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LOST 8,000
Betehns Defended Their Homes With
Great Spirit, Routing Invaders and
Pursuing Them So Closely That They
Had To Be Recalled forTheir Own
Safety. ,
war. Mobilisation will li at Quebec.
There will be a period of training there
preceding embarkation.
River Approach to Montreal to Be Pro
tected. Ogdensburg, N. Y., Aug. 6. Paper
manufacturers in the United States im
porting pulp wood from lower Canada
by shipload havo been notified that un
less Hpecial permission in granted the
service will he suspended until alter
the war, as it is said to be the purpose
of the Dominion government to stop all
vessel traffic in the St. Lawrence east
of Montreal and plant the river with
explosive mines.
Ono of, Two Passenger! Taken to Hos
pital and Large Amount of Liquor
Taken to Burlington Police
10,000 MEN AT ONCE
Disguised German Officers Hav
ing Important Military Secrets Were
Arrested at Ostend Today and Will
Be Shot As Spies.
To Aid Great Britain on Receipt of First
Official News of Clash of Arms Be
tween Germany and England.
Shanghai, Aug. 6. An official of the
Japanese consulate said to-day that upon
the receipt of the first official news of
the beginning of a clash of arms be
tween England and (iermanv, Japan
would send a fleet with some 10,000
men to attack Jsing lau, and 10,000
more to relieve the British garrisons
at Tien Tsin and Pekin. Preparations
for such action are under way, he said.
Burlington, Aug. fl. Following the
wrecking of hi automobile in a collis
ion with a telegraph polo on lower
Pine street late yesterday afternoon
Frank Callahan of Bristol was arrested
on the charge of careless driving and
I'.&ra lucker of V ergennes was taken to
the Mary Fletcher hospital, while Peter
Austin of vergrnnes, the third occupant
of the car, received a scalp wound andlrra..
.-.v. f.. II., I,.. I
The arrest of Callahan was made after
a report that he had been driving rapid
ly. He said the ctuiHe of the accident
was the skidding of the wheels which
threw the car against the pole. The
machine was considerably wrecked and
was towed to a local garage. A bag of
bottled beer in the automobile was
smashed, but twelve quarts of whiskey,
a quart of wine and a half pint of
whiskey escaped damage. The police
took charge of the unspillcd liquor.
White Star Ccdric.
Bound From New York
To Liverpool, Ran Into
Halifax To-day Presum
ably Fearing Capture By
Held in Black Sea and Unable to Par
ticipate in War.
Constantinople, Aug. fl. The Russian
Black sea fleet is bottled up and will be
unable to participate in the war. The
Turkish government issued an ' official
Thirty-Eight People Killed and Twenty
Five Injured Near Joplia, Mo, Last
Night Mistake in Ordera Wat
Given as Cause of Wreck.
Joplin, Mo., Aug. fl. Thirty-eight per
sons were killed and twenty-five Injured
in a collision between northbound pas
senger train number two on the Kansas
City Southern railway and a Missouri
and North Arkansas railroad gasoline
motor car, running on the Kansas City
Southern tracks near Tipton Ford, ten
miles south of here last, night. Mis
taken orders are said to have caused the
Caught Message Being Sent
Between Two German
Warships Patrolling Off
The American Coast
The Arabic Sighted No
War Vessels.
Body of Marguerite Valestrins Found at
Chelsea, Mass., This Morning and
Police Now Seek Her Husband.
Chelsea, Mass., Aug. 8. Marguerite
Valestrino, aged twenty-five years, was
found dead in her bedroom this morning.
The police say she was beaten to death
with a club which was found by her side.
They are searching for her husband.
New York, Aug. 6. The -White Star
liner Cedric, bound from here to Liver
pool put into Halifax to-day, presum
ably fearing capture.
The captain of the Cunard liner Tan
nonia, which arrived here during the
night, said he passed through a
Brussels, Aug. 6 Two disguised German officers were arrested
today at Ostend. They had in their possession extensive military
notes and plans of great value. They will be shot.
' The Gazette publishes today what it says are the facts as far
as known regarding the repulse of the German forces by the Bel
gians in the Liege district yesterday. The German losses are esti-
11 l n oo T -1 - 11 T) 1 .,Pyl -fnw lacta T'Vio 0 11 0 tTCi A
uiaxeu at o,wu, wj.ijg '6'' .wv "-"-- declaration yesterday announcing that
rout OI the German Vtn army corps was not comumeu in ilo xne isosporus nas Deen closed to the war-
, , snips ot ail nations and that any at-
trmaieuy. tempt to force a passage will be
The Gazette savs the Beleian 11th brigade, after successfully pulsed.
i-;-- r ,.o,4 Un flooinn- Prncoinna with Russia will be the only nation to suf-
resisuiiK we vjcmmii auatrv, pu.cu w. v.wft jg
such energy that the general who was commanding tne joeigians dered inoperative
was obliged to order the troops back as they were getting beyond
range of the truns of the Belgian forts. A number of wounded
Germans fled into Dutch territory, giving rise to the belief that
the enemy had been completely routed. Proposals for the sur
render of Liege were again firmly refused.
General Linaer in a further official report of his operations
in the Liege district states that in Wednesday's battle 25,000 Slight Skirmish Took Place To-day at Norror Le Sec on,.ioin th rm-v' wllich is n,-
n,l;0n ,o. na.A oroinof Aftff( (latnnna Tba enoooaa nf r-. i c . . 1. biluing to enforce neutrality.
Claude Druge, Barre Tailor, Going to
Fight for French Tri-Color In Re
sponse to Appeal to Reserv
' ists Others May Go.
There is reason to believe that a con
siderable following of men between the
military age limits in Barre and Barre
Town may be liable to service in the
great European strife, but the first man
to receive a positive call to the colors
is Claudn Druge, a tailor whose shop is
on the second floor of the L. M. AveriB
building. Since President Poineare's uc-
famous declaration 01 rranc.es siai- o'
the present controversy was pul a
in America, Mr. Druge has been qii. ,.
awaiting the summons. In came tilis
morning from the consul-general's of
fice on Bridge street, New York. The
call is written in French and contains a
moving appeal to all Frenchmen to rally
around the tri-color.
As he talked to a reporter this fore
noon, Mr. Druge busied himself in pack
ing his belongings into a small port
manteau which he will take to New
York. His bench and other tailoring
accessories he will store in Barre for the
time-being. The -tailor man let it be
known that he means business and that
all the customers in the world cannot
keep him from fighting for his country
if his services are needed. Druge saw
three years of military service in a pro
vincial regiment organized near Bordeaux.
Afterwards he was placed on the reserve
list and allowed to depart for America.
By virtue of his service and the knowl
edge of tactics gained in the three years
he is in the third class of reservists and
therefore likely to see some of the fight
ing. Either to-night or to-morrow Mr.
Druge Will leave for New York to pre
sent himself at the recruiting ollice,
17 Slate street, no later than Saturday
morning. ,
William Ewen. Hand ., Pol
isher"' traiton's Plant,
!' ns .ne Victim
Physicians Were Called But
Man Expired Before ,
They Arrived
Go to Serve French Nation,
though American Citizen.
Fr. Paul Journet, who has been in this
vicinity lor several weeks ministering
to some of the Spanish residents and
who went to Hardwick from Montpelier
zone on Tuesday, has been summoned home
n trolled hv two German warahins. i J1 ranee to serve out tne remainder 01
U..A,r.r...a ... ..l. aais,A k,i ln ",0 """ ".M
i : .. .. i.. 4 I fl... 11... I . . . ' . .
warBiufw Fny run-ruaj. i i.c un- lt an American ctizen, he savs He is
nonia passed the Lusitania, which was I going back as a matter of honor.
dark and was bcine driven at full speed. tie is a native of .Montpelier, rrance,
but has lived fcr some time in Rosnia
Two German Cruisers Reported Sunk. and for tIie ,ia8t 8(.ven vcars in the
(aptain Hcssic of the Ira mum sn-United states. He. expects to be as
nounced at the Untish consulate to-day signed to the hospital service.
that he had intercepted messages by
wireless yesterday from the Lusitania,
saying that two German cruisers which
pursued her had been chased and sunk
by British warsJups.
Swiss in United States Summoned.
1 he wiss consulate liere"to-clav is
sued a all to 15,000 8wiss in the United
States to report here-for embarkation
Belgians were engaged against 40,000 Germans. The success of
the Belgians was complete; every attack of the Germans along
their extended front was repulsed. The German 7th army corps
is retreating into Dutch territory. I he helgians collected 600 Paris. Aug. 6. A slight skirmish oc
wounded in the. German lines. cuired between German and Frencn
It is believed that the German 10th army corps will attack tr00p" t0'day flt"orror u 8ftC in Meur-
. Germans Demanded Open Road Through Belgium
'. Prior to the attack on Liege, Gen. Von Emmich, commanding
the German army of the Meuse, issued a proclamation calling for
aa-open road through Belgium for the advance of his forces and
suggesting that prudence would show it to be the duty of the
Belgian people to accede to this, in order to avoid the horrors of
war. '
; Gen. Von Emmich's proclamation to the Belgian people read :
"To my great regret, the German troops have been forced to wn I TN MFD M AT?TTF?
cross the frontier. Belgian neutrality having already been violated "1 1 ICdU ,1A1"E'0
by French officers who, disguised, entered the country in automo- REACHING SHORE
biles. Uur greatest desire is to avoid a conflict between peoples,
who have always been friends and once allies. Remember Water- But England is Waiting for News of
loo, where the German armies helped to found your country's inde- Conflict with Great Anxiety Ex-
pendence. .
. "But we must "have free passage. The destruction of bridges,
tunnels or railroads must be considered as hostile acts. I hope the
German Army-of the Meuse will not be called upon to fight you.
We wish for an open road to attack those who attack us.
"I guarantee that the Belgian population will not have to suffer
the horrors of war
French Side of Border Germans Suffered Few
Casualties, But French Lost None
Cunard Liner
the et Moselle. The Germans suffered
a few casualties but there was no loss
on the French side.
Arrives at
It Had Been Fitted Out for Layine
London, Aug. It was officially an
nounced la9t night that the British cruis
er Amphion had sunk the Hamburg
American line steamer Koenigin Luise
I which bad been fitted out for mine laying.
Halifax, An?. B. The Cunard liner
Mauretania arrived here to-daj. having
been convoyed to the mouth of the har
bor by the British cruiser Kssex. Mie
carried 1 ,4XJ passengers.
William Ewn, a hand polisher whose
home is on B street, met death at 10:4.)
o'clock this forenoon while employed
at the George Straiten granite plant
on fSouth Main street. Death occurred "
almost instantly. Drs. W. D. Reid and
William McFarland were hurriedly
rushed by automobile to the scene of .
the accident, but the end came before
they reached the shed. Both doctors
believe that the man lived only a few
momenta after a stone which toppled
out of the derrick sling struck him to
the ground. The remains were taken
to the undertaking establishment of b.
w . nooKer i I.O.
It was while. Ewen was engaged in
polishing a stone that the accident oc
curred.! His stone stood within the cir-
le of the shed derrick boom and as
the boom swung over his head, the stone
toppled out of its sling and struck the
man on the head. It was a glancing
blow and the head was not badly .
crushed. The shock threw him to the
ground. He gave one cry, and by the
time other workmen arrived, life JiaJ
gone, it is believed. Immediately the
shed was emptied of every laborer and
at noon it was said that work would
not be resumed until to-morrow.
The deceased was born in Aberdeen.
Scotland, March B. 1880. He was mar
ried in Aberdeen Aug. 18, 1904 to Miss
Mary Jane Mclntyre, who survives. Mr.
and Mrs. Ewen had planned to cele
brate their wedding anniversary this
month. The deceased also leaves five
children, William, jr., Grace B., George,
James and Isabel Ewen. The eldest is
about 'nine years old. Mr. E wen's fa
ther is a resident of South Dakota and
his mother lives in Aberdeen. A broth
er. Robert Ewen, is employed in Salt
lake City. Utah, and two sisters, Chria
tina and Isabel Ewen. live in Scotland.
The family came to Barre from Scot
hind in October, 1!0H. The deceased
had been an employe at the Straiton
plant for the past three years. He be
longed to the polishers' union. -Funeral
arrangements have not been completed.
White Star Liner Arabic Arrived in
Boston To-day.
Boston, Aug. 6. The White Star liner
Arabic steamed into port from Liver
pool to-day without having sighted eith
er a German, a trcncii or an r.ngusn
warship off the American coast.
citement Is at Fever Heat.
London, Au;j. 6. England waited to
day with anxiety for reports of the
movement of the British fleet, of which
not a thing had been heard since the
We Will nay for nrovisions. and our soldiers Nurture several days ago under sealed
will show themselves to be the best friends of a people for whom ord(,rs- A" eyM turiwd toward
we have the greatest esteem and the deepest sympathy. the (;,,rraan battleship squadrons, the
Your prudence and patriotism will show you that it is vour rPr"r" m nn,!fr "na u "rr '
duty to prevent your country from being prolonged into the hor- num '" ""r.an and British
rors of war. -
German Squadron la Bombarding a Fin
land Port The Bank of England
Reduces Discount Rate to
6 Per Cent.
London, Aug. 6. The German ambas
sador left London by special train today.
London, Aug. 6. The Bank of Eng
land to-day reduced the discount rate to
6 per rent.
New York, Aug. 6. It waa estimated
to-day that about 20,000 longshoremen
lad been made idle through the war.
Many seamen also are idle.
placed at the disposal of this govern
ment by the Bankers' Trust Co. of New
York. .
The Cur Nicholai Was Taken by Vessel
' from Birert To-day Prize Is a
Tank Steamer.
Paris. Aujj. 6. A French torpedo craft
from Biierta to-dy captured the Ger
man tank steamer Czar Xicholaj H.,
with 2,0'K) tons. ,
bluejackets at Harwich.
Excitement is at the hiphest point at
this evidence of contact between vessels
of the opposing navies. The morning
passed, however, without definite signs
of an important clash between the pow
erful sijundrons.
From Bome came the report that the
German cruisers Gocben and . Breslau
escaped the pursuit of the French and
British warships and reached a Sicilian
Because of Mrs. Wilson's Condition and
War Situation.
Washington, D. C, Aujr. . Because
of the seriousness of Mrs. Wilson's condi"
tion and the Furoiean crisis. President
Wilson cancelled all his engagements to
day. Although the physicians said Mrs.
Wilson was slightly better, the presi
dent remained within call.
Mrs. Wilson hovered between life and
death to-day. Her physician had little
hope and feared it waa but a question
of davs and m-rhana hmira Thn uuaa
of her illness is a chronic kidney trouble In We,t Townshend, Charles H. Grout, Burlington and the hotel Rogers at Let)
and a nervous breakdown, brought on
ov overwork.
At 1 o'clock this afternoon Mrs. Wil
son was being sustained by oxygen and
other artificial stimulants, but her heart
was about the same.
Engineer Struck as He Leaned Out of
Cab Window.
London, Aug. 6. The Daily Mail pub
lishes a despatch from Copenhagen stat
ing that a German squadron is bombard
ing Sveaborg, Finland.
London, Aug. Germany bat sent an
sltimatnm ta Italy.
Washington, D. C, Aug. 6. The state
department Ut night tabled Ambatsa
tot Page at London U draw upon Amer
ica a bankers 130000 with which t aid
teedy Americans.. Tie money vai
And Price Are Only Slightly Increased
at Present.
Paris. Aug. Food remains plentiful
in Psns and prices have only very
sliehtly increiiMvi ince the outlrek of
the war.
To See If German Liner Is Violating
Neutrality Laws.
Washington, D. C Aua. fl.' The bat
tleship Florida has orders to watch the
(iornian liner atrrland until it has been
determin-d whether her load of reserv
ists or munitions of war. if there are
any aboard, violate the neutrality laws
Warwick. R. I., Aug. ft. Charles
Mars, engineer of the Shore Line ex
press on the New York, Xew Haven 4
Hartford railroad, which left Boston at
3 o'clock yesterday, waa found hanging
from the cab "vindow suffering from a
fractured skull, aa the train reached
here. His failure to alow down at a
crossing attracted the fireman s atten
tion, who discovered the
A mail bag. with its contents scat
tered about, was later located two miles
north of here near the track and it is
supposed that the bag struck Mara as
he was leaning from tiie window. He
t l - j - l . .
wmb runu.-u i, ..- jAinriiin, mil aiea Total $.W,!7tl
wiuic inr vi am incnra ine eiauon.
Well-Known Merchant.
' Brattleboro, Aug. 6. A direct result
of the failure of Willis II. Taft of West
Townshend. a. lumber dealer and chair
stock manufacturer, who was adjudi
cated a bankrupt, last week fhursdav
morning, is a. bankruptcy petition tiled
yesterday, by (.liarles H. Grout Of West
Townshend, a. well-known merchant.
Mr. Grout, who was on Mr. Tsft's paper.
as surety for a large amount, was ad
judicated a bankrupt by I'nited States
Indue James "L; ' Martin of this town.
The petition was tiled from the law of-
W. S. Swallow Construction Co. Will
Build Bane's Sixty-Room Hostelry
on Site of Old City Hotel.
The contract for erecting Barre's,new
hotel was yesterday awarded to the
W. S. Swallow Construction Co. of Bur
lington and New York, and the batter
boards for the building were set to-day,
following which the work of excavating
for the foundation on the site of the
old Citv hotel will be started at once.
The building is to be completed in seven
The Luilding is to be four stories high
snd will contain sixty guest rooms
thirty-eight having baths. The building
will have a large dining-room, measur
ing forty-four by forty-four feet, a hirge
lobby and all the accessories which go
to make a complete modern hostelry
In fact, as far as arrangements and
completeness is concerned, the hotel will
equal anything in the state. The build
ing is to be constructed of brick, with
granite trimmings, and will be Georgian
colonial in its architectural design.
Geoiue M. Bartlett is the architect, caned attention lo tne Tact mat a lot
The Swallow Construction Co., the con- of bad meat was being offered for sale
tractor, erected the hotel ermont at m tne city and lie said mat undoubtedly
much tnat was infected has found its
ay into the bologna, frankfurters, etc.
The inspector called attention to the
fact that cows infected with tuberculosis
were frequently . killed and cleaned up
after butchering and the infection con
cealed in such a way that it would pre
vent discovery except by an expert.
The charges against I opow ics. as
drawn bv the state's attorney, are that
Louis Pochetti Preferred to Go to Coun- on .'uly Jt.be ket with intent to sell
Charge Brought Against Burlington
Man. .
Burlington, Aug. ft. The police ar
rested yesterday afternoon a man
named John Pojiowics. a sausage maker
on North avenue, on the charge of deal
ing in meat unfit for human consump
tion. This is the first arrest in this city
for some time for a like charge. At the
meeting of the board of aldermen Mon
day night the milk and food inspector
anon, It., and nave tne contract tor
the new union station to be erected in
Burlington. The local building commit
tee on the hotel is F. D. Ladd. chairman;
W. G. - Reynolds and W. M. Holden,
20,000 Physically Sound Men Between
Eighteen and Forty-Five Yean.
Otta. Ont, Aug. ft. A call for ol
nnter was made by the Canadian gov
ernment vrtcriiav. Twenty thousand
mm ar ntd. Only mm ho are
phth!1y iiTvt and between th sr
of cipMwn fort -fcv veats ill be
Kaiser's Cavalry Sent Back 10 Miles
Iota Germany.
Wraw. vs. !xndnn. Aug ft. Ru'an
frontier patrols, driving the enemy's
cavalry brfnrr thm. have crowd the
frontier at I.jk Hiala, penetrating 10
milm into lirrmany.
Argentine Askt for Moratorium.
Riwno Ayre, Aug. . The Argentine
girmnient has suHmitted a bill to par-
lvmnt i-rovidrng for the ett.uhment
Then Fred Brown Threw Down His Shot
gun and Surrendered.
Colebrook. X. H, Aug. ft. For the
second time in five years, Fred Brown
of this town is behind bars, charged witti U3t.lL
ty Jail for Fifty-Seven Days.
Louis Pochetti. the North Main street
bottler, went down to jail last night for
a soionrn ot hltv-seven davs. on .liny
flee of A. P. SfhwenK. who also prepared 1 10 Pochetti was convicted in city court
Mr. Taft's petition." ' of 'misappropriation of bottles belonging
.Mr. Grout s"Iiablhtlps, exclusive ot'l to another soda manufacturer in Harre.
taxes, the amount of which has not been Evidence introduced by the state led to
determined, are $.'fl.fi.)7.4l. His assets' the 'conviction after the respondent had
are 17.R14.1 1. of which $1.1.10 is claimed pleaded not guilty. He decided to take
as exempted.' Mr. Taft's liabilities were the case to county court 1ut at the ex
unconscious S.5(W. Both failures are for unusually pirat ion of twenty -one days allowed by
laree amounts, considering the sue of law for taking an appeal, ne had not
the Went Townshend community. lentcred the. case. Judge II. . Scott
Mr. Grouts liabilities are divided as issued a mandamus and I'm-hetti was
follows: Wages to employes, $1.18. so taken in custody by Officer Harry Gam-
ured claims, IM.n0; unsecured claims, ble. I he origmsl fine ot f.y and ".2H
f23.447.41: notes and bills. 11.72. costs Tochetti refused to pay and the
court gave him the jail sentence. The
The a seU are as follows: Real estate, mans wife and a group of Ins friends
$3,575; cash on hand, V; bills, notes offered to settle the assessment, but the
and securities 07-. stork in trade SS.- I respondent obdurate!' v refused to any
HO; household goods. fcMO; horses, cows such arrangements, lie began his son
snd other animal. vehicle. 10: fence to-day. I he case attracted con
farming stock and implements. .V;
other personal property. !2: debts due
on open accounts, W.o.ll: stocks, ne
gotiable bonds, etc., 070. Total, $17,
for food purposes the flesh of an animal
I which died., or was killed when diseased.
Another charge against him alleges that
on .lulv . .ne . unlawfully sold and ot
tered for sale . a .quantity of dispased.
putrid and .unwholesome meat to be
used for fpod bv . man or domestic am
ma Is.
Popowics formerly lived in St. Albans
and has been itp against similar charges
before. He admitted when arrested that
he was fined three years ago in St.
Albans for the sum of J(H) in a case
brought against him by the government
Three-Story Building and Cottage Are
Isiderable attention at the time of the
hearing, inasmuch as it was the first
I of its kind to be tried in the local court
Brown was csptured at 3 o'clock yes
terday afternoon near Hereford, P. Q
Three men from the sheriff's posse,
which has been on his trail since Tues
day noon located him in an old barn.
It bad not been believed that be could
be taken without bloodshed, ma he was
armed with a shotgun. I pon the ap
proach of the trailers. Brown started to
run toward the woods. He had a shot
gun with him. One of the men fired at
him and be dropped the gim and sur
rendered. He was then brought to New
Hampshire and plaeed lander arrest bv
Officer Whitman Allen.
Youth Sustained Three Fracture 1 Ribs
When Run Over by Team.
John W. Gull 1 son, jr.. eight-Tesr-old
son of John Gsllison of Fast Montpelier,
was run er early Monday morning by
a single team. The two wheels passed
over the right side of his body, breaking
three rihs. lr. Wheeler of I'lainfield
was called and the little boy is resting
as comfortably as could be experted.
same period withdrawals of gold. It au
thorise the r.imi de la Nacion. Argen
tina, with a iwi ot rte'tnrig f!e situa-
Mary Garden Praisea Chicago.
In the August American Magazine
Msry (rfirden. the famous opera singer.
Iwritew an lr.timste and lugMv entertsin
lipff aiitohiographi"-! article full of
tti rf.vs nf a moratorium on ( frit-ow. to ut:1:re as corners Km fund -fV 1 stories of her wonderful experience and
The r-nod of tfeir enlistment will beint of expired cretiits and those about wl.Kh t now epo. t-4 tn that 'tn 1 of praKsl sens ot g"" aiue 10
dunrg the con t. an no f the jreMtt t expire, and tupetsd.ng during the
xoting musirian.
Northfield Man Heads Seventh Vermont
Veterans' Association.
Rutland. Aug. . At the annual re
union of the Seventh Vermont Veterans'
association held in this city last night
the following oflii-ers were elected: Pres
ident. Capt. John !.. Moseley of North
neld: vice -iiresidente. I apt. Henry Stow-
ell of Trov, N. Y Capt. K. M. Knox of
,-..i-i.i r. . .- f i! -.1 v 11 .
nUllalMI, 1 n 1 .,1 1 riiffn.-R,
secretary, t. It. Mieparn ot rair liaven:
assistant secretary and treasurer. O. P.
Murdi.-k of Keene. N". H. It was voted
to publish a new roster of the surviv
ing nicmliers. shipper was serted in the
rooms of the Woman s hrlicf corps.
ftr which a campliie w held. There
ere recitations, stories. musics! pro
gram, and among ine speakers were
.. 4 Morse ol Snrirgtiel.1. .ls.s Snl
Albert F. Ray of Nant jrlet, Mas.
Hampton Beach. N. H., Aug. . A fire
that broke out here at 8:30 last night
destroyed a three-story building used as
a store and lodginghmise, also one cot
tage, and partly burned two other cot
tages on what is known as White's
island, at the southerly end of the beach.
The totjil loss is aliout 1 0.0ml.
The building containing the store and
lodging house was owned by George
l-angford of Raymond. The store w
conducted by Mrs. Josephine W it hum
There were eight lodgers occupying the
two upper stories, but all were at tb
Casino, half a mile away, at the turn
of the fire. Seveial of them lost con
aid ra ble sums of money and such iloth
ing as tliey had in their lodgings.
Adjacent to the building was a rot
tsge owned by Mrs. Wit ham. This was
'..italic burned. Tbe cottapes of Gcorjre
Little of Rochester. N. H.. were badly
Resident of the li.imtv attached a
hose to a nearby hvdrant and succeeded
in materullr checking the spread of the
fire t.ll the dej-srtment came from
The loss is apportioned thus: On t'
Ijingford building. :.iO; on the Wale
am rott-sr. !'": on the other two
cottage. ?"V1 each.

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