. Clark Tuesday
afternoon. The guests were received by
Mrs. Clark and Mrs, Knowles'. The
dishes used for supper were bid and
the menu, as prepared by Mrs. Clark
and Mrs. Knowles, was of old-fashioned
dishes. A jolly time was passed and
quilts tied for the hostesses. The regu
lar meeting of the club will be 1 hurs
day afternoon with Mrs. Walter Carr.
J. W. Moody, who has been quite ill,
is much improved.
The patients' dances at the hospital
have begun. Raymond Buzzell, violiqlst,
and John Miller, pianist, both employes
of the institution, furnishing the mu
sic. .
Eric Graves, who was unable to attend
the Randolph agricultural school, has
come home, but is very imfh improved.
The Neapolitan orchestra drew a full
house Monday night and were much en
joyed. Special praise was given the vo
calists with the company,
F. E. Atkins has gone to Montpelier
to assist in the offices of the American ;
Fidelity company.
Antonio Germino has gone to Melrose,
Minn., with the idea of settling there
At $1.10 each, fringed,' scalloped and
hemmed bed spreads; a $1.50 value, to
close out this lot for $1.19 each at Per
ry's on Saturday.
Mrs. John Kelly of the west hill, who
has been seriously ill since New Year's,
is a little more comfortable, although
not able to sit up at all yet.
Tickets for the Caulmet miners' ben
efit dance are on sale in the following
cigar storse: George Marrion's, George
Lander s, Merlo Bros, and Oscar Borgh s.
Kegular meeting of St. Johns court
No. 522, C. O. F., will be held Thursday
evening, Jan. 22, in K. of C. hall. Busi
ness, installation of officers. Refresh
ments will follow the meeting.
Among those who registered at The
Buzzell hotel yesterday were included
the following! YV. J. Fitton, Newport,
R. I.; A. F. Bandemer, Rochester, N. Y.i
C. J. Beckwith, Rutland; W. G. Cram,
Burlington; J. II. Norris, Ben; Joe E.
Marchette, Concord, N. II.; Ralph Mar-
chette, Concord, N. H.
Friends in this city of Burt Cheese
man will be interested to learn that he
is now located in Denver, Col. According
to intelligence received in the city by
friends Mr, Cheesman, the former pro
prietor of the Pearl street barber shop,
is following his occupation there. He
intends in a short time to leave for San
A reception, given in honor of Miss
Ermina Giguere of Websterville Tuesday
evening, was attended by a large num
ber of friends and relatives. The even
ing was delightfully spent in playing
games and dancing. Dainty refresh
ments were served. Miss f-Jiguere, who
is about to leave for Manchester to be-
, x i . U!i: .
it is unueiWKm ui .n .uuuiun u. , . work jn (h factoric. was pre,ented
leader of the band. It is still hoped
that he may return here, as he will be
greatly missed in musical circles, hav
ing been the eflicient leader ot the va-
terbury Citizens' band. Mr. Gerniino
has also always been ready to 'help in
concert and church work.
A public installation of the ater
bury Center grange was held Tuesday j
. i. : . I
A SMn of Beauty i a Joy Forever.
T. Fllx Ooursud's Oriental
Cream or Magical Beautlfler.
Remws Tin, Staples,
Frcki, Idols 1'aichFS,
Esse, sad fcsta Ciirim,
uq wwmrj Bitniu
on bcft'itf . sad dfi
fle datscttna. It
has itoo4 lu tMt
o( 6t Tv s&4
Is so saralm ws
twtett tobssuftlt
is properly mads.
Aocspt &oco.intr
felt of similar
name. IV. L. A.
Barrs said to S
lad- of tat ba'it-
toll ( DfttitntiT
"As fnu ladles
wtU . nsa lfces.
I rfeuoafptos
'f.narntlri'a freEn' as P Iraat harmful of sll la
aklD pr.tara.lms.,' r .r isle bf all drotrs sod Fancf
Wooda liralars la U Halted Slues. Cauda and Sunt.
FER3,T,H0P.;HWSC,Pnpi.376rU.n..:UT,t i,or. Vt
evening, visitors being present from the
Morrisville and Duxbury granges. Mip
per was served from fl to 7:30 and the
following officers were installed by State
Master Cady of Middlebury: Master,
John Parker: overseer, V. G. cbster:
secretary, Mattie Marshall; steward, Mr.
Perry; assistant steward. franK Aiar-
shall: lady assistant steward, Miss Hel
en Murray, chaplain, Mrs. Lemuel
Lyons: secretary, Miss May Mernam;
treasurer, A. A. Newcomb; gatekeeper,
Leslie Haves; Ceres, .Mrs. Nellie Mur-.
- ... it
ray romona, Jirs. v . i. neiwwn
Flora, Mrs. Arthur Woddard. There was
a fine attendance. v
Miss Clara Carpenter of the grammar
school and Miss Ollie May of the fourth
grade are taking visiting day to-day,
whicli they are spending visiting the Tur
lington schools.
Nicholas Breene is very ill with stom
ach trouble.
The biological survey and the forest
service have been co-operating in the
extermination of ground squirrels on na
tional forests in California. The annual
loss of range feed and gTain crops from
ground squirrels is enormous.
Can Yon Trust Your Widow
to invest your life insurance money f
Mistakes made impossible under our
monthly income policy. Send date of
birth of self and wife. National Life
Ine. Co., of Vt. (Mutual.) S. S. Ballard",
general agent, Lawrence building, Mont-
Arrangements are being completed be
tween the managements of the Goddard
seminary hockey team and the Buzcell I
rink- representatives for a game to be
played at the Buzzell rink on Saturday
afternoon. A game 'as played between
the two teams last Saturday and proved
a crcat success. GodilnrH uinnincr hv ilia
score of 3 to 2. Better arrangements I
will be made this coming Saturday for
accommodating the spectators.
Funeral services for Valentine Hutch
ins, whose death at his home, 61 Sixth
street Wednesday noon followed a short
illness of pneumonia, will be held at the
First Baptist church Saturday afternoon
at 2 o'clock, the pastor. Rev. XJeorge H.
Holt, officiating. At the house prayers
will be said at 1 o'clock. The interment
will be made in Hope cemetery. Mrs.
Emma Maloney, a daughter, nnd Clem
ent Hutchins, a son of the deceased, ar
rived in the city last night from Fays
ton. Bert Hutchins of Worcester and
Mrs. Emma Parizo of Fayston have also
been called to Barre by the death of
their brother.
Bitter fate is pursuing Battiste So
maeni, a Barre granite cutter who re
cently went to his former home in Italy
for an indefinite visit. The latest mis
fortune to befall Mr. Somaeni is of se
rious proportions, although not of the
character of his former troubles. So
maeni, while engaged at his trade in
this city, was left practically without
vision as the result of two accidents in
granite plants. The accidents happened
within the space of a year and his trip
to his native land was for the purpose
of restoration of sight through the me-
auim or rest, tie arrived in his native
land with a capital of some $400. This
principal, according to informatitvn re
ceived by friends nt Montpelier, was de-
fnmiic'i in a oanic ot his native town.
According to the correspondence received.
the day following the bank failed and
Somaeni was the loser of A40n.
Ladies, attend our aerge and silk dress
sale Friday and Saturday, $6.03. Paris
Shirtwaist House.
Sale of 50c dresses for 40c; 30c dresses,
20c; 30c nightdresses, 20c; 60c gloves,
40c; 40o gloves, 30c; 2Tc gloves, 20c;
50c men's shirts, 45c; 30c rompera, 2uc;
25c men'a woolen hose, 20c; 20c men's
woolen hose, 15c; 20c children's waists,
13c, or two for 25c. Other things not
mentioned, at Mrs. Spargo's store, North
llarre. ,
Pomona Grange at Plainfield.
TJm n.-intj.r meetinir of the Winooski
Valley Pomona grange will be held at
t lamneld opera nouse January mhi, ius
will be eiven to routine
business and the afternoon to the con
ferrini? of the fifth degree. Both sessions
closed to the public. Friday afternoon
the degree teams will meet at ihe opera
house to practice the fifth degree work.
There will be a special
communication of Granite
lodge, F. and A. M., Friday
evening at 7 o'clock. Work,
M. M. degree. Per order
W. M.
Try Hubmarks
The kind of Rubbers that give satisfaction.
Made with the double heel. We guarantee
every pair. Remember the place :
Rogers' Walk-Over Shoe Store
170 No. Main St.
' A special conclave of St.
Aldemar commandery, No.
11, K. T., will be held this
evening at 7 o'clock. - Work
in full form -on K. T. degree.
Per order A. C. Tilden, E. C.
,, weguiarmeei-
O. E., this even-
1 n g at 7:30
o'clock i n t h c
Eagle's hall.
An Advertisement in the Times
Will Bring Sure Results.
A regular meeting of Lov-
u i vii trcii vn .it ifuptu
will be held in their hall
this evening at 6:30. fol
lowed by a concert and refreshments.
Let all members be present, as a grand
rood time is expected. Bring your
'riends' with you. Per order of N. G.
Furnishing Undertakers and Embalmers
You Must Trust Your Druggist
As You Do Your Doctor
You have confidence in your doctor and are willing to
take any medicine he prescribes. But you don't always know
what is ordered or whether it is properly compounded by
the druggist. Therefore you must trust your druggist as
you do your doctor.
Every possible safeguard is placed around our prescrip-
tion compounding. We have a system that makes errors prac
tically impossible. You can trust us as to purity and price,
also. I
Ask your doctor about us.
The Barre Drug Company
Corner Main and Merchant Streets

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