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Entered a. th PontnflW t Barra " Second.
Claaa Mail Mutter
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On. month ""
BintU enpy "'
Pnbliahad Ertry Wwa-dar After
Villa, Carranza, ft al take a vacation.
Vermont'a political partiea will ob
nerve the conventions -also the conven
tionalities, The war happened most opportunely
to give the trans-Atlantic aviator a good
excuse for postponing" his proposed trip.
If there is a Kuropcan nation that has
not been swept into the maelstrom let
it now stand up and be properly cred
ited. The statue of Liberty will look pood
to some thousands of Americans who
were caught in European countries by
the onrush of war.
The Atlantic ocean may bq an impor
tant theatre for the international drama
now beinjr staged and not so very far
from the United States shores, too.
The bumper crops, so-called, in the
United States will find a ready market
in Europe if not wanted at home. Hut
there may be trouble in collecting for it
Bar Harbor cannot be accused of re
sorting to advertising means in the
Kronprinzessin Cecilie pursuit into the
Harbor, yet it serves very well in a dull
Ultimatums -arc' rebounding and rico
cheting throughout Europe with all the
resiliency of a rubber ball. Meanwhile
there is some satisfaction here in know,
ing it is 3,000 miles across the ocean.
Gov, Louis D. Hanna of North Dakota
is a former resident of Vermont town
of Stamford and he has been visiting
scenes in that vicinity during the past
few days. If Vermont could welcome
all its famous sons at the same time it
would be a grand party indeed.
The high cost of having disastrous
fires is shown by the increased assess
ment of mutual insurance companies in
Vermont, and the whole has to suffer
from the shortcomings of the few com
munities which neglect to provide them
selves with proper equipment. A large
proportion of the aggregate fire loss in
Vermont each year is to be located in
towns which have not taken steps to
provide adequate apparatus and to sup
ply sufficient water supply; but, hap
pily, the number of delinquent towns is
decreasing, although slowly, and gen
erally not until warning has Wen given
in the Ioks of considerable property.
A Putney clergyman was fined recent
ly for riding a bicycle on the sidewalk
while returning home from church serv
ice on Sunday. In some places it is
punishment in itself to be forced to ride
in the street, so bumpy arc the roads;
but, still, the sidewalks ought to be re
served for pedestrians in any town.
However, we fear there are those in
every community who do as the minister
did and yet are not called to account for
doing it. That which happened to the
minister ought to result in drawing the
lines a little tighter on all violators of
the laws and ordinances restricting the
use of sidewalks to pedestrians and baby
Without doubt most of those Amer
icans who are in Europe at the present
time and who have been caught in the
war net, so to speak, are financially able
I to get out of the country or have friends
who are financially able to assist them
in getting home, but they are unable to
get bold of those funds, having depend
ed on letters of credit, etc., for their
' ordinary expenses. Therefore, the pro
posal by Congress to appropriate a con
siderable sum of money at this time is
not because of the poverty of the thous
ands ao caught hut because of the exi
gency of the situation which prevents
them from drawing on their own re
sources. That their condition is some
what serious, practically alone and in
stranpe eonntries, "is generally believed;
and the efforts to relieve their distress
will be commended.
Now that work is to be started on
permanent road building on South Main
.street in Barre to the Barre Town line
and also in Williamstown from the
Barre Town line southward on the main
highway, it would be a good thinp for
TUrre Town to take 'up road work in
the intervening space and repair some
very much worn places. Notable spots
which stsrd in need of repair are the
assent into otith Barre villas, which
Our Facilities
for properly treating
your printinjr supplies
are known by many
tatisfied customers.
Are you among them ?
K Serta -Yam St
Basel umom
Quality Printer
Yes, that is exactly it
$6-Panamas now $3.
$3 Sennits now $1.50
$2 Splits now $1.
Only a few pairs of out
ing Pants left, $2.50 a
The new Fall Caps are
Wa Clean, Press and Repair Clothing
F. H. Rogers & Co.
is full of rocks, and the top of the hill
at the entrance to the village, and fur
ther along southward near the Roben
place, which has become covered with
depressions. Moreover, some work ought
to be done on the. same strrp or high
way south of the Smith stock farm to
the Williamstown line, where the per
manent work in Williamstown is start
ed. When these jobs are completed, to
gether with the permanent work con
templated in Barre and Williamstown,
the highway will be fit to compare with
the remainder ' of the route to White
River Junction over which there is so
much traffic during the summer months
and especially during state fair week.
The 52-mile road from Barre to White
River Junction is called the best con
tinuous stretch in Vermont, but there
are a few pieces at the north end of
the stretch that belie the good reputa
tion of the whole at the present time.
"The Romancers" Was Pmented in an
Open-Air Performauee.
Favored by a most attractive natural
setting, Rostand's "The Romancers" was
presented by the Frank Lea Short com
pany under the auspices of the Barre
Woman's club last evening, the lawn of
Mrs. Isabella D. Smith of Elm street
having been transformed into a theatre
for the engagement. The fair-siued au
dience was much pleased with the excel
lent presentation of the play.
A most beantiful scene greeted the
audience when three calcium lights were
turned on the stage, while the moon
cast its soft light upon the al fresco
performance. The lawn had been cur
tained off by a large canvas, and the
streets bordering were roped on to guard
against the noises of vehicles.
The story, containing many thrills,
also pictures a sweet love tale in which
the shattered dreams of two fair lovers
are at last settled in a fitting climax.
As Sylvette, Miss Kathryn Vincent, in
her charming, yet simple manner, won
the closest attentions and her acting
was one of the worthy features of the
performance. The role of Percinet, the
poet and nature-lover, wag well por
trayed by V. L. Oranville. J. P. Mae
Sweeney as Bergeman and Frank How
son as Pasquin, the two fathers, were
all that the characters called for and
they had little trouble in bringing out
the humorous lines which run through
the playlet. Mr. Short, himself an ac
tor of 'ability, proved an interesting
character as Straforel. He it was who
produced the fake abduction and who
finally brought the fair maiden and her
devoted lover together again. Miss Eya
Quintard supported the part of the maid.
From the onlookers' view point it was
the most picturesque piece of stape
work yet given to a local audience. The
production was under the direction of
Russell Janney, who is the general man
ager of the company. From here the
company go to Woodstock, where they
play under the auspices of the country
Miss Florence Tierce was in Burling
ton Wednesday.
Mr. H. . Ward left Monday for a
week's stay at Old Orchard. Me.
Mi Etta Ncill returned Friday from
spending several days with relatives in
Monf prlier.
W. H. Brown of St. Allans spoke at
the Methodist chnn h on tjunday.
Jav Smith of St. Albans was a guest
of friends over Sunday.
Holmes E. Mobba is spending a few
davs in Montpclier.
Free tuition and teachers examina
tions will he beld on Thursday and Fri
day. Aug. 13 and H, at the school build
Edward Ward of Montpelier recently
visited his sister Mr. F. H. Shontell.
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Mix and two
children of Montpclier were gtieMs at
M. U Mob!' several days last week.
Mrs. Bessie Henrv was an over-Sun
day puext of friends in Montpclier.
Albert Ferris an.i KIdon l.nmtn were
n Mnntpelier Saturday.
Rev. and Mrs. A. A. Msndig are
'pendin? a to weeks' vacation at Old
r hard H h.
Mr. and Mis. B. S. Ward an t C .
Ward were in Montprlier on business
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Shortell were rrr-
un.i)T pilots of relative in Jonesville.
Mn Minme Aritrnn? i visiting
M,.- Ethel Via Orman in Vergenncs.
I 1ni M4 ann ef ( "IintonviHe,
X. Y- a p et of Mr. I. E. Orif
ii't. hit -tr. lat w-ek.
.. Mt. who r""t 'he r
ek in Mi'Ptpber. returned Tu-iar.
Mr M Mr. F. H. Sjer and M.e
TV.. F.nK f re in Mottrlter M--
White skirts flfc up at Vaughan's.
Bargains in oxford at the Tilden Shoe
Co's. sale.
Oxfords for halt their value at Tilden
Shoe Co. '
Special) ailk hose on sale 25c to $2.00
pair at Vaughan's.
Read the Tilden Shoe Co's. advertise
ment and visit the clean-up sale.
Special sale on houso drewses, 7.V, DSc,
and $1.25. Paris Shirtwaist House,
Regular meeting of Harmon hive, No.
1. L. O. T. M., Wednesday night at 7:30
All kinds of embroidery, crochet work,
etc., taken to sell at the fancy work, ex
change. Pari Shirtwaist House.
Mrs. Walter Abbott returned yester
day to her home at East Cabot, after a
week's visit in the city with relatives.
Miss Chloe Harris returned last night
to her home at South Woodbury, after
a ten days' visit in Barre wtih relatives.
See the elegant line of maekinaws
being shown by the McWhorter Co.; a
coat suitable for anyone in the family.
Among those who registered at The
Buzzell bote! yesterday were:: II. K.
Darling, Chelsea; C. H. Bristol, Rome,
N. V.; H. II. Carroll, Whit River Junc
tion; J. A. McMaaters, White River
Junction, F. V. Schuvrlc, Portland, Me.;
N. L. Schuver, Boston; F. R. Lea Short
and company, New York; Fred P. Kin
ney, Boston; J. W. Elliott, Burlington;
J, S. Hayes. Bellows Falls; J. Murly,
Providence, R. I.; Mr. and Mrs. R. Stor
er, Chicago.
The program at the meeting of Cobble
Hill grange lustt evening was as follows:
Roll call, responses, names of men and
women of whom Vermont is proud, and
why; piano solo, Ethel Holder; paper,
"Vermont Authors, Poets and Sculp
tors," Mrs. F. T. Colvin; reading, Mrs. J.
K. Thurston; pledges issued by the
Greater Vermont association, read by
the lecturer; song, Deloras Beach; paper,
"Vermont Statesmen," Mrs. Abbie Ed
wards; "The Poet, John O. Saxe," Mrs.
Lizzie Bassett. The first and second de
crees will be conferred on a class of
eight candidates at the next meeting,
Aug. 18.
The Barre-All Stars, that aggregation
of ball teasers comprising some of the
best talent in the city, again met with
defeat at East Barre lata yesterday aft
ernoon ot the hands of the East Barre
A. C, a team that holds considerable
prestige in Vermont baseball circles by
virtue of its record this season. The
All-Stars were defeated 5 to 3. They
were captained am managed by Tommy
Tomasi and contained the follow-ing
players of the Italian and Barre teams;
Tomasi, Scampini, Davidi, Sullivan,
Fowlie, N. Browu, J. Brown, Davidson.
The pitching selection of Manager
Tomasi and Mendel, the star twirler of
the All-Spanish team of this cit)'.
Mender, pitched creditable fcall but de
cidedly outclassed by Dannie Beaton,
who has been the master of the Barre
All-Stars this season in every game
played, Beaton's pitching was very per
plexing. He wa assisted by Catcher
Taplin. Fowlie caught for the Barre
nine. X. Brown contributed a three
bagger to the hitting features and J.
Brown a two-bagger. The game was in
terrupted for many minutes in the
eighth inning when the Barre team was
disputed a decision rendered by the um
pire. For a time it was thought the
fjame would cease then and there.
E, Huntley Palmer has been spend
ing a few days with his uncle in Bol
ton. Miss Annie Dorothy Palmer left on
Tuesday morning for Arundel, P. Q.,
where she will be the guest of Miss Elsie
J. Morse.
Philip Shonio ha received news of
the d'jith of his uncle, George Shonio,
in Frederick, S. D. Mr. Shonio was a
veteran of the. Civil war and lived for
several years in Duxbury.
Miss Alice Folsom is having a vaca
tion from her work at F. C. Lamb's,
which she is apending at her home in
Chester Simonds, who ha been quite
ill with pleurisy, is more comfortable.
Misg Avis Abbott entertained a few
of her young friends Saturday in honor
of her first birthday.
The third of the series of Union Sun
day evening services was held in the
Methodist church because of the in
clemency of the weather. A solo was
rendered by Mrs. P. O. Hill and two
cornet solos' by Stanley Burzell of More
town. Organ" accompaniments were by
Miss Mary Lease, who also rendered or
gan selections.
D. W. Looley ann nis rorce or men are
in Richmond. 'where they are installing
a heating plant in the addition to the
Mr. and Mrs. Philo Towie are in Hur
lineton. euests at the home of Ezra
Clark. They are 84 and PS years old,
respectively, but are frequently seen
walking to the village, a distance of
over a mile.
The woman's auxiliary will hold
pink T social in the vestry of the
church Friday evening. Aug. 7. A pro
gram, refreshments and a social trme.
Everyone invited to attenrt.
Soda Specials at Russell s
Caramel and Vanilla Ice Cream,
Frozen Pudding.
Our Sodas are Cold and Refreshing
a. t
Russell's, The Red Cross
Persons desirous of becoming competent and successful Accountants,
Book-keepers, Stenographers, Secretaries, or Commercial Teachers,
with assurance of employment, will find in the
No located In ltt new school bnllding, 334 Boyl.ton Street, a .most desirable
opportunity for study and practice tinder the direction and supervision or
Ure corps of well known and experienced teachers. Rertriai
Coukhm-General commercial course, Stenographic course, Secretarial
course, Civil service course. Commercial teachers course. ,. ww,
Every possible requisite is afforded for personal safety, rapid progress, wnn
cheerful and healthful surroundings.
This school does not employ agents, solicitors, canvasers or rnnners.
Rersons who cannot call for personal interview may have i printed Information
of terma and conditions by mail. Will reopen September mh.
xr if ii,..i.n . Prine.inal. 334 Borlston Street, Boston.
Sale corsets at Vaughan's.
Fine gauze underwear at Knight's.
Remnant sale starts to-morrow at
Fitts'. - " .
Bargains in oxfords at the Tilden Shoe
Co's. sale.
Read the Tilden Shoe Co's. advertise
ment and visit the clean-up sale.
Rosa tonsorial service, "the best "by
test." His depot square shop is the cool
est place in the cit v.
F. L. Hodgeman of Boston, the well
known landscape gardner, arrived in the
city to-day to pass the remainder of the
George Wipple of Sherbrooke, P. Q.,
was a visitor in the city to-day on his
wav to (iraniteville to pass the coming
two weeks with relatives.
The Edson Dismond Disc phonograph
ncrenrv is located at 04 North Main
street, opposite Howland block. All are
cordiallv invited to call and bear this
new and wonderful instrument, Some
tliinrr entirelv new. something different.
something musical a real achievement.
Miss Amy Eixford of Townsend,
Mass., came yesterday to spend a few
weeks with her mother, Mrs. C. H. Goss.
A daughter, Abbie, was born Aug. 3
in Granville to Mr. and Mrs. Charles C.
Morse. Mrs. Morse formerly was Pan
sie Walker.
Mrs. Jennie Ainsworth of Chester,
Mass., spent last'week at Mrs. Cynthia
Mrs. A. N. Washburn spent yester
day at the office of the Bethel mills, re
turning last evening to Morrisville.
A bandstand has been built by popu
lar subscription and was first used for
a concert Saturday night by the Italian
Rev. Charles C. Wilson of Burlington
is with hi mother for a few days. Dur
ing the present month he will be in
charge of St. John's Episcopal church
and parish, Arlington Mass.
E. D. Gilson is laying fMW feet of
one and one-half inch iron pipe on F. O.
Roberts farm to connect his reservoir
with two additional springs. Mr. Gilson,
who supplies a majority of consumers
in the village with water, has not
learned of any shortage thus for this
season. Each year he adds to the value
of his system.
Rertha, the eight-year-old daughter of
Mrs. Kate Fearon, has gone to board at
Alba Dartt's.
Reuben Norman, who has been visit
ing his daughters in Randolph, returned
to his home last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Pride and son of
Randolph visited at E. E. and C. E.
Bowman's from Friday until Sunday.
David Abel, who has been camping
upon E. H. Chadwick's farm the past
two weeks and doing the haying, came
home last Saturday.
R. H. Morris and family have vacated
the Billings farm and returned to New
York state.
Lester Williams of Tittsfield. Mass.,
who has been visiting his grandmother,
Mrs. Salmon Williams, the past two
weeks, went Monday to visit an aunt in
Ihanon. V. If., accompanied bv his
grandmother, who will also make an ex
tended visit, there.
Mr. Worthen from New York state is
visitimr his sister, Mrs. William Bil
Roy Thayer and family from Fitch
burg," Mass.. and Rollo Thayer and fam
ily i'rnm Rotn. a Karl Thaver and
sister, Evelvn, who had been visiting
their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. i.
Blanchard, went to their homes Satur
fr Ttenrw Fithi and Miss Gloden
Marshall, who had been visiting at Ed
gar Dame's have returned to their home
in Randolph.
William Dame was at the home of his
father, Edgar Dame, last Sunday.
Kodaks, Premos and
Brownie Cameras
SI to 65
Let us develop and print
VrUlr Film. IfV
per roll, satisfaction
New serpentine erepe at Abbott's.
Bargains in oxfords at the Tilden Shoe
Co's. sale.
Oxfords for half their value at Tilden
Shoe Co.
Annual sale shopping bags at the
Vnughan Store.
Read the Tilden Shoe Co's. advertise
ment and visit the ciean-up sale.
l.e waista to close at $1.50, $298
and $3.50. Pari Shirtwaist House.
Balance of stock of refrigerators to
be closed out at 25 per cent discount
at B. W. Hooker Co's.
Tl.o TM.nn Diamond Disc phonograph
agency is located at 04 North Main
Howland block. AH are
cordially invited to call and hear this new
and wonderful instrument. Something
entirely new, something different, some
thing musicala real achievement.
i ,,n11 t.,n. autft nflrtv. COn-
sisting of Dij J. Camp and wife, How
ard, Elsie. Eli, Mrs. -Flora Delano and
Mrs. E. D. Camp, camped Mie first of
the week at Silver lake, Ba .ard, sleep
ing outdoors in the new tents. They
went from Silver lake to Woodstock,
Quechee gulf, White River Junction,
Sharon, South Royaltort and home. All
voted this one of the most pleasant
trips of their lives and many thanks are
due Mr. Camp, the genial pilot who had
charge of the party.
Archie McPhetres has returned home
after spending some time at the homs
of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Stod
dard. Montpclier Seminary
A boarding school of 80 years' standing.
Delightfully situated and under Christian
A wide range of College Preparatory and
Life courses, including Teacher Train
ing and Domestic Science.
Certificate to colkge.
Unsurpassed Business courses, with type
writing and stenography.
Conservatory advantages in vocal, pipe
organ, piano and violin.
Art and Public Speaking.
A large, sympathetic, able faculty.
Athletics. Good school spirit.
Terms moderate. Write for information.
Montpelier, Vt.
The office .of the city treasurer will be
open from 6:30 to 8 o'clock each evening
this week for the payment of taxes.
Monday, August 10, is the last date on
which they can be paid without the
added cost of collection.
James Mackay,
City Treasurer.
Third of a Series of Five Games
As the Italians have taken the first
two games, the B. A. C. players think
thev eiLn enme back strong, and show
them something. Come and see them.
Admission ac Ladies and Children, 15c
Grandstand 10c. Limited number of Ve
hicles sjc
Photograph Albums
10c to $4.25
for all size prints from 1 5-8
x 2 1-2 8x10. Let us show
you how to mount your pic
tures with mounting tissue.
They wont curl.
Summer Clearance Sale
Last Call for this Extra Mark-Down Sale
All goods marked down on main and second
floor. Plan to come to this store as often as you
can this week.
New Neckwear, Muslin Underwear, Ladies'
Skirts, New Shell Goods, New Waists, all go in
this Summer Sale.
All Marked Down
Second Floor All Gar
ments and Ready-to-wear
Goods at a Big Mark-down
come to this store. Lots
of New Summer Goods go
in this sale at a big mark
down. You will find our
stock complete. Many are
buying their summer and
vacation garments.
Ladies' Coats, Skirts,
Rain Coats, Dresses
Coats at $3.98 and $5.00 up
Raincoats $1.98 and $4.98 up.
Silk Dress, $3.98, $6.50 and
$7.50 up.
Childrens White Dresses.
Ladies White Dresses.
Big Sale Muslin Under
wear Table No. 1, Garments at 49c
Table No. 2, Garments at 75c
Table No. 3, Garments at 89c
Children's Drawers 9c, 12c,
14c and 21c.
Cotton?. Pillow Tubings, Sheet
ings, Bed Spreads, Sheets and
Slips all marked down.
Ask to see the Linen Scarf Cen
ter Piece and Napkins, marked
down. I
Our circular will be delivered to your house. Read
every item and come here.
J lijhan Store
Furnishing Undertaker! and Embilmer
Flood & Gonklin Go.'s Varnishes !
For a high-grade Varnish that will give complete satis
Also the same Varnishes in the FLAT. These dry without
gloss, and give a handsome finish.
For Sale by
Over Drown's Drug Stor
Telephone 289-W 46 North Main Street
Men's 81.00 Caps for 69c
Men's $1.00 Dress Up Shirts, 79c. Men's 50c Dress
Shirts, 39c. Special lot of Shop Worn Shirts, 50c sell
er, 29c Men's job lot, 50c and 25c Suspenders, 10c a
255 North Main Street
Tans, Oxfords
Tans, Pumps
Bifi reductions on all Ladies' Tan Oxfords
and Pumps. We are overstocked on these goods
and must close them out. These are nearly all
new goods. GET OUR PRICES.
10 pairs Men's ?2.50 to $4.00 Low Shoes
now $1.50 per pair.
Rogers' Walk-Over Boot
Barrt. VrmoM SltOP 1TB S- Mli SL
Last Call on Waists
Lot $1.25 White Waists for 69c
Lot $1.50 Fancy WTaists, selling
for 98c.
Lot $2.25, $2.98 Long Sleeve
Waists, $1.49.
White and Fancy Silk Waists,
each $1.19.
White Silk Waists,' each $1.25,
$1.39, $1.98.
Best Silk Waists in all colors,
$4.00 and $5.00 Crepe de Chine
Blouses, each $2.98.
Last Call on Dresses
See what you can buy at 98c,
$1.25 and $1.98. t
Corset Sale Last Call
Speacial Lot Corsets sold at
$1.00, $1.50 and $2.00, your
choice of the lot at 89c pair.
All $1.50 kind at $1.35.
All $2.00 kind at $1.75.
New Bags
Just Opened about 200 Shopping
Bag. These come ior our sum
mer sales.
Special lot at 25c.
75c Leather Bags 49c
$1.00 Leather Bags, . . 79c
$1.25 Leather Bags ... 98c
$1.50 Leather Bags $1.19
$1.75 Leather Bags .,$1.25
$2.00 Leather Bags $1.50
Buy these in the sale, Silk Gir
dles, Gloves, Neckwear Laces
and Ribbons.

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