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and eonstlnatlon. headach. drowsl
rung, coated tonsue, bad breath, bud
tnata In the mouth, quickly disappear
If you tako Hood's I'llls. Many ay
these pill act better on the) liver and
bowels than anythlnr else. Jo not
jrrlpe. 25c. of druggists or by mall it
Look, Mother 1 If Tongue Is Coated,
Give "California Syrup of Figs"
to Clean the Bowels.
C. I. Hood Co., Lowell, Mass.
Just After He Had Lighted
and Placed an Infernal
1 Machine
Police Say They Found Oth
; er Bombs in the Man's
' , New York, Oct. 21. One of the boldest
bomb throwing attempts in the history
of Black Hand outiRtfOS in 'ev York
van frustrated early yesterday morning
"by a police trap and the alleged bomb
-man, a youiii; Italian, taken into eus
,todv after a chase. This ease centered
in the Italian election of Williamsburg
where there have been several bomb ex
plosions recently. Besides catching
their' prisoner red handed in the act ot
lightins: and placing the internal ma
. t hine, the police declare that they found
.. five other bombs and a quantity ot t)y
namite in Ids home. The detectives be
lieve that this capture will have a good
effect in stopping Black Hand activities
in llliamsbur".
, , The intended victim of yesterday's
bomb was (iasnari Triolo, who has a
macaroni store at 192 Humboldt street,
W "illiamsburjr. and lives in the rear with
bis wife and three children. For the
past three weeks Triolo has been re
ceiving letters demanding from $100 to
.$1,000. These he turned over to the
police, and five men from the 7th de
tective division were put on the case.
The Italian's refusal to meet the de
mands lor money resulted in his first
bomb being set just a week ago yester
day. That blew out the front of his
store, but the culprit got away. Sunday
Triolo got what purported to be a final
warning that unless he paid over the
money his shop and home would be
blown up without further parley.
After the receipt of this communica
tion the police tightened their watch on
Triolo's store. Detectives Behan, Brown,
Keif. Kiaschetti and Capone, garbed in
shabby clothes, took yp their positions
near the macaroni shop last night arid
waited. By midnight the street was
ijuiet and the bomb men bad still to
make good the threat.
About 12:30 o'clock in the morning
the watcher noticed a man at .lohnson
avenue and Humboldt street, a half
block awa(y from Triolo's. He stood
there a few momenta, looked up and
down the street, and then sauntered in
the direction of the macaroni store. He
was smoking n cigar and as the man
came nearer the detectives saw him to
be 'well dressed and light cnmplexioned,
an unusual coloring for an Italian.
When he was a short distance from.
Triolo's. the watchers declare, he reached I
inside his coat and next they saw a sput-'
tering Maine as lie applied bis cigar to
what turned out to lie a fuse. The de
tective said that the fuse must have
liocn about three feet long.
Still concealed, the detectives ssy they
r,iw the Italian walk hurriedly toward
'i riolo' place of huMiiess and. a he
Merit bv, loss the bomb in the doorway.
The mm then r:n on in the direction of
Each 'Tapes Diapepsin" Digests 3,000
Grains Food, Ending All Stomach
Misery in Five Minutes.
Time it! Tape's Diapepsin will digest
anything you eat and overcome a sour,
gassy or otit-ot -order stomach surely
within rive minutes.
If your meals don't fit comfortably, or
what you eat lies like a lump of lead in
your stomach, or, if you have heartburn,
that is a sign of indigestion.
(let from your pharmacist a 50-eent
case of Pape's Diapepsin anil take a dose
just as goon as you can. There will be
no sour risings, no belching of undi
gested food mixed w ith acid, no stomach
gas or heartburn, fullness or heavy feel-1
ing 111 the stomach, nausea, debilitating
headaches, dizziness or intestinal grip
ing. I Ins will all go, una, oesules, there
will be no sour food lett over in the
stomach to poison your breath with" nau
seous odors.
I'ape's Diapepsin is a certain cure for
out-of-order stomachs, because it takes
hold of your food and digests it just tha
same as if your stomach wasn't there.
Belief in five minutes from all stomach
misery is waiting for you at any drug
These large ofl-eent eases contain
enough 'Tape's Diapepsin" to keep the
ntire family free from stomach disor
ders and indigestion for many months.
It belongs in your home. Advt.
Railroads Are Charged with
Juggling to Gain Sympa
thy in Rate Increase
War Charged with Part Re
sponsibility for Poor
Montrose avenue and at the same time
the watchers got busy. While Behan,
Brown and Keif made after the Italian,
amine and Kiaschetti, at the risk of
their lives, turned their attention to the
still sputtering fuse. They stamped on
and succeeded in extinguishing the
park when there was less than eight
inches of the fuse left.
Tn the meantime their three colleagues
caught the fugitive just as he turned
into Montrose, avenue. 1 here was a
hort wtruggle and the man was over
powered. Bomb and prisoner were taken
to the Stacg street police station, where,
aeeording to the police, the man said he
was .lohn lannone, a carpenter, 38 years
of 111 Moore street, Williamsburg.
At Iannone's home, where the Italian
lived with his wife and three children,
the police declare they found five more
bombs and a box of dynamite hidden
underneath a conch. A 4-year-old boy
was sleeping on this couch when the de
tectives arrived. Mrs. lannone denied
all knowledge of the presence of the ex
plosive. .-. : '
The infernal machine intended for
Triolo war an oval-shaped contrivance
about seven inches long and contained
Acute Articular
Relieved by Anti-Kamnia Tablets
Russian Government Decides to Go Out
of the Vodka Business for
AH Time.
l'ctrograd, Oct. 21. The Russian gov
ernment will never again embark in the
manufacture and sale of alcoholic drinks.
This statement, confirming previous re
ports, has lieen made In the name of
Kmperor Nicholas himself.
The Busian I'nion of Abstinence,
which devotes its energies to the com-
lmting of alcoholism, addressed to Km
peror Nicholas a solicitation that lie for
bid forever the sle of spiritou liquor
in Russia. His majesty replied in a tele-
ra m n I in t he nam of !?rrnt T)nLi
inVif,''Lh,,,!'r.l'nrl','Mm'K,",ra U. " T'onstantine and addressed to the presi
irnown. though it 11 generally believed to ... ,, ,, ,1.1
tie due to an exrrt ofurlcadd In I he Mod. I dent of the alliance, in which he said:
It may he nlao aii with equal truth that no "I thank vou: I long ago decided to
remedy tiaa hern found which la a xprrifla . j . , " n . i. .1 1
Inallca.ea. In fact the. lilrratur e o I rheu. ! ','"'r1" "r 1,11 '"H" ln Ku" the sale
runt I Mil showa that tnt re are hut few druct 1 of alcoholic drink bv the government."
which have not been alven a trial. In tha . 1
handa of one oherv-r fmi 1 h,o rrinn
drug haa hern ued with the tidooat aatla
f act Ion: of hen have found the same remedy
to he a ffri'it ltartr-ilr.t.....,. All ....... ta
rtan how r v e r aer that eve rjr trie! hod of , Ten Others Adrift, t
treatment i.am,.,i hy the administration of
nm remedy t relieve th pain and qul.-l ;
the nrrvou ayatetn and Ir. W . (. Kehulua
eiprea.ea the opinion of thouaanda of prae.
titloner when ha cava that Antl-Kamnia r
1 ahleta should he alven preference over all
other reniediea for the relief of the pain In
all forma of rheumatipm. The tarilrtacan
t purchased In any i.uantitr. 1 hev ir
aiao unaurpaaard In h-atachea. neuralgia
and all paiu. Ata for A-li tablets.
Tock Out A!! His Hair, itched and
Burred So Could Not Sleep.
Used Cuticu-a Soap and Oint
ment. Eruption Healed.
Menace to Ship
ping, Says Italian Admiralty,
j Rome, M. 21. The admiralty here
''announced that 30 derelict mines have
Inert puked up in the Adriatic and that
1" other known to be adrift have not
it liecn located.
I It i lo aunoum-rd that proceeding
;aiaint the naval recrv men who took
jtlie l,'u-in aubmarine to Corsica have
lufn fxiMpotird ix-mling a legal decision
on the merit of tlie ce.
The iibtnarine Molin bv Lieutenant
l'. H..10 w il ho ri j tn Vitwr an I aft
erward restored at the ititiftia ef I
Ruia. S no t n I development are
eipectej in the care.
Washington, D. C Oct. 21. Yester
day's hearing before the interstate com
merce commission on the application of
the eastern railroads for increased
freight rates, on their contention that
financial exigencies brought on by the
European war make these needful, was
devoted largely to a cross-examination
of President Willard of the Baltimore &
Ohio on the relations of that system to
the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton
Louis D. Brandeis, special counsel for
the commission, laid stress on his ques
tion ns to the Baltimore & Ohio invest
ment of more than $20,000,000 in the
Ohio line, and its assumption of obliga
tions of a like amount. The witness
said the investment represented only an
interest charge of $1,000,000 annually,
and insisted that it would not have af
fected the present situation of the line.
"If you did not have the Cincinnati,
Hamilton & Dayton you would have the
money you invested, would you not?"
suggested Commissioner Meyers.
"Certainly," answered Mr. Willard.
He added that he still maintained
the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton deal
had no bearing on the present need of
railroads for added revenue. He declared
the present condition of all railroads
was such that they were compelled to
allow their rolling stock and roadways
to drop below standard.
"How much have you spent on the
Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton in the
last 18 months?" asked Mr. Rrandeis.
He added that the Ohio line had showed
an annual delicit of more than $3,000,000
for years before its purchase by the Bal
timore & Ohio. Mr. Willard again re
plied that "his road was not urging the
utatus of the Cincinnati, Hamilton &
Dayton as a reason for granting a rate
Commissioner Meyes also sought to
draw from the witness information as to
what railroad stockholders demanded in 1
cash as payment on their investments,
and with what proportion of new work
accomplished along the line they would
be Rstisfied.
Mr, Willard argued that substantial
payments on invested capital were nec
essary to ensure the credit of railroads
and enable them to borrow the money
needed for important work.
Taking up a statement tiled bv the
carriers to support their plea. Clifford
Thorne, appearing for several state rail
road fommissiona and shippers' sssocia-f
tion. ked Mr. illsrd if it were not
true thst the year picked by the rail
roads for comparison, to show failure
of new investments to earn any return,
were the only years that would show
that result. The statement compared
figure for 1HI0 and 1!M3. Mr. Thorne
read figures for 1011 and several other
years both before and after 1010, which
showed esrnings on new capital.
Mr. Willard did not challenge the fig
ures read, and his cross-examination
("baric A. Conanf lial prepared a
lengthy statement purjiortins to rhow
that not onlv had the r tended tn
close Kuropran money markets to ear
rier and threatened the return of $4.
msi,iwal.(si in American securities at
depreciated rate, but that the purcba
ing power of carrier receipt had fallen
crest ly.
( oinmiinner Merer read from a ta
hie howins inreamnp dividend rear br
year, despite the indicated falling pur
chasing power. .Mr. I onant a statement
. t t U f t ' ; - . : .
enta. filed and not read in full.
Mother! Your child isn't naturally
cross and peevish. See if tongue is coat
ed; this is a sure sign its little stomach,
liver and bowels need a ileaiiHiny at
When IihUchh, pale, feverish, full of
cold, breath bad, throat sole, doesn't eat,
sleep or act naturally, has stomach ache,
diairhu'M, remember, a gentle liver and
bowel cleansing should always be the
first treatment given.
Nothing equals "California Syrup of
Kigs" for children's ills; give a teaspoon
fill, and in a few hours all the foul
waste, sour bile and fermenting food
which is clogged in the bowels pauses out
of the system and you have a well and
playful child again. All children love
this harmless, delicious "fruit laxative"
and it never fails to effect a good "in
side" cleansing. Directions for babies,
children of nil age and grown-ups are
plainly on the bottle.
Keep it handy in your home. A little
given to-day saves a sick child to-mor
row, nut get the genuine. Ask Tour
druggist for a AO-cent bottle of "Califor
nia Syrup oT Figs," then look and sec
that it is made hy the "California Fig
Syrup Company." Advt.
Rev. John Hamlin Coleman of Rutland
Had Not Been in Good Health Re
centlyHe Was Superintendent
of Burlington District of
Methodist Churches,
Rutland, Oct. 21. Rev. John Hamlin
Coleman of Lincoln avenue, superintend
ent of the Burlington district of Meth
odist churches, dropped dead at about 1
o'clock yesterday afternoon in front of
the John B. Stearns store on Merchants
Row. While walking along the sidewalk
with his son. he suddenly fell to the
pavement. He gasped a few names after
tailing but death came almost imme
diately. Dr. L. A. Heidel and Dr. S. W.
Hammond were called and they worked
over the man for a half hour, with the
assistance of J'oliceman Thomas C. Kl
worth, in an effort to revive him by
means of artificial respiration and other
methods but their work was without I
The remains of Dr. Colenim were i
taken into the Stearns undertaking 1
rooms rooms and later moved to his late i
home. Death was proltably due to cere
bral hemorrhage. It was stated that the
clergyman had never had any attacks of
the kind before but he had la'cn in a run
down condition of late and was taking)
a rest. He whs. on his wav to a trolley '
car to attend a Methodist preachers'!
institute at tair Haven when stricken.
The deceased w;i one of the foremost
clergymen of the denomination in Sew
Kngland. He was born nt Northampton,
X. Y.. September ;ti, 1H-17. He received
his education at Jomsville aisdemy,
Montpelier seminary and Kort Kdward
institute. He received the degree of D.
D. from Syracuse university in Ixtf!) and
that of I.U D. Irom Nebraska Wesleyan
Copyright Hart bciuXIiwr It Man
If you have your mind made up as to the kind of clothes
you're going to buy this fall, go one step farther and decide to
buy them here- You'll be just as glad as we will, if you do ; we'll
show you the kind of clothes weave, pattern, color, model, fit,
that you've decided on.
Hart Schaffner & Marx
make all the good models ; and use all the best weaves from all
over the world.
$25 will do more for you in clothes buying than you realize.
We have these goods from $18 to $50.
Moore & Owens
122 North Main Street; Phone 66-W
Barre, Vermont
iyg " I a-
university in Iflll. The same year Wil
liatnette university of Salem, Ore., hon
ored him in a similar manner.
Dr. (')deman was ordained as a Meth
odist minister at Troy, X'. Y.. in 1H7.1.
His first pastorate was at the First
Methodist church at Albany, N. V. He
also held pastorates at Oloversville, X.
Y., Troy. X. Y.. Clens Falls. X. Y., and
Saratoga. X". Y. He was president of
illiamette university from 1002 to 1907
and was made district superintendent of
the Burlington district in 1011.
Dr. Coleman had been delegate of the
conference seven times. He waa a tni.
tee of Wesleyan university. 1K95 to 1000,
and of Syracuse university, from lflll
until the time of hia death.
The clergyman is survived by his wife,
a daughter. Miss C. Ada Coleman, and a
son, Henry Hamlin Coleman.
Smoke tobacco,
not tabasco !
Fh-nan. ,"- ' When rrf - Sry
almut 1hrw e.4 ,s.l t ,r,r out
'h a rah al! - b h4 aril vljhlh ii. Ut
lor nut ail hi hair an t4-t a "4 hui-nnt 'tt w.pli
aw law he rrnild not .r-. It im la im ' in ..-.. 4
1rm tT a's titawn and vhe-a he mui4 ! a . -i to
Tmv-B f i-m tlx-? would m ertin-
tma rhar-h nmilniH tot arnr- m VOCEt MED HATttAL TEATH
'T a" d-er hat ba4 arw) Iwlr. Tl'm 1
Titty Killed Wliea Suldiert an4 Befa
gees Trains Collide.
In.n. 'M. !!. A crref anient .if
I !. t hrotihle ir- from Ta te (alai
that lo trains nm iti. a. ! -r and
rf'ip'- -otli4.d lt Sfiirtar at Mar-
een la 1 1 1 and Honhiene. and
,Vi r-rn r- l :.lef and
A leke ial ire i
ate I-, a t 'e ie of the rek.
Th Annie Ttny and Snrf Craih Wear
Entrance ta Main Ship Channel
Crw Sared and Vfel May
Be Raised.
IVtafon. fvt. f I. While eomieff into
the harbor from the fishing grounds ui
. o,,. . hf tl-m an that I 1
ta'-- t I f-f t-.io, ter1c-i
I t-l rrr f il fTrti km4a of aoao at4
" ' If r-pr- n wA ! r
1 m4 a e nf f;'v1- np
4 a h , f .t-. Ptntmmt I !
tt! ,t f ---, M an4 .Iot, at-
t ii4 r owl UHn rmt4
' ' f p! ) t-7m !- T
- . a had ! -r l-ia ,mi. o-n l..-r
if ftm -o haA n-d fit ' -run .-.
-4 imearai tir- a tW -- re-Mm
al. heaii-j . hw akra k a tmm, ari
-wfc aa Km ay haa a Pn M
fc.t- mnt tttr hm tim hm tmf awn
(loll, ff. 1. I..
Sample ! i-
r 1-9 m h b r ,---a a.,
f r-j- Ty, T ,t0,
-mr e".i f -.. -,
"'' f ". aaH ,. a,
a rw -.-m anp !; w f :
'- r re - -.v f.-u
' - ar ..1 l i t rt, w
-rw a mm-nt ,.- ar -a, v i
terda t t be I'rev in--t n fi-' . ej , b !.-
r Annie IVrrf siink l.v tl tetTi
travler Surf, ootaard bound. 1 b. J
tni K f the k liMiiwi'. f-reai were mi e
land tiro'ifM to Hie f S p.-r , t l.r S-i'f.
I 7 te -M!H.n .wi-ttrre.1 ilviul I n. m.
near t!e e-ntran.w tn ! nam a' p lan
wl. an I ti b!f twlawa t .
I"irt A'irtoi i tun- i fVwton
l'irt. A iird t jr li th !.' m
I t In-t "(. Ti t-l'f i
listen to this:
::T..i. .
' k
Attrf-y ra ffe Pty ef lnirte Kaaj'"" -r r-e- .4e
StaH Heart Trctb'e
t "i
ort rii-r :. mikmr a I'!-
tie -? r ,..,., i
o'k. t' I - T ! .sn njMdiii-l f m a'- t'. 4k .'! -
i fr.'k f;. p'1'- .';.!.. .. r a I mmi'me-4 t er I
Snw ( t' ti -m a ft aal in tun'
r- t h f t S ! rttr j ,
t"f t t I! I H 'Hum. v farf
i 1 M T l 0
V; P ' K- "t -m
4.?- .t,--n,. rl f f rl, f
4. 1 f '-T
(-a4 rr ' t
f'f ! a J
' -- 'fcr ('I V if
j t t v.--t sf . f fvr
tn f 4
fk 1 " ( j
There isn't anything the matter with
your smokappetite. lou try Prince
Albert in a jimmy pipe or rolling a few
makin's cigarettes before you do the
next thing. And you'll wise up to what
the doctor ordered ! For P. A. in a cigarette
or a pipe is a wonder so bully in flavor and
fragrance. And it's easy to roll, because it "stays put."
Unlike any other tobacco. Prince Albert can't bite your
tongue and can't parch your throat. That's cut out by a
patented process. Xo other tobacco can be made like
is V
1 N
the national joy smoke
h - t9 ..-ia. : fr-i -., f.
f a?. .
i r- f
f ea f -
i r 11
m a
W. ,.4 ; Irrf .r. -. !
r rf- te - T el rt'niiTioai tbe nms friaH f n nvirt fMi mAri( f"r
tVi vrt be'-r .inr T. A. 'he turf le than fi' tfa, thrrw tnr-n rr
w f"Tr t- t am" r5 Mor. VS hat t ff f
Jot rj frt -r tvdy re-4 . ' f tvN n S Mofvai rfr atri4' a4
vna'B -ee f o jum k! j ni II ttj.r k j-" tVi r)rT""t lo th leaf le frara. Anal
that t im Wn !
Nam to (bat I. -W and (rl f rwrf hi tH r;c tfrrwiio!
aw. I A f-W in. W a . arS.. a-W Tm
Jm m mm lm f tmrmm ' t - fcr V
a .-a lav ; . a . a'ppw m a.' a"1 ! am ii tkmwmtm.
tmm T .i,m... rM w( "m iaiaaf aw CM
T - It'
f ! r- I t
m f -a-t
i.V(e,'MI f '
' " i ' U
i -1
. T V ...- t.O .1.. t-, .-,.,
aj w.w -.' - . 9 f
ar-rt t
( - in 7, I'-'
" r i
a m i. 1 1

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