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Crews of Barges Lost in Sound Escape
in Dory and Are
, Saved.
New. York, Feb. 16. A long diintance
telephone message from Orient Point,
L. I., telling of the safety of eleven per
sons including four women and two
children, who were aboard four barges
which were cut loose from the tug l'liny
Fisk in the storm was received here yes
terday. Captain Johnston in charge of the
rescued, said they showed wonderful
courage. The little dory was so weight
ed down with the eleven persons that
the gunwales were dangerously near the '
water and the mpants were splashed1
by the wav ."" dory was carried
toward the nt shore. It was '
feared exposure might result fatally for
the two children but it la said tbey
seemed entirely well.
- For many hours the barges drifted
helplessly and those aboard took to the
dory when the barges began to sink.
Orient Point people saw the dory drift
ing into the surf. They waded out into
the waves and found the small boat's
passengers famished, exhausted and half
at a thousand different
1 WUUlllilllllUJUJ
Ban Johnson Thinks That
Evers Was Sorely '
Declares Its President, Who
Would Go the Limit on
Chicago Manager
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One on West River Road Is Caught in
Brattleboro, Feb. 16. Windham
county experienced Saturday the worst
blizzard since 18H8. An intense snow
fall began about midnight and con
tinued until Saturday afternoon, so that
about 15 inches fell.
The Brattleboro electric road was
practically put out of commission. The
West River railroad train started for
Brattleboro, but was obliged to divide
at the Salmon Hole hill. Most of the
passengers were taken to Xewfane on
the first trip. ,
The locomotive, while returning for
the balance of the train, encountered a
snowslide which nearly buried it, and
at a late hour last night it had not
been extricated.
Teams were sent from Kewfane to
bring the mail and trainmen to Newfane
inn for shelter and food. Col. Davidison
of Highland Park, 111., was among those
snowbound, who will have to stay a
day or two at Newfane' until traffic can
be resumed. Practically all the trains
were several hours late.
Searsburg Reports 4 Feet of Snow.
North Adams, Mass., Feb. IS. A
teamster coming into North Adams
from Searsburg, Vt., Saturday reported
four feet of snow in the latter place.
He left Searsburg at 6 in the morning
and did not reach North Adams until
late last night. Neighboring villages re
port almost equal depths.
Chicago, Feb. Ifi.-The American
league has declared war," said Ban
Johnson Saturday. "We -will stop at
nothing to eliminate the present man
agement of the Chicago National league
club from organized baseball. It is, to
my mind, essential that President Tencr
of the National league and Garry Herr
mann, president of the national com
mission, be clothed with absolute au
thority to remove from the National
league any club owner htjld to be a
detriment to the game."
Johnson, roused by Charles W. Mur
phy's threat to take legal action against
him, Saturday broke the silence which
he has maintained since the joint league
conference in New York, and outlined his
plan to maintain between the major
leagues the good understanding which,
he asserted, was menaced by the pres
ent conduct of the Cubs. The Ameri
can league, be intimated, was prepared
to go the length of changing the . na
tional agreement or of favoring the for
mation of another major league.
"I am clothed with absolute power by
the American league to remove any club
owner woo is regarded as a detriment
to the organization," declared Johnson.
"The heads of the National league should
have the same power. At my meeting
in New York with Messrs. Tener, Herr
mann, Baker, Dreyfuss, and three or four
others, I told them that if the Nations'
league could not control this discordant
element here in Chicago, the American
league would not longer be able to dove
tail with their organization."
Johnson said the entire baseball world
was indignant that Evers should be
dropped a few days before the team
started on its training trip. "Nothing
could be more harmful to baseball," he
declared. "Evers had just been sent
South to look over training quarters and
had been commissioned to sign a num
ber of players men whose signatures I
doubt Murphy could have obtained with
out the aid of Evers. Then he was
dropped at a few days' notice when he
thought in perfect good faith he had a
five years' contract. Of course, Evers
was dropped in accordance with the pro
visions of his contract, and he should
have known what he was sinim before
he signed it. But we don't want that
sort of thing in baseball. We want per
fect confidence between players, owners
and the public.
"llly Locke witnessed the signature
to Overs' contract, and he came to me
afterward and said Evers was standing
over a trap door and did not know it.
The side agreement attached to th con
tract provided that Evers might be
dropped at 10 days' notice, but Evers
j signed without reading it. We cant
i afford to betray the confidence of a ball
! player in that manner. This is the big
issue in baseball now, and not the Fed
eral league. I think the Federal league
comes to us now as a blessing .'n dis
guise. The American league has set out
to see this matter through, and we will
not fulter until it is satisfactorily set
tled. "The national agreement," declared
Johnson, "can be changed at any time
by a majority vote of the partie inter
ested. It doesn't require a unanimous
vote. As for Murphy's threats against
me personally," Johnson said, "they are
mere vaporings. I do not reply to them,
but I indicate by what I have said how
far the American league is prepared to
Evened Up for Previous Defeat By Win
- ning 42 to 21 Saturday Even
ing at Montpelier.
In the Montpelier armory Saturday
night Montpelier high Bchool basketball
team evened up with Burlington high
school for a defeat earlier in the sea
son, winning by the score of 42 to 21,
the Burlington team thus being sent
back, home with a double defeat, hav
ing lout to Spaulding high school in this
city Friday evening, 35 to 16.
Laird and Bartlett were the heavy
scorers Saturday night, with seven and j
five baskets, respectively, while Ashland
was the most successful of the visiting
team, getting seven from the floor. The
first half ended 11 to 11, but the Mont
pelier team played much faster in the
second hail and ran away from curling
ton. The score i
Montpelier. Burlington.
Laird If rg Sheldon
Gross rf lg Flint, Booth, Rupert
Hancock c Morse
Hayden rg If Hill
Bartlett lg rf Ashland
Score M. II. 8. 42, Burlington H. S.
21. Goals from floor Laird 7, Bartlett
3, Gross 4, Hayden 2, Hancock 2, Ash
land 7, Bill 2. Goals from fouls Laird,
Hayden, Ashland 3. Referee Powers.
Tinier -Cullen. Attendance 350.
Anyone who can buy a Fur Coat as
good as those we have to offer, and buy
it for less than our regular price is in
Any Fur Coat in our stock in fact,
anything in Fur Goods, is now on sale at
25 per cent, off
and that means picking that the wise
ones will not neglect.
You're welcome any time, but for your
sake, come early.
Moore & Owens,
Barre, Vt.
Mrs. Charles H. Wood of San Francisco
Ends Life.
San Francisco, Cel., Feb, 15. Mrs.
Charles 11. Wood, wife of a banker of
this city, who died December S at Agra,
India, jumped overboard from the steam
er lyo Maru the first night out of Singa
pore, January 8, while en route to Jloug
Kong with her husband's ashes.
I his information was received nere
Saturday with the arrival of the trans-
Faciflc liner ienyo Maru.
Prior to leaving iMngapore, Mrs. Vood
had arranged with Mrs. Esther Richard-'to attend the Senate Saturday
friend at Hong Kong, to obtain
Tennessee Senator, With Both Jaws
Swollen, Mingled With Hia
Washington, Feb. 16. The Senate has
been exposed to the mumps. Senator
Luke Lee of Tennessee, who spoke for
his resolution to name a special commit
tee to investigate the Louisville and
Nashville Railroad company, has a well
developed case, both jaws being swollen.
Senator Lea was cheek-by-jowl with
many senators Friday, but was not able
son, a
passage for her on the Tenyo Mam,
from Hong Kong to San Francisco.
When the Iro Maru nut into Hons
Kong. Mrs. Richardson learned of Mrs.
Wood's death, and received from the
captain a letter addressed to her, which
was found in Mrs. Wood's stateroom.
The letter said:
"After all I shall not reach Hong
Kong and see you, for I am going to
look for my beloved. I cannot live with
out him.
"May i trouble you to forward 'my
things to Mr. Wood's sister, Mrs.
Charles Musaus of San Francisco?"
Mrs. Musaus and her husband were
at the pier when the Tenyo Maru Ar
rived, expecting to meet Mrs. Wood.
Some hours later Mrs. Musaus received
a letter that had been written by Mrs.
Richardson, enclosing Mrs. Wood's let
ter to her, and relating the circum
stances of Mrs. Wood' fate.
This Is the Prediction Made by the
Washington, Feb. 16. Prominent west
ern representatives of the shipping in
terests here to oppose the five per cent
increase in eastern territory, predict the
railroads will not be allowed by the in
terstate commerce commission to increase
rates. Instead, they think the commis
sion will point out to the roads bow
to economize by charging shippers for
various privileges now granted free.
were seriously injured in a fire that Sat
urday destroyed the six-story building
occupied by the Northern Manufactur
ing company. AH the injured will re
cover. To save the life of a girl em
ployed in his department, William P.
Howe, 70, a shipping clerk, after havj
ing himself been assisted out of the
building, ran back, Rnd was burned tj
death. Rose Schultz, for whom How
gave his life, was carried down th
stairs from the third floor only slightly
hurt. The origin of the Are has not
been determined. The loss is estimated
at $110,000.'
One Dead and Several Injured in Minne
apolis, Minn., Fire.
Minneapolis, Minn., Feb. 10. One
man lost his life and several others
It Sold the Goods, but Broke Up Home
of Fair Tobacco Dealer.
Chicago, Feb. 16. A smile with every
cigar broke up the home of Mrs. Adeline
Saunders. '
"We had a cigar and confectionery
store and most of our customers were
men," she told the court. "When I
waited on the customers I alwavs had a
smile and a pleasant word for them. As
a result they. bought liberally and w;
"But my husband was sure my smile
wasn't entirely a professional one and
he nagged and insulted me." , ' J
Mrs.1 Saunders got her divorce.
Kitty Bransiield, the former Pirate
first-sacker, thinks that the Federal
league has the goods. He thinks that
the Federals will have in their ranks
Mattern, Smith, Lennox, "Runt" Walsh,
Imlah, Duncan and probably Almeida
and Dole, members of the Montreal In
ternational league club.
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