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ffi-y Port Wivned''T NCHr Indiana
First successful American Manufacturers of full fashioned hosiery.
Largest full fashioned hosiery mill in the world.
Wayne Knit Hosiery-American Made for American trade from American Cottoa
Running every working day for 23 years.
Europe has asked for Wayne Knit, but ir can't be made fast enough for Amer
ican friends.
Sold in all good stores and towns from Maine to California and from Canada
to the Gulf of Mexico.
.Wayne Knit hosiery is made in all grades and materials, cotton, lisle and silk, at
prices from 25c to $2.50 the pair.
Wayne Knit Hosiery Store
Unusual Merit
The Choice of Refined Women
Our Hosiery is proving extremely popular with
all women who are very particular to have their .
apparel in good taste. Its fine quality, superior
finish and dainty styles make it just what you
For practical wear, we recommend Lisle and
Silk in different weights, at 25c, 39c. 79cl $1.00,
$1.50, $1.98, $2.50 per pair.
Pony Stockings
Weary mothers, who are tired of darning, will
find our Children's Hosiery most welcome. We
do not guarantee them to be holeproof, because
, they are not made of iron; but we do say that
they are sturdy and strong and will resist wear
much longer than ordinary brands. Priced at
only 25c per pair.
Buy your Christmas Hosiery wants now, while
our line is complete.
Ask for Ladies' 39c Hose, 3 pairs for $1.00
The Homer. Fitts Co.
The Weather
Partly cloudy to-nirlit and Wednes
day i slightly warmer to-niglitj light to
moderate variable wimls.
The L. A. S. of the Preshyterian
church will serve an oyster supper Jrn
day evening in the vestry. The supper
will be followed by a social hour.
Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Love of Barre spent
Thankseivinir with Mr. and Mrs. A. T.
Jieaton, Mrs. Love remaining until Sat
Arnonu those who were home for
Thanksgiving were Samuel P. Mills,
Brock Polien, Clarence Brown, Miss An
nie Beaton and Miss Ella Kamuelson.
The Ryegate board of library com
missioner's met Saturday in the post
office here and a committee was appoint
ed to select ft list of iKioks to be added
to the town libraries.
The firm of Hatch 4 Smith has dis
solved partnership and Max Hatch will
run the business hereafter. Forbes Beat
on is acting as clerk for the present.
T. Nicol, W. C. Davidson and Charles
Ord, who are working in llarre, spent
Thanksgiving here with their families.
Karl (ourtnev was lucky enough to
capture a fine buck Monday.
Miss Ida lute of this village was
married to Herbert Ste-le of Peacham at
Peacham Wednesday evening, Nov. 24
Mr. Margaret Darling it suffering
from erysipelas in her face.
Dr. (.. W. ltarling returned Saturday
from Lowell, Mnss. His !augnter-in-law,
Mrs. G. I- IHirling, is not expected
to recover.
The Caledonians played Lai-onia A. A.
in the opening game of the eaaon Sat
urday evening at Wells Kiver. The vic
tory went to Ijiconia, boom 2S to 17.
liarli-s ibn was unable to play, ow
ing to sprained ankle.
Mr. and Mrs. Tellis Cole sprnt Thanks
giving with Mrs. Cole's parents at Lit
tleton, N. H, Mrs. Cole remaining for a
it w dav.
JolinHo ha bought H. K. Met calf's
3. B. Mil Jm spent Thanksgiving with
lilt dnivH'r, M"- V illard, at Milan,
X. II.
Miss Iaahi-1 Itrnrk went Monday to
Littleton, N. H, to s-i'l th wintr
miih bcr grand rw-pli' w. I. twin Brin k.
1e appearance 'f tle l'reb tel lan
Tistry has been mm h in. proud by n w ,
kalsomine and paper, the work being
done by C. A. Miller and son of Groton
and paid for from the proceeds of the
children's cantata given last spring un
der the direction of Mrs. F. J. Tewks
bury. O. D. Willey went last week to Mont
pelier to spend the winter with his son.
Ask to see our dress skirts and cor
sets, the latest models. Paris Shirtwaist
A regular meet
ing of Clan Gordon
1 W . a m. t u -7 1
tfjVi V'iFtfsfca No. 12, O. s. O, wi
Vtt fl&ffJ "'I-.v evening. lVc,
VI 'I -jy-nF- 2. at 7 o'clock. Bus-
iness, election of
rillicrrs and other
imjHirtant matters.
Regular meeting of
Sub. Court Barre, No.
3.317. I. O. F will be
held Tuesday, IVo. 1, in
K. of C, hall, at 7 p. tn.
Important. Election of
Regular stated conven
tion of Yimitia K.
of V., Castle hall, Tues
day evening. Die. 1. at
7:.'M. Flection of officers
for the ensuing year.
R"gulsr meeting
n ttilie, So. 13,
day evening at 7
Nominal ion of eh
TO RFNT Vlr-mmi tenement, n!r fin.
thet throuirhmit. liwjuir i,f .. M. Ci.Unmer.
telehnm onV. 2.i'l.
UlST-Aii n-en-fe UJeel Ilhnobi rnl-
fl'lil wmtrh ; (inulle-unli dHkl ; er.ma r.ni
f nr will n no. r tre wm v, kt i e
Sale all this week on second floor at
Vaughn n's.
Hot, home-made chicken pies at Balti
more Lunch to-night.
JJid you get one of those wool plaid
skirts at Vaughiin'sT
Mr. and Mrs. Matt. Gavin were called
to Rutland this morning by the death of
Mr. Gavin's brothor, John Gavin.
Now is the time to buy your winter
dresses, all stylos and sizes. Special
prices for tins week. Paris Shirtwaist
Assessment No. 24 of the ladies' aux
iliary to Clan Gordon is now due and
must be paid on or before Tuesday, De
comber 1.
Homer Piekard of Rock River, P. Q.,
was a visitor in the city to-dny while on
his way to Wehstervillo for a two weeks'
visit with relatives.
Wc have for distribution a limited sup
ply or proprietary revenue stamps in
amounts of , and , which we
will be glad to supply by calling at the
People's National Bank.
Mrs. W. F. Shepard of Washington
street, who has been detained at her
home for several days as the Tesult
of a fall which she recently sustained, is
able to be at her place of business.
Revenue stamps will be attached to
shippers' receipt on parcel tags issued by
tnc Barre & Montpelier Traction & Bow
er Co. They will be cancelled, thus mak
ing th6 charge for a parcel 11 cents.
The apples in car arriving Nov. 25
were a mixed lot from different growers
and any that are not satisfactory can be
returned to 15 Granite street at my ex
pense and money refunded. Sidney E.
Spa fiord.
Dee. 9 is the date of the annual dance
under the auspices of the ladies' union.
There is always a good program, the best
of music and a pleasant evening is as
sured. Save the date, Wednesday even
ing, Howland hall, Riley's orchestra.
Regular meeting of Bright Star Rebek
ah lodge, No. 18, Wednesday evening,
Dec. 2, at 7:30 o clock. Important bus
iness and every member is requested to
be present. The oThcers are asked to be
present for practice.
Friends in Barre and Grantteville of
Mrs. Norman Murray of the latter plate
will be interested to learn that she is
making a good recovery from an opera
tion fur apiiendieitis, to which she re
cently submitted at the City hospital.
Auto stago to Hardwick via Mont
pelier leaves Perry garage, 30 Washing
ton street, 7:30 a. in. everyday except
Sunday and leaves Hardwick on return
trip at 2 p. m.j best of service, comfort
able car, plenty of warm robes, and side
urtains. Your patronage solocited. Call
In citv court yesterday afternoon the
asc of state vs. Robert Hafey, charged
with a subsequent onense of intoxica
tion, was no! prossed and the respondent
was discharged from custody. Hafey
was arrested Saturday, after complaints
had been made that he was seen in an
intoxicated condition at the city farm.
Until recently Hafey was an inmate at
the farm. .
Edward Thompson of Landgrove re
turned to his home this morning, after
having been th guest for m few days of
his sister, Mrs. E. M. Lyon, of Highland
avenue. Mr. Ihompson is the representative-elect
from Landgrove and came to
Iiarre to make preparations for his stay
fin this vicinity while the legislature is
in session.
Peter Belanger, a Washington young
man, whs brought to the City hospital in
an ambulance last night. Mr. Betangcr
was taken from the ambulance to the
operating table, where he underwent an
operation for acute appendicit. This
morning he was reorted to lie resting
comfortably and indications pointed to a
spi-edv recoverv
The young women's missionary soeicty
of the Baptist church will meet at the
home of Mrs. Holt, 51 Hill street, on
Wednesday evening at 7:SW. to work for
their Christmas box. All members are
urged to be present, as this will lie the
only work meeting for the box. rlease
come prepared to make candy bags and
bring picture suitable for furaphook.
Kverv woman or girl in tlie city, who
is interested in making their own clothes.
urged to attend the demonstration at
the institute to-morrow by Miw Marshall
on 'Home Dressmaking." From 10 to 12
in the forenoon and from 2 to 4 in the
ftcrnoon she will (!cni"titrste the rut
ting and making of a shirtwaist suit and
ill enplsin the steps in iletail for the
In-writ of those attending. Howland
hall, 10 to 12 a. m 2 to 4 p. m.. Wednes
Deputy Sheriff A. M. Morrison, who
recently underwent an operation tor the
partial remotal of his left leg, has dis
carded bis cnitihes in favor ol a l-ftly-fashioiieil
artificial limb prevented him
tij W. F. Bradford, a Park street artifi
cer. The oden ef is in.e tif l-rry
with a eoprier band luit the bottom.
Mr. Bradford's etpcrtence in building ar- '
tifieial Iirnb date Isi'k through many j
vesrs. In former time tie wsa often
ennulte. by otic bejred nwn with tb j counter this tnnrniriif
r.iilt t?t sneral s-opie ung lo-lay ; nki- a sperisl .ii-i.ls
Hats for 50o at Mis. C. R. Wood's.
Hot, home-iuudu chicken pies ttt Haiti
more Lunch to-uiirht.
Reserve next Friday night for the old
folks' concert at the Universnlist church.
Now England boiled dinner at Jack's
lunch on Depot smiare to-morrow. X lie
best of service.
Methodist Indies of the fair circlo and
their helpers are requested to meet at
inn ciiurc.ii Wednesday morning iu w:jo,
We have for distribution a limited sup
ply ot proprietary revenue stamps in
amounts ol ' yit , and , which we
will be glad to supply by falling at the
reo ues national Bank.
The apples in car arriving Nov. 2,i
were a mixed lot from different growers
and any that are not satisfactory can bo
returned to 15 Granite street at my ex
pense and money refunded. Sidney E.
Anthony Alticri of Yonkers, N. Y
who arrived in the city last evening,
began work this morning in, the Barre
Drug ort. Mr. Altieri is a registered
The woman's association of the Con
gregational church will meet in the
church parlor Wednesday afternoon at
2:30. Program in charge of the mission
department. Members please come pre
pared to pay dues.
An oyster supper and social will be
given Friday evening, Dee. 4, at the home
of Mrs. Nellie Blanchard, Camp street.
The supper is given under the auspices
of district No. 12, union Sunday school, j
All cordially invited.
"When Romance Came to Ann," a two-
reel I. M. P, drama, also "The Great Uni
versal Mystery" featuring 52 of the
leading actors and actresses, at the Bi
jou. Be sure and sec "The Trey o
Hearts" to-morrow.- Adv.
Vc are glad you have planned to pat
ronize the fair at the M. E. church on
Wednesday, Dec. 2. We have obtained
limited supply of Chinese articles,
For the Gift Maker
A large and varied line to choose from, arranged in three
lots and priced at 25c, 35c and 50c. We have sold many
yards of these to be made into pretty Christmas gifts.
If you haven't seen them, don't delay any longer. If
you have and wish to match pieces, you must do so now.
They won't remain long in the condition they are to-day.
Preparations Being Made for Interesting
' Sessions.
The farmers of Chelsea, with the co
operation of the Orunge County Farmers'
association, have secured one of the ex
tension schools in agriculture and horn
economics for Chelsea the week of Dec, 7.
These schools are a part of the work of
the agricultural extension service of the
state iiuiversity in bringing some of the
principles and practices of progressive ag
riculture to those farmers who have been
umiblit to get an agricultural school
training. These schools ftere held suc
cessfully in 15 towns in the state lust
winter and it is expected to increase the
number this year.
At this school, with farmers as the pu
pils, four men from the agricultural col
lege will discuss such subjects as selec
tion of feeds, the feeding of dairy cows,
breeding and management of livestock,
the raising of calves, farm butter mak-: t UCkMm t I Rl 1 1 I i"Tr" rfc la Z
XTZXisXti nmKY vr. DiNiuni, carre, vt. ?
which will be on sale at this time, as
well as many other pretty and useful
gifts. Cafeteria supper will be served
from 5:30 to 7:30.
The Thanksgiving baskets which were
made up and sent out from the Congre
gational church last Wednesday weie
greatly appreciated. By the generous
help of those who contributed toward
them, the committee was able to send
seven boxes containing everything neu
essary for a good Thanksgiving dinner,
six baskets of fruit and 15 bouquets to
A telegram to M. L. Towne announces
the death this morning of his cousin,
Mrs. Abbie (Pope) Walker, at Chicago,
due to double pneumonia. She was born
in Roxbury Jan. 8, 18(55, the daughter of
Mm u rid L. and Emily (Gale) Pope. She
graduated at Goddard seminary in the
class of 1HH3 and in 188Q was married to
William J. Walker of Chicago, going
therf to reside. Besides her husband she
leaves a son and daughter.
Shipments of finished Barre granite
by express continue at" an almost un
precedented rate. Over the (Vntral Ver
mont railroad this forenoon at 11:45
o'clock, the Presbv-Covkendall Co. sent
consignment of tinihcd stock to Por
tage, Wis. During the week ending
Nov. 23, the local ottiee of the American
Express Co. booked shippings aggregat
ing 10,(XK) pounds in eight pieces.
The Simonsvillo choir, after making a
very successful trip through the northern
part of Vermont, are to be in the vicin
ity of Barre again the last of the week.
The ladies' union of the Universalist
church have arranged for the choir to re
peat their old folks' concert next Friday
evening in the church vestry at 8 o'clock.
The soloists, readers and the Cornish
Flat male quartet are all going to be
there. You can't afford to miss them.
A committee headed by John Black,
the club president, is making arrange
ments for the annual banquet of the
Xfeudow Brook Oilf club, which will be
held in this citv on the evening of
Thursday, Dec. 11. Elaborate prepara
tions for the menu are engaging the
attention of the committee and an at
tractive atter-diuncr program will be
made the oornt.ion for awarding the
several trophies offered by the club as a j
unit and by individuals for the season's
playing. Within a few days an rxhi- !
hition of the cups, budges and other
trophies to lie awarded will be made in
the window of a North Main street
cigar store.
Captsin Neil Hooker of the Spaulding
basketball team issued hi first call for
candidates to-day and nearly at men sig
nified their intention to try for the team.
It via announced this forenoon that the
first practice of the yrtr would te held
at the Church street gymnasium at 4
o i lorlt tin afternoon. John Acnew of
the high school faculty is to eisicli the
team and for a nucleus be Hill have a
iiiemls-rs of lt year's team. Hooker,
f'llner, Tomasi and Levin. F;ery can
didate will lie given a fair rhance to
make the team and "cub quintet will
orgsnired for court skiriinhe with
the firi-t five. Manager Frank McDonald
is working on a Mlndule which he will
sniioiince within a few ilsvs. Three two-
lay trip haie been arranged, although
none of the three will be msde ln-fore
Isn. I.
Person, frm and irisiation f-
fei-tei ,y the stamp ts provision if
the new fc.'n.I retinue act l.'n to
day to adjust themselves to the new con
dition. Park are ph f.tifullv supplied
with tb stamp and mercantile ileal, is
wire buvinif t'tiir firi-t siipplie cter tlie
tllie dealer who
d i Iw-w ing gum
limes and liming, commercial fertilizers,
tillage, farm manure, maintaining soil
fertility, corn, potatoes, rotation of
crops, larm management, management
of the farm apple orchard, management
of the farm woodlot, and other subjects
of a similar nature. These discussions
will not be set talks delivered by one
man, but real discussions with the farm
ers having ample opportunity to asK
questions and give results of his own ex
periences. Laboratory demonstrations
will be made in several cases and fore
noons it is planned to have the farmers
themselves go through some laboratory
exercises to help familiarize themselves
with the subjects in question. In the
evening talks will be illustrated with
lantern slides.
The ladies, in the church vestry hall,
will discuss similarly home sanitation,
selection of food, sewing and dressmak
ing. Mrs. Dimock, formerly a teacher of
home economics at Pratt institute, New
York, and the extension service of Mas
sachusetts Agricultural college, will be
their leader. Owing to the church fair
this will not commence until Wednesday j
morning, Dee. 9.
These schools are free to the farmer!
and his wife except for rent of the hall !
and advertising, to be paid by subscrip-1
tion at the meetings. This is an oppor- '
tunity for the farmers of Chelsea and
neighboring towns to get together and
learn some of the ways by which their
farm incomes can be increased. The ex-.
perience of those towns having these i
schools last winter justifies the state
ment that this is possible. Remember
the time, beginning Monday, Dec. 7, at
1:30 p. m., and running until Friday
afternoon, Dec. 11, three meetings a day,
morning, afternoon, aond evening, Tues
day, Wednesday, Thursday and two on
Friday. All are urged to be present as
much of the time as they can and es
pecially at 1:30 Monday afternoon, Dee.
7, when full programme will be given
out and full details arranged. These
meetings will lie held in the grange hall.
Successor to Veale & Knight
to be making your selections of
those Christmas Shoes or Slip
pers. We're ready with our ex
perience in selection and fitting
to see that you get just the sort
you ought to have.
We don't know of a worthy
shoe for any purpose that we
cannot show at its best, and fair
ly priced.
If you have foot troubles, let
us fit you out with Dr. Scholl's
devices for curing the trouble.
The Peoples Shoe Store,
C. S. Andrews, Prop.
187 North Main Street
Geonre Vigeant and family, have
moved into the Jane Dwinell tenement.
Mr. Vigeant is our new blacksmith, and
is having a heavy trade.
Wallace Guernsey, Franklin, Harol
and Orene Dwinell and Ralph and
Gladv Balentine, have returned to thei
school work, fter having spent Thanks
giving in town.
Rev. (Jeorge F. Fortier, state superin
tendent of 'Universalist churches, will
preach at Fast Calais and Calais next
feunday, the sixth of December.
New has just been received from
Hamilton, Ohio, of the marriage there
Nov. 2,i. of Rev. C. C. Conner to Miss
Mary Klizabeth Andrews. Mr. Conner
supplied the Universalist pulpit here
last summer, and has many friends in
the rommunitv.
Almost Bursting Prison Walls.
The greatest number of prisoners to
be taken care of at the Vermont house
of correction and Rutland county jail
at one time In some years is at pres
ent being housed in the dual institution.
There are 189 in the jail and house of
correction, and the attendants are sore
ly tried in making them comfortable
and at the same time assuring the com
munity that there shall be no escapes.
By judiciously placing the jail inmates
and short term house of correction
men, or those whose terms are nearly
expired, in the large rooms, where there
is greater danger of escape, and by
keeping the long-termers in the cells,
room is made for alL
Eden cloth 12y2e at Knight's.
Handkerchiefs ready for Christmas
shopping at Vaughan's.
Special To-day Special A Five-Part Feature
f, From Gutter to Footlights
The big; baker sensation from London ; absolutely new concep
tion, which has proved to be one of the most stirring dramas of
stage life that has ever been produced.
MRS. BEN. H, TASSIE, Pianist !
Coming To-morrow Edmund Breese in "The Master Mind" ,
Coming Friday Evening The Ragtime Four in a New Stunt j
A special two-part Selig drama, fea
turing Kathlyn Williams, the
stai of the Kathlyn series
Admission, Five Cents
In Auto, Sleigh or Wagon
on Cold Days Use a Clark
Um It is neat, compact, attractive and A
j iCCAlv unDreaKaDie; suppiici uic iicai
without name, smone or smeu.
Attractive carpet coven
with asbestos lining.
They fit in at the feet,
occupy little space and
are just the thing.
Don 't Shiver and be Uncomfortable
when one of these heater will keep you warm and cozy and com
fortaWe on rvrry busines or pleasure trip in cold weather.
A CLARK HEATER it the only kind that will last indefinitely,
never fret out of order, and heat as much or as little as you want.
C. W. Averill & Co.
Our Showing of Ciuett
and Hathaway Shirts
Will Surely Interest You
Many new patterns just received, inc!u
din the fancy stripes and plaids. Sev
eral patterns in plaited shirts, especially
ad.iptcd for the winter. Let us show you.
Cluctt Shirts. 51.50 and SIM.
Hathaway Shirts. SI .00.
Princely Shirts, 50c.
"H Frank McWhorter Company
I). C fllui, Cominei9 Italian
are anjitiiiatmr on artiUiial iiul ii) b a.tir early tins wnrunp parting
h Mntrui1'i. tmr on tin- I'-k (!' Sti-mli'p
Mr. .a.b HariW of l! vrl, 1.. (.!, ,. report a int. ir f f'k rit
i fntn? itiiI dv in Jlarr the J vi-trr lav. tiV l.n iii,'rmt.late a,.
fini't of Vr. mnA Mi. Arthur W. Mac- ; inr ltr in tHe mt!i tiinr 4i to
Vnl nf tl t amp tr t t- M-wn Mm
H.'.iir will r r um mh r.l f.jr maiv
t..;.)' in I'.arTe. !tmir!i the I mt
vi'i'i-J Inf.' in m;ii.it rtf r-r M
Mm. t't M! Wi lwti f. ,
ito.it't.T "i I'alit't'in Wt"iT.
u.d tn !; lii.f ,HJttl.fif t' fc4?lMi.
Vt. Mar-hr ir n trvi ;fg t''r.iiirh'
t'e N""V I '! .it !.!. '- j
;'! iif" in Mami-, e 1 Sauijo' ire
!i V, ' ' n. 1 1 .
fi .. .-.. 1 fi n i.'. ?.-4 '
.e tt '! ( tie tterre lti !
tk f t t ' ii I'twi. 1 1 ir
f . r i I tw m .i m-1 . .t r
et!"r -r-rj-"tl in ti Zni.i k. ( T i"w t
.4 fr- ... i.f ' fii'M.t-nf. ( n1 '' t
i ti, m-i ii tfj It t fn-."'' rt !e !fM
t ! I it .ti.rl t r-Htr :7l ' te t"ifM
imij tl .1 tai t1a-t"i t mt Miam
'np ti ki! lij larw.k Ltir thir !"
Ffire t' n-m ait Iiiim -ratite. ts
rn ffi y a).i rnt (in -r thtii ti i
li"kinp. t'l. fna Ir, att lioifh tiieti' k't
.! -r At tm 1 sail cm t tii (( r h t.f
tti tti!i!y f i, n. 7n ltfn ii
I'rrr i).'it ft t'.'i, i-n I ti S
id It (, in it t-liiif
t it i , r"tf in t' t-' I. .
sSave 30 lo 43 Per Cent on Drufl Slorc Necdss
1 1
iicxixc nvriE fatal.
Of Piw
Carf-frcnt, Jt
f sip. ti 1 n r
ft. ft. ,(,
i - .i
r4 ow 1
nwl-'. v
i I ',1 fVi,k.-T
...,. 'i.t t' I'fin'Si i T fi-tv-1
mff l.)m-. ir.iijfil t? e "' 'Vft'f'ft t".'
' 1 ), f lB t " ! B1-. ff t i
f f" t.p t f f- .h ilMH U -! j V VT
.- i i .jv. f '! i i , t.
J f l1-;!- "" t " .'- ! - -.
!. Ctrl P
It.. Ik' 1 -Ms
.! f "-fn M.t
Ir nw! r j'li.fic a
r t
n4 t 'i
Cj When you have a pre.crirtion filled, don't jude of iti -aJue by the
price you pay. It real value i in the ood it doe the patient.
CJ The doctor when he wrote the prescription, had in mind certain de
sired results.
C Brinf the prescription to u.
pounding will injure riht reult.
We Guarantee purity, accuracy and
your prescription are compounded here.
"Let us fill your next prescription
Pure ingredients and expert corn-
reasonable pricei whenever
t t ' .
Barre Drug Company
-Watch Vs Grow'
Comer Main and Merchant Street
t ! " 'rfft,'
t- ! "r r. 't fkf ft ft ! Sr f

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