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' Thin week will be a record week .for
the Champlain Transportation U.s
steamers, 10 excursion being scheduled.
i W. H. Butler, while trying to adjust
la wire at the power nouns in Cavendish
Saturday, having a rubber glove on one
I hand and the other hand bare,
grasped a live wire and received a stiffl
leient shock to knock him over. He (ell
down some stairs toward the basement
iund received a gash over the right eye
'which required several stitches, besides
several bruise on the face.
k" William Ryan, the driver of the Ben
nington steam fire engine, who was
dragged from his seat a week ago hun
day while on the way to the town farm
tire, turns out to have been more sen-
'ously injured than was at first supposed.
He has two fractured ribs and one ankle
is so badly swollen that surgeons can
not determine whether or not he has
. more broken bones.
J A serious fire was narrowly averted
the other day at Rutland when a blar.e
was discovered in a waste basket in the
office of B. H. Stickney. The room was
full of smoke. Mr. 8tickney had not
been in the office since early morning,
but he nad left a number of matches in
a glass tobacco retainer on the window
sill.. The sun shining through the win
dow and the glass of the jar ignited the
matches, and the heat broke the jar and
sei fire to the waste paper basket.
The top and part of the body of an
automobile truck belonging to Guy H.
Chandler were swept off a few days ago
when he attempted to cross a covered
bridge in Bellows fans wmcn was ioo
low to allow the auto top to go under
it. - Mr. Chandler was thrown from the
' car, which continued its journey and
proceeded through an open door, being
stopped inside the boiler room of the
Vermont Farm Machine Co's. plant.
Brandon farmers arc, not encouraged
' by further reports wCch they hear of
the condition of the Boston Dairy com
" pany, to which they have consigned their
milk for some time past. It is about
three months since any of them have re
ceived pay for their product, between
$1,000 and $2,000 being owed in that vi
. cinitv bv the eompany, in sums varying
. from $75 to $450. The milk car from
, Brandon to: Boston has been dis
continued. Freaks of Electricity.
In Jcffersonville, during a recent elec
trical storm, lightning struck the barn
' owned by Willis Brown and it was
burned to the ground. Two calves and
four hogs were burned, also half of the
hay cut on the farm. The insurance will
prrtially cover the loss.
In another storm, Bert Cargill's house
in Morgan was struck by lightning,
which came in on the telephone wires.
Dishes and food were swept from the
table, which had just been set for sup
per, nearly ell the windows in the house
were broken, plastering was torn off and
dishes broken. The family suffered a
slight shock, a kitten near the door was
killed, and the house was considerably
Prohibitionists' Mas Meeting.
The Prohibition party of Vermont will
hold a mass convention in G. A. R. hall,
St. Johnsbury, Wednesday, July 29, be
ginning at 10 a. m., and preceded by a
i - . i l. . r i ! ... : . 1. . .. . : ..
meeting uie evening ueiuie, Hint muoiu i
and speeches, this preliminary meeting
7. OA lloowln. ihr. mnrn.
to commence at 7:30. Besides the morn
ing session on the 29th, there will be an
afternoon session beginning at 1:30 and
a rally and ratification meeting at 8
o'clock in the evening. The public is
invited to all these sessions, those com
ing on the morning and going on the
evening trains being able to attend the
two business sessions.
At the morning session, an address of
welcome will be given by Hon. Elisha
May, with response by a member of the
convention, followed by addresses by
Rev. William Shaw of Montpelier and
by a representative of the national Pro
hibition committee, reports of officers
and appointment of committees.
At the afternoon session, there will be
reports of committees, adoption of a
party platform, discussion of important
issues, nomination of a state ticket,
election of state committee for two
years and other business.
All adherent rtf thm Vmiiiinn rtaev
... ..
men and women, are entitled to voice
and vote in this mass convention and
are requested to register at the head
quarters in G. A. R. hall, Railroad street,
near the station, upon the arrival at the
- hall and make it their headquarters dur
ing the convention. For advance infor
mation regarding local matters, address
W. C. Rodliff, St. Johnsbury. Regarding
any business of the convention, address
Dr. L. W. Hanson, Montpelier, as early
as July 25.
far whiter clothaa and aaaier waahdara.
dealer hat H.
Manufactured by
bruise, Maaa.
Lever Bros. Co Cam-
Wkea yea need Maatard, Spires r Fla
veiinc Kxtracta, ear te year (reter,
"Stickney & Poor's"
IIS free ert ireet THphene 414-1
Bsvtna Bee) Ave4aled Areata fer tbe
Caraeratiee) t Watertee, leva,
we eaa supply yna wttb Cewerete at lane,
oiliWra' Hawta. Kieeatora. and Coatrertom'
Kawipment. We have (IbmII Cement Miaen
that will Interaat yoi IS daya' free tnai
Fee partita )r write er telerneae
barra. V
That Worn-Out Feeling
with f of appetite, constipation, bil
iniae, sick hradsrbe, is aatore's
- ... u.4 - i . 1
tonic Get a boUle of Baiter s Mandrak. I
B;ttr to-day
itOta, 5 ceat.
About 100 attended the open-air serv
ice on the Congregational church lawn
Sunday evening. Both pastors gave top
ics of timely interest, and good music
was furnished by the Ideal orchestra.
Miss Lewmina Rickert has returned to
her home In Barre, after visiting Miss
Annie Dorothy Palmer.
Miss Winnifred Terry and Arthur
Lindsay of Beverly, Mass., guests Sun
day at the home of Judge Huntley, went
.Monday to their summer camp in Kays
ton. Mrs. I ne Huse returned Monday to
her horn in Concord, K. H. after being
the guest for 10 days of her daughter,
Mrs. V L. Boicourt.
Mrs. Kdgar Durand of Brooklyn. N. Y
is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Q. 8. Hid
well. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Atkins have a
son, born yesterday morning.
Eost: Between the Catholic church and
Shepard's crossing, ladies' pocketbook,
containing sum of money. Finder please
return to Georgia Kossuts or "pnone
To start a fund for a public library in
this place, an entertainment will be
given in Miles' hall to-morrow evening,
July 23, at 8 o'clock. The program will
consist of opening remarks by Rev. Fred
McNeill; a vocal solo, Miss Florence
Prescott of Syracuse university! a play,
"The New Girl In Town;" speech, "Free
Silver." Prof. Bones; mandolin solo,
Georgia Kossuth. Admission, 20c; chil
dren, 10c; family tickets, admitting four
to six, 50c.
A heavr crop of hay is being cut here,
Knt Knln ia arnrce.
George Billings, who at present ii
hlnintr .T. C. Greene during having, lit
tends to join the U. S. navy in about
a month. . .
E. D. Camp was in Chelsea on business
the first of the week.
A H. Camn of Chelsea visited
friends here last week.
Who Will Claim Them?
Intfnra uncalled for at the Barre
postoflice for the Meek ending July 20
were :
Giuseppe Ambrosini, George Aitken
Yitorino Raratto. Euarene Bedard. Johr
Hr,a..tt CinspnnH Honadomani. Earl
Bassett. C. M. Barrett, Pietro Bernas
coni, S. E. Brown, Giovanni Hottiggi
Antonio Bianchi, Giovanni Helionni
Mart inn BertoIinL John Cruickshank
Tnnv Pnrev. Georce W. Clark. Elwin A
Chase, R. W. Centerbar, Giuseppe Catto,
Ernest lJuiort, Avenno uiego, mcxan
der Duthie, James Davidson, Edward J.
Donahue, Andrea Dragone, eison ia-
dridge, Carl Eriekson, Frontini &
Paiette, Elbert L,. Held, A. fo-
W Pnmnen Galli. Thos. Gabelloni
Est., Bartolomeo Gclpi, Emelio Gian-
narelli, Lino Uiannarein, KODen ureig.
I.iiiwi ninriici. Jnserjh I. liiampolini,
Isaac Gonyo, Giovanni Gasparini, Pedro
Jr. Garcia, Ugna woviia, Angeio uuiuau,
Joseph Herault, W. A. Hickey, George
Howard. E. A. Ha milt. Adolf Jonson,
Ijvi .Inras. John F. Johnfiton. John
Knox, O. L. Kerer, K. Kesti, W. W.
Tjifavpttp. Georire B. Lvons. Enrico I-an-
ti, Faustiniams Lasin, Manuel Lola.Vit
torio Magngna, William Meagen, James
MiKean, James McCleary, Arthur A.
Mitchell, John McPhee, Battista Men-
ghini, John McAuliffe, John Milne,
George Milton, Hjalmer Ohlin, John Oh-
lin, Rhode Island Uigiati, Gordon raton,
AHnlfn Paapttn. Wank H. Peterson. Yin-
eenzo Piatti, Alessandro Piccini, Vicent
Panizza, Antonio I'aluselli, jvioses line
ro, John Restclli, Frank Restelli, Eular
ro, uonn ntreieiu, naiia. icphhu, jums
Rochette, Carlo Romcrio, Alexander M.
D.U TV. Ba n.a RuaiHu Cart
Raid. John Ross. Jose Resilla. Carlo
Rattazzi, Giuseppe Salsetti, Frank Sta
cy, Harley Sun, Aristide Spinella, Clar
ence Smith, Thomas Sexton, Frank J.
Simon, William Sun, Felice Silvera,
George Shores, Moses St. Peter, Pedro
G. Trueba, Francesco Taffaloni, Giovanni
Taralusi, Giuseppe Volpi, Alexander S.
Watt, B. C. Waterman, Albert J. Wil
lis, Fred Williams, Alexander Walker,
Samuel Wheeler, Benjamin Woolhouse,
Gaetano Zorzi.
Women. Nellie A. Alexander, Lillian
Please say advertised and give date,
when calling for letters on this list.
"Out of Long Clothes."
That is what some of the South
American republics are. So says Mr.
August H. Campbell, writing from Coli-
nia Dora, Argentina, to tbe locution
Dnilv Mail And ha aava it in alluainn
to the Monroe doctrine, with respect to
x 1 -.. i : -c I , : . V. 1 - . 1 .
me rniiutii.iuu vi h nil u d v iue vuuintriii
neighbors we are always willing to hear
the remarks of any close observer. A
correspondent had expressed the ridicu
lous fear that the doctrine tended to
make "Latin America" unsafe for "Brit
ishers," and had mentioned the Benton
murder in Mexico. Mr. Campbell, him
self a Britisher, cites his own experience
to the contrary. Pointing out that a
murder in a Mexican revolution does not
imply the probability of limitation in
countries farther south, he declares
from personal knowledge that in Argen
tine, Chili and Pern "a Britisher is as
safe as he would be in London." and
that friends living in Brazil tell him the
same thing of that country.
More interesting to us, however,
is his incidental statement that
the Monroe doctrine "is a doctrine
preached by the I'nited States of
America, but not accepted by the
large independent countries of South
America ; in fact, there is too much of
the big brother with a stick policy in it
to be swallowed bv countries out of long
clothes." And, "so much so," he adds.
"that, especially in Argentine and
Chili. American commerce has never
prospered (see the reports of the dele
gates who visited these countries late
ly)." In this latter sentence there is
truth enouch to spur the Boston Cham
ber of tvmmerc and similar public-
spirited bodies to further exertion for
tli extension of our trade in those coun
tries. But if misconception of the Monroe
dor-trine was a raux of restriction of
commerce, surely that cue ia pasing
away. We have recentlv acknowledired
in the most public and prsrtial way,
that Argentine. Brazil and Ou!i are "out
of long clothes." They hav twen re
ceived aa friends and equals in so im
portant matter as international media-
t mm fit ru r nlatifwa with IHm t hor
ran be found no shadow of an imputa
tion oi mrancT or inieriornv. Ana u
we ever seemed to assume the attitude
of "the big brother with a stick" it was
not for our rain from them, but for
their rrotwt ion from others. Xom- e
rrmr in ibir fmth of atrenrtn aa in.
!"" atmw. and show that they
rata nothmff nrt to in-t of tia friaa
m r n-'i.iii'K -wit j-v in
uoo ia the wsvs of oros-
ltj and jpeave. Boston lieraid.
A Ridiculous
"Bert, there U something-1 wish you
to do for me."
"What la It. Johnr
'It's a very simple Job If done right,
but a rather delicate one."
"Well, go on." .
"Lucy, you know, is emerging from
childhood Into womanhood."
"lour daughter Lucy T"
"Yes.' Bhe is fifteen, a Tery danger
ous age. And she is Just now in great
danger." "
"IIow soT
"A youngster of eighteen has been
making up to her, and Lucy seems to
fancy him. lou neyer can tell what
these youngsters may do. Lucy needs
to go to school for several years yet
aa for thia valine Markland. he's
nothing but a boy and is dependent on
bis father for a living."
"But what have I got to do with all
"If I can tide Lucy over these bars
till she gets old enough to have some
sense she will take care or nerseii.
lou are tblrtjntwo years old and a
bachelor, within three years of middle
aw. You are my friend and to be im-
plicitly trusted with my daughter, ir
you will pay Lucy a little attention
and Just enough to flatter ber at re
ceiving it from a mature man she will
drop the boy. The spell being broken,
be will be all right again till tbe next
case of puppy love comes on. And
quite probably she'll be nineteen or
twenty before she experiences another
affair, and by that time she'll have
gome sense."
"I'd like to help you, John, but I
can't see bow an elderly fellow like
myself can hare any influence oyer a
child of fifteen."
"I don't wish or expect you to get
hr in love with you. I simply W18U
you to let her see the difference be
tween a man and an undeveloped Doy.
"Well, to please you I'll see what I
can do, but I shall feel very queer try
ing to make believe that I am struck
with a mere child."
"Come and dine with me tomorrow
evening. After dinner I'll go around
to the club for a game of whist Tou
can then make a beginning. Mrs.
Grant, the housekeeper, will be at
home, but no one else. Tou can have
a game of lotto with Lucy, or domi
nos, see?"
Mr. Bert Tlsdale groaned.
"Oh. I know it will bore you," added
his friend, "but really, Bert, I think
you can do me a great fayor. There's
nothing I dread for young persons of
both sexes like the period until tbey
reach a marriageable age."
Mr. Tlsdale bad often seen Lur
Wentworth, but not since she bad P'
sway her doll. At tbe dinner the nen
lis ha noted her especially. She had
Bomewhat developed since he had last
seen her and was now a litne creature,
whose skin snd other features still
partook of the softness of a child's.
She had a very sweet smile and a
nioaannt nrattlln way with her. After
dinner her father went out. remarking
to his friend:
"Please excuse me. Bert; I have an
engagement Stay right where you are.
I'll be back presently.
On Wentworth's departure Lucy, who
had been asked by her father to enter
tain bis friend for half an hour or so.
not a came of lotto, but to
.it iMa hr aide on a sofa and look over
an album of foreign photographs.
During the next rew weens air. xib
dale made visits to Mr. Wentworth's
house with increasing frequency. All
seemed to go well.
"finaA hoy." said the latter, slapping
the former on the back. "You're doing
tbe Job splendidly, but don't overao it
I don't wish you to turn ber head."
Tlsdale forced an uneasy smne.
"By the bye," continued Wentworth.
IV. rni to ro away on business.
When I return Lucy's school will have
come to an end .for this year ana t n
send her into the country. I'ye noticed
that the boy has dropped out but I
think that next fall I'll take the pre
caution to send Lucy to boarding
school. So' long, old man."
ti1b! stammered a soodby. adding
that ha would ease off in bis effort to
save Lucy while ber father was sbsent
Wentworth remained away uu
longer than be had expected. When
hA returned be found that in bis
scheme to prevent bis daughter from a
premature marriage with a boy be bad
Jumped from the frying pan Into the
fire. On entering his Dome oe waa
handed a telegram:
Forgive us. Bertie and I hava been mar
ried. It's all my fault.
Wentworth was thunderstruck. 5
A week later the two chums stood
facing each other.
"For heaven's sake. Bert," as id
Wentworth, "what in tbe nsme of con
science Induced you to"
"Wbat induced me to?"
"I didn't dream that you were a
natural born"
"Any man exposed to anything in
petticoats may be a fool."
"But Lucy! She's barely psssed out
of childhood. However, what can't be
eured must be endured. Tou'd better
take Lucy to Europe for a year or so.
By that time she'll be more mature
and the affair won't look so ridlcu-
Imia "
Tbe rldlcnlous affair occurred ten
years ago. Mr. Tlsdale is now forty- i
two and bis wife Is twenty-flve. It;
does not scour to sny one that there is i
anything ridiculous about tbelr union, s
Th Uual Penalty.
Little Dirk, who waa in the habit of
ref-eivir.2 a good old-fashioned punish
ment hen he aid natg:htr trord. was
much excited the) other day when he
found hi mother washing out the Bew
ha nr. mouth with an antswptK---Hoorar
for her!" he cried, looking at
little aiater with dawning- admiration.
"Aw. MotWr, tell me what ahe
won't rm'"-. At-.rist Wma' Hoi
- .
Cut Flowers
The best and greatest variety
in the state for every possible
occasion. :
184 Main fltraet
Burllnrtun, Vermont
Stat nf Vormant. Diitrlrt of Wahlniflon. aa.
The Honorable Probate Court tor the Diatrlet
A fnrauatif '
To all pemona interested in the eatate of
Daniel Ktnmton, late of the city oi oarre.
in aulit rii.lT-lrt. diwaaied. GREETING I
WHEREAS, said court has auitcned the
8d day of August next for examining and
allowing: the account of the executor oi tne
eatate of aaid dnceated and for a decree of
the residue of said estate to the lawful claim
ants of the same, and ordered that public no
tice thereof be mven to all persona interested
in said estate by publishing- thia order three
weeks successively previous to the day aa
sinned, in the Barre Daily Times, a newspaper
published at the city of Barre. in said ois
THEREFORE, you are hereby notified to
appear at the probate omce in Montpelier, in
said district, on the day aasitrned, then and
there to contest the allowance of said account
If you see cause, and to establish your mint as
heirs, legatees and lawful claimants to said
Given under my hand, thia 7th duy of July,
July 8-15-22
Notice ia hereby liven to all persona iwina
bills for (roods, wares and merchandise or
plumbum work, bona-ht or received from the
hardware nna piumoinn ousineaa conauc-eu .
E. A. Trindle, at the Zanleoni block on North
Main street, should be pa to tbe unaer
siened. aa we are the owners of the same.
and all pemona are hereby forbidden from
settling; or attempting; to settle with the said
E. A. Prindle for the same.
Dated at the city of Barre this Zlst day of
July. A. D. 1814.
Pupil of the Faraoes gereik.
Vienna Royal Hie School, and
Martean. Berlin Hlfti Scfceel
Also leader of the Barre Opera House and
Mcntperier Military Band Orcheatraa
tl NELSON ST. rHONE 411-11
Music for all occasions
Latest and most popular
TELEPHONE - - 342-21
Also Cleaning, Press
In and Sepairing
ia Nerth Main Street Barre, Vs resent
We Clean and Press Suits
Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday for 75c
Pressing, 50c
Ernest H. Bancroft. M. D. C
Veterinary PhyrfcUn and Surjeen
Graduate Chicago Veterinary CoUeje
ft. E. Telephone. HI -11
Ala the People' Lin
ornca and hospital, south bakm
Medical and Surgical Diseases
Peculiar to Women
Offlc Hear t 4 P. H.
Tsssdsr. Tharsday and Satarday
A! by ApaelntBMt
14 and II Blsnrhard Bailding TeL tl
Having had many year' experience, I am
prepared to serv any who nay need the srv.
lea of g midwife or obstetric Burma. Addree
Mrs. Elizabeth La Clair
64 Summer fit. Telephone 1T8-1I Barre, Vt
Offic is Boom 35, Milt-i Building
Om hour. OAK. to If II. and 1 :10 to 4
. aC, Monday, Tuesday, Tburmday and Friday.
Itlephono Conorctloa
Licensed Embalmer
C1U nawereI promptly day or Bight
Aa up-to-date Ambulance ia connection.
EAST BARRE, Vt. Telephone 129-1
WILLIAMSTOWIf, Vt Telephone j8i-
General Horseshoeing
tt- nhtained noaspftaion of" ahnn re.
iib.ii'A - 1 - r -
cently conducted hy Oiarl" Leslie, I am
prepared to ao noreiioeing ana ail
kindt of repair work.
Off So. Main St, Near Kempton Millo
'PHONES 140 AND 408-8 BARRE. VT.
Fire Insurance
I represent seven
teen of the largest
and best Stock and
Mutual Fire Insur
ance Companies. Ask
for rates.
I a.d 4 BsUsn KWa Ban. Vt.
The Timea will publish Wante. L f
Found. For Sale, to Let. --?eE
tiaements-et the rate of four liae. for twenty-live
eenu for the ftnt Inserttoa aaa.
eenta for each subsequent insertion.
to F. C. Little'. Place: also a
Inquire on the premises. N. R- gmT
n. , c f .-,-nt house No. 1AA
and ltii Washington street, with . '
wagon shed, henhouse, electric light., running
water at house and born ; 5 fruit trees. 4
eh..i. trees. Inquire of A. L. Noyce, at the
house. 1U'1
Offer Some New Midsummer
No. 201 For sale or exchange, 265-acre
i i c .4i i n.,n I'm: 45 to 60
acres in Ullage, balance pasture and wood-
i i . I - k.nlufHn.1 4tmhl HOO
iana ; large mw" w m". . -
sugar trees and fruit orchard ; farm win
km-p 10 cows, team, ana some young etwa .
'i barns and horncbam. basement under two;
28 stanchions; silo and ehickenhouae ; 8-room
house in fair condition, water at house and
barn; mile from school. With this farm
you get 10 cowa, 9 head of young cattle, 2
i . k.n. ,-hirkens
noreen, uiwu
and duck, and a large lot of farm tools, of
most every kind; owner win consider snim
city property In exchange. Lot of personal
property in thia deal. 109tf
xr 4a. ..u a ..rhaniri. cottage
house In Montpelier, en a good -mred lot; 1
minute to carline, 6 minutes to business cen
ter ; alick little place, and owner will exchange
it for a medium-sited, meoium-priceo jrm.
Price of thie property. I1,0U. 10tf
No. 203 For sale. 140-acre farm in Plain
fi.1,1 lu. tnile from town and R. R. ; 40 to
46 acres In tillage, balance pasture and tim
ber find ; a big lot of spruce, cedar and hard
wood timber; flne sugar bush of 600 trees,
easy to carry on ; fruit orchard. 1 nts rarm
wiU keep 1 cows and team: fields lay wen,
barn has 1 stanchions, bouse haa 7 rooms :
II hnl Minn need renal ring : Umber enougn
on the nlace to Day for it: only miles, all
the way down hill, to a first-class lumber
ill. that will manufacture your timber or
buv it at good prices. Thia Is a good propo
sition for farming and lumbering. mm
Nrv 204 For sale. 8-room house on carline.
South Main street, this city; all modern im
provement, bay windows, Z porch, some
hardwood noon, bath, furnace heat, electric
lights, gas, cemented cellar, hot and cold
spring water, big deep lot. 76 feet frontage, 3
minute to postoffice, 6 minute to station.
A good home foe somoone. Prioe, 12,760:
easy payment. luau
No. 205 For sale, 65 acres. 25 tillage, bal
ance pasture and woodland ; small amount
of hand mowing, fields quit free from tone;
good fruit orchard; farm will keep 7 cow
and team ; 2 baaement barns, one 28x40, one
16x28. 8 stanchions : alio and chickenhouse ;
very good 9-room house, painted cream color;
water at house and bam ; ' v mile to school
and only I mile to a good county- eet town ;
on R. F. D. and telephone line. You can
buy this for 11,600 and it is trade at that
price. lOSitf
No. 208 For sale or exchange for farm.
cottage house of 8 rooms, summer kitdhen
and woodshed: barn 20x4; house is painted
in good shape, ha nice porch ; 1 acre of
good land, suitable for garden and chickens;
12 apple and some shade tree ; y, mil to
school and town. Owner wants a farm, and
will put thi property in at the right price
as part payment, lOfttf
If you do not find just what you are look
ing for In this list. Just call at our office,
or drop us a line for description of others,
as w have a Urge and growing list to select
from. If you wish to dispose of your real
estate, list it with us, a we are selling ttiem
right along.
Sale of real estate and personal property
made at public auction, if you wksh. -
Smith A Daahner, Real Estate Agents
Room 8-9-10, Howland-Cav Bid., Barre City,
Vt. N. E. 'phone 870, and connection with
the People's line.
FOR SALE OR TO RENT Cottage house:
8 rooms, pantry, bath, laundry room, outdoor
sleeping porch, furnace heat. gas. electricity,
hot and cold water, with large porch and gar
den and small henhouse; i.at street exten
sion; rent 820.00. 21tf
Telephone 814-1
Specials in Medium-Sized.
Wi Hare the Larger Kinds. Te. Rat We fn
Offer To-day 8omt Special Value ia th
Small Fares Lin WelL
No. 782 SO to 40 acre of practically leeel
land; pasture ran be plowed: about one-half
tillage: eitra good aoil : fruit orchard; com
fortable house and other building -. only
87SS.OO. with from 1200.00 to 8300.00 down.
Thw place is located in Williamstown about
milea from the village on the main road,
near neighbor, and only a few rod to school.
Would make a fine poultry or vegetable farm.
Seven rooms in the house; chance for 100
lien : amall barn which with a few change
would be ven good. 1 ne Building are all
comfortable and are better than you would
expect at the price. lOltf
No. 79420 to 25 acre with extra good
7 -room house for only 8l.R00.0O; 14 mile to
a-oftd Village tnn nr nrivw iu narrv mnrHrui ;
some wood; excellent land laying nearly level.
looks it over will buy it. lOltf
,,A Umu. ham anil K bom aC land
1 mile or lee from Williamstown : for only
81,200.00; extra goad location; building will
uit you. lOltf
No. 758 Poultry fsrm : th house on thi
farm cost over 84.000.00 to build, less than
10 year ago: contains 10 rooms; hardwood
floors : modern plumbing, etc. There are few
better houses in Barre or Montpelier: good
harna. chance to keep from 4110 to 800 hens;
0 acre of lnd : om wood, fniit. etc.. etc.
tiood early land with plendid opportunity
to dispose of garden truck within three miles;
owing to poor health of owner will sell for
only 82.TOO.OO. with a payment of 8""" 00
cash; a good trad for anyone, lOltf
For sale, or will exchange for farm, a
7-rtom house, bam and good fruit and shade
tree: occupied by owner who would iike to
sell nd buy a 10-cow frm or exchange hi
eouity into one; can offer easy term en
sal. lOltf
We have some sr-ecial bar ins In city a
well a farm propertiea, nd want yoa to we
our lt before buying. Ge one of our new
Farm Catalogue; free upon request.
Reem I and 8
tJewlaad-Cav Bmldiag, Bsrre, Vt,
j When YOU want a piece of j
j Jewelry, come in and ej
I our splendid dirplay. j
j 0. J. DODGE The Jeweler j
a fS Mala )l Awev s-w
WANTED Firs t-elase surface cutter man;
Trow &' Holden surface cutter. Apply to
E. A. Hughes A Co. l"tf
WANTED A good msn to help during hay.
Ing. Inquire of Mrs. Walter W. Ladd, Harre,
Vt.i telephone W7-12. 1
WANTKD In a family of two. a middle
aged woman i must be a good oouk and kind
as a companion. Address G. I. M.. care of
Times ollice. 18"
WANTED Cigar salesman to sell cigars,
eigarettea. tobacco to dealer; 1100 per mo., .r
per day traveling expenses. Amber Tobacco
Co., Boston, Mass. ' July lH-'i-iW
WANTED At once, a first-class letter cut
ter. Apply to Robins Bros. Hnta
WANTED At once, a letter eutter and a
carver. Perry Granite Co., Waterbury.Vt
WANTED A good experienced girl for
kitchen work in the Plaintleld .House, appij
by letter to Box 188. Plainfield, Vt. I8tl0
WANTED Family help at the Queen City
. . . . n . vi. Imi1v work l
(.Otion a (juriiHHMiH,
good par; learners taught free and receive
pay while learning; good tenementa ; moder
ate "rent. Apply at mill. 10'tf
WANTED Two men to work on farm :
must be good milker and understand ferm
work ; good wage for good help. H. H. Mar
tin, N. E. 'phone 881-8. Williamatown. Vt.
irvr xxr a XTTirrk A le e n AAvm and r-
pair autoa nnd prrpure to fill tuitions; wrtu
Rt one. Main Auto Co.. 77 Forwt vctiu.
Portland. Me.
at the Taunton State Hospital Training School
for Nurses. For particulars, addreas Dr. Ar
thur V. floss. Sunt.. Taunlon B'ate Hospital.
Taunton. Mass. 41
WORK WANTED Woman would like place
to do housework ia small family, with small
wages. Call at'v0 Merchant street, Barre,
Vt 108t6
WANTED A young lady would like a place
to do general housework ; haa nad some experi
ence. Address B.. care limes omce. imv
WORK WANTED A young girl want
work hi a small family. Inquire by letter
to "Work," care Time office. 10tS'
WANTED Dressmaking and plain sewing
at 119 Washington gtreet.. iukmt
WANTED Approximately
7.500 tons of bituminous coal.
Specifications and forms for bids
may be obtained from Dewey T.
Hanley, Purchasing Agent,
Montpelier, Vt. 105U5
by the Capital Employment Agency for all
kinds of work at short notice. Addree or call
Capital Employment Agency, Montpelier. Vt. ;
tel. 79-M: 104 Main street. , 104126'
DRESSMAKER will go out by the day or
will take sewing home. Telephone 168-W. 86tf
WANTED Cows and c.lves bought and ex
changed. Berkley 4k Mclntyre, telephone
884-22, 3tf
WANTED Dead horses and eatti to take
wy in Barre. East Barre. Williamstown and
Montpelier. Tel. S65-W, Barre. Vt F. K.
Bailey, 43tl66
TO RENT-Three furnished moms suitable
for light housekeeping; no children. Apply
at Bursell Hot! office. 107tf
venlence: also smaller rooms. At O. H.
Hale's reaidence. Keith avenue. 8tf
block- all conveniences. Apply te either of
trustees. John Trow. N. D. Phelps or Alex.
Gorden. "tf
Ctn A A 1 C 11 Dk.l. 1m I.Hil VmA VM.tin
run fljvi.ii ii -"
hen and rooster. M. J. Ham!, 106 So. Main
street, city. J08U
FOR SALE "Faultless" Houdans : Oii
strain ha been ee-bred from trannoit rec
ords since April. 1890. I have bred them 84
years for great layer, and 14 year for large
sixe chalk white eirgs : these fowl ar ex
tremely, hardy, have neither comb or wattle
to freese. and are the best all-winter layers
In open-front coops. "Faultless" strain Hou
dans have won every blue ribbon New York,
Chicago and Philadelphia shows for past six
years; egg and stock sold on honor; send 10
cent for largest illustrated poultry catalogue
ever issued. It tells you how to breed the
fowls, which verage 280 egg a year apiece:
It tells you how to net 88.000 a year from
100 hens. E. F. McAvoy. Secretary Houdsn
Club. Canbridg. New York. 48tf
LOST Between Cutler Bro. tble and our
warehouse. So. Main street, a padded rail for
i.,n.i.ir. nmii. Return and receive reward
to a W. Hooker Co. 10tl
of any kind made anywhere. I
am now ready to do the outside
selling that, owing to other busi
ness, I have for some time past
been obliged to refuse. I will
make dates for any sale of any
kind anywhere, and guarantee
0. H. HALE, iHE
11, -i. v.u will hn.l a lnt. ixK
PA1R PI.ANT properly euipt
IZINCr spparatiis for the prompt repairing-
A-l equipment plua A-l material
snd exacting-, expert rare in F.VF.RY
detail of the tsorV in-tire voti the
Rnisonahle prie.
Vermont Tire & Rubber Co.
14 fiMurl ft, rtm WT-W
Inventory on account of poor health; cleaa
stork and good sales, with very small ex
pense. H. II. Miles, South Falrlee, Vt. 109t6
AIR COMPRESSORS W. art specialising
on second-hand air compreHsors, steam and
power driven, all make and site, guaranteed
condition. Send us your Inquiries. Ceo. .
UUhens. 200 Congress street, Boston.
FOR SALE Good all-round bay marl
weigh 1,000 ; will stand without hitching ;
drive or work single or double; also harness
and top buggy. Apply to Jas. Geake, 1 Beck
ley court, or Ross' barber shop. 100U5
FOR SALE-1 have a few thing left in
the harness line I want to close out: A few
20-in., 21-in. sweat col lam, 25c; work tuga,
ropes, cards, currycombs, brushes, whip lashes,
round cheeks, check reins, breechings, one Its
pole strap, side straps, halters, heme straps,
bridle fronts, rosettes, hooks, turret, buckles,
rings, cock eyes, hame start, rollers, etc., at
cost. G. C. i-arle, Williamstown. Vt. 108t2
FOR SALE Scott's new crop beea honey;
extracted, 16c per lb. net ; bulk comb. 20e
per lb. ; section, 20c per section. H. W.
Scott, 19 Richardson street. 107t
FOR SALE One share Mecca we Fish 4k
Game Club. W. C. Raymond, Bridgewater,
Vt. 106t6
FOR SALE On account of
my intending to locate in the
West, I desire to sell my interest
which is the controlling share in
a company owning a satisfactory
developed quarry property and
other quarry rights. This is a
good proposition for the right
party. Address "C," Lock Box
448, Barre, Vt. ist
FOR SALE Maxwell 6-passenger automo
bile with detachable tonneau, can be used
for family or a a light truck; truck body all
rigged ; good proposition for farmer to haul
grain, earry milk to creamerv. market nr.
dening, etc. I will take-as part payment a
good driving horse. This machine can be seen
and will be demonstrated at 174 Washington
street, Barre City, VU James A. Field, own
er; tel. 826-18. 106t7
FOR SALE One pair brown Canadian
horses, own brother ; 6 and 6 yeans eld ;
weigh 2,300 lb. ; tru to work, singl or dou
ble, and nice drivers: afraid of nothing. In
quire at Murray' stable, city, 'phone 485-M.
FOR SALE A good mowing machine; will
sell etieap if taken at once. Inquire of P.
Kingston. 449 North Main street. 98tf
FOR SALE Young and heavy draft horses;
would exchange for cattle. H. P. Hinman,
Barre P F. D No. I ; N. E. and Orange
County 'phor.es. 92tf
FOR SALE Rubber-tired buggy in good
repair; will sell cheap. Inquire of James
Ahern, 11 Blackwell street. 89tf
FOR SALE Random' dimension lumber,
from 12 to 80 ft. long; also have baled hay.
L. A. Farrington, Williamstown. 88tf
FOR SALE Eiirht vnunir. eond working
horses ; also cow. A. Tomasi, 12 Merchant
street; telephone 177-W. 84tf
FOR SALE E. M. F. 80 touting ear in
perfect condition : thoroughly overhauled and
repainted. Apply at CaDital Garage Co.. Court
street, Montpelier, Vt. . 72ti
LOOSE HAY FOR SALE Inquire of Will
8. Page, 1 South Main street. I4tf
New Studebaker Harness
Driving Harness from 19.71 to 171.00
Expres and Single Farm Harne
Double Farm Harness from 180.00 to 160.00
Orange County and Nw England Telephone
on all Farm Wagons, Trucks. Express and
Buggy Wagon. All new. fresh stock this
season. Why not hav a Studebaker now?
You can't afford any other at the prices w
will give you.
Orange County and New England Telephone
Rakes, Mowers, Tedders
New 821.00 rake, been used only a few
riavs. nrice flS.s. Good second-hand MeCor-
mack mower, 811.00. Good second-hand -fork
McCormack tedder, one-half price. These
are all splendid values i a whole baying outfit
at about th price of on mower; 4a..o win
buy th lot You will ave money to
Oranr County and New England Telcphsne
cially devoted to upplytng an urgent oemana
for female help to hotel, boardinghouses,
private families, etc.. particularly request 1
die to register at this office for positions or
this character, -with every possible privilege
snd th highest compensation. Nicely fur
nished room to rent at address below. Ad
dress or call. Capital Employment Agency.
Montpelier. Vt ; tel. 79-M ; 104 Main street.
on cientiftc principle by expert sharpeners.
All thin blde UV.,e each. Pike Manufactur.
In. r Littleton. N. H. Wt:
agar. Thirty-nlna years' continuou in
creased sala tells it own story. Fac
tory, Manchester, N. E. ;
Montpelier -& Wells
River Railroad
7.15 a.m. Vlf, except Sunday, for
Wells River and inter
mediate stations.
12.25 P.m. r"''"f' except Sunday, for
Wells River snd interme
diateststions;hat through
parlor car for Boston,
arriving at SiC5 p. m.
2.43 p.m.D"uy' exeeVl Sunday, for
Wells River and inter
mediate stations.
9.30 p.m. "''y ioT RivT
snd intermedists stations.
Has through Pullmsn
sleepinfr car for Boston,
arriving at 7:30 a. nt.
TEL. 310.

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