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Ambassador of Latter in ' Washington
Serves Official Notice on United States
Government that State of War Exists
Between His Country and French.
Annual Gathering at Dewey sat aroun'1 8 tal,le linking, while ti.
vctirrii wur in jimjjreHii. me ininui
Park Attended by
About 300
Paid House on Webster Avenue Visit
and Get Beer and Whiskey.
A nutling squad frojn police head-
quartcra made a heavy haul of alleged
contraband goods when they visited the
house at 12 Webster uvenue last night
and surprised a group of three men who
Proclamation Was Issued by
President Wilson Today.
Washington, Aug. 4 Pres
ident Wilson today issued a
proclamation of neutrality.
Steamer With $10,000,000 in
Gold On Board, Made Es
cape When Capture Seem
ed Imminent Captain In- Forenoon Given Over to In
tercepted Wireless.
Germans had invaded I.imburg, Holland,
and that the province had been placed
. under martial law.
Limburg has a population of nearly
a quarter of a million.
And German Troops Have Crossed the
the Belgian Line No Americans May
Leave Germany for the Present, the
United States is Informed.
By Part of German Garrison at Meme- With Lights Extinguished Relief corps artd the Sons of Veterans,
the house, Angelo Toniasini, was arrest
ed on' a charge of selling illegally
close search of the premises disclosed
barrel of bottled beer, a barrel of
draught beer only recently tapped, sev
eral loose hottlca of beer and tlugons of
whiskey. It was one of the biggest sciz
ures of the year. The warrant issued
at the request of Grand Juror William
Wishart was in the hands of Ollicer Da
vid Henderson and he was assisted in
the search by Chief Sinclair and Officer
Harry M. Gamble. I lie goods were load
ed into a wagon and Joiiihmiii was tak
en to police headquarters. Ijiter he was
arraigned1 before Judge JI. V. Scott and
bail was fixed at $."00, which the re
spondent furnished for his appearance
at a hearing this forenoon.
To-day the respondent, appeared before
Vie rnamutrattir fnr the apfnml time
i wo nunaren t-i vii war veterans, mem- WHjvpd examination and furnished
bers of the Washington County Vet- $.00 bond for his appearance at the Sep
. . . I . . ' .
eians' association, together with the lemoer term oi iv usmngioii county
uiiul f-... 01.. tt'm n's I COUTt.
formal Exchange of Rem
iniscences by Veterans
lau Yesterday.
Berlin, Aug. 4. A body of Russian
frontier guards was driven back yester
day by a part of the garrison of the
German seaport Meniclau.
To Great Britain for Assistance Against
" Invasion.
Vessel Made Mad Racei
Through Fog At Full
Sounding Fpg Horn
Bar Harbor, Me., Aug. 4. The
Washington, D. C, Aug 4. The German embassy served no
tice on the United States to-day that a state of war existed be
tween France and Germany. It is tantamount to a declaration
of war, but techniclly is different.
T3-,,cc-0la Ann- A Riimnra'werfi in circulation to-dav that evening a note proposing to Belgium
' . ,,' , , , ti i - ' n x friendly neutrality eoupled with the free from New York last Tuesdav.
Germany had actually declared war on Belgium. German troops png8a througU- tt.rritory of . r w xor last luehaay,
crossed the frontier at Gemmenieh, near the junction of Dutch, German troops, promising the mainte- arrived nere at to ociock tnis
Belgium and German frontiers.
London, Aug. 4. The entire commu
nication made by the British foreign
secretary to the ilouse or commons on T,'mnnp:.,...;n rii;- nom,Ui,
his second appearance there yesterday vwc,
follows: ,.
'A message has been received from
the Belgian legation stating that Ger
many sent to Belgium at 7 o'clock last
Regarding Belgian Neutrality King's
Proclamation for Mobilization
Was Read To-day.
London, Aug. 4. Great Britain to-day
sent a practical ultimatum to Germany,
demanding a satisfactory reply by mid
night on the subject of Belgian neutral
ity A proclamation by King George,
commanding the mobilization of the
British army was read to-day.
this is taken as an indication that he
has resigned his office as lord president
of the council.
gathered at Dewey park this niotning DOZEN ARRESTS IN MONTPELIER
for their annual reunion. Clear skies I .
and a bracing atmosphere contributed to Most of the Number Appeared in Court
the general enjoyment of the get-togeth-1 To-day.
SDeed and Without tomarv preliminaries of registration During the past 24 hours the Mont-
i I ' . . . . ... . i . i a i. i : r j x .
were carried along with celerity, tvery pener ponce ami me enemi uepnriinenv
trolev car. antomob es and tea ma nave arrested a oosen men, iu oi wnom
helned to swell the attendance, and It appeared ill Montpelier city court to
was confidently anticipated that no few- day. Some of the men were taken off
er than 3tO people would be at the park trains at Montpelier Junction, otheis
lor the first camptire this afternoon. In were capuircu hi raiu on camp
the Rpacious pavilion at noon the women Nicholas hill opposite the Central Ver-
North German' Llovd stPflmpr served a bountiful dinner to veterans station and still others were picked
" I i .1 tin itwlivulitallv
w nose appeuien were on euc. i "i ...j.
For the eveniiiff there is an elaborate James Mone was fined 15 and costs;
. . . mwrnm n nrosnect. A hnrre ramntire " 11 tin 111 1JHKII1 was given two monilis
more than $10,000,000 m gold wjn m tiie occasion for speechmaking in jail, as was Daniel Kennedy; Mike
i ...1 u.j by renrescntat vea of the state Grand naiey was given a iew nuniurs io
K lArmt- department, the Vermont encamp
been a mystery gince she sailed n,ent of So" of Veterans, the regular
i. linen .-Hates army, iiiiiiiiaiiien anu me
veterans themselves. Barre is to con
tribute one of the speakers in the person
of (J. Herbert rape.
The forenoon waa given over mostly
to an informal exchange of reminiscences
between the veterans. "Old boys" of
70 and more who had not met Bince the
streets in their home towns rang to the
martial tread of sturdy northern soldiers
marching to the front these 50 years
ago came together in a number of in
stances. What the emotional effect of
And Camp1 -A Store in Vil
lap v Adamant,
' Calais
Government Safe About the
Only Property Saved
in Store
out of town, and he went; Joseph Ben
nett was too sick to appear to-day;
Daniel Smith was fined f.i with wts:
James Clark got $15 and costs; Thomas back of the store and she called hr
Kelly and William McCarthy received mother's attention by her cries. By that
Calais, Aug. 4. The village of Ada
mant in the southern part of this town
sustained a serious fire loss this fore-
noon when Campbell's store building,
containing a general store, the postoffice
rid a tenement in the second story, was
destroyed, the loss being $4,000, on
which an insurance of $3,000 was car
ried. The residence of Leander Parker
was saved after much effort, although
slightly scorched, and Mr. Campbell's
barn on the opposite side of the store
caught fire several times but was saved.
About the only thing saved in the store
was the safe containing government
property largely, and it will not be
known whether the contents are spoiled
until the safe cools enough to permit of
being opened.
Mrs. Campbell nnd two children weie
n the building at the time the fire broke
out at 7:30 o'clock, the boy, Roscoe,
ged 41, being in bed, while the baby
irl waa plaving about. The. latter first
noticed the flames in the storage room
Boata in German Porta Are Being De
tained, According to Announce
ment by Earl Grey.
Philadelphia, Aug. 4. The British eon-
nance of Belgian independence at the morning, after a forced run. as
ivuiiuniuii ui ,-cii-t: fi iiu tin en vii mf
case of refusal to treat Belgium as an
enemy. The time limit of 12 hours was
fixed for the reply.
Belgium answered that an attack on
her neutrality would be flagrant viola
tion, of the rights of nations, to accept
the German proposal would be to sacri
fice her honor, and being conscious of stituted the hnest sea prize ever .... ; . v.. u ' u
to repel aggression
her officers feared capture
The gold was consigned to
French and English bankers.
The ship was valued at $5,000,
000 and with the gold cargo con-
time the fire had made great headway
in the inflammable material in the rear
of the store and Mrs. Campbell had lit
tle more than time to seize the boy out
of bed and grasp the baby and plate
them in a safe place before the exit was
cut off.
Shortlv aftpr the neighbors arrived
Washington County Republicans Would the hole building was enveloped in
smoke and flames ami little could be
done to save the structure or its con-
t tie minimum nne oi 510 wnn cosisj
Charles Lull was assessed $15 and costs.
and Kdward Norton got a fine of $5
with costs.
Wait for Regular Assembly.
With 12 out of 20 town of Washing-
bv all possible Pen t capture. As she crept knows nothing oi a long separation be- ton county represented at yesterday's
Llrt iha iiTcina frtocf iWfen 'omr8de only conjecture, meeting at Montpelier of the Bcpublican
I V41K V 1 i AJ.M4(V VUUi.'!,! TWF I n.,i tl.. 1. . A . .. . J i r . .
The Belgian reply was received with . , , , ' - ut' 1 J; , a -''l''""'''- committee or uaamngton county ine
loud cheers bv the membcra'and sir I ueLlt M,lu " iituic v a uiciiineLt;u 1 -iui ui iwnu, oci k"" ""l meeting weni on rei-oru against caning
Kdward Grey made the declaration that with canvas. SO that not a leam VU " . forf?tte", .b-' "P181 ion a"d the on P". in!
he British Government had taken the - . . . . . - .now. w no as-.c-mo.eu ai me parit. vuen frm8i primary. Ihe meeting tavorea
nformatioiWeceived into grnv eon.id- 01 Jier wnere- nppen
sul general here.
Eer four stacks were
Second Ultimatum Says Germany Is
Prepared to Enforce Any Measure
She Deems Essential.
1 London. Aug. 4. The second ultima
Turn sent by Germany to Belgium to
;day declared that Germany was prepared
to carry through by force arms, if nec
essary, any measure she considers es-tcntiftl.
'. German troops to-day made a further
'invasion into Belgium territory near
Vervicres, east of Liege, according to
dispatch to the French embassy here
from the French legation at Brussels.
Sir Wilfred Powell, eration and that he would make no fur-labOUtS.
to-day received from Sir Edward Grey tlfi k(n.8 te,M. tipped With black paint to re-
ot Lonrton the loiiowing camegram: it
happeni tWt trana who tiine the uwwit Kuan and convention avs-
from distant state to participate in the tem until the rcirular ceneral assembly
reunion g.impsea eacn otner tor tne nrst na,m a direct primary law
gram to King George follows: semble an English shlD.
is urgent mat you sneuiu warn uritisn uememoering the numerous proofs
merchant. k.liinninr not to rro,-eed or to of your majesty's friendship and that
0 1 - .. j .1 . t' i. . I-j : X 1 1 A
enter German ports until further notice. ""'' V'-. ea "nmineni, wnen er captain
time since the grand relew that Wash
ington witnessed in '(15. And so it
seemed fit that any attempt to order a
prearranged program for the morning's
doings should be abandoned. In one
corner of the pavilion Secretary John 15
1 - , , . ....... . 1 ii-urntrr in imp iHvifiji i-'mrinry outin J.
British ships are being detained which ' " A" ''V: 'T01 interested a wireless between Wilson of Worcester rigced out a tern-
were already in German porta." ' 18 , 1' ' ' " "e " ,Vx?u l porary office and for the better part of
Ilia ti rr 11 1 n I nia L- a a innrama o ntim I I I a r n tne 1? a I a ni trin A A iitn I I
the diplomatic intervention of vour ma
jesty's government to safeguard the in-
War Extends to Far East ,nd tegrity of Belgium."
England Is Involved.
Tokio. Aug. 4. The Japanese foreign
office to-dav issued a statement that it
the war extends to the far east and
Kngland is involved, Japan may find it
necessary to participate in fulfillment of I Frederick A. Delano of Chiraso Is E.
l 1 11: I
ON FEDERAL BOARD da when two from PIym' S ,7tmedf ,n'to0s
Cross Into Territory Near Mars La Tour
Paris, Aug. 4. German troops to-day
crossed into French territory near Mars
Jm Tour, where one of the most im
portant battles ot the rranee-rmsaian
war was fought on August lfl, 1870,
A (ierman army aeroplane last night
dropped three bombs on the French for
tified town of Luneville, southeast of
Nancy. Some damage was caused but
jt casualties.
'Austrians Suffered Severely in Battle at
Paris, Aug. t.-A dispatch from Xish
ys the Austrian troopt wrre defeated
with heavy loss in a battle against the
I-ervians on Sunday at Semendria.
. Russian Warship Aground.
Copenhagen, Aug. 4. A Russian war
ship is aground at Aland islands where
the Russian fleet is believed to have been
defeated Sunday.
Military Censorship Imposed.
M. I etershurg, Aug. 1. A ukase im
posing military censorship was published
pecttd to Accept in Time for Name
to Go to Senate To-day.
Washington, D. C, Aug. 4. Frederick
A. Delano of Chicago has been offered a
place on the federal reserve board. His
acceptance was expected in time to send
his nomination to the Senate to-day.
ing Of the Cecilie's proximity, I veterans, their w ives and other honorary
u..t- , jf:t v,uj members of the association. Dr. E. .1.
but a providential fog enabled F(Wter of Watprbrv (nteIV the presi.
the liner to escape. Ker COUrse dent, was at the desk to greet the new-
u A f T7.- comers. AVherever men gathered about
was changed for a return Fri- the nark. th. COMVeri!.tio; con(,.rned it-
I davs in
1 inr ooijiu, or uiiirri into h-cuihiioo
OUin. i i..,. nt ,1,- ,... .;u 1
A group of financiers on board travelinn toward IVtroit for the na
nffnA t iU cV,; on aai h'?"1 encampment few weeks hence.
uuwvu-w J """ It is interesting to note that the greater
her tinrtCr the American flag, share of the Washington county vet-
but the captain refused. For
two nights, with her head and the reunion of old soldiers from Orange
:j. ! l( ..:., :uj I Windsor and Washington counties. The
fillip UKliW VAVUlKM''vVI,
The committee adjourned to meet
September 1, when the convention will
be called, Judge Eber W. Huntley was
let-ted chairman, in place of Dr. J. H.
Winch ot Northhcld, deceased.
steamer plunged through the
fog full speed, and without
sounding her fog horn.
In Equity Suit Brought Against New
Haven Railroad.
New York, Aug. 4. A receiver is
IN GERMANY krkp,' foi 'Vn I?uity "n "??in tlT
ew lork, New Haven A Hartford rail-
MILE IN 2:07'i
General Joseph Jeffre Left Paris to Take
1 Command.
Paris, Aug. 4. Genera! Jowph Jeffre,
commander-in-chief of th French army,
left to-dav for the frontier.
Afterwards the Attacking German Cruis
er Steamed at Full Speed in West
erly Direction.
London, Aug. 4. The German cruiser
Brwlau homhrded th French navl
ttion at Bera, Algeria, this morning.
afterward stramirg at full spcea a
westerly dire-tio.
May Not Leave the Country During
Mobilization of Troops. Congress
Plans to Send $2,000,000 to
Their Relief.
Washington, 1). C, Aug. 4. N'o Ameri
cans can leave Germany for the present.
1 Iirough the German embassy at New
port, the state department has been in
formed that during the progress of mo
bilization no foreiirnera will be per
mitted to depart.
t ongress is to lie aked immediately
to appropriate $2,0iai.fMNl 1o the relief of conclusive one, brought to confer onlv
1 : 1.-. .... v:,i.. . 1. 1 1 j , . ...
iL-nun in ruii,. f.iiui-r mi- Hr-iiiip iporrai couri jiirinaicrion in a case
mored cruiwr Tcnnejince or the North of which it would not otherwise have
Carolina will be used for sending the I cognizance
goiu to r.urope. in accordance wun me 1 it i iiought to mover bv this suit.
plan annouml to-tlay at the White from the individual defendants as pres-
.. . . I e j . . .
.-in tiiHi ivriiirr uireciorn, larpe Hiima
which it is alleged. cre withdrawn and
misappropriated after Charles S. Mel-
ten 9 eiecnon n preiufni 111 i:si.i, ,y a
triumvirate rminowd of J. Moriran.
William Kockelcller and Mr. Mellin.
road company, brought yesterday in the She Wins Race at Detroit, Mich. Time
federal district court agaiiiht the com- I . .
.... 1 T V... 1 r,r TL...,
nanir. nllwvra n i irertorx anrl h vu 'tt-
1 . 1
estate of J. P. Morgan by Tsla D. Clark. I Year-Old
a resident of NVw Jersey and holder of
:0 shares of stock. Grand bapnln, .Midi., Aug. 1. in the
The suit introduces no personal dam- lonenintt of the day's erand circuit pro
aires and is chiefly confined to a nin- i, !, -r i,irio,I n(.ft
ttlii ini rin Iia itrrfnul Iimi 11otiI j-. I '
i..A i.., ;,.rr.l h- .,.ii.m.. especially in ine ::u iroi in wnicn
through the actions of the roads di
Mr. Clark Mates in the complaint that
the 20 shares )ie owns came to him by
inheritance, and that the suit is not a
in the : 2.1 - trot in
the winner, I.ucile Spier, was forced t
tep a mile in ZitVs to capture the
second heat. This is close to the record
for a three-vear-old niare. ,
Napoleon Direct in the 2:17 pace; Bel-
win in tlie trot, anu frank ratch
m tne z:r- pace wrre ine otner winners.
House. The nations involved in the
war will be informed of the purpose for
which the gold is bein sent to Kurope
in order that no complications may follow-.
Special Train Left Brussels This Mora-
Rnimla. Belgium. Aug. 4. A special
train, raminc all th seeuritie of the
1 National Bank of Belgium, left here for
Antwerp during the niirht.
Viseaont Mriey f B'.jfkbom May Have
Vacated P.ac.
f lin. Aug. 4. Vw'owtt Wlr of
f : kVira e4 ft attrtid to-dar arret -ir?
e-f IV B-i'i-h c;-"t w!icl and
Port f Montreal Closed.
.Montreal, tnr.. Anc. 4. The iort of
Montreal n iMu!lr ringed lit msrlit
for the firt tuirf- in its hitrv. e
terd.iy a tug fi-r r(miH !! lowrr
harbor. Five million ooilart worth of
f.nin in the elrvators has t-rn placed
under sprriaj giiard.
Henri G. BlaisdeU of Concord Died at
Laconia, N. H.
Tjieonia. X. !!., Aug. 4. Henri G.
Hland"ll of Concord, one of the brst-
knnwn musicians in the state, died ud-
iinlv of heart failure Ut ntgrt while
iitinf at the home of Kverrtt K.
Ailing on MerlianM- trret. He had a
nmmer rcnidenee in Melin villajre. He
i iirvtvrd.by his wife and two n.
'arli I and Vi tr.
Mr. B!aidrll w-a an aeromrli'hrd tio
limt and had won an rn table reputa
twn a a director of oj-eras and wiuic
Mrs. Xirll and daughters, Gertrude
and Mildred, of Lynn, Man., were at
Mi Abhie Minor's on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. George K'vd and Mrs.
Augusta Sjiaulding of Warren visited
relatives in town Monday.
Mian Alberta F.llis of Richmond is the
guet of her brother. Henry Ellis.
Mrn. Ned N'cwcomb if at t' H. New-
comb's. -
reunion is to be held iliursdav. At
Dewev park there will be something at
tractive for tho veterans to-morrow fore
noon and fit the afternoon, too. At 10
o'clock in the morning the annual bus
iness meeting will be held, with a camp
fire to follow. It is understood that Dr.
Foster and Secretary Wilson will be re
turned to the offices they have held so
long. That is the prediction, if the
sentiment found at the park to-day
rings true to the feeling of the majority.
Enough of music and to spare there
will lie at the grounds to-night and to
morrow. Plenty of vocal talent from
Barre and Montpelier will be on hand
to sing the. old martial strains that
stirred men's hearts iu the dark days of
1SH1. A piano haa been stationed in the
pavilion and the singers will not lack
for accompaniment. Then, too, the
Barre Citizens' band has been engaged
for this evening. A detachment from
the band joureney to the park this
afternoon and placed at the camplire.
In this connection, the passing of the
famous Getcbell drum corps should le
mentioned because of the prominent part
which the drummers and fifcrs from
Calais have plaved at the reunions .f
other rears. The death of Andiew
Getebell last spring removed the leading
spirit in the corps organization and at
the park to-day there was not a veteran
on the grounds who did not mis the
familiar figure of the little old drummer
bov. -'f,'i
Death has laid a heavy hand on the
association in the past year. Time has
had its way with no less than 7 mem
bers, all but four of whom were vet
erans. Lat year the necrology roll was
around 2 and with but a single excep
tion in the history of the organiratinn
Samuel Brenton Whitney of Boston Died
t Woodstock.
W'oodstoek, Aug. 4. Samuel Bren
ton Whitney of Boston, one of the fore
most organists of the country, and
widely known as a composer of sacred
music, died shortly alter noon yester
day at the home of Ins sister, Mrs.
James B. Jones of this town.
Mr. Whitney, who lived on Walnut
street in jKwion. . naa oeen in jailing mljU gt ,oast bv M. Cgmpn. The
nealtti lor a year, iasi tnrisimas ne 1 . B, formr,v tnown as Slonne's
came to WoodstoeK lor ins annual visit ,j ,i ral.v'
and was taken worse, oeing unaoie to re- Thp C-mnbt.fls carried insurance in the
j a- c: : u I....J 1
turn to nuHwn. cid iui, uiuc vPrriiont Mutual and the I nion Mutual
fftiiod steadily. I Fir litaui-nnr fnmnnniAA. fh Mmntint in
Samuel Brenton Whitney was twrn in h beinrr $1,500 on the huild-
Woodstwk. June 4, 1S4.2. the son of m an1 ranien t. The loss of the stor
.Samuel and Amelia (Hydei YMiitney. iav ut a a,U littl slurp in th
tents. Efforts were then turned to sav
ing the Parker house a few feet away.
The bucket brigade was driven from be
tween the buildings and mounting lad
ders on the opposite side of the bouse,
they went to the roof and threw water
over the side, in that way preventing
the flames from being communlcated"tW
Meanwhile the flames were being driv
en to the opposite side of the store and
they caught on the Campbell barn sev
eral times .but were each time extin
guished. So the barn still stands.
The store had been conducted by Mr,
and Mrs. R. A. Campbell for about two
vears and a half, during which time the
postoffice had been .conducted by them
also. Mr. Campbell was not at home
when the fire broke out, having gone-to
the granite quarries nearby to work.
Neither he nor Mrs. Campbell can ac
count for the outbreak of the fire un
less possibly that it may have been
caused by a spark which fell through
the stovepipe hole from the kitchen
stove into highly inflammable material
in the storeroom just beneath the kitch
en. J lie building was Din ned nat to tne
ground , and probably will not be rt.
Albert Barnard was in Burlincton on
Sunday and reports Vail Tucker to be this year's record is the largest. A list
After attending the public schools there
nnd the Vermont Episcopal institute at
Burlington, he began the study of music,
receiving his entire musical education in
this country.
He was organist first in Christ
church, Montpelier, for four vears. later
playing at St Peter s church in Albany, GasoIine Stove in Home of 0tis J. Gross
and St. Paul s in Burlington, before j
going to l amhridge to study under tif mats 101 sumi ouiiuim mu
1'rof. John h. J'aine, wliotu lie assisted I Contents
as organist of Appleton chapeL . I
In 1871 Mr. W hitney was appointed Fire destroved the home of litis J.
organist of the Church of the Advent on Gross at 120 College street, Montpelier,
Brimmer street, where he remained fori this forenoon, the tire starting from aa
nearly 37 years, resigning in November, I explosion of a gasoline stove. Mr. Gross,
I!SI8. After his resignation. Mr. Whit-I who was alone in the house, his wife
ney continued as "director emeritus" of land children being on a visit in Kich-
the Advent choir. Under him direction. I mond, lighted the gasoline stove a little
the choir of the Cliurch of the Advent after 8 ociock, and a n, explosion tol
becamc famous throughout New Eng-1 lowed almost immediately. He procured
Innd, acquiring the reputation of being some fire extinguishers but they failed
the leading male choir in this part of the I to stay the blare and he ran to box .15
country. His success as a trainer of to turn in an alarm, but the key broke
bovs' voices made the Church of the Ad- I in the lock and p'r evented this. Finally
vent the mecca for thousands of music the fire department was reached by tele-
lovers on festival dsys. ' I phone, but the tire had made such bead-
Mr. Whitney was frequently engaged way that efforts to save it were irint
i festival conductor in New" Knclami less. The house and contents are al-
cities and tow ns. He had been profes- I most a total loss.
Eater Prtvistoe ani
La Is Declared.
f those who hate been mustered out
on the rolls of the eeretsry since the
last reunion as given below contains the
name, ages, regimental connections and
date of death:
Henrv .?. Anthonv. 72. Co. C. 6th Vt
Pittnld. Mar IS.'lSli; Mnw Ijhrll.
-ord,l imitation i. extended toi'"' ' - ! ! vv.termiry. frt. r7.
i-.i,i; worpe r. Moimes. . I O. A. Mil
Vt VatrThury. pt. 2 IMS: Crlandn
Turne. 74. Co. IV 2d Vt Tallapoosa.
Oa OH. 17. ItH; Silrrster Cameron.
7 Cl V Ktt Vt It.-. I IT 1111.
luujLtiman M. C.mul. 1. ma tor (Mb Vt. and
reteran of the Mexk-a war. 147. Wa
doing splendidly
The piano pupils of Mrm. V. A. Ke
rnel will give a recital in the Moretown
M. h. church I miriay, Aug. n. at 3 p.
m. A
all parents and fr'V who are interest
ed i the pupils" ork.
Sesolnt Ws Asother Race.
mpntt. K. U Ang 4. Tt.e R
won te 'mile race from New London
to t ! pot i!d yesterday agsinst lb jtrrr-iiry, IW. 9, 13; 4rr Catt;
-or of the organ and lecturer at Boston
university and an examiner in the
American College of Musicians.
He coniiHifCl several noiks, hntn
acred and secular, among tin
known being "The Son of tiod (iocs
Forth to War," the anthem, "tl hk1.
My Heart Is Ueady." and the ballad.
"Ixxiking in the Biver." He was the
founder of the meriean Guild of Organ
ist ard the compiler of "Whitney 'a
fh-in Allium.
His plaving of the organ was paiiiru-
larlv noted for his underfill mastery
of the preliliies. fugues and tocatas of
lUch. his brilliant and plea-ing style
and his remaikatily rich improvisations.
A juarr fSan.1 will b hrld in the
rvmnai!s at !- T!)jr4T
to-"ran iwr vr I., it we a tlnr ! o,J f. batfrr. Barre ler. I 10J-
Wt SmitB Br0- Granite Co. Owes 139,4157
Assets J3M65.2S.
Rutland, Aug. 4. Four petitions in
hankruptcv were venterday riled in the
oftiiv of t lerk F. S. Piatt of the United
Static ourt as follows:
Smith Bro.' Granite Co Barre; com
posed of .lame A. long and Henry J.
smith; liabilities. ;;fUI.7!; assets,
H. William Scott, attorney
for bankrupt.
John W. Gabrce. Mr.ntpelier. jwiilter;
liabilities. ?W.I; ats. fii7X. HOI
f'i'med xempt; Burton K. Bailey at
toriwy. The largest credit' in the Smith
Bios.' rase are: Cons..) Iife.1 t,-iarTT to,
Barre. " !"' 6J; (.'utir Saunas hank,
Barre. 7.441.3"1; I'irre Savings bank.
K5.l4i.Vi; K. U Smith. Barte. 7.7--1;
J. K. Pirie. i;ramte die. 5.!.T.
Pstrwk Hurley, a laborer of this city,
filed a rrt'tHWi in bankrupt V yesterday
and aerpsticrsl fm-h With the F..-olut ' t
W . WnsWv. 72. Co. D. 21 t Alma.
,on!v II .; Hsd V fhev crse4!la I re. 2V ISU- V r U r XThi To !
r.rus. a tic. .-iw mi-fTO'ter o ,n.-g. A" B. IHasrir.t frem ! W li-'the f n'h I, tie It IlnfitOB reef ligt' 'was no rwaVwis iter,t anl tt as la
Aetwrrp arnourfced lt tt ISat th V. lir. ffL (Ooatsntjeil on e ffcth fS-l r jt was stot Bfwwj,
Now One Is Dead and the Other Lives
ta Regret It
No1h Prf-lgrade. VJ', Aug. 4. Iwge
M. Hutihins. gf-d I, was shot and
1 lw Kt IrirtKl W illrtir Jiif'.kins
aiut l. while I "iey were a-nVrc etrt a 'imrg oVbts t( 121 rl aset of
revolver e.trr..jiT aft-rnoon. After ani.. '! of which is 'Uime.t exempt.
inei-aton t K rorrwer dWidH tSrr j Atthn A. Mre f Newport, ormpa
t-ow t giteii. has of -4Mv
ar.l a-eets - all ! mid exea.pt.

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