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,vK Jli
Because of Terrible Back
ache. Relieved by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound.
Philadelphia. Pa. "I suffered from
displacement and inflammation, and had
i such pains in my
sides, and terrible
backache so that
could hardly stand.
1 1 took six bottles of
i Lydia E. Pinkham's
I Vegetable Com
pound, and now I can
do any amount of
work, sleep good, eat
good, and don t have
la bit of trouble.
1 recommend Lydia E,
Finkham s Vegetable Compound to
every suffering womam." Mrs. Harry
Fisher, 1642 Juniata Street, Philadel
pma, ra.
Another Woman's Case.
Providence, R. I. I cannot speak
too highly of your Vegetable Compound
as it has done wonders for me and I
would not be without it. I had a dis
placement, bearing down, and backache,
until I could hardly stand and was thor
oughly run down when I took Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. It
helped me and I am in the best of health
at present I work in a factory all day
Jong besides doing my housework so you
can see what it has done for me. I give
you permission to publish my name and I
epeaK or your vegetable compound to
many oi myrnends." Mrs.ABRiUjAW'
SON, 126 Lippitt St, Providence, R, I.
Danger Signals to Women
are what one physician called backache,
headache, nervousness, and the blues.
In many cases they are symptoms of
some female derangement or an inflam
matory, ulcerative condition, which may
be overcome Dy taKing juyaia i nnK
ham'sVegetable Compound. Thousands
of American women willingly testify to
Its virtue.
100,000 Babies Examined.
In the March Woman's Home Comnan
ion, Anna ttteese Richardson, director of
the better babies bureau of the Woman i
Home Companion, gives a graphic ac
count of 12 months work and tun
carrying on the campaign for better ba
bies a movement which, during the com
ing year, is expected to develop enor
moiisly. Just a year ago the Companion
took up the cause of better babies and
put it on a sound educational basis: first
by giving it world-wide publicity second
tV encouraging and assisting the va
lions organizations wishing to conduct
contests, by providing standard litera
ture and awarding prizes; and third, by
pending an immense amount of concrete
information to individual mothers who
' v-ant their babies to be better babies,
The better babies movement has been
standardized by means of providing, free
of charge, the most thoroughly scientific
score-cards, wall charts, books of de
tailed instructions, and all other needful
literature, that could be devised by ex
perts, and insisting that these be used
in all contests where Woman s Home
Companion awards were given. In other
words, the better babies bureau, by non
est, sincere, and unbelievably hard work,
lias accomplished in one year what a gen
e rat ion of scattered endeavor could not
have brought about. The following ex
tracted from Mrs. Richardson's article
gives a brief resume of what has been
"Better babies contests have been held
in every state of the Union, except West
Virginia, New Hampshire, and Utah, and
in several Canadian provinces. More
than 100,000 babies have been examined
according to the better babies standard
score-card. Hundreds of thousands of
mothers attending contests, whether they
entered babies or not, have received and
been helped by "Hints to Mothers,' is-
sued by the better babies bureau and
distributed freely by contest managers.
Equal Suffrage Polling Places.
The inevitable first result of equal suf
frage is the removal of all polling places
from the neighborhood of saloons. What
was good enough for men is not good
enough for their women folk. For the
most part, voting booths are in churches,
parlors, corner groceries, or schools. IIU'
nois had many of its polling places doc
orated with potted plants, many Kansas
towns introduced no smoking regulations,
and in all of tba older equal suffrage
Mates there is yet to be recorded an in
stance of insult to women in connection
ith the franchise. By George Creel in
jdarch Century.
An Ideal Combination.
The immediate payment of a lump sum
for payment of debts, doctor's bills, etc.,
with an income during lifetime of the
beneficiary plus an interest allowance, is
our monthly income policy in a nutshell.
(Send for specific information. National
Life Ins. Co., of Vt. (Mutual.) S. S.
Ballard, general agent, Lawrence build'
ing, Montpelier, Vt.
Senators Thompson, Owen,
Chamberlain and Sher
man Speak
Strong in Their Support of
the. Proposed Constitu
tional Amendment
Washington, March 5. The causo of
woman suffrage was championed in the
Senate yesterday by Senators Thompson
Owen, Chamberlain and Sherman, who
spoke in support of the proposed consti
tutional amendment.
"A Butterfly on the Wheel" at the Barre
Opera House Tuesday, March 10.
The probate divorce and admiralty di
vision of the high court of justice will
hold court on the stage of the Barre
opera house next luesuay, Marcu l),
when it will he heard in the divorce trial
of "Admaston vs. Admaston," the two
chief, characters in A Butterfly on the
The events leading up to the suit are
said to be most damaging for the wife.
Believing that her husband was neglect
ing ber for his official duties she found
much pleasure in the company of Kod-
enuk Colhngwood. ttollmgwood, it ap
t ' 4-w "wmm.r 1 -TT .... I
A Scene Prom "A" Butterfly on the
Wheel," Tuesday, March 10,
at Opera House.
pears, was a suitor for the hand of Mrs.
Admaston before her marriage and he
has never given up hopes of winning
her. A trip to the mountains was
planned and Colling wood, managed to get
Peggy separated from the others and
as they were alone in Paris there was
nothing left to do but spend the even
ing in a hotel. Having planned this in
advance, Col ling wood incautiously told
someone of the arrangement. ..By means
of an anonymous letter Mr. Admaston
became acquainted of Collingwood's de
sign. Consequently late in the evening
he called up the Paris hotel, asked for
his wife and was surprised to find Col-
mgwood on the other end of the wire.
When he arrived next morning he found
is wife in the presence of Collingwood
and two members of the party who had
turned up over night. The quartette
were devising excuses, none of which ap
peased the irate husband, who immedi-
tciy threw over his wife, telling her
to go to Collingwood. The trial here
will be devoted to the examination of
the wife, who has put in a general de
nial. Advt.
How to Make the Best
Cough Remedy at Nome
A Family Supply at Small Coat,
and I'u II jr Guaranteed.
Make a plain syrup by mixing one
pint of granulated sugar and pint of
warm water and stir for 2 minutes.
I'ut 2V6 ounces of pure Pinex (fiftv
rents' worth) in a pint bottle, and fill it
up with the Susrar Svrup. This gives
you a family supplv of the best couch
eyrup at a saving of $2. It never spoils,
l ake a teaspoon iul every one, two or
three hours.
The effectiveness of this simple romedv
is surprising. It seems to take hold al
most instantly, and will iisuallv con
quer an ordinary cough in 24 hours.
It tones up the jaded appetite and is
juBt laxative enough to be helpful in
a cough, and has a pleasing taste.
Also excellent for bronchial trouble,
bronchial asthma, whooping cough and
spasmodic croup.
This method of making coujjh remedy
with Pinex and Sugar Syrup (or
trained honey) is now used in more
homes than any other cough syrup.
This explains why it is often imitated,
though never successfully. If you try
It, use only genuine Pinex, which is
tnost valuable concentrated compound
cf Norway white pine extract, and is
frich in guaiacol and other natural
dealing pine elements. - Other prepara
tions will not work in this combination.
A guaranty of absolute satisfaction,
cr money promptly refunded, goes with
(his preparation. Your druggist has
Pinex, or will sret it for you. If not,
aejji to The Pines Co., Ft' Wayne, Ind.
Says Revaluation of Women Is Going On.
In the March American Magazine Rav
Stannard Baker writes another letter
from the field in his new series entitled
Seeing America." This time he reports
among other things the progress of the
progressive movement and its ideas in
the West. He describes a visit to the
Chicago Progressive club, where he says
the Progressives are doing as the Social
ists do running their campaign right
through the year whether there is any
body to elect or not. Following is an
extract :
"I think I was most interested in the
women leaders. It seemed new and
strange to have women in a political
club and yet in a club of this character
perfectly natural and appropriate. For
what were they discussing! Why, child
labor, housing, eugenics, sanitation and
upon all these subjects women are as
much interested as men. The sanest
talk I heard upon some of the social
planks of the Progressive platform was
in discussions by women who. through
work in settlements or in other public
ways, have arrived at sound knowledge
and wise opinions. I began to think the
question of the future for the political
party is not how it will get along with
the. women, but how it will get along
without them.
"The fact is, here in Chicago ns well
as elsewhere in the country, a process
of revaluation of women is going for
ward. That is what is meant by the
femininist movement. Women are revalu
ing themselves, finding within themselves
new and hitherto unused sources of pow
er: and they are now oeing rapidly re
valued by society. In two political par
ties, the Socialist and Progressive, they
are already accepted upon an equal basis
with men. In Chicago nearly all ot the
ablest and most active women, led by
Jane Addams, hare affiliated themselves
with the Progressives."
Siamese Twins Are Separated.
Paris, March 5. Madeline and Sa-
zarme, the J-reiieli Siamese twins, were
separated yesterday bv a surgical opera
tion. The operation was performed with' be removed if desired
" " "'"" ""' "'
Ji-f H American r lag - Blanket, o x 1 Z in. 1
ft r-A, JS s ?et ,b
With a 10c Oval Foil Package of 20 MECCA Cigarettes'
Cr yj r '; 9P looz 10m
Absolutely the largest, handsomest, most attractive novel
ty of its kind ever given with a single package of cigarettes!
w Afoot long design on both sides the American Flag m
Every patriotic, American will want one!
The Envy of All Cigarette Manufacturers
This remarkable offer is made to get more smokers
'acquainted with a remarkable innovation m cigarettes
the new Oval Foil Package of 20 MECCA Turkish
Blend Cigarettes for 10 cents. ; '
All over the nation smokers are praising this new
MECCA Foil Package of 20, for its convenience, com
pactness and the foil -wrapped freshness of its double
quantity of MECCA Cigarettes.
Millions find ''Perfect Satisfaction" in MECCA
Quality. v
' i
" 1 J
' 1
rKtt skK . in the New mkhvtm
.vnv0iy Y - 3 jm Tk y i
linn .in mmifj?-"! . Mlim I nil, ill mm mm iWllnmil JtTTCTTm!
Take advantage of
this Free offer today
and avoid disappoin
' ment, as dealers have
a limited supply of An
Flag Blankets and cannot obtain
more. Get a 10c foil package of
i 20 MECCA Cigarettes and ask for a
i big American Flag Blanket tree.
Look for free offer sign on a dealer's
.1 J,iivT tt ''fSit.- "ii.
- v i- ' i. ,s a
Special Notice to Dealers:
We want every dealer in Barre to be supplied with these American Flag Blankets. All
dealers who have not yet secured a supply of these American Flag Blankets can do so by
applying at MECCA Headquarters, E. II. WARCII, Buzzell Hotel, phone 8483-1, 6 to 8 p.m.
Topics of the
Home and
In making griildle calces of any kind,
do not add the baking powder till just as
you cook them. The cakes will 1k much
lighter if this plan is followed.
When making apple tart, grate the ap
ples instead of cutting them into slices;
i Ilia fiuilfoa ftinm TTlllph Tlirer. flfl fl Iinlf'A
are not good cookers, and do not cook ''I"'"RI?-
ing the cover or otherwise disfiguring
the. magazine.
Chocolate at Very low Cost.
A degree of uncertainty exists in some
quarters as to the origin of chocolate
and cocoa; that is, whether they are
members of the same family, or if not,
wherein lies their difference.
Chocolate and cocoa are both commer
cially prepared from the seeds of the
cocoa tree, but owing to different meth
ods of preparation their final composi-.
tions differ. In making cliocolate after
the thin outer husks are removed, the
broken, roasted beans are ground be
tween hot rollers to a great degree of
Lodger, the cream is of far more value
for the cereal at breakfast and the
maming lat-tree skimmed milk is more
suitable for chocolate.
Try then thh recijie, which will provide
eight breakfast cups of plain chocolate
at a cost approximating nine cents:
One quart of separated or "skimmed"
milk, two ounces or six level tablespoons
of unsweetened chocolate, measured after
grating or scraping; two tablespoons of
hot water, two pinches of salt, one-
iourth standard measuring cup of sugar,
or four level tablespoon! urn. lo com
bine, heat the milk over hot water a
double boiler being preferable but never
over the direct heat of the range or gas.
Wlrihrthis is being done, put the grated
late cups and is suitable for an after
noon function. To the original amount
of milk, one quart, allow four ounces or
12 level tablespoons of grated chocolate.
Follow exactly the given directions for
combining with the addition of one tea
spoonful of the best obtainable extract
of vanilla added just before the beating.
Arrange in advance to have some extra
grade cream whiped and chilled in the
refrigerator. When ready to serve put a
tablespooiiful of this cream in the liot
tom of the cup and pour the steaming
hot clHH-olate upon it. It makes a bet
ter blending than is effected when ono
holds a cup in one hand and tries to
stir under the isolated little island of I
aid the cause of good roads. Primarily,
he may assist in the election of compe
tent local road officials, lie can explain,
if lie will, the financial gain to a com
munity which will accrue from intelli
gent road improvements, and demon
strate the absolute necessity of electing
highway officials who will improve the
roads with the money at hand instead
of wasting it by unintelligent expendi
tures. The automobilist. organized or unor
ganized, can aid the cause of good roads
materially by carrying in this pockets
postal cards, and whenever a bad spot
is encountered in the road, notifying the
nrooor oMieial. This takes but a mo-
The presence .of 50 per centJor g,.raped chocolate into a small sauce-
siiecially constructed instruments.
babies cried but little.
The yolk of an egg. if placed in a cup
and covered with a little cold water, will
keep for a couple of days. The water
can easily be poured off when the yolk is
Often corsets, otherwise in good con
dition, will break at the hips. To make
them as good as new, cut strips of feath
erbone about four inches long, finishing
the ends the same as for collars, and
stitch these over the broken steels.
To make wire-stitched magazines more
easy to handle, with a short, stiff awl or
a pair of old scissors raise the ends of
the wire, then turning the magazine over,
insert the tool under the loop and loosen
it until, with a pair of flat pliers, it can
be grasped and pulled out. After en
larging the holes with the awl pass a
needle threaded with stout carpet thread,
double, down and back through them,
tying it together firmly, but leaving the
loop long enough to allow the leaves to
easily open out flat. The book can then
be managed with one band, or laid oim'm
on the lap. The advertising pages may
greatly reducing
of fat in these Iwans causes the mass tO,a. ftj the hot water and sugar, and
lorm a paste, wiin or wiinoui me au-i
dition of sugar this is molded and cooled
and sold as sweetened or unsweetened
chocolate, as the case may be.
In order to make a good beverage with
chocolate, milk should be used; but ow
ing to the high proportion of fat in the
chocolate it is unnecessary to use the
whole or unskimmed milk which has its
fat in the form of cream t be found
at the top of the jar. From the eco
nomic standpoint, says the Philadelphia
A Skin or Beauty a Joy Forever.
The the weight a great advantage to an il-
T. Fallx Gouraud'a Oriental
Crtam or Magloal Baautlfler.
on Dvautf. mna ue-fl-
tiec-tlin. It
hu stood tbt test
ot 63 rrn. and
I eo n&rrr.l.u we
toatFlt tobrnrlt
it pruprrly mad.
Aocpt noocunt-r.
feit of alnillu
cacne. Pr. L. .
Pav.a md to a
lad- nf lh baul
t" (a atifnt ; :
As rrtii iadiea
TTiii 'uw thpm,
I rfciimmf ltd
RmniH'a Orea"' ' harmful of all Hi
kln rrvpam.lon.." ! b all dnifg t and t ancj.'
Ooodl DraJtrt In U t'Dlltd SUtti Canada and Karop.
mm m, -
m. - a t--. i - ,'l K.a.li
cream with a tiny spoon while dodging: nient. costs but a rent, and in thousands
the general crush ot a social gathering.
The difference in the composition and
methods of making cocoa are piite an
other subject for consideration.
JJorothv IX-xtcr.
Motorists and the Roads.
There is a great variety of ways
which tlie individual automobilist
of instances it bus proved exceedingly
effective. Mot local highway ollicials
are anxious to repair bad places in the
roads if their attention is called to them
early enough ho that the cost is within
what they consider their authority, or
within the limit of the means at hand.
Suburban Life The Countryside Mag
azine for March.
valid. This can be done without remov- 1 fLRO.T.HCPtlK J t SDK, hi&Zl 6rL Jones SUT.C
place the saucepan over bot water. Stir
the mixture constantly till it Is smooth
and glossy. When the milk is hot add
a cupful "slowly to the chocolate, still
stirring steadily.
Then' add the contents of this sauce
pan to the remaining bot milk in the
double boiler, and with a Oover eg-
froth forms on top.
The beating makes the mixture smooth
and light, while the air enclosed in the
froth prevents the rather unpleasant
looking skin which forms on top of the
chocolate if it is obliged to stand for a
time before serving, as is the case when
a large amount is prepared in advance
and kept hot for gradual serving during
meals or any social function.
In such cases the beater should be
kept near by and the chocolate given a
brisk whip in its large container before
nonrimr into the fancy pots or cups.
Note that this formula is called "plain!
chocolate, but it is qu
Girls! Boys! Get a i5-Cent Bottle
and Try a "Dandcrine Hair Cleanse"
Save Your Hair!
for ilailv consumption. If a
ed chocolate flavor is desired, add one
half to one ounce more chocolate, or,
vice versa, reduce the proportion for the
original quart of milk if one desires
weaker beverage.
The following recipe makes 10 choco-
Aftcr washing your hair with soap al
ways apply a little Dandcrine to the
scalp to invigorate the hair and prevent
dryness. Better still, use soap as spar-
; .;i. .!,' inirlv as possible, and instead have a
more ilecnt- .
1 n .. ,.f h .....f, iiiiiil..t'inn i ruu it- f ira.
fully through your hair, taking- one
strand at a time. This will remove dust,
dirt and excessive oil. In a few mo
menta you will be amazed; your hair
will not only be clean, but it will be
wavy, fluffy and abundant, and posses
an incomparable softness and luster.
Besides cleansing and beautifying tie'
hair, one application of Dandcrine dis
solves every particle of dandruff; stim
ulates the scalp, stopping itching and
falling hair. Dandcrine is to the hair
what fresh showers of rain and sunshine,
are to vegetation. It goes right to the
rootn, invigorates and strengthens them.
Its exhilarating and life-producing prop
erties cause the hair to grow long, strong
and beautiful.
Men! I-adies! You can surely havi
lots of charming hair. Get a U.Vi-ent bot
tle of Knowlton's Dandcrine from any
drug store or toilet counter and try it.

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