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Cable Letter
Cost is Small
The rates "for Western Union
twelve-word Cable Letters
delivered abroad within 24
hours' time are very low.
Week-End Cable Letters sent
Saturday, delivered "abroad
Monday, cost still less. Un
surpassed fast Cable service
at regular rates.
Full information at any office
Of Husband Whom She Had
Shot Dead with i
'Because I Loved Him " the
Police Declare the Woman
Told Them Was Reason
Thirty-five to Show Resentment
Gov. Amnion's Truce Order
in Strike.
Denver, June 22. Resentment at the
truce order, issue bjr Gov. Amnions just
an the direct attack was ordered at
Walsenbury in tlie recent strike cam
paign which, resulted, in the death of
Maj. Lester mid the wounding of two
others, is assigned as the real reason
back of 35 resignations of officers of the
Colorado national . guard, , which,, it is
said, will soon be presented. ' The fail
ure of the governor to order troops from
Ludlow to Forbes in time -to- prevent
the. slaughter there is also resented.
Maj. L. W. Kennedy, who entered the
service May 13, 1!W, and ("apt. B. H.
Brooks, who has been in service four
years, have already oered their resig
nations. Several other resignations are
said to be in the hands of Adjt.-Gen-,lohn
Chase. Capt. Philip S. Van Cise
and ('apt. R. ft. Garwood have made no
secret of their purpose to quit the state
Some of the contemplated resigna
tions are due to other causes, but in all
the truce order is assigned as a con
tributory cause, although none of the
officers' will violate the military eodi?
for public discussing involving criticism
of their superior officers.
For the same reason, these officers
are not admitting their intention to re
sign, and the rule of the military de
partment is to keep secret resignations
from the service until after they nre
acted on. None of the resignations of
fered since the strike campaign has been
acted upon, except that of Maj. C. C.
Townsend. The last official list of offi
cers of the guard shows 35 resignBt'oiiN
or changes by reason of expiration of
commissions in the list of 125 officers
in the guard.
Meet To-morrow to Conner Mur
der of inspector Norton.
Boston, June 22. A call for .1 special
session of the grand jury to meet '1 ,j--day
to consider the evidence against
Lawrence Robinson, wlii is H?gcd to
have shot and killed Police Inspector
Thomas F. N'orton in ISo.yxi.n-stre; t
restaurant Friday, was issued by District-Attorney
Pelletier Saturday. l;ob-
inson, who was not captured until no
had received three bullet wounds. je
mained in a critical condition at the
city hospital Saturday. ,
Famous Writer Dies in Vienna.
Vienna. June 22. Baroness Bertha
Van Suttner, the Austrian writer, who
devoted most of her life in the caus.
of peace died yesterday. She was aWard
the Nobel peace prize in 1905.
developed and printed in one day's time
by the best known methods in photog
raphy. Bring in your films and be con
vinced that there is a difference.
The Troup Studio
Exeter. V. H.. June 22. Henry H. Fol-
som, a Boston lawyer, was found dead
with a bullet in his head on the .road
between here and Newmarket Saturday.
His wife was standing over the body
with a -evolvcr in her hand, according
to the police. She was arrested and the
polieesay she admitted she fired the
shot that killed him.
"I did it because I loved him," she is
alleged to have told the police, who also
say that she declared she was jealous
of him. ' '
The Folsoms have a summer home at
Newmarket, eight miles from here. -Mrs.
Folsom has been there several weeks.
She came to Kxeter Saturday and met
her husband, who arrived on a late aft
ernoon train from Boston. It is believed
they were driving to Newmarket when
the shooting occurred.
A party of men in an automobile came
upon the body with the woman standing
beside it, and after questioning her they
hurried here and notified the police.
When Chief Andrew Y. Da via and Dr.
John O. Knowlton, the medical referee,
reached the scene they say they found
,Mrs. Folsom still standing over the body
by the roadside and clutching a revolver.
She made no resistance to arrest and
handed the weapon over to Chief Davis.
"Is he dead?" she asked the chief.
The chief told her that he was.
"I don't think he is," she said. "Feel
his pulse."
The medical referee made another ex
amination of the body, finding no sign
of life, and Mrs. Folsom stepped into J
the chiefs automobile, saving simply:
"All right."
She was locked up and when asked if
she wanted an attorney, she mentioned
first Dwight Hall, former mayor of Do
ver. X. 11., and afterward F.dward G,
Eastman, a former state attorney-gen
Mrs. Folsom is about forty years of
age, anil her husband was a little older.
After a hearing before Judge Edward
D. Maher, Mrs. Folsom was held for the
grand jury. She pleaded guilty and said
the court. would not understand if she
told her reasons for the shooting. ' "I
have no case," she added.
On the suggestion of County Solicitor
Ernest L. Guptil that she should be rep
resented by counsel, the court appointed
Stewart E. Rowe of Exeter, who entered
a plea of not guilty. Afterward the
woman was taken to the Portsmouth
Cihef of Police Davis testified that
when he asked Mrs. Folsom why she
shot her husband, she answered:
"So he would not marry another
The Folsoms were in a two-seated ear
when the shooting occurred. It is be
lieved that Mr. Folsom was in the front
drivini? and his wife was in the rear
seat. Five shots were tired, all taking
effect. One struck Folsom in the back
of the neck, two entered the front of
his head, and two the side of. his head.
Atlanta, Ga., April 24, 1013. "Mr
face was covered with, pimples which
defied creams, soaps and cosmetics.
They were a source of constant humilia
tion to mo, coming in contact with,
many strangers as I do, as ft business
"By the time I had finished ft caV
of Resinol Soap and half a jar of
Resinol Ointment, my skin was soft as
velvet, and as smooth. My friends were
stunned, and everyone asked me what
I had done. When I told them, I think
they hardly believed it, for the trans
formation was simply wonderful.
"Since then I have been using Resinol
Eoap and shall never fee without it
again, for I have learned the delights
of a clear, soft, beautiful' complexion'
that may be attained by its constant
use." (Signed) Miss E. P. Gaddis, 284
Bouth Pryor St. '
Resinol Ointment and Rasiool Soap
sold by every druggist.
President. Wilson Comes
, Back at "Big
Transatlantic Flyer Dons.
Hammondsport, N. Y., June 22. Bod
man Wanamaker's flying boat., which is
was announced Saturday, would be chris
tened the Ameiica. is completed and ex
cept for a few minor details Is ready to
attempt the fli.tht across the Atlanic.
The America will be set up it the fly
ing camp on Iake Kenka to-day and
will be launched to-morrow.
Stranger Who Hired Boat Had Bag Like
That in Which Torso Was
. - Found.
Schenectady, X. Y., June 22. A well-
dressed man, who, on May 20, rented a
boat of Claude Hanlon, is being sought
by the police in the, belief that h; can
clear the mystery connected with the
finding of a woman's" torso in the stream
here Friday.
The stranger loaded a burlap bag and
a piece of concrete into the boat just
before starting. The torso was wrapped
in such a sack and weighted down with
concrete. A section of rope which was
tied around the bag is declared to have
been cut from the boat.
Hanlon recalls the appearance of the
man distinctly. He was about 25 years
old, dark, and weighed possibly 180
pounds. Hanlon thinks the man was not
a resident of Schenectady.
For several hours before renting the
boat, the stranger sat on a bench near
the river, carefully guarding the burlap
bag, which he had placed on the bench
beside him. Finally he approached Han
lon and declared he desired to rent a
boat to go fishing. As it was a cold day
and no one fishing. Hanlon remarked on
this, but the man made no replv. He
was not provided with poles or tackle.
Just before leaving the dock, the man
deposited the burlap bag and a piece of
concrete in the bottom of the boat.
It was still daylight then, and, as the
stranger said he would return in a short
time, Hanlon waited for him. When, at
midnight, be had not returned, Hanlon
went home. The following morning the
boat was found a', the dock. Nothing
about it indicated that it had been used
on a fishnig excursion.
It developed Saturday night that Sa
rah Meader, 25 years old, has been
missing from the home of her uncle,
Thomas McDowell, here, for about a
Police arc investigating her absence.
Southern Men Demand
White Appointee for
commerce .of western New England is
urging in numerous telegrams from Sec
retary Taylor to congressmen.
If you are a tteady moker, you can chan thai
tale tobacco taste for a delirious flavor, antj
vwe?ten your breath ao that it it attractive instead
repellent to those about you, by using
"ThnKind That 5oo Tfth" '
It Is strongly R'rmlrMal and antiseptic and
prvmts disrate pmi from entering the lyitera
throtuli the mouth. Prevents tooth artsy.
Poliihr treth to their natural whitenean. Kren
fold crown and fillingi bright. Heals and hardens
lore and bleeding sums. Has- a delicious taste
rod sweetens the breath. Cannot harden in ot
jut of tube. Lays flat on the brush. All ingredi
ents primed on label. Result of yean of research
by a practicing Dentist. Costs no more than
allien at your Druggist.. Just try a tube today.
Washington, June 22. President ft'il-
sdn Saturday contributed another chap
ter to the prosperity issue. There were
given out at the White House numerous
letters received since the presidenttold,
early in the week, about circulr yctters
to business men requesting them to in
form Washington regarding industrial
depression being aggravated by the con
tinued session of Congress. These let
ters emphasizes efforts to "chastisu the
administration." A Tennessee corres
pondent wrote that his firm had been
requested by a large corporation to wire
the senators and representatives asking
for an adjournment of I engross witn-
out trust legislation." Representative
Keillv of Connecticut took to the White
House a letter he received recently from
ew Haven declaring that clock fac
tories there are charging shorter hours
of employment to importation of foreign
clocks. Air. Keilly has obtained figures
from the department of commerce show
ing that. for the first three months of
this year imports of clocks were $2000
less than for the first three months of
The president is giving much atten
tion to patronage, many places remain
ing to be filled. A number of western
nominees went in Saturday. An an
nouncement from the White House of
more than local interest is that the
president will select a colored man for
recorder of deeds in the District of Co
lumbia. This office has been bestowed
on colored men since reconstruction
times. Southern senators want it giv
en to a white man and proposes to right
the president's nominee as they did re
cently without success, his nomination
of a colored man for municipal judge in
Washington City. The Senate is in the
throes of a profound discussion over
water rights on Fisthead and other In
dian lands in Montnna. There is a wes
ter effort , to take these right from In
dians, when not used, and sell them to
settler. With this question out of the
way and the Indians appreciation bill
passed. Senator New lands said Saturday
he would attempt Monday to bring up
his federal trade commission bill. The
judiciary commission gave the day for
further consideration of the ( layton anti-trust
bill without particularly defi
nite results. The House had a hot and
heavv debate Saturday afternoon over
the commissary at soldiers' homes. It
was claimed bv Representative Anthony
of Kansas and MafTord of W i.ieonsin,
both of whom have branches of the na
tional homes for volunteers in their dis
tricts, that the veterans were not well
fed. This was stoutly denied by Chair
man Fitzerald.
Attorney-General MeReynolds , re
ceived a communication from Gov.
V alsh of Massachusetts Saturday ex
pressing confidence that, the Jegislature
would find a way to dispose of the ,v
Haven bills. In private conversations
the attorney-general tells of his deep
concern oved the railroad situation in
New Kr.gland. He expresses his sym
pathy for innocent persons who have
suffered from the mismanagement of the
Xcw Haven railroad properties and is
hopeful that he will not be compelled
to file the dissolution suit.
The conference committee on the agri
cultural appropriation is understood to
have agreed from approximately $400,
000 for farm extension work. This is
the appropriation which the chamber of!
London Crowds, Give Many Innocent
Women Rough Treatment in Bait
ing Sura?ttcs.
London, June 22. Suffragette baiting
has become a regular Sunday amuse
ment to London erowdc. The police
were kept busy yesterday afternoon in
Hvde park proiwting womoii a:nl es
corting them to place of saf 'y.
.several suffragette meetings were broken
up and the speakers nusi'cd from the
platform, with threats of ducking in the
Serpentine and little discrimination was
Several innocent women spectators
were subjected to rough treatment. The
'.disorders became so serious thnt the po
lice were, obliged to Uie truncheons to
disperse the rioters.
Action Against Monument Firm of John
Lawler & Sons by Creditors.
Springfield, Mass., June 22. A peti
tion in bankruptcy against John Law
ler & Sons of this city, monument mak
ers, was filed at Boston Saturday by
creditors. The claims filed are those of
Thomas Bishop of Quincy, $1,568; John
Harrigan of Quincy, $939, and Marshall
A. Kirkland, $103. The creditors repre
sent the Lawler company as insolvent
and ask to have it declared bankrupt.
They allege that within the four months
preceding the petition the Lawlers have
taken action to prefer certain creditors
over others.
Small Water Pimples on Fingers."
Itched and Burned. Painful and
Sore Cracks. Cuticura Soap and
Ointment Cured in a Month.
Appropriation for Merrimac River and
New Bedford Harbor.
Boston, June 22. Governor Walsh Sat
urday signed a bill to widen and deepen
the Merrimac river for the purpose of
navigation. The measure carries a state
appropriation of $1,000,000, provisional
upon an agreement by Congress to com
plete the project, which will cost ap
proximately $7,000,000. The governor
also signed the New Bedford harbor de
velopment bill, appropriating $X")0,000.
nrooklln." Me. "A few years ago my
bands were very badly affile; 1 with sals
rheum. At first there was an eruption of
mall water pimples on the inside of the
fingers, and by not paying any attention to
the humor my hands gradually became
worse and began to itch and burn and one
after another cracks appeared around the)
nails, on the inside of the finger- and on the
bend of the Joints until I was discouraged;
as tbey were very painful and sore. I had
to omit work that required putting my
bands in water and could hardly work at
all on account of the bleeding cracks.
"I finally procured some Cuticura Soap,
and Ointment, and I found by washing my '
bands in quite warm water and Cuticura
Soap that they were improving. I began
wrapping my fingers nightly In pieces of
soft linen, after a good application of Cuti
cura Ointment which was very soothing.
In a month my hands were completely cured
and I have never been afflicted with the
trouble since.'! (Signed) Mrs. C. L. Parker,
Nov; 22, 1912.
When you buy a fine toilet soap think of
the advantages Cuticura Soap possesses over,
the most expensive toilet soap ever made.
In addition to being absolutely pure and re
freshingly fragrant, It is delicately yet effec
tively medicated, giving you two soaps in
one, a toilet and a skin soap at one price.
Bold throughout the world. Sample of each
mailed free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
post-card "Cuticura, Dept. T, Boston."
Men who shave and shampoo with Cu
ticura Soap will find it best for skin and scalp.
For Northern Baptist .Convention of
1915, Now Meeting at Hub. "
Boston,' June 22. The Northern
Baptist convention voted to hold its 1 !)!'.?
sessions at Los Aangeles.Cal, Th" appoint
ment of general, state and foreign popu
lation evangelists and the establishmr n
The bill contains the provision that the of 8 schoo (or evangelism, recommended
city of New Bedford must turn ovr to"! in the rep0.t of thp t.ommjgsjon on
the state water-front property valued at
about $100,000.
Launch on Onondaga Lake Capsizes
Bodies of Three Children, Two
Women md Man Renvercd.
Syracuse, V. Y.. Jun 22. An lenst
six persons were drowned by the capsiz
ing of a luanth near Mud Lock Onon
daga lake, late last night.
A telegram message stales tint fix
bodies, those of three children, two wom
en and a man l ave been recovered. Oth
er are believed to be in the water.
Cut to Death With Razor.
Haverhill. Mass.. June 22. During a
dispute with a man in the doorway of
his boarding house, Joseph Simini was
yesterday slashed to dath with a ra
zor, and the police are seeking for Jo
seph Bruno.
Women Hurt in Auto Crash.
Nashua, June 22. Two women were
seriously injured in an automobile col
lison on the Lowell road Saturday night.
Mrs. Mowart of Lawrence is believed to
have received internal injuries and her
daughter-inlaw-. Mrs. George Mowart,
had an arm broken.
evangelism, were decided upon unani
mously. Tho report also recommended
the appointment of a permanent commis
sion to co-operate with the home mis
sion society in the evangelistic, work and
adviced that the new commission, in
consultation with the home mission so
ciety, outlines of plans standardising the
work, so as to guard the churches
against, imposture, and at the same time
facilitate intercourse between the evan
gelists and the churches that ne.r.l tne'ir
help. Thp commission on city missions
recommended in its report that the Bap
list publication society be instructed to
consider the advisability of a more sys
tematic development of the daily vaca
tion Bible sehools.
Perfectly Simple.
Teacher In what year was the battle
of Waterloo fought!
Pupil 1 don't know.
Teacher It's simple enough if you
only would learn to cultivate artificial
memory. Remember 4he twelve apos
tles. Add half that number to them.
That's eighteen. Multiply that by 100.
That's 1,800. Take the twelve apostles
again. Add a quarter of their number
to them. I hat s fifteen. Ada what
vou've got. That's 1.815. That's the
date. Quite simple, you see, to remem
ber . dates if you will only adopt my
There is ft form of indigestion called
"atonic' ' dyspepsia. Atonic means "lack
of tone." It is probably the most com
mon form of indigestion but not much is
heard about it because people are in
clined to group all forms of dyspepsia as
"stomach trouble" and the doctors let it
go at that. "
Lack of tone in the digestive organs
means that the stomach is no longer able
to do its work as nature intended. The
nerves that control it are weak, the
glands that supply the digestive fluids
are not working properly. Gas on the
stomach, sour risings in the thrpat and
constipation result. The cause of the
trouble is thin blood. Stomach, nerves
and glands are all dependent on the
blood and when it gets thin and watery
they are at once weakened. Dr. Wil
liams' Pink Fills act directly on the
blood and the first response from the
stomach is a better appetite, freedom
from distress after eating and an increase
in ambition and energy generally. Try
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills as a stomach
tonic and see how your general health
A diet book, "What to Eat and How
to Eat" will be sent free, on request by
the Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Schen
ectady, N. Y. Kvery druggict sella .Dr.
W'illiams' Pink Pills.
idated Lighting Company
announces a two week's sale of General Electric guaranteed flat irons at $2.50
each. During this sale only one flat iron will be sold to each customer.
These are all brand new, guaranteed for five years, latest type, electric irons,
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