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Commander of German Cruiser Sends
Wireless Despatch Telling of Partial
Destruction of the City During Early
Bombardment of Naval Port.
Libau, Russia, bombarded by
German cruiser.
Belgium refuses German ultima
tum. German Invasion of Belgium be
gun. Martial law is proclaimed in
German cavalry raid the French
Dowager Empress Maria Feo
dorowna of Russia stopped in Ber
In Russian Poland Occupied To
Shortly After Kaisers Troops
Crossed the Line in Infantry Advance
With Machine-Gun Complement.
Edward Ellis Sustained Injury in One of
the Worst Thunder Storms That
Ever Visited West Burke.
West Burke, Aug. 3. la perhaps the
worst thunderstorm that ever viaite
this town, lightning struck Albert Moul
ton's two-story residence yesterday, en
terms' through the chimney and ripping
up the floors of the second story.
Edward Ellin, a truest, was in the par
lor, and his left foot and leg were burned
or the lightning.
A remarkable feature of the disturb
anee was the almost total absence or
Berlin. Aug. 3.- The invasion of Russia by German troops be
gan to-day when the first battalion of the 155th Infantry with rain
nlpment nceunied Kalisz in Russian Poland.
The small cruiser Augsberghas has sent the following report FIRED BY LIGHTNING
bv wireless : . ..,.. -
' "Am bombarding the naval harbor at Libau and am engaged
with the enemy's cruiser. Libau is in flames."
Libau is one of the principal seaports of Russia.
Tn the Vicinity of Nuremberg, Bavaria,
According to Berlin.
Berlin, Aug. 3. A French aviator has
been dropping bombs from an aeroplane
in the neighborhood of Nuremburg, Ba
varia, according to an announcement
made by the military authorities yester
day. In making this announcement the
authorities added that this action was
crime against the rights of man an there
has been -bo declaration of war.
London, Aug. ' 3. Violation of
neutral territory by German, Rus
sian and French troops, clashes be
tween outposts, bombardment of a
Russian port on the Baltic by a
German warship and the seizure of
merchant ships by Russia and Ger
many constituted the striking fea
tures to-day of the war In which
virtually the whole continent of
Europe has started.
It Was First Time in 75 Years That
Lightning Has Struck on B. C. Gal
lup's Place in North Sheldon.
North Sheldon, Aug. 3. During the
thunder storm last evening lightning
struck the cowbarn on the farm of H. (
Gallup and set fire to the straw. There
was plenty of water nearby and the
barn was saved. Mr. Gallup says he has
lived on the farm for 75 vears and thin
i the first time lightning has struck on
the place.
Formal Action Was Taken To-day In
Attitude Toward the European
Rome, Aug. 3. Italy to-day formally
proclaimed its neutrality in the Euro
pean controversy.
$40,000,000 RUSHED
It Was Decided To-day to Issue Clearing-
House Certificates to Meet the
New York, Aug. 3. The clearing-house
te-day decided to issue clearing-house
certificates to meet the currency situa
tion, Between $40,000,000 and $50,000,
000 in emergency currency has arrived in
New York from Washington and was
taken immediately to the sub-treasury.
One Set ef Buildings Destroyed and the
" other DaThaged.'
St. Johnsburv, Aug.' 3. Fire yestcr
day destroyed the house and barn of
appeal to be calm K:Jer:.:l2 r.:J X
MATYI? T?V PPPCTninvrT f'aru Shaw, which adjoins them, to the
MAUti til 1 KfcMDfcjN I Pxtent of $1,000. Both sets of buildings
. are insured
Declares That United States Has Not I It is. thought the fire was caused bv
Directly or Indirectly Offered bom onp who lpr,t in Mr- Kittredge's
r ........ i, i. . i . , . i. : .. i t . i .
Iunin. , iiuc inning nurse iium me
burnini? huildinir. Mr. Kit.tredcre uss
" --- r,' -
1 .Ar n J 1 ... ..! - . A Ik.
... 1 . T r k i xt ' 1 i I nr.rrrij nwuimru H I Till t l n r
ubiiiiikiuii, it. v... -r"X. .i. r imiucni i i.j y,,, ,
. , . j . .1 uv j ut nic iiniiniB,
.vimon n-u.y nppeaieu 10 me people ii
the I'pited States to remain ealrn during
the war in hurope. He declared that the
tinted .States owes it to mankind to
help the rest of the world during the
President Wilson told his callers to-day
Casper R. Kent Was Superintendent of
Free Prest Job Plant.
Burlinrrton. Aiifr. 3. dinner R. Kent
that the United States had not directly of 47 North Prospect street died at
or indirectly made any oner to use its
good offices to bring about peace. He
said he had not heard of a suggestion by
the queen of Holland that the Unite J
States unite with her country to offer
Later the Other Members of the Family
Heard of the Accident and Recovered
the Body of East Highgate Youth.
Kant Highgate, Aug. 3. Armand Cor
well, aged 0 years, the won of Mr. and
Mrs. .lohn Corwell, was drowned
in the Missisquoi river Saturday after
noon at about 5 o'clock. With a younger
biother he had gone to the river to fish
from a rock below the dam. After a
while Armand decided to go in swim
ming. On jumping into the witter he im
mediately disappeared and did not come
to the surface, according to the story
told by the younger boy who ran home,
which was some distance away. It was
some, time before the member Vf the
family were apprised of the drowning.
They recovered the body when the
young boy told of the drowning.
Besides his parents, the victim of the
drowning leaves three sisters and three;
about 12:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon
at Mary Fletcher hospital, where he was
operated upon for intestinal trouble last
Wednesday. Mr. Kent had been in poor
health for the past two years. The op
eration was in every way suwessful and
the immediate cause of his death was due
XT rn?TII 171171 T i"1!!?! 1 narucning or me arteries wmcn ais-
iXUIVlXlr ICdLiU lllULi ,.. had ben evident for some time. Hi
Or A T TlTTTl Tf TX? A Til Neath was unexpected, the change coming
OKjAUUEjU IV UCjAL II suddenly early yesterday morning.
Mr. Kent was born in Iowell on Sep-
Sophronia Duprey Tipped Tub of Hot tember in. 1851, the son of Lucius Kent
Water on Herself and Died Satur- I ETIme Kwell Kent. He had
IniwHjB iwvn rngappa in int priming mm
ineag, hfinp superintendent of the Free
I I 'f Oft at Print inrr wtmninff if ha i i ma) nf
Northfield, Aug. 3. Sophronia M. Du- k:. j.th h;i, li'in fc. h.A h.M
prey, three-year-old daughter of Mr. and Lince comi to thin citv 2fl VP,r,
Mrs. truest Duprey, died Saturday lr .a m;.. am,!. Morri.n f h.r
: r I i . t i I
evening i rum ourns wnit-n sne naa re- hom. st- i0hn.hury 39
Worst Injuries Sustained in Tyson Were
Bruises and Shaking Up as Wrecked
' Machine Fell Clear of Tbem.
Ludlow, Aug. 3. An automobile ac
cident said to have been due to fast
driving, Which might easily have been
fatal, occurred Sunday morning three
miles from here on the road to Tyson.
Ihe ' ear was owned and driven by
Thomas Goodrich of Plymouth, who waa
accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Pro-
vo and four children, all of Ludlow. Mrs.
I'rovo, her daughter, Edith, and Mr. Pro-
vo were badly haken up; and the shock
rendered Mrs. Provo unconscious for seV'
neral hours. The husband and daughter
altto received painful bruises', but none
of the party sustained broken bones.
J he aciucnt occurred on a' sharp bend
in the road, the tar turning' turtle, and
being ' completely wrecked.'' Luckily
none of ' the occupant fell under the
overturned machine. The road is level
at the point where the accident hap
pened. 1 here was no other vehicle near.
Mr. (Joodriuh and the other three Provo
children were not injured at all.
Those who were hurt were brought
back to this twn and placed in the care GERMAN CAVALRY
comfortably, and there seema to be no
question of their ' recovery. The car
which turned ov?r was a Ford.
Martial Law Proclaimed
To-day By President Poin
care After Meeting of His
Cabinet in Paris Parlia
ment is Summoned to
Meet To-morrow
Victim of Fall from Team Is Supposed
to Be Colin F. McDonald He Is in
Burlington Hospital as
Result of Fall.
Burliiijfton, Aug. 3.- Serious doubts
are entertained as to tne' recovery 01
Colin F. McDonald, who was injured Fri
day evening at the foot of Main street
by being thrown from a wagon, lie was
Proclamation of President
Poincare Also Includes
Algeria German Troops
Reported to Have Occu
pied Town ol Arion in
Paris. Aue 3. A decree pro
hrtirrSno v through
but he later rallied and told the hospital out France and Aleeria was is
people his name, and his residence which , , President' Poincare to.
is in oianiteviile in thi state. The suea Dy president t oincare to-
physician ascertained at the time that day after & meeting OI the Cabl
t, v rr. . i net. The rariiament is sum-
showed symptoms of suffering fromjmoned to meet to-mOITOW.
.n,etl..ng else, uord trom tne nospi- p0 gr Ernpresg Marja
tal lat night was to the effect that Mc-1 " r
Donald does not come to himself as he r eoaorowna OI ItUSSia, SISier OI
should, and it is thought that he may Queen Mother Alexandria, to-
bo suffering from concusmon of the bram.
Ho now irives another name than his day stopped in Berlin on her way
own but an insurance poiu-y found in ins uQ gt; Petersburg and was given
his identity as Colin r. McDonald. It me cuuite ui rcLurnniK iu tilig
has lieen learned that he has a brother an(J or gQfag Jo Copenhagen
livntiv in KrunliAVllL and ha has hnn I
... v., ...... . , . J , ,
M.nt foi'. a aespaicn says mai uerman
McIXmald waa riding on a carter's troons have taken noaseasion of
t- - i l . m i rr I r r
ion Co.'s wharf to the railway station, 'S'"" "
i baggage r ipg jransferred from boat London. Auz. -.3. German
hen he lurched and fell to the street, cavairy lu-uay rameu ine
triking on his head, the force of the fail French frontier near the fort-
making his unconscious
McDonald i 42 vears of 'age. His occ
upation is that of tool sharpener in the
employ of Houtwell, Milne & Varnum at
ress of Belfort.
Recent Visit of State Factory Inspector
Calhoun in Barre Results in An
nouncement That Law Will
Be Enforced.
"Xo child under 14 yeara of age sha'I
be employed, permitted or suffered to
work for or in or about or in connection
with any mill, factory, quarry or work
shop, wherein are employed more than 10
persons.. Act. 75, Sec. 10-16, public acts
of 1912.
The recent intpection tour of Allen
Calhoun of Middleburv, state factory in
spector, through the Barre granite belt
is followed by the announcement tnat
the foregoing section of the statutes is
to be rigidly enforced. In a number of
instances this means that boys employed
in carrying tools, as nippers or grinders
in the ntoneshed, or as signal boys at
the quarries must furnish satisfactory
proof that their age exempts them from
the statutory limitations.
This morning Dr. Joe V.' Jackson, a
member of the school commission, re
ceived a communication from the parents
of a boy who is employed as a tool car
rier 1n one of the local plants. On in
quiry it developed that the lad is more
than 14 years old and audi being a faet
the matter cannot be taken up bv the
commission until the public school ses
sions are resumed. Another section of
the statutes insists that children between
the ages of 14 and 16 desiring to work in
mills, factories, quarries,' etc.,' must fur
nish a certificate guaranteeing that. they
have completed what is termed the ele
mentary course in the schools. Little
trouble is anticipated in connection with
the enforcement of this statutory man
date, but it is essential that the age
limit of 14, which does' not recognize a
child's scholastic accomplishments as a
qualification for allowing him to work,
he remembered by parents who are anr
ious to have their children work in vaca
tion time.
It is said that several bovs who start
ed work as usual this morning were told
by their employers to go home. Before
Mr. Calhoun returned to his home Sat
urday, he is quoted as saying that Barre
manufacturers and quarry owners are
co-operating heartily with 4iim in an
effort to enforce the laws. While in the
city he conferred with Trow 4 Holden,
the South Main street-tool manufactur
ers, in resrard to a device for a dust re
moving device. He is anxious to find a
vacuum machine that will work in har
mony with the pneumatic tools used by
the granite-cutters.
German Troops Have
Reached Vise, Town 12
Miles Northeast of City
of Liege, Following the Ex
piration of Ultimatum
This Morning.
Germany Sought to Secure
Belgium's Consent to Fa-t
cilitate Movement of Ger
man Troops Across the
Frank Scott and W. H. Ardley Assume
St. Albans, Aug. 3. President E. J.
hamberlin of the Grand Trunk an
nounced Saturday that owing to the
death of M. M. Reynolds, vice president
Newspaper Declares Germany Acted in
Paris, Aug. 3. The deep indignation
caused in France by Germany's methods
in lieginning the war is voiced bv the
Temps which says:
I p to the lust moment the frencn
and Kueaian governments had given Ger
many credit for acting in good faith;
charge of finam-e and acrountiiig. that ig mw 0 )onJ,pr doubt tlmt it is
reived that morning when she tipped
a tub of hot water on herself while her
mother was temporarily absent from the
room. When Mrs. Duprey returned she
found her daughter on the floor and suf
fering terribly. The accident happened
t o clock and the little girl died at
6:30. The family reside in the old bar
racks at the tenter villase. The fun
eral was held .Sunday at 8 p. m.. Rev. J.
Metiarry ofliciatim;, and interment
was in Calvary cemetery.
At Annual Pilgrimage of Old Rocking
ham Meeting House.
Bellows Falls. Aug. 3. The eighth
annual pilgrimage to the old Hocking
hsm meeting house at Rockingham was
held yesterday. A large attendance wss
present at the service in the rhun-h.
which was built more than 100 years
a go.
Gen. V. G. Williams of Bellows Falls,
first vice president of the association,
presided. The devotional exercises wer
conducted by Kev. A. C. Wileon. rector
of Immsnuel Kpisropal church. Senator
William P. Dillingham gave an historical
address. The sermon was by Rev. Dr.
Pockwell TI. Potter. pMr of the First
Congregational churrh of Hartford. Conn.
There was singing by the eonirregation.
Prof. F. W. Hooper, who was general
director of the Brooklyn Institute of
Arts ard fVienees. and who died Satur
ost morning in bis summer home in
'jil. V M. w preiHrnt of t'ie
r ""n ,m- - -
nation, and tte speakers each dlirered
Runaway Horses Cause of Accident to
W. T. Richards at Work at Pioneer.
W. T. Richards, who lives just south
of l)eey park on the road to Mont
lielier. was thrown to the ground from
a ladder, a distance of 25 feet. Saturday,
when a pair of runaway horses knocked
the ladder down.
Mr. Richards was e nested with other
men in building an addition to the power
plant of the Tenney company at tlx
Pioneer and it was while he was work
ing at the top of a ladder that the
horse unexpectedly ran into it and
threw him off. The ladder came on top
ol him and he u at He ton hoppital
uith what are feared to be internal in
juries and a broken leg. although the
latter i o swollen it is not possible yet
to tell positively its condition. However,
lie sem to be improving, and it is!
vears a (jo
last .Tune. Besides his wife, he is sur
vived bv two daughters, Mrs. Mae Fuge
and Miss Pauline Kent, both of whom
reside at home. A third daughter, Kthel,
lied in infancy. He is also survived by
one sister, Mrs. Fred Houghton of Kirhy.
Mr. Kent was a member of the Collcgn
street Congregational church, of the Ver
mont Historical society and also promi
nent in Masonic circles, being a 32nd de
cree .Mason, a memher of Iluriington
lodj;e. The funeral arrangements were
not made yesterday.
in ambush. Kussians, frenchmen ami
Englishmen must stand united against
the powers of brigandage who have just
been unmasked.
"The British government Saturday in
formed the German ambassador that
England could not remain neutral. We
did not desire this war, but since it was
forced upon us with good heart we will
wage it. for 40 years dermany has
prowled around us with the constant
idea of striking a blow with minimum
risk, but by prolonging the menace she
has taught us our lesson.
"(icrmanv attacks lis now at an hour
when all our material and moral forces
stand in united array agninst her. The
war thrust upon us is a war of piracy.
The French people with magnificent
union hurls itself to the fray as a single
Chauffeur of Wrecked Car in Powna Ac
cident Kills Himself.
North Adams, Man.. Ant'. 3. -John
Widders. 62. driver of the Houghton car
which went down an enihankmcnt la
Pownal. Vt., Saturday, killing Mrs. Rob
ert Mutton of New York and Miss Marv railvs from
position is abolished. Frank Scott is ap
lointcd vice president and treasurer in
charge of all finance of the company and
H. Ardley is appointed comptroller
charue of all accounting of the com-
ny, reporting direct to the president.
frank Scott, the new vice-president, is
hlelv known in general banking and fi
nancial circles as well as in the railway
orld. He is the son of the late Dr. ll-
ism f,. Scott, .M. !., for many years
rofcsnor of anatomy at MeUill univer-
ty and chief medical officer of the
rand Trunk Railway company and is a
brother of the Rev. Canon Scott of Que
bec, one of the leading Canadian poets.
Mr. Scott has been treasurer of the
Grand Trunk railway for the past 13
years, adding to that office treasurer
ship of the Grand Trunk Pacific in l!H1fi.
He entered railway ervit in IS, 9 as
clerk in the audit department of the
irand Trunk and has risen steadily to
the vice-presidencv. In 1"H he was ap
pointed secretary of the audit board and
purchasing committee. Two years Inter
lie was made assistant treasurer and suc
ceeded Charles Percy as treasurer in
IPOl. He is a member of the board of
directors of the Grsnd Trunk Pacific;
past president of the Society of Rail
way f'inancin! Officers of America and
is a former chairman of the St. James
club. Montreal.
Walter llsrdiimn Ardley, the new
comptroller, ha in his .TO yearn' srvice
with the Grand Trunk risen from the
junior clerkship to his present position
n chief of the whole accounting depart
ment of the big system. I. entered jlias been called to the pastorate of the
railway servh-c November ."i. 11. and I churches at . F.nosburg Falls and East
whs chief clerk and general bookkeeper j l no-.biirij, w hich he has had under enn
in the general auditor's oftice, 1S03 to , sidcrat ion. His son. Stewart, w ho has
l!Hi;; auditor of disbursements, 1!'7 to 'graduated from Middleburv college this
l!i!; actintr chief auditor, August ill to j year, is principal of the bisrh school at
December 31. 1 !, and general auditor j rncsburg Falls. Thera will be no niorn
Grand Trunk and Grand Trunk Panifie i inc service for the net three Sundays.
lanuary I. !H10 to date, i but the Sunday school, the Yonnir IVo-
R. B. Estcn Going to Enosburg
Falls Church.
Middlebury, Aug. 3. Dr. W. A. Day
ison of Burlington, secretary of the Ver
mont Baptists, officiated at the regular
service of the Memorial Baptist church
yesterday morning and at the close of
the sermon read the resignation of the
Rev. R. B. Esten as pastor of the church,
to take effect S ptember 1. At the busi
ness meeting, held at the close of the
eommumoi service, it was voted to ac
cept his resignation, with regret. Dr.
ftcn. who has been here for four years.
Was Joyful Occasion at Caledonia Par's
Favored by auspicious w-eather and
participated in by about 200 people, the
niiual outiner and picnic of the Bonae-
ord Football club was conducted at
Caledonia . park Saturday. Included
mnni the attendants at the mi finer were
r - '
guests from Xorthneld, Hardwick, Mont-
pelier and Barre Town. The picnickers
gathered at Caledonia park at the noon
hour and did not depart until darkness
-as fast enveloping the grounds.' Spe
cial accommodations were made on the
Montpelier it Wells River railroad. The
park was decked in gay colors for the
Much interest was centered about the
dancing pavilion. The Sims orchestra
furnished music for the dancing. .Tames
Frecland acted as floor director for the
dance and his efforts were highly appre
ciated by all.
Shortly before 2 o'clock the married
and single men repaired to corners of
the grounds to ratify their selections for
the baseball contest between the fac
tions. But seven innings of baseball
sufficed to show the superiority of the:
married men over the single men s team.
R. Wright nnd J. Couttes formed the
battery for the winning team and were
very instrumental in landing the gamv.
C. Bissett and Duprey worked in the
points for the single men's team. Th.
married men's team won by the score of
9 to 3. Some of the hitting features
were contributed bv G. Cormack and
George Fairs. The annual soccer foot
ball game was eliminated from the sport
ing schedule because of an unsatisfactory
agreement between the two captains in
the selection of teams.
The results of the sporting events con
tested during the day was as follows:
Bovs race, won bv A. Matthews; J.
Garabaldi, 2d; .T. Clark. 3d. Young la
dies' race, won by L. Melvin; M. Scott,
2d; .1. Foirs, 3d. Married ladies' race,
won by Mrs. Innes; Mrs. McDonald, 2d;
Mrs. Robertson. 3d. Married men's race,
won bv J. Couttes; W. Naughton, 2d;
A. McDonald. 3d. Small girls' race, won
by Jennie Anderson: His Rae. 2d; Ina
Freeland. 3d. Smsll hovs' race, won bv
A. Ingraham: C. Phillips. 2d; F. Melvin.
3d. CirU' race, won br A. Tavlor; J.
Fairs. 2d: B. McDonald and M. Scott
Bovs' race, won bv R. Massi; .1. Jopp,
2d: A. Gordon. 3d. Girls' race, won bv
C. Melvin: M. Matthews. 2d: C. Watt.
3d. In the special challenge race A.
McDonald defeated A. Aiken by half a
The committee in charge of the outing
comprised the following members: George
Brand, A. W. Coimack, .Tames Stewart.
George McT.can. George Mitchell, George
Fairs. Alex.' Ross. James Taylor. James
Couttes, Tames Freclnnd.
Brussels, Aug. 3. According
to the report here, German
troops have reached Vise on the
river Meuse, twelve miles north
east of Liege, Belgium.
. London, Aug. 3 -A despatch
from Brussels says the govern
ment received a German ulti
matum which expired at seven
o'clock this morning and which
offers entente in case Bel
gium will facilitate the move
ments of German troops. The
despatch says the government
German Occupation of Belgium Terri
tory Said to Be Crucial Point on
Which Decision to Enter
War May Rest.
London, Aug. 3. The position to be
taken by the British empire remained
still to be defined this morning, but it
was feared that Germany's seizure of
Belgian territory would be the deciding
factor which would lead Great Britain
to take the sword in hand. It is as
serted in authoritative quarters that due
warning had been given Germany yester
day of the intention of the British navy
to take instsnt action should German
soldiers set foot on Belgian soil.
Of Their Wage Dispute with Enginemen
and Firemen, According to an An-
nouncement in Washington.
Washington, D. C, Aug. 3. The man
agers of the western railways to-day ac
cepted arbitration of the wage dispute
with their enginemen and firemen.
Houghton of this city, Injuring A. C He was recently appointed to the board pies 1'nion and the mid-wecklv nrayer
Houghton and Dr
mltted suicide Sunday morning by shoot
ing himself In the bead.
He sat up Saturday night chatting
with Frank Hoiking till a late hour. He
was about Sunday morning at 4 o'clock.
John Hins. gardener at the Houghton
estate, ut him at his window. Mc.
Hines Invited him to walk In the garden.
Mr. Widders said it would be time tn
feed the horses and went Into the Hani.
In a few minute, following a pistol re-
nort, be was found dead in the ham
not thmight bis . injuries wilt result j , .,., ,i. u k-.j
Held at South Barre, Burial at
Middlesex Center.
Acquaintances from illiamstown.
Xorthiield. Middlesex, Barre and Barre
Town came together Saturday for the
funeral of William C. Burrill, a former
resident of Worcester, whose death
oiciirred in South Barre Thursda y.
Mr. Widders was unmarried and w It b-; Service were held at the home of his
out relative. Since shortly after bis daughter. Mr. James .1. Hill, at
of directors of the Grand, Trunk Pacifh
tailvr v.
meeting will be held as usual. During
this time, repsiis will be made to the
church, including a new asbestos floor
Rider of Latter Thrown but Was Said to
Have Escaped Serious Injury.
An automobile said to have been oper
ated by Joseph Cansles of Montpelier
and a motorcycle from this city came
together on the bend at Dodge's bridge
Sunday afternoon with disastrous conse-
iqnenees to the two-wheeler. The rider
3d. hart a miraculous escape irom serious
injury, although he pitched over the
handle bars. " The car and Canalea came
through unscathed. The cyclist landed
by the side of the highway and seemed
unconscious for a moment. As he ap
peared to be suffering keenly. Canales
took him to the home of a friend in
Montpelier. It so happened that Dr. I..
Andreola of this city was calling on a
patient at the same house and he treated
the injured motorcycle rider. The motor-
rycle, with its front wheel damaged be
yond repair, was brought to Barre by a
team later in the evening.
When a reporter called on Dr. Andre
ola this morning the physician dismissed
all inquiry as to the gravity of the in-
liired mans condition with the informa
tion that his patient sustained onlv a
from Home of His Daughter on
The funeral of Carlo Maffini. who died
Wednedy at the home of his daughter, j superficial wound on the left leg and a
Mrs. B. Alhisetti, on foster street. wasilight abrasion on the elliow. The doe-
in the vestrr. Dr. Ksten's resignation jhcld Saturday attemoon rrom the house, tor thougnt ne rcmrneo to narre nit
Mml.. snrnrise to hi eonirer.s. ' with interment in t lie t at none cemetery, int una c,i inai ne coin. in i ior me me
tir.n Dunn,. I.i star here he hsa made I The bearers were from the Old Men's so
a host of friends, who will wish him suc-
cess in his new field.
of him tell the name of the cvclist. In-
eietv. a follow: .1. Comolli. (". Merlo. J ouiry at all of the local garsgea to-dsy
O. Bonani. A. Abbistti. C. Prestini. G.I did not throw any light on the identity
Fonfini. 'of the rider. None of the garage men
There was a large floral tribute, a (had been approached in the matter of
follow: Cross. "Father." Mr. and Mr. , repairing a damaged motorcycle, they
B. Albixtti: wreath. "Father." Mr. fisaid. At the Barre agency of a motor
Caldr rara: anchor. "Grandpa." Mr. and i wheel of the kind said to have figured in
Mr. J. Vsgnaghi: wreath. "I Vecehi." ! tetcrdav accident, it w stated tn-
Ma- 'Old Mn's society; star. Mr. and Mr. S. !dav that no information of an accident
Miss Sarah Maxham Passed Away Sat
tirday Funeral Tuesday.
Northfield. Aiiu. 3 Mis Sarah
bam. daughter of the late Galen Mav-'Riri and family; rose and carnations. ; had been reported to the agent.
fBrtfjHX BATE CHFUITtF omtng to this citv year ago from the 'o'clock. Rev. George H. Holt, pastor of ! bam. died Saturday at the home of R. W. J.f. B. Mgn;hi; carnation. A. Fa sola According to the statement credited
: Frie canal he had lived with the Hough- -the Firt Baptist church, officiating. The
ton, apartment being maintained for hearer were .lame J. Hill and Edwin
bira in the Houghton mansion. Ilia de- S. I sine, sons-in law of the deceased.,
t hi eini toicr anil In eiiM.ltn- ' Harry J. Hill, a grandson, and Harold R.
er's fjm.ilv was tr-n He St-Seatcr. who wife i granddaughter
in freight rate on all the railway west ur lav that he cwild t"t bear to liv ft- of Mr. PurrsH. The rTrain were taken
of th MiswiMipp river are henf pr-!r. i-n bv accident, being the nuw f to Middlei Center for interment. A
a ret for submission to the interstate j tSe death of Mi"" H"!fhtoti or One of br clergyman front MiddWx officiated at
.nmmrrrs commission. friends, t e eraii,ic.
T Conform with New Order I Being
Washington. P. C Aug. 3. Increase
Demeritt fo'lowji g an illnea with an
intestinal trouble. The funeral will be
held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev.
and familv. M. and Mr. M. Kerfe. Mr. to Mr. Canwh-. the ciclist w proceed
snd Mr. I- Retel!i. Mr. and Mrs. G. Una with plenty of speed when the col
Tac'ia. Mr. snl Mrs. K. Ijk-( hmi. M
Mr. Gates officiating, and interment will and Mrs. N. Coi. Mr. N. Fottigi. Mr.
be in Klmwood cemetery.. Fnssrll. Mr. A. F-te!lt and family. Mr.
Xliss Maxham was 4S" years of age and 'ani Mr. O. RorVmo; bonwt. Charle
leave her mother and one sister. Ad-lte, 'Alhisetti: botin'tet. Jos,e Alhisetti; b"u-
nd one brother, who reside in the oeut. Mr. and Mr. M'Dnr.aM; asters, jrwitor hel struck tb oar g.aa-lBJ
West. Mr. and Mrs. A. Cerasoli. k:ow.
h-ion occurred. The aiitnist. scentinx
trouble, a he ay. guided hi mr into
the ditrh and bad it mt bn for tHt
precaution. t'ere m ght have beea
bead on collision A it happened, the

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