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Some Good Values in Blankets
$7.50 11-4 All Wool Blankets at $6.75
$7.00 11-4 All Wool Blankets at 6.25
$6.50 11-4 All Wool Blankets at.. 5.75
$6.00 11-4 All Wool Blankets at 5.25
$5.50 11-4 AH Wool Blankets at 4.75
$4.75 11-4 All Wool Blankets at 4.00
The above Blankets we have in Gray, White, and Tan ; are bound
with silk. Let us show you. We can save you money on Blankets.
Perhaps You've Been Longing for
a Brass Bed Now s Your
Opportunity to Get One
'Most everybody would like to own a brass
bed but everybody can't afford to have one, as
prices for brass beds generally run, A big spe
cial purchase of 25 beds enables us to offer you
some very handsome brass beds at prices not
much higher than those you'll pay for good iron
beds. This ought to be welcome news for a great
number of people, and undoubtedly there will be
a rush for these out-of-the-ordinary values so
hurry to this sale.
The Graphophone "Eclipse"
Easy Terms
In the Columbia
"Eclipse" at $25, we
offer the best low
priced and most whol
ly satisfactory instrument at the price that can
be produced. Others from $17.50 up.
A Victrola or Grafanola assures the whole
family a merry Christmas and a happy New
Year. -
B.W. Hooker & Co.
Vermont's Largest House Furnishers
We're specialists at shoeing the children!
We've made it a study, and we not only
have the right sort of Shoes, but we see that
every little foot is comfortably and correctly
We've nature-shaped Shoes that were
made for the express purpose of guiding
young feet along natural lines the sort of
Shoes every child sh uld wear.
The leathers are soft and the shoe-making
Hubmark Rubbers
' i
for men, women and children. The best
wearing Rubber made. Try ore pair and
be convinced. All styles. Every pair is
Rogers' Walk-OverBoot
Birrr, Vermont Shoj3 iiB
Sweater special, 2.118, at KniKht'a.
Hadlier'a, Keith avenue, eomfortera and
John McJ.ugo of Hill street has joined
Walter t'avu in Florida.
The chorus class of the Congregational
church will meet Wednesduy at 4:15.
Two hundred more boya wanted to sell
Kcd Cross seals to help out Vermont'
tuberculosis patient.
The men' society of the Presbyterian
church will meet in the vestry ttt 8
o'clock sharp to-night.
licffular review of Harmon hive, No. 1,
I.. O. T. M Wednesday ut 7:30 p. m.,
sharp. Klection of officer.
'J'he principals in "The Kuimways" will
meet for rehearsal to-night ut 7i30 in
the Congrcgutional church.
iSpauhling graduation hymnti, decorat
ed in das colors, handpuiuted, 73c each.
William DufT, Aldrich block.
The junior girls will have a table of
fancy articles at the Episcopal church
vestry Wedrienday and Thursday,
The regular monthly meeting of the
ladies' aid of the Presbyterian church
will be held on Wednesday evening at
Miss Margaret Daley, who has been
ft guest of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Kelly
for a few days, has returned to her
home in Iturlington.
Walter Griffin of Central street, who
has been quite seriously ill for the
past two weeks, was able to be out of
doors for a short time yesterday.
Mrs. Ralph Turner of South Main
street left this morning for her former
home in Hartford, Conn., where she will
make a two weeks' visit with relatives.
Charles T. Southgate of the Quinlen
block, w?io hau been passing a week's
vacation at his home in South Koyal
ton, returned to Bane vesterdav and
resumed his duties as ticket agent at
the 31. & W. R. station.
Mrs. Anne Pinardi, two daughters and
son of Grant avenue are planning to
leave the city Thursday for Oregon,
where they wil! join Mr. Pinardi, who
preceded them one month ago. The
family plans to locate in The Dalles.
Rev. William C. Mclntyre of Ogdens-
burg, X. Y., a former pastor of the First
Presbyterian church, arrived in the city
yesterday for a few days' visit among
his former parishioners. Rev. Mr. Mc
lntyre is a guest at the home of Donald
Smith on Perry street.
In polishers' hall this evening there
will be a gathering of local Scotsmen
and all others interested in raising a
fund for purchasing tobacco to be sent
to Scottish soldiers on the firing line
in France. Tobacco intended for Brit
ish soldiers in active service is admitted
into England free of duty. The meet
ing opens at 7:30 o'clock.
The ladies' aid of the Presbyterian
church will hold their annual sale of
work on Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec.
8 and 0 stonecutters' aprons, ladies'
work aprons, fanevwork, etc. There will
also be a domestic table for the sale of
home-made bread, pies, cakes, scones,
shortbread and oatcakes. Further an
nouncement will be made later.
To-dav. all granite manufacturing
plants in the Barre belt did not begin
operation until 7:15 o'clock. The 7
o'clock starting time has been observed
since March 1 of the present year and
the custom of starting 15 minutes later,
inaugurated t'i day, will be in force un
til the present bill between the cut
ters and the manufacturer expires or
renewed March 1, 1!)15. Throughout
the winter months, thin, the whistles
will sound at 7:15 a. in.
A young people's musical and social
evening was held last night at the home
of John Morrison on Laurel street. The
musical numbers were as follows: Organ
solo, (roorgc Stewart; violin and piano
duet, William and John Morrison; selec
tion on mandolin and violin, John East
man and James lxwdcn; reading, Edith
Watson; selection on organ. May Lake;
mandolin and piano duet. Martha Keid
and Bertha Dale; piano solo. "The Moik1
ing Bird," Gladys Hhind; selection by
John Eastman and James Louden; piano
solo. William Morrison; violin and piano
duet, John Morrison and Olady Rhind.
Refreshments were served and popular
songs and games were then enjoyed by
the young people. Misses Edna and Ma
bel Gorham had charge of the refresh
Teachers and members of the First
Presbyterian Sunday school came to
gether tor a social rvening last night
with Rev. and Mrs. Edgar l'ioland
as host and hostess at their home on
Wellington street. The jrtheritig was
Now for. Christmas
With the largest lot of Christmas goods that we have ever shown.
This is sure to be our banner Christmas season. More of the kinds
that are. each year called for. Sensible kinds for sensible people. A
larger line of everything. Thanksgiving coming so late Christmas
will be here in a very few days.
Only 22 shopping days more before Christmas day. Time to think
to plan to buy if you get busy at once, Early shoppers don't have to
look then go back only to find that the article wanted had been sold.
" Early shoppers not only get a better assortment but better values.
It is always impossible to have values equal though style is not there.
First choice should be the best choice. The following we want you
to see.
For Christmas Shopping
Things that will appeal to you and
the receiver of the gift as sensible
and worth every cent paid.
Ladies' Neckwear is one of our best
Christmas gifts. It is all so new and
acceptable that it pleases everyone.
This season you have a chance to buy
lots of these new ideas for 25c that
are as good as you paid 50c for last
Marshall Field's Handkerchiefs are
recognized as the greatest line shown
in the East. Our assortment repre
sents their better numbers. The war
in Europe, where all Handkerchiefs
are made, has bothered lots of im
porters. Some have had to pay more,
some are short on their orders. These
people have delivered every dozen or
dered at lowest prices made for years.
We have a line of 12c Handker
chiefs for only 10c each.
Our Box Handkerchiefs last season
were all sold 10 days before Christ
mas. You should shop early this sea
son. We are showing all-Linen Hand
Embroidered Handkerchiefs this sea
son 2 for 25c (better than you have,
ever bought).
New Christmas Goods
In a few days our store will be all
decorated for Christmas. All of our
Christmas kinds are here. Vou will
want to sec them.
Lots of kinds here not carried in
other stores and we do not have it
all. Vou will find the largest as
sortment of the kinds we carry of
any store in this county.
An entirely new assortment of Hair
Ornaments and Barretts.
New invoice of Pocketbooks and
Bags, also new lot of those very wide
Belts so stylish.
Jewelry in smaller pieces, such as
Pins, Buckles, Baby Pins, Hat Pins,
Chains, Coin Purses, and Vanity Bags,
all at dry goods prices.
A very large lot of Denmark and
Persian Jvory. This time in sets as
well as separate pieces. These were
put up to our order given last sum
mer and at our prices will save you
25 per cent or over from what you
have ever seen these same goods.
They are now ready for our display
Mark in your memorandum Black Cat
Silk Hosiery and remember that nine
pure silk threads are in Black Cat
Silk Hose, where seven is all that
you can find in most all other grades.
We are boxing Hose for presents
in orders of 50c or over. Silk Hose
are in a box.
For Christmas Shopping
The busiest part of our store for
the next few weeks will be our Wash
Goods department. Here are new
things that will make sensible gifts
and not cost a whole lot of money.
In this lot are several special priced
lots. ,
Scotch Flannel for waists, shirts,
and house dresses at 19c are the
best bargain in our whole department.
Milton Vellon is one of our best
cloths for kimonos and wrappers.
These this season at 12 l-2c instead
of 15c.
Xew Linens, all widths, new Linen
Hucks, new Silkaline, new Draperies,
new Scrims in plain and fancy. These
are all used extensively for fancy
work. Towels and C'rashes for embroider
ing, also Tray Cloths, Scarfs, and
New lot of Covers in both large
and small sixes, also Scarfs in Cluney
Lace, These are lots cheaper than
last season.
Our heaviest Sweater sales are at
Christmas time. There Is no belter
Sweater trade than a Hoagknit Sweat
er the Sweater is extra heavy, the
price is extra low. Ask to see these
specials at $3 08 and $5-98.
Many Useful Presents
A good Bath Robe is a present
which is always acceptable, as this
is an article of clothing that is appre
ciated, as it is a very useful and nec
essary addition to any lady's ward
robe. These Bath Robes we carry in chil
dren's sizes from 2 to 6 year and
tiie misses' sizes from 6 to 14 years.
The line of Children's Bath Robes
at $1.0O and $1.25 each are very
good values, are made from a good
heavy Bath Robe material. We also
have these Robes that are made from
a good quality eiderdown.
At $200 nd $250 we have
some extra Beacon Blanket Robes
that come in the misses' sizes from
8 to 14 years. We also have an Eid
erdown Robe at $2.00.
We now have one of the best La
dies' Bath Robe values at $2.50 that
we were ever able to offer. These
are made from a good heavy Beacon
In the better Beacon Blanket Robes
at from $300 to $700 we can
purely give you a good assortment
of the season's best styles and patterns.
Our Special Millinery Sale of odd Felt, Velvet and Velour Hats in colors and black at only 9Sc each was surely appre-
ciated by many. We have added a few more good models to the line, and these are all on one table at 98c each. This is
a lot of Hats that sold at from $2.98 to $5.00. If you want a good Hat value, see this collection. I
In the better Hat values, we have many new shapes which have .come in in the last few days. J
I The Daylight Store
Pretty holiday neckwear. Knight's.
Wednesday afternoon and evening at
the Christinas sale at the Episcopal
church, a light luncheon will Is- served
for 15c, consisting of fmit salad, sand
wiches, tea and cocoa.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jordan and lit
tle daughter, who have been visiting
relatives in South Barre since Thanks
giving, were visitor in the city this
morning while on their way home to
Bath. -V. H.
Dominic Weafer. who has been mak
ing an extended stay at the home of his
brother, Joseph E. Weafer, of Academy
street, went this morning to his home
in Morrisville, where he will be em
ployed during the winter.
Contractor W. E. Jackson, who has
been detained at his home in Montpe
lier by an attack of rheumatism, is
aide to be about his duties at the new
high school annex. Mr. Jackson is com
tlled to use a cane, although his con
dition is gradually improving.
Repair and addition in the boiler
room at Jones Mros.' having been com
pleted, ois-rntioti at the plant were j William H
resumed yesterday with the full quota
Jellies, cooked food, aprons, fancy ar
ticles, candy, etc., will be on sale at the
Kpiscopa'. church vestry Wednesday and
Thursday afternoons and evenings of
this week.
James Dcvcrs of Summer street left
yesterday for Quiney, Mass., where he
will nmke a stay of several days with
Dr. J. H. Judkins of Northfl. dd, Harold
Westcut of Fast (St. Johnsbury and Rob
ert Booth of Ksex Junction were among
the business visitors in the city to-day.
Miss Bertha R, Nason of long street,
left the city last evening for Boston,
where she will make a short visit with
friend before proceeding to Pinehurst,
X. ('.. there to end the winter.
Report received in Barre to-day from
the Ilea ton hospital in Montp lier tell of
the favorable condition of A. Andreoletti
of High Holhorn street, who submitted
to an operation for appendicitis Sunday
Mr. H. M. Houston of Maple avenue
vent to-day to Northtield, where she
attended the funeral of her brother.
llolton, whose death Satur-
Sale winter garments at Vaughan's.
Se the special fur values at Abbott's.
All the new things in neckwear at
See list of W. F. Richardson real
estate, page 7.
See the ladies' coats on sale at $3.00
at Vaughan's.
l'p-to-date shoe shining parlors in con
nection with Miers' Barber Shop at 1 57
North Main street.
Study the Points of a Good Layer
Robber hens and cow cause enormous
losses eery year, and it is amazing how
little effort is made to detect and dispose
of them. When a chicken thief enter
a poultry yard and manages to go off
with a few valuable hens, a great cry
goc up and local authorities are made
to search diligently to find the thief;
yet the very same poultryman will kee
be visited every hour during that period
of the day when the hens are most apt
to lay, and a careful record kept of the
eggs laid. This may seem like a good
bit of extra work, but if it helps to weed
out the poor layers, the time is well
spent. The most baneful result of har
boring poor layers is not from the hena
themselves so much, as from unknow
ingly using their eggs for hatching and
thus perpetuating a race of poor layers.
If every poultry raiser would make m
hard and fast rule never to raise chicks
from hens laying less than 2)0 eggs
year, the return from poultry would no!
only be doubled, but trebled. It may b
that some men are too busy to attend
to trap-nests for more than a month or
two, but even that will detect some of
the worst offenders. However, an effort
should lie made with the help of other
incmlsTs of the family to keep up tba
good woik lor four montlis at least.
After a few months' use of the trap-
nests, a difference will begin to be Been
in the types of fowl. Tom Barron, the
Knglishman, whose birds are so success
ful in many of our egg-laying contests,
sav a pood layer should stand tilth in
one oi a series of such meeting to be of men working. Jones I'ros. have sev
held by teachers and pupil dining the'eral mausoleum job contracted and the
winter, "lie of the delightful features
of the meeting was the informal talk
truing bv Lev. William Milntvre of
Mg.iisbtirg. X. V., a former pastor of
the Harre church, who
of the Sunday bool.
repair work on two boiler emplacement
wa hastened i much a possible.
The Barre Solvation Army corps ha
started it annual (')iristmn campaign
the guet;nd to that enl little mite tioxe Have
Rev. Mr. Mc-i bt-en placed in tierlv all of the store
Intyre contributed a very timely t.i!kjnd shop, lnor contributions are
on Sunday m hool woik unit e nr. iwil . hi iled throiirti the medium of the tmx
hi rdea.ure over the oi.nortui.it v offer-!. although the army i ready to re-'' R contemporary goc on
'ed for meeting some of hi ol't fi i nd .ive donation of a more anlwlantml
in Bar", tnicr member of the com- character. V I'hin a few dsr the
pany furnil.ed tn'inl imnibir nd I ("hriM ma k tt'" ill be t.it ioned nne
brief remark '.Tt b niented the i'k where in tb .nine section. On a
larger cale ti!n ever w-fore tlie army
plan to carry on their cliantr
woik at 1irin.a tide.
bird that are ayMematii-ally robbing
dav followed a fall which be sustained him of hi hard-earned dollars. ow
while working last Wednesday. Funeral how are these rohher liens to I discov
service were held from his home this
afternoon at I :.'! o'clock and the in
terment wa in Northtield.
The lat iue of the Newport Expre
and Standard contain a commendatory
notice on the work of (ma S. Searle. a
former Barre boy. in a play rently pre
srnted in tht Milage by the civic ao
ciation. A "Profcair Piter"' in "The
in ni hoc year auer year. nne-iooKing : front ana ner liacK should not be on a
level, or the rear higher than the front;
that the best producer usually hava
large combs, a high tail, a prominent
ered! First, by leg-banding all the hen eye. thin straight pelvic bones, and quit
and iriMalling trap-nest, using ten to distance between the IhhiiU of the
every pen of .'0 bird. There are many (pelvic bone and the point of the breast
different kind of trap from which to i bone, thu indicating capacity and lot
rn.K.se, among the most satisfactory te
ing the one modeled along the line in
given by Mr. Mi Intyre. D.iiitv refresh
ment were serve! during tl.e evening.
Mr. I- iini-e I 'In! brook, wbi i m-
(vising tie prodtntion of the musi'i I
comedy. "1 he Punawav." for t'ie Wom
an' club, i renewing a hot f old ae
J i'ia mta ne- in Hart and M"ntrv'r. Km
j K"iinics Kaker. dsiii-!.tr of at tain IM
!H BakT, assistant sjit. t genet!
! of the state of Vermont. ie w grad
I luted from the lnnh wl-isd in l n-
!lir in tt.e class ,f I'aai. a't'Tirlj
t',l,nig w ho! f,.r w veral trm in J. t i
M i fix i, r nd U. In contest ion- j
1I1.-.J l v t'ie I'.nston l.lf.lss at t'e t,n,e !
'of 'rcc!'-ftt M.KinlcV ,.?..! iris'tg..- j
ration. t!c tlien Mis fl-r w voted)
tlx- most i,1r ". I.. m,ii. " ,n e I
, tocjf.t ai.d hwikI a tr-p t N as) i,rlin
s j Met ,.f t' at pi-r m n., m n .
. r. e l, r tMarr ; fc . !-. f ' '..''
! rrd n e m nftrt t i't o-r
!! i.-v-t anf ls f',ve4
' .st idm t ib t e I n t l !
ft1. 'g fi tr- tts'e f.-.. ,-..k-t n"!
t .. i.-r?.r! ,n "1 I , I g
l. '1 " I ,, r M "tt J-f 'tg i-n
"1 is (. -1 t,..t
vit'i. 7 w W fti -g
? t" ' f t ; ii
.' 'rs - ..- V as I. , t. t ..'
l..-f V . 4 .- t sr l'l ,-.,, ,r
t'r ,f e. I. r1 !.
Metbadist Supper Menu, Dee. 2.
The follow ine I t' menu for tb
cafeteria if!r. t Iss ginn at the
M(to!ist lir. h vestry Iec. t:
v!l.ij- wt.lte prttW
fce-t rMtr. southern f jle
( oid roast pork Bked l-an
IW-et a lad I nut a!4
f'rnwn e-ed Ktl IVug!-nut
Vs.rtt J eke
IGrecn Cot
I Male Every Hen a Lairif
I Ifrn
-1 .T i is- fstrirtlv !r-h Ecr are worth I '
- .. A "...
V, have ; j-t jr.ti;'.. a
:r.f, tv-tfs-4;;a i,r,f? CwTTfr,
pl Otr-t Scf-r Tem.
r -st.
t t1
a at--
irm k u va
Ithtt cT.r' th t 'f f r-f.
jth.t a (n ckn rat it &!I t.p.
I Vw. I'n't il tr vr j t f
t '-.t f-' r.s fi-c-je (A if-1
to y. Mr. Searle displayed well dev. I-
0ed hiatrionie wiwer. An etllent
picture of the producing company ac
companies the sketch. Mr. Searle i a
son of ". K. Searle. lo,l manager for
l'raditt, Shaw i. I.unt, and during hi
resi,, n bete be wa prominent in ama
teur dramatic.
n of the flmst mineral collection to
wca i n in thi !'tt of Vermont is Iss-
ir,g exhibited in tlss window- at the Id- j
i n Mhss Co. t"re. The colleitioa t the
proiw-rly of Frank S'towe of Hi South
Va n street, w !o be spared no effort In
leaking it a cn ; l te p-iMe. Twa
jtyooe ist.mt aw-eitfen of stn for
'rotiirt are tdown. TI eil.iht i r
! t T h- ft v rrrged oa p..hi..4 M,Va r.f
'wood td many erly ltve l-ea t
ttTxted t the w in t hrfi'Ot p"-
' i.U. a f-is'st"! eT' t "Ti of e. f:
ste, n a i s l"- '" n v s-lr ct
tl f-eoito iiisj.isj.J in-Sj s a nm-as-T
' !- wr of nr. i. is t.ir-M,
! f'-,-1 t . I : .'ir
etl O.g : (a J 't 1;t .f ?1
I'm !,,h.r. t si t ., . in! of
f-t Is-s-trtW - '.! I ,s verirp e
r,,t im;-i ! a t. ! 4 fmsn i
r.tt 't ..". P'-H Atr"f
4 m t e r-s, -! - n t i I';l-s
t t s r-r ! ! l was I"1 At
n e ! tttf t t '-e (a "-ns
, t Am-'n-ft. s? s' tf ? .so n
f t . H ft ts f ?-e t "
Sr ' s . , '., . ( ' -s at ' t s
mmi. I-. 2 "' . !? "S W
t . t ! "-S f t)- f
..' 1 It- t'-.if t f '
, -s . - t ',. ' 'i ; t ..it te-'fl t
m f lr ' F -
use at the Maine experiment station,
whiih ia divided into two compartment,
the nest being in the resr compartment,
allowing the lien to go into the compart
ment roar the door after ahe ha finished
laying, which doe away with ail dance
of breaking the eggs.
When the net are in uae, they must.
of room for the egg and digestive or
gan: finally, a good layer should he
we.fge shape
narrow in front, but wide
behind, and between the leg. To nun
up, then, ! sure to Use trap-nest, and
barn bow to know a good layer, setting
egg only from tested layer.
ICopyriaht, 114. brE.IL rrkli
riafiU reversed.
to buy canned poods from us by the dozen or case;
because we Mand back of the quality, and the price
will please you.
Blue Libel hrand of fancy Corn 15c; doz., $1.63
IJIue Label Brand Golden Wax Ikans, 13c; doz., 1.10
Illue Label Brand Tomatoes, lartre..l7c; doz., 1.85
Blue Label Brand Tomatoes, small.. 10c; doz., 1.10
Blue Brand Succotah 15c; doz., 1.63
Blue Label I?rand Mav Duke IVas.. .15c; doz., 1.63
Blue Label Brand .mall Beets 15c; doz., 1.63
The alove is only a partial list of thc? high-prade
poods, and we have in addition a few brands of pornls
on which we are n;akinp sj-eeial low prices at this
Canned Com 3 for 25c; doz. net, $0.90
Canned T -mattes 3 for 25c; doz. net, .90
Car re IVa? 3 for 25c; doz. net, .93
Ch':ce Yrrk St;.e Com. . .2 for 25c; doz. net, 1.23
Chf-ice Yr rk itateTt
.2 25c;
dnz. net, 1J55
We are always clad to shoiv jou and quote prices
rn all pods, with a liUral discount en quantities.
A. IV. Badger S Co.
VvrnliTt I'PfjrrUkrr ted tre5n!irni
' S - A
? ' i
Te' '"" '!"
t r '
- ni
f .is-g V -.fSwt
, s 's. 4 e-"
V s-o i-" ll e-t- ewi. ''
- g a'srt t.s r''r W'ls-
L.anaaiiinaiii ai . aal i

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