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VT., AVKDflSiMV. . AUGUS' .5. 1014. .......
Conditions of Uncertainty
Ended in the United
i - States .
Congress Completes Action
on Emergency Currency
Wheat Active
' Washington, Aug. 5. The American
financial world has calmly settled down
ready to meet any crisis that may arise.
Probably never in the history of the Unit
ed States have so many and such varied
measures been put into force as during
the past forty-eight hours. As a result
the financial situation is regarded as
easy and sound. Banks of all large
cities through the country are issuing
clearing house certificate to fur
nish an additional medium of circu
lation In settlement of transactions
among banks. Many millions of dolars
of emergency currency, provided for by
the Aldrich-Vreeland law have, been
ghjpped to New York and other financial
centers. Savings banks and private
banking institutions in many cities have
in effect the sixty days clause. The
enormous outflow of gold to Europe is
believed to have been stopped effectual
ly.' All stock exchanges continue closed
and the date for resuming business still
is uncertain. England is said to have
ordered all Australian meat sent for uo
in case of war and prices are likely to
advance in this country . American
firms having London .branches are
swamped with orders for canned meat,
and prices have gone up ten to thirty
per cent, within a few days.
COMMONS VOTES $525,000,000 FUND.
Other Bills Passed in Fjve Minutes
Without Dissenting Vote.
London, Aug. 5. The House of Com
mons yesterday voted $525,000,000 for
emergency purposes and passed several
bills' in five minutes without a dissent
ing vote.
$1,250,000,000 FOR EMERGENCY.
Amendment to Aldrich-Vreeland Act Is
Passed by House and Senate.'
Washington, Aug. 5. The way is now
practically cleared to the issue of $L
250,000,000 in emergency circulation
under the Aldrich-Vreeland act.
The Senate and House adopted the
conference report on the measure to
mend the Aldrich-Vreeland act. As the
measure is amended it permits the issue
of emergency notes to 125 per cent of
the unimpaired capital and surplus of
national banks and state banks that
and constipation, headache, drowsi
ness, coated tonffue, bad breath, bad
taste In the mouth, quickly disappear
jf you take Hood's Pills. Many nay
these pills act better on th liver and
i han anvthlnv else. Do not
UUnCiB 1 i 1 ' ' - n - - - -
If ripe.' :3c. of druffglBts or by mall or
C. I. Hood Co., Lowell. aiass.
have joined the federal reserve system.
A 5 per cent gold reserve is required.
Senator Bristow criticised the measure
as amended. He said the amount of cur
rency which could be issued was too
Italy Fearful of Revolution If She Joins
Rome, Aug. 5. The Italian army is
mobilized. Details are suppressed by
the censor, but it is certain that both
the army and navy are now on a com
plete war footing. Germany continues
tier efforts to get the government to; re
consider its declaration . of neutrality,,
but so far these appeals have been in
vain. It is admitted that for the gov
ernment to go to war now to help Ger
many and Austria, with the country
aflame with mewt bitter and anti-Austrian
feelimr, would mean an immediate
revolution in which the loyalty of tlw
army would be submitted to an aimoi
impossible test. 1
Franconia to Sail.
Boston, Aug. 5. Orders for the
Cunard liner Franconia to sail for Liver
pool early to-dny were received from
Liverpool yesterday. The steamer was
to have sailed Monday, but her depart
ure was delayed as a result of the Euro
pean crisis. The Franconia will carry a
small number of passengers.
Our Diplomats Take Over Interests of
Both Germany and France.
Washington, Aug. 3. The United
States embassy in Paris to look after
German interests in France and after
French interests in Austria. Senator
MeCumber yesterday offered a resolu
tion directing the president to offer his
services in mediation or arbitration. The
resolution to-morrow will come before
the Senate for consideration. Japan offi
cially declares she. may join the war if
England lie involved in the far east. A
German "White Rook" throws responsi
bility for war on Russia and France. The
steamer Kronprinzessin Cecil ie of the
Hamburg-American line, which arrived
at Falmouth, should not be confused
with the Kronprinzessin Gecilie of the
Xorth German Lloyd treasureship which
arrived at Bar Harbor, Me., yesterday.
Cristobal Proceeds to Miraflores Locks
Preparatory to Formal Opening.
Colon. Aug 5. The steamship Cristo
but left here Sunday on a trial trip of the
canal as far as the Miraflores locksrThis
is preparatory to the fprmal opening of
the canal on Aug. 15 to the commerce of
the world. The Cristobal will return
here .to-dav.
Inhabitants Alarmed by Tremors in Ja
maicaLittle Damage Done.
Kingston, Jam., Aug. 4. A severe
earth shock was felt here at 6:32 o'clock
Monday morning and caused consider
able alarm anions the inhabitants. Lit
tle damage however, was reported.
fBhoo Polishes I M
Dressed Pork Prices Hold
Firm at 1111VS Cents
Veal liy3 -l21 ...
Butter Supplies J Limited,
With Prices Firm Cream
ery 29c, Dairy 26, . 27c
Ma . -..Ml 1
lustb ml
m . ... . ' F w
Barre, Vt.f Aug. 5,1914.
Dressed pork prices hold firm. Butter
supplies limited with prices firm.
Wholesale quotations: .
Dressed pork 1 1 1 1 Vic .
Dressed vealllViCi l'ac
Yearling lamb 145? 15c. )
Fowls, dressed 18(o 2(X
Broilers, dressed SSj&SSc.
Fresh eggs 2526c.
Butter, creamery 20c.
Native potatoes 100$1.10 Jer
Veal, Hogs and Best Beef Firm,. Canners
and Bulls Cent Lower.
St. Johnsbury, Aug. 5. At V. A.
RickeHs market, veal, hogs and beat
beef are firm, while canners and bulls
are one cent lower.
Receipts for the week ending Aug. 3
were as follows:
Poultry 700 lbs., 0qi2c.
Lambs 2V 66c.
Hogs 305, 1(a KVic
Cattl 130 2 ft 7c.
Calves 653, 'A(i.Vse.
Milch cows 21, $40(a?75.
"GILT EDGE." 11m only ladiea' shoe draMlns thst
poaitlvviy coutaiui Oil, Black. J'olltliea nd Pra
errsa ladlea' and children's atioes, iliiact wltMul
rubblno.UC "MENCH GLOSS." lOe.
DNDY"comblntlon for ek anlnsarid pvllshlnf
alllnndauf rusaelor lu shoes, !i6c "STAH"iu. luc.
"QUICK WHITE" On liquid form wlih poriqiilck
lyclcant and whitens duty canvas shoa. inc. vac.
"I.B0- duns n whlltas DUCK. NUBUfK.
SUEDE, and CANVAS SHOES. In round while cakas
parked In ino Ixikm, wlih sponee. 1"e. In baud
soma, lar( aluminum boxes, with sponga, Ktc
If ranr dlr Anit not p the kind too waul. Mild oi
tka prlcamatanipalor fullalM pack, cbargea palo.
80-28 Albany Straat, Cambridge, Mass,
The Cldrsl anil Ijirgtst Maiuartitrtrl
Shot Misket in the Hut Id.
Jutter and Eggs Moderately Active and
Prices Firm.
Boston, Aug. 5. The local butter and
egg markets Aionaay cr luuun.iry
active. Prices were, very firm, but rni-
hanged. General opinion among tne
i..oi ' inhhera was that prices on eggs
would be higher in sympathy with those
,t some of the otner large ciui-b in nu
country. Cheese continues quiet anu
.lobbing quotations:
Butter Fancy northern creamery,
tubs 31ff31'2c, boxes 32?3Z'sC prints
3-2t233o, fancy western creamery 30',
(i 31c, good to choice creamery 2829e,
fair to good 26,0. ,lfl1..
Cheese New orn twins inini:j.
fair to good 15(315aC ioung America
17Via.l8c. .... x
I.;gRFncy hennery ate, cnoice
trti 3iwe. iresn wemein rim
20c, prime firsts 252c, firsts 24S.23c.
Choice Heavy Steers and Best Calves the
Only Exceptions Arrivals Heavy.
Brighton, Aug 6. With the exception
of choice heavy steers and best veal
calves, nrices were easier at Brighton
yesterday, with a full supply of all or
dinary stock.
Choice heavy steers sold rather better,
and sales were noted as high as 8
cents. The range on top was 8 ',4 to 8,i
cents. Ordinary cattle were easier at
74 to 8 cents for good and 6 to 7
cents for light.
Best beef cows sold off a little, for 6Vi
cents was about the top for even fancy
heifers. Best eold at a range oi o 10 o
cents, with some fancy higher. Good
cows sold at 6 to 5 Mi cents, ordinary
cows at 5 to centB and canners at 3
to 3Vi cents
Bulls were also easy, though some
fancv animals brought extreme prices.
Good bulls brought 5',i to 6 cents, with
fancr at 614 to 7A cents, ordinary at B
to 5 cents and holognas at 4 to 4Vi
Calves held firm with ordinary receipts
and current lots running high in quality.
Some fancy sold as high as IOMj cents,
best ot being quotable at 9 to 10Ml
cents, mixed lots at 8 to 9 cents and
grarisers at f to ft cents.
Hogs eased off materially, owing to
the export difficulties. Early in the
morning 9 cent was paid, but later in
the day the top was 8.50 cents. The
range for the day for best lots was 8M
to 9 cents, with rough lots at 8i to 8Wj
cents and boars at 4 to 4Vs cents.
Quotations on sheep and lambs were
steady and unchanged, arrivals being
small. Lambs sold in a small way at 6
to 8 cents and sheep at 3 to 5 cents.
Milch cows were in ample supply and
prices were easy at $30 to $."0 for ordi
nary cows, with good milkers at $00 to
ffW'and fancy milkers at $85 to f 100 and
Clarenc Carmen established a world's
record at Brighton Beach for 10 miles in
a motor paced race. His time was 11
minutes. 35 2-5 seconds. Walthou for-
merlv held the record for the event.
I ui
Two Bargain Departments
If vou are on the lookout for the best
values in town you'll not need to look
further than this store.
Straw Hats
Straws that sold for 25c to $3.00 are now
going at 19c to $2.25. Panamas that
were $5.00 to $7.50, now $2.75 to $4.75. ,
Come in and have your choice.
Regal Oxfords
The best Shoes that can be found any
where. $3.00 to $5.00 values are now
going at $2.00 and $3.25.
Everyman in Barre can make his clothes
money go a little further by coming to
these sales.
Moore & Owens,
Barre's Leading Clothiers 122 North Main Street
V ' - ' r , ' a .rf rsrMtr It"
Nu sfoh ft . , M IrL t,nTr in
You'll score
first time up!
Every man who takes a sporting chance on
a dime against a tidy red tin of Prince
Albert tobacco whether it's rolled into a
makin's cigarette or jammed into a jimmy
pipe makes a hit with himself. Just can't
help it, because P. A. sure enough is built
to deliver 'em across the plate, . one,
two, three!
c a inn rn i snot inai i . iu jwi jwu j
!u J-v, fn tn,liv xrrn rsin smoke VOUr fill, all
day, all night, and Prince Albert won't even make your
tongue tingle! That's just about why men call
the national joy $moke
ttti I . ...nr1.t;nt imntr.inT i VOllTS i) illSt like Ctt
Unma in the arlv mail everv a. m. IviaKes
you feel mighty cheery and puts you on the firing line or af
crosses your pain, j "-
Vi ',
Prince Albert differs from all
brands of tobacco because it is
made by an exclusive, patented
process that cuts out the bite
and the parch and leaves for
you just that delightful P. A.
flavor and fragrance. And it
tastes just as good as that
sounds!, Now, you gotoit:
Bay Prince Albert every
where. Toppy red bag$,5c;
tidy red tint, 10c; also
handsome pound and half
pound humidors.
Winston-Salem, N. C
" . k TV W
Tueaday'i Gamei
At Boston Boston 1, rittburg
0. Batteries Rudolph and Gow
dy; Harmon and Gibson.
At New York New York 4,
Chieaso 1. Batteries Marquard
and McLean; Humphries, Vaughn
and Archer.
At Brooklyn Brooklyn 1, St.
Iouis f. Batteries Pfeffe and
McCarthr; bailee and Snyder.
At Philadelphia Philadelphia 4,
Cincinnati 3. Batteries Tincup
and Burns; Yingling, Douglass
and Clarke.
Won Ixwt Tct.
Vw Y'ork 54 37 503
Chicago r2
St. Louis 51
Boston 47
Cincinnati ..4ft
Philadelphia 44
Brooklyn 40
Pittebiirg ... 40
The Boston Braves are hitting better
than the Red Sox. Their team average
for the season i .242, while the Red Sox
are hitting as a team for .238. They
also lead in team fielding with ft per
centage of .97 against .065.
Plank U leading the American league
pitchers with 12 wins and 2 losses.
Leonard of Boston is second with 15
wins and 3 losses.'
fVnrnT of the Northamnton club is the
best hitter in the Twin state league. He
is batting for .3flj. Keaney of Newport
i hitting for .3 )1, while Ferrin of Keene
io batting for .314. Bickley i only hit
ting for .273. Billy Murray of ilara
wick is batting for .18.1.
Martin Walsh, a brother of Big Ed
Walsh of the White Sox, is causing a
big sensation in the Eastern association
this season. He is now leading the
Icaijue'a- pitcher with 12 victories and
one loss. He should be ripe for major
league plucking before the season is over.
Vow London is now leading the 'East
ern association by a comfortable margin.
Slim Sallee, the star pitcher ot tne
st oiiis Cards, is often known as the
rofnrmpH Ruhe Waddell. When Sallee
joined the Cards he did not take any in
terest in the game and was only around
the park to draw his wages. Ever since
joining the Cards, Sallee has been rec
ognized as a Ditcher of ability and one
of the best in the league. Since his mar
riage Sallee is a man ot responsiouuy
and one of the hardest workers in the
league. He has probably been used more
this season than, any pitcner in ine
league. It is said by close friends of his
th.t h was atarted on the Dflth that
leads not to success when he joined the
Vean Gregg lost his first two games
since joining the Red Sox at St. Louis
on Monday. Gregg is not the same
pitcher as" last season or as during the
start of the present campaign. Some
people are querying whether Carrigan
got the best of the deal. I'nlesB Gregg's
arm mends, the odds will be against
Jlonus Wagner seems to locate the
tmi.Ma with th Piratl. He SaVS that
when the pitchers are going good the
club fails to hit and when the club hits
the pitcher fails to deliver. And should
both be coins rieht. someone blown the
game with an error.
Dick Rodolph is considered one of the
tut. nitchpra in the National leasue. He
started -the eeason wrong, losing many
games, but sine then he has won regu
larly. He has won the last time out oi
ten' carries pitched. In addition to his
Hotly Contested and Spirited Rces horses for work in the
Promised at the Doc. River Valley oIli circuit. He was worked in 175 in
Fair, nings thin season. .Tames follows next
'for hard work with IH5 ana lieorge jy-
ler third with H.
The Massachusetts Tole league was or-
William B. Strong, Head of the Railroad
from 1880 to 1889, Passes Away
in Los Angelea.
Los Angeles, Cl., Aug. 5. William B.
Strong, 77 years of age, president of
the Atchison, Topeka & Sante Fe rail
road from 1880 to 19, died at his home
here Monday
eral years.
He had been ill for sev-
News That There May Be aa Outlet to
Europe Causes Advance.
fli icu an. Ana. 5. Wheat vesterday
became active again on account of news
that W niicht be some outlet to Eu
rope for the grain and the leading op
tion jumped three and five-eighths cents
on the Board of Trade before there was
.nv ro.Minn The toD of the advance
was reached after news had come that a
bill admitting foreign ships to Amer
ican recistry was ready for the presi
dent's signature. Every article traded
n on the Board oi l raae inoweu wui-
ness. This was especially irue oi pro
visions, in which there were startling
declines Monday. A report that foreign
governments had placed orders in Chi
cago for provisions caused the advance
to continue rapidly.
Tuesday's Games
At St. Louis St. jou 2, Bos
ton 1. Batteries Hamilton and
Crossin; Shore and Cady.
At Detroit Detroit 9, New York
3. Batteries Dauss and Baker;
Caldwell, Warhop and Nunamak- -er.
At Chicago Philadelphia 5,
Chicago 4. Batteries Bender,
Brcssler and Sclmng; Russell,
Benz and Schalk.
At Cleveland Washington 7,
Cleveland 6. Batteries Boehling, ,
Shaw and Henry; Morton and
. O'Neil. , , -
Won Lost Pet.
Philadelphia . ..... 02 34 .646.
Washington .54 43 .557
Boston . .......... 55 44 .55
Detroit 52 48 .520
St. Louis 48 4!) .495
Chicago 48 81 .485
New York 43 56 .434
Cleveland 32 69 .317
ganized three years ago liy Henry Par
sons Of the Chelsea, aiass., oppanmeni.
He is now press agent for the league,
which is proving very popular in many
parts of Massachusetts.
Cree, the little outfielder of the High
landers, is lpading the American league
in batting. Hi average of .357. Baker
of the Maekmen is second with .344.
Cobb i? third with .342 and Jackson
fourth with .3:W. Eddie Collins is hit
ting for .331. Speaker is found batting
for .320.
The Boston Braves won every game
played last week. The attendance fig
ures of the Boston management are
greater now than ever before in the his
tory of the club. The 20,000 crowd at
Fenway park last !aturciay was ma
largest that ever turned out for a Bos
ton National league game.
The Maekmen will never be headed for
championship honors in the American
league unless many of their stars are
seriously crippled. It is not to be doubt
ed that Mack lias one of the strongest
i.ittinff nrira nidations of rears and on
the merfts of this phase of the game the
Maekmen will win the pennant.
A month ago the Braves startled th
baseball world with a wonderful sprint
from the low depths of eighth position
up into first division. The Highlanders
are now creating a sensation in the
American league and bid fair to secure
a good rating before the season is closed.
American Firms with London Branches
Are Overwhelmed with Orders.
London, Aug. 5. American firms with
offices in London were overwhelmed yes
terday with orders for canned meats.
Tli nrir auoted for this article of
, i
consumption have jumped from 10 to 30
per cent witnin tne past lew nays.
By J. E. C0NANT & CO. - - Auctioneers
Desirayli M.syfacturiif, Besiienfjal ml Yillip Realty. Machfcerj 300 Lets
tinna for th annual Doc River
Valley fair at Northfield. are proceed
ing with vigor and long-time visitors to
this fair will note many changes about
the grounds when they entr the gates,
September 8, II and 10 this season.
Th mid-war. which will be the larg
est ever aeen upon the grounds, will be
located near the gate, forming street,
with the attractions on either side.
Heretofore the mid way has been scat-
cred apout tne grounas. i f .... ttMrmt, to to nrtr. fm bt-.n. AH th.
formed by ti.e ironing tracic win oe i . a-..-.- - - - - u , M nUd. to
iven up entirely to a parkage for bsraea Dalrvmpl pw "r 'hi. xrm.
. I .... . u i u i ... ,w. i,t,t. bMUrn at nralrirtl publie aaia uwfcr vrr Urarahl. trma
provided on the north side of theUP. .r r .he a.ml lkv .r4. .or f .h.
f Ttwmday. ll r AaCuat, 111. cmmmHl pramptlf at balf-Pt In lra
Mueh work is being don, to the track. h. lb. - TKaaw la a try tasMk. nB,r,.
.v.. -t.t.nn of ita tvin. f..t-i I -L.t, with a ainlory brick buildint UUil ft. ana .w,rr onra -.w
than ever and with the biggeat string of ! l4 fu. tahr -it frwit.a. spur tik. " .."T: ,1!
man rwr, uu , . fcr W af abmit ai and ailiM acnai ef wall lacalM
horsea ever entered, the race, pivr "., J'Zrr tXiXifh . s-fT tllhwaal f Tr . k
f.rom.ae of bemg w.m'r eontted d ; S ' ur wub .11 aniahl 4
nirited Lki Mna foe xhm wasTrt f Grwm - '
aiw. t Wlw . n Vrr a.1 rtlla. "T." j".
rmwuwt Aa Miwri 1 " - - . .
M O cT - cf lb lurtXwi. bra all tnvotrUm t k anaita.
crones rALRnrrt-E. or.
Th rfinrtora of the orjrani ratio have
planned that tbe fair be atUactiv in all
partmenta and twy aure oe pi.niic
tbT lite succeed! oeyoaxi -
narlatinna The fsew rimniin bnok Will
Mim from tbe printer this we-k and this
iklw-atian ia IrM to eTrThndv ietret-
4. A eor-T can be bad by addrairf
W. H. Dwig'sa, crurr, NertfSeld. Vu

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