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Declares Protectorate Over 14,000,000
People and Takes Sultan's Last Foot
of Territory in Africa, Italy Having
Taken Tripoli a Few Years Ago
Germans Claim That Two
Out of Four British De
stroyers Were Lost
1,300,000 SQUARE MILES
Continued Retreat of Russians is Re
ported But Petrograd Refuses to Con
cede Defeat and Characterizes Move
ment as of No Importance
London, Dec. 18, 12:18 p. m. Again the Germans and the Aus-
trians seem to be on the crest of the wave of battle as the intermin
able struggle in the East continues ; again Berlin is gay with flags,
and again Petrograd declines to concede victory to the invaders
Berlin and Vienna contend, however, that the Russians are falling
back along the entire front from the Baltic to the Carpathians,
with the invading center less than 30 miles from Warsaw.
To the south, where a few weeks ago the Russians were pouring
over the Carpathians into Hungary, the combined Austro-German
columns have now forced them back and, it is asserted, have ad
vanced two-thirds of the way across Galicia and are nearing the
fortress of Lemburg, occupied by the Russians early in the cam
paign. The Russian official announcements admit none of this. They
dismiss the happenings in Galicia as engagements of no impor
tance, and they class the operations to the west of Warsaw in the
same category. It is claimed, moreover, that the extreme Russian
right near Mlawa thrust the Germans back and the Russian cav
alry swung across the southern border of East Prussia.
In the west arena, no event of great importance is reported.
Foot by foot the allies appear to be forcing the Germans out of
their trenches in Flanders and maintaining the pressure elsewhere
on the front from the sea to Switzerland.
The British press to-day makes a feature of the annexation of
Egypt and the Sudan, which takes from the sultan of Turkey
14,000,000 subjects and 1,300,000 square miles of land. This ac
tion, moreover, robs the Turk of his last foothold in Africa, Italy
having taken Tripoli from him a" few years ago.
'VIGOROUS OFFENSIVE' .treatment of Belgium and her treaty
U ilh Tl. 11.11.1 krr.t..,.-.i,.,....
New York Theatre Scene of Turbulence
at Animals Roamed About One Po
liceman Shot ai Attempt Was Made
to Round Up Beasts in Street.
New York, Dec IS. -Six trained lions
escaped from their cage on the stage of
an Kurt Eighty-Sixth street vaudeville
theatre yesterday and bounding into the
uudienci., consisting principally 01 worn
en and children, created a panic.
One lioness, Alice, the largest of the
pack, 'escaped into the crowded street.
i'olicemen pursued Her into the Hallway
of u nearby apartment home and in
shooting at her jirohauiy latally wound
ed a companion, N-rgeant. uamei uicnn
Two oilier ollieers were slightly wounded
bv the claws of the beast in a buttle
at dose mime.
At sight of the lions, hundreds of
persons in the theatre tied, screaming
to the exits. Mothers, delayed by gath
ering up their children, crowded into cor
ners und places of supposed safety,
Score fainted and many, numbed by the
sight of the animals among them, Bat
transfixed in their seats. With the
ception of Alice, none of the beasts dis
played great ferocity. A few persons
who trtxt in tlu.ii- rtutha Were anm felled .
......:.. ir,;., l .. i. ....... r- .
vu.h.wij c.M.Kt.,. v.....w. lt werP not g,.rjOU!,iy hurt.
Five of the animals still were roam
ing about the theatre when the last of
Admiralty Simply Stated
That Two of Pursuers
Were Struck
London, Dec. 18. 3:15 a.m. Amster
dam dispatched to Reuter's Telegram
ment which claims that some of the
British destroyers which attacked the
raiding squadron olT the British coast
were sunk. The communication says:
"The retreating cruisers" were attacked
by four British destroyers, one of which
was sunk. Another disappeared, badly
damaged. At another point another
British destroyer was sunk."
The official statement issued by the
British admiralty lust night makes no
mention of any British warships being
lost bur says the light cruiser J'atrol
and the destroyer Doon were struck by
shells and lost five men killed and fif
teen wounded.
German Ships Suffered Little.
Berlin, via Amsterdam to London, Dec.
IS, 3:25 a. m. The following official de
tails concerning the Herman squadron's
attack on the east coast of England are
"When approaching the English coaRt
our cruisers were unsuccessfully attack
ed by four British torpedo boat destroy
ers in misty weather.
"The batteries at Hartlepool were si
lenced and the gas works destroyed.
There were several detonations and three
big firs in the town could be observed
from our ships.
The coast guard station and water
works at Scarborough and the coast
guard station and signal station at
Whitby were destroyed.
Our ships received some shots from
he coast batteries, but suffered onlv
slight damage.
(Signed i "VON B EI IN EKE."
Germans Lost Several Engagements Ac
cording to French Official
54 Per Cent of French Wounded Return
to Firing Line,
raris. Dec. IS. N'o fewer than 64 per
cent of the French wounded returned to
the firing line before- December 12, ac
cording to interesting figures supplied
yesterday by the surgical department of
the ministry of war.
Of the remainder, 24 per cent had been
given convalescent leaves, 17 per cent
had Is en discharged from the army.
Three and one-half per cent of the
wounded died.
up one nt oni trenches ami endeavored
to move out from their position with
thp'c liittlion of troops, but this at
tack, us will a one they undertook at
tt. Hubert. .is repulsed."
Y UiN r UK ALLlfcO ' unfortified English towns demon
strates how Germany wages war in de
fiance of the usage of civilized nations,"
lie added.
"President Wilson is doing everything
that he can iHwsiblv do in maintaining
Paris 2:47 p in.. Dee. IS. A French governmental neutrality tinder present : WOun Is than in any proceeding war.
official statement this afternotiu says: iioiimuuna. nui mis inn'i not mean umi
"To-day. Dec. 17, was marked by an ad- I individual Americans ought not to form
Tance on our part in I.clgium, where j H"'l express their judgment on the moral
cverv counter attack undertaken by the i it-sues involved."
enemv filled. In the region of Arras a Apropos of the strict British censor
vigoru ni!cnivc msde us masters of "hip, he aaid he bad received a letter
severs I tnmhrs. In the region of Tracy- yesterday morning in answer to a letter
Le-Vul. on the Aisne and in Champaign j11' had written to a friend in London
our linvv artil'ery won distinct advan-,'" which be spoke ot the sinking of the
tap.'. In Argonnc, the to-rmans blew I British cruiser Audacious off the coast
iii in in ii. i on ixi. w. i lie London
friend, who was also a friend of the wife
of the raptain of the Audacious, received
lr. van Allen's lett'-r Nov. :o, and in
the answer vi-stcrdav said" it was the
first information received of the sinking
of the Audacious.
the audience escaped. An hour later
ihey were rounded up in the lobby and
driven into their shipping box, but none
of them was injured.
Threo arrests were made, the charges
being felonious assault, pending tho out
come of the injuries of tfie wounded per
sons. J Hose in cuatony are J -a uene
Andree, the lions' trainer C. A. Turn-
julst, their keeper, and George H. Hamil
ton, manager of the attraction The lions
were owned by Francis Ferari, a show
man, who had been exhitbiting them at
carnivals during the Bummer.
The animal act bad been completed
and a song and dance quartet held the
stage in front of the first drop when the
lions escaped as they wer: about to be
transferred from the steei exhibition
cage to their shipping box. According
to Turnquist they became excited, rush
ed out of the steel cage and, knocking j
the box aside, were free behind the
scenes. .Madame Aniiree screamed, J uni
onist grabbed a whip, cracked it loudly
and shouted at the lions, and frightened
actors and actresses began climbing
stairways. Suddenly one of the lions
walked into the wings and peered at the
uuartot and tho singing ceased abruptly-
As the singers started to retreat into
the wings IWective Peter Cahill, who
was in the audience, saw the lion and
shouted to the entertainers to go on. One
singer returned and began a solo. Sud
denly a lion CHine into full view and
all control of the audience was lost.
The orchestra, nevertheless, continued
to play. The first lion ambled upon the
stage, then a second, and in a minute
more several of them .,c clambering.
into stage boxjs and out into the audi
encp. Still the orchestra kept playing,
until several of the lions came righ
down Into the pit. Then the musicians
tied under the stage.
Alm.ist everybody in the audience la
ter had a different version of what the
animals did after they got among the
crowd, but nearly all accounts agree that
they d'd not live up to the dangerous
name of the "king of lasts." Edward
Interstate Commerce Com
mission Gives Them Vir
tually Five Per Cent.
RECEIPTS $30,000,000
Two Members of the Com
mission Dissented
from Report
Washington, D. C, Dec. 18. Increases
in freight rates of approximately f per
cent on all railroads between the Atlant-
aeaboard and the Mississippi river,
north of the Potomac and Ohio rivers,
were granted to-dav bv the interstate
commerce commission in a divided opin
ion, excepting upon certain commodities
which comprise a large bulk ot the tral
flc. The increases will further apply to
the railroads west of Buffalo and Pitts
burg, which were granted partial ad
vances in a decision of last August,
which was denied altogether to the roads
east of those points.
it is estimated that the advanced rates
will increase the annual income of the
roads about $30,fMK),0OO. The commission
made its decision on the showing of the
roada that in addition to conditions from
which thev previously asked relief, they
are now confronted with an emergency
la-cause of the European war. commis
sioners Harland and Clements dissented.
Horses Did a Few Circus Stunts Other
Horse Features About Barre.
Zero conditions in town and outside
have had their effect on driving and draft
horses w itlnn the past two days, the ani
mals seemingly becoming inured to the
cold weather only by degrees. Since
yesterday at least three minor road ac
cidents have been replete with sensation
al features and with potential possibili
ties of grave danger for the drivers. At
the Granite street intersection of N'orth
Main street this forenoon, a driver of
one of the dump carts used in transport
ing material to the new hospital, had
his ejus too warmly bundled to hear the
upproach of a street car from the north.
It was when he started to rem his horses
across the trolley track that the Wash
ington street car bumied into the wagon
Mux. Jhe dnvr was nearly unseated
and the horses, essayed a number of
tancy steps which whirled the outfit
around as man as three times, specta
tors say, before the excitement was over.
More damage and serious results were
probably averted by the fact that Con
ductor W, A. Lawson in charge of the
street car, applied his brakes swiftly
nd brought the car almost to a dead
Hiram S. Conant Died In Burlington of
Burlington, Dec. IS.-Hiram S. Conant
died at about o'clock yesterday
morning at his home at (Ml Kim wood ave
nue. following an attack of apoplexy suf
fered at about 11 o'clock the night be
fore. If had been ill failing health for
four years, hut was in his usuiil health
Wednesday, attending to duties iu the
business part of the city.
Hiram S. Conant was born on April
20, ISM, the son of Harriet M. and Sam
uel Conant of Kiehiwmd. He was edu
cated in (ioddard seminary and spent
his early life in Bichmond, moving to
in city in inw.-. jih wan iivjmicho .m
the Burlington fish market on Bank
street for nine years, closing that busi
ness out on account of ill health.
Mr. Conant married Miss Cynthia A.
Kenyon of Bichmond, who survives him.
He also leaves two sons, Koby E. Conant
and Samuel B. Conant; two grandchil
dren, Muriel II. and Samuel K. Conant,
all of this city, and one sister, Mrs. Har
riet M. Patrick of Jericho. Mr. Conant
was a member of the Universalist chrch
and of Good Samaritan lodge of Odd Fel
lows at Richmond.
There will be a prayer service at his
late home on Elmwood avenue at 10
o'clock Saturday morning and the body
will be taken on the 11 o clock train
to Richmond, where the funeral services
will be held at one o'clock, at the Uni
versalist church, with interment iu the
family lot.
Knights of Pythias Adjunct
Held Annual Meeting
in Barre
H. S. Ramsay of Claremont,
N. H., Was Elected
Royal Vizier,
F-ut They Violated No Neutrality at Wil
liam Coutts Send Off.
halt when be ssw that the driver was
.1 Nitzbiirg said by the time be appre- unaware of his precarious position be
bended the situation a lion was so near U ween the rails.
him that he thought it best to sit still. Two women from Williamstown formed
He carried out this Iilan ami. although 'a
These statistics demonstrate the re- ,,. lion pilSHr(, ,,,, ,l down the aisle ,rs"e became unaniangeable on South
markable advance in surgery and show i ,,,,. )ljm Hix ,illPH( ho ., unharmed. ' Ma, street yesterday afternoon. What
a lower percentage of deaths from , , ( i, ,.), ,.n with Mark hi., I.. ,!.!. j.:.i. -i.i. .
McDenuott while he was hurrying down j ercise over her steed when he first be
an aisle, so he lay down. The animal icaine frightened seems to have disap.
clawed him on the head and his wound 1 red a the team neared the Barre
appeared to be the most dangerous that I railroad crossing and from that point to
Ik., lu.aala i vt tl iff l 1 f .1 U U. fs. U 1 1 1 .. .1 .L . .1
,- j 4 X'lIT'T' OrOE' line ii""iiiiiii 1'iui R me w-etifiHni III I n-
111 l)UililIUl HU1 li km to a liospital. Isle
The last of tlw audience to leave the 'the federal building, the horse sert to
theatre were seeral women found coop-j W3r, a team pulling out of Prcissct
ed up in a second .Wr dressing room. , street, pushed the other horse to one
They signalled hremen from a nearby en-jnidc, and continued his mad career as
gine room, w ho carried mem down laa- lar as the u ooiworth store, w here it was
One of the best send off's of the sea
son was made last evening at the home
of Mrs. Francis Thompson at 1 Spauld-
ing street, when about 60 friends of W u-
lium Coutts gathered there to give him
a farewell reception. Mr. Coutts had
decided to return to his home in Scot
land and, unknown to him, hii friends
prepared to give him a royal send-otf.
For nine years Mr. Coutts has been a
resident of Barre, coming here from
Scotland. Until recently he was employ-
d at Barclay Bros.' stone shed.
When the party dropped in upon him
shortly after suppertime, Mr. CoutU
was very much surprised. At once the
njoyment ot tho evening began. Nearly
every person ot the party responded
when called upon for a song. One of
the best of these was one by James Mon
roe, for when called he appeared from an
other room dressed in woman's garments.
With Ins song he gave an exhibition of
dancing which caused a constant uproar
from start to finish. "Tippcrary," the
known war song, was sung freqeuntly.
Jn behalf of the company Alex Porter
presented, Mr. Coutts a suit case and a
gold-mounted cigar case filled with ci
gars. After tins, sandwiches, cake, coffee
and fruit were served to the company.
During the evening cigars and candy
were passed to the guests. When it
came time for Mr. Coutts to leave for
the train the assembly, with a few ex
ception, went to-the depot and aeeom
paniini him to Montpelier Junction where
they wished him a safe journey. To-mor
row Mr. Coutts leaves New York for
Aberdeen, Scotland, on the Translva-
Named By Governor Fletcher as Ser-geant-at-Arms
for Two Years.
Frank T. Parsons of Montelier to-day
received a reappointment as sergeant-at-
arms of the state of Vermont by Govern
or Fletcher, with the term of office to
I run two years. Mr. Parsons is preparing
to furnish the usual bond of Sii.lax).
Inmates of County Jail at Concord,
H., Made Sensational Leave Last
Night vVere In For Minor
Off en ft s.
King Gecrgs Will Dcf-nd the Cnuntry
and Declares Turkey's Suterainty
Is Enied.
lmlon. Iv-r. .- Lgvpt has nn le
flared a Priti-U protectorate. The offi
cial pis bureau last night issued the
follow irg sti,t. ment cori'-efning the frisk
ing "f I r' 't Pi i'i-h t'rotcc-torate.
"His Britannic miit' prirxipal wc-
n-tarv ..f state f.,r tor-ten afTsn. F man fnly at Washington. The state
imni-e iii.h in 01 a im- nt ar nwnt follows:
rising ieit in t'e art ion of Inrkry,
Fn pt is 'lee 1 ur h r V" rit-. tnn of
lis "n)iiii aft I wi!l (i mi forth -'n-Stit'tte
a I'l t 't proteilion.
"Tls rn-in "ty of 1 ti-Vey xvrr I'pv pt
a t' i iTomiste I and lis majesty's
pm f rrtip'-rt will sd -ft all Tnsrire
vw-.. ,m f"r t' 4'f-tise of Jirt and
Concord. N". II., Is c Is,- Jlarrv
Miller. John Donman, William M. Hart
ford and lloiixlil Snow, serving sintem-es
at the Merrimae i-o-it.ty jail for tiwnor
finises, made a s n it I'li.tl cat ape fiom
'.list institution l.o-t M!t.
In the ne ft of tin- jail in which
the men were cmittiM-d tie steel flisiring
over tie cells extends C within i( inch
es of the wall of the wing. The nun
woiked their vay thiotigh tie narrow
lapetnre thus le't and. once on the fiisnr
i if,. kml. 1 1.-. ..!, ii. ...t.. !,
war.!,,,,, are defended pl.ee. and the-,- i nf ,,, rP.,.,, .", ,r,dow , nortl,
fore the 'serman. were justified in shell- of ,HI , ,, ,mra w,, tll..r
In most of the rity schoolhouses this
sleight had their fill of thrillers. Passing afternoon there were appropriate Christ
mas exercises oeioir me cuiKiren were
dismissed for their two weeks' vacation.
Kierrisea of a pretentious nature were
the rule anil not the exception and some
of the teachers, in their desire to ntakvi
the occasion a happy one for the young
sters, went so far as to have a Christmas
tree. At the Woodchuck Knoll school.
Dokies from Vermont and New Hamp
shire to the number of nearly 100 fore
gathered in the Pyth ian hall in the
Blanc-hard block last evening for the an
nual business meeting of Suadah temple,
Xo. 140, Dramatic Order Knights of Kho
rassan. Members of the order from Bur
lington, Mjontpelier, Claremont, NT. H.,
Bellows Falls, East Montpelier, Cabot,
West Topsham, Groton, Waterbury,
Xorthfield and East Corinth had come
together when Royal Vizier J. Ward
Carver of mis city called the meeting to
order. Reports from the several officers
were heard ai.d then came the election of
Following is a list of tlut men who will
have in their keeping the destinies of
Suadah temple in 1915: Royal vizier, H.
S. Ramsay of Claremont, N". H.; sheik,
Henry C. Lawson of Montpelier; mehedi,
E. E. Campbell of Waterbury; treasurer,
James Mackav of Barre; secretary,
Frank E. Austin of Barre; sahib, A. B.
Shepard of Montpelier; satrap, J. Gould
More of Barre.
Special interest attached to the reports
of the secretary and treasurer, with
were received with enthusiasm. Both
were indicative of a very prosperous
year in the affairs of the temple. Nu
merically, the order is stronger than ever
before and is well intrenched financially.
At the ceremonial, to be held either in
Barre or nearer the New Hampshire line,
the membership will receive another
edimulating impetus.
After the business meeting there was
an impromptu program of speechmaking
and a short entertainment to which a
number of the delegates contributed. J.
Ward Carver, the retiring royal vizier,
spoke appreciatively of the co-operation
shown him by other officers of the temple
in 1014 and bespoke for his successor a
hearty welcome. There was music from
an Edison disc machine and before ad
journment a delightful buffet luncheon
was served.
Plans are already in the making for a
big ceremonial of Suadah temple to lie
held here in Barre within a few weeks.
It may be necessary to defer the meeting
until the latter part of the winter, but
preparations will go on just the same.
There is a large class of candidates ready
to be escorted across the hot sands and
efforts will W made to have plenty of
scenery available when the journey is
tinallv made.
topped. The women went into the store
Joseph Morgan Paid in Justice Dickey's
Court at East Bane.
State's Attorney J. Ward Carver went
to East Barre this morning and sugared
off the criminal cases accruing from a
quarrel at "Tough End" in Craniteville
Dee. fl, when young Alex Jtelcher, a Po
lish quarryman. receiwd a fracture,!
skull, it was alleged, front an axe blow.
Joseph Morgan, the man against whom
a charge of asanlt with intent tn kill
was preferred and who has been at lib
erty under bail of J.". pleaded guilty
Declared Attache of German Embassy at
New Yotk. IW-c. H Hartlepool, Scar
borough anl Wbittiy, the thw English
towns which were tKmilwrded bv (.erman
ders to safety.
A throng wns gathered outside tlie;t, regain control of their nerves.
. i. .. ... I. i t ..... .,)., .....I an.t trt.tt.xl A 1 I e. i. - A . ..
slowly acrc-s tho street. On, story was nuUuW of . house on Brook street this I " hw ttrs.fivr J J "!; -"t M" Just ice of t he
hat whn she poked her head into a , forenoon and wlu-n he returned from , I Christmas trc-e and fawn cf confection- ; "y . -r i ?' "w J .Jk.II
saloon, a man rame tip and patted brr.l,nat with one of bis customer., the r.v I'laceJ in candy boxes made t.y the:" ' ' , .' "
Me.,,in. h. rorner of Kit'ht -aiit h street ,.r... ... o- f .,!.i !... ehildnn themselves were distributed tn nrongnt against .in .e,.. a nu no.-
it.g them, is the suhstam-r of a statement
gnn out lat night by aptain Kraa!
-on l'rn. military attache of the l.er-
ter st.
Mr . .1
tT's i: i
t -ofl I . t
.!tiit and ie-
g t . I i d tn a r '- M
M'-ViSs"n t fs- Vi itis;--
. .,.. T 14" 'It.
lowered themsele fcy rti.-sns .f a roj
made t.j turg three tdnnkota together.
T he break wai riot ii.i red for some
time, but it was rejxirti d tn t'e jail ofi- j
cisls ft. at the iiarte wes seen ,.n t)ir '
trad to IlopVuilon and p siarted in
was irone. Cold
.and Third avenue she calmly sat down. ay with anothrr blanket Ws h..re. Not
A crowd in Third avenue began to shoot long afterward the horse was stopped on
and ten jsdicemen. with revoltera drawn. .'Main street, where it was tw-ld until the
came rushing across the street from the driver came along to claim it. little
theatre toward br. She turned north j, identa of this kind are common but
in Tl ird avenue, crossed the thorough- jeach has a mors! for the cari leas driver
flare, and fled iito a apartment bouse. (who fails to covef his Imrse with a blan-
, Ahri'-am tiUser. a photogrsphrr. waa Let.
wotk i'" on the first (1ir of the buil !ir:g ,
wh. n be beard a pec"''ar noie in the I WAR ORDER IN BURLINGTON.
hall. He opene I the dir to inestigatej
and stand into the face of the ln-nraa. ; soolea Mills ts Make Blankets for On
Hamming the d'r quickly lie shouted j
rtcrD vrjrc.ss to fight
If G"t--.
I s
tlt I '
If) te I ; !
ft ' .
V . i m
W ( o-
fef f 1, I'.
t' I t- ' .
l f.
t V:f
rar- t f "" !
J't- m. T f
f Irva Canals W At
ri' Ir-1
i ' ' ' ' r j ;ld
r i" mm n ; t
m k
tsk i arms
'. l t" of
, t r v 'i s
A i
s f
"In re'irenee tn le-terday'a tion'tard
ment of ti-ri-e Fngh-li east towns. Ha,--tl1s-l.
Nc!Vro'igh snd Whithv by t'w
hermiiB f!if. attention is resjieri f iillv
called in arlnle one o. 7 he lltctle nm-
erf.o of 1st. Is. I'et?. w!i, .!:
"'The l... .r imei t by rsisl fre of
l.'B b-tende .rts. ( .,! ,, tillage, rfwclj.
I gs or Ian . itgs I- i-f i lle.'
' In oi'-iirr" !. the rt-'Tt l the
Jriilis), of iial .rs . t Se fa-t fs
wk.i. s.e.,t-, ,, WT-tby r b-- j fun t,-1.n ,,! p. T" v
fefle,i. .k al ll.f l.rgUsH efl.t ,.T, ,.. ,.. , , r t M.T
.:aee. -.t-r tv r-rlar trnnfa, ! j -,.v ,, j , . ,.,.,,. b, tl,...
f,MW.lMot.. jrn, i
f.-i. i w ta tte in m turn tUt ,d tlt i,.t t ot, . 4
I"-" ' 'ni'-fit f ad f-ii ii e.t -tut W A't'f is. ts rea a i
h a Imimi. Ns.I?.t. T4 Wl fr' n i - .'-d 'tT e'
l.r. gi-. H'ltsl. fren h , ,, , ...
..! -t I tasraixsv te. f ''- .
wvre 1 m f e-w ra'Y t c v
tit. .!t '' lo y a- u. -en - f
Fif'.esa People Had ts Be Carried Out i
Fall Riret, Mass.
Fait r.ir-r. '!. Jh.. J Iirmg t'e
wni'i at t'i s.( MunisU is I s
t atle!i 1 in h tat I .gl i IS nen"ij-rs ef
tl.e e.. e-rj
f.'Uft 11 t - .... .
for In In
The -ast tnti'-.l to a stairway and
ls-unded uii a f?ig' t. 7 Ik re two women
pecrnl from a d'rwy, hri.ked and
Ismmed the '". Again Ale fled,
this time tn the t'uv-J fl'r. only to ewiise
nore screams from frenried tnanta.
Wt a t 'ie ts'l' 1 arrned. Alice was at
of Warritif Power.
Burlington. tVw. -Vod.n
the stuilents. In imist instances, ton
teacher was not forgotten, and an a se
rial substitute for the red apple which
teacher usual!) gi ts from some indulgent
Scholar in the morning, she received n
much more MihManlixI token of the chil
dren's esteem.
Firemen on regular duty at the station
were notified of a threatening (h:n,niv
fire at P'g Mount street yesiir lay after
noon and one of their numl-r was scut
tn that sd t'ess with a band -ntinguishr.
A stovepipe leading tn the 1 !. .!. y wa
rather bot when the f'n run rr;irl and
a will -developed I dure d .--.r it .1 n
here will wrmk Saturday balf holiday j t. thimnev. A charge of I'e-ru. si fud
and Viiniay to til a Urge order fofifmm lb l.ttle band 1rk ai n-.i ar)
t Ur ket. i.l tn . for one of t!e war- j Ufore the daer b4 passed. it!i tie
urg Fi;rop-an power, it wa nnoinee.1 arrival cf roll weatVr t e f re men an
ji-tffijr. leostant'y on fie alert for t f'e e: of
Fr th past two wl tle mI! bare 'this sort and a r'-sr--r,se is u. ul't t-a-l--
t -
ttt '
' . "
c Asrr irsiiFTir,
T CI., as FWw Kripf 0 lrrtir4
T - d l-d S'a-i-i for Wr.
r - - f Is- T s 7 ,
' " U- 1 a J r ;!" f - ' ,
Tbewt Ferry Was Vir'.ti f Lsw-riire
; O Jt"-e ir, ?'. r.
t '!
't It
-1 t w
' 1
t he t r of a "
."prisi i the t ml I
I I-r ?rxe, tsn t' n wnntsa tlerra't
,i'KTc ragid in ' narrow ba'laay s
ttle 1 ! n nn afd l-st -W aft
r ht -t'.rtv in al' were fred into
t r rr ' t an ma! I f and down
tl. ttr r'd. g-owbey and
si.rl nr 1 ' :"V tuf and t. tif.g at
i-T asss !set S1"el t,m-s Wp'4
..Iff I !, .. r fit ..t,e tw
ta w s t ed ' '1 )ed tbrntgh tv air.
ro !r ti land -th a t) u4 tm t is. nit
j "' ee
I tr S f e;iet wm;-i ,bwd
'!. s s 'm'st a full f f.fbt
m ' .s 't rfr-i4 a -en t
f et ! a ; 4 1 n4 f t a
ttt vr - -.' If. .!' -rf
b Itis. -U . i a3 tos-te
ti .-s f A'r'.lf Wite. a f 'e-mH.
t i'-4 i-iS ' "s"t a fi rad-nj
afi i"ti ;-.'t a f r at fcs '
7 Iw t- ' ! '' is4 ( e
i' t it 's v hr'Jj rd tHe
H v ' 71- f - if - Ha
1 . . . 1 1 -.ii 4 yi .
a W .-t e;
stairwav, king ', ' n rutin-ng day and tt gM.
I Ien ant women nf tie I iv-rwa!,t
, r trr h b1t Wasiee. 7.n!e t
paefy in t tislir f tt i , b lt
n't r. w Wn n - than pi" pef gsth
ered o l'n m 1 1 imTeTtik ,iig taw
t'-e IIMst mraie f'-attr-- ' th Mrs.
o.a- wa a p-wse-at is-'iiram e-i i-tsat and
inl nmM . 1 ftn.ls"r. l're,,..e4 l e. r -
r 4 M-t ttr.W the j '!. .f lY "'-,al i"igvt
K. fl-J'-s'T 4 ' s d r j s?r:;Ras
4 er it'sa ,..lTlrit fJ Vw-sf
ln.1 t w -t aea-W '. f4 f fiaWi
f '1 ap: ' w'' i I J. ,.. re
ar re- tat mhi .,' t he ' 'i r if or
fg t var rass
b a !at.t Vate ! 'sr ii V.
A I sw - rt I J. H Ist 1 4-a w
W ha f 1 1 ttss !!" j-ie t-
r--ti. N" -s -;.. t. T.--:.w-t
U f es -ot ' i'f t'ijl
A HI ? f-e t fw4s- im l-r'
I s - y r frw-f- es s-J r-
fe f"V r rr-i
as etped-tioiis'v. l!oueh1 ! is arc 1 re 1
to conduct a thorough inspect m n of t:.r
; et -mn t a at tt ta t tn- of the r-
l.t of precaution new ' f '
i m-n of averting a td f'r- f .'v.
lafir in th sstviii.
Very istsittf tt, tn t'e tm
! pat 1-11 f fia-Te s..,.i sp. .', a'e r--n-
tealed in th btters re lived .
from rl' tn Aberi s-1 T"e
; t ng rf t'e leirr of wr as yet wn-
U ' i tn t' e tiew;.; '
"' 1 1 water "l t fl
:eea. a f f -. , ,, ein r le r rT e
a f . ra t t ) No-tH -t
I n1ai4 st s-;viliad tr.u'A be bee
l-if'tenei) b 1h T-?'f M'a-'is-tt f'
eaeV.e.-H. IVt.'lbf f t" . s
!-!,-. tst em f:ar f 'e
!'' f ; -ai the
man 01 .Morgan, was noi primseu ani
Morgan's brother, Frank Morgan, pleaded
guilty to breaking the peaoe and paid a
fS tine and cost. The men were repre
sented by I. K. I'avia of this city.
Betclationa disclosed in an inveatigi
tion ronducted ty Barre Town otTlecr
s'nd a .bferent light on the aquabble .it
"l ough Fnd." and a it developed aft.-T-ward
that l'.ehber and other carried the
war into the Morgan tie xhborhnod, the
1at authnntiea were moved tn redifs-
'the rbtirge agairit .! Mtwgan to one of
j plain assault. With skull apparently
icleft by an ai. Belcher wa brought tn
the City l.ospital !-c. It and for a tin,
, it, wa feared Iss wouldn't survive.
Prompt medical attention eombinej with
a strorg oont it nt K-n soon put the (jn-r-rvman
on t.i f-t in an amariin-iy ahot
1 t me. att'tnitgh (' .b-fitr s,Tl a ihere to
t!- r rgtfist i!ir'' of a lu!l frse-
t re. lcSer I St it' entiftned tl '
1 e. !thof!gh be w .'I he ! k in V
.-v at t'e n l e.f nol.er W"k. ?
-.tr. w 'm roe--d irj-irie in the
1 t now able tn be t ef ilw
I 5 K'ff IViore 1 in b-r tm1 nft fnr
t'si ga b- v r- ie m te "Tough
(. j, ... a"d ft" Te-s! wbnrn t'-e aut xnri-t-.s
1:rm a"ted as It ai"et S '1
prin bearir.g on w-t'-eg ehaegs in
, t eirt b-r t T-fef sw . IJ.a "n
f..' arrseij et.'.a r in l.ns e
, E- f... a''-fr'-d o-se-tw-s th t to
n'tr t-' '1 aid at Tti K
O-' nf4-T ' ' l-a 'T.
1 e ret 1
k tfs j
' s
I . '
. !. -H
..,..-.. t Vat-4 ! '
laKr-fcj . ti &WLf.i!M, if laf ai.
11., i s c :
.. -s t-a
tj a --v.
a -.ia
,. '
V -e.
it ts f 3
' t
t t"ST t '
t -'
"t f
1- it. tia-i U i.
st i
- f ' - - .' tf let !.-
t T - ..f I t.srs f ,e-"'"- s. )
Jaes'S ! ... tMu f.-t.t wrws-'y.
b-e t rt : te t t '
t'-s-i t ! !
se a' In 1 1- etaee- ' jtii" "
lor- - -et t -ie.e t -fl.e K t
te-e tt-l reT'-'tt r-c-'3
I i e-y f '-- r -1- - f a n-4
i net fii rt. t-. rn a
--'t '- ,rws p.-nam Y ','t ee
a ... .-,. . e.,. -g
t . '--W
'T e"j r nwpi., f w l e.
- . .- f - -e r.
;sg -sf imm f . ! ' S- '
I- ;. rrl'-'itcM t. - f "
o-wsC l. fur f t- : w.
ft'! ,stb K. RaH Wit Shut Ttrttjfc tv
1 ,
V.-r I .j. t
9 fss-
t t
'.f,fSf 9 H S-Wf
T: vA -' f jrf

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